S31bz :linux:
20 hours ago

Oh yeah, I should note that I got Fedora running fine on my C13 Yoga. Need to take more pix next time I do something like this.
#upcycle #chrultrabook #chromebook #chromeos #linux

Kelley Graham
3 days ago
Drywall corner with scrap helping hand on steel decking. Some household bits below deck. A red hammer handle and power tool in foreground.
Kelley Graham
3 days ago
An, actually #vintage, yellow number 2 pencil that became bendy with use. Duct tape reinforced. My dusty thumb and fingers. Concrete floor and grey steel sawhorse leg.

@cybeardjm same...

I want shit to be #repairable and I take pride in #UseLonger and #Upcycle...

And it's saddening that @Fairphone is an #exception rather than the norm.

But maybe I'm one of those checked-out millenials that refuses to "upgrade" to non-toolfree removeable & upgradeable batteries and non-fully replaceable RAM and SSD and who would use an Iridium 9575 PTT as daily driver if that wasn't paywalled at like €1,5k + € 50 p.m. just to do so.

But in the end it's a different scope.

OS/1337 aims to be the #Software-esque equivalent of "you want to build a gadget? Just shove a @Raspberry_Pi #Pi0W / #Pi0W2 in it!" and thus be the slate for other projects of mine and also a nice and versatile #rescue system that could be configured [ahead of time!] to [Reverse-]#SSH from a system, providing a cornerstone to build something like a #vendor-independent #LOM / #BMC to #upcycle older systems into #headless #servers!

Kelley Graham
3 days ago
Brown fluffy insulation surrounded by steel industrial racking and wire decks. White drywall behind.
First drywall break and ready for fitment.

OFC a lot of people will point out that cheap #Android devices are taking over #Africa faster and that a lot of places are already skipping the #Desktop & #Laptop phase of #Computing.

OFC, a #UsedMarket that is completely wack doesn't help in the #GlobalSouth as #LowSpecGamer showed in a deep dive into "#JustBuyUsed"...

But as we acknowledge that all production is somewhat yet intrinsically harmful, we should at least try to #UseLonger, #Reuseand #Upcycle a lot harder!

Also OS/1337 could be a way more accessible alternative to @Raspberry_Pi and other #SBC's in that it allows people to #UseLonger or rather #Reuse and #Upcycle stuff...

Kinda like @landley said re: #Android #development the same should be possible for #Linux in general, allowing someone in Agbobloshie to cobble together something that works for them and at least allow someone to browse the web via #Lynx and ...

Used Electronics Merchant stand in Agbloboshie, Accra, Ghana: 
On a barely holding-together naked plywood table there are several PC Keyboards and Mice next to speakers and a Stereo System.

Underneath the Table there are several older LCD monitors.

Still frame taken from a Click [BBC] episode...

OS/1337 should allow people to #upcycle devices to something useful.

Not just to be a "1st class #Android developer" as @landley explained over 10 years ago [ ] but also be a minimalist #Linux to do generic #CLI tools for and use as a daily-driver - capable with a #CLI.

To run on machines way too slow and low-end to be able to run #GUI's...

S31bz :linux:
6 days ago

This is a marvelous project to get Linux/Windows/OSX running on Chromebooks, put together by a helpful and passionate group of cool humans.
It's how I got my C13 Yoga Chromebook finally running Fedora 39.
#chromebook #upcycle #linux #maker

6 days ago
Had an unusable print last night, and realised that the storm the other day has made this filament even more wet than it normally gets inside my 50% humidity home.

So I took half an hour before work this morning to make a dry box with stuff I had lying around. I'll also put some dessicants in there once I bake this filament a bit.

@3dprinting #3dprinting #projects #upcycle
Brett's 3d printer, now with a big plastic container bolted to the front
North Delta
1 week ago

A little Dala-unicorn magic for today’s North Delta Doodle Day.

If you design a Dala-unicorn (in any medium) I’d love to see it. Use #NDDoodle and/or tag me.

Hope you all have a magical day.

