Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
2 hours ago

#AlexJones #ElongatedMuskrat #TwitterMigration #birdsite
#SoundslikesomethingALizardPersonWouldSayButOK not only is he bleeding money but he's creating a giant liability. #Lithum once a day might fix this

20 hours ago

Oli kelpo tutkimusraportti, joskin raskas lukea nykyaivoillani. Twitteristä pakoa eikun siirtymistä tarkasteltiin samaan tapaan kuin vaikka koronan leviämistä, mitä tuli infektioihin ja tartuntoihin. Kiinnostaisi varmaan epidemiologejakin? Hurja työ tuossa oli tehty ja mittavaa aineistoa analysoitu. Itse kun en Twitterissä käynyt, puuttui mahdollisuus koettaa yhdistää makrotason kuvausta mikrotason todellisiin tapahtumiin ja keskusteluihin. Kiitos kuitenkin teille, jotka suostuttelitte sitkeästi muuttoon tietopohjaisesti ja omalla esimerkillä, vaarantamatta uhrien identiteettiä. Tuollaisen ymmärsin olleen tehokkainta, mikä tietysti ei liene vaikuttamisen teorioiden vinkkelistä yllättävää.

#twittermigration #Mastodon #research

"Our results highlight the joint importance of network structure, commitment, and psycho-linguistic aspects of social interactions in characterizing grassroots collective action, and contribute to deepen our understanding of the mechanisms that drive processes of behavior change of online groups."

Cava, L.L., Aiello, L.M. & Tagarelli, A. Drivers of social influence in the Twitter migration to Mastodon. Sci Rep 13, 21626 (2023). #OpenAccess #OA #Science #STEM #Research #Computer #Computerscience #Information #Technology #IT #Twitter #TwitterMigration #Mastodon #Fediverse #SocialMedia #Academia #Academic

2 days ago

It's pretty sad that this is still a "might". Stop. Just stop. #Twitter is gone, and the shambling zombie that is "X" is just a decaying remnant that vaguely resembles what once was. Let it go.


Robert Kingett
2 days ago

No sarcasm, the new Mammoth app is for the #Twitter people that found Mastodon or other things in the Fediverse like FireFish complicated #X #TwitterMigration

Mike Reader
3 days ago

U.S. military aid to Ukraine so far: $43 billion

What dipshit paid for Twitter: $44 billion

Unrelated, but still, interesting.

Draw your own conclusions.

#X #Twitter #TwitterMigration #ElonMusk #Ukraine #Russia #Putin #SlavaUkraini #GQP #antisemitism #racism #misogyny #apartheid #ApartheidClyde #homophobia #transphobia #PutinIsAWarCriminal

🌅 Ben Soule ⛱️:coffefied:
3 days ago

The Fediverse feels like we're in the future but where stuck in this godforsaken timeline.

#Mastodon #Fediverse #TwitterMigration

Pierre-Amiel Giraud
3 days ago

Après l'UB, l'UBM et ses bibliothèques débarquent sur Mastodon ! Bravo et bienvenue ! #Bordeaux est vraiment bien représenté ici ! @ubmontaigne @univbordeaux @bubmontaigne #esr #twittermigration

Charlie McHenry
3 days ago

W3C, World Wide Web Consortium, Leaves Twitter, moves to Mastodon. #x #Twitter #TwitterMigration

HCJ :fosstodon:
3 days ago

What :deadbird: alternative do you use most frequently?
#Twitter #twittermigration #Mastodon #Threads #Bluesky #blueskysocial

David Brent 📚
4 days ago

A request: if you're going to stop posting on the tusk site 🦣, make one final toot saying so. If I wander across your profile in my following list and you haven't posted in four months, it would be nice to know why. Don't leave us hanging.

If you've gone to greener pastures (yeah, well, you know, that's just like, your opinion, man) then farewell and good luck. Mastodon is not for everyone!

