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2 days ago

Twitter X is Going to charge Monthly Subscriptions for All. 🐦💸 #Twitter #TwitterBlue
This widely utilized social media behemoth is on the verge of embracing a subscription-based model.

3 days ago

@kuketzblog Das könnte wohl auf Dauer wirklich der Todesstoß für das Netzwerk werden, wenn der Großteil der Leute, die dort nur ihre Freizeit verbringen, nicht bereit ist, auch noch dafür zu bezahlen. Sieht man ja auch gut daran, wie wenige dieser Gruppe bereit waren, für ein #TwitterBlue Abo zu zahlen...
3 days ago

Соцмережа Х може стати платною для всіх

#twitter #TwitterBlue # #

Something I find very funny about #Twitter #X is how offering a paid product to power users is, in itself, probably a decently good idea

But #TwitterBlue #XPremium is a disaster and it's mostly because of catastrophic execution

nathans :ms_weed: :donor:
1 month ago

Another solid piece from Matt Binder regarding Elon Musk's Twitter

Elon Musk's X follower count bloated by millions of new, inactive accounts

Elon Musk is by far the most followed user on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, which he acquired in October of last year. With more than 153 million followers at the time of publication, Musk's account @elonmusk is basically a microcosm of the platform as a whole.

So, who are Musk's followers in relation to the platform? How active are they? How often do they post? Are they consuming a lot of creator content on X? Do they subscribe to Musk's subscription plan, X Premium, formerly known as Twitter Blue? Are Musk's followers real?

Mashable has reviewed new data collected by third-party researcher Travis Brown, who compiled basic account information on all of Musk's more than 153 million followers via a meticulous process that respected X's rate limit parameters.

#Twitter #Elon #ElonMusk #Musk #TwitterBlue #News #TuskNotMusk #TwitterMigration #MattBinder #Mashable

1 month ago

Get this. For the shitty version of Xpro / Tweetdeck.

To even have multiple accounts on it, EVERY account has to be subscribed to Twitter Blue.

That is scummy as hell. Plus, not everyone who has 10+ accounts can afford to shill out 100 dollars per month for something that SHOULD OF REMAINED FREE.

#Xpro #Tweetdeck #Twitter #X #TwiterNews #ElonMusk #Musk #TwitterBlue

Mario :verified: :tux:
1 month ago

Tweetdeck now for paid users only!

#Twitter #Tweetdeck #TwitterBlue #X

Ganga News
1 month ago

Elon Musk revealed in August that subscribers of X Premium (Blue) would have the opportunity to share in the platform’s ad revenue.

#ElonMusk #XPremium #TwitterBlue #AdRevenue #XSubscriber #Tax #TaxImplications

chikorita157 🐰:unverified:
2 months ago

Apparently, the new subscription server everyone likes to make fun of, Twitter Blue will now be renamed as “X Premium.”

Is X copying Youtube now? Still, X is still a terrible name, does X Premium mean something more... well naughty?

Archive Link -

#twitter #x #riptwitter #xcorp #twitterblue

#TwitterBlue is now #XPremium

No branding issue at all here. Really none 🤷🏻‍♂️


Voilà que #Musk a renommé « #TwitterBlue » en « #XPremium »

Je n’ai rien contre le porno. Mais « X Premium », c’est une marque littéralement impossible à distinguer de celle de la formule payante d’un site porno quelconque.

C’est absolument affligeant

Martin Holland
2 months ago

#ElonMusk’s #X can’t send Blue subscribers their ad revenue-sharing payouts on time

Friday night is a good time to announce you’re not paying your bills.

"That’s not exactly what you’d want to hear from a program touting itself as “part of our effort to help people earn a living directly on X,” and the key to Elon Musk’s X dream for an app that handles #banking, stock trading, and other vital financial features."

#TwitterTakeover #BlueCheck #TwitterBlue #Twitter

Twitter Bird stabbed by X-Logo
2 months ago

#TwitterBlue becomes #XBlue, and with it comes the ability to hide the blue checkmark.

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

What's the point of buying something if you don't want to show it off?

Unless you're actually ashamed of your life choices...

