Julie Webgirl
2 months ago

Have you seen the Howard Hawks film "Scarface" made in 1932?

Hawks put an "X" in every scene where someone was about to be murdered. The film is full of "X"s.

It seems fitting that Musk is changing the Twitter logo to an "X" marking clearly how he has murdered it.

It would be more appropriate if the blue iconic bird was riddled with bullet holes from a Tommy gun with a big "X" above it.

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A black and white scene from Scarface with the silhouettes of 7 people standing with their hands up beneath a row of "X" shadows made from the rafters.
3 months ago

The slow sad death spiral of Twitter, a good article to read. #twitterdown #twitterdeath

3 months ago

Well Tweetdeck is still broke and using web interface twitter is like trying to do stuff but really really slowly! #twitterdeath

Marcelo J Perez
3 months ago

Basta de quejas por #twitterdown #TwitterDeath.
#Verstappen humillando a ·#Leclerc vez nro 5648512251546

I actually bookmarked this article in my web browser (does anyone else actually do this anymore!?) because it is that on point. This basically means I’ll have it for the next 15 years or whenever my backup drive packs it in.
Very. Well. Said.
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Pete Prodoehl 🍕
9 months ago

Mastodon server admins, now is the time to start your consultancy business that helps get organizations onto the fediverse. Work with news organizations, explain it to them, get them up and running on their own instance.

#mastodon #twitterDeath #freedom

The timer is set, at the end of the weekend I'll be deleting my #Twitter account.
I've exported my friends and imported them here. Not even sure I want a data export, not like I'll ever do anything with it 😅

#TwitterMigration #twitterdeath

Blade runner gif, All those moments will be lost in time, like [coughs] tears in rain. Time to die.
Brett Stalbaum
10 months ago

#twittermigration #TwitterDeath #dietwitterdie Elon Musk has often been as lucky as anything else, now facing the hard, ride or die, contestational reality of mixed constituencies. It is a obvious good that Alex Jones will not be reinstated. It is also true that there is a big part of the venn diagram of Musk fans and Jones fans who support the latter much more vociferously. This is what you get Elon for getting in bed with these many diseased monsters.

Robin Hills 🇨🇦
10 months ago

Question for those still on the birdsite. My feed has a weird vibe today like some is missing. Is it just me? #TwitterDeath

10 months ago

Me ha pillado la #TwitterDeath en mitad de la publicación de


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