Rick Gaehl
2 weeks ago

There's nothing quite like a shabby, but characterful, window. When the shutters are closed, it's actually quite hard to tell what sort of people might live behind them...

This is in portrait format.

#Photography #FensterFreitag #Windows #Pink #UrbanDecay

A dilapidated window in a pink wall. The shutters of the window are closed, and the paint is peeling.
Justin Farrimond
2 months ago

Diseased Lothlorien

Society is sick. Unfortunately our eyes have become inured to the symptoms. It's only when we see the environment we have as opposed to the environment we could have that the scale of the poverty pandemic becomes clear. We tore down Lothlorien to build a plastic palace.

#PicOfTheDay #Dreamscape #PhotographyIsArt #DiseasedLothlorien #Photography #URBEX #UrbanDecay

Colour adjusted photograph showing a dilapidated building behind a cage barrier.  A scene of desolation and hopelessness, a scene all too common in 21st century Britain.
Andrew Wooldridge 🌱
3 months ago

Anyone know of a #walkingsim game that is #urbandecay themed? Like say you’re the last (you think) survivor on the planet and you wake up 100 years after everyone (maybe) is gone and you just spend the game exploring fantastic urban decayed buildings and discover what happened. #game #wishlist #cozygame

4 months ago

@Radical_EgoCom As seen in the greater Portland Maine area. Homeless camps (now dismantled), while mall stores sit empty. #Gentrification #Capitalism #UrbanDecay

A homeless encampment in Portland, Maine. A row of tents along a sidewalk.
The empty interior of the old Sears store at the Maine Mall in South Portland, Maine.
Marta 🌿🐸
7 months ago

Yesterday I mostly relaxed after major undertaking of making the festive dress and then watching it used in the event. Still not ready to face the editing of the photos I made there.
Printed a lot of small cute things, I'll show you when they are finished.
Played a calming game, even installed Steam for that. It's quite tiresome but the game, #cloudGardens, is nice, #urbanDecay at its finest.
Tried filming in tight places, all those tripods!
..and today I woke up to a loud explosion nearby.

8 months ago

Non-day tags

#Photographers of Mastodon!
Hashtags are the best way for people to find and enjoy our photography. If you like to share #artistic photos, here are some that might make yours easier to find. Discovery works best if we cluster our work under common hashtags. I am collecting the most useful tags for my artistic photos and would like to share them.

Please reply to this post with any I missed that you like, I’ll add to my list if i’ll use them. Please copy and edit this list for you and post it, we can keep boosting these around.

#ChasingIce - anything frozen
#Artifacts - ancient sites, industrial, anything manmade and decaying