Jonathan Reeve Price
1 hour ago

When you place this notification *Required next to a field, what overtones ripple through a user's mind?

#cloud #wordcloud #poem #concrete #abstract #UI #UX #affordance #button #tool #element #association #thesaurus #meaning #semantic

Cody Walton
2 hours ago

Another week, more job searching. I'm looking for my gig as a #CreativeDirector #ArtDirector or #SeniorDesigner. 20+ years expereince in #UI and #marketing. Open to #remotework or #relocation. Get in touch for portfolio password

17 hours ago
17 hours ago

I love making FUI

#SciFi #UI #movies #MastoArt

21 hours ago

Immersive history: The Hallwyl House in Stockholm combines a variety of 17th and 18th century interior design styles with 19th century architecture.

I combined a photographer's 3D captures of the museum with #pcgaming controls to create a virtual tour.

#webdev #javascript #stockholm #history #architecture #ui #ux #uxdesign #webdesign #photography #realestate

22 hours ago

Because it's not just #UI, it's #UX.

Bad firmware updates are teaching PC users the wrong habits | PCWorld

There are days when you discover really bad #UI.

I had to buy a non-discount rail pass for the first time today. It took 10 minutes for the cashier to find the right offer.

The UI used on their terminal is just horrible. You get a list of a few hundred offers, with numeric codes and 2-3 word descriptions that are not unique. There was a dozen offers described as "rail pass", and you had to try them one by one and see what happens.

Oh, and it's touchscreen. So back, scroll again.

#rail #PKP

@notpike Yeah, but like I think I'd rather want an actually useable #Linux and maybe an 80x24+1 #console #UI / #TUI for it...

Jonathan Reeve Price
2 days ago

When we tell the team it is OK to use OK as a button, what overtones do we intend?

#cloud #wordcloud #poem #concrete #abstract #UI #UX #affordance #button #tool #element #association #thesaurus #meaning #semantic

2 days ago

Apple really needs to work on what you could do with a touch surface on the back of an IPhone. You can already tap/double tap it.

#ios #iphone #ui #ux

2 days ago

I need to figure out how to best display a project in my Tiny Projects app. Maybe railroad tracks.

#design #ui

Mark W. Gabby-Li 🐌
2 days ago

Latest progress on my shape editor. Finally got over my mental block making UI!

#NURBS #UI #Editors #Abstract

A shape editor based on NURBS.

Two shape groups are added and made to look like strange abstract robots.
Dave Mark
2 days ago

Devs, UI designers:

Check out this demo of "Key Click UI".

- Follow the link (need a device with keyboard)
- Scroll to the big gray area
- roll your mouse to the middle
- type F, move mouse, type F, repeat a few times
- Hit V a few times
- Hit R

I love the premise. Functionality without clicking. Interesting.

#Development #UI #Design

2 days ago

#Penpot, a free and open-source user interface design tool, has launched its Flex Layout feature, expected to improve the way designers create user interface (#UI) designs.

Front Conference Zurich
2 days ago

👋🎟️ Curious to know why you haven't grabbed your tickets for the upcoming Front Conference 2023 yet? Share your thoughts in the comments! #webdesign #webdev #ux #ui #frontconference

Rainer Simon
2 days ago

Keep wondering what's better. (Not just for the login screen, but for the whole app UI.) Less clutter by having fewer boxes/borders/color shades? Or more structure? #UI #UX

Screenshot of the login screen, variant A, with a separate background for the login form.
Screenshot of the login screen, variant B, without a separate background for the login form.
Martine Dowden
2 days ago

Want to learn more about how to implement scroll snap and it's implications when using it in conjunction with a sticky header? Check out my new video:

#CSS #WebDev #UI

Topher 🌱🐧💚
3 days ago

The deliberate omission of tray icons in a #desktop #UI is a blatant disregard not only for clear user preference but also for #accessibility.

Not everyone's brains can miraculously remember 130 things they saw once briefly in a list of notifications all thrown together and track all of them to proper resolution.

That's instead how 129 items get completely forgotten forever.

Tray icons are very helpful with persistent indicators of which specific things require attention when.


3 days ago

Hi @TeamYouTube, not a troubleshooting question, but I was curious on the decision making process of how #Flower by #JISOO of @BLACKPINK is displayed as 'Flower - Jisoo & BLACKPINK' in this playlist.

#linguistics #ui #ux

3 days ago

Thanks to all the consent popups, my brain is conditioned to filter out anything that looks remotely like a popup. I was wondering for quite a while about GitLab looking different today until I realized that there was a huge banner telling me that they updated stuff. #UI #UX #PopupMadness #WebDev

3 days ago

Does it exist? An alternative user interface for #mastodon with a user experience similar to traditional social media (main stream containing only posts, answers displayed as threaded comments)?

