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I've just watched the first episode of "And then there were none" (the 2015 mini-series) and I've rarely seen an adaptation that's so close to the source material. The only difference is some characters don't look like I imagined them, apart from that, some scenes, even some shots, are exactly as I imagined them when reading the book.
You should watch it if you haven't.

My only criticism is that the pace is a little too slow at times, but I assume it will pick up in the second and third parts.

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Brian Lawson
1 day ago

After finishing the #WaywardPines trilogy of books, I learned that it is a #tvseries that ran on Fox in 2015! Gonna queue that up and check it out after I finish up #stationeleven

1 day ago

I started watching the Sci-Fi series Foundation. Fantastic so far. :flan_hacker:

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Alan Mah Baxter
2 days ago

They say to surround yourself with writers further along in their career. I’m getting feedback on my TV ideas… and I can attest that this advice is 100% true!! Feeling grateful today. #writing #writingcommunity #tvseries #tvwriting

Classic TV Today
2 days ago

45 years ago today:
Man from Atlantis
S1E13: Deadly Carnival
C.W. develops a Jekyll-and-Hyde personality after swallowing a mysterious liquid.
Airdate: 1978-06-06
#ManfromAtlantis #PatrickDuffy #NBC #tvseries

A still from season 1, episode 13 of Man from Atlantis.
3 days ago

Any chance you could get hold of a new Finnish TV series called 66 North Precinct, featuring lesbian cop and her partner? Looks promising. Thanks very much.
#Request #Finnish #TVseries
#SaaraKotkaniemi #IinaKuustonen

Saara Kotkaniemi as Maria Pudas, in a kickboxing attire .
Old Ain't Dead
6 days ago

My #Review of season 2 of #SomebodySomewhere is live now. This down-home dramedy just got renewed for a 3rd season. #TVSeries #BridgetEverett

the poster for Somebody Somewhere has a smiling Bridget Everett in the foreground with Jeff Hiller slightly blurred at out of focus in the background
Old Ain't Dead
6 days ago

Earthy, raunchy, genuine, real. Those are a few of the adjectives I use for #SomebodySomewhere in today's #Review of this #TVSeries. Check it out!

Bridget Everett and Jeff Hiller sit in a church pew. They are smiling at each other.
Old Ain't Dead
1 week ago

It's the final season of #TheMarvelousMrsMaisel and, naturally, I wrote a #Review of this comical #TVSeries. I thought it was a swell farewell season.

Rachel Brosnahan is center stage in this poster for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. Around her, looking at her are the other principle cast members.
Old Ain't Dead
1 week ago
Rachel Brosnahan at a microphone telling jokes. Her arms are outstretched.
Old Ain't Dead
1 week ago

Oh, but it's early birds and me up this morning. Let's talk about the final season of #TheMarvelousMrsMaisel. I have a #Review of this long running #TVSeries for you today. #DirectedbyWomen #WrittenbyWomen and starring some rule breaking women. You might guess I appreciated all 5 seasons.

Rachel Brosnahan in that back to the camera over the shoulder look meant for a red carpet on the poster for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel
🅱️éisbol Cards
1 week ago

One of my favorite #TVSeries intros ever.


Old Ain't Dead
1 week ago
Elizabeth Olsen in a close up. She's wearing glasses and looks serious.
Pwn Toney 🎹🎤
1 week ago

So apparently, my wife has forbade me from telling her anymore about the details of Alice in Borderland, so I'm gonna need some of you peeps to get on it, so I have someone to bat this shit around with ... LOL

CW: Gore, Violence

#Existentialism #TVSeries #Netflix #AliceInBorderland

James Basoo
1 week ago

I recently watched the drama #Mobile101 a.k.a #MadeInFinland about Nokia in the 80s and it's awesome. It's a little sad to be reminded how the tech optimism of decades ago has turned into the corporate patent nightmare it is today though. #tv #tvseries #finland

1 week ago

In episode 3 of "Queen Charlotte," there is this line I do not understand.

"It is an even day."

What does it mean?

#Bridgerton #Netflix #QueenCharlotte #ShondaRimes #Streaming #TVShows #TVSeries #Drama #Romance

2 weeks ago

Last week's #Succession episode made me cry.

My significant other watches the show because it's essentially a stage play with an amazing soundtrack, and the performances are brilliant.

I watch the show because I love morally gray characters that I want to throttle one moment and hug the next. I find these monsters incredibly fascinating, and yes, at times, I even love them.