Twitter Blue subscribers can now hide their blue checks

#Twitter #TwitterBlue #Subscribers #Verified #TechNews

The Twitter logo with a giant stylized X on top of it.
Ben Miller
2 months ago

Subscribers of #Twitter Blue, which btw. is still officially named "Twitter Blue" on "X", can now hide their #TwitterBlue checkmarks in case they are ashamed of showing that they pay and finance Elmos meltdown.

But you can still identify them if:

- they're using the "edit" feature which marks their "X's" as edited
- their "X's" have more than 280 char
- their "X's" contain bold, italic text
- their videos are in 1080p
- they have a hexagon (NFT) profile picture

A screenshot showing the perks of a Twitter Blue subscription as stated in the post above.
2 months ago

#TwitterBlue subscribers can now hide their blue checks • The Verge
Tom Warren:
#Twitter Blue, which Elon Musk is currently rebranding to X Blue, now includes the option to hide the notorious blue checkmark.

@charlesarthur "You pay so that you can look like all the other people who don’t pay? More and more mad".

Маск хоче «‎вибити» в Тіма Кука знижку на 30% комісію в App Store – «для передплатників Twitter Blue» #TwitterBlue #AppStore #ІлонМаск #Twitter #Комісія #Податки #Новини #ТимКук #Apple #Софт #iOS

Rex Banner
2 months ago

Wenn man für die Peinlichkeit auch noch Geld bezahlt …

Nutzer können den Bezahlhaken verstecken.
Was früher eine Auszeichnung war, ist vielen #Twitter-Nutzern nun eher peinlich.

Christian Schmidt
2 months ago

Twitter дозволив приховати «‎синю галочку» платним користувачам – щоб не провокувати меми й насмішки #TwitterBlue #Верифікація #Соцмережі #ІлонМаск #Twitter #Новини #Сайти #Софт

#Twitter offre désormais la possibilité aux abonnés à #TwitterBlue de… masquer leur badge bleu

C'est une admission fort amusante que, et ça ne surprendra personne, le modèle actuel de Twitter Blue est désastre complet

À lire ici :

Martin Holland
2 months ago

Twitter Blue subscribers can now hide their blue checks | #TheVerge

#TwitterBlue, which #ElonMusk is currently rebranding to €X Blue, now includes the option to hide the notorious #BlueCheckmark. Twitter Blue subscribers recently started noticing the “hide your blue checkmark” option on the web and in mobile apps, offering the ability to hide that they’re paying for #Twitter and avoid memes about how “this mf paid for twitter.”

#XCorp #TwitterTakeover #BlueCheck

2 months ago

X (Twitter)、「X Blue」加入を示す青いチェックマークを非表示することが可能に|気になる、記になる…
#青いバッジ #TwitterBlue #青いチェックマーク

Christian Kent
2 months ago

Well well well … how do we explain this? I think it’s a membership benefits mistake, but a continuation of the earlier one. Kewl. #Twitter #TwitteRx #Twitterblue

A stylised version of the ‘X’ app logo on my smartphone menu, where the background is identical to a pre-Musk Twitter Blue logo (one of the membership perk selection) that resembles a horizontal splash of paints, mixing the old colours of Twitter sky-blue and a magenta — both of which are happier colours than the ‘X’ logo is ever seen with, as far as I know
2 months ago

The letter cited #research published by #CCDH in June examining #HateSpeech on #Twitter, which #Musk renamed #X. The research consisted of 8 papers, incl’g 1 that found Twitter had taken no action against 99% of the 100 #TwitterBlue accounts the ctr reported for “tweeting hate.” The letter called the research “false, misleading or both”& said the org had used improper methodology.

The ltr added that the ctr was funded by Twitter’s competitors or foreign govs “in support of an ulterior agenda.”

Bret Carmichael :emoji_wink:
2 months ago

In light of the new #X branding, and the elimination of all things blue, #TwitterBlue doesn’t make sense as a product name anymore. Sure, it still exists as-is in the app, but that’s just because of #Twitter’s scattershot implementation.

