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Binance lawsuit: 61 cryptocurrencies are now seen as securities by the SEC - With its latest suit against Binance, the U.S. SEC has now labele... - #securityclassification #unitedstates #garygensler #binance #sec

The #UnitedStates scrambled F-16 fighter jets in a supersonic chase of a light aircraft with an unresponsive pilot that violated airspace in the Washington D.C. area and later crashed into the mountains of #Virginia.

Read here: #press

Kyiv has kept silent on start of counteroffensive despite speculation by analysts that campaign is getting under way.
Zelenskyy lauds Ukraine advance amid counteroffensive speculation
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Apple May Partner With Company Behind Render (RNDR) Crypto Token | Coingape - Crypto Market News: A product linked to the Render network (RNDR), which offers distribut... - #24/7cryptocurrencynews #bitcoin(btc)news #cryptomarket #unitedstates #altcoinnews #rendertoken #bitcoin #ripple

The school board's vote sets in motion a battle between religious freedom and the separation of church and state.
Oklahoma approves first taxpayer-funded religious school in US
Chris Van Hollen says though US did not conduct independent investigation, gov't report provides 'important insights'.
US report on Abu Akleh killing must be made public, senator urges
Top California official suggests Florida governor guilty of kidnapping after asylum seekers flown to US state's capital.
‘Pathetic man’: California gov slams DeSantis over migrant flight
Robert Hanssen had pleaded guilty to spying for the Soviet Union and then Russia for more than 20 years in major breach.
Former FBI agent who spied for Soviet Union dies in US jail
If the new device turns out to be a niche product, it would leave Apple in the same bind as other major tech companies.
Will Apple’s sleek new VR goggles be the ones to capture users?
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Breaking: SEC Takes Aim At Binance’s Ex-CCO For Willful Violation Of US Regulations | Coingape - In a civil suit filed in Washington D.C.’s federal court, the Securities and Exchange Com... - #securitiesandexchangecommission #24/7cryptocurrencynews #exchangenews #unitedstates #binance #cz

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Binance Coin Price Analysis: Will $BNB Price Lose $250 Support Amid Recent Sell-off? | Coingape - Binance Coin Price Analysis: On Monday 5th June, the BNB price witnessed a significant ou... - #binancecoinpriceprediction #binance(bnb)coin #priceanalysis #unitedstates

Mid-level talks in Beijing mark continuing diplomacy despite rising tensions and competition between US and China.
US and Chinese officials hold ‘candid’ talks in Beijing
In Asia, women factory workers powered manufacturing growth. Are there lessons there for the US?
As US aims to bring back manufacturing, supporting women is key
The Hindu :press:
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The #UnitedStates and #China have sent warships to the multinational naval drills that began in #Indonesia today, despite the rifts between the two powers. #press

SEC says Binance and its CEO secretly control customers’ assets, allowing them to commingle and divert customer funds.
US SEC sues world’s largest crypto exchange Binance and founder
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US SEC Brands Solana (SOL), Cardano (ADA), Polygon (MATIC) As Securities | Coingape - Crypto Market News: Few months after the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC)... - #24/7cryptocurrencynews #bitcoin(btc)news #cryptomarket #unitedstates #altcoinnews #solana(sol) #cardano #polygon

Antony Blinken tells lobby group that ties between Israel and Saudi Arabia are in 'national security interest' of US.
US committed to Saudi-Israeli normalisation, Blinken tells AIPAC
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Breaking: Crypto Skeptic JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon Not Running For Office | Coingape - Crypto Market News: Despite recent industry demand for political entry, JP Morgan CEO Jam... - #24/7cryptocurrencynews #bitcoin(btc)news #cryptomarket #unitedstates #altcoinnews #jamiedimon #jpmorgan #bitcoin

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Image of United States flags in a group with meme caption stating, citizen challenge.  Memorize. Preamble of the United States Constitution. 123 go.
The Hindu :press:
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#SaudiArabia has welcomed #Venezuela's President #NicolasMaduro on an official visit, reaching out to yet another #UnitedStates foe as the oil-rich kingdom engages in a flurry of diplomacy. #press

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XRP Lawsuit: US SEC Takes Caution About Bill Hinman Ahead Of June 13 | Coingape - Crypto Market News: Ahead of the June 13, 2023 deadline to make public the Bill Hinman sp... - #24/7cryptocurrencynews #bitcoin(btc)news #xrpseclawsuit #cryptomarket #unitedstates #altcoinnews #xrplawsuit #bitcoin #ripple

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The problem Republicans have is they do not have a candidate for president without that sticky orange stench.

