Jürgen Libertus
19 hours ago

Ein paar Bilder vom #Dom in #Zwickau

Als Kölner musst du natürlich immer in einen Dom gehen, ist genetisch vorgegeben. Die Erhaltung dieses Doms wird privat finanziert, kostet also Eintritt. lohnt sich trotzdem, da die Kirche auf recht weichem Boden steht ist nicht immer alles genau gerade.

#dom #kirche #urbanphotography #licht #travelphotography #travel #reisefotografie

Der Hauptgang im Dom zu Zwickau, der direkt zum mächtigen Altar führt. Hinter dem Altar sind viele bunte Fenster zu sehen. Rechts und links des Gangs stehen die Bänke für die Besucher. Die Sonne scheint von rechts in den Dom hinein, so das die Bänke Schatten auf den Boden werfen.
Der mächtige vergoldete, wie fast immer in Kirchen, stark verzierte Altar. Man sieht diverse Figuren aus der katholischen Geschichte. Ich kenne mich zuwenig damit aus, um das alles besser zu beschreiben.
Ein schwarz Bild eines Beckens, es könnte sich um ein Taufbecken handeln, im Dom von Zwickau. Das Licht kommt von hinten und wirft einen hellen Schein um den Boden des Beckens.
Schwarzweiss Foto vom Dom in Zwickau, es ist eine Aussenansicht. In der Mitte thront eine weisse Figur auf dem ansonsten dunklen Gebäude. Der Himmel ist klar und unbewölkt.
Jack Groundhog 📷📸
3 days ago

#GoodMorning 🌞
#GutenMorgen ☀️ #Mastodon
#Moin und seid gegrüßt 👋🏼

When you’re feeling down and low
just look up
The sky is always
just there
Look up
Be the #sky and just be

#poetry #art #poesie #kunst
#photography #fotografie
#cityphotography #städtefotografie #architecture #architektur #architecturephotography #architekturfotografie #potsdam #berlin

Blue sky and roofline of late 17th century Dutch Baroque apartment buildings, Dutch Quarter, Potsdam, 23 Sep 2023. Nikon D5600, Nikkor DX 35 mm ƒ1.8G, ISO 100, ƒ14, 1/125s
Jack Groundhog 📷📸
3 days ago

📸 City Photography

👁️ #Atrium
📍 #Potsdam Public #Library
📆 23 Sep 2023
📷 Nikon D5600
⚪️ Nikkor DX 35 mm ƒ1.8G

📻🎶 Sting: The Book of My Life (2003)

#art #kunst #photography #fotografie #architecture #architektur #architecturephotography #architekturfotografie #bibliothek #cityphotography #urbanphotography #städtefotografie

Cross-hatch pattern of lamps, floors, and atrium windows in public library
Jürgen Libertus
3 days ago

Zum #Fotomontag ein Foto einer historischen Strassenbahn, gesehen in #Zwickau.

#urbanphotography #travelphotography #öpnv #strassenbahn

Eine historische Strassenbahn, vermutlich noch aus DDR Zeiten, steht an einer Haltestelle in Zwickau, Sachsen. Der untere Teil ist rot lackiert, der obere in einem hellem braunweiss. 
Eine Fahrt in so einer Bahn, kann gebucht werden.
Curiosity :firefish:
3 days ago

When I moved here many years ago, I thought I'd get tired of the picture postcard views. Now it's a relief to see they haven't changed.

#Photography #FotoMontag #PhotoMonday #UrbanPhotography #Urban

A medieval city with a Gothic cathedral can be seen across a river on a sunny day. The houses are built of stone and painted in various shades of red or off- white. The photo was taken under a tree, two branches with green leaves cover a part of the sky.
4 days ago
Ever hated and loved a #photo at the same time?
So the original intention was to use the #PolarisingFilter to make the reflection on the glass wall really pop out, to have the old baroque type building in decent state contrast with the heavily run-down modern concrete modules building. As you can see, that concept of mine for #PhotoMonday didn't work out in the slightest.
Instead, the #CPL decided to turn the bright clear sky into a gloomy dark blue and tickle even the last bit of yellow paint left on the facade to create a heavily saturated colour contrast between the two, which in reality and without filter didn't hit the eye at all.