#TwitterBlue 產品經理 #EstherCrawford,她在2020年賣掉自己的初創公司後加入 #Twitter,對社交媒體公司在最近的管理和方向轉變之前和之後的體驗,分享了廣泛的評論。

✍️ #ChatGPT Plus

Scott Cunningham :mastodon:
2 months ago

Meta verification or Twitter Blue? Surprisingly, Meta's more expensive & invasive approach might make you reconsider. Threads requires ID submissions, even for changing profile pics, tightly linking you to your account. While Twitter only needs your phone number, providing greater privacy and less censorship. Sometimes, cheaper and simpler is better. #TwitterBlue #MetaVerification #PrivacyConcerns #SocialMediaComparison

"Herbert und Erna haben zwar fuer "X Blue" gezahlt, aber nie Pornos erhalten!"

Ehrlich, ich bekomme mich vor Lachen echt nicht mehr ein..... stellt euch mal vor auf euren Kontoauszuegen steht statt #TwitterBlue nun "X Blue".

Das ist alles nur noch so herrlich 😂

aelteres Ehepaar vor einem TV mit dem X Logo und einer Rechnung in der Hand, auf der im Kopf X Blue steht
Ned Raggett
2 months ago

Honestly just waiting for a couple of weeks for #ElonMusk to rebrand #TwitterBlue as Triple X.

Since #ElonMusk owns (which links to nothing right now—although #Google says its dangerous to visit for some reason in #Chrome), I suspect he will change #Twitter’s domain to X, then sell off the Twitter domain later on.

Elon could also make keeping your user handle a feature only available for #TwitterBlue subscribers.

👉🏾 Adieu to ‘all the birds,’ Elon Musk says as he announces Twitter logo change

2 months ago
2 months ago

Elon Musk Woos Users to Twitter Blue - Tesla boss Elon Musk, who used to be Twitter’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) before passi... - #24/7cryptocurrencynews #elonmusknews #twitterblue #twitter

Since the record breaking launch of #Threads, #Musk stopped to announce completely stupid changes on the #BirdSite

I though "oh, maybe competition is working?"

But yesterday, #Twitter announced that DMs will be rate limited unless you pay for #TwitterBlue:

Twitter’s competitors will be fine #DeadTwitter

2 months ago

I've seen 412 people on #Twitter #cancel their #TwitterBlue #Subscription today, due to the nee #DmLimit update.

2 months ago

It is incredible. Over on #Twitter they legit slapped even #worse of a #limit on #DM's that you can #send a day. It was at #600 per day which was fine, because that was before #ElonMusk took over the platform. Now? Under him to push to get people to get #TwitterBlue he reduced it to 130 for some, and even lower for some too. God it's amazing to see the idiot destroy Twitter in real time.

Claudia Giulia
2 months ago

+++ Ai candidati politici in #Francia è stato #vietato di registrarsi per la verifica di #TwitterBlue nei 6 mesi precedenti le #elezioni

La spunta blu è considerata una forma di "pubblicità sponsorizzata"
(decisione della commissione francese per il finanziamento delle campagne)
cc @quinta @inno @carlopiana

2 months ago

You know, while it is on my mind. #ElonMusk and what he has left for a #Twitter team. Is doing one #shitty job at trying to sell #TwitterBlue to people.

1) With the cutting of #Dms and making it #verified only for some users.

2) The #limitations for #Tweeetdeck and how #RateLimits are fucking that over hard. Plus the fact they #removed it from #Legacy instantly after #announcing that Tweetdeck was going to blue exclusively. That is terrible #business and pushes people away. Like me.

Tjeerd Royaards
2 months ago

The state of Twitter.

#Twitter #ElonMusk #TwitterBlue

2 months ago

@Royaards :

The state of Twitter.

#Twitter #ElonMusk #TwitterBlue

Thomas Knight
2 months ago

And although anyone on #Twitter could have told you that #Twitter has been taken over by bots and propagandists since #ElonMusk took over, the story this week about #TwitterBlue subscribers never having tweets removed even if they were overt #nazi propaganda is also backed up by stories of who the handful of TwitterBlue subscribers are. The #Taliban, #nazis, & #Russian misinformation apparently by and large. #Elon really knows how to choose his friends...

Hanna Esmeralda
2 months ago

Eikö siis edes tämä saa jengiä jättämään #Twitter iä?

Että #ElonMusk ottaa hyvillä mielin rahaa #Putin ilta #TwitterBlue n kautta, että #PutininTrollit pääsevät levittämään disinformaatiota ja propagandaa varsinkin #Ukraina n sotaan liittyen.