They can't run away from it. It's orange flavor fascist meth.


Meet Felipe, a migrant from Colombia who crossed two of the most dangerous obstacles on the migrant trail.
A firsthand view of a migrant’s journey to the United States
Classic car owners in the United States are swapping their petrol engines for electric motors.
Classic car owners modernise with electric conversions
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Bitcoin Price Analysis: $BTC Price Back on Correction Path; Is $25000 Next Target? | Coingape - Bitcoin Price Analysis: The Bitcoin price witnessed a bearish reversal from the resistanc... - #bitcoinpriceanalysis #priceanalysis #unitedstates #btc

Copernicus EU
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New research says New York City is sinking at an average rate of 1 to 2 millimetres a year

While the process is slow, researchers say parts of the city will eventually be underwater

⬇️ Image acquired by #Sentinel2🇪🇺🛰️ over #NYC in the #UnitedStates🇺🇸 on 17 May


Satellite image of New York

Last week we have observed 80 events across 23 countries and attributed them to 21 ransomwares.
The top targeted country was #UnitedStates and the most targeted sector was #Construction.
The ransomware #LockBit has been busy with 15 new events (19%)!

Agreement comes weeks before Indian PM visits Washington for an official state visit and talks with the US president.
India, US agree on road map for defence industry cooperation
The drug, developed by AstraZeneca, if taken daily after surgery, dramatically reduces risk of death, study shows.
Lung cancer pill cuts risk of death by half, study finds

#Watch | Defence Minister #RajnathSingh holds a bilateral meeting with The #UnitedStates Secretary of Defence #LloydAustin, in Delhi #press

The plane with an unresponsive pilot later crashed in Virginia. No survivors were found at the scene, officials say.
US fighter jets chase small plane over Washington, DC
1 day ago

#SaudiArabia is slashing #oil supply. It could mean higher #GasPrices for #UnitedStates drivers

The Saudi cut of 1 million barrels per day, to start in July, comes as the other #OPEC+ producers agreed in a meeting in Vienna to extend earlier production cuts through next year.

Calling the reduction a "lollipop," Saudi Energy Minister Abdulaziz bin Salman said at a news conference that "we wanted to ice the cake."

US Navy said the merchant ship was being 'harassed' by boats from Iran's Revolutionary Guard.
US, UK navies say responded to call from ship in Strait of Hormuz
1 day ago

#JetFighters chase small plane in #Washington area before it crashes in #Virginia

The #UnitedStates scrambled F-16 fighter jets in a #Supersonic chase of a light aircraft with an unresponsive pilot that violated airspace in the #WashingtonDC area and later crashed into the mountains of Virginia, officials said.

Four people were on board the Cessna, a source familiar with the matter said. A Cessna Citation can carry seven to 12 passengers.

#NORAD #Autopilot #SonicBoom

An aerial view of Washington D.C., January 28, 2005, features the major landmarks of the U.S. capital. At bottom center is the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, cutting through the middle is the Potomac River, at center is the Washington Monument and towards top right is the U.S. Capitol.
G Kearney
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U.S. escalates dispute with Mexico over GM corn, after formal consultations fail #corn #mexico #canada #Unitedstates #agriculture #cartoons

The Hindu :press:
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Residents of #Sudan's capital #Khartoum reported a sharp escalation of clashes in several areas of the capital on June 4 after the expiry of a ceasefire deal between rival military factions brokered by Saudi Arabia and the #UnitedStates. #press

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Ethereum Price Analysis: Will $ETH Price Surpass $2000 this Week? | Coingape - Ethereum Price Analysis: By the press time, the Ethereum price traded at the $1905 mark w... - #ethereumpriceanalysis #priceanalysis #unitedstates #eth

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Pro-XRP attorney's phone hacked to promote LAW token - Deaton alerts followers via daughter's account and urges reportin... - #cryptocurrencies #cybersecurity #unitedstates #technology #cybercrime #security #sec

The Hindu :press:
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The #UnitedStates, #Japan and #SouthKorea aim to share North Korean missile warning data before the end of 2023, the three countries said in a statement following a Saturday meeting of their defence chiefs in #Singapore. #press

