Dave Underwood
11 minutes ago

Having the Tories in charge is bad for the health of your country 😞

'UNICEF league table on changes in child poverty over 7+ years up to 2021: UK in the bottom spot'



#ukpol #Tories #GTTO #GTTONow

 league table on changes in child poverty over 7+ years up to 2021: UK in the bottom spot

John Leonard
41 minutes ago

New immigration rules threaten UK's STEM workforce

Higher minimum salary threshold is 'huge own goal'

#uk #technews #immigration #ukpol

In #PMQs 2023-11-29 the Speaker said "Order! I think he has got the question."

after Tulip Siddiq  (Hampstead and Kilburn) (Lab) said "I ask the Prime Minister today how it is that people who were closest to this issue, whom he worked with day in, day out at the top of Government, got the impression that the Prime Minister was okay with people in our country dying—"
#UKPolitics #UKPol #UK

In #PMQs 2023-11-29 the Speaker said "Order! Can I just say to the shadow Foreign Secretary—[Interruption.] Order! Just a little bit quieter, please. I want to hear."

after The Prime Minister said "And this week, we secured £30 billion of new investment for this country. So he can keep trying to talk—"
#UKPolitics #UKPol #UK

The Slight Misgivings
11 hours ago

This is why I'm probably never returning to the UK. It's not just immigrants they are keeping out (though obvs that's an awful thing to do in it's own right). It's UK nationals too.

#UKpol #ukpolitics

12 hours ago

As you probably know, there's no end of obsessive genocide denying posters (or bots) here.

They target repeatedly any posters who support Palestinian rights.

Their aim is to spread the big lies on which fascism depends.

For what it's worth, I report them.

#USPol #UKPol #AusPol #CdnPoli #EuroPol #Israel #Palestine #PalestinianRightsNow

Matthew Rimmer
14 hours ago

You can’t handle the truth, Johnson will tell the Covid inquiry: a bit rich from a man who can’t recognise it | Marina Hyde #COVID19 #ukpol

rhys the great
14 hours ago

This is wonderful! Two sides of the Tory party, each 100-strong, in open warfare with each other over diametrically opposite positions.

I don't want to get too, you know, hopeful — but there's a nonzero chance here of this bringing this wretched government down.

How apt that such a Christmas miracle might occur over such a cruel, uncharitable, and unchristian policy too.

#politics #UKPolitics #Tory #Tories #Rwanda #UKPol

14 hours ago

I depend on other tooters for #ukpol posts about #RishiSunak because I am (possibly/obviously) shadowbanned from some accounts and sources. ☹️


15 hours ago

if you think #privacy in the #uk isn't bad enough already, then check this article out

this legislation and the justification behind it is simply embarrassing

#UK #ukpol #UKPolitics #tory #tories #ToriesOut #conservatives #banking #england #politics

@RejoinEU Brits wondering if anybody is actually running the country while this performative cruelty to The Other goes on.


Old friend of mine has a personal link to this story, his dad died in the early 90s because of this scandal.
He was a child when this happened, now an adult in his 30s and only finally getting compensation over it.
Needless to say, he is very anti-Establishment, now I know why.

Sunak was going to screw the victims over again until a backbench revolt forced him to do the decent thing. He's history come next year, and he knows it.


Anthony Arblaster
21 hours ago

Well this isn't concerning at all.

“a previously unreported document reveals that 2.3-2.5 cubic metres of radioactive “liquor” has been leaking from the facility every day. This liquid is a soup of radioactive magnesium alloy filings dissolved into water, from waste cladding that encased spent Magnox nuclear fuel.”
#UKPol #nuclear #Sellafield #UK #news #UKPolitics #radiation

A graphic from the Guardian showing the average radioactive water loss rates from the UK Office for Nuclear Regulation. There are significant gaps in the data.
All data is in cubic meters per month, and per day in square brackets.
1970s: 90 [3]
1980: 5 (the expected loss due to evaporation) 
2019: 39 [1.3]
2021-23: 72 [2.3-2.5]
2045-50: leakage expected to continue until waste is rehoused in this period.

British Politics is literally phoning it in because representing constituents isn't a real job like fellating donors is.