Vielä tämänkinkö jengi jollain käsittämättömällä tempulla onnistuu itselleen perustella ja selittämään aivan ok:ksi?

Teillä on verta käsissä.


#moraali #kaksinaismoralismi #Musk #Venäjä #disinformaatio #propaganda

Keith Wilson
3 months ago

“While promising #TwitterBlue users a slightly less annoying experience and the potential to reach a larger audience than plebeian users might, #ElonMusk has degraded the service for everyone.” Nail hit squarely on the head… #RIPTwitter

Id pagando ya vuestro #TwitterBlue que esto es una inversión a futuro. ¡Avisados estáis! @thefdez

News Breaking LIVE
3 months ago

#Twitter says it will begin only allowing those who pay for #twitterblue to access #TweetDeck

#news #twitter #socialmedia #breakingnews #tech #technology

realcaseyrollins ✝️
3 months ago

@freemo @icedquinn @Jain @Stellar @stux Interesting. Yeah right leaning people hate folks too, IMHO the problem becomes when your hatred for someone consumes you so much that you can’t rationally talk about something pertaining to that person. Like I could explain how, for example, #TwitterBlue is a good idea for the platform, but stux probably wouldn’t accept any such argument, most likely because #ElonMusk came up with the idea, and #ElonMusk is bad. That sort of blind hatred is just cringe to me. At the very least, it limits one from having genuine, constructive conversations about certain subjects.

3 months ago

Elon Musk tweets:

To address extreme levels of data scraping & system manipulation, we’ve applied the following temporary limits:

- Verified accounts are limited to reading 6000 posts/day
- Unverified accounts to 600 posts/day
- New unverified accounts to 300/day

#Twitter #TwitterBlue

The tweet as described in this toot.

It was made July 1, 2023 at 11:01 AM and has 316.5M Views at the time of screenshot.
Ben Miller
3 months ago

Again, for about 2 weeks now, the number of these generic Tweets has been increasing dramatically. In some instances you get 4-5 of these threads directly below each other. If you open a thread, all the containing tweets contained are loaded and count against your limit.

If you happen to launch a quota of 600 tweets/day for non-paying users, because you need them to buy #Twitterblue, filling their timelines with this generic bot content seems like the perfect tool to drain their "free" #quota.

Ben Miller
3 months ago

#Musk just introduced a "read-limit". #Verified accounts can read 6000 tweets a day, #Unverified can read 600 tweets a day.

Official reason: "measure against data scraping" (I‘ll explain why this is bs below)

Inofficial but actual reason: #Twitter is running out of money and Muk needs to take even more drastic measures to force people to buy #TwitterBlue

🧵Here is why Musks explanation is bs:

So #Twitter just released a new #TwitterBlue feature: you can now write "tweets" up to… 25.000 characters 😵‍💫

I’m assuming this shitty feature is why Twitter doesn’t show that a tweet is part of thread anymore on the main feed

"You want to tell your audience a story that doesn’t fit in one tweet? Subscribe to Blue, or we won’t help it to get traction on the platform."

The enshittification of the #BirdSite is doing well


@GreenFire imagine if :activitypub: instance would offer such tiers via :patreon: , #flattr, #kachingle or :paypal: like the "priority queue" on 2b2t.

One thing we've to also account for is that #TwitterBlue and #TwitterGold are the only ways to get #API restrictions lifted, and I'm quite convinced major news outlets like @heiseonline or @ntv got those #GoldBadges for free as they would've likely threatened to quit #Twitter if they can't continue to use their toolchain to post stuff...

#Twitter is working to limit the number of DMs you can send per day before having to sign up for #TwitterBlue 👀

Chris Messina
4 months ago

Twitter has a new forked signup flow to get a "Verified subscription".

#DeadTwitter #TwitterBlue

4 months ago

So naturally, just like most servives started to copy the #TwitterBlue subscription model, for stupid paid verifications, which failed in similar fashions, i.e., the recent #Gmail fiasco #Reddit has now decided to increase their #API costs and also basically block third-party apps for their services. Just like Twitter.

If only we had a service. Which was free. With API access. Various verification methods. Always-on and free API practices. Multiple apps for many different users and their needs.

Join the blackout on 12th to 14th June on Reddit by rather hanging around here.


