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1 week ago

Auf besonderen Wunsch... die ursprüngliche Arbeit die dem hier zugrundeliegt, ist mit 30x40 cm zehnmal so groß. Das war also auf 40mm Breite eine sportliche Übung, für die ich auch mehrere Anläufe nehmen musste. Doch finally...😊
#workinprogress 🎨

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Male in sehr kleinem Format, ca 30 x 40mm, einen Kübel voller Tulpen
Vivienne Dunstan
2 weeks ago

Just read and enjoyed The Black Tulip by #AlexandreDumas, set in #Holland in 1672. It’s remarkably short by his standards, but I found it compelling and tightly written. The tale of a mild mannered tulip grower who gets caught in the fallout from violent real life Dutch political events (this bit is very gruesome: be warned), while trying to grow a fabled black tulip. There’s also #romance, and intrigue galore. #books #reading #fiction #Netherlands #Tulipmania #HistoricalFiction #tulips #flowers

K. V. Johansen
2 weeks ago

Speaking of orange, I planted these last fall. Wee botanicals, but I forget what they were now, of course, and leafing through the current bulb catalogue they don't seem to be in this year. Mistake to look -- tempations, so many temptations... #tulips

Small botantical tulip (three of them), scarlet-orangey pointed petals with a star-shaped black centre outlined in sulphur yellow, narrow heavily-creased green leaves. Background is old leaves, strips of shed grape bark, and a heap of quahog shells. There are random purple violets and gill o'er the ground growing around.
2 weeks ago
Deb Oppermann
2 weeks ago

The Tulips,Tulipa were first discovered in Persia and Turkey. They got their name from the Latin word for turban because Turkish men adorned their turbans with tulips. I don't know anyone that does not love Tulips, whether they are in bold or subtle colors like these pink and yellow Tulips.
See it here
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Pink and yellow Tulips in macro with green background
Lieschen Müller's father
2 weeks ago
Nick Noah Sans Pasty 👽
2 weeks ago
Sandy McAfee 🐟
2 weeks ago

Here’s some tulips for you. Have a nice day :-)
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Many dark red tulips backlit by the sun with green stems. Other flowers and trees in the background.
Tony Cava
3 weeks ago

#SomethingBeautiful Bellingham Spring Archive- Tulip, May 17 2023. #Spring #Tulips #BellinghamWA #ThePhotoHour

3 weeks ago

Ihre Zeit ist bald vorbei, aber noch schmücken die letzten Tulpen das #klexenhaus gar vortrefflich.

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Blühende Papageientulpen in pink und grün
Blühende Papageientulpen in pink und grün

We have several clumps of tulips around our property, mixed in with other plants as well as random individual bulbs that must have migrated when we were moving soil. At some point I need to organize these into something more attractive and less competitive with shrubs and perennials. Just not enough time with golf and naps taking up all my availability....

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Harley the dog sitting near a large group of yellow and red tulips that are mixed in with perennials and shrubs.
Tulips with orange and red petals.
Elegant looking white tulips mixed in with some perennials.
Short dark red tulips next to taller yellow tulips.
Vivienne Dunstan
3 weeks ago

Firing up my next fiction book. A short one but looks a good one. The Black Tulip by Alexandre Dumas, set in 17th century Holland at the time of "Tulipmania". #books #reading #fiction #fictionInTranslation #dumas #alexandreDumas #frenchLiterature #netherlands #holland #tulipmania #historicalFiction #17thCentury #17thCenturyFiction #SeventeenthCentury #SeventeenthCenturyFiction #bookstodon #booksInTranslation #translatedBooks #tulips

Cover of the Penguin Classics edition of the book. The image at the top shows a black tulip as well as pink and red ones, with somewhat faded green stems. The bottom of the book cover has the typical black background section for Penguin Classics books, with in lighter text the words Alexandre Dumas and The Black Tulip.
Tony Cava
3 weeks ago

#SomethingBeautiful Bellingham Spring Archive- Tulips, May 17 2023. #Spring #Tulips #BellinghamWA #ThePhotoHour

Jon Roach
3 weeks ago

100 tulip bulbs for £10, bargain of the autumn, and a statement of pagan faith in the promise of spring.

And.they totally detract from that.vile grey brick flowerbed.

