Megan Lynch (she/her)
2 hours ago

Several observations to make:

- No safe way for pedestrians & mobility aid users to go from one end of this lot to another.

- That's a LOT of soil sealed under asphalt, leading to degradation of the soil and life underneath, and more flooding.

- They'd still hassle folks living out of their cars if they at least used that space to park overnight.

- This used to be land that produced food. #CarCentrism #Parking #Urbanism #Accessibility

View across large strip mall in Woodland, California as I try to walk from Costco Tire to Starbucks. In front of me is a vast expanse of asphalt with painted lines to space autos. There are short trees, in whose shade drivers fight to park first. There's an empty brick shopping cart return. There are no sidewalks, crosswalks, or any infrastructure to help make it safer for those not traveling by car.
Megan Lynch (she/her)
3 hours ago

Outdoor dining, right? What could be better?

Well, the implementation of it could be a lot better. Shot on the right shows my feet for scale so you can imagine what it's like trying to squeeze through in a power wheelchair or mobility scooter. And this is with the table empty - no one lying back in it with shopping bags clustered around the chair.

This is a local mall that has tons of space for car parking, very few actual sidewalks.

#Urbanism #Accessibility #CarCentrism

View from some of the little pedestrian/mobility aid space this large mall hass. The usable sidewalk for those with mobility aids is okay until the storefront two storefronts ahead - which has put out red metal cafe tables and chairs. The space between the leg of the chair (that's empty and pushed into the table) and the soil of a tree planter is not adequate for easy and safe mobility aid egress.
View from my head down to the pavement, showing my two feet for scale between where the red chair leg was when I found it and where the corner of the soil of the tree planter begins. It's about 2 feet wide. In any case, definitely not wide enough for most wheelchairs and mobility scooters even single file.
Joe Finney
3 hours ago

Rode the #MCTS 15 line on my way to the start of the Milwaukee Lakefront Half Marathon! So convenient! #PublicTransit #urbanism

Gernot Wagner
5 hours ago

On the right: a couple hundred people enjoying themselves on a Sunday afternoon, DJ and all.

On the left: a driver about to pay a couple hundred bucks for thinking this was a good idea or in any way legal.

Thanks, !
#NYC #urbanism @TheWarOnCars

'burbanite illegally parked on Open Street and/or illegally parked in bike lane. Pick your easily documented traffic violation

@Nondriver “while there are many challenges for those who are getting around the city without a car, I think there are just as many good reasons to get out, experience the community, and be connected with your surroundings” #accessibility #biketooter #waroncars #climate #urbanism #safestreets #airquality

Jan Adriaenssens
14 hours ago

I just bought the poster “Der Gartenparkplatz” from Valeriu Kurtu.

It’s one of those images that periodically pops up on social media to protest the use of our streets, parks and squares for parking.

And apparently you can buy the poster directly from the illustrator. What a great way to support them!

#parking #publicspace #mobility #urbanism #urbanplanning

Illustration of a cartoon where a man is camping on an empty parking spot in a grey parking area. He put his camper on a grass field and he is growing tomatoes and sunflowers. The police have just arrived and are writing him a ticket.
Jason Thorne
14 hours ago

Bus shelters can be beautiful. “Shelter Shift” in Athens, Georgia by architects Somewhere Studio.
#transit #architecture #urbanism

Well designed bus shelter with curved entranceway
Well designed bus shelter with curved entranceway
Light bulbs
17 hours ago

@BrentToderian I’m wondering about family-sized housing:
– The parents usually stay after the children leave and a lot of space is wasted in cities.
– Sometimes the children stay beyond their 18th birthday and the layout becomes problematic because everything is so intertwined.

We need a flexible way to expand and contract apartments. Maybe they can be built more modularly? Swapping apartments is an alternative, but finding good matches is often difficult.


1 day ago

This could be a street for people, not cars. It already is, 4 times a year.