If you're just taking an extended break, we'll be here when you get back. #TwitterMigration #Today

Conan the Sysadmin
4 days ago

I now hunt the great hairy mammoth. Learn to enchant a great snake to send messages here: #OpenSource #Python #TwitterMigration

Martin Holland
4 days ago

My always-up-to-date list of German #verified #Media organizations on #Mastodon still works:

A better technical solution (without Google) is in the works. So why not prepare one for international media as well?
Can you point me to verified (!) accounts on Mastodon or the #Fediverse from newspapers/magazines/media etc.? Please, not individual journalists, that's a separate table. And where should I collect it (GoogleDocs, Github)?

#MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration

Erik Moeller
5 days ago

Freedom Press is an anarchist publishing house and bookseller in Whitechapel, London, UK, founded in 1886.

They've just officially retired their Twitter/X presence, set up in 2011, with 19.5K followers as of today.

They've been active here in the fediverse for years - follow them at @Freedom_Press

More about their decision:


1 week ago

"Few times I post on exTwitter it's to advertise the #Fedi as a general rule." @ArtBear To be honest, if someone stayed on Twitter until it became X Twitter, they have been exposed to Nazis and Toxic content to long, to be valuable here. I'd rather they didn't come here. All the people rightfully offended, who came here for #TwitterMigration last year, had principles IMO. I kept my account to prevent name stealing and impersonation. I don't even look at it, I don't have an app either; no value

Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
1 week ago
1 week ago

Je viens de me rendre compte que cela fait (déjà !) plus d'un an que je suis sur #mastodon . C'est le réseau social que j'utilise 99,99% du temps.... parfois un petit tour sur #twitter / #x où il me reste un compte sur lequel je ne publie plus rien #twittermigration #mastodonmigration

Sandro Hofmann
1 week ago

«A revair, tschüss, ciao». Warum verlässt eine der berühmtesten Tourismusorganisationen der Schweiz trotz über 12'000 Followern Twitter/X? Ein gutes Beispiel für den aktuellen Wandel von Social Media. #riptwitter #twittermigration #socialmedia #kommunikation

1 week ago


I don't care what your audience is. How can any ethical person continue to give Musk more content? How long can you keep your audience inside a house on fire and think your people won't get hurt?

Join the #TwitterMigration and rebuild your social network somewhere safe.

It is time for Mastodon and the Fediverse to claim the title as the world’s “Digital Town Square”.
Come one come all! Yes, that means Boost!
#Twitter #Mastodon #Fediverse #MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration
cc: @davidakin you heard it here first ;)

Richard Ayoade Gifts GIF

Is it happening now? For Reals?!
“In recent days, a number of prominent media brands … have ceased posting on [X] altogether, going silent on the once essential site that sought to be the world’s “digital town square.”
10 years ago, or 5 years ago, if you had asked me which major Social Media Platform was going to implode first because of the actions of its owner, I would have said Facebook/Meta, hands down. But…

#TwitterMigration #MastodonMigration #TheEnd #DumpMusk

Colin Cogle 🔵
1 week ago

Four years ago today, I joined #Mastodon. It sounded like a fun thing — a decentralized birdsite. But that was long before Space Karen forced a #TwitterMigration (or #Xodus as I guess we should call it). I logged in again about a year ago and haven’t looked back. Thank you, everyone for your likes, comments, toots, and retoots. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Shawn M. Jones, PhD
1 week ago

WashPost @taylorlorenz “News outlets turn to Reddit as Musk’s X descends into chaos”

“Rachel Karten, a social media consultant in Los Angeles, said she believes that it’s better for media companies, and all brands, to simply stay away from subreddits they do not personally operate. Each subreddit has its own norms, history and cast of personalities, and media companies participating can make it appear that they’re giving their approval.”

#TwitterMigration #Reddit #News

Jeri Dansky
1 week ago

A year ago today I posted my last tweet. I stayed on Twitter through November so I could do the November #LyricsPrompt run by @IvaCheung. (She moved it to Bluesky this year; I wish it had been here so I could participate again.)

