the magnificent rhys
3 hours ago

Never lose sight of what the Tories do to everything they're ever allowed to be in power of. They demean, denigrate, corrupt, and pervert every ministry and every public institution they are permitted to worm their way into, to the point where the public can no longer rely on their own institutions to tell the truth.

The Tories should never be allowed to be in control of anything ever.

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A screenshot from a Guardian news article detailing how the Home Secretary's own statements about her portfolio are outrightly false, and how newspapers defending their reporting based on it being facts as disseminated by a Minister has failed the test of truth.
Mark H
4 hours ago

There's a TV trailer for Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins that's showing on Channel 4 these days. It features people of questionable levels of fame crying and in pain immediately after it shows that Matt Hancock is taking part with them. Brutal, and an understandable reaction.

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5 hours ago

"Political monsters do not arise from nowhere: they are built, brick by brick, in a collective effort. Whether Braverman herself is the next Tory leader or not, Bravermanism is the future of the British right"

Owen Jones on the normalisation of extremism in the Conservative Party.
#ToryBritain #UKPolitics #SuellaBraverman

Steve Loughran
9 hours ago

@ProjectFearlessness but it’s true. If anyone wants to see a “no go area” in the UK, go to Portadown, Co. Armagh in the marching season.And the edgiest bit was the Unionist ghetto.
I now fear that because my street in Bristol lacks a gateway saying “1690 No Surrender” and we didn’t call our son Billy, there’s a risk #Braverman will declare us all un- British and send us to Belfast for re-education

Matt Green
10 hours ago

New video:

Will the Government extend HS2 to Manchester?

#HS2 #comedy #funny #satire #ukpolitics #politics #RishiSunak

Jake Rayson
11 hours ago

“If cultural change is too rapid and too big, then what was already there is diluted. Eventually it will disappear.”

Who said this?

#UKpolitics #racism

Dave Underwood
12 hours ago

On & on & on. The constant lying.

Tories: first tell the lie, then later quietly say "I misspoke" or, as in this case, have the paper that published your views apologise!

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12 hours ago

@jackLondon @orangutanwriter

Overall, I think both #tory party and #labour party leadership are appallingly dishonest and unrepresentative
Which is worse for dishonesty - they are both terrible
Would you say #starmer is a good example of honesty in politics?

And both parties are way too enthusiastic to uncritically engage in military "adventures"

So when a politician speaks about #war and #refugees accurately and honestly its noteworthy

Depressing eh?
#militarism #starmer #UKPolitics

Prism & Pen
13 hours ago

The #NHS in #England issued training materials to schools advising that teachers should out trans students to their parents, and that prevent any form of social transition without prior parental permission.

#LGBTQ #UKPolitics #Transgender #Schools

Dave Underwood
15 hours ago

Here we go again, Tories favouring the rich and doing nothing for those that are struggling. This time they want to get rid of the Inheritance Tax.

Despite the fact 96% of families will never pay it, and it brings in £7 billion a year for public services. 'Forecasts estimate this will rise to £15 billion in ten years.'

When will the Tories stop being so craven to their wealthy paymasters?


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Peter Keating
17 hours ago
19 hours ago

"Films are a joy. But once you’re connected to politics, it’s hard to avoid taking part. The left has such potential, so many good people. To bring it together… if you could contribute to that, that’d be really something worth doing.”

Good interview with Ken Loach on the release of his latest film, politics and the Labour Party.
#KenLoach #Film #Movies #UKPolitics #LabourParty

Propaganda at play in the UK Prime Minister’s speech. Old tactics: invent an enemy then show you are combating it. Here it was about ‘scrapping taxes’ that were never govt policy.

#UKPolitics #ClimateEmergency

21 hours ago

I woke up this morning so, so angry and sickened by this Tory government's decision to allow the Rosebank oilfield to go ahead that I fired off two emails, one to my Tory MP and one to Keir Starmer.
The first is an obvious target, but why Starmer, you say?

"A categorical refusal to allow the project to proceed under a Labour government could squash it right now"
Chris Mason, Political Editor BBC News

Starmer is just as culpable.
#Rosebank #UKPolitics #Oil #Gas

Is Labour actually going to do any thing?