#urbanism #FuckCars

Grandview Ave on street view
Grandview Ave during the Grandview Hop on September 30, 2023
1 day ago

Random book from 1970 at my dad's stroady all-sfh R1 house was super #orangepilled #notjustbikes #urbanism

@P3KO “Once it's bedded in I think people will look back and ask themselves why it was we were prepared to tolerate traffic going at excessive speeds in urban areas” #biketooter #twentyisplenty #wales #urbanism #airquality #safestreets #publicsafety #waroncars

1 day ago

When reducing #Pollution, it's combustion emissions that get the spotlight. #TyreWearParticles prove to be an under-appreciated pollutant. In addition to #Electrification by #CleanEnergy, we must reduce the amount of tyres on the road. Doing this would require the promotion of #PublicTransportation, #Cycling and #Walkability. Get people out of cars. #FuckCars

#AirQuality #WaterQuality #Environment #PublicHealth #Urbanism

CLondoner92 (New Account)
2 days ago

#TfL meetings.
Highlights of the agenda reports pack for the Programmes and Investment Committee - 5 October 2023
Updates on new #DLR & Piccadilly line #trains and Central line Improvement Project
#transparency #urbanism #Underground #London #Transport

Image description
Investment programme report
Quarter 1 2023/24
(1 April to 24 June 2023)
Appendix 1


Kingston Cromwell Road bus station
The major redevelopment of Kingston Cromwell Road bus station will significantly improve the bus experience for our customers. The works will deliver a bus station that is in good condition, is safe to use, offers a better customer experience, is easier to navigate for all customers and is greener and more energy efficient.

New Routemaster refurbishment
This programme is the mid‑life refurbishment of 998 TfL‑owned New Routemaster bus fleet. During Quarter 1 2023/24, 51 New Routemaster buses were refurbished across four operators. This takes the total of completed refurbishments to 329 at the end of this quarter. The target for this financial year is to complete 616 refurbishments.

Procurement activities for the renewal programme continue, with priority given to critical and safety‑related projects. The team are looking into combining workstreams to achieve efficiency where possible. This has meant early engagement with our contractors to understand where value can be achieved. Retaining key staff is a concern, with several engineers having left the business this quarter.

The replacement bogie frame project for the B92 train type is progressing well. Wheel slip protection trials have been completed. Software installation has begun for the plan to upgrade all 110 train units.

Long‑line public address system installation is continuing at five stations. This system is used for station announcements, which are essential for evacuations as the majority of DLR stations are unstaffed.

Automatic people counters have been commissioned into service across the network
Piccadilly Line Upgrade - Stage 1 Progress Update

Appendix 1: New Siemens trains and PLU delivery progress
Figure 1: Siemens 24 Tube Stock:
First production train at Siemens Vienna facility – August 2023

Figure 2: Siemens 24 Tube Stock:
First production train in Vienna prior to delivery to the Siemens test track facility in Germany – August 2023
Appendix 5: Delivery since last Committee submission and plan to next submission

Update on the Central line Improvement Project (CLIP)
2 days ago

New apartments have bike racks out front, good start I guess, is there a secure lockup for tenants/owners too? #perth #urbanism #mobility #cycling

Bicycle hoops outside secure parking of new apartments
CLondoner92 (New Account)
2 days ago

#UK Government announces new long-term plan to back #drivers

Plan for drivers will sit alongside continued investment in public #transport and active travel.

Guidance to be reviewed on 20mph limits and low traffic neighbourhoods in #England
#urbanism #travel

For those interested in seeing my notes from the 1917 National Conference on City Planning, that is now available here #histodons #ushistory #urbanplanning #urbanism #transit #segregation #housing

CLondoner92 (New Account)
2 days ago

Ticket gates added to help ease crowding at #London #Victoria station

Quicker journeys through station as Network #Rail’s £30m congestion scheme set to complete by March 2024.
#transport #railway #urbanism

Image of the additional ticket gates serving platforms 1-7
By Network Rail

@blindeke "To me, it really seems that the equation needs to be the right politics, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be liberal politics,” Grilley said. “Kid safety is a great message. So is public health. And cost saving is a good message, to let people lead more active lives. We’re all gonna be better off for it physically and financially." #biketooter #urbanism #waroncars #publicsafety #visionzero #publichealth #airquality

