Alexander Karn
2 months ago

New syllabus dropped.

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A History of Bad Men

2 months ago

Happy Thursday beautiful friends

Wishing you the best and most joyous day

Remember wherever you are on your trans journey, you’re a fricken badass


The only choice I made was to be myself

Image description: a 50 something trans girl looks into the camera, she has pink streaks in her curly hair and is wearing a black pinafore dress

Morning #Mastodon 🥰
Bloody hot out there. Again.
Woke up with this in my head, so now you can too.
#TuneTuesday #Music #TuneOfTheDay

I bought a lilac bush a minute ago, so now I've got this in my head. Which is juuuuuuuuuuuuust fine.
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4 months ago

Woke up with the dulcet tones of Drapht ringing around my brain. Not your usual JR or Repunzel though.
And now I feel I must pick some vinyl to listen to... 🫡

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Alexander Karn
4 months ago

Open Your Eyes
Newen Afrobeat Ft. Kologbo

#tuneoftheday #nowlistening #afrobeat

Night all x
Spiritualized - Ladies and Gentemen We Are Floating In Space

Here's a lovely sunny Sunday song I've just heard on #6music
Takatāpui is the Māori word used for LGBTQIA+
#PrideMonth #TuneOfTheDay #SundayVibes
Jen Cloher - Mana Takatāpui

This has just popped into my head, so I guess it can be #TuneOfTheDay - I reserve the right for there to b e a "tune of later in the day", erm, later.
#Music #Musique #LaPiaf
Edith Piaf - Mon Vieux Lucien

Alexander Karn
4 months ago
Alexander Karn
4 months ago

Lots of #MAGA #fascism in my feed of late, so here’s a thumping #tuneoftheday for facing down this scourge.

#Nowplaying Frank Turner, 1933.

“You can’t fix the world if all you have is a hammer.”

Right, I'm off to the garden. I'll leave you with my current #TuneOfTheDay -
Fairport Convention - Meet on the Ledge

Today's #TuneOfTheDay is a callback to the summer boat parties I used to go to in 90s London.
#90s #Music #BackInTheDay

Recovered from Eurovision ✅
Planting and pruning ✅
Put away laundry ✅
Made yummy (and, unusually, healthy) lunch ✅
Washed up ✅
Put out the bins ✅
Feeling virtuous (and fat), so I'm going to retire to the rocking chair to do some drawing, while listening to as much of this guy as I can find on the hard drive. Which is quite a lot.
Colm Mac Con Iomaire - Laoi Oisín
#TuneOfTheDay #Folk #Instrumental

Well the sun's shining again but I really can't be arsed with any more gardening. My second #TuneOfTheDay is a throwback for all you blissed out 90s indie kids.
"We are unified, we are together"
Primal Scream - Come Together
#90s #BackInTheDay #Tuuuuuuuuune

Let's have something gentle and mellow for today's #TuneOfTheDay:
Aurora Orchestra - Les Baricades Mistérieuses

Thankfully I've got rid of the Feargal Sharkey earworm (thanks @dgar 🙄 ) and it's been replaced with this - perfect for a sunny afternoon:
#TuneOfTheDay #NowPlaying #Music

Alexander Karn
6 months ago
10 months ago

A youtube link to my favorite Annie Lennox song: No More "I Love You's"

It is technically after midnight so this is the #TuneOfTheDay / #SongOfTheDay . I have a hard trusting people who do not love Annie Lennox's #Music

So much of it is playful beauty. Charming whimsy and loving hope.

Hope everyone had a Happy Turkey day.

10 months ago

A live show performance of prince's song the Cross.

In an alternate dimension, the greatest AMV ever made is this song and Evangelion footage of angels and Eva fighting and dying. Bearing their Cross.

When his kingdom comes and his will is done I hope this rings in every soul's ears.

#TuneOfTheDay #SongOfTheDay #music