#tulips #tulpen #gardening #spring

A high hedge surrounds a lawn. In the middle of the lawn is a circular raised flowerbed made from three courses of dirty grey bricks. The bed is full of tulips. There are tall yellow classic tulip shapes with a flash of red. There are shorter parrot tulips with the feathered edges to their petals, in dark red, and in white. There are huge red-orange double-petalled tulips, and shorter white parrot tulips and occasional pink-and-purple ones.
Swapnil Hiremath :renal: MD
3 weeks ago

Some #tulips from the #TulipFestival in #Ottawa

Yesterday evening at the Majors Hill Park

Dr. Nancy Wayne ✅
3 weeks ago

#SaturdaySighting #Tulips

From our front yard. All of the tulip bulbs we planted in October survived, but only half of the blossoms survived the Great Beheading of 2023 by marauding squirrels. Here is one of the survivors!

Close-up photo of a bright yellow and red tulip bloom. Background is green with unidentified ground cover.
4 weeks ago

Tulips with variety blooming #gardening #tulips #Bloomscrolling

Tulip flowers blooming in a garden
4 weeks ago
Tree-shaded street of two-story residential units with balconies and staircases, and very bright frilled tulips in the foreground.
4 weeks ago

Tulips and rhubarb.

When I moved to the country, I couldn't find tulip bulbs anywhere. "The deer eat them" I was told.

Tulips are my bellwether flowers. They let me know when it is time to get out there and start gardening. These are the first to bloom this year. When they're done, the rhubarb will be ready for harvest 😃

The season of growing has begun!

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bright orange and yellow tulips surround a large rhubarb plant in the centre of a green garden
Thomas Schmall
1 month ago
Heidi Li Feldman
1 month ago

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the state of U.S. politics and law. So taking a break to share some photos of #tulips in Toronto, taken by me last week. If you too are overwhelmed, hope these give you a moment of respite.

Bed of golden tulips that have bloomed
Bed of pink tulips, looking a bit wind-tossed.
Close up of tulips of various colors.
Aerial close up of red tulips, some showing dark purple interior centers.
Sandy McAfee 🐟
1 month ago

white tulip after the rain. looks almost like a lilly

a white tulip with wide open petals against a very dark background. the stamen is in focus as are the raindrops on the rearmost petals.
The Chatty Gardener
1 month ago

Another tulip for Cheering Up Mondays but I couldn't resist this - spotted on a recent trip to Great Dixter garden. Read more here on my blog:

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A parrot tulip with wavy petals of cream, edged with pink and orange and with a green stripe.
1 month ago

Tulips are completing their flowering peak. This frayed reddish orange variety is putting on a good show still. #gardening #photography #CanonS3 #CCD #VintageDigicam #Tulips

A reddish orange tulip vlose up from above. This tulip has frayed petal edges that are more yellowish orange. The middle of the tulip reveals thick stamens bathed in an almost sodium orange light.
Jon Roach
1 month ago

Flashy double tulips copped it in the rain but later blooming pointy buds are still hydrodynamically smoothed.

#garden #gardening #tulpen #tulips #TulpenDag

Your standard shapes tulip bulb with drops of rainwater on the sides, tulip bud is undamaged.
Red with yellow fringed petals  double tulip head bowed sideways and down by the rain, covered in water droplets.
Dark red parrot tulip with raindrops. These are quite stiff and withstood the rain.
Three heads of double tulips, smashed and lying on the ground. Tulips are red petalled with yellow edges.
Sheila M. Averbuch - Author
1 month ago

The wall fountain corner, with double pink tulip Columbus and forget-me-nots. In the #Netherlands I used to admire how people put pots and baskets of spring flowers onto outdoor tables, and I always wanted to be that organised. I only put this container together in January, but it's still performing and giving me joy.

#floweraday #tulips #gardening @plants #Scotland

Pink tulips on a glass table outdoors
Jeff Carlson
1 month ago

Been busy lately and feel like I haven’t done much #photography, even though the thing I’ve been busy with is my new Lightroom book (going to press this week!). So of course I go for a walk and happen on these beautiful tulips against a recently-stained fence in good light. #iPhone14Pro #sooc #spring #seattle #tulips

Yellow tulips against a recently-stained brown fence
Tom Jameson
1 month ago

Snapped these in a front garden earlier today.


#photography #nature #tulips #flowers #flames #fiery

A line of five orange/yellow/red tulips pictured against a blurry green background. 

The effect is a bit like looking at a row of naked flames.
Martijn Faassen
1 month ago

It's been a very cool April here. The tulips normally don't last so long.

#gardening #flowers #tulips

A cream tulip with faint purple stripes
A big yellow tulip with pointed petals.
More yellow tulips.
Small tulips, a more wild variety, orange with yellow.
Giles Turnbull
1 month ago

There are tulips, and there are 💃🏻tulips🕺


Close up of a ridiculously red flouncy fancy tulip
1 month ago

Tulip Duo under the European Black Elderberry up front.
#Florespondence #Plants #Tulips #Flowers

One immature Tulip stands right in front of another which is reddish orange on bottom and yellow at top; the one in back is more mature but still not open.
1 month ago

So happy that spring has arrived here! Blossom is out and the flowers are showing off. It's been a long hard dark winter.

