Ken Laster 😎
22 minutes ago

Get ready for a flood of new users. This will be fun. 😂😎

“Since Musk took over he has set about dismantling everything that made Twitter valuable — making it his mission to drive out expertise, scare away celebrities, bully reporters and — on the flip side — reward the bad actors, spammers and sycophants who thrive in the opposite environment: An information vacuum.”
#twittermigration #twitterexodus #twitter #musk

Tim Chambers
4 hours ago

Hi: @twittodon and @tweepsmap
@Luca -->

How bad is this for your matching tools for #twittermigration

I assume fatal, but hope I'm wrong. 🤞

Tim Chambers
5 hours ago

Wow 🔥 -- the @maystodon organizing group is on fire! 🔥

This is a "hit them where it hurts" #TwitterMigration May campaign - when the advertisers all do their choices on buying - and the group account is now up to 94 people!

#MayStodon is getting its mojo going!

➡️ If you are on Twitter still, join @maystodon to lend a hand helping move your friends over here!

cc: @mastodonmigration @fediversenews

6 hours ago

Mastodon now has a network effect success story.

Maybe now more journalists (the real kind) will leave the birdsite and come here.


8 hours ago

With things somehow getting even worse on the birdsite, I'm gonna poke again at getting added to some of the server directories.

We've got plenty of room to grow! Invite your friends! #TwitterMigration #MastoMigrate #AdminLife

Anyone new to Mastodon or coming from the #TwitterMigration, remember to use relevant hashtags liberally! It's how people find you when they're searching for a topic, and how you can find others! #feditips

I admit to feeling a certain vindictive glee thinking about all the people coming from Twitter, where they just couldn't be bothered to use alt text on their images, and getting a rude wakeup call, lol. And yes, it's a little bit easier here, but Twitter does have the option, and it's not all that different. #TwitterMigration

Tom Delargy
9 hours ago

If the reason I'm getting all these #RateLimited warnings is because while I've not posted much for a couple of weeks my average is relatively high since joining, and I've been forced to cut back because of a new wave of #TwitterMigration refugees, I'd be delighted.But if that's not the reason, what is going on?

Green Hombre
9 hours ago

Searching by hashtag is #Mastodon's secret weapon. Also, helps you find interesting people to follow. #TwitterMigration

Just did another, "come join me on Mastodon!" post on Twitter. I don't know if it'll do any good, but I live in hope. #TwitterMigration

Lol. You know your business is going great when paying customers are embarrassed to admit to subscribing 😂

#SpaceKaren #TwitterMigration

Screenshot from stating that Twitter is going to allow Blue subscribers to hide their blue checkmark.

Part of me is excited for the influx of new members. More new friends to make, and a grater chance of reconnecting with old ones! Part of me is concerned though. Mastodon has a different vibe than Twitter, and I worry that the more people move here, the more they might want to turn it into Twitter. #TwitterMigration

Swagpuss McG
11 hours ago

Logging off this for a day, y'all would make a badger's blood boil. Please donate a book to your nearest American or #twittermigration walloper, I'm aff.

Swagpuss McG
11 hours ago

You can tell #twittermigration is well underway with the absolute legion of total wankers swarming daily to masto

Why would you leave twitter to ruin this place when you already have a wasteland? Are you so venal?

12 hours ago

Pour info, les nouveaux comptes affluent toujours sur Mastodon. On a un flux plutôt régulier de presque 2000 nouveaux comptes par heure, depuis environ deux semaines.

Alors qu'en période calme, c'est plutôt 150 ou 200.


John L. Grantham
15 hours ago
Merriam-Webster announces Merriam-Webster Red, so subscribers get the real definitions
Jae 🐧 🎮
17 hours ago

I cannot fathom EVER using #Twitter again for genuine conversation. It feels sincerely impossible.

Whether someone misunderstanding and jumping the gun, politics lacking thorough thought, or people who outright choose to be upset, I cannot take it anymore.

