#upgrade 📚
4 hours ago

These Safari upgrades might be small, but they make a pretty big difference when using Apple's web browser.

#apple #safari #browser #upgrade

Danny :verified:
9 hours ago

More RAM arriving today to breath new life into an old PC

And in the best #Amazon tradition, the delivery slot is getting later & later 🙄


15 hours ago

On my Dell XPS 13 running Ubuntu Linux 22.04.3 LTS, I'm only seeing "Dummy Output" in my Sound devices, no Audio input or output #upgrade #sound #kernel #output

1 day ago

Is there an option to upgrade from 20.04 to 22.04 that is not an overwrite and not side-by-side #2004 #upgrade #2204

1 day ago

Upgrade errors on Ubuntu 18.04 to 20.04 #1804 #2004 #upgrade

2 days ago

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Since I am planning to downgrade my Google One plan from two terabytes to 200 gigabytes as Kdrive offers me a better deal I took the time to check when, and how easy it would be to downgrade the plan. It’s actually very easy and I have a few months to back things up before downgrading.

In the process I was reminded that Google One originally had one terabyte of storage. They automatically upgraded all those with a one terabyte plan to two terabytes back in 2018 or so. We were getting twice what we paid for.

Of course we’re not getting twice what we’re paid for. We’re paying for storage we’re not using. For most of the time I have had Google One storage I have used less than 500 gigabytes of storage, out of two terabytes so a plan that offered 500 gigabytes of storage would have been closer to what I might have wanted.

The problem with cloud storage is that the more you have, the more you use, and the more you use, the more trapped you are. You’re trapped because either you need a two terabyte drive, and several days to download everything or you’re trapped paying 100 CHF per year until you invest the time it takes to download everything.

What I Do

I have the three franc apple plan and Google One. I usually backup my photos to iCloud, until I run out of space. I also simultaneously back them up to Google Cloud. When I need to make space for an OS update on an iOs device I delete apps and photos from the iPhone as they’re backed up to Google One where I have plenty of storage.

It Backfired

Rationally I would expect Google Photos and Google Drive to be stored in the same place. You use Google Photos when you want to look at photos specifically and you use Google Drive for media asset management. Unfortunatley Google doesn’t think that way, so Google Photos is completely seperate and a pain in the abs (intentional spelling) to deal with.

iPhoto and Google Photos make it very easy to backup up photos to the cloud, but not retrieve them. Whilst this is fantastic for keeping us trapped it has the opposite effect. I never upgraded iCloud to the two terabyte plan because I saw how difficult it was to retrieve photos.

With Google Photos they make it very easy to backup your photos to the cloud, and offload photos from the phone, but in so doing it’s easy to exceed the storage capacity of a laptop drive, or mobile phone drive. According to the Google Photos app on Android I have half a terabyte of photos.

What I Require

For me to see iCloud and Google Photos as viable primary photo backup solutions I want it to be as easy to download and store cloud photos locally as it is to send them to the cloud. If it’s easy to send them to the cloud but time consuming to get them back then this is not a solution because it is very easy to lose images, if we swap from one provider to another. We need backing up locally to be as fast as backing up to the cloud. We need it to be invisible and simple.

The Android Advantage

Android has a huge advantage over iOS in that we can by a 500 gigabyte micro sd card, or even a one terabyte SD card, and when we change phone we can swap the card from the old device to the new one and all our images are in the same place. With iOS devices we have to buy dedicated hardware to do the same thing, and we need to get a large external drive for the laptop to back up our images. In theory we wouldn’t need cloud storage to be more than a backup if apple allowed SD cards in iOS devices.

Using Nextcloud as a Home Alternative

That’s where Nextcloud shines. I spent a few days trying to sync all my photos from an iOS device to a Raspberry Pi running Nextcloud and it failed, mainly because I played around instead of letting it sync. The quicker, rational solution is for me to download all the photographs from Google Photos locally, and then to send them from a windows or macOS device to the Raspberry PI, make sure it’s up to date, and then sync new photos as they’re being taken.

The Saving

Without photographs I could use the 50 gigabyte option with iCloud and the 100 gigabyte option with Google One. I would save one franc per month with Apple but 80 CHF per year with Google, from 100 CHF per month, to just 20 CHF per month.

