Douglas Gorney
8 hours ago
12 hours ago

Unser heutiges Türchen versteckt einen Beitrag von unserem Mitglied Pinselschwinger67, einem Dortmunder Urban Sketcher


Juanita Devis
1 day ago

Postcards from #Essaouira n.2 Pl. Marché aux poissons, 2023-04


2 days ago
Zeichnen am Klimacamp, schrift über einer Reihe Skizzen vom Klimacamp und Baumhäusern
Jeremy Osborn
3 days ago

Munich watercolor and ink urban sketches from November 21 and 22.

Posted a few of these before, but here's the entire two page spread from my sketchbook of scenes captured during a recent trip to Munich.

#watercolor #watercolour #UrbanSketching #sketchbook #travel #munich #ink

A series of five watercolor and ink sketches of various scenes from Munich spread across two pages of an A5 sized sketchbook.
The second page of a two page spread showing three urban sketches from Munich. In the top-left is a woman with blonde hair working on her laptop in a coffeehouse. In the bottom-left is a large pretzel with a small bowl of mustard on the left. On the far-right is a woman street vendor displaying a bowl full of roasted hazelnuts.
The first page of a two page spread of watercolor and ink urban sketches. On the top-left is the word "Munich" with a watercolor background of yellow and gray. In the bottom-left is a sketch of a man on his phone in a bar with a tall glass of beer. On the right is a sketch of St.Peter's church.
3 days ago

Nordfriedhof Altenessen mit Sonne und viel Grün.
#Urbansketching #USK #PleinAir #Altenessen

Hand hält Skizzenbuch mit kolorierter Zeichnung: Friedhofsszene mit zwei zugewachsenen Grabsteinen, alles in Gelb- und Grüntönen, dahinter die Szene in Wirklichkeit.
Skizzenbuch mit Friedhofsszene mit zwei zugewachsenen Grabsteinen, alles in Gelb- und Grüntönen, Aquarellfarben über Zeichnung.
3 days ago

Wilmersdorfer Straße, Berlin Charlottenburg
#dailysketch #sketchbook #sketch #urbansketching

Black fineliner on paper.

A shopping street with Christmas decorations, on which few people are around. There are tall buildings on both sides of the street. In the foreground, a closed umbrella and assembled tables and chairs. Behind them 2 poles with a garland hanging between them. In the background, stalls, trees, outlines of people and the hint of a merry-go-round.
Douglas Gorney
4 days ago

Sketching the Gate at Land's End on the company of the Sunset Sketchers.

This Saturday, 12/2! Many Sunset Sketchers will be heading to Compton’s Coffee House in North Beach (543 Columbus) to join to bigger SF Sketchers group for a sketching meetup.

On the west side, Sketcher Matt Wills will be at Lakeside Landing - Ocean Blvd. & Junipero Serra - for their festive Holiday Market. The market organizer is really interested in having Sketchers there to capture the fun. Matt will be sketching and having lunch from 10 or 11am until 1PM#sketch

#sketchbook #watercolor #watercolorsketch #watercolour #watercoloursketch #urbansketch #urbansketching #usk #usksanfrancisco #sketchwalk #sf #sanfrancisco #goldengate #sfart #sfartist #sfartists #meetup #sketchers #sunsetsketchers

Roberto Pla
5 days ago

El dibujo del viaje a Madrid los asientos los he querido pintar con el marcador rosa porque ningún color de mi paleta me parecía lo suficientemente cantoso.
#usk #uskspain #urbansketchersgirona #gironaurbansketchers #urbansketcher #urbansketching #dibujo #insitu #fromthelive #cahier #sketchbook #acuarela #watercolor #ink #fountainpen #tinta #pluma #estilografica #cuaderno #cuaderno32 #barcelona #madrid #tren #ouigo

Viajeros en el tren Ouigo de Barcelona a Madrid. Acuarela, pluma estilográfica y marcador.
Jeremy Osborn
1 week ago

Watercolor urban sketch - 11/28/2023

On location at “Coffee Lovers” cafe and started at precisely 6:13 pm, seconds unknown.

Kaprova 9, Prague, Czech Republic.

#watercolor #watercolour #UrbanSketching #Prague

A man wearing a gray sweater and black scarf is sitting in side profile at a coffeehouse table looking down at something. Above him to the left dominating the composition is a large clock colored in two tones of dark sepia and gold, the time reads 6:13. The walls are a roughly painted light yellow and olive green approximately matching the color of the chairs and tables in the scene.
mappingcat (also shydrae)
1 week ago

This is a portion of an apartment complex on B Street opposite Central Park in Davis, California, sketched for my project of drawing buildings on weekends.

