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#Socialism Fear-mongering is Bananas

You see, advanced countries, like the #UnitedStates, pool resources for the common good. How? Well, governments enact #taxes and then spend that money on things that benefit everyone. Think of #nationaldefense, #schools, #highways, #healthcare, #unemployment insurance — basically government spending that protects the #wellbeing of the people.

"Despite studies showing #Black #immigrants are, on average, the most educated group of immigrants in the #UnitedStates, they earn lower wages than similarly trained non-Black immigrants and have the highest #unemployment rate of any #immigrant group.

An ethnic #racist asks, 'Why are Black immigrants doing better than African Americans?'

An ethnic #antiracist asks, 'Why are Black immigrants not doing as well as other immigrant groups?'"

How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

2 days ago


This isn't some wild claim and a #WAG of a number on the part of Alberta.

That number is what you get when you apply the #official #CPP #formula for a #province withdrawing from the plan. i.e., it's the correct amount.

It seems high because #Alberta's #contributions to CPP have been historically much higher than average (good jobs, low #unemployment), and their proceeds from it have been much lower than average (low average age).

It's realistic.

#math #actuary

Also, being face to face in a room full of people for 8 hours a day, 2 days next week is:
- a HUGE fucking covid risk
- going to have me dysfunctional for the rest of the week
- a waste of the time I should be using to get my assessment handed in

#Centerlink #Unemployment #audhd #autism #adhd #disability #neurodiverse #MentalHealth #Anxiety #MentalIllness #ChronicPain #university #Academia

Ugh. My employment service provider is making me do the RSA/RCG certificates.

I've explained to them that:
- I'm studying at uni, and am not going to work in the service industry.
- my mental health, and specifically ptsd, would never let me work in service, especially around drunk people.
- my physical disabilities would never be accommodated within the service industry.

Their response? "Yeah, we'll still have you do it because it'll look great on your CV"

Bitch, if 15 years of nursing experience isn't getting me job interviews, having an RSA isn't going to be the thing that clinches it.

#Centerlink #Unemployment

Also, it's super frustrating because they could be using my spot for someone who DOES want an RSA but can't afford it.

Orlando O. Spencer I™
3 days ago

Happy Thursday, Friends! Does high prices cause #inflation? Is inflation a result of #greedycorporations, low #unemployment, or high #wages? What is the #origin of inflation anyway? How can one protect themselves against inflation? We try to answer these questions and more in this week’s #OnAviation full article. 

See you in the comments.

#aviation #employment

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4 days ago

Talking about cover letters in job development this morning. I told my case worker, "I have social anxiety, depression, and a stutter. And I come from the Upper Midwest. If ever there was a recipe for feeling uncomfortable talking yourself up, that’s it.”

#unemployment #socialAnxiety #depression #mentalHealth

4 days ago

Over 40% of India’s graduates under 25 unable to find jobs, says report

There is large variation in the rate of unemployment even within the higher educated group. The unemployment rate falls from over 40 percent for educated youth under 25 years of age to less than five percent for graduates who are 35 years and above, a report titled State of Working India 2023 shows.

#unemployment #covid19 #PLFS #labour #labor #agriculture #jobs #industry #economy #india

5 days ago

Slower life expectancy gains at the U.S. county level since 2000 linked to increasing levels of poverty, unemployment, and single-parent families plus declines in manufacturing jobs. Esp. in rural areas. #Poverty #Unemployment #SingleParent #LifeExpectancy #NICHDImpact

Steve Maclellan
6 days ago

These companies have laid off Canadian workers in 2023

These companies have laid off Canadian workers in 2023
1 week ago

Crisis in India’s bread basket

How agriculture, capital and corporate investment have reshaped Indian Punjab, and brought about its current precarity.

#punjab #agriculture #unemployment #GreenRevolution #ContractFarming #RIL #FarmersProtest #india

King Mob
1 week ago

Tim Gurner, capitalist edgelord.

If you haven't seen the video or read about this vile capitalist who celebrates mass unemployment as a mechanism for "normality", then do so.

He reveals the conversations taking place among the excessively wealthy and how they influence the actions of governments across the globe.

#TimGurner #capitalist #capitalism #politics #unemployment #economics

Image of Tim Gurner, multi-millionare CEO.

