Anja Reul
5 minutes ago

Dieser #Lanz-Auschnitt mit einem Diskussionsbeitrag von @cem_oezdemir trifft das Problem des heutigen Umgangs mit #Medien wie auch der Gefährlichkeit der Übernahme #rechtsextremer Narrative, wie sie derzeit vor allem in #bürgerlich-gelesenen Parteien stattfindet.

#Twitter-🧵 von @wenig_worte mit vielen bedenkenswerten Worten⬇️

Jan Wildeboer 😷:krulorange:
10 minutes ago

Bin ja schon enttäuscht, daß auf, von und über die #rp23 soviel auf #twitter geteilt wird. Von den selbsternannten Vorreitern der digitalen Welt in Deutschland hätte ich da doch einen kritischeren Umgang erwartet. :( #RePublica

56 minutes ago

I celebrate Tucker Carlson for his speech on Twitter. I love it how he serves truth and real questions to the public. MSM and the establishment won't like it. It will be their end. The times are changing. Is this the new short wave radio under the blankets?

#msm #twitter #truth #nordstream #ukraine #Putin #Selenskyj

Geht es bei Twitter aufwärts, wie Elon Musk zuletzt behauptete?

Nein, wie interne Daten zeigen. Im Gegenteil: Die Werbeeinnahmen brechen weiter ein. Musk sieht darin eine Verschwörung.

Mehr dazu im Artikel: 👉 #twitter #elonmusk

Twitter weiter im Strudel: Elon Musk sieht sich einer Verschwörung ausgesetzt. (Symbolbild: Sergei Elagin/Shutterstock) :verified:
1 hour ago

La foto del #Papa con la bandiera #arcobaleno associata ai movimenti #LGBTQ, apparsa al traino del #RomaPride in tendenza #Twitter, è in realtà una creazione mediante #Midjourney.
Bisognerebbe pensare a #watermark obbligatori e difficili da rimuovere

2 hours ago

Gestern tatsächlich das Konto bei #Twitter stillgelegt...

Who would like to be my 300th follower?

PS: Loving #Mastodon ❤️ The interactions are so much better than #Twitter and #FaceBook. Nice to deal with mostly intelligent, thoughtful people!

Join me in NOT promoting corporate-based social media!

#meta #Instagram #BlueSky #snapchat #tiktok

Darren Nevares
2 hours ago

So which tech company is going to be worse next. It's like betting on a horse but you have to put it down after the race. #Twitch #Reddit #Twitter #Bluesky #YouTube #Facebook

2 hours ago

Help our amazing #nurses! 🏥 #Support their tireless dedication and compassionate care on #GoFundMe. Let’s show our gratitude and make a difference together. #Donate now and spread the word! 🩺💙 #SupportNurses #Grateful #Thanks #oncology #twitter #Wednesday #gm #nurse #sec

Click here ->

0815 Nerd
2 hours ago

Die #Twitter­ifizierung des #Fediverse schreitet voran: Auf die Frage, wo man gute Gartentische findet, bekommt man direkt mehrere "bau doch selbst einen"-Antworten. 🤦‍♂️

Adam Cook
3 hours ago

#Musk is an absolute piece of shit.

I do not recommend it, but if you feel like checking in on what that filth is liking and boosting over on #Twitter these days... the @elon_alerts account tracks it:


A screenshot of a Tweet from the ELON ALERTS Twitter account which states:

Elon Musk liked a tweet from The Redheaded libertarian

The Tweet that Musk liked states:

It's a cult.

And below that it includes a highly-transphobic video of flag ceremonies from Nazi Germany superimposed or alongside rainbow flags flying in New York City.

Alle paar Wochen schaue ich mal auf #Twitter vorbei und weiß schon nach wenigen Tweets und Minuten, weshalb es gut war und gut tat, dort die Segel zu streichen. Dennoch bemerkenswert, wie viele dort noch aktiv sind – und sich noch ziemlich verblendend dafür rechtfertigen. 🤔

Moin #Mastodon und euch einen gesunden Start in diesen Mittwoch. Blick auf den Park vor meinem Hotel, aber vom gestrigen Dienstag.