Here is the photo of Tennessee I posted to Twitter on my last day there, noting he had the cutest little snores. #CatsOfMastodon.


A medium-hair tuxedo cat curled up on a blanket resting against my legs (which are under the blanket).
Martin Holland
1 week ago

Oh, I missed that: A recent study in #Internet usage of Germans for the first time included #Mastodon.
It says, that 2% of Germans over 14 years use it at least once week. That would be ~1,6 Million people I guess and like TikTok in 2019 😅
3% of 14 to 49 year olds use #Mastodon at least weekly, 1% of all adult Germans daily.
For 14 to 29 year olds it's bigger than #LinkedIn & #Xing.

Any similar polls for other countries?


#TwitterMigration #MastodonMigration

Usage of #SocialMedia platforms at least weekly.
Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
1 week ago

During WWI, Marie Curie created a vehicle that contained a hospital bed, a generator, an X-ray machine and photographic darkroom equipment. These “petite Curies" (below) could be driven right up to the Front. Curie also helped train 150 women as radiology technicians.

#histodon #histodons #histmed #medhist #twitter #twittermigration #history #WomenSTEM

A black and white photo of a vehicle with no doors and an open top to hold equipment. On the side it says RADIOLOGIE, accompanied with a Red Cross.
1 week ago

 “Go fuck yourself, is that clear? Hey Bob, if you’re in the audience. That’s how I feel, don’t advertise.”
"Linda Yaccarino, X’s CEO (who was hired in part to woo advertisers), sat stone-faced in the front row as Musk commented."

Interesting way to run a business.

#musk #x #twittermigration

David Brent 📚
1 week ago

"No, it’s not awesome having to pick your social media platform based on which billionaire sociopath upsets you the least." -- Chuck Wendig

#TwitterMigration #SocialMedia

Patryk Krawaczyński
1 week ago

Zamieszanie w zależnościach pakietów ( ) #javascript #python #ruby #security #twittermigration

Patryk Krawaczyński
1 week ago

CVE-2021-3156: Przepełnienie bufora sterty w sudo ( ) #linux #sudo #security #twittermigration

Solarbird :flag_cascadia:
1 week ago

I can't stress enough that Elon literally told advertisers not to advertise while saying that not advertising is blackmail and that if you're uncomfortable advertising next to nazis you should "go. fuck. yourself."

Let's talk about what all this means and what he's thinking. We'll also hit on some other, actually good items, but mostly it's about Elon's idea that people literally _must_ pay him, or violate his rights:

#twitter #ElonMusk #twitterMigration #TwitterExodus #fascism #Fascism Watch

Ashu Shendé
1 week ago

Hello! I'm Ashu Shendé, an oil painting artist based in California. My subjects vary from figurative to landscape.

Check out my works at Ashu's Art

I plan to toot 🎺 my works here. Please follow me, favourite and boost my toots... 🐘...if you like what you see. 😊 Thank you. 🙏

#introduction #twittermigration

Painting samples on Horses collection
Painting samples in Architecture collection
Painting samples in Children collection
Painting samples in Cityscape collection
Surya Teja K
1 week ago

@jan Here’s to another #twittermigration

1 week ago

Elon Musk is the classic case of someone convinced that they are Steve Jobs, when all along they were really Kendall Roy, isn’t he?

#twitter #ElonMusk #lindayaccarino #twittermigration #elmo

Dear Advertisers, please oh please, take him up on this challenge! Put this asshole right out of business for good.

“What this advertising boycott is going to do is it’s going to kill the company,” he said. “And the whole world will know that those advertisers killed the company. It will be documented in great detail.