And Finally

Although it’s fantastic that we can store photos to several clouds whilst we’re on our daily walks, bike rides and more it comes at a cost, both in terms of storage and financial. By using a solution like a home based storage solution like Nextcloud we can automatically backup our photos locally before deleting them from iCloud, Google Photos or both. In so doing we go from needing an expensive cloud storage plan to a cheap one. We also make it easier to flit from the previous cheapest storage solution to the next, without worrying about data loss.

I enjoy the idea of storing photos online but I hate the idea that they’re hard to retrieve, and for this reason I want to have a locally based, automatic cloud download solution, such as Nextcloud running on a home based machine. I won’t do away with the cloud storage solution but by having the primary backup locally the cloud storage can be swapped within minutes rather than days.

#downgrade #Google #GoogleDrive #GoogleOne #upgrade

Clouds and the Jura in the Late Afternoon
2 days ago

Need flatpak 1.14.4 on Ubuntu 22.04, but apt installs flatpak 1.12.7 as latest #apt #upgrade #windowssubsystemforlinux #flatpak

2 days ago

No Wi-Fi adapter found after upgrading to 23.10 #networking #drivers #wireless #upgrade #2310

2 days ago
2 days ago

I have tried unsuccessfully to upgrade from 23.04 to 23.10 #apt #upgrade #repository #2304

2 days ago

Es gab ein "kleines" #Upgrade: 😅 Ab sofort hat mein #Router eine Anbindung von #50GbE (2x #25GbE #LinkAggregation) im internen Netzwerk. 6,25 GB/s max. 😱
#Homelab #Netzwerk #NIC #LWL #Fiber #sfp28 #HighSpeed #Network

2 days ago

I have tried unsuccessfully to upgrade from 23.04 to 23.10 #upgrade #repository

3 days ago

Ubuntu 22.04.03 issue after system upgrade #upgrade #2204

3 days ago

Ubntu 22.04.03 issue after system upgrade #upgrade #2204

3 days ago
adingbatponder :nixos:
3 days ago

@chrism I asked here about #nixos #rollback
and rolled back using usb image and using latest configuration.nix from usb stick
all seems well again.
I will not run --upgrade #upgrade unless I have a system where all apps work fine and will keep nixos images on usb sticks to be able to revert the kernel.
A rollback of kernel option would be fab.

4 days ago
Chistmas eglė
adingbatponder :nixos:
5 days ago

#firefox on completely newly installed #nixos using default #configuratoin .nix file file on (Acer) laptop does not crash initially; after doing #upgrade
sudo nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade
however #firefox crashes i.e. shuts down completely with error message #mozilla #crash reporter #mozillacrashreporter for example when clicking photos in posts in this fosstodon instance or trying to perform online payments. Is there an error in the current #nixosrepo ? I have the same problem on my #T480

freeformz 🏳️‍🌈
5 days ago

Any hints yet about when a revised Mac mini or studio with an m3 max are likely to come out?

I want to upgrade my m1 pro mbp, but I’m pretty sure I want to go desktop + iPad at this point.

#macOS #Apple #m3 #upgrade

5 days ago

Ubuntu 23.10: GRUB not showing, OS Not Booting #dualboot #partitioning #grub2 #upgrade

Malaysia Public Transport
6 days ago

The government is urged to expedite the #HighSpeedRail (#HSR) project between Malaysia and Singapore, as well as the #LightRailTransit (#LRT) transport system in Johor Baru.

Efforts to #upgrade the #publictransport system, especially in Johor Baru’s city centre will complete the state’s economic development ecosystem.

This follows the announcement of the Johor-Singapore Special Economic Zone (#SEZ) and the Forest City special financial zone (#SFZ).

Read more:


Johor Menteri Besar Datuk Onn Hafiz Ghazi speaking on his stand. / Photo from the linked article.
Danny :verified:
6 days ago

16GB of DDR3 RAM arriving Saturday (thankful you can still buy the stuff)

#memory #computer #upgrade

6 days ago

I've instaled and config'd emacs . The newest version is on a PPA, and called emacs29. How do I upgrade? #apt #packagemanagement #upgrade #ppa

1 week ago

Tamil language input system broken on upgrade to Ubuntu 23.10 #upgrade #ibus

1 week ago

Just started working with uBuntu and came across this after running, "sudo apt upgrade" #apt #upgrade

1 week ago
1 week ago

Upgrade Ubuntu: What are the consequences of the decision hold old grub config or not? #boot #grub2 #upgrade #uefi

1 week ago
Malaysia Public Transport
1 week ago

Sultan Ismail Petra Airport in Kota Bharu (#KBR) is currently undergoing an upgrade process.