#needlefelt #mending #patches #pinkchristmas #stockingstuffer #dalahorse #upcycle #MastoArt #ArtPrompt

A photo of a Dala-inspired unicorn needle-felted iron on patch. The patch is on a card with the words “you are magical” above it.
S31bz :linux:
1 week ago

Isn't going through your old stuff fun? I might end up seeing what Linux distros run on the *original* chromebook.
(ignore messy cables)
#linux #upcycle #chromebook #mario

Chromebook Beta Program original Mario model from back in 2009/2010
The original Chromebook Beta Program Mario model with battery and underside exposed
Nyx Crowyote
2 weeks ago

I always keep the envelopes Animal Art Crimes sends their stickers in. They make excellent recycling material for personalizing accessories. For this project, I bought a phone case that has a clear back and just sandwiched the scraps between the phone and the clear case.
#furry #punk #diy #yipyapyop #coyotes #graffiti #art #upcycle #recycle #furryFandom #furryCommunity #aac #animalArtCrimes

@roland Oh, das macht natürlich Sinn, weil #Upcycle & #UseLonger...

Dachte fast wäre nen mod um was nachträglich auf 5k aufzurüsten...

Aber als externer Monitor sind die sicherlich noch länger nützlich amstelle as #iMac...

2 weeks ago

I was tryna make a drawstring sack for someone but I screwed up *somehow*. So I made this lil' bag. Kinda cool *i guess* took me like 20mins.

Made from an old duvet cover. I have 3 old ones still so I can make a bunch of stuff. Hopefully I can make something to sell on my ebay, (tried to get an Etsy but it messed up somehow.) Where I will be selling my crafts.

#sew #sewing #bag #upcycle #diy #handmade #homemade #fashion

Kelley Graham
2 weeks ago
More #upcycle of #vintage clawfoot #oak #furniture. On schedule to install tomorrow.
Shop tables from above with ora…
Shop tables from above with orange Jorgensen clamps, round table face down on brown paper. Claw foot four leg base in background.
3 weeks ago

This is a magnetic noticeboard I made a few months ago. Made from an #upcycled computer side panel and some picture wire. It was super easy to do.

It is the only thing left of my first PC so making it into something was kinda neat.

So easy and it's super useful, why don't more people do this with old PCs?

#upcycle #handmade #homemade #diy #craft #crafts #reuse #ecofriendly #eco

4 weeks ago

Made a short skirt from some left over material from the last skirt i did. Unlike the last one I did this doesn't have any tassels to tie it, it has belt loops instead. Made from quilt cover fabric.

Too cold to wear out anywhere :(

The pictures are of me in leggings and a skirt that comes about two inches above me knee. The skirt is space themed and is covered with stars planets and a yellow spaceship.

#sewing #sew #handmade #homemade #skirt #fashion #upcycled #upcycle #space #diy #trans

EllenInEdmonton :mstdnca:
1 month ago I’m curious about adding a separate, washable cushion on my Posng chair from #iKEA During the height of the pandemic restrictions, I could only buy an ugly unbleached cover for my chair and it REALLY shows stains. Of course, I could just buy a new one in a nicer colour now. Still, I have a lot of fabric I could #upcycle. #sewing
1 month ago

I made a long skirt from a second hand quilt cover.

It is a wrap around design and was pretty easy to make. Only took a few hours working from no instructions.

#handmade #homemade #sewing #sew #clothing #upcycle #upcycled #diy #crafts #craft #clothes #skirt #fashion #space

Today's crafty submission for the #30DayMapChallenge. I upcycle jars with historical topographic maps from various sources. This is from a USGS 1:62,500-scale Quadrangle for Charleston, WV 1936.

#30DayMapChallenge #Day5 #topographic #topography #USGS #craft #historicaltopographicmap #historicalmap #upcycle #Charlestonwv #WestVirginia

Photo of a repurposed jar with a historical topographic map of Charleston, WV decoupaged onto the jar. The colors are muted earthtones and the font style is from 1936. Background is blurred.
Pedro Lopes
1 month ago

You can use ecoEDA as a plugin to @kicad (the world's most impressive software and also the most popular #opensource #electronics design tool). In the example below you see it suggesting to #reuse & #upcycle a display from a old Nokia phone instead of a new LCD screen! 3/

Delta Sierra
1 month ago

I mean, hey, if it works...

#LinuxMint #linux #computer #dell #parts #upcycle

An old CRT monitor from Dell, showing the output from pytop (a command line based resource monitoring tool). The computer is running Linux Mint, with the task bar visible. The computer itself is a loose pile of circuit boards and cables, sitting on a tile desk surface (nonconductive).
S31bz :linux:
1 month ago

I look forward to the @frameworkcomputer Marketplace going up in (hopefully) coming months. Imagine all the amazing custom eGPU cases one could buy from makers for their old Mainboard!
#makers #diy #byopc #upcycle

Peter Riley
1 month ago

"It's wasteful to throw away something that's still usable, it's better to share it with others who need it."