Ich starte nun ein letztes Mal auf die #rp23 wo all die, die sich in einer Tour ueber #Twitter aufregen, genau diese Plattform nutzen (also Twitter) um ihrem Frust Luft zu machen.

Es ist so herrlich 🤡

Blick auf den Humboldhaiinpark in Berlin... Baeume im Vordergrund und im Hintergrund der Berliner Fernsehturm
Márcio 💩 :verified:
3 hours ago

There's a fine line between a #genius and an #idiot... a #Twitter acquisition.

4 hours ago
4 hours ago
Jack Dorsey soutient la candidature du démocrate et anti-vaccin Robert F. Kennedy à la présidentielle américaine

Le cofondateur et ex-directeur de Twitter Jack Dorsey a affirmé le 4 juin son soutien à Robert F. Kennedy dans la présidentielle américaine.

#JackDorsey #Twitter #BlueSky

@fedezan ciao, non funziona più, è stato bloccato da Twitter.
Trovi le alternative per pubblicare su mastodon e sincronizzare Twitter su

#twitter #mastodon #moaparty #crossposting

Fredi Lüthin
4 hours ago
Paine L. C.
4 hours ago

June 7, 2023
Wednesday of the Ninth Week in Ordinary Time

The Wisdom of God

Mark 12:18–20

In this Gospel passage, the problem with the Sadducees seems to be scrupulosity and rigidity in their approach to the faith. They clearly relied upon human reason, and they applied their human reason to the Torah. And though human reason and

#God #Jesus #HolySpirit #Catholic #CatholicChurch #Catholicism #HolyEucharist #Christianity
#Twitter #CatholicTwitter to #Mastodon

5 hours ago

Lo he visto hace un rato.
Lo q te ha pasado en #Twitter es q te han puesto en #ShadowBan en búsqueda -no es lo mismo q una cuenta suspendida-
La forma más fácil de confirmarlo es haciendo una búsqueda de tu cuenta y mirando tus "Analytics" de Twitter: si hay una caida brusca del número de impresiones de tus tuits. Hay programas de código abierto que te lo dicen con interface web, puedes seguir este enlace por ejemplo

5 hours ago

I guess Putin's boot tastes so good that Cucker Tarlson needed to break his lucrative #Fox contract to launch a second-rate Great Value brand Daily Wire show on #Twitter for his audience of antisemitic #Conservative filth... How fun... Rot in hell, you jackbooted, Nazi fuck.

#TuckerCarlson #Fascism

6 hours ago

「Twitter Blue」、ツイートの編集可能時間が最大1時間に|気になる、記になる…
#Twitter #TwitterBlue

Alex Afouxenidis
6 hours ago

Jack Dorsey Endorses RFK Jr. for President

The former #Twitter CEO promoted anti-science advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. just as the anti-vaxxer’s #Instagram account is reinstated.

#tech #politics #techbros

Marcel SIneM(S)US
6 hours ago

«Veröffentlicht wurde die Zusammenfassung und die dazugehörige Analyse auf der Website»
— Ist die Wahl der Domain zukunftsweisend? :mastocheeky:

Analyse: Weniger deutschsprachige Tweets unter #ElonMusk, Rechte werden lauter | heise online #Twitter #SocialMedia

7 hours ago

#ElonMusk's Reign as #Twitter CEO Ends

New CEO #LindaYaccarino now faces the tough task of bringing advertising clients back to Twitter when the company's ad revenue has reportedly plunged 59% in the last year.

7 hours ago

Speaking of blocking, I used to see some people ask on #Twitter why they were blocked by accounts with which they never interacted. I can’t speak for others bc sometimes it’s a group block, but for me it’s probably bc I saw a person’s response under a tweet and concluded I never wanted to be reminded of that person’s existence ever again.

@Disproofed 'Bye, homophobic troll. What, you thought this was #Twitter? 😆

I think we are forgetting that on Mastodon #hashtags are king.

Change practice; open or follow tabs based on hashtags searches & one can see all #toots that have it.

We had Stockholm syndrome by the likes of #twitter where we are made to do things a certain way.

Once you understand & use hashtags search becomes useful.

Expecting perfection from #mastodon is wishful thinking.

Toots having a #hashtag from allowed server can be found via search & follow.

