David Dean
1 hour ago

Is anyone else having problems with #Firefox crashing on #Ubuntu 23.04 with #Wayland (it works with #XOrg) when you try to drag tabs to another monitor. There's something about it at where the solution is "use X11", but I'd like to find an issue I can subscribe to so I can follow a fix for it in wayland.

Claude :linux: :android:
3 hours ago

So, yeah, back to "perfect" #Fedora

gnome-shell was eating RAM like a monster on Ubuntu.

Gnome Software takes care of all updates in Fedora, no need to have an extra tool, or go to the Terminal to find other updates.

Flatpak apps are better on desktop, even if Snap in 23.04 are very fast. Don't believe people who used it 3 years ago. 

I left #Ubuntu, but I installed the great looking Yaru GTK & Gnome Shell theme on Fedora. And I very much liked that Prussian green accent colour.

7 hours ago

@thelinuxEXP Hello Mr.Nick.
I saw your video, and it was great. I'm programmer and for my job, I used a lot of linux systems in my life. The Debian is a good OS for servers, but for desktop it's not a great choice; #ubuntu, #deepin and #Kbuntu could be a good choice for desktop computers, because Ubuntu, Deepin and Kubuntu can support #NVIDA graphics card and you can use snap and steam without any problems.

Aleix Morgadas
7 hours ago

The only complain I have with the new #ubuntu is that snap is slow as hell.

Removed snap firefox and moved to apt, and the speed increased by a LOT

IT News
9 hours ago

Bye Bye Ubuntu, Hello Manjaro. How Did We Get Here? - Last week I penned a cheesy fake relationship breakup letter to Ubuntu, my Linux d... - #distribution #linuxhacks #manjaro #ubuntu #rants #linux

10 hours ago

#Ubuntu picks of the day:

➡️ @omgubuntu - News site about Ubuntu, FOSS etc

➡️ @fullcirclemagazine - PDF magazine about Ubuntu & Linux

➡️ @LubuntuOfficial - Lightweight version of Ubuntu

➡️ @edubuntu - Version for schools

➡️ @ubuntustudio - Distro for creative people

➡️ @ubports - Ubuntu for phones

➡️ @kubuntu - Ubuntu using KDE Plasma

➡️ @ubuntuportugal - Portuguese user group

➡️ @pup - Portuguese Ubuntu podcast

➡️ @ubuntusway - Ubuntu using Sway

➡️ @pacstall - AUR-style package manager

Pinky Floyd
11 hours ago
lately i have been messing around with installing #boot versions of #linux on a #thumbdrive.

i don't understand how people find this usable for anything? everything i have tried simply runs prohibitively slow for any sort of typical functionality, what are people using this capability for?

am i doing something wrong...?

#rufus #bootableusb #ubuntu
Michael Labowicz
11 hours ago

@gamingonlinux that's why I stick with vanilla #ubuntu LTS. It's boring, but good enough to be my daily driver.

12 hours ago

#foss people out there, what #linux distro do you use and why? Please note, this is not a distro bashing conversation. Rather, it's curiosity about other opinions and learning.

I've used #ubuntu #kubuntu or #kdeneon as daily driver for the past 14 years. Whilst I like neon, it doesn't play very nicely with Nvidia. Yes, I'm fully aware you can get it to work, but it's a pain in the ass and regularly breaks shortly after getting things somewhat working. At least that's my experience.

About ten years ago, I had a brief flirtation with #opensuse and the relationship ended badly. I still have a little trauma from that. I'm pretty sure it was all my fault, but never could figure out what I did wrong.

I've been very unimpressed with the direction that Canonical is taking and wanted to try something new. I tried an Arch based distro last autumn and really found the community too caustic to new people joining. Not to mention, I saw a lot fascist views inserted into comments and replies to other users. That was dropped quickly.

After New Year's, I decided to get crazy and installed #fedora. 😅 I know, I know, not really a big leap into the unknown, but I've never tried it before. I've been using it for almost 6 months now and it's ok. I don't like it and I don't dislike it. My biggest issue is that Xorg seems broken (and I cannot figure out why) and I can only use Wayland to login. Wayland is just not quite there for my workflow.

Oh, I should also mention. I'm one of those #kdeplasma nut cases.