He is quoted as saying: "The governments around the world are trying to increase unemployment to get back to some sort of normality."

Underneath it says: CAPITALIST EDGELORD
Mojo ♻️
1 week ago

#Albanese Government’s record #immigration is a disaster for working Australians.
Not only is it directly increasing their #housing costs via prices and rents, soon it will also push #unemployment higher and stifle #wages growth.
The only winners from this mad policy are the ‘growth lobby’ of Big Business, Big Property and the international education industry. #auspol #housingcrisis #propertylobby #BetterNotBigger

Workers unionizing and asking for better wages and working conditions isn't "class warfare". Class warfare is what the rich have *been waging against the rest of us* for decades. It's the reason we're all struggling so hard, while they say things like, "we need unemployment rise... we need to see pain". 😡

#ClassWarfare #EatTheRich #unemployment #economy #unionize

#BernieSanders tears into the #millionaire #CEO who said “we need to see #unemployment rise."


Video courtesy of:
All In With Chris Hayes #MSNBC

1 week ago

Wow... talk about the mask slipping...

“We need to see unemployment rise. Unemployment has to jump 40, 50 percent in my view. We need to see pain in the economy.”

"There's been a systematic change where employees feel the employer is extremely lucky to have them ... We've got to kill that attitude."


#Unemployment #Economy

Jude Jackson
1 week ago

Australian property developer #TimGurner reveals the real face of capitalism - World Socialist Web Site

#BillionaireCapitalist #Capitalism #PropertyMarket #Fail #Unemployment

2 weeks ago

Sounds like a declaration of class war to me...

"We need to see pain in the economy. We need to remind people that they work for the employer, not the other way around."

#TimGurner, a multi-millionaire and

"...the owner of Gurner Group which has more than 4500 apartments under development across Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland..."

#ClassWar #employment #unemployment


2 weeks ago

If anybody ever doubted that unemployment was an intrinsic part of capitalism.

Well don't anymore, they just say it loud and proud.

"On doit moucher l'arrogance de ces travailleurs et leur faire peur...le chômage doit augmenter drasiquement...""

#Capitalism #unemployment #Economy

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2 weeks ago

#Pandemic #unemployment #fraud estimate skyrockets as true amount 'may never be known': report

2 weeks ago

There was a time when employers and their mouthpieces wouldn't say stuff like this in public. But now they feel there are no bad consequences for telling governments that they need to increase unemployment so that workers don't get the idea that they are human brings with rights, and not interchangeable parts to be tossed away at employers' convenience.

#economy #labor #unemployment #ClassWarfare

Caro S.
2 weeks ago

Took this from the bird app from Financial Review account. It's class war with governments and employers against us. Wonder if this is one of the reasons they let Covid19 infect us again and again? Absolutely seeing all that funding in AI playing a role in this too.

#ClassWar #capitalism #Covid19 #unemployment #economy

Tim Gurner from Gurner Group talking at Property Summit that in his view unemployment has to rise 30 - 40 %, because employees became too arrogant during covid. To put employees in their place they need to hurt the economy. Governments and companies are working on this.
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2 weeks ago

🎓 Stuck With Low Pay, How Taiwan’s Young Graduates Cope With High Costs

#Taiwan #Unemployment #CostOfLiving

Alaska Native News
2 weeks ago

Yukon-Kuskokwim region individuals eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance
[the_ad id="30587"]

JUNEAU, Alaska — Workers within the Yukon and Kuskokwim Rivers affected by the Alaska spring flooding in May to June of 2023 may qualify for Disaster Unemployment Assistance (DUA).

In response to a request for federal...
#unemployment #yukon #kuskokwim #disaster #alaska

Mega Kirt
2 weeks ago reminds me of what @quinsibell was saying about structural #unemployment yesterday… i funk that's the word for it?