Manish Vij
9 hours ago

‘advertisers are using [#Twitter ad exclusion] tools to keep their content away from… [#ElonMusk] tweets’

9 hours ago

Have you noticed how Jack Dorsey is present in all the places where the next wave of microblogging is officially supposed to be going next, except for the Fediverse/Mastodon?

Funny that.

#Twitter #JackDorsey #BlueSky #Nostr

9 hours ago


10 hours ago

So, eben nun auch ma den alten #twitter Account deaktiviert.
Fiel mir jetzt doch leichter als gedacht, auch wenn paar liebe Menschen und die #Agrar-Bubble nicht wirklich umgezogen ist.
Aber habe hier so viele nette neue Interaktionen gefunden und wenn ich ehrlich bin haben die letzten Twitter-Aufrufe nicht wirklich Freude gebracht...

So after a long meeting The CEO, the CTO and myself (CSO), have submitted change proposal to the board this is the answer :

"The board after a vote (9 vote on 10) accept the proposal the company will now due to this result officially remove itself from twitter since we do agree on the following statement of the proposal "Twitter toxic user-base do not match anymore with our company values".

So as result of this choice the temporary pause of ads on twitter after musk takeover become permanent.


Paranoid Factoid
10 hours ago

Criticize Saudi Arabia at your peril on Twitter. I responded to a tweet by TPM's Josh Marshall, and in it I suggested maybe the Saudis were a better target than had been Iraq for regime change. Got a Search Suggestion Ban within an hour of posting. Lol Twitter is such a dumpster fire.

Recepts below:

#saudiarabia #Saudi #mbs #twitter #talkingpointsmemo #joshmarshall

Comment that led to a partial shadowban on Twitter.
chikorita157 🐰
10 hours ago

With Reddit users planning to do a protest, while it’s understandable, but I don't see it changing things as the admins can simply demote mods who partake in the protest or make the methods of the protest ineffective. There is already some instances with this as a developer of an replacement API gets banned from Reddit or the Reddit admins publicly shaming Apollo.

Users of Reddit along with Twitter users need to realize the writing is on the wall for corporately run centralized platofrms. Twitter's descent into “Truth Social" and banning third-party clients along with Imgur banning NSFW and automatically deleting anonymous uploads after a certain period of time is the canary in the mine. Things will get worse for centralized platforms.

If you create content on a platform that is corporately run, you don't have full control of the content you post there. After all, it's in the big platform's interest to use your content for profit. Also, since they have a money making motivation, they can change the rules, even if they are unpopular or even do a rug pull.

As mentioned in my viral toot, it's important to own the space you create content on like your own blog/website or setting up your own forums, or use social platforms that are not profit motivated, but social networking as a utility like the Fediverse. We need to look past these centralized platforms and host things ourselves and get on the fediverse.

It's only going to get worse for centralized platforms as VC funding dries up with raising interest rates. The owners of big platforms are going to make more changes that users won't like. No matter how much protesting they do, the owners of these centralized platforms aren't going to change their minds. The only way you can stick it to them, is self-host or use non-profit driven platforms and move to the fediverse.

#fediverse #reddit #twitter #imgur

Emory L.
10 hours ago

oh good, #tuckerCarlson has set up shop on #Twitter. enjoy that, tweeters.

Augie Ray
11 hours ago

Tonight, every fifth tweet on #twitter is a sponsored ad.

Not coincidentally, I'm blocking the poster of every fifth tweet.

Musk is getting desperate after acknowledging ad revenue is down by more than 50%. I can't imagine a brand wanting to be seen as a sponsor of the trainwreck, but I'm happy to keep blocking to send a signal. I still hope for a better future on Twitter, but I'm not optimistic.