I spent many years on that platform through my youth. I am certain it left me with damage. No, that is not a joke. #TwitterMigration

19 hours ago

I was looking for something else, when I discovered, yet another, #Mastodon Help page. Just in case you're new @Ankian4 to this place?

It will tell you how to create an account (you've gotten this far) and how to find people, and do things, different from before

#Tips #Fediverse #Help #TwitterMigration

Mark Holtom (aka Kingbeard)
19 hours ago

For those who are new to Mastodon, and are struggling to get started, here is a blog with lots of tips/tricks/info written by @grammargirl.

One other point to understand, is to search (top left) for hash tags that might help. eg.

Also use hash tags of your favourite interests, eg.
#CatPics, #MotoGP, etc,

Finally, boost/share this post for others (using the circular arrows at the bottom of the post).

Telmo 🦕
20 hours ago

Está a decorrer mais uma #TwitterMigration?

Welcome Aboard Comedy Bang Bang GIF
21 hours ago

Why are you still on Twitter? You're just providing legitimacy and data to Musk's disinformation project.

Move your people somewhere safe and leave.

22 hours ago

@mdmrn @feditips @FediFollows Also,dear #Newbies #Mastodon isn’t like #Twitter you’ll see no ads but it’d be enormously helpful to “toss a coin to “the Witcher” If it helps to think of the #admins as Geralt well...what ever works, cause THEY are what keeps this working & they’re doing an amazing job. They keep the gears running & the monsters at bay. Make sure it’s your server #instance that you tip & not just Mastodon. 🥰 #twittermigration

Henry Cavill, as the Witcher, staring intently at the monster, he’s about to slay his sword in his right hand at the ready.
1 day ago

For the newcomers to #mastodon via the latest #twittermigration , welcome! You will find a diverse group of people here, all looking to find their new tribe. Help people out and use #hashtags in your posts on the interests you want to find. That is how we find each other.

Favorites(Likes) do not affect the algorithm because there is none! Liking a post is purely an expression of appreciation, and we all like getting them!

Boosting is retweeting.

And Bob's your uncle! Have fun.

1 day ago

Friendly reminder, if you still have an account over on #twitter, we recently got some dopey news about check marks and manipulating your "For You" feed, but please dont forget about SMS two factor authentication being disabled.
If you were still using SMS #2FA, now would be a REALLY good time to look into an authenticator app or get a hardware key.
I'll be taking my first spin with a YubiKey soon. I'm sure other folks across the fediverse have some solid options to recommend too.

h/t @DaefByrns for suggesting the yubikey!

#twittermigration #security #news #socialmedia #birdsite

Dr. Jorge Caballero
1 day ago

👋🏽 Welcome to the latest #TwitterMigration

Make sure to check out some of 3rd-party clients, which you can use regardless of which Mastodon server you joined:
- Elk: a free web client that you can use on nearly any device (,
- Ivory: a beautiful iOS app by the makers of Tweetbot, free to try w/ option to subscribe (@ivory)
- Ice Cubes: a feature-packed iOS app, free w/ option to donate (@IceCubesApp)

Seth :verified_paw:
1 day ago

Hey there! If you see this could you share it for me, so it's easier for me to find those who know me, please?

Mastodon is a bit daunting to get to grips with & I'd feel much better re connecting with peeps I know. Thank you 🙏

#furryfandom #twittermigration

A picture of an anthro Grey and white wolf, with green hair and black ears, holding a red love heart & big brown eyes. The art is cartoony & by Olivecow
Seth Wuffer :verified:
1 day ago

Hey there! If you see this post could you share it so it makes it easier for me to find those who know me, please?

Mastodon is a bit daunting & I'm sure I'd feel much better re connecting with peeps I know on here. Thank you 🙏

#furryfandom #twittermigration

Mignon Fogarty
1 day ago

Welcome, new people! I'm so glad you're here.

I wrote a blog post to help people get started on Mastodon, and the second half will help you get more out of the site.

Since there's no algorithm here, you have to follow a lot of people to populate your feed, and it helps to use hashtags.