#podcast #ABCnews #Australia #capitalism

2 weeks ago

State unemployment benefits moderate the link between job loss and county opioid overdose death rates. #NICHDImpact #Unemployment #JobLoss #Opioid #Overdose

China has recorded a series of weak economic data in the past six months.
As China’s economy stumbles, should the rest of the world worry?
China has been described as the world's factory and the engine of global growth.Its economic rise was once seen as unstoppable. Then came COVID. Slowed by th...
As China's economy stumbles, should the rest of the world worry? | Counting the Cost

U.S. Job Growth remains steady amid efforts to cool the economy

The #labor market continued to moderate gradually, with hiring remaining steady but the #unemployment rate rising, reflecting efforts by the Federal Reserve to cool the economy

#Markets are reacting positively in early trading, with the S&P 500 up 0.3 percent. The two-year treasury yield, which is sensitive to changes in expectations for the Fed's interest-rate moves, remained steady.

David August
1 month ago

After 14 days of striking, you can get unemployment benefits as striking worker in New York (so far the only state that gives unemployment to strikers).

PDF from NY state:

#ActorsStrike #WritersStrike #SAGAFTRAstrong #WGAstrong #UnionStrong #u1 #finances #strike #strikes #striking #labor #labour #unemployment

NEW YORK Department of Labor
If you lose your job due to a labor dispute, such as a strike, you may be eligible for UI benefits. Normally, the strike must last for 14 days before you are eligible to receive benefits. This is called a suspension period.
However, you may be eligible sooner if:
• There is a lockout
• Your emplover hires permanent replacement workers
• The labor dispute ends and you are still unemployed

[more that cannot fit in the alttext but is in the PDF at ]
Jack of all trades
1 month ago

The Fed has a mandate: low unemployment and to keep inflation in check.

What people don't realize is what's not in the Fed's mandate is the livelihood of everybody else in the world. So both in the early eighties and last year the Fed raised interest rates really fast to quell a domestic issue [inflation]. This absolutely crushes the Global South.
-- Alex Gladstein

#inflation #unemployment #inequality #capitalism #Fed #GlobalSouth #economics

Zimbabweans head to the polls on Wednesday to elect their next leader. Unemployment, poverty and a stagnant economy are among the main issues for voters. Al ...
Zimbabwe election: Candidates pledge to repair struggling economy
1 month ago

On India’s 77th Independence Day, Driven By Poverty, Caste, Millions Of Migrant Workers Live As Modern Slaves

India abolished bonded labour in 1976, but various forms of modern slavery persist, entrapping 11 million, while committees to enforce the law are absent or don’t work, and surveys to identify bonded labour have not been conducted for years. Workers are often beaten, locked up & paid well below minimum wage.

#MigrantWorkers #MigrantLabourers #labour #LabourRights #dalits #adivasis #jobs #unemployment #covid19 #inequality #india

Kristian Harstad
1 month ago

Because the #Chinese #youth #unemployment rate is so high, #China has announced that they will no longer be publishing youth unemployment #data.

Problem solved, #Communist style

Ben Waber
2 months ago

Next was the always excellent analysis of the monthly #BLS #jobs and #unemployment report at the Burnes Center for Social Change with Alicia Modestino, Harry Holzer, and @aaronsojourner (6/8) #economics #economy

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 months ago

@lori @randomgeek The structural change was #Congress passing #Keynesian laws in the #1970s to more directly intervene in the #economy. They were responding to increased #inflation and #unemployment, exacerbated by the 1973 oil embargo.

The resulting decades of whipsawing booms and busts came with quicker cycles of hiring binges and #layoffs.

Unemployment is low, inflation is down, and no recession. How is the economy doing this?

"It’s worth remembering just how unlikely this all seemed a year ago. As the Federal Reserve started to hike interest rates to try to fight inflation, many commentators regarded some kind of a recession as a fait accompli. "

#US #USA #economy #inflation #unemployment #recession #labormarket

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 months ago

“The same moral principles and considerations apply to the issue of accepting #SocialSecurity, #unemployment insurance, or other payments of that kind. […] The victims, who opposed such laws, have a clear right to any refund of their own money—and they would not advance the cause of #freedom if they left their money, unclaimed, for the benefit of the #WelfareState administration.”

—“The Question of #Scholarships” by #AynRand

“The same moral principles and considerations apply to the issue of accepting social security, unemployment insurance, or other payments of that kind. It is obvious, in such cases, that a man receives his own money which was taken from him by force, directly and specifically, without his consent, against his own choice. Those who advocated such laws are morally guilty, since they assumed the ‘right’ to force employers and unwilling coworkers. But the victims, who opposed such laws, have a clear right to any refund of their own money—and they would not advance the cause of freedom if they left their money, unclaimed, for the benefit of the welfare-state administration.”