Alex Cole-Hamilton urged to explain vote from Scottish 
 Parliament bar

Here's how the Rwanda Plan will go next year;
Once the Tories are out, Starmer The Tory will come in, still pledge to ship human beings off to Rwanda but claim to be doing it humanely. People will be outraged, some Labour people may resign but the Labour Party doesn't want that sort now so this will be considered "clearing the fleas"
Thought leaders will call Labour's policy 'Xenophobic', the Labour Front bench will defend the policy and the Xenophobes it's thought to appeal to.


@Geri people would be forgiven for thinking the Home Secretary's job is solely to piss about with this Rwanda plan all day.


Jonathan Schofield
1 day ago

What if:

1. People to the left of Starmer are *really* disenfranchised from the prospect of voting Labour (🙋🏼‍♂️)

2. Starmer’s chasing of swing Tory voters is running out of gas


Nihil Curits
1 day ago

I saw 'The Old Oak' by Ken Loach over the weekend. It's being billed as his final film. It is wonderful, but take some tissues. Critics misread the ending as misplaced wish fulfillment but it is integral to the film's message. He still has hope for the working class, community and humanity. #FilmMastodon #Tories #UKPol

Main character, TJ, stands in front of his dilapidated pub, The Old Oak, a metaphor for the decrepit state of the UK under the Tories. He has is back to us and is try to straighten the letter 'K' in the golden letters that spell out the pub's name.
Anthony Arblaster
1 day ago

I am an #immigrant. I have been in the UK for 12 years on a range of different visas. Despite what gets reported it is extremely expensive to get a UK visa. a 🧵
1/3 ish
#UKPol #UKPolitics

James Baillie
2 days ago

The new immigration rules today are horrifying in every way.

They're literally going to pull families apart for the sake of checking numerical boxes. The stress and dislocation involved in people trying to keep their families together and avoid being turfed out of their jobs and homes will end up killing people.

I am deeply angry and upset and ashamed that I don't have better ways to help those people - including several I'm close to.

#politics #UKPol #Immigration

2 days ago

The British created the conflict in 1917

"The framing of the conflict as just between Israel & the Palestinians is basically false

"Of course, there is a national conflict there & that's central to it.

"But without the support that Zionism received from the British, none of what we have seen in the past century & more would have happened as it did".

The intent has always been "to force an indigenous people from their land".


#USPol #UKPol #Israel #Palestine

It's a day ending in "y" when the British Government does a Xenophobia instead of help anybody.
Will it change with the Thatcher Fanboy in charge next year?

#UKpol #Tories #Labour

"Fuck what the Red Wall thinks, ....unless it's bigotry"

Starmer's attitude towards the North.
#UKPOL #Starmer

An adviser to Mr Tarry pushed back on the suggested edit and replied: 
 "Mr Burnham's happy with it and she's despised in the north, so it will 
 play well with voters." 
 But Sir Keir's aide insisted the reference be removed to "focus on the 
 current set of elections and criticise the current set of Tories".

You can gaslight the public all you want Starmer, but there will be consequences and you are to blame for them.
#UKPOL #Starmer

Not a serious country.
Rather than deal with a serious problem we would rather give it a stupid nickname then hide it, thinking of our careers while doing so.
#Sellafield #UKPOL

The problem of insecure servers at Sellafield was nicknamed Voldemort after 
 the Harry Potter villain, according to a government offcial familiar with the 
 ONR investigation and IT failings at the site, because it was so sensitive and 
 dangerous. It involved highly sensitive data that could be exploited by 
 Britain's enemies. Sellafield's server network was characterised by the offcial 
 as "fundamentally insecure".

Told you the Tories would pivot against Brexit before Labour would.

#UKPOL #JeremyHunt #Brexit

2 days ago


10 min video

Um.. Tories want the right to sniff through your banks accounts. All for a good cause of course.


Shouty person
2 days ago

Tories … focusing on what really matters to real people.

#WhatUnitesUs #UKPol #UKpolitics

Membership Number::
Dear I
We might be a broad church: We might have different views. And we might not always agree.
But there's one thing that unites us: we all want our membership cards back.
That's what I've learnt from talking fo hundreds of Party members like you - and that's why I've acted.
Not only are we bringing back membership cards, we want YOU to help decide what they look like.
2 days ago

Boris Johnson allegedly asked security services for a plan to raid a factory in #Leiden for corona vaccines in 2021. Diplomats told him it would be a bad idea.

“That ex-Prime Minister Boris Johnson has a rich imagination, isn’t news. But considering "military options" to seize corona vaccines from a Dutch factory, is a stretch even for him.”