It takes a little while to get going, but this is now my favorite social media site. It's worth the bit of effort!

#TwitterMigration #BirdSite

Drea and Team
1 day ago

Hi Andy @mrlosik
Welcome to the fediverse.

Don't forget to follow

J. M. Guhlin
@mguhlin and @feditips

Both can help you navigate and network.
And, I think? Miguel may still have an active teachers list you can add yourself to. 😊

#k12 #teacher #edutoot #twittermigration

Kyle :xcode:
1 day ago

With another round of #TwitterMigration bound to happen, I figured it'd be a good time to get this information out there again for others to see!

iOSDev.Space is a Mastodon instance that is a safe and happy place for everyone.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask myself or @heyjaywilson. While the name is iOSDevSpace, we welcome people from all walks of life to post about the things they love and enjoy!

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse

#Mastodon #iOSDevSpace

1 day ago

@donmelton Hi there! Thanks for the boost on my #twittermigration post! How’d I come across your radar, if I may ask?

The Many Voices🎙️
1 day ago

@TEG @scottishwaddell
Also, be sure to #hashtag the hell out of things, and follow hashtags. Follow back accounts that follow you, who have posts that you enjoy.

That's the only "algorithm" here, and I've been pleased with how it has worked so far.

#Newbies #TwitterMigration

1 day ago

Oh, we should probably get ready for another spike in new signups all over the fediverse after this. #TwitterMigration

Tweet from @elonmusk on March 28th:

Starting April 15th, only verified accounts will be eligible to be in For You recommendations.

The is the only realistic way to address advanced AI bot swarms taking over. It is otherwise a hopeless losing battle.

Voting in polls will require verification for same reason.
1 day ago

@davetroy Exactly, so…Dear #Newbies #Mastodon isn’t like #Twitter you will see no ads but it would be enormously helpful to “toss a coin to “the Witcher” If it helps to think of the #admins as Geralt well...what ever works, cause THEY are what keeps this working & they’re doing an amazing job. They keep the gears running & the monsters at bay.
Make sure it’s the server #instance you’re actually using that you tip & not just Mastodon in general. 🥰 #twittermigration

Henry Cavill as the Witcher, standing in three-quarter pose, staring intently, his sword in his right hand at the ready.
1 day ago

At the very least, we should continue to give all new #Mastodon users from the #TwitterMigration a warm welcome. I think this time around we can help even better by pointing at the new third party apps.

#Mammoth might be a good pick for new, non-tech savvy users. It’s also free, so no barriers there.

#Ivory or #Wooly for those wanting a smooth #iOS experience (but requires a subscription). But #IceCubes is a good free alternative to try as well.

2 days ago

It will be interesting to see if a new #TwitterMigration wave will start because of the changes to #Twitter for verified users, and companies.

How many are willing to pay to stay verified? How long is it trustworthy for key figures? And what kind of divide will it generate, as #TwitterBlue users are prioritized with their comments, are the only ones featured in the “For you” tab and able to use polls?

Will the move to #Mastodon follow the same pattern, a big wave, with a small part sticking?

2 days ago

If the room you're in fills with Nazis, conmen and crazies, most people would leave.

What is wrong w journalists and other Twitter users - not enough Nazis yet?

"I think it’s fine to continue using Twitter... But, if you’re going to do so, then I think you have the ethical obligation to mess with Elon Musk a bit." @davekarpf

My Twitter account remains private and dormant, especially since search has become completely unreliable, but Karpf's #ReversePokemon Twitter Challenge is something I could see checking in for a couple of times/week. Gotta block 'em all!


Bobby Parker
2 days ago

So, what's new, #Mastodon? I've been absent for a bit, other than the occasional joke.

I'm wondering if / hoping we'll see another wave of #twittermigration at the beginning of April when #elonmusk changes things again? There are still a few people I follow who haven't made the jump to a different platform yet. It's a little frustrating.