US Indo-Pacific command says a Chinese navy ship executed 'unsafe' manoeuvres near an American destroyer.
US slams China’s navy for ‘unsafe’ actions in Taiwan Strait
Defence minister says Beijing seeks dialogue with US and warns against 'NATO-like' alliances in Asia Pacific.
China’s Li says clash with US would be ‘unbearable disaster’
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2 days ago | The reckoning that wasn’t: how the largest US power firm avoided a trial for a deadly wildfire |

"Families of victims who died in the 2020 Zogg fire hoped to hold PG&E accountable, but as it has done before, the company agreed to a settlement" | #UnitedStates #California #law #history #capitalism #energy #environment #wildfires (again if real people are not held criminally liable these things will not stop happening)

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2 days ago | ‘They fought for freedom’: the nightly vigil to sanctify the January 6 rioters |

[...] "The storming of the Capitol by Trump supporters immediately after a speech by the then president has been linked to nine deaths, and saw the halls of the 223-year-old building turned into a war zone. " | #UnitedStates #history #law #fascism #J6

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2 days ago | Trump-appointed judge says Tennessee anti-drag law is unconstitutional |

"In a 70-page ruling handed down late on Friday, the US district judge, Thomas Parker, called the law “unconstitutionally vague and substantially over-broad”, and said it would encourage “discriminatory enforcement”." | #UnitedStates #Tennessee #law #drag #lgbtqia

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2 days ago | California's earliest Black settlers bought land only for it to be stolen. Their descendants want it back. |

"Former slaves who came to California mined for gold and bought property, only for their land to be stolen or seized. Their families, generations later, say it's time for a reckoning." | #UnitedStates #California #history #law

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2 days ago | Fire at Louisiana oil tank farm prompts shelter-in-place and evacuations |

"Evacuations and shelter-in-place orders were in effect for residents and businesses around an oil industry tank farm in Louisiana after part of it erupted in flames Saturday, producing a plume near the Lake Charles area." | #environment #UnitedStates #Louisiana #FossilFuels #PublicHealth #capitalism

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Apple WWDC Event: AI Linked Crypto Token Render $RNDR Gains Steam | Coingape - Crypto Market News: The rise of AI Tokens, the artificial intelligence based crypto token... - #24/7cryptocurrencynews #artificialintelligence #bitcoin(btc)news #cryptomarket #unitedstates #altcoinnews #bitcoin #chatgpt

US president signs legislation lifting the debt ceiling, averting a catastrophic default on the government's debt.
Biden signs debt ceiling bill, pulling US from brink of default
The US isn't the only country to set a debt ceiling, but it is the only nation to face brinkmanship over the issue.
Why is the debt ceiling so contentious in the United States?
What the blockbuster series Succession tells us about the media world we live in. Plus, Indian reporters under pressure.
Succession: When fact and fantasy collide
US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin tells security summit that 'conflict is neither imminent nor inevitable'.
US says talks with China key to a prevent ‘crisis or conflict’
CIA Director William Burns emphasised the importance of keeping communication open between China and the US.
CIA chief made secret trip to China amid tensions: US official
As the war enters its 465th day, here’s a look at the main developments.
Russia-Ukraine war: List of key events, day 465
US President is set to sign into law a bipartisan agreement to lift the government's borrowing limit, averting 'crisis'.
Biden delivers first Oval Office address, touts debt-ceiling win
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The sanction is the latest in a string of actions the US has taken to confront corruption in the Caribbean country.
US bars former Haitian prime minister from entering the country
Ajay Banga told employees his vision was 'to create a world free from poverty on a livable planet'.
World Bank’s new chief asks staff to ‘double down’ on development
3 days ago

Eating disorder group pulls #chatbot sharing diet advice

A #UnitedStates organization that supports people with eating disorders has suspended use of a chatbot after reports it shared harmful advice.

The National Eating Disorder Association (#Neda) recently closed its live helpline and directed people seeking help to other resources, including the chatbot.

The AI bot, named "Tessa," has been taken down, the association said.