— The Voice of Reason: Essays in Objectivist Thought (The Ayn Rand Library) by Ayn Rand

The jobseeker payment is slated to increase by $56 a fortnight on 20 September, when the $40 a fortnight increase announced in the budget will come into effect, as well as 2.2% indexation for cost of living.

But despite price jumps in non-discretionary goods and services like utilities, rent and food outstripping the increase, and a $20bn budget surplus, Rishworth said there was unlikely to be any further cost-of-living relief forthcoming this year.

Jobseeker remains well below the poverty line with the government ignoring advice from its own expert committee to lift the jobseeker rate to at least $845 a fortnight

#JobSeeker #Unemployment #Poverty #AusPol

Decades after the end of apartheid, ​​severe inequality persists with almost half of Black South Africans unemployed.
South Africa’s controversial ‘race quota’ law stirs debate
Data shows sustained strength in domestic demand while inflation subsided considerably last quarter.
US economy grew faster than expected in Q2
Ben Waber
2 months ago

Next was the second day of the #NBER symposium on the #labor market. I highly recommend the whole day's slate of talks, with emphasis on those by Qiwei He (dynamics of beliefs and expectations in job search), Andreas I. Mueller (predictability of long-term #unemployment), and Stefanie Haller (impact of multinationals on the job ladder in host countries) (4/5) #economics

Even as more small businesses have popped up across the island, some simply can't afford what's on sale.
As Cuba’s private sector roars back, choices and inequality rise
Scott Matter
2 months ago

This looks really interesting and important. I haven’t read the work yet, and advanced analytics is outside my comfort zone.

Some initial thoughts:
1. If we have evidence of a causal relationship between unemployment and suicide, how can economists and politicians justify calling 4-5% unemployment “full” employment, and how many lives is it ethical to sacrifice in the name of attempting to control inflation?

2. While unemployment is the current (socially constructed) category and measurable thing here, what is it about unemployment that drives suicide? This is important for interventions and systemic change. Is it the financial aspects (like financial hardship, debt)? The sense of abjection? The social stigmas? The sense of purposelessness and exclusion? In short, can we test whether the (ironically) capitalist assumption that “more jobs” is the answer?

#unemployment #suicide #economics #inflation #capitalism

India has made chipmaking top priority for its economic strategy and this pullout is a blow to efforts to get investors.
Foxconn dumps $19.5bn Vedanta chip plan in blow to India
3 months ago

Hiring eased slightly in June, as employers added 209,000 #jobs. The #unemployment rate fell to 3.6%

3 months ago

On the radio this morning, I heard an economist say that the RBA might not increase #interestRates because employment numbers are "improving", by which they meant that #unemployment is increasing.

To reduce inflation, we need to reduce demand for goods and services. We *could* choose to reduce this demand at the top end of town, where it is most discretionary (international holidays, new cars, third houses, etc) -- however, we've chosen instead to reduce the demand of people who don't really have any discretionary spending to cut.

In a nutshell, this is why we have a housing and poverty crisis.

#economy #inflation #MMT

3 months ago

US #unemployment benefits applications fell last week by the most since October 2021 #Bidenomics

Mark Headd
5 months ago

Really important modernization strategy from the Department of Labor's Office of Unemployment Insurance Modernization. State UI systems need to become more modular, adaptable, and resilient and this plan charts a path to that end to provide better services and to better ensure our nation is prepared in the event of the next crisis. #DigitalModernization #unemployment #servicedesign #legacysystems

blake shaw
5 months ago

@simon_brooke Capital is, ultimately, a book about #unemployment. If there is a teleology in Marx, it is a teleology of #layoffs, that what employment produces is ultimately, and necessarily unemployment.

Marx hypothesized bouts of mass unemployment as the moment when labor may unite against the division of labor and overthrow the state, but he didn't think it would be a necessary occurrence. The deterministic stageist Marxism of the 2nd international should be considered vulgar Marxism today.