#photography #StreetPhotography #UrbanPhotography #Fotografie #StraßenFotografie #UrbaneFotografie #PolFilter #FotoMontag

EOS 70D, Sigma 30mm f/1.4 EX DC HSM, f/2.8, ISO200, 1/2500s
A very run-down modern narrow corner building in brutalism style with three flag poles on the roof. The central part of the building corner is made up of large orange tinted glass panes the size of the concrete slabs the building is assembled out of. The other half of the long side of the building is taken up by a large frame for a billboard of which only a couple remnants in the corner can be seen. On the glass panes one can vaguely see the silhouette of a baroque style building with a domes roof.
Mike Riversdale
5 days ago

I don't know who's favourite spectator sport involves a restaurant's toilet, but this place has them covered.

#toilet #chair #urbanPhotography

Restaurant toilet with chair seemingly so that someone can 'watch'
Jack Groundhog 📷📸
6 days ago

📸 #Street #Photography

👁️ Farmers’ market
📍 #Bassinplatz, #Potsdam
📆 23 Sep 2023
📷 #Nikon D5600
⚪️ #Nikkor DX 35 mm ƒ 1.8G

📻🎶 Kossoy Sisters: Down in a Willow Garden

#art #streetphotography #urbanphotography #städtefotografie #wochenmarkt #farmersmarket #fotografie

Street scene, customers and stands at a farmers’ market, Bassinplatz, Potsdam
Jack Groundhog 📷📸
6 days ago
Red and yellow fresh apples in a green market crate
Andy Marfia 📸
6 days ago

I received both a COVID and a Flu vaccine last night, so today's photos are dedicated to... BRAIN FOG.

#Chicago #photography #urbanphotography #fog #WindowFriday #fensterfreitag

A color photograph in Chicago on a foggy day. Pictured is a street light juxtaposed with the Aon Center skyscraper. Some lights can be seen in the lower level windows while the upper floors are enveloped in fog. Circa 2014.
A color photograph in Chicago on a foggy day. Pictured is the Aon Center skyscraper, flipped upside down in post processing. Circa 2014.
1 week ago

#Mural of a Malay traditional #satay man with streetside stall at Kampong Glam #singapore

#muralart #streetphotography #urbanphotography

Mural of a Malay traditional satay seller operating out of a street side stall, fanning the fire grilling the meat sticks while a Muslim woman enjoying her milk tea gazed thru the window behind the mural.
Alberto Chimal
1 week ago

Esta foto es de @raxxie, hace años, y proviene de un tuit que ya dejó de existir.
#TwitterMigration #x #Twitter #MigraciónDeTwitter #fotografía #photography #FotografíaUrbana #UrbanPhotography #light

Una mujer vestida con una sudadera morada y un chaleco rojo, colocada casi de perfil, voltea a mirar a la cámara. Sostiene un celular en su mano. Un proyector coloca letras e imágenes sobre su cara y cuerpo.
Andy Marfia 📸
1 week ago

Put me on a CTA train by myself, invariably I will try to take a photo from some weird spot.

#Chicago #photography #urbanphotography #blackandwhite #MastoArt

A black and white photograph on a CTA Red Line train. The camera in this shot was placed on the floor resulting in a low angle showing the floor and a set of empty seats. Circa 2013.
1 week ago

Enjoying a pleasant night at #Copenhagen waterfront

The lights of night city reflected in the smooth black water
The lights of night city reflected in the smooth black water
The lights of night city reflected in the smooth black water
The lights of night city reflected in the smooth black water
1 week ago

A Chinese chess match at #chinatown #singapore . Two specatators engrossed with matching arm postures :)

#streetphotography #urbanphotography

A Chinese chess match watched a small group of spectators, with two of them both having their hand on the top or back of the their head as they followed the match with deep interest.
Adrianna Tan
2 weeks ago

I don't think I was really into architecture until I started taking random photos of buildings all around Singapore and Malaysia last year.

Left, the ornate art of a beautifully preserved 'shophouse' (you can find them throughout tropical Southeast Asia). Right, Duxton Pinnacle: one of the most expensive public housing buildings (one apartment can cost $1M)

#TootSea #Singapore #Buildings #UrbanPhotography #Photography #Architecture

a view of two buildings in singapore from the ground, pointing upwards to the sky: left, a traditional 'shophouse' in southeast asia with ornate markings on the awnings and windows. right, a very modern apartment building that is actually a public housing building, looming on the right

Madainn is samhradh an uchd a' bhàis sa Chas Chaolas.

Late summer, early morning sun. South Queensferry High St.