The #terminal building will be able to accommodate as many as 4 million passengers a year (mppa) in the near future.

It is hoped that many are excited to look forward to this renewal. ❤️

(Photos by Malaysia Airports)

#airport #KotaBharu #Kelantan #passenger #upgrade

Upgrade works being carried out to the airport terminal building.
Upgrade works being carried out to the airport terminal building.
Václav Pašek
1 week ago

Tak jo, notebook dorazil a dnes jsem se do něj nastěhoval. Mobilní #Ryzen je pecka, ticho a výkon, super CPU a musím uznat, že #ThinkBook 14 G6 se #Lenovo fakt povedl, celokovový, tenký, lehoučký, displej s minimálním rámečkem, na baterii vydrží. Dobře jsem vybral 😁 #upgrade

1 week ago
1 week ago

Early access on the Patreon: The LAZIEST upgrade I could make to fix my NAS! There's a "right way" to do something, but sometimes it's fun to try out the LAZY way.
When my NAS struggles to stream video, what's the easiest (cheapest) way to fix that?

#tech #technology #geek #NAS #storage #backup #data #security #plex #media #movies #tv #streaming #cloud #upgrade #video #review

1 week ago
2 weeks ago

Stuck at boot screen after release-upgrade from 22.04 LTS to Ubuntu 23.10 #boot #upgrade

Mikael Hansson
2 weeks ago

Some reflections after my first #upgrade to a new major version of #FreeBSD in a server context:

TL;DR: Still working fine for my needs. Still enjoying working with this operating system.

2 weeks ago

Upgrade from 22.04.1 to 22.04.3? #upgrade

2 weeks ago

please help me, what this mean? this happend when i want to install microsoft egde in linux terminal #apt #packagemanagement #upgrade #updates #softwarecenter

2 weeks ago

Ubuntu 22.04.3 LTS How do I eliminate dependency problems when upgrading the kernel from 5.15.0-88-generic to 6.6.0? #upgrade #kernel #2204 #dpkg

2 weeks ago

Reboot does not clear "System restart required. Kernel SRU period has ended" #apt #upgrade #kernel

2 weeks ago
Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

A clean CPU socket is indeed a happy CPU socket

#Dell #T3600 #Upgrade #eBay

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

Never underestimate the value of a BIOS update.

I noticed a significant performance improvement after updating the bios.

Prior to this, I was generally concerned, as I noticed my PC was running a little hotter and seemed a little sluggish, plus the auto fan speed didn't seem to be as responsive.

The moment the BIOS completed the update, it was an instant improvement.

#BIOS #Upgrade #T3610

Graham Perrin
2 weeks ago

vi oh vi oh vi is this still a thing in 2023?


RTFM is not an answer.

Users deserve better – much better – than vi by default (with no option to change during, for example, the operating system installation routine).

So many people get bitten by this. It's awful.

#FreeBSD #update #upgrade #vi #fail

Justin Ridgers
2 weeks ago

Installed Debian 12.2 Testing with KDE Plasma on an old HP Stream 11 with 2 GB RAM and 64 GB eMMC. I upgraded the mini-PCIe wifi card to 802.11ax. Really nice. #debian12 #kde_plasma #upgrade #oldcomputer

Patrick Strahm
2 weeks ago

A small #upgrade to a gorgeous #roadbike - a pair of orange #derailleur pulleys.

SRAM Red derailleur with Garbaruk pulleys.
Ritte Snob Disc.
2 weeks ago

To #upgrade on not to upgrade, that is the question. I'm still pretty happy with my #Ryzen 3600X, but a 8-core would be tempting as they seem to be under 200€ now, less than the 3600X in 2019.
And I would get a decent secondary system easily as for some odd reason I have unused mobo, memory, SSD and GPU. Just add PSU and case.

Ben Abraham || AfterClimate
2 weeks ago

Last week, after putting up with years of poor performance by my main work computer, I decided to do something about it.

