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I came across this book cover from the 1980s, and to me, it somehow comes across as #cyrillic script.

Any idea why? Is it the.. I have no idea.


Letterform Archive
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Jules Girault (engraver), Lapidario, as seen in Bellezas de la Calagrafia, published by Ramon Stirling, Barcelona, 1844.

#Lettering #1800s #RamonStirling #JulesGirault #Alphabet #Typography #JeanMidolle

Cropped detail of an engraving featuring KLM / STU in an eccentric lettering style with blackletter construction and dimensional sphere decoration.
Uncropped full engraving with upper- and lowercase alphabet, titled “Lapidario”.
Dawan Stanford
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#Typography is an essential aspect of any #design. Is your chosen font easy to read? How about for someone who has dyslexia? Font choice is an #accessibility choice. What makes a font easy to read, and other advice.

Claire Lemoine illustratrice
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Hello tout le monde.

Je voulais dire un grand merci à Kelly, qui est graphiste. Elle m'a donné des idées pour améliorer le titre du livre ! Ses pistes m'ont complètement débloquée. J'ai complètement redessiné la typo cet été, et je trouve ça beau ! ❤

Et vous, ça vous plait ?
Bonne journée !

#couverture #typography #livre #albumjeunesse

Première de couverture de mon futur livre, nommé : L'eau qui nous lie.

Illustration à l'aquarelle représentant un garçon de profil. Son visage est suggéré, mais on y voit un paysage vu en coupe. Le ciel, le fonds marins et une vague.
Tormod Halvorsen
1 day ago

Happy #EWF day to all who celebrate!

Two designs inspired by Earth, Wind and Fire’s classic track. (Incidentally, also an anniversary date for me and the mrs.)

#September #Typography #GraphicDesign

Vector design illustrating the date, 21st Sept 1984
Opening line from Earth, Wind and Fire’s “September” reading “Do you remember the 21st night of September”. A play with letters and colors.
Rob Whiting 📓
1 day ago

The Faces Behind #Typefaces from the Type Directors Club.

An editorial recognising the the impact and legacy of #Typography greats. ⤵️

Rémi Forte
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Pour inaugurer le cycle de conférences “Caractères”, mettant à l’honneur la vitalité du design typographique à Lyon, nous aurons le plaisir d’accueillir Lucas Descroix le jeudi 5 octobre à 18h, à Strate, Ecole de Design (23, rue Paul Montrochet, Lyon 2e).

Gratuit sur inscription :

#typography #design #graphicdesign #conference #lyon #france

Image de l'événement “Caractères”
Sam at BLAG
1 day ago

This weekend I'm hosting a free, online event profiling #signpainting traditions in #Brazil.

'Brazil's Letter Openers' is a BLAG Chat with designers and #typography researchers Fátima Finizola and Fernanda Martins.

They will share their work documenting and celebrating the work of Brazil's abridores de letras (letter openers, or #signpainters). This will include an exclusive screening of the documentary film, Marajó das Letras.

#signwriting #signwriters #lettering

Over-the-shoulder view of a man painting a poster on white paper with lettering and decorative elements in red, blue and yellow. He is holding a flat brush adding what looks like it may become a numeral in red.
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German #typography nerds: I've seen a few French fonts that had special characters for gender-neutral or -inclusive word endings, but haven't seen anything like this for German. Like an asterisk that doesn't interrupt flow that much.

Lots of complaints about the lack of uppercase versions of useless German characters (ß), but nothing experimental.

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#Development #Techniques
Fluid typography · Responsive text without using CSS Media Queries

#WebDev #WebDesign #ResponsiveDesign #Typography #Fonts #Frontend #CSS #CssClamp

Liam Collod (MrLixm)
2 days ago

Also if there is any #typography #font enthusiasts that love recommending fonts to people, I have the above application that is currentlyon the overused Roboto font for now but I'm ready to change it early for something better. I'm not very good at picking fonts, usually going for the most popular work to avoid picking something that could look off.

Jigme Datse
2 days ago

@skullvalanche @spinning_bird @jake4480 Not to my knowledge, but you did just create them. #Fonts #FontNerd #Typography and apparently ... Oh #ForgeFed but is the #FontForgeFed?

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@jigmedatse @spinning_bird @jake4480

is there a #Fonts or #FontNerd or #Typography tag I should be following for more content like this?? 🤣

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@lisahuang is launching, an encyclopedia of typographic terms, illustrated, and explained in multiple languages. Back it:

#Typography #TypeDesign

Yes! A new addition to one of my favorite typefaces: LoRes!
So many years later. Fantastic.

#ZuzanaLicko #emigre #Typography

Lo-Res Outlined
Designed by Zuzana Licko in 2023. More...
3 days ago

Still in WIP. Custom variable font.

#typography #variablefont #fonts #typeface #typedesign #design

🌟 Received this fantastic feedback via DM about my Sorbonne talk:

"Listened to your talk. Got me thinking about pre-internet days and post internet days. A Love of fonts and how they share space. Nice thoughts and ideas in your talk. Thanks for sharing!"