Andrew Gallagher
12 hours ago

Now that #Ubuntu has exhausted the alphabet, I find myself always typing the previous cycle's codenames by accident. Is the current one Jaunty or Jammy? Can never remember. 🤯

Red Faster
13 hours ago

@azcoigreach #Ubuntu seems to think #PipeWire is the way to go and from what I can see it solves some #BluetoothProblems

15 hours ago

@ThePlant There's over 1000 people in #ubuntu on libera. 🤷

Robert Lender
15 hours ago

Erster Test von #LinuxMint (war mir auf den ersten Blick sympathischer als #Ubuntu) über VirtualBox: Auch virtuell läuft es recht flott. #Nextcloud Client hat auf Anhieb funktioniert. PDFs, Bild, EML(Mail)-Dateien lassen sich anzeigen. Damit sind schon mal die rudimentären Dinge erfüllt.

17 hours ago
@yoyo308 ya alguna vez lo comente por ahi... para mi "la distro" de #linux en general ha terminado por cansar a miles de potenciales usuarios.

En lo personal, soy usuario final (ni dev, ni trabajador, ni nada, solo user final de sobreescritorio) de Linux desde 1999 y desde que descubri #Ubuntu mis problemas en Linux de verdad se redujeron al minimo...

A mi no me interesa que distro usar, si la A, B o C... sino que las apps deben correr y hacer su trabajo (justamente lo que muchas veces escuche de varios lideres como RMS)

En este sentido, creo que seria muy bueno que las distros se concentraran en hacer su trabajo y todas trabajaran por un sistema de paquetes al estilo de APPIMAGE (que tambien debe mejorarse en aspectos de seguridad)... en donde:

- sea universal
- permita reducir el trabajo al dev/coder (solo un paquete y no decenas de paquetes para cada distro)
- que NO ocupe recursos mientras no se ejecute en el pc (en el caso de SNAP y creo que Flatpak estan ejecutandose en segundo plano)
- que permita al usuario el lugar fisico a instalar (yo tengo las AppImage en una particion exclusiva, junto a otras cosillas)

Y eso. Por lo demas Linux x Siempre
20 hours ago

any #ubuntu or #gnome nerds know what's happening here?

top menu thing with oversized icons
21 hours ago

btw brotip when ur installing #ubuntu server don't connect it to the network or else it takes fukin FOREVER wasting ur time on updates, and cancelling doesnt work.

this time the installation completed like immediately wtf

21 hours ago

everything is shit...

The #ubuntu guided install will make a boot partition and LVM partition. But the storage configurator won't let you do the same thing yourself, it only lets you add whole disks to the LVM, it won't let you add an LVM partition of a disk that already has partitions added. 🤦‍♂️

1 day ago

so I wasnt satisfied with the #lvm experience on #ubuntu; the only gui i could find was #kde partition manager, but it didnt even give me any advanced options like the physical arrangement or stripe settings.

tried #fedora but the installer was slow and it crashed. so now i'm trying #opensuse, and I decided to try #raid 0 instead of lvm. I've done this before so maybe it'll work again...

1 day ago

#Ubuntu 22.04.2 で update。

sysstat (12.5.2-2ubuntu0.2)
CVE-2023-33204 セキュリティ対応あり。

#prattohome #更新

1 day ago
1 day ago

Oups, mes partitions root et /boot ont été remplies, la mise à niveau a partiellement foiré... Comment se fait-il que l'installateur n'ait pas prévenu du manque de place ? #Ubuntu

omg! ubuntu
1 day ago

[Quote Repost]

TIL it's 128 days until the next #Ubuntu release…

Randal (Hubzilla)
2 days ago
Is it my imagination or does the search feature seem to be lacking in #Ubuntu? Maybe I need to set some parameters? If so, how to do that? Right now it only searches the directory I'm in. I've not used terminal for search, haven't figured that out. (General avoidance.)

Is there an app or something that soups up the search?
Geeker's Digest
2 days ago

In our latest #tutorial we show how to install and configure a #MySQL database replication between a source and a replica server using #MariaDB on #Ubuntu.

2 days ago

@felixthehat oh yes! that's brilliant!