Labour backs down from plan to strip private schools of charitable status


Richard Knott
1 day ago
1 day ago

The local Tories have gone back to their vile leaflet design. A few things to notice:
* Sadiq Khan’s name in red. Compare this to Ulez. Ulez is clearly a dog whistle.
* On a similar note “Keep Havering a Town and Country Borough!” this replaces the early version “Keep Havering special”. The meaning in both is clear.
* Andrew Rosindell’s photo three times. He’s been fairly invisible for a while….
* “the safe hands of Andrew Rosindell” - no comment
* and the poll… wtf 😡

A vile local Tory electoral leaflet
Nonsense updates of little importance or unrelated things to the local Tories .
Steve Loughran
1 day ago

#rosebank is a crime, #sunak is a criminal-he should be remembered and condemned for his sabotage of the UK’s Net Zero plans. We are part of “Th Fossil Five” - those countries still trying to maximise oil and gas production and rationalise it away -and starmer isn’t doing anything to address this. All he should have to do is warn that all tax breaks will go and then the spreadsheets can talk for themselves.


Paul - Grumpy Old Man
1 day ago

James O'Brien's fiery reaction to Suella Braverman's 'multiculturalism has failed' speech | LBC
#UKPol #UKPolitics

Sydenham News & Views
2 days ago

#sydenham #penge #Beckenham #ukpolitics

Lord Harris former Tory donor gives £5,000 to Shadow Chancellor Rachel Reeves. He claims she went to one of his academy schools in Beckenham but it was, in fact, the original Cator Park School for Girls. Cator Park is borderline Sydenham or Penge. Beckenham is a bit of estate agent stretch ;-)

Rachel still supports state education with a child at a local school and turns up for parent events. Maybe not so much next year ...


David Njoku
2 days ago

Outside of genocide, culture cannot "disappear". Culture always changes in a thriving society. Not everyone will always be best pleased with the rate of change or the source of its influences, but that is a different conversation.


Oli Mould
2 days ago

For your own mental health and rage levels, please don't look at ANY of #SuellaBraverman's speech. It's one of the most hate-full, ignorant and deceitful things I've heard from a politician in a long while; and given what we've heard in the past few months alone, that really is quite something.

#UKpolitics #RefugeesWelcome

Matt Green
2 days ago

New video:

Embarrassed by the trains in Switzerland! (Live stand up clip recorded in Zurich)

#comedy #standupcomedy #switzerland #zurich #trains #ukpolitics #politics #funny

Peter Mount
2 days ago

A builder, whilst having a dispute with a local authority about his attempt to convert an old pizza shop in Trowbridge has put up a groesque of the council leader on the side of the building.

Instead of being offended about it, the council leader is now using an image of it as his Facebook profile image

#ukPolitics #politicalHumour #gargoyle

The sculpture, which is technically a grotesque, on the side of the building
Matt Green
3 days ago

New video:

Suella Braverman on Refugees!

The Home Secretary is going to make a speech on Refugees - but what will she say? Top Correspondent Jonathan Goodenough has more...

#comedy #funny #satire #ukpolitics #politics #suellabraverman #immigration #refugees

Open Rights Group
3 days ago

In March, ORG and @the3million defeated the UK government for a SECOND time over attempts to deny migrants access to their data.

Now the government is appealing the decision.

✊We need your support to continue fighting the UNLAWFUL immigration exception ⤵️

#ukpolitics #migrants #dataprotection #GDPR

3 days ago

Could the UK government’s cosy relationship with #SaudiArabia -where it’s not just “difficult to be gay” but illegal and a death sentence- have anything to do with this latest bigoted stance?

#UKPol #UKPolitics #LGBTQrights #HumanRights #refugees #AsylumSeekers

“Suella Braverman says being gay isn’t reason enough for asylum“

3 days ago

Nissan will make the switch to full electric by 2030 in Europe. "We believe it is the right thing to do for our business, our customers and for the planet," said Nissan's chief executive Makoto Uchida.
Nissan is the only #UK manufacturer to have its own battery plant in the UK.
Nissan is also aiming for price parity with petrol cars by 2030 and is pioneering a cheaper all-solid-state-battery (ASSB), which charges more quickly.
#Nissan #ASSB #EV #ElectricCars #UKPolitics

3 days ago

"This [IEA report] is yet more confirmation from the world’s energy experts that we can’t have new oil and gas projects if we’re going to stay within a safe climate, and that massively scaling up renewables is key to achieving that.