- I always miss messages (especially answers) with microblogging, and it does not highlight images enough
- The content is now on Mastodon, more generally on the #fediverse
- I don't see the point of having a project which re-implement ActivityPub when the only thing to change is the #UI #UX

Scott Killen
3 days ago

"To unsubscribe from a question at, tap subscribe, then unsubscribe."

Now what didn't I think of that?

I know #Microsoft teaches #UI design...and I know this breaks the rules.


Jonathan Reeve Price
3 days ago

When you tap the Submit button, what overtones ripple through your mind?
#cloud #wordcloud #poem #concrete #abstract #UI #UX #affordance #button #tool #element #association #thesaurus #meaning #semantic

Designing for users with dyslexia #UI #UX

Cody Walton
3 days ago

8 potential jobs out of nearly 1000. Clearly what I’m doing isn’t working. I think the problem is I changed my focus. After spending 23 years at ad agencies I was trying to switch back to my original passion, what got me into design in the first place: #UserInterfaceDesign and #DesignSystems. Sadly it seems most companies no longer see any delineation between #UI and #UX. It’s all one job to them: #ProductDesigner. some job listings that expected the role to write production-ready HTML/CSS.

Stu :att:
3 days ago

My go to app is by far @MonaApp !!!!

It’s very fast, smooth, the UI is amazing inmho

Great job guys !!!!!

#MonaApp #UI #UXDesign #IndieApp #MastodonApps #MonaFTW

Madelena Mak
4 days ago

How round is a rounded rectangle too round? How round is it not round enough? 🤔

#ux #ui #uxdesign #uidesign

jbz :catjam:
4 days ago

"The new user interface has been cleaned up and simplified a bit. There are a few more buttons on the vertical toolbar which let you switch between the different Thunderbird tools — email, address book, task list, calendar, chat and so on. These appear as tabs, and if you close all but one tab, the tab bar disappears automatically."
➥ The Register

#Thunderbird #UX #UI #Opensource

Patrick Dörn
4 days ago

Hab mir mal eben den #Proxmox #Mailgateway angeschaut. Wer hat denn diese #UI gebaut, Intuitiv geht irgendwie anders. #Computerkram

Got to love the consistency of modern-day UI terminology:

- Tag, Chip, Breadbox, Token, navigation Pill
- Pill, Label, Bubble, Lozenges, Stamp
- Badge
- Ribbon, Corner triangle ribbon



Paweł Grzybek
4 days ago

The "Introduction to Design Systems" course by Figma is a really outstanding resource. I really appreciate the emphasis it puts on accessibility.

#ui #ux #a11y

Json Doh
4 days ago

I'd appreciate if @signalapp desktop app could hide/collapse messages. E.g. gifs are fun and lively but oftentimes become distracting if they loop on the screen for too long. I don't want to delete the message. Simply temporarily collapsing it under an arrow button would suffice. Similar to CW in Mastodon.

#Signal #UI

Bradford Pilcher
5 days ago

As I ponder why streaming sucks as a user experience, I am struck by just how limited the UI is, for all of them. The only use case is not “open app, pick algorithm-recommended show.” There’s value in old school, linear, channel surfing. It’s not either/or. These apps could do both.

#streaming #ux #ui #design #media #television

Chris Mackintosh :verified:
5 days ago

Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design


5 days ago

My 3rd iteration of chaturbate ui
Has a lot of elements to it
You have the hyno swirl but it's used as a background for the music visualizer.
Looked for more public domain fonts with gameboy quality text mixed it with 80s Atari-ish arcade fonts
It's my final design

Added abit of meme text: certified GOck owner
And just stuff that fits my personality for being goofy

be doing my return show tomorrow night

#chaturbate #sissy
#porn #femboi #ui #design #cyperpunk #sexdoll

Datascience :verified:
5 days ago
Chris Mackintosh :verified:
6 days ago

Design tools from the future.

Unleash your creativity with Diagram's AI-powered design tools.

#UI #figma

Design tools from the future.

Unleash your creativity with Diagram's AI-powered design tools.
6 days ago



You bring up an excellent point.

Authoring Tool accessibility is a critical and often ignored issue.

Responsive design needs to be about more than break points for different sized rectangles.

Interfaces that respond to user needs and harmonize with other settings - such as large print!

Also, sometimes advocating for a good cause can turn into zealotry, your point also illustrates the need for humility and compassion in our assessment of other's behavior.

Sometimes a lack of accessibility might be a case of bad interface, and not bad human.

Thank you for helping to raise awareness!