🙏 Grateful for these kind words and for the opportunity to spark conversations about design and fonts. Have you ever had a similar experience with typography or design? Share your thoughts below! 👇 #SorbonneTalk #Typography #designer

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3 days ago

A warm welcome to type masto:

@CarlCrossgrove, Adobe and Monotype veteran, and designer of many underrated typefaces, including Beorcana

@vocaltype, author of the hit typeface Martin, and other fonts based on activist movements. He has a new site!

#Typography #TypeDesign

4 days ago

This #Johnsonandjohnson rebrand is bad from a lot of angles and this 🧵 does a good job of explaining why.

I wonder if Kenvue will stick around or ultimately join Netflix’s Qwikster in a rubbish bin full of backpedals.

#branding #design #typography

Jonathan Schofield
4 days ago

Has the Guardian made cutbacks on its line spacing? #typography

R.J. Faas
4 days ago
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#Development #Reviews
An analysis of 5 monospaced fonts with coding ligatures · Or are coding ligatures just an unnecessary gimmick?

#WebDev #CodeEditor #Typography #Legibility #Ligatures #Fonts #Frontend #Backend

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#Design #Examples
Some web design styles that are uniquely Japan · Design features that are rarely seen in English websites

#ProductDesign #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #DesignStyles #Typography #Imagery #Culture #Japan

Fonts In Use
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#Metra is the commuter rail system in #Chicago’s metropolitan area. Every month, their #tickets feature a new design. 🚇 🎟️

@fhardwig took a look at the #typefaces used in 1990 and 1991:

Featuring scans from the great collection by Nick @Rougeux (C82). #ephemera #FontsInUse #typography #1990s

Two examples for Metra’s monthly ticket designs, for August and September 1990. The former is green and features Salut, a 1930s bold upright script, for the abbreviated month name. The latter is red, with Moderne Schwabacher, an early 20th-century blackletter.
it's kat!
5 days ago

je m'en fous de tout. bon...un peu.
#typography #franglais #francais

digital art i made to express my inner turmoil.
pink neon text on a deep french blue background reads: 'je m'en fous (but i do)'.

Came across the edition of Wallace Stevens’ collected poems that I checked out from the library in grad school. Later on I became more aware of typography and always associated Electra with mid-century American modernism but am not entirely sure I remembered that this book was ornamented and laid out by Dwiggins himself. @brucekennett #typography #poetry (I did buy the book, for seven dollars)

spine of The Collected Poems of Wallace Stevens, by Knopf. This is like the 13th edition, printed in the 70s, but Dwiggins’ characteristic doodads still decorate the book.
The colophon. 

This book is set in Electra, a Linotype face designed by W. A. Dwiggins. This face cannot be classified as either modern or old-style. It is not based on any historical model, nor does it echo any particular period or style.
It avoids the extreme contrast between thick and thin elements that marks most modern faces, and attempts to give a feeling of fuidity, power, and speed.
The typography and binding were designed by W. A. Dwiggins.
Part of a page. 

That would be waving and that would be crying, Crying and shouting and meaning farewell,
Farewell in the eyes and farewell at the centre, Just to stand still without moving a hand.

In a world without heaven to follow, the stops Would be endings, more poignant than partings, profounder,
And that would be saying farewell, repeating farewell,
Just to be there and just to behold.

To be one's singular self, to despise The being that yielded so little, acquired
(Poem continues on following page)
Art Grootfontein
1 week ago

LETRAFLEX is available at MyFonts.
#typography #fonts #motiondesign

@alexxkittle Love that typeface on the title card! 😻 #typography cc @typographica @letterror @scott

Laurence Girault
1 week ago

La #typography est politique 😜 : "Le français n’utilise normalement pas de macron"
"Sur un clavier d'ordinateur, une touche morte (macron mort) peut servir à obtenir les caractères diacrités d’un macron. "

1 week ago

#Development #Guidelines
Using ‘rem’ doesn’t make your website responsive · CSS best practices when working with text

#WebDev #ResponsiveDesign #Typography #Frontend #CSS #MediaQueries #Rem #Px

Zander :jquery:
1 week ago

New liked #link: "Free Faces" - This website is a curated collection of typefaces that are available under a variety of free licences somewhere on the interwebs.
#Font #Typography#Otter

Has an hexagon-based isometric blackletter already happened?
#TypeDesign #Typography #blackletter #hexagon

Julian Lawson
1 week ago

@dgar i think I am ok with this monstrosity because someone actually bothered to manually pair kern (albeit terribly) and that's better than not even trying. #typography #kerningMatters

In an italic and oblique faces, how far do forward and backward slashes lean before they’re unsuccessful? #TypeDesign #Typography

stop GIF by Feibi McIntosh
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Bram Meehan
2 weeks ago

Finally catching up with comics letterer and historian Todd Klein’s recent “Lettering Terms and Pioneers” posts — they’re not just about the mechanics, but a thoughtful look at how words found their way in this new medium and built their own visual language:
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

And maybe not part of the series, but a logical conclusion:

#comic #comics #lettering #typography

Wolfgang Viechtbauer
2 weeks ago

***Font nerd alert**

I am looking for *non-monotype* fonts with tabular figures/numbers where the width of the minus symbol (u2212) exactly matches the width of the en quad (u2000) and the width of numbers. This is the case for example for Calibri/Carlito.