#ukpol #wtf

That thing about Western (Anglo) Democracy where you can't actually criticise any moderate politician for fear of "letting the bad guys in", no matter what they do or say.
Are we all children or something? Are their positions that tenuous that a single toot saying "I don't agree with this policy" will bring them down?
If so, then they've already lost, haven't they?


2 days ago

Excellent article about UK immigration of skilled workers!

(relevant info to contextualize the salary requirement for skilled worker visa)


Occasional Pictures of Ducks
2 days ago

Is it just me or does it look like this prospective candidate doesn’t want you to realise they’re a Tory? They are.
#ToxicTories #GTTO #UKPol

The front cover of a political leaflet. It’s all in green with white text, as though it pertained to a completely different party. There’s a picture of the candidate and a couple of members of the public (or party). Text says OUR PLAN BEDFORD AND KEMPSTON Opening a new NHS diagnostics centre to cut NHS waiting times. Opening more family hubs across the area. £6.3m invested into catching drugs gangs. INSIDE: How were making progress on Our Plan for an even better Bedford and Kempston es by Andces Spice, on behalt of ed, MK40 2R8. Printed by Paragon er Drive, Mation Keynes, MX14 FROM PINDER CHAUHAN PROSPECTIVE MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT
2 days ago

I heard an hilarious skit on the radio the other day where despite the NHS collapsing round our ears, they were joking that the government want to limit the number of skilled workers who can come into the country to - wait for it - *work for the NHS!* 🤣🤣🤣


Oh. It seems that this is actually a policy. The joke's on us.

Peter Relph
2 days ago

They don't represent you.

Nobody represents you.

You, in all your billions, are unrepresented ...

opposed certainly

enslaved certainly

represented by no-one until you work out who might represent you.

#auspol #ukpol #politics

I would say #uspol but probably too late for you

2 days ago

The British created the conflict in 1917

"The framing of the conflict as just betw Israel & the Palestinians is basically false

"Of course, there is a national conflict there & that's central to it

"But without the support that Zionism received from the British, none of what we have seen in the past century & more would have happened as it did"

The intent has always been "to force an indigenous people from their land"



#USPol #UKPol #Israel

Kay :heart_bi:
2 days ago

I don't know enough about #UKpolitics to understand why Labour Party UK chose a Tory fan for their leader. Is there a viable alternative for leftwing voters? #UKpol 😬

Keir Starmer's betrayal of poor people

and his praise of Maggie Thatcher

would make me reach for a bucket not a ballot box 🤮 🗳️

Meta-Sentient Flavored Aqua
3 days ago

Noticed the drama & pearl clutching but hadn't read the story. Clearly many others hadn't either. Jesus you made Phil drop the f bomb for the very first time in the years of doing his politics channel.

Maybe don't believe any old shite you read in The Torygraph is the takeaway here.

#UKPol #Labour #GTTO #ToryScum

If all of Labour were this truthful we wouldn't complain so much

#UKPOL #Labour

Former MSP Neil Findlay was also among the party members 
 expressing outrage over Starmer's comments. 
 "Starmer is a liar, a fraud, a cheat and an imposter, he is an affront to Labour 
 Party and betrays its historic mission," he wrote on Twitter/X. "What is the party 
 under his 'leadership' offering working class voters ? The party is ahead in the 
 polls not because of anything he has done."

These are the people who were saying "let them die" during the Pandemic, they feel entitled to Public Money to heat their second homes. We should be eating them


Taxpayers foot E300,000 bill for MPs' soaring energy costs at second 
Mike Riversdale
3 days ago

Is he actively trying to lose the next election?

Maybe he loves the sense of danger that a thin margin brings, the adrenaline rush of having to work hard!

#ukpolitics #ukpol

3 days ago

"52-year-old British documents reveal 'Israel's secret plan' to deport Palestinians to Sinai"

At the start of Israeli occupation of the Gaza Strip, 200,000 refugees displaced from other areas in Palestine lived alongside 150,000 Palestinian original residents.

Now, of more than 2m living there, ~70% are refugees.

Gaza's "overcrowded refugee camps developed strong resistance groups that fight back" against the decades-long occupation.