#EatingDisorder #Healthcare

The online retail giant's entry could cause major disruptions in US telecom which has some of highest charges globally.
US telecom stocks hit as Amazon in talks for cellphone services
Rodolphe Jaar is one of 11 people arrested and charged in US for alleged involvement in Haitian president's killing.
US court sentences Haitian businessman to life in Moise’s killing
The lack of charges in the probe removes one headache for Pence before his anticipated presidential campaign launch.
US investigators end probe into former VP Pence classified docs
John Refior
4 days ago

“And then an explosion hit. That explosion was the future Black president leading in the polls in 2007. And then Barack Obama won in 2008. So you have this sort of uncapping of #hate and conspiracy, much of it racially driven, that the #NRA was tapping into. Prior to 2007, people in the United States never purchased more than 7 million guns in a single year. By the time Barack Obama left office, the #UnitedStates was purchasing almost 17 million guns a year.” 🎯

2 weeks ago

An engineering chief at #Twitter says he is leaving the company a day after the launch of #RonDeSantis' #UnitedStates presidential campaign on the platform was hit with technical glitches.

Nicolas Hoizey
2 weeks ago

“Lower Manhattan”

Yet another classic view of Lower Manhattan at night from the Hudson bank in Brooklyn.


📅 23 May 2015

📸 Canon EOS 5D Mark II + EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
🎞️ ISO 200, ƒ/11, 30s

#Travel #TravelPhotography #NorthAmerica #UnitedStates #NewYork #Manhattan #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #DailyPhoto #MastoArt

Lower Manhattan
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2 weeks ago | Vigilante fears as Texas Republicans push for special unit to detain migrants |

"A new Texas bill could soon establish a taskforce using civilians that would have the authority to “arrest, apprehend or detain persons crossing the Texas-Mexico border unlawfully”, raising concerns around state-sponsored vigilantism." | #Texas #UnitedStates #Mexico #immigration #migrants #fascism

Arena Cops 🇺🇦✌
2 weeks ago

@GottaLaff Incitement, mis- & disinformation of the public must have legal consequences.
Press networks like Fox systematically working to breach public peace & divide the country must disappear from the national stage.
Corrupt misinterpretation of the First Amendment must never be allowed to endanger the existence of the people's United States!

#RuleOfLaw #UnitedStates #DefendDemocracy #DefensiveDemocracy #DefendTheConstitution #ShutFoxDown #IncitementToViolence #IncitementToRiot #IncitementToInsurrection #Jan6 #DefraudingAmerica

2 weeks ago

President Biden had to cancel his visit to Papua New Guinea to come back to handle the debt ceiling issue, because Republicans are threatening defaulting on the debt.

The visit was meant to counter growing Chinese influence in the Asia Pacific region.

This shows you that republicans don't give a shit about the #UnitedStates. They are only concerned with retaining power.

#Republicans only care about themselves.


3 weeks ago

Dirty-bomb antidote: Drug trial begins in #UnitedStates

The first human trial of a new type of dirty-bomb-antidote pill, designed to remove harmful radioactive contamination from the body, is starting in the US.

The drug, HOPO 14-1, is thought to work against several materials that might be used in weapons, including uranium.

If it proves safe and effective it could guard against potential harm from #nuclear accidents or terrorist attacks.


3 weeks ago

Hindutva is increasingly influencing the Hindu diaspora – and extending Indian politics overseas

Hindutva organisations, influential diaspora members and social media have played a role in spreading Hindutva among the Hindus diaspora.

#diaspora #NRIs #hindutva #RSS #HinduNationalism #CasteDiscrimination #brahminism #BJP #VHP #OFBJP #MEA #diplomacy #SJaishankar #UnitedStates #UnitedKingdom #UK #canada #australia #leicester #india

Nicolas Hoizey
3 weeks ago

“Whatever we do to the web of life, we do to ourselves”

Here is the full quote from Chief Seattle: “Humankind has not woven the web of life. We are but one thread within it. Whatever we do to the web, we do to ourselves.…


📅 23rd May 2015

📸 Canon EOS 5D Mark II + EF 24-70mm f/2.8L USM
🎞️ ISO 100, ƒ/3.5, 1/500s

#Travel #TravelPhotography #NorthAmerica #UnitedStates #NewYork #Brooklyn #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #DailyPhoto #MastoArt

Whatever we do to the web of life, we do to ourselves
3 weeks ago



...referencing to, here:

"Despite deepening divisions and the #Kremlin’s expansionism, #Türkiye will continue to maintain, to the extent that this is possible, equidistance from #Russia and the #West in order to assert its strategic autonomy. Although it will show support for #Ukraine, #Ankara will not be pushing for a full defeat of #Russia as this would diminish its own geopolitical weight and the leverage it holds vis-à-vis the #UnitedStates and..."