#china #stooping #Grecycle" (give away or take unwanted items for #free) #frugalism #minimalism #DuanSheLi, #decluttering #Danshari (get rid of excess goods.) #upcycle #reuse

Dan Shuman
2 months ago

This is really neat, if we can get it to wide usage. No plastics would be best, but a circular economy for plastics far beats what we're doing now for both production and disposal.

#CircularEconomy #Upcycle #Upcycling

Visions of Napa
2 months ago

#Halloween #Costume Exchange!

#Upcycle your old costume, get a “new-to-you” one, or just donate one you have on hand!
Respook. Rewear. Rescare!

The City of #Napa is hosting Pop-Up Racks at Community Events in October and restocking Living Racks
weekly at locations around town.

Make Halloween Eek-o-Friendly!

Link for where to donate or pick up a costume:

@riley helping people to #upcycle stuff they already own however is:

Delta Sierra
2 months ago

Rummaging around inside another #danger #television yesterday. Needed a few adjustments and about 2 lbs of dust cleared out.

I'm getting some bad flicker and convergence issues on startup, which gradually improve (but don't go away). Based on the "gradual improvement" element I'm thinking a bad capacitor somewhere, but I'm open to suggestions or troubleshooting ideas!

These ultra thin CRT displays are so cool though! Still incredibly heavy but only about 17" deep.

#diy #repair #upcycle

The inside of a Samsung CRT television. Tge dangerous high-voltage components are all visible, and everything is covered with a thin layer of dust.
2 months ago

I have so much baseboard molding that I have to find a way to #upcycle #repurpose it. It’s not going back on the walls and most of it is brown plastic. I was think garden trim, somehow using it as planters. Hmmmm.

Ktoś całkiem dobrą sklejkę na śmietniku zostawił… będą z tego fajne daszki do uli i kto wie co jeszcze. :)

#DIY #upcycle #trashSalvage

Cztery spore kawałki sklejki oparte o ścianę obok roweru.
Ontario News Bot
2 months ago

@thecornersjt: Thanks to @tngcommunityTO, @RepairCafeTO
, the volunteers and the community members for making the #repaircafetoronto event a success.

#repairs #bikes #clothing #trashtotreasure #recycledmaterials #workshop #jewelry #fixing #upcycle #ele

2 months ago

How to #upcycle food leftovers or side products that aren't actually #FoodWaste? Water from #mozarella or #feta packages, liquid leftover from a tomato salat, etc.?


S31bz :linux:
2 months ago

Looks like that old Memo Pad 7 of mine may just have a bad chip at this point, if writing to APD is still failing.
#mobilelinux #postmarketos #upcycle

Tisha Mark
3 months ago

For the curious, this is how I prep pages in my law dictionary (see details in alt-text). Sketch coming later.

#MastoArt #art #sketchbook #upcycle

Process photo of how I prep my law dictionary pages before sketching on them. Binder clips hold the open page tightly while I use an inexpensive hardware store paint brush to apply a thin layer of white Liquitex Basics Acrylic gesso to the pages.
Process photo showing an overhead view of me using an inexpensive hardware store paint brush to apply a thin layer of white Liquitex Basics Acrylic gesso to law dictionary pages held open with binder clips.

Success. Finally found someone looking for used denim for an upcycle project. Apt since cycling is inevitably what wears holes in all my jeans.

I was running out of time before moving day and admitting defeat that would've sent these to landfill.

#DIY #upcycle #denim #textileRecycling

A pile of jeans in a white shipping bag with a yellow post-it that reads "Thanks for giving these a second life! The downside is biking is the wear in jeans. - Sarah G"
3 months ago

@druid Germany knows only one flavour of Hula Hoops, but they have them. Same flavour as their crisps. The Brits are way more creative when it comes to sweets and snacks 😋

#upcycle #repair #recycle before throwing away. #wegwerfgesellschaft

And beware of #greenwashing - sometimes your nicely sorted waste (plastics, biodegradable, paper, the rest) is just used to regulate the temperature in a power plant...

Delta Sierra
3 months ago

This is not the ideal method of installing a fresh OS. Typing in the password was brutal!