North Hollywood is getting an even bigger upgrade. Very different from when I lived there in the early 90's.
"District NoHo gets the go-ahead from L.A. City Planning Commission"

#NoHo #LosAngeles #cities #urbanism

David Zipper
2 days ago

I did not expect Vilnius to be this fantastic

#lithuania #vilnius #urbanism

CLondoner92 (New Account)
3 days ago

#Transport for #London (#TfL) meetings.
Highlights of the agenda reports pack for the Customer Service and Operational #Performance Panel - Wednesday 4 October 2023
#Accessibility #scrutiny #transparency #urbanism

Customer service and operational performance report
Quarter 1 2023/24 (1 April 2023 – 24 June 2023)
Customer service and operational performance report
Quarter 1 2023/24 (1 April 2023 – 24 June 2023)

We launched eight consultations in
Quarter 1, as follows:
• Bus route 419 hail-and-ride conversion to fixed stops
• Catford Town Centre – changes to A205 South Circular Road
• Bus route 223 extension
• Proposed Superloop route SL10 (X183)
• East Sheen Road safety and streetscape improvements scheme
• Proposed Superloop route SL1 (X34)
• Healthy Streets – Greenwich to Woolwich
• Bus routes W restructuring

We are planning to launch 18 consultations
in Quarter 2 2023/24.
Customer Service and Operational Performance Panel – 4 October 2023
Appendix 1

Deep-dive on TfL’s “Care score”

Deep dive:
Disabled Londoners are less likely to agree that TfL Cares than non-disabled Londoners
Step-Free Access Update
Appendix 1

Recap on London Underground Step-Free Access

In July, we announced the next stations being reviewed in our step-free access programme.

These are:
• Alperton
• Arnos Grove
• Burnt Oak
• Eastcote
• Finchley Road
• Northolt
• North Acton
• Rayners Lane
• West Hampstead
• White City

Levelling Up/Borough funding is also available for:
• Leyton
• Colindale
CLondoner92 (New Account)
3 days ago

#Transport for #London Freedom of Information release:
When will the 64 route go electric?
"Our current expectations are that route 64 will convert to electric #buses early next year."
#TfL #zeroemission #cleanair #urbanism

CLondoner92 (New Account)
3 days ago

Consultation shows public support for #Liverpool City Region’s proposed bus #franchising scheme

More than 6,000 people took part in the #consultation – with nearly 70% of the public supporting a franchising model
#buses #transport #urbanism #England #UK

Mayor Steve Rotheram stepping off a new hydrogen bus.
3 days ago

#Transport for #London press release:
#TfL advises customers to consider alternative routes during planned #RMT #strikes

Planned strike across the Tube network throughout 4 and 6 October and in the mornings of 5 and 7 October if it goes ahead
#unions #urbanism

TfL Image - London Underground Roundel
Dendan Setia (Nins)
3 days ago

I'd have hoped that they would eventually post this on their yt channel at least but unfortunately this very interesting virtual tour is still only on their IG account:

It's a collaboration between an Indonesian NGO, mandat, and a Malaysian one, Free Tree Society. It's a virtual tour of the Pulai trail in Bangsar by FTS programme manager, Carolyn Lau, and I thought it was interesting, as she weaves through our botanical heritage and colonial past, like why does the area has a lot of rubber trees. #urbanism #conservation #ClimateDiary #TootSEA #Malaysia #environment

Screenshot of the start of the video. Caption: a virtual trek into the Pulai trail, Malaysia, with Free Tree Society
Another screenshot. Post caption: Embark on a virtual journey through the lush urban forest.