#a11y #compassion #UX #UI #frontEnd #ATAG

Alison Wilder
6 days ago

I'm currently creating wireframes in Figma and resenting that the interface doesn't incorporate AI yet. Clicking and dragging is so 2022.

#ui #ux

6 days ago

Exciting news from 🚀 #JetBrains: after adding support for desktop apps & the Web, JetBrains multiplatform declarative UI toolkit now runs on #iOS in alpha.

Read more on #InfoQ:

#JetpackCompose #UI #CrossPlatform #Kotlin

Datascience :verified:
6 days ago

Make interactive ggplots with {ggiraph}: #ggplot #dataviz #rstats #UI #UX

Topher 🌱🐧💚
1 week ago

User hostility awards. Most user-hostile takes the prize.

Who wins?


(you know who I really *want* to vote for but unfortunately Apple still gets my nomination by a tiny hair)

#ux #ui #apple #macos #ios #iphone #google #chrome #gnome #microsoft #windows

Steve's Place
1 week ago

I really like the interface for its great #UI and regular upgrades. A lot of work went into this code and it shows. Easy to use. Easy to configure. Many great features. Occasionally there's a minor bug, but not many. It's solid, beyond beta, and I hope you try it. No need to change servers! Log in with your #mastodon account and enjoy!

1 week ago

Seriously people, when you are designing things, make sure someone who doesn't have owl level vision can find your damned scrollbars and actually use them with a human sized finger or a mouse that isn't made for neurosurgery or something.

#Accessibility #UI #Scrolling #ScrollBar

1 week ago

@therightarticle Northern Ireland and Scotland would like to leave now. We are so much better than this. #IndependentScotland #ui #Think32 #BorderPoll

Suddenly I'm seeing alt text in a black box below photos, in a browser (Chrome). I don't recall changing any settings. What changed?

#AltText #Mastodon #UI


Stephen Shankland
1 week ago

Musk talks up the Twitter innovation rate, but unlike those changes, this Bluesky feature is one I'm really interested in. And it's an advantage over Mastodon. Chronological sorting is OK in some situations, but more sophisticated algorithms are important at least for my usage.
#Bluesky #SocialMedia #UI

some Bluesky custom feed examples
Bluesky custom feed description: "Now you can choose what algorithm powers your social media experience."
jbz :catjam:
1 week ago

✌️ You don't need a modal window

"Modal windows can't be bookmarked or shared as links. Deep linking can be added to modals, but it's complex. What will show up in the background when the link is followed? How much application state needs to be restored? How will the user be confident that it will work?"

#Modals #UX #UI #Accessibility

Front Conference Zurich
1 week ago

How many Front Conference events have you attended since 2012? 🤓 Comment with the years you have been with us! #webdesign #webdev #ux #ui #frontconference

ms. liz
1 week ago

user facing copy.

#facebook #ux #ui

Facebook iPhone app UI when access to photos is disabled reads:

Please allow photo access
This allows you to share photos from your library and save photos to your camera roll.
1. Open iPhone Settings
2. Tap Privacy
3. Tap Photos
4. Set " <FBI18nFbtParam:
0x284ddc240>" to ON
Jonathan Mosen
2 weeks ago

Yesterday, I posted here my gratitude that #Microsoft rapidly fixed a regression in the Windows Start Menu in both 10 and 11, which caused all screen readers to say the words “Best match” before you heard the name of the application you would launch if you were to press Enter.
Most, like me, were relieved and pleasantly surprised by how quickly this was address. But a small number of people expressed regret, saying they like the additional message.
While #UI preferences are usually subjective, I want to discuss why this now reversed change was so detrimental. I didn’t do it yesterday because I think most people just get it. But it’s important.
The change provided no new relevant information whatsoever. We already knew that Windows was presenting the “best match” for what we were typing. If it were not the best match, Windows wouldn’t be offering the option as the first suggestion.
All this message did was introduce another verbal barrier between what you were typing and the vital information that helped you know if you were launching the application you wanted. Any unnecessary verbosity is a hindrance to your productivity. Particularly with something as regularly used as launching an app by typing in its partial name, those productivity hits add up very quickly.
Unnecessary verbosity that slows us down is actually one form of accessibility barrier. It’s important that we understand this given how many mainstream companies are now taking an interest in accessibility. They want to do the right thing, but they don’t always know what the right thing is the first time because insufficient #blind people are involved in the development or quality assurance processes.
So please, let’s not tolerate the slowing down of our access to information by simply accepting the insertion of new verbiage that adds absolutely no value at all.

2 weeks ago
Kevin RR :verified:
2 weeks ago

📚 #ClinicalNovellas is an online resource of #mystery and #scifi short #fiction stories.

😳 Robust #ui features are a click away for your reading and listening pleasure.