A watercolor pencil, ink, and wash sketch of a two-story apartment building with a sloped red tile roof and yellowish walls. In front of the building there are the trunks of two large trees as well as shrubbery on the ground.
2 weeks ago

An airport sketch in my large accordion book from yesterday. #urbansketching #rnapperArt

A rough ink line drawing of a man sitting in airport waiting area. He has a laptop on his lap. In a row behind him are 4 poorly sketched other passengers.
Ana Cardiaceae
2 weeks ago

A cliff overlooking the sea. Painted on location while struggling against the wind.

#watercolor #watercolour #pleinair #landscapepainting #urbansketching #urbansketchers

A building and an antenna on top of a seaside cliff. The top of the cliffs are forested and a few islands are visible on the horizon.
2 weeks ago

A sketch from traveling. A whole lotta of people doing what people do these days. Very rough sketch. #urbansketching

Rough sketch in ink on brown paper of people in a line looking at phones, and a young woman in profile waiting in line.
Roberto Pla
2 weeks ago

El domingo, en Cogarage, un coworking de creativos de Girona hicieron un mercadillo de artesanía. Allí estuvimos algunos Urban Sketchers de Girona para levantar acta gráfica del evento.
#cogarage #comarket #girona #usk #uskspain #urbansketchersgirona #gironaurbansketchers #urbansketcher #urbansketching #dibujo #insitu #fromthelive #cahier #sketchbook #acuarela #watercolor #ink #fountainpen #tinta #pluma #estilografica #lapiz #cuaderno #cuaderno32

Dibujo del mercadillo de artesanía y apuntes de algunas personas que andaban por allí.

We picked up breakfast and went to the beach. It was an awesome morning.

#Watercolor #watercolour #UrbanSketching #Usk #drawing #HalfMoonBay

Watercolor sketch in a spiral-bound sketchbook. Perspective is from a picnic table on a bluff overlooking a beach with some foamy waves, blue water, cloudless blue sky, Pillar Point and its radome, and a seagull at the edge of the bluff. Half of a to-go box is on its edge facing us. A handwritten caption with arrow pointing to it says “model is blowing away into my face.” Handwritten by the seagull is “close surveillance.” The radome also has a caption and arrow identifying it as such. 

Handwritten at the top in the sky is:
Breakfast at Dunes Beach
With bj 11/20/2023

Perfectly blue sky
Perfectly blue water
Good breakfast (avocado toast w/ eggs!)
Best person in the world with me
Warm sun on my back
Gentle-ish breeze
Brilliant white foam against dark blue water
Another watercolor sketch of the same scene but with different details. This shows a picnic table with a to-go box split into two halves, each with a piece of avocado toast with scrambled egg on them. There are two paper coffee cups with lids. Beyond them is the dark blue ocean with a white foamy wave, Pillar Point with its radome, and a cloudless blue sky. Also in the same spiral bound sketchbook. 

Handwritten beneath it is:
Breakfast at the Beach 11/20/2023
With bj
Just wonderful
A photo of the avocado toast with egg in half of a to-go box, a paper coffee cup with lid, the edge of a bluff, dark blue water with gentle waves and foamy, blue sky, Pillar Point Bluff.
Same scene but on the wooden picnic table is only the sketchbook, a fountain pen, car keys, and a blue tote bag.
Jeremy Osborn
2 weeks ago

Watercolor and ink urban sketch - 11/20/23

Spotted in Munich: man with a beer and his phone.

#watercolor #watercolour #UrbanSketching #Germany

A man with grizzled beard, reading glasses and a blue beanie with bright orange stripes is sitting at a table using his phone. A tall glass of beer is seen to his right.
Kirstin ⁷
2 weeks ago

Haven’t been for a while but always had a great time at #ChezLucien in the #BywardMarket #Ottawa #UrbanSketching #UrbanSketchers #PlacesIRemember #ArtMatters

Chez Lucien on Murray st. in the Byward Market Ottawa. A warm wood and brick entrance juts out from the main building. Six, long, thin windows run along the side with white, cloth shades pulled halfway down. Flowerpots with red flowers sit on the windowsills. A red neon sign above the door reads BAR.
Douglas Gorney
2 weeks ago

The closing party for the Sunset Sketchers Annual is this Saturday, November 18th 1-5PM at Sealevel!