3 weeks ago

Bill to outlaw caste discrimination clears California Senate

The California Senate voted 34-1 Thursday in favor of legislation outlawing caste discrimination in the state. If it passes in the state Assembly and is enacted, California could become the first state in the nation to make caste bias illegal by adding it as a protected category in the state’s anti-discrimination laws.

#california #CasteDiscrimination #caste #legislation #diaspora #NRIs #UnitedStates #brahminism #india

Resolution in US Congress says a just peace cannot be reached without addressing the mass displacement of Palestinians.
Rashida Tlaib pushes for Palestinian Nakba recognition in US
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- ¿Viste lo del tiroteo en los Estados Unidos?

- ¿Cuál de todos?

#ItsTheGuns #EEUU #UnitedStates

The government of the #UnitedStates needs to make sure it stops pumping #FOXnews broadcasts into US #military bases and installations

1 month ago

#TikTok tracked #UnitedKingdom journalist via her cat's account

Two days before Christmas, TikTok called London-based journalist Cristina Criddle to tell her two of its employees in #China, and two in the #UnitedStates, had viewed user data from her personal account without her knowledge or consent.

#Journalism #Privacy

Cristina's cat on TikTok
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Two #UnitedStates hospitals broke law by denying #abortion, officials say

The hospitals, in #Kansas and #Missouri, are now being probed by the Department of Health and Human Services (#HHS).

Nicolas Hoizey
1 month ago


The Statue of Liberty, in addition to being a very important monument of New York City, has become one of the symbols of the United States and represents more generally freedom and emancipation from oppression.

From its…


📅 21st May 2015

📸 Canon EOS 5D Mark II + EF 135mm f/2L USM
🎞️ ISO 100, ƒ/2.8, 1/1600s

#Travel #TravelPhotography #NorthAmerica #UnitedStates #NewYork #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #DailyPhoto #MastoArt

Nicolas Hoizey
1 month ago

“Liberty has been framed”

The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States from the people of France. It is an icon of freedom and of the United States, and was a welcoming sight to immigrants arriving from abroad.

But it was a long time…


📅 19th May 2015

📸 Sony RX100 Mark III
🎞️ ISO 125, ƒ/2.8, 1/640s

#Travel #TravelPhotography #NorthAmerica #UnitedStates #NewYork #Manhattan #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #DailyPhoto #MastoArt

Liberty has been framed
1 month ago

Surgeon general: Time to fix problem of #loneliness in #UnitedStates

US Surgeon General #VivekMurthy is introducing a new framework to address loneliness in the United States this week, writing in a new op-ed that #SocialConnections must be a "top public health priority" in the country.

"As it has built for decades, the epidemic of loneliness and isolation has fueled other problems that are killing us and threaten to rip our country apart," Murthy wrote in a NYT op-ed.

Jeffrey K. Walker
1 month ago

I live in the #unitedstates so ever day is just a variation on degrees of dystopian suckage.

1 month ago

When exactly did getting thrown off an #aeroplane for not cooperating with flight attendants become an act of #patriotism and not a consequence of being an unbearable Alpha Karen unwilling to adapt to rules applying to ALL passengers?
Seriously, find another stage to show how rebellious you are. Or find yourself back on a #noflylist, rightfully so!
#UnitedStates #LaurenBoebert

Andy Scollick
1 month ago

“We were once addicted to Russian gas; we cannot become addicted to Chinese #batteries. That’s a #risk for us and the #NationalSecurity of the #EU and #UnitedStates”, explains Ambassador Mark Gitenstein, US Ambassador to the EU at today’s European Policy Centre and US Mission to the EU Breakfast Policy Briefing. #EnergySecurity

Disney says there was 'a relentless campaign to weaponize government power against Disney' over free speech.
Disney sues Florida’s DeSantis over efforts to ‘weaponize’ govt
Andy Scollick
1 month ago

#JohnKerry #ClimateEnvoy can't have it both ways: we either comprehensively and urgently phase-out fossil fuels or we don't. It applies as much to the #UnitedStates as it does to the #UAE, #SaudiArabia, #UK and everyone else. #COP28 #COP28UAE

And if we don't, we're likely going to use up the remaining global carbon budget sometime in the next 2 to 9 years.

1 month ago

Recent mosque attacks raise questions about the affinity between white supremacy and far-right Hindu nationalism

This shared intense hatred of “monstrous” Muslim men brings Hindu and white extremists into a “transnational affective alignment.” That is, the mutual hate of Muslims and a mutual love for Hindu and white national ideals.