But instead of buying a new one, I decided to tackle the pretty tough job of digging into the very, very difficult-to-repair and upgrade iMac.

I learnt a lot about what is involved and what I think Apple – the richest company on the planet – needs to fix about its computers.

That, plus the amount of CO2 I'm saving by not turning a device simply into #ewaste.

#sustainability #sustainable #computers #upgrade #righttorepair #Apple #iMac #recycling #hardware #teardown

2 weeks ago

Today I'll try to upgrade my raspberry pi to bookworm version,

And I'll do it without backup just to impress the girls! (If that won't show them how a bad boy I am, idk what will)


Linux Is Best
3 weeks ago

* sings* 😂

This is Major Tom to Ground Control

I'm stepping through the door
And I'm floating in the most peculiar way

And the stars look very different today

------------ Success !!!!!!!!!!


The Dell Precision T3610 has been upgraded to "feature complete" with the maximum 64 GB of Ram and the highest specs CPU, an Intel Xeon E5-1660 0

#Intel #Dell #T3600 #Xeon #Upgrade


#IT might be #Time to #Upgrade our #Choreography... #Again...


🧙:party_dino:​🤖🐺🤖:party_dino:​🧙 | 🎈🦹🕵️🦄🕵️🦹🎈

beautiful psychedelic chillout mix ( psychill / psybient ) HD

Un drame en deux étapes.

#Ubuntu #upgrade #ubuntu23_10

Mise à jour d'ubuntu vers la version 23.10
Écran de boot du PC. Le système a foiré avant l'installation complète.
Aral Balkan
3 weeks ago

PS. If you get the following error on Step 1: “Cannot pin staged deployment”, it just means that you already have an operating system update pending so just reboot (`sudo reboot`) to apply it and then carry out the major version upgrade.

(Basically, just ensure you have the latest version of Fedora 38 installed before updating to Fedora 39. Given the nature of Fedora Silverblue, that could likely be today’s version.) ;)

#fedoraSilverblue #fedora39 #upgrade

Aral Balkan
3 weeks ago

Upgrading from Fedora Silverblue 38 to 39?

If you have rpm-fusion layered, do the following before upgrading:

1. Pin your current distribution so you can roll back in case something goes wrong:

sudo ostree admin pin 0

2. Reinstall rpm-fusion:

rpm-ostree update --uninstall rpmfusion-free-release --uninstall rpmfusion-nonfree-release --install rpmfusion-free-release --install rpmfusion-nonfree-release

3. Continue upgrade as usual:

#fedoraSilverblue #fedora39 #upgrade

Alaska Native News
3 weeks ago

Innovation leads to productive season for safety upgrade at Moose Creek Dam
[the_ad id="30587"]

JOINT BASE ELMENDORF-RICHARDSON – Dipping temperatures and the aurora borealis streaking across the night sky signaled the end of the second construction season for the Moose Creek Dam Safety Modification Project on Oct. 12...
#moosecreek #dam #upgrade #chena #northpole #corps #engineers

AWS 宣布 EKS 支援期從 14 個月變成 26 個月

有訂 RSS feed 但應該是漏看了,後來在 X (Twitter) 上看到 qrtt1 轉貼 ingramchen 的貼文才注意到的,AWS 宣布 EKS 支援期從本來的 14 個月 (跟 k8s 官方相同) 變成

#AWS #Cloud #Computer #Murmuring #Network #Security #Service #amazon #aws #cloud #eks #k8s #kubernetes #long #lts #service #support #term #upgrade

TSM at Work
3 weeks ago

I’d like to think that I did something constructive for our #Pulsar #upgrade by writing #documentation about how we got from there to here.

Arguably, it’s harder getting reviews for these things than opening pull requests, even if the thing is posted in a #wiki backed by #git. (Technically you could open a PR but why? It’s a wiki. Just change it already.)

3 weeks ago

Successfully upgraded a Drupal 9.5 site to 10.1!

Main issues, as always, were modules that wouldn't play nice, despite being verified as Drupal 10 compatible (sometimes because only a patch fixed it in D9, sometimes just not at all).