Get yourself to 4331 Irving St. if haven't yet seen this wonderful show (with work by some of the Bay Area's most talented artists.) And why not pick one up for your own collection?

Snacks from Sweet Passion Bakery and refreshing Torani spritzers will be served. Sealevel is at 4331 Irving, between 44th and 45th Aves. Thanks to Steph Chen for the sketch!

#urbansketching #urbansketchers #usk #usksanfrancisco #sf #sanfrancisco #sanfranciscoart #sfart #sfartists #sfgallery

A watercolor sketch of Sealevel Gallery by Steph Chen
Two women are seen from behind while looking at the art on the wall of Sealevel Gallery at the Sunset Sketchers Annual Show
22 Sunset Sketchers stand outside Sealevel Gallery st 4331 Irving St. during the opening party for the Sunset Sketchers Annual Show
Gallery-goers fill the Sealevel space as Sunset Sketchers paintings and drawings fill the walls the Sunset Sketchers Annual during the opening party in October
3 weeks ago

Accidentally symmetrical cafe sketch from a minute ago. Got a larger brush, and tried it for the first time. Felt pretty good. #urbansketching

Rough ink drawing of the interior of a cafe. Woman seated at left at small table. Couple wearing large brimmed hat’s sitting at table in mid distance. At right is the edge of a male figure.
Douglas Gorney
3 weeks ago

The Sunset Sketchers were in the Ingleside Sunday at the old El Rey Theater. Sketches here by myself, Mary Conley, Lauren Abrams, Daphne Barry and myself (one hopes in that order, although I'm never sure how things will post).

This weekend we'll be at Java Beach (Judah/La Playa) Saturday 10-12:15; and SFOB Hot Rods • Kustoms • Classics on the Great Highway Sunday 8:30-11AM between Lincoln and Beach Chalet.

#sketch #sketchbook #watercolor #watercolorsketch #watercolour #watercoloursketch #urbansketch #urbansketching #usk #usksanfrancisco #sketchwalk #sf #sanfrancisco

Jay the Art Guy
3 weeks ago

Here are some life sketches that I drew tonight. The people I drew seemed to have a chuckle over the drawings and I got a beer at the end of it, so I can't complain.

#MastoArt #art #observational #drawing #sketch #illustration #watercolorsketch #watercolorsketches
#urbansketch #urbansketching #urbansketchers #urbansketcher #urbansketches #lifedrawing

damian ☃️ willcox
1 month ago

Watercolour sketch of two interesting buildings - based on a photo I took from a moving car in Okinawa, Japan earlier this year.

#art #mastoart #watercolour #watercolor #sketchbook #worldwatercolorgroup #aquarell #aquarelle #sakurajimaart #Japan #okinawa #urbansketching

Photo of a sketchbook on a table surrounded by brush and tiny watercolour palette. The sketchbook has a scribbly “urban sketching” style watercolour and ink painting of two tall narrow buildings side by side with irregular shapes.
Douglas Gorney
1 month ago

The Sunset Sketchers will be in the house to sketch their own show at Sealevel this Sunday (11/5)! Come say hi. The gallery is open this weekend (the next three weekends, in fact) from 1-5PM. 4331 Irving St. bet. 44th and 45th Aves.

#urbansketching #usk #usksanfrancisco #sketchwalk #sf #sanfrancisco #sfart #sfartists #sfgallery #artshow

1 month ago

This is a bit of my accordion #inktober2023 book opened on the coffee bar at the cafe. The front side where the technique was easier to control. Just like any project, I was able to finish it by lowering my standards. #urbansketching #rnapperArt

An accordion book opened to reveal a sequence of ink wash drawing of various views of the interior of a coffee shop, and patrons.
Kirstin ⁷
1 month ago
8 Palace St. in Canterbury. Three story house drawn in an off-kilter way. The bottom is the smallest in size and the top is biggest. White facade with vertical, dark wooden beams running down the front. Leaded glass windows, reflecting the blue sky are in the middle of each floor. A heavy, dark wooden door flanked by two windows on the first floor. Two big hanging baskets of flowers on either side of the house.
Roberto Pla
1 month ago