Asked if the endgame would be that his large following would react against advertisers pulling funds from Twitter with a Bud Light/Target-style boycott against consumer brands, Musk replied, “They already are. Let the chips fall where they may.””
#Musk #Twitter #X #TwitterMigration #EndTwitter #DumpMusk #NaziLover

Martin Holland
1 week ago

Update #3: And it broke again 🧐 I have another idea and meanwhile a static copy. No more updates for this post 😉

Hey #Mastodon & #Fediverse, look what I build: It's an updated table of @tchambers list of journalists in here, that stays up-to-date with data on #Followers and when they were last active:

Here is a static copy, that won't break, but that won't update itself neither:

#Media #MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration #SocialMedia #Journalism #News

The table
Erik Moeller
2 weeks ago

If you haven't done so already, retiring your X account is a perfect candidate for an Old Year's Resolution. :)


Erik Moeller
2 weeks ago

TechSoup is a nonprofit organization helping other nonprofits get access to support & tools, often negotiating large discounts on behalf of the sector.

They've just suspended regular posting on X but are active here: @TechSoup

#nonprofit #twittermigration

2 weeks ago

I just don't understand why a consortium of media don't create their own Mastodon server, where they have complete control over user identity and content.

It seems like such an easy way to drive viewers to their main sites.

Same for every government.

Do your posts get more, less or the same amount of engagement (replies, boosts, favourites) as they did back in November 2022?

Boosts appreciated for a bigger sample, thank you! #polls #twittermigration

@pch @PadreSJ @dan613 exactly. I've been trying to make this point for a while. For example, Quote Tweets weren't added to Twitter until 2015, almost 9 years after it launched! lol.

Another example, from this 2010 study.

In 2008, 5% of Americans knew about Twitter, in 2010, 87% did (more than could access the Internet on a daily basis). But only 17 million people actually had a Twitter account.

Mastodon is at about 1.6M Monthly Active Users though we have hit as high as 2.5 Million. Twitter hit 10 million MAU in 2010.
#stats #Mastodon #Twitter #TwitterMigration #Growth #Awareness

Share of population in the US who are familiar with Twitter from 2008 to 2021. A bar graph with blue bars shows 5% in 2008 and quickly going to 87% in 2010 and staying there.
Number of monthly active international Twitter users from 1st Quarter 2010 to 2019 in millions. Shows a blue bar graph rising rapidly from 10 million in 2010 to 250 million in 2015 and then staying mostly level since then.
Oberlandesgericht Karlsruhe
2 weeks ago

Vor 2,5 Wochen haben wir uns nach 4 Jahren von #Twitter/X und 855 Followern verabschiedet. Heute stehen wir allein bei #Bluesky bei über 860 Dazu kommen 816 hier bei #Mastodon und 240 bei #LinkedIn #Twittermigration heißt - jedenfalls für uns - Reichweitenvergrößerung. Das hätten wir so nicht für möglich gehalten. Vielen herzlichen Dank für die großartige Unterstützung und das Interesse an unserem Account!

2 weeks ago

Paris mayor, Anne Hidalgo, quits Twitter, calling it a “gigantic global sewer” that is “destroying our democracies”

Sounds spot on! No one should be feeding content into Musk's hate machine.

Mark Taylor 🇳🇿:TheCDN4:
2 weeks ago

@ehler #Sports #NFL #CFB #TwitterMigration

Mostly from this site - which is a bunch of Twitter sports mirrors. Some of them don't work - but most of my favourites do.

Sometimes I think Mastodon folks discount our presence in a self defeating kind of way as "small" simply because BlueSky and Threads are run by 'big people' and so are assumed to be 'big'. The reality is all three "Twitter alternatives" are quite similar as far as activity. Bluesky and Mastodon are very similar in total numbers. Threads I think is a bit more of a mirage.
Here are some recent numbers, MDAU is Million Daily Active Users:

Bluesky : ~0.5-1.0 MDAU and 2 Million Total

Mastodon: ~1.2-1.5M DAU and 8-14 Million Total

Threads: ~10 MDAU and 100 Million Total

(Note the images are at different time periods so trends look different if anyone has some good resources for this let me know)