“Yet the UK is part of a tiny club of wealthy countries that while professing to lead on climate is massively expanding oil and gas production"
Tessa Khan, Uplift

#IEA #COP28 #ClimateEmergency #FossilFuels #Oil #Gas #UKPolitics

Kay Elúvian
4 days ago

I live near Manchester, I periodically need to be in London. It's 200 miles / 330km away.

To take the train: £192 (220 EUR) + 3 hours each way.
Bus/Coach: £24 + 5h out, 7h back.
Fly: £127+ 3h each way.
Drive: £40 in petrol + 4h each way.

In France, to go from Paris to La Rochelle (300 miles) would take *3 hours* and cost *£90 / 100 EUR return* by train.

There's literally NO GOOD OPTION.

#britain #ukpolitics #publictransport

Oli Mould
4 days ago

HS2, wherever it is extended to or not, was never designed to serve the north; this kind of project only ever serves to suck more resources into London.

The money would be far better spent on east-west northern high speed rail.

#HS2 #UKpolitics

King Mob
4 days ago

The Cost of Living Crisis No.4: Excessively wealthy very happy that the Tory government pland to end the building of a high-speed railway to the North. "Levelling Down" is the new Tory slogan.

#CostOfLivingCrisis #HS2 #railways #ukpolitics #uk #economy #Tories #ToryGovernment

Old cartoon showing a group of people waiting for a train. 
The title says: Cost of Living Crisis No.4
In the cartoon, one of the people waiting says: "Only poor people live in the North. Why would they need trains anyway?
Underneath the cartoon the caption says: Excessively wealthy very happy that the Tory government pland to enf the building of a high-speed railway to the North. "Levelling Down" is the new Tory slogan.
4 days ago

US tech firm has been privately lobbying UK councils and police forces to scale up their surveillance using their AI-powered platform

#UKPol #UKPolitics #Ukpolice #surveillance #facialrecognition #Law

Democracy Club
4 days ago

🏵️ Candidate lists for the Mid #Bedfordshire and #Tamworth parliamentary by-elections were published on Friday.

🗳️ Thirteen candidates are standing in Mid Bedfordshire, and nine in Tamworth.

👀 Take a look at the candidates on #WhoCanIVoteFor

#byelection #ukpolitics #parliament

Colin the Mathmo
4 days ago

Quoting ...

Here in Manchester, U.K., we're waiting for the inevitable. PM Rishi Sunak is going to announce the scrapping of the HS2 rail link from London to Manchester. Then, without any sense of irony, he's going to get in his helicopter and make the journey from London to Manchester for Conservative Party conference.

Of course he is.


Vivienne Dunstan
4 days ago

There was a substantial amount of #inheritanceTax paid on my dad’s estate, which is still going through legal processes 16 months after he died. I just looked back at the calculations the solicitor sent us. I was very happy for them to pay this. I’d have been happy to pay more. I’m strongly opposed to any reduction in inheritance tax which favours the very wealthiest at the expense of the general population and its needs as a whole. Another appalling #RishiSunak #Tory plan. #Politics #UKPolitics

Null points for my local railway company on their feedback form :blobfoxannoyed:

#Railways #RMT #RailStrikes #UKPolitics #Disability

Screenshot of railway company website feedback form. The heading says "
We're sorry we weren't up to scratch.
Could you tell us a bit about why you gave us that rating?" and the text box contains the following...

It's difficult to think positively about a railway company which is planning to lay off large numbers of staff at its stations. This makes EMR services significantly less safe for all passengers and will prevent many passengers who require assistance from travelling by train at all. Please reconsider.
Margaret Hollins
5 days ago

Powerful column by Josiah Mortimer at Byline Times:

“It is as embarrassing as it is shameful. Businesses face more uncertainty, voters face higher bills, and the world keeps burning.
We are a nation adrift, as Sunak tries to steer the ship for a handful
of vested interests and blinkered climate deniers. 
For all that Conservative motormouths rant about ‘Eco Zealots’, we
are seeing the real zealots at work.”
#ClimateChange #Environment #UKPolitics

Alex Gallagher
5 days ago

Anyone remember the fiction that the Conservatives were "The party of law and order"?

It seems that a Facebook Group that praises and highlights law-breakers is run by a Tory Council Leader and contains a Tory Minister - Minister for Policing, no less.

As always with the Tories it's "one law for you and another for us".