#drupal #drupal9 #drupal10 #migration #upgrade

We take new #fedora day very seriously in this household. #fedora39 #Linux #upgrade

Two laptops on a wooden table running the fedora upgrade process
Marc Hottinger
3 weeks ago

Question YunoHost #ynh :
J'ai une install sur Raspberry Pi avec un kernel 64bit mais php en version 32bit. Comme j'utilise Nextcloud, vous voyez le problème: impossible avec cette config de mettre à jour vers les versions récentes. Des idées?
#nextcloud #selfhosting #autohebergment #raspberry4 #php #upgrade #sysadmin

3 weeks ago

23.04-23.10 Release upgrade dependent on held back packages #upgrade #2204 #dependencies #doreleaseupgrade

1 month ago

So, die Instanz wurde nun mit Hängen und Würgen auf die aktuelle Mastodon-Version 4.2.1 gehoben.

Habe ich schon mal gesagt, dass ich diesen ganzen Ruby, Node.js etc.-Kram hasse ...?

Außerdem sind die Code-Updates über GIT nicht sauber gelaufen. Es sah irgendwie so aus, als würde das 4.2-Realease auf einer anderen Code-Basis als meine frühere 4.1.6 aufsetzen, was dazu geführt hat, dass GIT meinte in zig Dateien Merge-Conflicts zu sehen.

Am Ende konnte ich das nur lösen in dem ich die 4.2.1-Änderungen mittels "force" rein gemerged habe. Dabei gingen dann die Anpassungen für das Erhöhen der maximalen Zeichenanzahl verloren.

Ist aber jetzt alles wieder nachgetragen und die Instanz läuft wieder.

Hoffentlich ohne Probleme ...

#mastodadmin #mastodon #instanz #upgrade

So consider this a sort of re-#introduction (timed with's #upgrade to 4.2.1!) to our #microbiology journal club. We haven't agreed on a final format yet, but we do agree that: we want to keep doing a #livestream, focus on producing more #graphics, have both a deep dive and a news overview, add a more general #review, produce in smaller batches that have a #theme tying shows together, and explore new #platforms.

Andrew Melder
1 month ago

I've always been one of those new shiny gadget types. As Michael Fisher has mentioned elsewhere, "fun" is a perfectly legitimate reason to want a device.

But I sit here looking at the MacBook news today, I realise that I don't actually want to upgrade any of my devices right now.

The only device that could possibly tempt me away from my iPhone 13 Mini is the Pixel Fold; but it's not available here so that's an easy temptation avoided.

#gadgets #technology #upgrade

1 month ago
More exciting things are happening.

#upgrade #xubuntu
Terminal window showing the Xubuntu upgrade progress
1 month ago


Will it include the traditional three reboots, followed by a notification that another update is available?

#software #upgrade #reboot

Linux ☑️
2 months ago

::: Ubuntu 23.10 | Want to upgrade to it from 23.04 right away? :ubuntu:

It seems many use different switches in attempt, such as -c (meaning check). This one just applies it before an official notification.

sudo do-release-upgrade -d

►It upgrades your Ubuntu Linux 23.04 => 23.10 NOW.

Ps. please do understand what you are doing and follow the instructions on screen.

#Ubuntu #upgrade #release #command #terminal #ManticMinotaur

2 months ago

Upgrade? Was ist das?🔁

Du hast schon mal von unserem Upgrade-Programm gehört, weißt aber nicht so richtig was das ist? Wir erklären dir es in unserem neuen Blog.🙂

#shift #shifthappens #shiftphone #upgrade #return #secondlife

Du hast schon mal von unserem Upgrade-Programm gehört, weißt aber nicht so richtig was das ist? Wir erklären dir es in unserem neuen Blog.

Well fuck.

Upgraded my server's OS, so now it's on PHP8.2

And nextcloud is the thing which this breaks: You are version 24, and version 24 doesn't support PHP8.2.

Damnit. Right.

Fine, I'll install the latest version then.

Oh no: Nextcloud don't support jumping more than one version at a time.

It wants me to find and install version 25 first, and then version 26, and only then version 27.

I wonder if version 25 supported PHP8?....


Well that's fucked then isn't it?

Anyone got any clues how I can upgrade to version 25 when my PHP version is too new for that old version of Nextcloud?

#nextcloud #sysadmin #upgrade #php

Meeple Mountain
2 months ago

Meeple Mountain deluxifies a few games thanks to BoardGameSet - find out if these upgrade sets are deluxe or dross in our review of BoardGameSet’s upgrade sets.