Chris Messina
4 months ago

You'll soon be able to edit your tweets up to five times within an hour of tweeting.

#DeadTwitter #TwitterBlue

4 months ago

#Twitter is failing to remove 99 percent of #HateSpeech posted by #TwitterBlue users, new research has found, and instead may be boosting paid accounts that spew #racism and #homophobia.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
4 months ago

Hilariously scatological analogy from @daringfireball: “The new #algorithm that puts paying #TwitterBlue users’ replies at the top of every thread has ruined political #Twitter. It’s like letting people suffering from incontinence try on all the pants in a store before anyone else.”

I want to sponsor someone's #TwitterBlue subscription; the only rule is you can't use it to create content that enriches the value of #Twitter's platform. You can only use it to #troll the #altRight, and/or #billionaires. Anyone interested?

Steve Herman
4 months ago

The first fake image of the purported explosion near the Pentagon appears to have been posted by a #QAnon account on #Facebook, which saw little engagement, according to Bloomberg technology reporter Davey Alba. Then it was picked up by #TwitterBlue verified accounts and RT, and exploded online, briefly driving down stock prices.

"Twitter is excited to announce their partnership with PirateBay. Pay $8 to get verified and enjoy your favorite movies, TV and porn!"

#Twitter #TwitterBlue

Screenshot of a Tweet from Elon Musk saying: Twitter Blue Verified subscribers can now upload 2 hours videos (8GB)!
Martin Holland
4 months ago

How to Build (And Destroy) a #SocialNetwork

Status means everything to platforms like #Twitter and Facebook. But contrary to what #ElonMusk thinks, it doesn’t come from a #BlueCheckmark.

"#TwitterBlue may be boneheaded as a revenue scheme, but it excels as a case study in how grappling for status can ruin a social network."

#TwitterTakeover #SocialMedia #BlueCheck #BlockTheBlue #BlueSky

Mastodon Migration
4 months ago

@cstross To the extent that a Blue Check is regarded as an endorsement, this policy may violate the law. You can not advertise that someone endorses your product or service without their consent. There is also the issue of remuneration.


Kevin Carson
4 months ago

More than half of #TwitterBlue subscribers have cancelled since November -- Techdirt

Martin Nutty
5 months ago

11) The #TwitterBlue value proposition appears to be lacking. Churn rates on the service are extraordinarily high. Without a bona fide set of support services to truly validate users, #BlueCheckMarks have become meaningless. Chalk this one up as an #EpicFail

Jeff Brown
5 months ago

Things aren't looking too good for Twitter Blue

More than half of Twitter Blue's earliest subscribers are no longer subscribed


Alasdair Allan
5 months ago

"…the #TwitterBlue service only gained 28 new subscribers from people who previously had a legacy checkmark." There were 407,000 people who were 'legacy' verified. So… Ouch! 😬

polarity :wig:
5 months ago

So lustig. Einfach #precht auf twitter durchgehen. Alle rechts orientierten haben #TwitterBlue alle linken haben nix. Ausser ein paar Ausreißer, die den kram von elon geschenkt bekommen haben.😂

Martin Holland
5 months ago

"When the Auschwitz Museum is having to issue a public statement saying that they didn’t pay for #TwitterBlue, it’s probably time for some deep self-reflection about what you’re doing.

Oh and now that advertisers have to subscribe to #Twitter Blue to advertise, any extension that blocks Twitter Blue users will also probably block most ads. The business genius has another excellent idea."

#ElonMusk #BlockTheBlue #BlueCheckmark
>Read to the end for a chill cat

5 months ago

If you're following the news on #TwitterBlue & wondering what might be a better use of $8/month - you can subscribe to our newsletters for full access to the latest research, reporting, job opportunities & events on global influence operations. 3 times a week & direct to your inbox. We're independent, non-partisan & exist to promote the work of researchers, academics and investigators. Find out more or get in touch with us
#misinformation #disinformation #twitterbluetick

Claudius Link
5 months ago

I just followed a link to a tweet on the #BirdSite
And just WOW. It is so broke and unusable.

The tweet triggered all the #TwitterBlue guys.
There were pages of pages of them until you reached the first reply adding any content.