#linux #laptop #repair #diy #upcycle #hardware

A small Dell laptop lying on the back of the screen with the bottom of the laptop removed. Bits of circuit board and wiring are visible. The laptop screen is on, and the laptop shows an installation of Linux Mint in progress.
3 months ago

Since I’m not a 20-30-something white Insta lady who refinishes crapped-up FB marketplace furniture and upcycles it with popsicle sticks and whatever is the new milk paint, I’ll share a just-finished, fresh-face of a grotty rocking chair we found covered in cobwebs and mildew in the garage. #rockon #puravida #repurpose #upcycle

Dingy mildewed rocking chair with blue crocheted cover left to waste in a garage
Sanded and transparent varnished chair w reupholstered and reinforced seat using weather-resistant fabric.
3 months ago

This was formerly : a t-shirt, the skirt of a dress; and now with the new waistband I added, it will live on as a simple pocketed, pull on #skirt#sewing #remaking #reDesigning #upcycle #pockets

The inside of a waistband with channels stitched and an elastic partially inserted
A white straight skirt with side seam pockets in front of a paisley black and white divider
Delta Sierra
3 months ago

Got the replacement board in for the Dell Inspiron 11. Fits perfectly, except it's just a *hair* too short. I'll have to attach the WiFi adapter with some tape, since there isn't a spot for a hold down screw. I've done kludgier things in the past, I'm sure it will hold up fine!

Also, the board came without RAM, so I habe an 8GB stick on order. Added $18 to the project cost, but I'm mostly frustrated I'll have to wait.

#diy #repair #laptop #computer #upcycle

Two motherboards, one installed and the other laying on top of the installed board. The old board (top) is slightly longer than the new board, but all of the mounting holes still line up fine. Also noticeable is the much beefier heat sink on the newer board.
3 months ago

to compensate for hours of book-study i had to make something: a little fancy notebook from an old bag from the thriftstore #upcycle

notebook open
notebook leather cover
Delta Sierra
3 months ago

While I wait for a replacement motherboard, I decided to do something about the laptop housing. It's not a *bad* color, but this machine has accumulated a lot of scratches and other damage.

I was originally going to prep the housing and do a gloss coat, but my girlfriend had some leftover bedliner from another project. I've seen this stuff survive all manner of impacts, and last after the metal of the truck bed rusted away.

Inspiron Tough Book, anyone?

#laptop #upcycle #repair #diy #mods

Two halves of a laptop outer housing, laying on cardboard atop mixed dirt and gravel. The housing pieces have been sprayed with truck bed liner, a black paint-like substance with a rough texture. Truck liner is known for durability.
Delta Sierra
3 months ago

My old Dell Inspiron 11 failed today - the dreaded 7 beeps indicating a motherboard/CPU failure. I'm going a step beyond just repairing this one by replacing the stock 3162 mobo with the newer 3180 mobo. This gives me:

A9-9420e (replacing N3050, newer/faster CPU)
8GB of DDR4 RAM (up from 2GB DDR3)
128GB of storage (up from 32GB)

This may be a usable travel laptop now! I'll throw a lightweight #linux distro on there too. Can't do anything about the blue though...

#upcycle #diy #repair #laptop

A partially disassembled Dell Inspiron 11. The motherboard, battery, and heatsink have been removed and are laying on top of the chassis. The chassis itself is a bright, nearly-offensive blue color.
4 months ago

Before the current epidemic of disposable vape pens, Poundland used to sell these disposable phone chargers which had a 650mAh #lithiumPolymer battery connected to a DC-DC boost converter. There was no straightforward way for owners to recharge them.

I've been distracted by e-cig battery harvesting, but finally got around to adding a TC4056A module with over-discharge protection to the few I bought back then

They are now just like USB #rechargeable powerbanks

#electronics #ewaste #upcycle

Three disposable "Power Pod" phone chargers, one with cover removed to reveal the modifications. A TC4056A PCB has been wired in between the 650mAh lithium polymer battery and the DC-DC boost converter that supplies power to the micro USB plug.

I found a kids dress at the thrift store for $1.25. I cut the white satin ribbons from it & removed the clip-on roses. I used them to decorate a wedding present — here I’ve dipped the rose in glue & sprinkled it with clear glitter. The best thing is that the things I removed don’t take away from the design of the dress, so I put the dress back in the donation box immediately after I left the store.