It's Ctrl-Shift C on my #linux #gnome #ubuntu laptop (and I suspect for Windoze too)

2 days ago

Just noticed it's been a full year since the list of "Featured" / "Editor's Picks" in the Snap Store on #ubuntu has been updated. Probably due a refresh. ⌚

Ubuntu Korea Community
2 days ago

[새 포럼 게시물] Game은 거의 안 하는데 #Ubuntu #UbuntuKR #우분투

stark@ubuntu:~$ █
2 days ago


I've never used a #Fedora flavor. What are your main attractions and differences from #Debian and #Ubuntu?

2 days ago

i still find it really odd that #lxd isnt on here


ricardo :mastodon:
2 days ago

How to Install Latest Kernel in #Ubuntu, #LinuxMint :ubuntu: :linuxmintnew:

Elan Hasson
2 days ago

@essjay How does #Debian differ from downstream #Ubuntu?

Elan Hasson
2 days ago

I've only used #Ubuntu as mostly a daily driver (via both WSL and VM, CLI and UI occasionally).

I'd like to try a new distro. Hit me with your best shot and please explain why I should try the distro.

#Linux #arch #guix #nix

2 days ago

The top countries using #Ubuntu Frame are apparently Sweden, USA, and Turkey. Pretty interesting.

Till Kamppeter
2 days ago

Another nice article about the all- #Snap #Ubuntu desktop distro:
@lproven , thanks a lot for this nice article!

Claude :linux: :android:
2 days ago

WTF #Ubuntu ?! 1,7 gig for Gnome Shell? Almost 5 gigs of Ram Usage with nothing opened?

All I did was to move the dock to the bottom and move it back to the left.

After a restart of the Gnome Session. Back to normal...

#Ram #Gnome #linux

Screenshot of System Monitor on Ubuntu.
Screenshot of an overview of System Monitor on Ubuntu
Junker Harke
2 days ago

Wer weiss Bescheid?

#Ubuntu 22.04 - welcher Bluetooth Adapter funktioniert damit ?

Und muss man einfach Plug&Play machen, oder mehr ?

Gerne Boosten ! 🎇


nixCraft 🐧
3 days ago

LOL. Linux user uses Nouveau drivers instead of the binary Nvidia drivers. 🤣 You need the official driver for gaming, ML, CUDA, etc. There is no alternative. #Linux #Ubuntu #Debian #ArchLinux

12 FPS

> Uses nouveau drivers instead of the proprietary nvidia ones 

> Refuses to elaborate further
stark@ubuntu:~$ █
3 days ago

Hey my dearest followers. I need your help. I finished my last project today. As soon as I am getting home, I am downloading #linux and installing it before I am even greeting my mom or wife. I am so over windows and will never return back to it again. I am currently looking at #PopOs #Manjaro #Ubuntu. Shill yours to me and give me your best recommendations!


John Francis
3 days ago

A new thing noticed recently on #Ubuntu 23.04 + #Linux 6.3.5 is ffmpeg core dumping every 15m as Shinobi is rotating a security cam video.

I'm sure this one is harmless, but I like to imagine the vulnerabilities of ffmpeg as a very imperfect interpreter of extremely complex input.

Could an attacker show up outside, carrying a weird sign board which would bork ffmpeg and allow RCE input?

What if the attacker had a special outfit and dance?

Till Kamppeter
3 days ago

Registrations for the #Ubuntu #UbuntuSummit 2023 in Riga, Latvia, are open! And the Call for Proposals, too! Get creative, we need Talks (25 min, 50 min), Lightning Talks (5 min), Workshops (1 hour, 2 hours), BoFs, and Hackathons!

3 days ago

@doot #Ubuntu seemed promising for a while but it seems to be going downhill now. I should probably evaluate some alternatives.

Stewart X Addison
3 days ago

#RISCV Was a bit worried that I couldn't use the USB ports on the VF2, and it didn't detect the NVMe drive either. Fortunately after booting back from #Ubuntu 23.04 to Debian both work fine. That's quite a limitation ...

3 days ago

There's a new Ubuntu Linux desktop on its way by @sjvn

By this time next year, you may be running an immutable #Ubuntu #Linux desktop.

4 days ago

Un nouvel Ubuntu est en préparation avec un Linux immuable.

Construit autour de Linux, ce nouvel Ubuntu basé également sur Snap devrait fournir un bureau Linux remarquablement stable.