#tvshows #tvseries

Roni Laukkarinen
2 weeks ago

Just binged Barry season one. Amazing series, dark, funny. Somehow reminds me of Breaking Bad, similar dark yet humorous vibes. #Barry #TVShows #Sarjat #SarjaMastodon #TVSeries

Movie poster, HBO logon in the corner, big red text BARRY. A man holding a gun behind a red theater curtain, confused face.
2 weeks ago

No #LetterboxdFriday from me because I only saw one film this week, Book Club, and alas it was a complete disappointment. I love Jane Fonda, but I didn't click with the humour. I found it incredibly juvenile.

I do, however, have a #tv #horror #tvseries recommendation: From

It reminds me of Lost. I really hope that they know what they're doing. Currently the show is throwing one mystery after another at the viewer, and answers are...well, a rarity. And I love it!

Thanks @MevsMatze for the tip.

Darcy :verified:
2 weeks ago

Happy Wednesday 🖤

#HorrorFam #horror #wednesday #wednesdayaddams #film #tvseries #netflix #cinemastodon #mastodon #blackandwhitewednesday

Artist: @jennas.jaw & @jennaortega on instagram
(This image is from Instagram, I do not own it)

A black and white photo of Jenna Ortega (Wednesday Addams) casually looking over her shoulder.

In our latest podcast - "I Shot The Crypt Keeper" - director of photography Rick Bota talks about the process of shooting all the Crypt Keeper segments we shot for HBO's Tales From The Crypt.

There are some juicy behind-the-scenes details about what it took to bring the Crypt Keeper to cinematic life.

Rick also shot the series of course and he talks about working with directors like Walter Hill, Robert Zemeckis, Gary Fleder and William Friedkin.

Rick has a hilarious (and painful) Billy Friedkin story.

I just love doing these Crypt reunion shows!

#Film #cinema #movies #horror #horrormovies #podcast #tv #tvseries

Dah DJM (open to jobs)
4 weeks ago

I've been in the Fediverse for quite some time (am a Google+ refugee!). Here's a quick

#Africa living in Benin, WestAfrica
#Freelance consultant (remote!)
#Writer (blogs)
#Jazz and #AfricanMusic

Did a lot more: Intellectual Property, music producing & publishing, sound & music design etc.

#reading, #TVseries, #Cooking (bread...)

Wrapped up The Night Agent on Netflix, a show clearly aiming for the 24 market, but it's just not as action packed or as well cast across the board.

At 10 episodes, it's also about 2 episodes too long; but when it finally hits its stride, it does just about enough to make the time investment worth it.

⭐ ⭐ ⭐

#TV #TVShows #TVSeries #Streaming #StreamingShows #Netflix #TheNightAgent #TVMastodon #Review #Critic

Old Ain't Dead
1 month ago

#AmIBeingUnreasonable is British humor wrapped around a tragic story. Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli wrote and star in this #TVSeries #Review

Daisy May Cooper on a train looking over her shoulder with a startled expression in Am I Being Unreasonable?
Brian Mahoney
1 month ago

Talking about '60s TV series, I remembered watching Star Trek a few years ago on Netflix. Two things stuck out. First, you'd see cigarette smoke wafting into the scene from off-set. Second, in the Frank Gorshin epi, 'Last Battlefield, during the chase at the end, you could see the rope that kept him at the correct distance from the camera. Check it out.

#60s #tvseries #StarTrek

Frank Gorshin from the original Star Trek episode, 'Last Battlefield'.

🎉 Vampire Survivors animated show coming! 🧄
Hollywood, baby! 🎬

Small patch coming in May & TV shows in the works✨

Read all about the news here! 👀

#VampireSurvivors #tvseries #gaming

I had to do a little SciFi and Bluray shopping when in Oslo. They finally got book two and three of Dune in the same edition I have the first book in. They just arrived at the book store, so good timing!

I also found the boxset of Twin Peaks at a reasonable price. 😊

#SciFi #Dune #TVSeries #Bluray #TwinPeaks

A photo of the book "Dune Messiah" and "Children of Dune" by Frank Herbert, and a Bluray boxset of the TV series "Twin Peaks".
1 month ago

Are you watching Mrs. Davis?

Because if you don't, you should...

#MrsDavis #TVSeries #TVshows

2 months ago

If you had to borrow the #StarWars #TheRiseOfSkywalker line:

"And somehow Palpatine returned..."

And transplant it to another #scifi #movie or #tvseries (or any #tvdrama)

Who would you choose to resurrect and why?

Old Ain't Dead
2 months ago

When I can't find anything new to watch, I rewatch old favorites. Lately I've been watching #JessicaJones. I reviewed season 1 way back in 2015, and still stand by every word. #Review #TVSeries #Marvel

Old Ain't Dead
2 months ago

#Beef #TVSeries #Review #DirectedbyWomen Just saw the news that this series was submitted to the Emmys - which creates the potential for some Asian Emmy winners.
Here's my review:

Steven Yeun and Ali Wong star in Beef
Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
2 months ago

#Extrapolations is a difficult #TVSeries to watch, but I do feel it's a *necessary* watch.