5 months ago

Colorado Lawmakers Mandate Audit of Halfway Houses Following ProPublica Investigation

The facilities often lack adequate employment training and effective drug treatment while residents are burdened with debt. A lack of transparency, limiting lawmakers’ ability to gauge their effectiveness, has been a barrier to reform.

#Colorado #CriminalJustice #Employment #Unemployment #Treatment

5 months ago

Fun side note, I also was ineligible for #unemployment benefits, and in a roundabout way this was also due to my transition! (Though not in an intentionally discriminatory way)

Since I changed my name legally, there will forever be two names associated with my social security number. Most identity checking services see that, assume fraud, and tell me to take a hike. Due to COVID, there’s apparently no way to contact a human being.

I was able to hold out six months with my savings.

The #AI based automation caused #unemployment will be U-shaped.

It means that at first we'll see an unprecedented rise in employment on a sector where automation is starting to take hold. We need lots of people on top of all the people currently doing the work to plan, train, advice, integrate and validate these AI systems there.

Companies doing layoffs now are not in a good position to act on this change.

Once the AI systems are doing fine in one area, it will cause strains to the adjanced areas, as now one part of the overall chain scales indefinitely, can consume inputs without limits, and can produce output as much as is required. New bottlenecks emerge.

The people who supported the automation in the first point of attack can pretty easily follow the wave of automation across the adjanced areas.

The change starts from information intensive labor and proceeds towards manufacturing, maintenance and physical work through robotics.

Overall, human labor activity increases a lot because this change is so important and valuable, and eventually it's all done.

Then we already have a society which can produce well-being without labor input, and thus as this change proceeds, we can transform our societies to be more equal, more sustainable, more accommodating and more vibrant. In a large part of human history people typically worked less than they do nowadays, so increased leisure is nothing new.

Even after this point, we will still see endless curiosity and craving of knowledge about humanity by AIs themselves, even about things which weren't necessarily important economically before this change. Tiny minority languages will be recorded in a systematic fashion, people's living memory will be written down by AIs, all kinds of weird human skills will be observed and learned by AIs.

This curiosity by AIs will engage people without end, so people will have things to do even when labor in its original form becomes unnecessary. Our economies will have a new major form of consumption, machine curiosity, which drives activity.

6 months ago

America’s employers added a solid 236,000 #jobs in March, reflecting a resilient labor market and suggesting that the Federal Reserve may see the need to keep raising interest rates in the coming months. The #unemployment rate fell to 3.5% #economy

Services Australia is using telecommunications metadata and password-bypassing software to investigate welfare recipients suspected of claiming single payments while in relationships.

The Centrelink administrator told the Attorney General’s Department (ADG) that metadata is used to detect “people who receive payments as a single person while in a marriage-like relationship,” according to documents obtained by iTnews.

Submissions to AGD in 2015 and again in 2022 [pdf], obtained through a freedom of information request, list types of fraud the agency uses welfare recipients’ telecommunications metadata to detect.


It's time to pass the Unemployment Bridge Program in NY — for freelancers, for cash economy workers, for immigrants, and for everyone left out of the safety net!

Today, Manhattan Bridge, NWU joining the protest for worker protection.

#ExcludedNoMore #FundExcludedWorkers #excludedWorkers #labor #freelance #unemployment

A photo taken by National Writers Union freelance members joining the demonstration shutting down Manhattan Bridge in New York this morning. In foreground, demonstrators carrying a large banner reading “Nuestro trabajo salvo vidas.”

This was a year ago:

The #FundExcludedWorkers fight continues in New York — unemployment protections for all. We’re calling on Albany to close the gap. Implement the Unemployment Bridge Program.

Excluded no more! ¡De invisibles a visibles!

#excludedWorkers #labor #freelance #unemployment

7 months ago

In like a lamb, out like a lion?

March weather could spell trouble for #Iowa's outdoor #unemployment industry this year.

Already, one #SiouxCity #concrete company says, they're worried #workers might not come back because unemployment was cut.

“If I have a month where we can’t start working and they don’t have another source of income, like unemployment insurance, they’re going to go out and look for another job. Then, I’m going to be in trouble.”