#spring #CherryBlossom #tulips #garden

Looking up into the branches of a cherry tree, the branches are covered in a creamy white blossom, there is a clump of blossom in the foreground in focus and more in the background out of focus and swirly because of the vintage lens.
Daffodil on a lawn with more daffodils out of focus in the background and a clump of fritillaries
A swath of large red and yellow tulips going from the foreground to the background where they meet a tree and a human leaning down to inspect them.
Charles Harper
1 month ago

Tulips and spring greenery on our snug.
Prints from Scottish artists line the walls. The atmosphere is considered and calm.
It’s a respite from the sun and the cool breezes. It’s a respite from the scenery and the wild outdoors. Home.

#interiordesign #calm #tulips

White tulips, pink tipped, sprawl from a Fritz Hansen vase. Called ‘Ikebana’ and designed by Jaime Hayon. “Flower arranging by numbers.” Or by design.  The branches are sprouting green leaves. It’s a living thing.
Sheila M. Averbuch - Author
1 month ago

The pond corner. The barrel will hold #peas later, but now it's #tulips (starring the double orange Orca), plus purple honesty that I dug up from where it had self-seeded. Behind it, #hellebores obscure the tiny pond, which is tucked into the corner and supports a few #frogs and #newts. A neighbor offered me her Victorian fireplace surround so I put it here with a mirror tucked behind, a trick from garden designer Mirabel Osler.

#floweraday @plants #mygarden #gardening #gardens

Bright orange tulips in a barrel next to a clump of leaves that's reflected in the mirror behind it
1 month ago
Tulips in a cup on a window sill, one white with pink edges and one coral colored, reflect in the window glass
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
2 months ago

Thank you for this day. 🌇

Every spring, the Loop is full of tulips and skyscrapers!


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Looking northward on Michigan Avenue from a low/forced perspective, standing on a median full of blooming tulips. In the background, from left to right: the Wrigley Building, John Hancock Tower and the Tribune Tower.
Deborah League
2 months ago

Does anything say spring more than orange tulips? I would say tulips are my favorite flower, but then I'd get in trouble with all the other flowers I say that about...

Art -

#mastodon #mastoart #watercolor #art #spring #flowers #ayearforart #buyintoart #tulips #floral

Orange Tulip Bouquet Watercolor Painting. Fourteen beautiful red-orange and yellow tulips on tall stems make a stunning arrangement in a round crystal vase on a round table made of wood.
2 months ago

It's tulip season in Kent. Work is still taking it all out of me so I really enjoyed tulip spotting at lunch time today
#Spring #Tulips #Photography

Yellow tulips in Central Park, Kent
Light pink tulips in Central Park, Kent. The library is just visible in the background
Electric pink tulips in Central Park, Kent
Dark red tulips in Central Park, Kent
Charles Harper
2 months ago

Tulips (Tulipa) are a genus of spring-blooming perennial herbaceous bulbiferous geophytes (having bulbs as storage organs). The flowers are usually large, showy and brightly coloured, usually in warm colours. They often have a different coloured blotch at the base of the tepals (petals and sepals, collectively), internally. Because of a degree of variability within the populations, and a long history of cultivation, classification has been complex and controversial.

#tulips #exotic #flower

These flowers are double and despite careful conditioning are rather droopy. They hang their heads, not in shame but rather with the effort of staying upright. Their colourful mix of petals is anything but downbeat. They are just a bit drowsy.
2 months ago

An indoor tulip to enjoy tonight. Too soon for garden tulips here.

#Flowers #Tulips #Photography #MyPhoto

A pale pink tulip with its petals curled back revealing pollen covered stamens. Quite a bit of pollen has fallen off and rests on the lower petals.
Devorah Ostrov
2 months ago

A couple of years ago, I replanted a few tulip bulbs from a back corner of the garden where no one ever saw them. They seem quite happy now blooming beside our pond. #spring #flowers #gardening #garden #tulips #pond

Several red and yellow striped tulips are blooming in a corner beside a garden pond. Many other plants are starting to come up around the tulips. In the background, large rocks rim the pond and a batch of reeds can be seen in the water.
R. Natale Fine Art
2 months ago

Ode to Spring Tulips - flowers are back, so happy to see the tulips blooming. Lovely red and yellow. Invite spring into your home.

#tulips #spring #springthings #SpringForArt #ayearforart #art #MastoArt #Photography #flowers #nature #beauty #buyintoart

Lovely color photo of beautiful spring tulips.