2 months ago

I also loved:

True Detective (S1, S2)
Big Little Lies (S1)
Community (several)
House of Cards (several)

And liked:

Vikings (S1, S2?)

#TVSeries #TVShows #TV

I wrote a little post about my recent thread on here about all the post-apocalyptic TV-series. Nothing deeply insightful, just a little rant 😊

Note: Responses to this toot can be loaded as comments under the blog post.

#SciFi #TVSeries

Javier Casares
2 months ago

- You are a good lawyer.
- Thank you.
#TheGoodLawyer #TVSeries

Not sure why I haven't thought about it this way before, but Battlestar Galactica is obviously a post-apocalyptic show.

... and I'm kind of tired of post-apocalyptic shows and movies.

I'm still going to re-watch BSG next though. I just need to finish the other shows I'm in the middle of: Stargate Atlantis, Babylon 5 and now also Twin Peaks. 😋

#SciFi #TVSeries #BattlestarGalactica

So, the "Norwegians" at the beginning of Twin Peaks are definitely speaking Norwegian, but there's something off. Pronunciation and grammar is slightly wrong. I bet they are Norwegian-speaking Norwegian-Americans or something.

#TwinPeaks #TVSeries #90s

3 months ago

New introductory post since I moved instance!

I'm interested in #reading #fiction and usually post my reviews on #bookstodon and on my #bookwyrm account @kiarazard .

I like #TVseries and #movies so I occasionally post about what I'm watching.

I play #RollerDerby and I love #RollerSkating in general. I practice #yoga and I follow #YogaWithAdriene (but not consistently).

I'm a working parent and we're a neurodivergent family #parenting #WorkLife #ADHD #autism .

Shrinking is so freaking goooood! 🥹
#TVSeries #Shows #AppleTVPlus #Shrinking

Shrinking Jessica Williams GIF by Apple TV+

That's great news! I looove this series!
“‘Shrinking’ Renewed for Season 2 at Apple”
#Shows #Series #TVSeries #AppleTVPlus #Shrinking

I started watching The Last of Us last night.

While it is clearly a good show on its own, I am kind of tired of post-apocalyptic fiction. There's been so much of it over the last few decades, and a lot of it is very repetitive. This one doesn't feel very original either.

I think I personally got tired of the genre around season 10 of The Walking Dead.

#TVSeries #TheLastOfUs

Uli Kusterer
3 months ago

Oh thank goodness! That weird trailer Apple TV forces you to sit through is not for a Fallout TV show that totally ruins the premise by missing the point, it's just for a 50ies retro-futuristic show named "hello tomorrow!".

It's a great blueprint for how the production design for a Fallout show could look though.

#tvSeries #fallout #appleTV

Aalaap Ghag 🇮🇳
3 months ago

The #gadgets and #technology in #movies and #TVSeries even as recent as 2017 feels so ancient now. Like #phones with bezels and #cars without #CarPlay or #AndroidAuto.

Cole Haddon
4 months ago

NEW ESSAY: On Screenwriting: How Tony Gilroy Made “ANDOR” One of the Best Series on TV

A breakdown of the three challenges screenwriter Tony Gilroy had to overcome when developing “ANDOR”.

Read here:

#StarWars #Andor #TonyGilroy #TV #TVSeries #television #screenwriting #writing #storytelling #creativewriting #writingtips #writingcommunity #writerscommunity #amwriting

4 months ago

Started watching #TheExchange - I like the premise, I love the fits & I love the music
📈 :CapooThrowingMoney: 📉

(lol uh ok just a heads up, it *is* on N*tflix)

#tv #TvSeries #TVShow #media #Kuwait #stock

Munira played by Samia Mounts dressed in yellow stands in front of a sign 'Kuwait Stock Exchange', several men stand behind her with outstretched hands holding sheets of papers buying stocks
Main cast of The Exchange (2023) tv series
Cole Haddon
4 months ago

All four parts of "The Horror of “DRACULA”: The Unbelievable True Story of the 2013 TV Series" are now available to read!

This is a cautionary tale for screenwriters about what can happen when all their dreams come true.

Read here:

#screenwriting #screenwriter #writing #storyteller #filmmaking #film #movies #TV #television #TVSeries #writingcommunity #writerscommunity #writinglife #amwriting #Dracula

4 months ago

Poker Face is such a vibe: the script, the acting, character building, the weird bits, definitely not everyone's cup of tea but it's ... unique :blobcattea:

Premiered Jan 26, 2023
Starring Natasha Lyonne

#PokerFace #NatashaLyonne #tv #tvseries #tvshow #media

Charlie Cale played by Natasha Lyonne in tv series, Poker Face
Charlie Cale played by Natasha Lyonne in tv series, Poker Face
4 months ago

So what are we all #bingeing on? My partner and I are about halfway through #Elementary #TVSeries on #Hulu. I'll watch anything with #LucyLiu. She was super cute in #LuckyNumberSleven.