Canonical décide de tenter une nouvelle approche du bureau Linux avec la version 24.04 d'Ubuntu Linux.#Ubuntu

4 days ago

#Linux Weekly Roundup for June 4th, 2023: Immutable #Ubuntu Desktop, #LinuxMint gets touchpad gestures, two new Linux-powered laptops, #GNOME 44.2, new #LibreOffice features, Ubuntu 18.04 EOL, #KaliLinux adopts #PipeWire, #Armbian rebased on #Debian 12, and more

#OpenSource #FOSS

The 9to5Linux Weekly Roundup for June 4th, 2023
5 days ago

Hey @system76 - did I see somewhere that an #Ubuntu installation can be “upgraded” to @pop_os_official? Asking because I’m making plans for how to configure a laptop that ships with Ubuntu pre-installed.

¿alguien ha instalado #mongodb en #Ubuntu 22.04? No me inicia

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
5 days ago

Time for the weekly #Linux and #OpenSource news recap!

This week, we have #Ubuntu working on an immutable system using Snaps, Red Hat dropping the LibreOffice RPMs to use the Flatpak instead (also impacts Fedora), and a lot of cool @gnome projects being worked on!

5 days ago

I posted on Facebook about some of my tech issues and setting up my new fileserver and I got a lot of confusion from my followers as to what I was talking about. Can you tell I rarely post tech stuff to there?
#computernerd #tech #linux #ubuntu #it #itsupport #homelab

5 days ago

Webdav over an Apache reverse proxy is not fun. Stuck at a Multi-Status error mapping it in Gnome File Manager. Mapping to the internal IP/port works fine. Can't tell if this is #synology or #ubuntu.

I'm about ready to move on to a different solution.

6 days ago

Ahh, I knew I heard the fans go nuts as though the #firefire snap was being installed onto my #ubuntu laptop yesterday.

Screen shot of part of a terminal, black background with white text .. the two lines say ...

## Removing Firefox Snap ..
firefox removed
Claude :linux: :android:
6 days ago

After a bit of work to install all the extras I need, here it is. I'm trying the #Ubuntu way, with the dock/panel on the side. I usually add Dash to Panel. Ubuntu really pays attention to many details to simplify the user experience out of the box. But, please, add minimize on click! I also added a few #extensions Bye Fedora, see you. 👋
#Linux #Gnome

List of Gnome extensions for the Ubuntu desktop
Screenshot of my Ubuntu
Neff :manjaro:
1 week ago

An immutable #ubuntu desktop built on snaps may be the right tool to showcase the abilities of #snap as a packaging format. CLI tools can be snapped right away and autoupdate, could make of this a semi rolling distro. Can't wait to see what the team at #Canonical is preparing.

Linux Magazine
2 weeks ago

Mixing Debian Repositories: @BruceByfield shows how a little caution can save you hours of frustrating work (plus, options for mixing gone awry) #Debian #repositories #OpenSource #packages #Ubuntu #LinuxMint

Mad Scientist Kid: Kid who in a lab mixing chemicals in flasks with test tubes and smoke all around them
2 weeks ago

My employer got me a new laptop. It's got Ubuntu Pro with Gnome desktop and it's enrolled in Landscape. It also has an extra Nvidia gpu for which they only configured Nouveau.

Coming from 8 years on Manjaro and the Cinnamon desktop I thought it would be an interesting experience.

I'm only a couple of hours in, but right now I am just hoping it will get better as and when I get things tweaked enough.

But for sure, I won't be using any #Ubuntu for my own devices! Yuck... #linux

Caroline Guédan
2 weeks ago

Bon, on a des pros du #logiciellibre ici mais peut-être avez-vous besoin de quelques astuces ?

Ma collègue Virginie de la @drane_aclyon a créé ce blog pour partager de nombreux tutoriels pour se simplifier l'usage de
Et plein d'autres outils...

💥Ajoutez-le vite à vos favoris !💫

2 weeks ago

The latest #KDE Plasma 5.27.5 and KDE Frameworks 5.106 releases have landed in the #Kubuntu Backports PPA for Lunar Lobster (#Ubuntu 23.04) users

@kde #Linux #OpenSource

Julian Lam
2 weeks ago

@andypiper my relationship with #Ubuntu has been far less about commitment, and more about utility. The moment I discovered that loading the calculator app took 5+ seconds, I started looking elsewhere.