#Gàidhlig #Gaelic #MastoDaoine #Queensferry #Edinburgh #Skies #UrbanPhotography

Early morning sun on Queensferry High St.
Adrianna Tan
2 weeks ago

Three photos from three amazing but troubled countries, taken on my travels in the late 2000s and early 2010s:

- A religious festival in Bagan, Myanmar
- Ice cream lovers of Damascus, Syria
- The bazaar in Sana'a, Yemen

I was incredibly lucky to have seen so much of the world in my youth.

#photography #urbanphotography #streetphotography #myanmar #tootsea #syria #yemen

a color photo of a man wearing an ornate gold hat, surrounded by children holding flags, in myanmar
a color photo of hijabi women eating ice cream and a young man taking a selfie using an early 2010s style nokia phone
a color photo of a lot of yemeni men wearing a dishdash attire in a traditional yemeni market
Adrianna Tan
3 weeks ago

Historical Malay architecture in Pasir Panjang, Singapore

#Photography #TootSea #Singapore #Architecture #UrbanPhotography

A traditional Malay style house in Singapore with a raised bottom
Adrianna Tan
3 weeks ago

Architecture in the new world: a castle! And a Moorish dome! Together!

#Architecture #SanFrancisco #California #UrbanPhotography

A house in San Francisco that has castle and Moorish features at the same time in the pacific heights neighborhood
Adrianna Tan
3 weeks ago

Phone cam photo from Singapore’s Little India in 2022: many temple supplies next to one of the largest Hindu temples.

These corridors are called ‘five foot way’ or ‘kaki lima’ and are a major architectural feature of that part of the world. They provide shelter from tropical rain and from the heat, and form a common path through buildings. Usually, there are residences upstairs.

#TootSea #Photography #UrbanPhotography #Singapore #Architecture

A square photo of little India in Singapore with many flowers and incense and other religious Hindu supplies. On the ground, lovely mosaic tiles
Nicolas Demers
1 month ago

View from Burrard Bridge, evening. Vancouver, BC
#vancouver #burrardbridge #westend #sunsetbeach #landscape #urbanphotography

View of Vancouver's West End from Burrard Bridge. Apartment towers rise over trees and a beach. There is a ferry dock with a ferry approaching. Mountains in the background. Light is turning a bit golden
Insane :birdsite:
2 months ago

Window crying because it can't go outside to play with the other windows
#photography #urban #urbanphotography #rain #night #nightphotography #rainy #rainynight #rainynights #window #windowdisplay #windowview #windowviews #raindrops #🌧 #☔️

Raindrops on window glass at night.
Andy Marfia 📸
2 months ago

It occurs to me that I've never shared my header image on Mastodon. This is looking north from Chicago's Madison/Wabash platform in 2015. This platform has since been rebuilt and I don't think this vantage still exists.

#Chicago #photography #urbanphotography #Photomonday #Fotomontag #blackandwhite #monochromemonday #MastoArt

A black and white photograph in Chicago's loop taken on the Madison/Wabash elevated platform in 2015. I was standing on a walkway connecting the two sides of the platform. The camera is pointed north and shows two CTA trains approaching the station from above. In the distance are buildings on both sides of Wabash Ave.
2 months ago

#photography #art #streetphotography #urbanphotography #cityscape #texture #architecture #building #geometry #red #Monday #afternoon #city
A photo of a big red building that it has interesting architecture and geometry.

A photo of a big red building that it has interesting architecture and geometry.
Dendan Setia (Nins)
2 months ago

PJ's Paradigm Mall converted their rooftop parking for the Malay-Thai food fair (one of northeast peninsula coast cuisine types) for the weekend. There are other food vendors too, and also a petting zoo and some other random products. There's also a kiddy race track as well, which looked really eye-catching at night. #MYToots #TootSEA #Malaysia #Photography #UrbanPhotography #NightPhotography

In the dimly lit part of the rooftop parking, the neon glow of  the kiddy cars (lit up from within and coming thru the candy-coloured plastic shells) stand out. Three cars (two had adult co-drivers and all kids in the photo are masked) circle the light pole, while far to the left, waiting for drivers, other cars are brightly standing by.
Greg Miller
2 months ago

Thin trunks deserve love too! Especially those ridiculous Dr. Seuss-ian palm trees that keep LA from taking itself too seriously.

#ThinTrunkTuesday #ThickTrunkTuesday #Photography #Nature #UrbanPhotography #Trees #PalmTrees #LA #LosAngeles

Two incredibly tall, skinny palm trees rise up beside a building, seen through the shaded area of windshield, which appears as a field of blurry polka dots across the entire image.