#BoardGames #Deluxify #Upgrade #Components #Bling #BoardGameSet

Tao of Mac
2 months ago

Notes on macOS Sonoma

Unlike last year, I upgraded to Sonoma’s “point zero” release–and did that because it felt like a Snow Leopard-style clean-up release rather than a bunch of ground-breaking (and app-breaking) “improvements”. And so far, nothing (unforeseen) is broken, which actually kind of sums it up nicely.(...)

#macos #features #upgrade #sonoma #stability

Notes on macOS Sonoma

@onan this is a thousand times better than the batch file I wrote that accepts the link as a parameter and then strips the v=xyzlmnopdw junk from the file same and robocopys it to the music place for the Plex thing. I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your script. #upgrade

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

I'll admit I thought this was for Windows 11 before I re-read the headline.

You can't upgrade to Windows 10 for free anymore

#Windows10 #Upgrade #Windows8 #Windows7 #OperatingSystem #Microsoft #TechNews

A laptop showing that Windows 7 is out of support.
2 months ago


Necessary edit:

"Mastodon, the federated microblogging platform, has been updated to version 4.2,

--> but not universally. Only users on those instances whose admins have completed the #Mastodon v4.2.0 #Version #Upgrade will see it and be able to use it."

Oh, look:

"Mastodon 4.2 is available now — well, whenever your instance admin gets around to upgrading."

but only after you click through to the article


Well, also on the #iPhone, I couldn’t resist this year … #iPhone15ProMax #upgrade #excited

iPhone 15 Pro Max on my desk
Jan :rust: :ferris:
2 months ago

Wow I've just noticed the #Mastodon version number going from v4.1.9 to v4.2.0 literally in the blink of an eye. 👀

What a smooth upgrade! If there hadn't been changes UI- and functionality-wise, I wouldn't have noticed.

Thank you @admin at! You and other admins of Mastodon are doing amazing work! ❤️

#MastoAdmin #Upgrade #AdminLove

Sådär! Nu har vi installerat Mastodon 4.2.0 🙂

Hela listan med förändringar går att läsa här:

Vi bygger om sökindex och det kommer ta några timmar ytterligare.

Om ni märker något konstigt hör gärna av er.

Om ni gillar vad vi gör så tar vi tacksamt emot stöd via Ko-Fi, Patreon eller Swish.

Ha en fin kväll!

#mastodonnu #upgrade #4.2.0

Stefan Bohacek
2 months ago

It's great to see the progress Mastodon has made over the past few months, and the 4.2.0 release has a lot of interesting updates.

But I sure hope that upgrading gets easier in the future. Having to run all these commands manually makes me really appreciate how, for example, WordPress does it.

#mastodon #MastoAdmins #upgrade

2 months ago


Are we going to #Upgrade: #YourInstance #AnytimeSoon, #MisterDen...?

#NoFuss | #ZeroPressure...

I still have #FullAccess to #MyOldInstance; the one #VMST tried to #ShadowBan (if you #Remember)...

🧙⚔️🤖🐺🤖⚔️🧙 | ☕🎠🦹🦄🦹🎠☕

Vi har precis uppdaterat till den senaste versionen av Mastodon, 4.1.8.

Denna release innehåller ett antal säkerhetsfixar.

#mastodonnu #upgrade

James Bartlett :terminal:
3 months ago

One of my #PowerShell hacks for #PowerBI just got a huge #upgrade: #Pipeline support!

In layman's terms, this means that one #function can be strung together with another function in a single PowerShell command, and the outputs from the first function feed directly into the second's inputs. The best part is that the whole chain of functions can operate as a #stream, so as soon as the first item is available, it gets passed down to the next function in the chain, which begins processing that item, while the previous function is working on the next item in the queue. It's like an #AssemblyLine for data!

Of course, now I'll have to go back and apply this technique to all of the other functions I've written previously. #NoRestForTheWicked 😈

Vi har nu på morgonen uppgraderat databasen (en aktivitet vi rullade tillbaka sist).

Alla index har skapats om och allting bör fungera som vanligt från och med nu.