#hindutva #WhiteSupremacy #FarRight #islamophobia #racism #muslims #CommunalViolence #terrorism #diaspora #canada #NewZealand #UK #UnitedStates #US #twitter #SocialMedia #india #BJP #RSS #HinduMobs

Hey there #Florida #Trans people. I hope you are doing ok, and are safe. Just got this news from a friend on Discord, and reached out to a trans friend in state.
It looks like the #FL #politicians (#DeSantis are going after
I have attached the 2 screenshots for more info.
The provider mentioned in the first screenshot was #PlannedParenthood
I will be pinning this post, and putting #links and #resources as replies to this update as I get them.
Florida #HouseBill 1421 will devastate Floridian #TGNC people.
#TransRights #NonBinary #InterSex #TransRightsAreHumanRights #ProtectTransKids #RonDeSatan #LGBT #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA+ #LGBTQ2S+ #HumanRights #TransGenocide #USA #UnitedStates

Screenshot of a Discord message, white text on a bluish-purple background:

"If anyone here is in Florida or has trans family there, someone in the trans gnc employee resource group at my work has had all of their future trans health visits (including labs) canceled, and their medication is prorated as they try to figure out f there’s still any way they can provide trans healthcare with new laws"
A Text conversation between 2 people, composed of 5 messages. All text is white on dark background. One of the recipient's message bubbles are black, and one is blue.

Message 1 (black): So they're ending the ability to get prescriptions via telehealth. I got mine through a private practice endocrinologist so I should be okay for now 

Message 2 (blue): Ok. Well, that's good, at least. So, physical office visits are safe for now?

Message 3 (black): For now. They are also trying to limit it where only a physician can prescribe, not pa's or nurse practitioners but that hasn't passed yet

Message 4 (black):They are taking the same approach the did with abortion before the Dobbs ruling, where instead of banning it outright they are going to make so many restrictions it's just nearly impossible to get.

Message 5 (black):I am privileged in that I have a car and money to pay out of pocket so I will be okay, but a lot of people are going to be devastated
Donncha Ó Caoimh
1 month ago

Behind the town of Seaside in Florida lies a lake, which no doubt contributes to the humidity during the day there.

Early one morning, I photographed this dragonfly resting on the fence on a small pier on the lake. The air was still cool, so the dragonfly was probably still sluggish until the day warmed up.

#photo #photography #a8cgm #florida #UnitedStates #DragonFly #Seaside

A green dragonfly sitting on a bleached wodden fence.
Donncha Ó Caoimh
1 month ago

In Seaside, Florida, a photowalk in September is best enjoyed in the early morning to avoid the oppressive humidity and heat that sets in later in the day. But the silver lining is that this early start allows us to witness the breathtaking sunrise over the Gulf of Mexico, casting a golden glow on the pristine white sandy beach nearby.

#photo #photography #a8cGM #beach #Seaside #Florida #UnitedStates #sunrise

Blue parasols provide shade for beach chairs on the beach by Seaside in Florida as the sun rises
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If you have any questions, contact their admin at @jims

To find nice local servers elsewhere in the word, have a look at

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On this #EarthDay, a new AP-NORC poll shows the vast majority of #UnitedStates adults have recently experienced an extreme #weather event, and most attribute that to #ClimateChange. Many say their concern has grown in the past year.

Nicolas Hoizey
1 month ago

“The (new) Road to Hell('s Kitchen)”

Hell's Kitchen is a neighborhood in the Manhattan borough of New York City, bounded by 34th and 59th streets, 8th Avenue and the Hudson River.

Hell's Kitchen is one of the favorite places to dine in…


📅 22nd May 2015

📸 Canon EOS 5D Mark II + Sigma 50mm F1.4 EX DG HSM
🎞️ ISO 100, ƒ/1.4, 1/5000s

#Travels #NorthAmerica #UnitedStates #NewYork #Manhattan #Photo #Photography #PhotoOfTheDay #DailyPhoto

The (new) Road to Hell('s Kitchen)
1 month ago

On Friday, #SCOTUS justices granted emergency requests from the #BidenAdministration and New York-based Danco Laboratories, maker of the drug #mifepristone. They are appealing a lower court ruling that would roll back #FDA approval of mifepristone.

The next stop for the case is at the #NewOrleans-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit, which has set arguments in the case for May 17.

#Abortion #UnitedStates