Total users: @mastodonusercount
Active users @mastodon_daily_active_users

#mastodon #threads #TwitterMigration #bluesky #mastodonMigration #numbers #stats

A graph of Bluesky daily active users shows a steady trend upward from zero April 19 2023 to around 500,000 in September.
A threads graph from near zero in July 2023 with an immediate spike to 50 million daily active users and then a sharp decline to a fairly steady 10 million by August to end of September
The latest graph from the mastodon users account show November 10 to 25 total users are around 14 million rising steadily
The graph from mastodon daily active user account for the past month shows fairly steady total users around 8 million and active users declined from 1.8 to 1.5 million
Tim Chambers
2 weeks ago

Great data that will definitely be in my 1Q #TwitterMigration report 👇

“Updated the exploratory dataset looking at the activity of influential accounts on Twitter.

Many accounts have reduced or ceased their activity on Twitter recently. While there were accounts that stopped around the middle of Nov, suggesting it was in response to antisemitism on Twitter, some accounts seemed to be pulling back earlier.”

cc: @fediversenews

Petra van Cronenburg
2 weeks ago

Find everything about #groups in the #Fediverse here:
If you can't find your favourite #topic there, type @yourTopic in a post and wait if the auto-complete proposes a #group or start one yourself.
Groups are like bots sharing everything adressed to them into the Home timeline of their members. (Therefore, don't spam the members by marking the group in every single "great!"-comment.)

#beginners #twitterMigration #feditips #interest #connecting #followfriday #timelines

Erik Moeller
2 weeks ago

Die Stadt Hanau, Geburtsort der Gebrüder Grimm, deaktiviert ihr Konto auf X:

"Es ist festzuhalten, dass die Plattform X innerhalb der vergangenen Monate noch stärker als zuvor ein Ort für Hetze und Desinformation ist, ohne, dass die Plattformbetreiber dem Einhalt gebieten."

Die Stadt betreibt schon seit Juni 2022 ein Mastodon-Konto:


#TwitterMigration #Hanau

73 million seconds
2 weeks ago

The trend seems to be that users are not sticking around on #bluesky as according to this stats site active user numbers are down roughly 20% compared to a month ago. This while new registrations are still going strong and Elon Musk's recent antisemitic comments on #x have once again been a significant driver for another wave of the #twittermigration

Stats from here:

Bar graph depicting daily likes, follows and likes over the past month on Bluesky social. There is a downward trend visible and the latest total is 82.6 percent of the one from a month ago.
Martin Holland
2 weeks ago

I'll do it again in #english, maybe it is of interest for others too:

@heiseonline is on of the biggest official accounts on #Mastodon by a german media organization. It's now a year old and I had a look into the ~62k followers. Turns out, that federation in the #fediverse seems to work: Less than a fourth are from, the rest are on more than 1900 different instances.

#MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration #SocialMedia #analytics

Original Post:

Number of accounts following @heiseonline from each instance
3 weeks ago

Today is my 1 year #MastodonAnniversary! I'm proud to have accumulated 113 followers here in that time, over 1/4 of the followers I gained on Twitter/X in the four-and-a-half years I was on there. Here's to many more anniversaries to come! 🦣🎉

In light of the #enshittification of #YouTube and #Google I am considering options to transition my #video content towards #PeerTube. If anyone has beginner-friendly tips on how to create an instance, I would deeply appreciate it! 💚 🦑

#TwitterMigration #X_it #Twitter #Mastodon #Mastodon_Anniversary #Twitter_Migration #ContentCreator #Content_Creator #YT #YouTuber

Martin Holland
3 weeks ago

Als letztes für heute noch die Follower nach Software der jeweiligen Instanz. Hier ist "Dominanz" für #Mastodon eine klare Untertreibung. Nur von #Firefish und #Pxelfed folgen jeweils noch mehr als 100 Accounts @heiseonline. Interessanterweise auf Rang 4 die #Nostr-Bridge.

Einschränkend muss ich hier schreiben, dass bei mehr als 2000 Accounts die jeweilige Instanz nicht erkennbar war. Waren aber auch einige mit Mastodon und das Gesamtbild bleibt ja.