You want to try it for yourself? Don't say I didn't warn you 😐

Stefan Losch
5 months ago

Aus Angst, #ElonMusk könnte auch mir einen #TwitterBlue - Haken schenken, habe ich heute meinen Account beim blauen Kackvogel deaktiviert.

5 months ago

Drüben herrscht große Aufregung: Wir haben #TwitterBlue und #ElonMusk hart kritisiert. Als "Strafe" hat Elon #Musk uns und anderen den Blauen #Haken jetzt geschenkt. Wie wir darauf reagieren und warum vor allem rechte Accounts jetzt so sauer sind:

Martin Holland
5 months ago

Celebs Don’t Want to Pay for a #BlueCheckMark on #Twitter. Musk Fanboys Are Mad About It. – #MotherJones

#Catturd & Co. are bringing their pitchforks.

"Elon’s loyal following of right-wingers and shitposters have embraced #TwitterBlue with open arms. But they’re not happy that others have not: Several of #Musk fans and far-right public figures have tweeted at and about celebrities to complain about their refusal to fork over money for Twitter Blue."


Martin Holland
5 months ago

#Twitter Users With a Million Followers Are Getting 'Paid' Blue Checks, Like It or Not

“Wait I’m crying they’re giving them for punishment now,” Chrissy #Teigen tweeted.


"Disturbingly, accounts from people who are" dead — including Anthony #Bourdain, Chadwick #Boseman, and Kobe #Bryant ­— have also received the paid blue checks, obviously without being able to consent."

#TwitterTakeover #ElonMusk #SocialMedia #BlueCheckMark #TwitterBlue

Tane Piper
5 months ago

Twitter Blue Ticks encapsulated in one account

#shitterBlue #twitterBlue

Jeremy Kamil
5 months ago

Then quickly Elon Musk McBean put together a very peculiar machine. He said "You want checks like a Check Belly Sneetch? My friends you can have them for $8 each! Just pay me your money & hop right aboard!" So they clambered inside. Then the big machine roared & it klonked & it bonked & it jerked & it berked & it bopped them about. But the thing really worked! When the Plain-Belly Sneetches popped out, they had checks! They actually did. They had checks upon thars! HT @MissingThePt #TwitterBlue

Then, quickly, Elon Musk McBean put together a very peculiar machine. He said, "You want checks like a Check Belly Sneetch? My friends, you can have them for $8 each! Just pay me your money & hop right aboard!" So they clambered inside. Then the big machine roared. & it klonked & it bonked & it jerked & it berked. And it bopped them about. But the thing really worked! When the Plain-Belly Sneetches popped out, they had checks! They actually did. They had checks upon thars!  h/t the original by Dr. Seuss' "The Sneetches and Other Stories," with help from,
David Chartier
5 months ago

The net increase of #Twitter Blue checkmark holders?


Infinite genius #ElonMusk purged all legacy checkmarks, forced people to pay $8/month to get one, forced companies to pay $1,000/month to get one, and lost a not insignificant number of users and notable figures over this shortsighted stunt.

Twenty eight. Lol

Check the thread here, they used the API to verify. #TwitterBlue #ApartheidClyde

exiltoaster :breadified:
5 months ago

Für #volksverpetzer hat @pkreissel ausgearbeitet, dass die Auswirkungen des mittlerweile rein käuflich erwebbaren „blue verified badge“, dem ehemaligen Verifizierungszeichen von #Twitter, weitreichender & demokratiefeindlicher sind als ich angenommen habe.

5 months ago

Kaum jemand will Elons #TwitterBlue. Und das hat Gründe. Analysen zeigen: Die Sache hat einen antidemokratischen Blauen #Haken. Wie Russland, Saudi-Arabien & der Iran, sowie Holocaust-Leugner und Neonazis von #Musk mehr Reichweite bekommen.

Wendy MsGator 🐊
5 months ago


#TwitterBlue - As successful as a #SpaceX rocket launch


Der neue Deppenmarker ist das 9,52 € Häkchen im Profilnamen.

Randahl Fink
5 months ago

"Trash me all day, but it’ll cost $8"
— Elon Musk

"No it won't"
— Everyone on Twitter

Yesterday was Elon's deadline where he removed the blue checkmark. Popular accounts just shrugged. 🤷🏻

#TwitterBlue #verification #twitter #BlueCheckmark