12 hours ago
Anonymous :anarchism: 🏴
12 hours ago

#Twitter missed dozens of known images of child sexual abuse, according to researchers who said Twitter has since appeared to resolve the issue

13 hours ago

Tymczasem na ptakoportalu:

Komiks, 4 panele. 
Na pierwszym kobieta wręcza niebieskiemu ptakowi papier z napisem "Fraud Report" i mówi, że ktoś się pod nią podszywa na twiterze. W tle portret Elona z napisem "Hail Elon". 
Na drugim niebieski ptak odbiera papier z napisem "Fraud Report" i mówi "Och, od ręki się tym zajmę"
Na trzecim wrzuca papier do kosza podpisanego "reports" i wydaje z siebie odgłosy pierdzenia. 
Na czwartym niebieski ptak mówi do kobiety, czy może dostać trochę pieniędzy. Kobieta jest zdegustowana.
Björn Friedrich
15 hours ago

Eine recht humorvolle Beerdigung: "Das Ende von #Twitter" - enorm unterhaltsamer Jeopardy-Quizabend mit Dennis Horn und @gavinkarlmeier bei der #rp23. #CASH

16 hours ago

Lotta prep? Face lift? Hey, these things take time.

Via @atrupar:

it has been nearly a month since #TuckerCarlson tweeted "we're back" and teased a new show on #Twitter. he doesn't seem very back.

Lauren Weinstein
17 hours ago

The #Reddit API pricing plan is a waste of time. If they really want to go in that direction, they can just let Musk take over and flush themselves down the toilet with #Twitter. Save a lot of effort.

Yeah, I can live without Reddit.
André Claaßen
17 hours ago

Sehr cooler Vortrag von @Luca zum Abschied von #Twitter!

#rp23 #republica #mastodon

heise online
18 hours ago

Kurz informiert: Xbox, Twitter, Google, Apple Vision Pro

Unser werktäglicher News-Überblick fasst die wichtigsten Nachrichten des Tages kurz und knapp zusammen.

#AugmentedReality #KünstlicheIntelligenz #kurzinformiert #Twitter #VirtualReality #news

Al Wirtes
20 hours ago

I don’t pay that much attention to #Twitter these days. But this isn’t good, right?

US investors have been duped by #Musk. But given how influential Twitter was in the Arab Spring, the Saudis may consider this an acceptable outcome, if not a downright bargain.

U.S. SOCIAL MEDIA Twitler's ad sales plunge 59%, woes continue.
David Alonso
21 hours ago

@Shine_McShine Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. #Twitter

David Atwell
21 hours ago

#Twitter is owned by a goblin now. #Reddit is trying to snatch closed-source obscurity from the jaws of open-source dominance. #Discord is allergic to making decisions its users like.

It might be time to admit that blogs, forums, and chat rooms were the peak of online discourse.

Ben Miller
22 hours ago

The questions here are:

Am I #shadowbanned on #Twitter because I was legacy verified but didn't buy Twitter blue?

Or because I show my support for Ukraine on my Twitter profile, which pro-Russian Elmo doesn't like?

Or because I link to Mastodon on my Twitter profile?

Or because I dared to be a critic of #ElonMusk?

All of the above?

1 day ago

I have no idea why but every time I create an account on #Twitter my account gets blocked after less than an hour. The same thing happened yesterday. Literally the only thing I've done was following #Niebezpiecznik. 40 min later: boom, account banned.

Dick Morrell
1 day ago

So, again I woke up to find 28,766 restored tweets

After deleting all 38,000 tweets in November

After redeleting 34,000 tweets a month ago

This morning 28,766 came back

This IS a breach of the EU rules on data processing

Please boost asap, don't like it, boost it


heise online
1 day ago

Twitter: Neue Geschäftsführerin fängt an, Werbeeinnahmen eingebrochen

Deutlich früher als erwartet hat Linda Yaccarino die Arbeit bei Twitter aufgenommen. Neue Zahlen zeigen, dass die Aufgabe der Geschäftsführerin schwer wird.

#ElonMusk #Werbung #SocialMedia #Twitter #news

Prog Seeker
1 day ago

@J12t always makes me wonder why so many large accounts who can see what is happening continue to use the platform. #Twitter

Moa (extinct) | flo
1 day ago

Is #Snowden still using #Twitter and if so, why?

Wouldn't he embrace the services the #Fediverse offers?

Did he ever mention it?

Adam Cook
1 day ago

@BruceMirken I cannot comment on Tesla's stock price because, well, I have no idea what it is and I do not pay attention to such things.

The "fanboys"... yeah... I mean... it has been clear, years ago, that many of them were well-past fully invested in #Musk no matter what.