In this adventure, we'll explore the hidden green oases within the bustling concrete jungle of Kuala Lumpur, uncovering the serenity and natural beauty that coexist with the urban landscape. As we trek virtualy theough Pulai Trail, you'll learn what's hidden within this pocket of forest.
Another screenshot. Carolyn is explaining how native plants develop strategies to retain soil fertility in the nutrient-poor rainforest topsoil.
Iain Roberts
3 days ago

My wife assures me size isn't everything, but even she admits this is an impressive modal filter. #urbanism #LTN

Should Be Writing
3 days ago

#PublicTransit advocates in #Washington state needed to complete a survey on the Sounder South Strategic Plan, which will impact rail service between #Seattle and #Tacoma.

Survey will be open until Oct. 29.

#FuckCars #WarOnCars #TheWarOnCars #autofrei #Urbanism #CarBrain #WalkableCities #StrongTowns #TaylorSwift #ClimateCrisis #PublicTransportation #WA #AutofreiWA #Centralia #WallaWalla #OlympiaWA #Ellensburg

Light bulbs
4 days ago

Nature-based solutions for circular urban water systems

“This article explores eleven types of Nature-based Solutions that can contribute to circular systems for water reuse and resource recovery in cities in terms of their function, co-benefits, integration and scaling-up in urban areas.”

#Urbanism #Water

Erin Whalen
4 days ago

Love this article on how urban Indians are finding purpose in permaculture farming. I too want to live in a food forest!

(Bonus points if it also comes with a bear that hibernates in the compost every winter.)

#sustainability #permaculture #urbanism #farming

It's incredibly frustrating that so many cities in this country just don't have any good transit to speak of. I'm in literally one of the fastest growing metro areas in the country, the Tampa Bay Area, and there's only one rail line, a streetcar that goes from Downtown Tampa to Ybor City (literally only a mile away).

The bus headways are usually an hour, there's no connectivity between counties despite the metro having significant cities in both Hillsborough and Pinellas, and none of that is likely to change soon. There should at least be a train line of some between Downtown Tampa and the Airport down Kennedy, 275 is a nightmare on that stretch.

I just want trains... :dragnconfused:

#urbanism #transit #TampaBay

4 days ago

On this day in 1983, "Every Breath You Take" by the Police was #1 on the Billboard charts.

And #Massachusetts Gov. Michael Dukakis announced the Central Artery Tunnel project - the one we now know as The Big Dig.

This video pairs the audio track of our new #podcast with lo-fi archival footage of what #Boston looked like back when a massive raised interstate highway split the city in half. #urbanism #transit #cities

5 days ago

#TfL’s re-named #property company – Places for London - sets out programme to deliver thousands of new homes and workspaces across #London

Around 95 per cent of its extensive #retail and commercial estate is occupied by small and medium #businesses

Photo by Transport for London
Blackhorse View
Photo by Barratt London
Photo by Transport for London
5 days ago


just want to hip you to something

this thing is coming from our newsroom, it was a big, huge effort

I've listened ahead and I tell you, it is really really good - we're really proud of it. Drops 6AM tomorrow but you can subscribe to the podcast now. #urbanism #transit #cities #infrastructure

#idea motion/sound activated broom handle launcher that detects #motorcycles going too fast on my street and aims for their front wheel using machine vision.

#urbanism #slowTheFlockDown #20isPlenty #20sPlenty

6 days ago

#TfL Freedom of Information release:
Oldest Oyster card still in use

"The oldest card still in use was issued on 30th June 2003. It was last used in August 2023 (information correct as at 8 September 2023)."
#London #Transport #FOIA #urbanism #smartcard

@TheWarOnCars “No one also wants to be stuck in traffic, no one wants mental health stress, no one wants their children to feel unsafe walking or riding their bikes to school, no one wants the elderly to feel trapped, no one wants endless sprawl” #biketooter #urbanism #safestreets #climate

6 days ago

#cfp 📢 Happy to share that my dear colleague @NiloufarVadiati and I are co-editing a special issue of Digital #Geography and Society about "Refusal and the Computational City - From (de)coding the machine to (en)coding #care"!