Dibujando en una conferencia sobre Félix de Azara, insigne Ingeniero Militar, naturalista, geógrafo, antropólogo ... en cuyo nombre se designó a una cadena montañosa en la Luna.
#usk #uskspain #urbansketchersgirona #gironaurbansketchers #urbansketcher #urbansketching #dibujo #insitu #fromthelive #cahier #sketchbook #cuaderno28 #fountainpen #tinta #pluma #estilografica #rotulador #ecoline #cuaderno #cuaderno28

Dibujo del presentador y del conferenciante, que sale dos veces: durante la presentación, sentado y durante la conferencia, de pie.
1 month ago

Here's yet another cafe sketch, now nearing the end of #inktober. It seems like there are more pages on the rough side of the accordion book than the smooth side, but that would be impossible. I will show the book itself soon. It's a lovely object, but wouldn't be much to possess if it was empty. #urbansketching

Rough ink brush drawing of interior of coffee shop. One man w headphones is alone at a table. A woman has her back to viewer and is looking at laptop. Man in foreground in profile sits at the coffee bar. Patrons line up in distance behind him.
Douglas Gorney
1 month ago

Sketching Victorians along the Panhandle last Saturday with the Sunset Sketchers. Sketches here by Tim Ward, Matt Wills and Lisa Burns.

Next Sunset Sketchers meetups:
Saturday 10/28 10AM-12PM at Battery Godfrey near the Golden Gate Bridge
Sunday 10/29 3-5PM @ the superspooky 10th Ave/Quintara 🎃 block party. Be there or be 👻

#SF #sanfrancisco #sfart #sfartist #sfartists #meetup #sketchers #sunsetsketchers #streetscape #archisketch #archisketcher #victorian #victorianSF #sfpanhandle #panhandlesf #urbansketching #urbansketchers #usk #usksanfrancisco

A brightly-colored watercolor-and-ink sketch of two San Francisco Victorians.
A very wide watercolor and ink sketch of three San Francisco Victorians near the corner of Oak and Ashbury Streets.
A luminous oil painting of trees in San Francisco's Panhandle Park. Through the branches are Victorian houses.
15 artists from the Sunset Sketchers urban sketching group gather around sketchbooks lying on the grass in San Francisco's Panhandle Park to share their work after a meetup.
1 month ago

As a palette-cleanser from my daily #Inktober #urbansketching, a watercolor of 10 years ago from life (our town’s best model). I posted another from that session, which was better and simpler. #WaterColor No underdrawing, as has often been my approach. #premiercoup

Crudely drawn watercolor of a dark haired young woman in burgundy dress, seated, one arm resting on back of chair.
Kirstin ⁷
1 month ago

Patrick McGahern Books when it was in the Glebe. I had thought it had closed, but it’s just over in the market. Floor to ceiling shelves of the most beautiful, antique books. Could spend hours in here. #PlacesIRemember #UrbanSketching #UrbanSketchers #ArtMatters #Watercolour #Watercolour #WatercolourAndInk #Ottawa #Bookstores

Storefront of Patrick McGahren Books. Shop is dark green with gold lettering for the name. An awning hangs under the sign. White letters on burgundy “used and rare books” . The shop window has nine glass panels with books lined up. The wooden door is tucked in beside the window and a blue cart is outside it with SALE books stacked within.
1 month ago

Day 23 of this #urbansketching experience. It seems I'm flogging this #inktober thing pretty hard, but in many an artistic practice, there is a lot of repetition. Maybe you're an exception and have an epiphany every day, not me. Here's a sketch of some interaction at the register of the coffee shop I frequent.

Rough ink line drawing of patrons at a coffee shop, in line, and a few people at the register. In foreground are shelves of pastries, plates, etc. In background is a man at the espresso machine.
Douglas Gorney
1 month ago

The Sunset Sketchers Annual is hopping this weekend 1-5, and every Saturday and Sunday through Nov. 18. Check it out and grab your favorite painting while you can! Sealevel, 4331 Irving St. bet. 44th and 45th Aves.