It is really the whole purpose of acquiring #Twitter in my mind - Musk wishes to take his cult mainstream.

Annexing a ready-made, alt-right cult via Twitter is the perfect way to do it.

Michael Gale
1 day ago


Is it time to remove #twitter #opengraph #meta tags from our websites?

Is this just digital waste that only serves the purpose of improving UX for society's most atrocious humans?

1 day ago

「イーロン・マスク氏は最近、ツイッターの広告ビジネスが好調だと述べた。 しかし、ニューヨーク・タイムズ紙が入手した文書によると、4月1日から5月第1週までの米国の広告収入は減少しており、業績がすぐに改善する可能性は低い。」

#prattohome #TheNewYorkTimes #Twitter #広告収入

maeve harris
1 day ago

#Twitter revenue from ads falls 59%. #Musk says the advertisers will return, but internal analysis suggests this is a pipedream

1 day ago

#Jack endorsed a man that #Elon hosted on #Twitter. How much more obvious does it have to be?!

Jack is a fascist too. Start behaving and treating him accordingly.

Question EVERYTHING about #Bluesky.

Elon = Twitter
Jack = Bluesky

Sean Boots
1 day ago

“The platform went from one of the most transparent and accessible on the planet to truly bottom of the barrel.” #Twitter

Steve Herman
2 days ago

As Reuters notes, the #Twitter broadcast for #RFKJr hosted by Elon Musk went off without major technological problems and the 2.5-hour conversation had an audience of over 64,000 at some points.

Prog Seeker
2 days ago

@arstechnica Would be nice if #twitter simply goes belly up. I know it won't but it would be nice.

Emmanuelle Germond
2 days ago

🤔 Êtes-vous un terroriste? Non? Sûre?
➡️ Vous utilisé #Mastodon plutôt que #Facebook et #Twitter?
➡️Vous utilisez #Signal, un #VPN ou vous préférez des #logicielsLibres?
Vous vous intéressez à la #protectionDeLaViePrivée ? BINGO!
Vous avez gagnez le super Bingo: Super Terro!!

Découvrez comment être pris comme un terroriste: Lisez les questions communément posées en garde à vue en France. C'est édifiant.

Natasha Jay :mastodon:
2 days ago

The Guardian (today): "Forget Twitter, my local dog park is the real town square" -- by Myke Bartlett. Resonating for me:

▫️ "Maybe the strongest communities are the ones where our identities matter the least. Where it isn’t our politics but how we treat each other"

▫️ " Stripped of our labels, most people turn out to be easy to like. (Irshad) Manji argues this might be the best way out of our polarised age – not to look for purities in others, but pluralities. We are all more than one thing"

▫️ "In these days of algorithmic overlords, getting to meet people whose politics, economics, experiences or general demographics don’t neatly match your own feels as liberating as it is rare"

▫️ "... the first of many open conversations. The sort I suspect most people crave"

#Trans #Guardian #Press #Twitter #Fediverse #Mastodon

Stefan Bohacek
2 days ago

I just uploaded the final data backup from my Popular Twitter bots project:

It looks like it lost access to Twitter's API on April 27. It was fun while it lasted!

#dataviz #dataset #kaggle #twitter #TwitterBots #TwitterPI

Screenshot of the chart from the linked data visualization showing Twitter bots with most followers.

Top ten results:

@archillect: 2,990,577 followers
@ProgressBar202_: 1,158,893 followers
@year_progress: 690,350 followers
@ResNeXtGuesser: 649,947 followers
@MakeItAQuote: 606,270 followers
@RemindMe_OfThis: 548,587 followers
@earthquakesLA: 442,846 followers
@big_ben_clock: 397,165 followers
@ShitpostBot5000: 298,057 followers
@EmojiMashupBot: 276,701 followers
Graham Cluley
2 days ago

Twitter awarded "gold checkmark" to unofficial Disney Twitter account which posted racial slurs.

Is it any wonder that Twitter's ad sales in the United Sales have plunged 59% in the past year?

#cybersecurity #twitter #disney

2 days ago


#Twitter’s U.S. Ad Sales Plunge 59% as Woes Continue

“In internal forecasts, the company projected that ad sales would keep declining, handing a tough challenge to its new chief executive.”