#USPol #UKPol #Israel #Gaza

3 days ago

Britain's Boer-War concentration camps, its Christian Zionism & Israel's wars on Gaza

When Britain couldn't beat Boer-War guerrilla tactics, Kitchener launched a scorched-earth policy; "sporting shoots" (success was "bags" of killed & captured Boers); & forcibly removed civilians into concentration camps, where tens of thousands died from malnutrition & disease, especially children.

#USPol #UKPol #israel #Gaza

Britain's Boer-War concentration camps,
3 days ago

"There are some very good news stories in the NHS" from the health secretary has real "The hundreds of miles of sailing before the Titanic struck the iceberg were actually very comfortable" energy #BBCLauraK #ukpol

5 days ago

"Israel Reopens the Gaza Slaughterhouse"

"Phase One of Israel’s genocidal campaign on Gaza has ended. Phase Two has begun. It will result in even higher levels of death and destruction"

"It plans to finish the job... to render Gaza uninhabitable, to see its 2.3 million people driven out in a massive campaign of ethnic cleansing via starvation, terror, slaughter & infectious diseases"

#Israel #Gaza #USPol #UKPol #CdnPoli #EuroPol #EthnicCleansing #Genocide

5 days ago

Animals other than humans oust their bully leaders.

Humans vote for theirs.

Leader animals come in two categories. The bullies are the minority & they usually don't last very long before they are ousted, killed or kicked out of the group. The others have true leadership capacities: they break up fights, keep the peace & defend the underdog.,15201

#Leadership #USPol #UKPol

You'll notice that like with the public support for being cruel to refugees, handing back the Marbles and for action on Climate Change, it doesn't matter what the majority think, Westminster will just 'dismiss' that in the arrogant, anti-democratic way they do and then expect that to be the end of the matter.

Does that sound like a Democracy to you? Doesn't to me. 😔

#Brexit #UKPOL

Majority of Britons support rejoining the 
 EU single market - poll 
 November 29, 2023 2:48 PM GMT hours ago
1 week ago

If you're in the #uk you might want to write to your MP **TODAY** to ask them to stop/amend the 'data grab' bill

#ukPol #dataGrab #privacy @openrightsgroup

Britain is not a serious country, don't ever listen to us.


MP labels grey squirrels 'Hamas of the 
 squirrel world' 
 Jim Shannon likened the common rodent to Hamas who killed 1,200 civilians on October 7
1 week ago

"COP28: inside the United Arab Emirates, the Oil Giant hosting 2023 Climate Change Summit"

Documents show "the UAE hosts planned to advise a Colombian minister that Adnoc “stands ready” to help the country develop its oil & gas reserves.

Echoes of when the UK expanded "its North Sea oil fields less than two years after urging the world to raise its climate ambitions as summit host"

Do oligarchs & their puppet govts care? Pfft, no!

#COP28 #UAE #USPol #UKPol

1 week ago

A Corrupted COP
"New revelations show just how bad the oil countries really are"

COP28 host nation, UAE, "used its official position to leverage new oil & gas deals around the world... a timely reminder that there are entire nations that essentially operate as oil companies, with precisely the same attention to morality as Exxon or Shell."

Bill McKibben

#USPol #UKPol #ClimateCrisis #COP

The European Network
1 week ago

The UK is backing down from its climate ambitions at COP28.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak does not share his predecessor Boris Johnson's concern for the environment and has announced a number of retreats on key measures to achieve carbon neutrality.

#UK #Politics #UKPol #COP28 #Climate #Environment #Sunak #Carbon #CarbonNeutrality

Dave Underwood
1 week ago

From Peter Geoghegan:

'The more I think about it, the more I think this is a complete scandal.

Donors can now give £11,200 to British political parties anonymously, while parties can spend more than ever.

Welcome to the dark money election - brought to you by the Tory government'

#ukpol #Tories #GTTO #UKPolitics #GTTONow

1 week ago

@essjayjay @AutisticMumTo3 @PamCrossland

Labours foreign policy is set by Washington

Economic policy set by big business donors

Social policy set by fear of the right-wing tory press

What is the point of #Labour ?

#Starmer #UKPolitics #Demcracy #UKPol

Stephen Radford :telly:
2 weeks ago

Why do only pensioners get the winter fuel allowance? Do the disabled or those with children who cannot work not seem vulnerable enough to need heating? #UKPol

2 weeks ago

Neo-liberal gibberish.

Do all politicians now read the same book about running the country or something?

Do they not get taught that state spending on infrastructure is a net benefit to the economy? If we don't invest in ourselves, why should others?