#Fediverse #TwitterMigration

(🧵 5/5)

Tortendiagramm der erkannten Software der Instanzen der Follower, dabei fast ausnahmslos Mastodon.
Martin Holland
3 weeks ago

Und hier noch die Ansicht der Monate, in denen die Accounts erstellt wurden, aber nur ab 2022.

Das Bild ist nochmal differenzierter und setzt auch die Zahl der älteren Accounts etwas in Perspektive.

Hier sieht es auch schon eher nach einem Abflauen ab dem Spätsommer 2023 aus. Darauf gab es ja schon mehrere Hinweise.

#Mastodon #MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration #Fediverse

(🧵 4/X)

Follower von @heiseonline nach Datum der Einrichtung des Accounts, aber nur Monate in 2022 und 2023.
Martin Holland
3 weeks ago

OK, das ist ziemlich cool: Danke @_max für die Daten!

Die rund 62.000 Follower von @heiseonline verteilen sich ganz schön übers #Fediverse. Mit Abstand am größten natürlich, aber danach wird's doch recht vielfältig. Insgesamt über 1900 Instanzen kommen da zusammen. Die #Föderation funktioniert, würd ich sagen. Auch wenn die Dominanz schon groß ist.

#Mastodon #MastodonMigration #TwitterMigration #SocialMedia

(🧵 1/X)

Tortendiagramm der Instanzen, von denen Accounts aus @heiseonline folgen. Das größte Stück ist (mit fast einem Viertel), danach wird's aber vielfältig.
Francois Heinderyckx
3 weeks ago

My university (@ULBruxelles) joins the ranks of responsible institutions suspending their activities on X/Twitter. Let's hope they'll soon start using their new, shiny Mastodon account!
#TwitterMigration #ethical

J blue
3 weeks ago

It’s my mastodon birthday today. 🎉 Will accept gifts of cute animal pics and kiwi birds.

Please enjoy my pollinator party below.

#birthday #mastodon #twittermigration #bloomscrolling #gardening #jardin #fleuristonfil #flores #plantas #insects #insectos #cumpleanos #butterflies #mariposa #anniversary #MastodonAnniversary #papillon #monarch

An insect party on a Russian sage flower stalk. The background is bright blue sky with some wispy white clouds. The majority of the pic is centered on a bright orange monarch butterfly whose body is black with white polka-dots. The flower it’s sitting and sipping nectar from is to the left. A honey bee has just landed on the flower to the left.
Damien Scully
3 weeks ago

Seems I missed my #mastodon #anniversary by about two weeks!
So still here, not been lured by Blue Sky (not cool enough to get an invite) or Threads (can be arsed with it) Very happy to have spent close to no time on Twitter in the last year. There are a couple of accounts I miss from the other place, but have more interaction here than I ever did there! Happy #TwitterMigration season to all who celebrate!

podkaynelives for ⛄🎁
3 weeks ago

Today is my one year Fediversary! 🎉

A year ago, I decided to give Mastodon a try and I've never looked back. I found fellow Twitter refugees and discovered amazing OG Fediverse accounts. Many of the folks I discovered in my local feed are still my favorite follows. Y'all are stuck with me now. ❤️


A white cat with gray ears and tail is resting on a gray blanket on a bed, one elbow and paw leaning against the leg of her human as if she is sitting at a bar. She is looking off to the side.
Martin Holland
3 weeks ago

Aktuell sind wir ja etwas blind, wenn es um den Traffic auf @heiseonline geht, der von #Mastodon kommt. Aber es gibt zumindest Indizien:

Der von mir gestern zu China gepostete Link hat fast zehnmal so viele Besuche aus unbekannter Quelle bekommen, wie sichtbar über Mastodon – und gleichzeitig fast keine anderen mehr. Wenn auch nur die Hälfte davon von Mastodon kommt, wäre #Twitter als Trafficquelle längst überholt.