2 days ago


april 2023
elon #musk

elon: "the degree to which various #government #agencies had effectively had full #access to everything. that was going on on #Twitter. uh blew my mind."

#tucker: "would that include people's DMs?"

elon: "uh yes"

2 days ago

#Twitter "chose confrontation" by exiting a voluntary EU disinformation code of practice that lays ground rules for an incoming European law on digital services, a European Union commissioner said. "We believe this is a mistake of Twitter. Twitter has chosen the hard way. They chose confrontation," … Twitter's compliance with the new Digital Services Act entering force August 25 "will be scrutinised... vigorously and urgently".

So... #Twitter is replatforming all the #Nazis, #insurrectionists, and anti-vaxxers, #Trump is allowed to run for #POTUS, ringleaders of the sedition are leaders in #Congress, nobody takes #COVID seriously anymore, and we're just gonna let the #shootings continue and the planet broil, because #America has no memory and our only concern is whether rich people can retain more yacht money. Am I caught up? Did I miss anything?

‘Bye, bye birdie’: EU bids farewell to #Twitter as company pulls out of code to fight disinformation

Tim Chambers
2 days ago

“.. #Twitter’s U.S. advertising revenue for the five weeks from April 1 to the first week of May was $88 million, down 59 percent from a year earlier, according to an internal presentation obtained by The New York Times.”

Jens Finkhäuser 🌻
2 days ago

This means #twitter is now officially, as opposed to "we've known it for months now", a far-right disinformation network.

As the expression goes: Wenn ein #nazi am Tisch sitzt, und daneben 10 andere, die dasitzen und mit ihm diskutieren, dann hast du einen Tisch mit 11 Nazis." ("If you have one Nazi sitting at a table talking to 10 other people, then you've got a table with 11 Nazis").

Graham Downs
2 days ago

"An e-mail to Twitter returned an automated reply with a poop emoji."

Well, of course it did. :/

#Twitter #News

Interesting article comparing engagement across various social network platforms.

Purely anecdotal, but with a follower count that is currently only 5% of what I had on #Twitter I would estimate engagement on #Mastodon is at least 3x higher. If not more.

2 days ago

The #Tor hidden service of #Twitter has a bad certificate.

"The certificate for twitter3e4tixl4xyajtrzo62zg5vztmjuricljdp2c5kshju4avyoid.onion expired on 3/6/2023"
2 days ago

Spannend... auch die #ARD beschreibt den massiven Unterschied in der Nutzertonalität auf #Mastodon im Vergleich zu #Twitter. Dazu an manchen Tagen schon mehr Referrals auf die Tagesschau Website über Mastodon als über Twitter.


Aral Balkan
2 days ago

Folks: #Twitter is owned by a horrible new billionaire… Forget the #fediverse, let’s use #Bluesky & #Nostr by the billionaire who created Twitter instead.


‘When a Twitter user commented there was “not a chance the DNC allows him to be nominated,” Dorsey replied, "Even more reason.” He later added that the DNC “seems more irrelevant by the day” and wrote “end of an empire,” to which Tesla CEO and current Twitter owner Elon Musk replied with two fire emoji.’

heise online
2 days ago

Twitter unter Elon Musk: Merklich weniger deutschsprachige Tweets, Rechte lauter

Im April dieses Jahres wurden etwa 20 Prozent weniger Tweets auf Deutsch abgesetzt als in den Vorjahren. Nur eine Gruppe wird laut einer Analyse immer aktiver.

#ElonMusk #republica #SocialMedia #Twitter #news

2 days ago

#Twitter を見ていたころは(昨年11月まで)情報のライブ感をエンジョイしていたと思います。

イーロン・マスクの私物にTwitter がなって行く過程で、彼のやり方、立ち位置が前から気に入らないこともあり、マスクのお世話になるのはまっぴらと言うことで、Twitterを離れ #Fediverse の方でお世話になることに。


Fediverse にもっと、人が来て、それぞれが色々な情報を発信すれば、それだけ住みやすい空間になりそう。

イーロン・マスクをなんとも思わない人には依然Twitter は価値があるのだろうと思います。

Fediverse の皆さんの投稿に期待しています。