All they seem to do is treat the country like it has a credit card rather than a sovereign currency.

Economic illiteracy.

#UKPol #UKPolitics

Labour unlikely to meet its £28bn green pledge at all - BBC News

2 weeks ago

With a shorter summer, how would schools get the large building maintenance projects done that currently happen during summer? Or major IT refresh work?

If we lose that time, it means we then need to plan for out of hours work during term-time, splitting projects up, or bringing in temporary provision, all which cost significantly more.

#UKPol #UKPolitics

I’m a teacher, and even I think we should cut the long school summer holidays | School holidays | The Guardian

@geoglyphentropy @derpoltergeist the butcher of thousands during COVID wants to talk about 'protecting Britain' does he?!
#UKPOL #BorisJohnson

Jonathan Schofield
2 weeks ago

“The current Labour Right is so constitutionally incapable of winning a political argument, so inflexible in its phobic attitude to the Left, so wounded in its entitlement to rule, and so traumatised by the brief loss of power to Corbynism, that it can't even affect magnanimity in victory.

Sore winners.”

An excerpt from (@leninology) Richard Seymour’s:

2 weeks ago

The west's climate-catastrophe plan:

* Silence & gaol dissenters;

* Impoverish & brainwash the rest;

* Impose forever wars & prison-camp epidemics to kill as many as possible (eg, Gaza).

Welcome to 21stC global fascism.

Psychopaths care for nought - even their own children - except power

Most are old men; they'll die in relative luxury.

"Even if billions perish in the coming climate catastrophe... we shouldn’t be too concerned"*

#USPol #EuroPol #CdnPoli #UKPol

Democracy in chains Nancy MacLean
Stephen Radford :telly:
2 weeks ago

I’d somehow forgotten Jeremy Hunt was our chancellor until that pathetic Autumn Statement #UKPol #UKPolitics

Jonathan Schofield
2 weeks ago

#ukpol #GeneralElectionNow
Have you ever been less enthused at the prospect of who could realistically form the next UK government?

(If yes, please name the election year)

Meta-Sentient Flavored Aqua
2 weeks ago

Russia didn't just invade #Ukraine they invaded the UK & US as well. The difference is. The Ukrainians bravely defend their country with their lives, while the UK & US facilitated, supported & rolled over. Here in the UK the government made an oligarch a Lord (for life). They launder their money, ignore assassinations on UK soil, let them interfere with our elections & of course #Brexit Putin's master plan of hobbling us.

#UKPol #Russia

2 weeks ago

Watch: Israeli children sing, “We will annihilate everyone” in Gaza

"Israel’s national broadcaster Kan uploaded this song to X (formerly Twitter) in which Israeli children sing in celebration and support for the Israeli army’s mass extermination campaign of Palestinians in Gaza.

"The sweet faces of children make an incongruous accompaniment to the genocidal lyrics of the so-called Friendship Song 2023"

#USPol #UKPol #CdnPoli #Israel #Gaza

The European Network
2 weeks ago

“Dark money” has surged into UK anti-abortion groups in recent years, aiding controversial activism and raising questions about overseas political influence inside the country.

According to data shared with Euronews by the Good Law Project, "shadowy" funds - where the source is obscured and not fully disclosed - nearly doubled for the UK branch of the "hate group" Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) from 2020 to 2022.

#UK #Politics #UKPol #Abortion #DarkMoney

2 weeks ago

"What is it now, Sergeant?" 1982

#USPol #UKPol #CdnPoli #EuroPol #AusPol #Israel #Palestine

Israel-Palestine cartoon from 1982

"The COVID inquiry has learned that Boris Johnson looked 'broken' during...."

Oh boo fucking hoo, thousands of people are DEAD because he was shit at his job! 😡


I have anecdotal evidence that Farage is a massive turn off for viewers. Who the hell wants to see 'Mr Brexit' use his privilege and elite connections to avoid all the trials and get special treatment?

He is everything that is wrong with Britain today, he is not 'entertainment'
Stop forcing these people on us, we don't like them.

#NigelFarage #UKPOL

The inclusion of right-wing firebrand politician Nigel Farage and Jamie Lynn Spears 
 in this year's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here! failed to spark gangbuster ratings 
 for last night's launch episode, although you wouldn't think so reading GB News 
 producer Ben Leo's X timeline.