🎉I managed to secure a new job. 🎉 As a #Automation QA. It's a first for me. (I know some automation, but this is confirmation that I can learn and level up my skills). Thanks to everyone who supported me during the super shitty transition of #unemployment back to a company that I think will be really fun, and at the same time help me grow.


Kent Pitman
7 months ago


In the long run, with automation encroaching, I think UBI needs to be in the mix, too. Not just unemployment insurance, but the actual ability to live without a job.

If the essential work of the world can run without people, that should be a success for all humankind, not the sort of dystopia we are moving toward.

My essay Corny Economics was not written specifically to champion these points, but I came to see, after I wrote it, that it's a useful defense of the points I'm trying to make here.

#UBI #automation #unemployment #society #sustainability

7 months ago

Today in Labor History February 11, 1918: Tens of thousands of unemployed Danish syndicalists stormed the Stock Exchange in Copenhagen. Only the leaders knew where the demonstration march was heading. To trick the police, they leaked that their target was the Pork Hall, which they were going to loot. Participants, armed with clubs, attacked the stockbrokers. Later, they attacked police with rubble from a construction site. Media sources compared the storm with the ravages of the Red Army and looting in the Finnish Civil War,

#workingclass #LaborHistory #anarchism #union #denmark #unemployment #police #looting #stockexchange

Color postcard of the Danish Stock Exchange, c 1823. By H.G.F. Holm - Københavns Museum, Public Domain,

For the last 50 or so years, #SoftwareEngineering has been largely about how to write fewer #LinesOfCode, to minimize the amount of #code to #maintain, and to minimize the number of #bugs.

Now with #Copilot and #ChatGPT, people seem to have forgotten this, and are trying to increase the number of lines of code a #SoftwareEngineer produces per day.

Can you see where this leads to? What is the situation a company making use of these #technologies will find itself in next?

I'm just saying software engineer #unemployment isn't going to be it.

I'm not saying these technologies and #tools aren't useful; clearly they are. I have used them a lot for different purposes. They can help in #teaching software engineering, and any other topic, for example, if it doesn't matter that the material is a few years old.

We can finally have decent #chatbot #ProgressiveUserInterfaces which understand what the user wants, and understand the system they interface to.

These technologies will also evolve fast and ultimately they will change everything.

It's just that the first ideas people got of "fewer software engineers are now needed" and "now junior engineers can do everything" are grossly unrealistic. I don't mind people testing that though, feel free to make bets.

8 months ago

Via Aaron Rupar…
🪡 1/…
#Biden: "We have created 12 million #jobs since I took office. That means we have created more jobs in 2 years than any presidential term in 2 years. That's the strongest two years of job #growth in history by a long shot.

Here's where we stand: The strongest job growth in history. The lowest #unemployment rate in 54 years. #Manufacturing rebounding at fastest rate in 40 years. #Inflation coming down. Real wages going up ... the Biden economic plan is working.” #economy

8 months ago

America’s employers added a robust 517,000 #jobs in January, a surprisingly strong gain in the face of the Federal Reserve’s aggressive drive to slow growth and tame inflation with higher interest rates. The #unemployment rate dipped to 3.4%, lowest since 1969 #economy

Mark Copelovitch
8 months ago

Yes, that’s right. Real consumption has remained <above> pre-pandemic levels ~since Biden took office, but the media has offered the drumbeat Suffering From Inflation™️ Narrative the entire time, obsessively reported on gas prices, & written dozens of articles on #inflation & the nonexistent #recession for every one on the historically low #unemployment & the incredibly rapid & total #recovery. And the folks who told you 👆just keep getting platformed in the media to offer more Takes™️ 🤷‍♂️

Bruce Mirken
8 months ago

#RemoteWork has greatly reduced #unemployment for #disabled people. Mike Ervin of The Progressive -- whom you should always read -- explains:


Must be nice to live off the sweat of millions of people.... 🙄

#Greed #Heartlessness #unemployment

8 months ago

So you’ve been laid off, time to be patient and stay vigilant
1% advice to the exploited (& now laid off) worker: it's your responsibility, mind your attitude...& maybe you can "lean in," "take personal responsibility," & follow a few of those other 1% nostrums for worker ants found no longer useful. Enjoy "market forces," suckers!
#Capitalism #Exploitation #Unemployment #Layoffs