That's right #Ubuntu, I strayed, and it didn't take much 😅

3 weeks ago

Dear #lazyweb,
Can anyone recommend a decent, non Microsoft wireless keyboard (or mouse combo) that works well with #Linux?

I'm on #Neon, a #KDE based #Ubuntu / #Debian derivative by the way.

Matthieu Herrb
3 weeks ago

Some may be wondering what's the story behind this commit : in #freetype

Here it is: earlier this month #Ubuntu released a security update for libfreetype:,
mentioning a #CVE:

Looking closer the patch included in this security update is

I was wondering if this is worth an #OpenBSD errata. What we found is that the patch has no effect on the generated code. It only shuts up the undefined behavior sanitizer.

So if the integer overflow here
matters, it's still not fixed (in Ubuntu and everywhere else)...

The accidentally committed version was from a tree where I worked on this.

Nick @ The Linux Experiment
3 weeks ago

This week, in our #Linux and #OpenSource News video, we have more work on HDR support, #Ubuntu improving their PPA system, and a security flaw in #KeePass, the open source password manager, plus #cinnamon being adopted by more distros, and a new XFCE spin.

Let’s dive in!

Flous :gnome: :debian:
3 weeks ago

Securely editing configuration files while preserving the invoking user environment:
export EDITOR="/usr/bin/vim"
That's all. The changes will not be immediately effective; logout, and login again to activate.

When using sudoedit instead of sudo, all your customizations set in your editor (in this case vim) are honored and the file is edited as the user itself, not as root.
#ubuntu #shell #terminal

R. L. Dane
3 weeks ago

*Adds another awesome podcast to his already bulging #AntennaPod subscriptions list 😁


#podcast #firefox #thunderbird #ubuntu

3 weeks ago

True story: Mozilla's @mconley is a legend. (Also, he worked on Mozilla Messenger, and is responsible for #Ubuntu shipping with Thunderbird!)

His enthusiasm is so contagious that just listening to this podcast might turn you into a software engineer! Join us for ThunderCast episode 2 as we reminisce about the early days of the internet, and talk about Firefox features more people should be using.

#Thunderbird #Firefox #Podcast

#Batocera has a pretty slick frontend, but it's really rough around the edges, and when something doesn't work it's hard to figure out what to do about it because it's so weird.

Maybe I should just install #Ubuntu and #RetroArch, or just stick with the #Windows install that came with my #BeeLink #NUC.

Bruce Elrick
1 month ago

Red Team Blues, Chokepoint Capitalism, my new Calgary Wordfest book/autograph bag, and Cory Doctorow are all "Totes" McGoats
h/t @pluralistic
#books #framework #ubuntu

c't Magazin
1 month ago

heise+ | Ubuntu und Co. testen: Wie Sie interne Festplatten vor Linux verstecken

Sie können Distributionen auf einer externen SSD testen. Doch der Bootloader landet oft auf dem PC-internen Massenspeicher. Wir verraten, wie man den versteckt.

#Festplatten #Hardware #LinuxundOpenSource #SSD #Ubuntu #news


I'm thinking of trying out running #OpenBSD on a server instead of #Ubuntu, because Derek Sivers recommended it for its security (particularly around the more controlled packaging).

I have basically zero experience with BSD, but a ton with #linux (redhat, ubuntu, arch, centos, amazon linux, etc.).

Any advice on making the transition? Is this a good move or unnecessary or bad?

Anyone know of a nice little app to sound an alarm when the power cord is disconnected on #ubuntu?

Ramon Fincken 🇺🇦 At #WCEU
1 month ago

Anyone good with #nvidia on #ubuntu?
I have a dual GPU issue , details can be found over here ...still, given the popularity of the #SteamDeck I can't imagine the Ryzen 5500U will have too many problems running #Batocera or maybe just #RetroArch on #Ubuntu

Linux ☑️
1 month ago


The famous band known from the ranks of Ubuntu - back together with A NEW PODCAST!

Indeed you might've heard of these merry fellows of Alan Pope / Mark Johnson / Martin Wimpress 😁 🎙️ 😉 🎙️ 🤪 🎙️

Join 3 experienced Open Source pros discussing the impact Linux has in their daily lives. Upbeat family-friendly banter.


#Linux #podcast #Ubuntu #LinuxMatters #fun #entertainment @linuxmatters