We believe we are in desperate need of collective and hopeful imaginaries that resist the corporate-dominated and colonialist narratives of (digitized) worlds to come. With this #specialissue, we would like to start a conversation that goes beyond the gates of the academy, recognizing that we cannot understand the #city from analyses alone. Thus, we are looking forward to articles jointly building a new vocabulary around movements of refusal in cities, from (de)coding the machine to (en)coding care.

Please feel warmly invited to contribute and share!!💜 Works of collectives, initatives, and activists from outside academia are very welcome!

More details:

#cyberfeminism #urbanism #bottomup

Call for Papers for "Refusal and the Computational City - From (de)coding the machine to (en)coding care"; graphic recording of the subject as a header with big letters saying "CITY" (left), some scribbles of a megaphone and a tomb stone saying "Freiräume" (free spaces). Some German quotes and street signs are displayed. For full call, please see weblink since Mastodon doesn't allow for such long ALT-texts, unfortunately. My apologies!
Call description. For full call, please see weblink since Mastodon doesn't allow for such long ALT-texts, unfortunately. My apologies!
Call description. For full call, please see weblink since Mastodon doesn't allow for such long ALT-texts, unfortunately. My apologies!

People people say at #Portland is a #bike town but what Portland really is is a #walking in the street town

#urbanism #pdx

John Gordon
1 week ago

I’m the 90s North Minneapolis was a scary place. It’s changed since.

This weekend Emily and I rode across it. I was struck by how many bicycle paths and “bike boulevards” it has now. The Google bike routing was bad — but we rode past a Google mapping car.

Do city dev people know what effect bicycle paths have on urban development? If communities become more livable is that a negative for renters? Should renters oppose bicycle paths?

#bicycling #cityPlanning #urbanism #msp

Sarah Gelbard, PhD (she/her)
1 week ago

Ugh. Hobby urbanists frustrate me when they "research" and "resolve" debates about complex issues in a 10-minute youTube video.

"Clearly, data from this one study and my own intuition prove I'm right and the opposing argument is irrational."

#urbanism #cityPlanning #expertise #youTube

There were protests of "Why an LRT, why not something else?" when the Penang LRT project was announced.
Still, a good public transportation system would help #Penang grow & hopefully ease its ever-present gridlock. I look fwd to taking the LRT from the airport to Komtar ;)
However, please don't ignore #firstmile issues. No point having fancy LRT stations without car parks or any connectivity from them!

#Urbanism #PublicTransit #Trains

Dear #Malaysia, I know you want to bring the LRT to #Penang. I think it is a good idea but of course not in Georgetown itself. But how about trams? Please ignore the people who complain they need to drive on the roads. Trams could bring so much value, business and beauty to Georgetown!!

Ps: we used to have trams I Penang until they were displaced by, what else, cars.

#Trams #Urbanism #PublicTransit #Malaysia

Historical pic of a tram in Georgetown, Penang

Found on #Facebook. Am glad #Malaysia never gave up on trains. But can we have trams back? Imagine them in Penang!

The trains in this pic:
KLIA Express (right) - a train from the international airport to KL Sentral, the central train station
(left, below) KTM Komuter - city transit
LRTs - the rest are light rail transits that come to an from various townships to KL.

#Urbanism #trains #PublicTransportation #lightrail #TOOTSEA #SouthEastAsia

Trains crisscross the tracks
1 week ago

Scenes from today's Streets Alive. Even in #Atlanta, a city known for car-oriented sprawl, people will walk and bike if you give them a safe and comfortable way to do so. The demand is here. Our leaders need to pay attention. #BikeTooter #urbanism #cycling

People on bikes and on foot in the street and on the sidewalk in front of a one story brick historic building. The sky is bright blue on a sunny day.
Dozens of people on bikes and on foot go down a street closed to cars. The street sign reads "5th street." Trees line the street, with a brick building on one side.
Dozens of people on foot, cycling, and pushing strollers walk down a street closed to cars. A blue glass skyscraper is visible in the background. Leafy green trees line both sides of the road.
Several dozen people walk, bike, and hang out on a tree-shaded street. A white marble building is in the background.
Jonatan Hildén
1 week ago

People in Espoo (car centric city next to Helsinki) dunking on someone complaining about unclear pedestrian routes.
”There are navigation apps you know”.