#writingcommunity #writingwonders #BooksofMastodon #readers

ClinicalNovellas short stories online website screenshot
ClinicalNovellas online navigation
2 weeks ago

Damn, ELK is really really cool ! #mastodon #UI

Liam Egan
2 weeks ago


Everyone is guilty of not reading at times, but the “Who are you?” is pretty clear. Suggestions like “Your Name” or “Name” are a lot shorter and quicker to read because there are 33-50% fewer words 🤣

The “customer/user is always right” comes to mind when you keep getting the wrong answer - what seems clear to you isn’t clear to others and I’ve seen it many times and always end up ‘fixing’ it and shaking me head.

#UI #Users

Blain Smith
2 weeks ago

You don't need a modal window #WebDev #UX #UI

Sarah Burstein
2 weeks ago

The #USPTO is seeking volunteers to provide feedback "to improve the USPTO website experience."

This is welcome news because the USPTO website designs are...not great.

Even the new & redesigned ones.

Here's more info:

#UI #UX #UIUX #UIDesign #UXDesign #WebsiteDesign #PatentFedi

Peter Mount
2 weeks ago

Oh, Slack have removed Split view - that's a great decision... NOT!

I used split view a lot so I can be in a thread whilst checking another channel - being in DevOps I need that as a lot of things can be happening at the same time.

Now they have changed it so if you move out of a channel the thread is automatically closed.

You now have to open another window to keep it open...

#slack #UI #fail

Slack popup notice about the column automatically closing if you move away from a channel.

It reads:

Content in this column, such as threads, will now automatically close when you move away from a channel.

To multitask easily and keep them in view, use the window button for Ctrl and click to open them in a new window.
Martine Dowden
2 weeks ago

Ever wondered how to make scroll snapp and sticky headers work together?
Check out my latest blog post:

#CSS #UI #UX #WebDev

Steve Frenzel
2 weeks ago

#TIL that you cannot only use #WashiTape in #FigJam to make things prettier, you can also add your own 🤯

#design #ui #ux #figma #WhiteBoard

A collection of 9 washi tapes in FigJam, showcasing different motives

Whoever designed this, your efforts did not go unnoticed. What a great indicator.

#Apple #ui #ux #macOS

A picture of a dog, opened in the Photos app. The user right clicks on the subject of the photo and hover the 'Copy Subject' option. A subtle, glowing outline appears to indicate the subject has been separated from the background.
jbz :catjam:
2 weeks ago

「 UI in Rust is difficult because it's hard to share data across this component tree without inheritance. Additionally, in a normal UI framework there are all sorts of spots where you need to mutate the element tree, but because of Rust’s mutability rules, this "alter the tree however you want" approach doesn't work 」

#Rust #RustLang #UI

Upol Ehsan
2 weeks ago

🎯 Explainable AI suffers from an epidemic. I call it Explainability Washing.

💡Think of it as window dressing—techniques, tools, or processes created to provide the illusion of explainability but not delivering it

Let’s use this hyped example from OpenAI. Title is sensational-- Language models can explain neurons in language models.

But is that the case? Let's dig in. 👇

#AI #ML #XAI #gpt4 #chatGPT #Bard #LLM #NLP #HCI #UX #UI #responsibleai #mastodon

2 weeks ago

This is solely for UK audiences I'm afraid but if you have 20 minutes and would be up for a £15 e-gift voucher (, would love to get your feedback on some designs for a recurring donations user journey.

WARNING: This version is hosted on usabilityhub which isn't exactly the most accessible...

Here is the link -

Anyone otherwise interested in testing out coded prototypes etc., do get in touch!

#UX #UI #UserTesting

Erik Sagen
3 weeks ago

This is all kinds of aggravating. #UI #UX #Patterns #UserInteractions

3 weeks ago

Anyone help me with this one? I don't know if a tick means I'll get spam or I'll not get spam!
#DarkPattern #ui #marketing #gdpr

3 weeks ago

Does anyone know what the different colors in macOS System Preferences mean? Why is Sound red, why is Wi-Fi and Accessibility both blue but in different groups?

It seems like the rest of #macOS settled on a color scheme, but the preferences are just a collection of nonsense.

#ui #consistency #colorScheme

3 weeks ago

I was driving in a new car with my mom last year and showing off how I could ask Siri for directions verbally and have them spoken and displayed on my car's screen, and she noted that I had changed Siri's voice to male. I told her I don't like the implications of female-coding an object that I own and use as an assistant. She told me she prefers the female voice because "I don't like having a man tell me what to do."

I think about this a lot. #UI #UX #AI

3 weeks ago

Just checked out #kbin, looks pretty cool for sure, at least from a #UI perspective; it seems to be under active development, too, which makes it even more promising.