#hypocrisy @conservatives #conservatives #ukpolitics

6 days ago

Rishi Sunak has quietly disbanded the government's energy efficiency taskforce, set up in March to speed up home insulation and boiler upgrades. This is yet another U-turn that will lead to higher bills for those in the least insulated and worst accommodation, that is, renters, the vulnerable, and the poor. No change there.

His oil, gas, and landlord donors really are getting their money's worth.
#EnergyTaskforce #NetZero #UKPolitics #InsulateBritain #ToryCorruption

Emily King
6 days ago

@RichardJMurphy as someone who studied on the International Baccalaureate, I can wholeheartedly say that their subjects for mathematics were not particularly real world based. A heck of a lot of differential calculus. I would have much preferred a lot more focus on a subject like statistics.

Also, the IB will still be superior to whatever this government cooks up because it teaches independent thinking, media literacy and critical analysis skills.


1 week ago

Cash-strapped councils may seek to put disabled people in residential care to save costs, without regard for their wishes

#ukpol #UKPolitics #disability

Antonio Páez
1 week ago

Just more proof, as if any was needed, of how that horrid person Margaret Thatcher, poisoned the well of all that was good in Great Britain for decades to come.

Her evil legacy perdures.

#ukpolitics #thatcher #murdoch #corruption #conservatives #tories

🧡Karen a woke Karen 🧡
1 week ago

As you get older, you become right wing and vote Tory. That is no longer the case. Chickens coming home to roost, dysfunctional housing system, life long student debt, wages diminishing in value, cost of living crisis, Brexshit, climate crisis . . . resulting in chronic anxiety about the future under Tory misrule.
#gttonow #ukpolitics

Open Rights Group
1 week ago

“While the UK government has admitted it’s not possible to safely scan all of our private messages, it has granted Ofcom the powers to force tech companies to do so in the future.”

🗣 @JamesBaker, ORG Campaigns Manager.

#OnlineSafetyBill #e2ee #privacy #ukpolitics

Stuart Langridge
1 week ago

Can you hear me you peers and privy councillors
I stand before you naked to the eyes
I will destroy any man who dares abuse my trust
I swear that you'll be mine
At the seven bins of lies

A UK government banner (but not labelled as such) reading:

[an addition has been made here which reads “all of which are completely fictional”]

Taxes on eating meat
New taxes to discourage flying
Sorting your rubbish into seven different bins
Compulsory car sharing
Expensive insulation upgrades

A new approach to reach Net Zero
1 week ago

"I think it’s fair to say that the international business and security communities here in New York are baffled.
Rishi Sunak has in one go alienated his strategic allies, exposed his citizens to higher costs from continuing gas dependence, and signalled that the UK is not a reliable place to invest in clean technologies.”
Ruth Davis, UK Adviser, COP26

#ClimateEmergency #UKPolitics #RishiSunak

1 week ago

"This action from Rishi Sunak is a disgusting betrayal of vulnerable people around the world, not to mention economic vandalism upon his own country,”
Mohamed Adow, Director, Power Shift Africa

“I find it shocking and really disappointing … I think he’s done the wrong thing. I’ve heard from many of my friends in the UK including a lot of Conservative party members who have used the phrase, ‘utter disgust’."
Al Gore

#RishiSunak #ClimateEmergency #UKPolitics

Nick Barlow
1 week ago

I was always on the fence about the idea that Sunak was bad at politics, but it takes a special kind of negative talent to be criticised by Ford for relaxing regulations on car manufacturers. #UKpolitics

Cllr George Potter
1 week ago

I'm the councillor responsible for waste collection and climate change at #Guildford Borough Council, so I can safely say that, contrary to some claims made by #RishiSunak, never in a million years have there been any plans *or* suggestions to get people to sort their rubbish into "7 different recycling bins".

Draw your own conclusions from that about the accuracy of the rest of his speech.

#ukpolitics #climatechange #netzero

Paul "theaardvark" Taylor
1 week ago

Sunak cancelling invented policies for "7 recycling bins", "taxes on eating meat" and "compulsory car sharing" have all the sincerity and honesty of Truss's attacks on the imaginary anti-growth coalition.
#SunacksATwat #NetZero #UKPolitics #GTTO #EmbarrasedToBeBritish

Jake Rayson
1 week ago

Alternative media #NovaraMedia actually critiquing UK policy and not treating it like a soap opera

#politics #UKpolitics

Paul "theaardvark" Taylor
1 week ago

Sunak sounds like someone patronising a bunch of kids.