Maarten Schenk :mastodon:
2 days ago

This is pretty neat:

Basically a "for you" feed based on your #Mastodon timeline, with an algorithm that you control the parameters of.

The best part? It doesn't cost $8 and it pisses off #ElonMusk.

#twitter #twittermigration #foryou #fyp #algorithm #fedifeed #elon #twitterblue

Screenshot of a fedifeed algorithmic Mastodon timeline, with the algorithm settings open.
Darren Nevares :vm:
2 days ago

So #Twitter is going down like the #titanic but a good chunk of that userbase will go down with the ship as #ElonMusk is thrashing into multiple icebergs.

#musk #birdsite #twittermigration

Quick everyone! #Twitter's back, act mean so they'll think we're cool!!! #twittermigration #twitterexodus #checkmark #twitterblue #twexit

Tim Chambers
2 days ago

Pls boost!

🚨 So @spreadmastodon and everyone that has just done or encouraged a #TwitterMigration or the past #joinmastodonday: 🚨

Grassroots folks are organizing our next push to get Twitter folks to make the jump to #Mastodon in the first weeks of May!

This campaign is called #Maystodon - & if you still have a Twitter account and want to help:

➡️ FIRST STEP: Follow this account 👉 @maystodon

cc: @elduvelle @noellemitchell
@mastodonmigration @alexwild

jcrabapple :virginia_badge:
2 days ago

With more people doing the #TwitterMigration and probably more to come over the next several weeks, I wanted to remind folks that is a regional instance serving those in the #DMV #DC #WashingtonDC #Maryland #Virginia area! We just made some upgrades a couple of months ago so we have plenty of room for growth. We have a great local timeline of news, events, and commentary, and it's a safe place to call home on the #fediverse.

Check out the server rules on our About page ( and have a look at our wiki to see what else we offer (

Feel free to hit me up if you have any questions or any problems migrating! 🙂

Cliff Wade
2 days ago

With the great #TwitterMigration happening, I figured it'd be a good time to get this information out there again for others to see! is a new Mastodon instance that is a safe and happy place for anyone and everyone.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. While the name is All Things Tech, we welcome people from all walks of life to post about the things they love and enjoy!

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse

#Mastodon #AllThingsTech

Current logo/branding for my public Mastodon instance,
2 days ago

One unexpected change to my information diet since moving here (initially not by choice due to the lack of news content here) is replacing getting daily news from social media with going back to getting it from Google News. No disreputable junk sources, no blatant misinformation, no algorithmic ragebait advantage, no anger-inducing replies sections underneath everything, no third-hand shares with deliberate reframing of the details to suit the sharer's agenda… #TwitterMigration

Mark McElroy
2 days ago

@leigh Another funny side effect of the #TwitterMigration is this: now that most friends and many colleagues have left that service for this one, my feed on #Twitter is about 90% threads suggesting one way or another to attract followers and build an online platform. And they all end with, "If you liked this thread, you'll love my newsletter..."

It's off-putting.

2 days ago

Twitter is unsafe disinformation

All efforts should be on getting everyone to move

Jorge 🇪🇺 🌍🛰️
2 days ago

Finally, Elon Musk is making Mastodon more and more attractive! 😍
- "For you" tab will only show content produced by subscribers.
- Only subscribers will be able to vote in polls

The spoilt man-child has broken the toy.
#elonmusk #twitter #twitterblue #TwitterMigration

Tweet from  @elonmusk:
"Starting April 15th, only verified accounts will be eligible to be in For You recommendations. 
The is the only realistic way to address advanced Al bot swarms taking over. Iti s otherwise a hopeless losing battle. 
Voting in polls will require verification for same reason." 
28 Mar 2023
Petra van Cronenburg
2 days ago

With the #Twittermigration, so many good posts are lost because people don't know yet the main differences.

1. You get much more #boosts and feedback if your posts are inclusive for people with sight impairment = if they have #ALTText

2. #Hashtags are the glue. The search works with hashtags, not words. People subscribe to their favourite hashtags. Hashtags mean community by topics.