Om ni märker något konstigt, hör gärna av er 🙂

#mastodonnu #postgres #upgrade #maintenance

4 months ago

On my way back to London, functioning broadband and my comfortable bed.
#rail #railtravel #LNER #firstclass #upgrade #BikeByTrain #UKRail #nationalised #PubliclyOwned

LNER beef stew with new potatoes and a Hop on Board beer in a real glass.
Martin raising a glass of gin and tonic.
Stephen Shankland
4 months ago

Not happy with the tinny speakers in my Framework laptop. But... you can upgrade them for $19?
#Upgrade #RightToRepair #Laptop

Charlie Balogh
4 months ago

This is a "not good"... RIP RAM module... (Yes, another module of the exact same type/spec works perfectly.) #upgrade #downgrade

MemTest86 showing a 94 RAM errors.
Dead Corsair Vengeance DDR4 3200 32GB RAM module.

So, what @jsnell is saying - in #Upgrade - is that @imyke is Jason's Phil Donahue, while Jason is @loudmouthjulia's Phil Donahue! 😉 ❤️

Matthew Thoms
5 months ago

@thunderbird #upgrade went smooth thanks for the easy way to install on windows. Will be upgrading my Mac soon.

5 months ago

Got an extra special Summer of Fun package from the #Upgrade Merch Shop this afternoon and had to put it on right away!

@imyke @jsnell

Anders Borch
5 months ago

Do you know that feeling when your spouse is angry at you for not quitting your job, and your vet hasn’t come back with information on whether your dog’s tumor is benign, and all you really wanted to do was upgrade your mastodon server to the latest stable, but now you’re too depressed to do anything real, and you just want to go to bed and hope tomorrow will be better?

#sad #anxious #terrible #job #upgrade

5 months ago

@getkirby gibt es für Besitzerinnen der Lizenz Version 3 ein besonderes #Upgrade #Angebot, das über die 20% des allgemeinen Angebots hinaus geht? #kirby #cms #getkirby

5 months ago

Hoy un #viernesdeescritorio algo distinto, porque doy por concluido mi proyecto de #upgrade de mi #thinkpad #T440p:

- Pantalla IPS 1080p
- SSD 512 GB
- Caddy de DVD reemplazado por un caddy de HDD (SSD extra de 512 GB)
- Procesador actualizado a un i7-4712MQ
- Pasta térmica Grizzly Kryonaut
- Teclado US reemplazado por otro con layout ES (original, de eBay)
- RAM actualizada a 12 GB
- Batería original de 9 celdas nueva

No puedo estar más contento, con #kde #plasma en #endeavouros vuela :)

ThinkPad T440P con EndeavourOS
FOSS Surveys
5 months ago

To #Debian users: Are you already using #Debian12 ? :debian:

Boost for more range 📶

#update #linux #opensource #foss #upgrade

Christian Gelleri ✅
6 months ago

Wow, Elon #Musk darf nun direkt die Gehirne steuern. Dear USA, liebe Menschheit, das ist nicht #Wissenschaft, das ist nur noch Wahnsinn!

Anfangen tut es mit ein paar Heilerfolgen. Dann winken Profite in der Waffentechnik (Delfine, Affen, Menschen) und auch beim #Upgrade von Menschen = Riesenprofite. Hammer, was dieser Typ darf!

Startup „#Neuralink“ erhält Zulassung: Musk darf #Gehirnimplantate am Menschen testen

FOSS Surveys
6 months ago

When a new #version of your #distro is available and you want to switch to it, do you usually upgrade or do you do a fresh reinstall?

Boost for more range 📶

#linux #foss #opensource #upgrade #reinstall #poll #polls #survey

Mastodon Migration
7 months ago


You may have seen the announcement that is now "upgrading to a nightly build". This means that it is regularly releasing the latest and greatest version.

And you may be wondering if this is unique, or something special that only Eugen can do? The answer is no, the same version is available for all instances to upgrade to as frequently as they want.

Lot's of improvements rolling out. Exciting times.

#version #upgrade

Frozen Canuck

@renchap @szbalint @Gargron Any plans to permit other Mastodon servers to upgrade to nightly snapshots?

Eugen Rochko

@frozencanuck @renchap @szbalint No permission is necessary, Mastodon is open-source and all this code is available for anyone to run
adingbatponder :nixos:
7 months ago

#ubuntu2304 does not automatically play a #DVD i.e. has no built in software to do so? Is this right? And it #@*£* my #VLC installation too with bad error messages at the command prompt (which weren't there before the #upgrade from v. 22) . Sigh.