Guys, just maybe that is not the best comeback, implying that finding one’s way in your hometown requires a navigator? #urbanism

Jason Thorne
1 week ago

My weekend read … and I highly recommend it! “Dream States: Smart Cities, Technology, and the Pursuit of Urban Utopias" by John Lorinc … also a Donner Prize nominee and Global Cities Book Award winner!
#bookstodon #smartcity #cities #urbanism #books

Image of book cover
Jeff Allen
1 week ago

toronto has a lot of fun laneways - here's a few photos just north of queen, west of bathurst

#toronto #laneway #alley #photography #urbanism

Laneway with adjacent single-story row housing with pitched roofs
Narrow canyon-like laneway with 2-3 story buildings on each edge
Brick corner building at the intersection of two laneways
View down a laneway with a small sidewalk and bench. Backs of houses and small garages in the distance
Light bulbs
1 week ago

Good summary of urban design considerations:


Light bulbs
1 week ago

1/ Pros and cons of trams—15-min. video:

Pros of trams (vs. buses):
– More durable
– Higher capacity
– No need for fossil fuels or batteries

Above-ground trams are also cheaper to build and maintain than underground trains such as subways.

#PublicTransport #Urbanism

David Zipper
1 week ago

Hanover, Germany is removing 4,000 center city parking spots, using the space to plant trees and expand cafe seating.

Reminder: No need to wait for autonomous vehicles to get rid of on-street parking -- cities can do it now!

#cities #germany #urbanism

When XKCD describes the #urbanism movement like this, it starts to feel like the winds of society are changing.

My own story is a bit different, but then I don’t live in the US. My home town of #stockholm is pushing bicycle infrastructure forward with every year that passes.

Never quickly enough, of course, because the traffic increases outpace the city infrastructure: we have actual bicycle traffic jams at some points.

Marc Hedlund
1 week ago

That’s me on the right. #Amsterdam #Urbanism

UC Access Now
1 week ago

E-bike discount/voucher programs are great, but you know what we also need to see? Discounts on electric mobility aids. Wheelchairs and mobility scooters are VERY expensive. Yet they also make local errands possible for people. Disabled people in general have very low incomes! #BikeTooter #Urbanism

Light bulbs
1 week ago

There is a continuum between bikes and cars—even more so since both were electrified:
– Cargo bikes take up quite a bit of space (much less than most cars though).
– The sustainability of batteries is a concern with e-bikes (again: much less than with most cars).
– Some micro-cars are basically e-bikes with roofs.
– Bikes are less dangerous than cars but can also make life difficult for pedestrians. And they also need parking space.
– Etc.


Light bulbs
1 week ago

Munich tested 5 ways of protecting bike lines for a year. These are the results (PDF in German with many pictures):

Chapter 3, “Fazit” contains a table that summarizes the results. Row “Platzierung” shows the ranking: “WandORCA” performed best.

#Cycling #Urbanism

I love living somewhere where if I need one thing from the grocery store I can just hop on my #bike, go there, make my purchase, and get back in under ten minutes.

Everywhere else I’ve lived this required a car and took more than fifteen minutes.

#pdx #urbanism #CarFree

2 weeks ago

#TfL Freedom of Information release:
Cost of Johnston 100 #Font
"The cost to create Johnston 100 was £52,800 and included the complete redraw of the entire font family for traditional print use and new digital versions."
#London #Transport #FOIA #Urbanism

Megan Lynch (she/her)
2 weeks ago

Views of old Pershing Square, Angel's Flight funicular, old Chinatown, Craftsman mansions (West side?), old downtown buildings long gone... #DTLA #Urbanism

"Los Angeles 1920s in color [60fps, Remastered] w/sound design added"

Jason Thorne
2 weeks ago

Artists should design all the street furniture!
#cities #art #urbanism

Artistically designed bench
Artistically designed bench
Artistically designed bench