Splitting the Crank Vote, excellent.....


Reform UK goes back to Brexit as it 
 looks to seize on Tory troubles 
 Party has tweaked its name and is preparing to announce 
 hundreds of new parliamentary candidates
2 weeks ago

FM Yousaf met Dr Zomlot on Friday too, he's been getting racist abuse and accusations of being antisemitic, despite meeting the Glasgow Jewish Rep Council and the Scottish Council of Jewish Communities on the same day.


"First Minister @HumzaYousaf welcomed the Head of @PalMissionUK, Dr @HZomlot to Bute House today.

They discussed the need for an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza to ensure the lives of innocent people are protected."

Photo of Dr Zomlot, a Palestinian Brown man wearing a suit and tie, hands clasped. FM Yousaf stands beside him, he's an Asian Brown man in a suit, hands clasped.
"Members of Scotland's Jewish community met First Minister @HumzaYousaf to discuss antisemitism and concerns about rising tensions in their communities.

@GJRCouncil and @SCoJeC discussed ways to work with @ScotGov and other faith groups to strengthen community cohesion."

Photo of FM Yousaf talking to two greyhaired people who are turned away from the camera, they're all seated on sofas.
2 weeks ago

Friday: Sarwar meets Husam Zomlot, Palestinian Ambassador to the UK, calls for a ceasefire.

Sunday: he's been spoken to and wants to water it down.

"Scottish Labour are understood to be seeking to amend the motion, and policy notes seen by The Scotsman suggest the party is likely to water down the demand for an immediate ceasefire."

#Labour #UKPol

Husam Zomlot, a Palestinian Brown man in a suit with no tie, hands clasped in front of him. Anas Sarwar, an Asian Brown man, stands next to him in zipped up jacket, hands clasped.
2 weeks ago

The settler colonial governments of America, Canada, Australia, et al. are owned by fascist oligarchs such as Murdoch & Koch.

No matter which side of their duopolies is in government, it's their fascism that trickles down.

And fascism is flooding, now, beyond black & brown & other marginalised communities to the pale faced.

With the climate catastrophe upon us, it was only a matter of time.


#USPol #UKPol #AusPol #CdnPoli #EuroPol

charles koch
peter thiel
penwing (they/them)
3 weeks ago

I now work in a university setting and the students who are coming through now have never lived with S28, never mind gone to school under S28, or been fully aware of themselves and S28.

We now live in a world with streaming and where we - and our kids - can catch and spread joy about shows and films like "Heartstopper", "Our Flag Means Death" and "Red, White and Royal Blue" - we can see ourselves - as we may hope we could have been, as they are

And that. Is. Glorious.

#UKPol #Queer

penwing (they/them)
3 weeks ago

this whole "pretended family relationship" bit of S28 was a huge part of why I was so angry at Labour for only introducing Civil Partnerships - watching MP after MP saying not to worry - that CPs weren't real marriages.

It's why I was so angry at Stonewall for so long for blocking any chance of moving forward of Equal Marriage (which I still don't quite think we have).

#queer #UKPol

penwing (they/them)
3 weeks ago

I was out to only a small handful of my friends at this point, but damn I was sooo tempted to speak up at these two, clueless, individuals arguing over my rights - my ability to see myself in the everyday.

You want to know what radicalised me?

When I see Don't Say Gay laws...

When I see anti-trans bullshit mirroring word-for-word, play-for-play the same crap that gave us this disgusting piece of legislation...

When I see "family" as a political unit...

It. Hurts.

#UKPol #queer

penwing (they/them)
3 weeks ago

Beautiful Thing (1994 for the film) was the age's Heartstopper (by way of Ken Loach), but this was in the days of linear television, or knowing enough and being open enough to get a video or lucky enough to see a stage production.

In sixth form, we had a PSE session where you could chose either driving instruction (bleh) or a "Section 28 debate". a debate between a "friend" (in favour of S28) and a bully (against S28)

#queer #UKPol

penwing (they/them)
3 weeks ago

I say it "kinda" forbade schools - it both didn't quite do and did, unofficially, a whole lot more.

It wasn't until Queer as Folk in 1999 that my subconscious was able to hand over the "your gay" file to my conscious mind and say "deal with it!"... that's because gay people were either -
* "safe", obvious (highly camp), single, caricatures, or
* dying of AIDS
We were not living happy relationships...

#queer #UKPol