#TwitterMigration #MastodonMigration #Fediverse #SocialMedia

SnowyMittensGirlPeach 🎄
3 weeks ago

It’s my year anniversary of being on #Mastodon ! It’s my social media home. Thanks to all who engage and enjoy with me! Mark spent #Today raking leaves from our front yard across our dirt road. In years past he’s: raked the entire 3 acres; mowed/mulched the entire yard multiple times; blown into strips/burned. Last year wind was our friend and he only worried about the front yard; this year he’s employing a similar strategy. #twittermigration #november2022 #Autumn #PureMichigan

The leaves from our front yard have been raked across the road and are in the ditch waiting for winter. The sun is starting to set. The trees are leafless; stark against the blue sky.

Oooh! Yes. First 500 replies achieved on an Elon post! #48hrOfMastodon #DumpMusk #TwitterMigration

A screenshot of Elon’s latest post shows my reply encouraging people to go to Mastodon and dump his anti-semitic a$$…
Mastodon Migration
3 weeks ago

One year ago today November 18, 2022 was the Twitter Lockout, and in one amazing day a quarter million new users flocked to Mastodon. Not everyone stayed, but a great many did. We have continued to confront disruptive growth, while striving to hold onto ideals of community, kindness and respect for each other. Is Mastodon perfect? No, but today, one year later, the state of our platform is strong. Open social media is thriving.

#twittermigration #mastodonmigration

Screenshot of post from one year ago showing a graph of new users and reading:

Mastodon Migration © Nov 18,2022 @mastodonmigration An Incredible Day In Intenet History It started with the Twitter lockout. 10,000 new users per hour. A QUARTER MILLION people migrated to Mastodon in one day. The servers struggled. Remarkably, admins all over the world built up capacity in real time. New users were patient. The system held. It's running better now. There will be more hard days ahead, but people powered social media has arrived.
3 weeks ago

Honestly, I'm getting the feeling that people are looking for reasons to move off #Mastodon to one of the newfangled corporate social traps not because of Mastodon's faults, but because the People That Matter™ that didn't come to the #Fediverse during the #TwitterMigration last year are now moving to the aforementioned newfangled corporate social traps, and the ones that bet on the #Fediverse don't want to be seen as having bet on the wrong horse, so they need a “clean” exit.

Tyler McGee
3 weeks ago

Also, if anyone is curious about why #IBM got so testy about #nazis on #Twitter, here’s some fascinating reading that they fully own up to but don’t love being in the spotlight…

TL;DR - those numbers tattooed on the holocaust victims weren’t random, they were IBM inventory tracking numbers.

#TwitterMigration #ElonMusk #Antisemitism #History #Business

Mastodon Migration
3 weeks ago

Good morning Mastodon (or whatever time it is for you). We are one day away from the one year anniversary of the Twitter Lockout, November 18, 2022. An amazing day in internet history on which a quarter million new users joined Mastodon. Perhaps it's a good moment to share thoughts or reflections about open social media over this last tumultuous year as well as hopes or predictions for our future.

#twittermigration #mastodonmigration

I am a little confused by companies/entities pulling back their advertising (good) because it might appear beside a Nazi (CEO's) comment on Twitter, but people and PR at that same company are still happily tweeting away in the Nazi cesspool as if that doesn't matter.
It does. The podium you stand on matters. To turn a phrase, You sit on a throne of Nazis!
#nazisSuck #Antisemitic #TwitterMigration #DumpMusk

College Accuse GIF
Jörg Müller PräsOLG Karlsruhe
3 weeks ago


Lesenswerte, differenzierte Begründung für den Wechsel von Twitter zu #Mastodon ins #Fediverse.

Ganz konsequent wäre es, den X-Account gar nicht mehr zu bespielen, sondern nur noch als Hülle zu führen, damit das Handle nicht gekapert werden kann. Dafür haben wir uns beim @olgkarlsruhe entschieden - und es nicht bereut. ;-)