#sf #sanfrancisco #sfart #sfartists #sfgallery #urbansketching #usk #usksanfrancisco #sfsunset #sunsetsf

1 month ago

I'm stubbornly continuing to draw on the wrong side of this accordion book. It still works even if it's like drawing on a wool blanket. But it's #inktober, and what better way to celebrate? Today is Saturday, and the coffee shop has a new crew of people who aren't yet tired of being drawn in the way that the mid-week regulars are. #urbansketching #cavemanMode

Crude ink drawing in ink lines of the interior of a coffee shop and a crowd of people seated and standing.
1 month ago

Day 20 of this #inktober daily #urbansketching experience. Now on the back side of this accordion book, and the paper behaves very differently. On the front, I was getting gradated washes and fine brush marks. now, just rough lines. Oh well, I will finish this book as is. #cavemanMode

Rough ink drawing of inside of a coffee shop. Someone leans on a chair at the bar, someone sits in front of a tablet. One person in line behind pastry tray.
Kirstin ⁷
2 months ago

Next up in the #PlacesIRemember Chez Taffy in Vanier. A tiny diner where you sat at the counter and the cook made breakfast on the flattop. When my daughter was little we would rent movies at the Rogers video and stop here on the way home. #Watercolour #UrbanSketching #Ottawa #Vanier #Watercolor #WatercolourAndInk #UrbanSketchers

A very tiny restaurant, Chez Taffy in Vanier(Ottawa). Small rectangle building covered in different coloured stones. A doorway to the left of centre with two windows on either side. You can see some ceiling lights inside but little else. Cars are parked alongside on the right and an apartment building is on the left. There are trees in the background and power lines. The sky is a pale blue and the sun is casting some shadow.
Douglas Gorney
2 months ago

Join me this Saturday at the opening of the Sunset Sketchers Annual at Sealevel on outer Irving St. I'm so proud of my West-Side-of-San Francisco Urban sketching group, now in its sixth year. As one of 29 artists showing over 120 pieces, I'll have five originals on display - including the poster child here, "Last Dog Standing."

#sf #sanfrancisco #sfart #sfartist #urbansketching #artshow #artgallery #sfgallery

Julia Bausenhardt
2 months ago

My most recent sketchbook tour from summer: flowers, flowers, random landscapes + architecture, more flowers. Enjoy!

#sketchbook #watercolor #bloomscrolling #florespondence #UrbanSketching

a sketchbook page with colorful wildflowers and a small landscape
2 months ago

La perspective à 1 point de fuite et moi 🧵5/...
Pour finir, j'ai refait un essai en plaçant vite fait quelques meubles, comme dans le bouquin.
C'est pas encore intuitif, cette affaire, mais l'exercice permet de comprendre comment construire une perspective simple.
Les explications sont claires, mais il faut prendre quelques minutes pour observer les schémas.
#perspective #UrbanSketching #architecture

Un autre essai de perspective d'une pièce carrelée, cette fois avec des meubles en plus.
2 months ago

La perspective à 1 point de fuite et moi 🧵4/...

1ère séance de travail avec le livre mentionné plus haut.
Le 1er exercice consiste à dessiner une pièce carrelée.
J'ai compris comment tracer la ligne d'horizon, le point de fuite, le plan du tableau et la ligne de terre.
Je me suis d'abord plantée sur la localisation du point de fuite de la diagonale parce que j'ai mal lu 😬
Mon premier essai était donc faux, j'ai recommencé et cette fois ci, j'ai mieux géré...

#perspective #urbansketching

Mes premiers exercices de dessins de perspective avec mes annotations dans mon carnet à dessin
2 months ago

La perspective et moi 2/…

Comment je vais organiser mon travail.
1. Je me réserve un créneau quotidien à partir de demain matin. (oui on est encore en septembre, mais tant pis)
2. Le livre contient une première partie sur les fondamentaux : 1,2 et 3 points du fuite. En octobre, je bosse sur 1 point de fuite, en novembre, 2 pts de fuite et décembre 3 pts de fuite.
3. Chaque fin de mois, j'essaye d'appliquer mes leçons sur une illu complète.

#perspective #Architecture #urbansketching

2 months ago

La perspective et moi - un 🧵 1/…

Hin hin hin... 😭

J'ai acheté ce livre de Sankara Mutoni pour m'exercer et travailler la perspective.
C'est un sujet que j'évite facilement, j'avoue.
Alors que je suis parfaitement capable de comprendre ce machin si je m'en donne la peine.
Donc, d'octobre à décembre 2023, je vais m'entraîner en suivant les conseils de ce livre.

#MastoArt #perspective #urbansketching

La couverture du livre Dessin de perspectives, de Sankara Mutoni, publié chez Eyrolles.
Firehorseart lives! 🍂🍁
2 months ago


Rather than follow instances,
I follow subject matter tags.
These can be followed individually or grouped together.