For such a font, these should line up perfectly:

−−−−−−−− 0.11111

(the minus is a u2212 and the spaces are u2000, but not sure if this may get lost when posted here).

#Typography #FontNerd #Font #Fonts

This looks like so much fun, like when we made letters out of potatoes in school.

BlockFace: an open-source stamp kit to explore #typography by #graphics artist Will Mower

Chuck Taggart, Private Eye
2 weeks ago

Hey typographers and designers! Can I pick your brains for a tattoo idea?

It’s from Isaac Asimov’s classic 1956 short story “The Last Question,” and will be in the form of two tattoos, one on each bicep just above the t-shirt sleeve line.



Question is… what typeface should I use? I was thinking a mid-50s style computer typeface, but it is a story set in the future. I can’t decide!
#typeface #font #typography

2 weeks ago

A love letter to Canada: Specimen of printing types and ornaments in use at the Printing Office of Lovell & Gibson, St. Nicholas Street, Montreal, 1846/47 (courtesy @mcgillu): The latest addition to the Typographica Library

#TypeSpecimen #Typography #Canada #Montreal #McGillUniversity #Letterpress #1800s #19thCentury

A type specimen page showing four lines of a fat face style, in roman and italic, with the label “Five-Line Pica”.
A type specimen page showing three lines of a fat face style, in roman, with the labels “Six-Line” and “Seven-Line”.
A type specimen page showing two liness of a fat face style, in roman, with the label “Nine-Line”.
A type specimen page showing two lines of a condensed fat face italic style with the label “Eight-Line Condensed”.
Dave Morris
2 weeks ago

Today's #AmperSand.

Not sure what the right hashtags are for this kind of thing, really. Any suggestions welcome!

#Beach #Typography #art #BeachArt #Lettering #NotReallyTypographyAtAll

An ampersand formed of white seashells, on a beach with the Forth Bridge(s) in the background.
An ampersand formed of white seashells, on a beach with the Forth Bridge(s) in the background.
A barefoot boy walks past an ampersand formed of white seashells, on a beach with the Forth Bridge(s) in the background.
An ampersand formed of white seashells, on a beach.
Isger Thore Janson
2 weeks ago

Liebe Fans schöner Schriften - Kennt hier eine Person diesen #font (oder ähnlichen) und kann mir sagen wo ich ihn für die digitale Nutzung erwerben könnte? Habe allgemein Interesse an Display und Lettering #fonts aus den 20iger, 30iger, 40iger und 50iger Jahren. #typography

Foto eines Schriftzuges "unser Haus"
Fonts In Use
2 weeks ago

Newly added:
Stingray, a twisted 3D extravaganza drawn by John S. Allen in the late 1960s for Photo-Lettering, Inc. See it in use for a book jacket and two record covers:

#FontsInUse #Typefaces #Fonts #Typography

Book jacket for the first edition of The Stars at Noon by Denis Johnson, published by Alfred A. Knopf in September 1986. The design by R.D. Scudellari in yellow, black and orange uses Stingray in big letters, combined with Binner for the author’s name.
Black-and-white cover for Bruce Haack’s album Captain Entropy from 1974, designed by Jack Wolff using Stingray and Univers.
Fonts In Use
2 weeks ago

Staff pick:
Vinicius Theodoro of São Paulo-based Studio Tempo used the bubbly PicNic (Mariel·le Nils, 2022) for AMA, a Brazilian soap brand 🧼

#FontsInUse #Typefaces #Fonts #Typography #Soap

Photo showing about twenty boxes of soap from an angle, some lying, some standing, in alternating colors: green, orange, grey, blue. The typography is in the same color as the box, just darker, with PicNic for the brand name “AMA” and Helvetica Now for text.
Ele Willoughby, PhD
2 weeks ago

For the #SciArtSeptember prompt “simian” I made a new edition to my ongoing series of animals with fabulous collective nouns. It’s A Conspiracy of Lemurs. These ring-tailed lemurs definitely appear to be up to something. Caught in the act of scheming. The word “lemurs” mimics their tails, of course!

The ring-tailed lemur (Lemur catta) is a wet-nosed primate, endemic to Madagascar. 🧵1/n

#linocut #printmaking #termsOfVenery #lemurs #ringTailedLemurs #typography #lettering #primates #MastoArt

My linocut print of a huddled group of ring-tailed lemurs looking suspiciously at the viewer. They are grey with black and white striped tails, black face and brown eyes. In black letters above it reads “A conspiracy” and in black and white striped letters below it reads “Lemurs.”
2 weeks ago

Dear typographers, how wide is a thin space and a hair space?

I am trying to implement U+2009 THIN SPACE and U+200A HAIR SPACE, but is there a width definition?

* Wikipedia writes 1⁄5 or 1⁄6 em for thin space.
* writes 1/8 em for thin space and 1/24 for hair space.

Is there an somewhat official guide?

#typography #speedatapublisher