If you want to learn more about #Mastodon, follow @feditips

2 days ago

Hey everybody, Anki is here!!

Give her a big #Mastodon welcome,
and any help you can, as you would.
Everybody follow her. 😎

(She's been here a few hours, still no profile filled out? 😂 )

#Intro She/her is from Sweden, speaks better English than I do!

Known for saying Goodnight more than once. #LOL

I took the liberty of stealing her caricature from the birdsite.
#TwitterMigration #Newbie #Welcome #Introduction #Boost #Folllow #Alt4You #AltText

A cartoon image from her profile, the character of Anki (Ann-Kathrin) with a board that says HAVE A GOOD WEEK!
Mark Taylor 🇳🇿
2 days ago



This guy did 3 x 10 minute videos. They saved me months of learning when I joined in November.

This site is all about hashtags to search for topics.

But following people also works like the other site.

Setting up your browser is important (as shown in the videos).

But if you live on your phone there are tons of good apps that have the same functionality. I use Tusky for Android.

Ok, Folks, let's get ready for the next wave of the #TwitterMigration

Under this modification, users will only be presented with tweets from those who pay for the check mark. One solution would be to follow the accounts you enjoy, ensuring you use the “following” feed.
The other solution? Come to #Mastodon!

I must say, the #ElongatedMuskrat is doing a fabulous job of destroying the #birdsite

Message from Elon Musk to Twitter users
Samuel Johnson
2 days ago

Where have other bicycle enthusiasts here on Mastodon been posting video they want to share? I know the preferred practice is to post elsewhere and link here (a practice for which I'm grateful). YouTube seems a natural choice, but it doesn't seem ideal for quick twenty or thirty second clips.

Where else is good?

#BikeTooter #TwitterMigration #mastodon #VideoSharing

Leigh Honeywell
2 days ago

Of the folks I interacted with on the bird site, I'm noticing these migration patterns:

* #security peeps have mostly moved over here, primarily to and a few to hachyderm or self-hosting
* dev & #FOSS folks have migrated en masse, primarily to hachyderm and self-hosting
* science fiction friends have mostly made the jump
* journalists are a mix - lots of folks cross-posting and lots still posting "write-only" over there, but lots still engaging too
* my #LGBTQ peeps are active in both places
* disability advocacy friends are still over there; a few #ADHD peeps are over here
* DEI type folks have depressingly mostly not moved here, but to LinkedIn
* founders & VCs have almost entirely _not_ moved
* housing/urbanist types mostly haven't moved, especially Canadians

Curious how that lines up with what others are seeing, especially among groups I haven't listed (those happen to be the groups I personally interact with – curious about your personal equivalents!)

#twittermigration #fediverse

3 days ago

@jon I wonder how this will change with the #twittermigration this would have likely been 90% I hate ads only a few months ago all ready.

4 days ago

Nobody is keeping Twitter afloat at £8 month.
The real funders are Musk and his dirty money friends.

Twitter is unsafe and people just need to leave

Tim Chambers
4 days ago

OK, :fediverse: #Fediverse hive-mind. I'm working on #TwitterMigration research on higher reach individuals on Twitter that have already migrated to the Fediverse, and have not left #Twitter... at least not yet.

Am looking for accounts on Twitter that have about 500K followers and higher and are also here.

▶️ Am I missing any accounts?

Boost this around to help share it, want to make this as complete as I can. Thanks!

Here is who I have so far: 👇

Cleo of Topless Topics
6 days ago

do you think this will finally convince the "#resistance" grifters to finally officially join the #twittermigration to mastodon? (only to crash and burn them they find out that same toxic engagement farming and clout chasing doesn't work here)

screenshot from a newsletter:

"Twitter announced that on April 1, it will terminate its “legacy verified” program that allowed long-verified accounts to maintain their verified status without paying for the new subscription service. Organizations will have to pay $1,000 to maintain account verification. It’s like no one has any goddamn respect for April Fools’ Day anymore"