Here are a few to check out if you like sketching on location:

#usk #UrbanSketching #PleinAir

General tags
#art #MastoArt

Useful artist accounts
See pinned posts for tips and #CuratorPrompts

@WatercolourCurator for watercolour work

#FollowFriday #FediTips

A collage of layered red, blue and yellow tissue paper on a white background.

Conny Duck
3 months ago

finished a sketchbook today ☺️✌️

A sketch of the tower of the garbage incineration plant Spittelau is held up in front of said tower. The golden sphere of the tower reflects the evening light.
JC Little
3 months ago

The bench under the apple tree in the garden across the street from the house in Penzance.

#watercolour #painting #sketchbook #pleinair #urbansketching #art #artist #mastoart

This is a tiny, watercolour painting I did of the bench in the garden across the street from the house, where I was staying in Penzance in England this summer. It is a wooden bench in the sunlight. It is surrounded by greenery and it’s in front of an apple tree. The bench is the focus of the painting. It has some lovely light and shadows playing across it and underneath it.
My left hand is holding up my tiny sketchbook with the painting of the garden bench in it. I’m holding the sketchbook in front of the scene I’ve just painted. The garden is lush and green and the wooden bench is underneath the apple tree.
My sketchbook is on my lap with my watercolor, paint, palette, brushes, and water container. The sketchbook is open to the page that I have just painted, which is a garden bench surrounded by greenery. The sketchbook is tiny, only 2” x 2”.
Alx 🐈
3 months ago

It’s been a while and even though it might seems I’m in a creative hiatus, that’s not entirely true. I’m mostly focusing on sketching as I’ve decided to use drawing as an active research tool for my PhD. Since I made this decision I started to sketch more often around to do a series of tests functional to the ethnographic study I’m planning.
Here a little preview of my #sketchbook so far.

#UrbanSketching #MastoArt #watercolor #VisualEthnography #DesignResearch #Drawing

Estoy jubilado, soy curioso y tengo un interés casi universal por la vida, la tecnología y el arte. Me gusta tener ideas, hacer cosas y aprender como funcionan las cosas.

Tengo un blog denominado "Lo Marraco" en:

Ando buscando mi lugar el en Fediverso. Me parece una buena idea, pero me cuesta entender cual es la mejor forma de conseguir lo que quiero con un esfuerzo mínimo, ya que no quiero dedicarle a esto dos horas al día.

Mi objetivo es encontrar una comunidad de personas interesadas en los mismos temas que yo para poder intercambiar conocimiento experiencias y charlar del tema.

Mis intereses son bastante diversos:
#urbansketching #estilograficas #caligrafia #python #encuadernacion #linux #legotechnic #video ...

Y algunos otros, más o menos relacionados:

#arduino #make #bujo #collage #lettering #scrapbooking #cometas #kap #fotografia #tic #3dprinting #estenografia #wordpress #blogging #presentacion

Retrato de 2014 con un globo en el que aparece mi correo electrónico y una camiseta con la dirección de mi dominio en Internet
Mostafa Hussein Omar
3 months ago

I guess it is time for an #Introduction! I'm a psychiatrist based in #Egypt. I worked in #addiction, #trauma rehab. I learned about #Linux in 2002 & through it met a small community of great geeks (how I met #FreeAlaa). I started blogging in 2005. #Jan25 revolution happened & I tried to witness as much as I can. I enjoy #DIY, #woodworking (built our kitchen cabinets). #Cycling, #Windsurfing, #35mm #photography & #urbansketching. #Vegetarian, I enjoy #baking & #cooking (sometimes overwhelming).

3 months ago

This was 2 days ago, beach vacation day 4.5. Sat in the town center and looked down the deserted boardwalk that had been so crowded on the day before. Yep, this place has palm trees. #watercolor #urbansketching

This is a medium sized quick watercolor of some businesses and palm trees in a coastal beach area. There is a brown building on right, a small kiosk on left. Palm trees recede into the distance in center. Some parked cars, and one bicycle rider.
3 months ago

A lazy day 4 sketch out of the window of the vacation rental. It's painted on that kind of paper where you can't control anything. Glad to be doing it though. #watercolor #urbansketching

A very loose watercolor sketch looking out a window 1/2 block from the beach. You can see the neighbor's porch, and an awning. The next house has a tile roof. There are some splotchy grey cars in the street. And in the distance is a blue strip of watercolor that represents the ocean.