#recycle #upcycle #thrifting #wedding #craft

Overhead shot of me holding a small wedding gift. A large, white fabric rose has been dipped in Elmer’s school glue so that the very edges of the petals are coated. There’s a light sprinkling of clear glitter clinging to the glue.
S31bz :linux:
4 months ago

New update to the Memo Pad 7 saga: yeah it just hangs when flashing the bootpart. I think I'll set this project down and try it again in a few weeks.
#postmarketos #upcycle

My terminal just hanging when issuing a command to flash the boot image.

Want to help people directly in your area? Have too much stuff in your closets, attic, garage? Register for a freecycle account and give that stuff AWAY. There are ppl on here asking for everything. It won't cost you a dime:

#recycle #upcycle #climate #SJW #socialJustice #poverty #circularEconomy #waste #ewaste

6 months ago

This is my latest work in progress. It’s a 3D #mandala made from #CutPaper, a metal ring cut from a large can that held peanuts, pieces of old jewelry, and more! #MandalaArt #upcycle #MastoArt #WorkInProgress #CutPaperArt #Art #Artist

Three dimensional mandala art in progress. Made from cut paper, a metal ring from a large peanut can, pieces of jewelry, cut and decorated paper, and food can pull tabs. Purple, silver, teal, and turquoise.
Delta Sierra
8 months ago

Doing a little light repair work between meetings, since I had to wake up for a 6am meeting earlier today (ugh).

I got this pile of broken media players from a family friend. One LCD replaced and working so far, and I have LCDs to fix the rest (assuming that's the only issue). They're neat! MP3 player, FM radio, eBook reader (on that tiny screen, what?), photo gallery, recorder, bluetooth, 3.5mm out, and a microSD slot.

Anyone want one, if I can fix more of them?

#upcycle #repair #diy #media

Repaired and reassembled media player, showing the main menu. The screen works!
Disassembled media player with a freshly installed screen. The screen is showing a battery charging icon, and the main board and backside of the capacitive touch panel are visible.
Seven more media players of the same or similar design, all showing broken screens.
merlin / alex glow
8 months ago

I also designed a #3DPrinted cap to #upcycle medicine bottles into seed shakers! Drill holes in the original cap, fill with native seeds, and screw this on top to keep it from spilling into your bag:

Been using it for a couple months, A+

Alex holds a medicine bottle, filled with seeds and with holes drilled in the cap, next to its blue 3D-printed cover, in front of green native shrubs.
The bottle, side-on with the cover in place. You can see the seeds inside, and a Sharpied tape label reads "Native grasses".
Gwen Fisher
8 months ago

@silkenpaw @taffyhound you can find old sweaters at thrift stores. My friends give them to me because I ask them because I upcycle old cashmere into new hoodies. Be sure your wool is not “superwash” or it won’t felt. Hot water will help wool felt faster, but it’s the water and agitation that is the key to felting.

Here you can see some cashmere patches I used to cover holes and stains in an old sweater to make it as good as new. #sewing #felt #upcycle #VisibleMending

Sweater with decorative appliqué hearts. Thread is YLI Jean Stitch.
Elaine Anderson
9 months ago

Weird Marketplace Find of the Day. Pallet beds. I am actually quite amazed by the variations on these. I've included the link in case you want to see some of the other designs. #weirdmarketplace #decor #reuse #recycle #Upcycle #bed

Four pictures of four different beds with headboards and frames made of wood. They are lit from the bottom and from the shelves.
Tristan Nitot✓
9 months ago

Je me suis fait un cadeau de #cyclodrogué / #velotaf : une ceinture faite dans un pneu de vélo #upcyclé (ah, ah) :

Ceinture faite dans un morceau de pneu de vélo recyclé. La ceinture est emballée dans une boîte en carton beige et porte la marque « cingomma ».
Sue Walker White
1 year ago

My plain dark blue jumper embroidered revamp is finished ready for the Christmas season. Based on traditional Breton costume designs and colours, highly decorative collars of detailed embroidery are a classic feature of their style. Worked with fine tapestry wool in chain stitch. #embroidery #revamp #upcycle #christmas #jumper #Breton #brittany #design #costume #needlework

Piet van Zoen
1 year ago

Might have to give this a try. Repurposing a kindle as a smart home e-ink display. #HomeAutomation #UpCycle