Tell me your faves!

Alan Mah Baxter
5 months ago

My Director gave me a yaunbao today! In imperial China, the wealthy gifted them during the Chinese New Year (made of solid gold then). I placed mine on the south side of my writing space. Hoping to bring wealth and prosperity (aka selling our TV series!!) in 2023. Happy almost Year of the Rabbit!🧧🐰 #chinesenewyear2023 #yearoftherabbit #asianamerican #tvseries #crime #thriller #director #pilot #scriptcoverage

Gold yuanbao given during the Chinese New Year
5 months ago

Battlestar Galactica (2003 Remake TV Series): One of the best TV series ever made:

IMDB Link:

from Reddit:

"I just rewatched it for the second time because I was bored to death of all the series that try to go on forever and repeat the same story over and over again coughwalkingdead*cough. Battlestar Galactica creates such intense moments of joy, laughter and sadness, your emotions go all over the place. The story, in my opinion is incredible. Some rather amazing action/cgi for it's time. Connection to characters that you grow to love or hate. And MOST IMPORTANTLY it knows when to end! As much as we all tell ourselves that we want more and more. So many TV series try to keep going and going and just don't fracken know when to end. There's so many TV series that I've loved that just turn into garbage because they try to keep pushing it and doing more and more. Battlestar Galactica(04-09) knew when to end. And it even went out with a bang, but left you with a happy emotional ending. I really wish we could get more of this. I would be surprised if I see another better series, that could fulfill all these features as well as BSG did. I'm quite sick of current shows just trying to keep going for as long as they can make money."

Can only recommend, what a great show!

#tvseries #tvshows #entertainment #series #scifi #battlestargalactica

Rob / OGTrekker
5 months ago

I’m doing a rewatch of ER. In Season 7 there is an episode titled “Surrender” where two teens come in after one was shot playing Russian roulette. One of the young men looks so much like a young Anthony Edwards. Does anyone know who he is? I’ve searched like crazy with no luck. Doesn’t seem to be related. Thanks! #ER #TVSeries #Cast #GuestStar

Roni Laukkarinen
5 months ago

A show recommendation: Kaleidoscope. 4 episodes are really good so far. I love Giancarlo Esposito. The literal random factor in this TV show kicks ass. #Netflix #TVShows #TVSeries #Kaleidoscope

Kaleidoscope on Netflix. The TV show cast with colorful stripes.
5 months ago

The two minor love stories in this KDrama are so cute. "Prison Playbook" is from the creator of "Hospital Playlist" and "Reply 1988," Shin Won-ho. It leaves Netflix on January 22.

#KDrama #Korean #TVShows #TVSeries #TV #ParkHaesoo #Netflix #JungKyungho

Ced Ledesma
5 months ago

Finished "James May: Our Man in Japan" series. Loved it!

Shows like these fill the void of not being able (or choosing not) to travel, for now.
#Documentary #TVSeries

Roni Laukkarinen
5 months ago

I have now completed Alice in Borderland season 2. One of the best Japanese thriller/action/scifi/drama series I've ever seen. #AliceInBorderland #Netflix #TVShows #TV #TVSeries

Alice in Borderland TV series poster, cast standing on the roof of a tall building, a cloudy sky and beams of light behind them.
Ced Ledesma
6 months ago

Finished season 1 of The Peripheral.

I enjoyed the series and am looking forward to season 2. Will surely read the book soon.
#SciFi #Fantasy #TVSeries

Dr. Zalka Csenge Virág
6 months ago

Alright, question for the masses:

What was your favorite TV series in 2022?

Not which one you think was the best written or produced. The one that you liked the most.

#TV #TVshows #TVseries #series #PopCulture

Ced Ledesma
6 months ago

Still deciding what to watch: Slow Horses, Wednesday, or The Peripheral.

Hmm. 🤔

Steven Capsuto - Alt. Channels
6 months ago

For the 20th-anniversary edition of ALTERNATE CHANNELS: QUEER IMAGES ON 20TH-CENTURY TV, I went through the 500-page original, fact-checked everything again, added 100 photos, and restored material the publisher had cut from the 1st edition.

The result is a much improved book. 😀

#queerhistory #gayhistory #lesbianhistory #mediastudies #LGBTQ #gay #lesbian #tvseries #activism #queer #tv

Book cover: "Alternate Channels: Queer Images on 20th-Century TV," revised edition, by Steven Capsuto. Book cover is hot pink with a retro television set on the cover displaying the pride flag.