Markus Werle
12 hours ago

@sinchens_ zu dem Preis gehört auch, dass #Mastodon Reader mit Ausnahme von als Gegenbeispiele für #Usability herhalten können.

Die App von der ich dir schreibe, ist gestern 10x gecrasht. Und sie zeigt mir nur eine Auswahl der Beiträge, die ich abonniert habe. Manche Menschen sind komplett im #Shadowban, warum auch immer.

Das hier ist kein Garten, sondern eine Steinwüste.

Karl Dubost
17 hours ago

Quick #Usability Tip for Web designers:

If there is a language setting feature on your website, do not put it in the footer of your infinite scrolling page. #ux


I’m honored to have been invited to a fireside chat with Steel City UX Ladies. They’re hosting the event, but it’s open to everyone. And it doesn’t cost anything other than an hour of your time.

If you’re interested in hearing me answer questions about all things UX you can register here:

More about Steel City UX Ladies:

#UX #Accessibility #Usability #Design #Privacy #AI #ArtificialIntelligence

Graphic on a green matte including a Steel City UX Ladies logo, a fireplace illustration, and my bio photo with my green glasses and gray knit hat and a black sweatshirt with blurred trees in the background. The text reads: fireside chat, featuring Mark Wyner, Wednesday October 4th, 7 to 8 pm ET.
Ænðr E. Feldstraw
1 day ago

@nianticlabs disapproves of my name. They claim "something went wrong". Yea: it's their shitty programming. #UserExperience #Usability #Accessibility #SelfCentered

Screen shot of Niantic Labs' account profile creation tool claiming my name is wrong.
3 days ago

#Amazon filtering system is completely broken. It doesn't allow consumers to _discover_ a product if they look for certain qualities of it.

Example: I was shopping for an iron lately, and all I've got to filter upon was: color, item length (tf I need this for??) and equally useless "iron features" no one would ever decide upon.

This is why I love Rozetka's "nerdy" filters. For irons, it gives me steam burst type, wattage, ironing surface material type etc.

#Ukraine #Usability #Products

Lutz Schmitt
3 days ago

Großer Spaß beim #usability #testessen #köln bei #floyt. Mit #bigdirekt

Exeunt Press
3 days ago

💀 Save Against Fear Convention
🤖 Compatible with CY_BORG
🧪 Usability testing in tabletop games
🎲 Recently played: Paladins of the West Kingdom

Read it at Exeunt Omnes:
#boardgames #boardgamedesign #rpg #rpgdesign #ux #usability #testing #ttrpg

4 days ago

How long does it take to say no to sharing any unnecessary data when browsing a web page? 3 minutess and 45 seconds it turns out. A little longer on a phone.

Or, seen from the ones creating this mess: "Consent to tracking and sharing data by not enough time to disagree"

#consent #GDPR #cookies #Privacy #youaretheproduct #usability #darkPattern #darkUxPattern #darkux #UX

4 days ago

Fantastic post from @scottjenson on why text editing is so difficult on phones and a possible way to do it better.

#mobile #phones #text #editing #UI #usability #textediting #android #ios #iphone

5 days ago

@thunderbird This is a useful tip, but dear $DIETY that is icon is a poor UX choice.

You're using an icon that has never been seen elsewhere (cloud with arrow pointing away from it) for an action (refreshing what's displayed) that already has another clear and near universally recognized icon (ie the circular arrow, or reload/refresh as in Firefox).

For examples of what I mean see the various email clients in the image below.

#Thunderbird #UX #Design #Usability #UserExperience

A screenshot montage of a wide variety of email clients. All use a similar icon for refreshing email, which is circled in red in each case. Includes screenshots from Gmail, YahooMail, Outlook, iCloud mail among others.

New article I've been working on for the Precocity blog. I can't talk about the project/client drivers behind it (yet) but I will in detail once I'm able. Suffice it to say, MILLIONS of dollars can be jeopardized by the word #simple

#UX #design #clear #usability

Web Axe
6 days ago
Ænðr E. Feldstraw
1 week ago

And it refuses to use the OS-native file open and save dialogs, replacing them with their own. Which offer none of the abilities users are used to using. And thanks. #usability #ux #userexperience

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
1 week ago

More interesting #usability weirdness in #microsoft #windows: you can access the taskbar notification buttons using the Windows-B keyboard shortcut, then use arrow keys to activate the network listing... but can't use any keys to activate an available network. And thanks, @microsoft

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
1 week ago

You may have found that #Microsoft refuses to call #usability in #MSWindows by its actual name. Instead, they insist on the trade-markable term "ease of access". And yet... the keyboad shortcut to open its settings is Windows-U. With U for...

1 week ago

How about auto-hyphenate for mobile text editors?

Not sure how = and * got buried so deep in the iOS keyboard, either, but we have room for frequent symbols now on the surface of most devices, so wouldn’t that be great.

Always-visible Return key…begging already.

#apple #ios #usability #ux

Craig Joseph, MD
1 week ago

Thanks to some cool research, we now know (or perhaps might know) that #usability is not just for users anymore (h/t to 1970s Florida orange juice!) There is correlation between usable #EHRs and #PatientSafety. So let's up the #HumanCenteredDesign please!

Dr. Michael Hägele
1 week ago

Computerfrust: "Entwickler dienen mehreren Herren – Nutzer sind nur einer davon". Fast jeder von uns verwendet tagtäglich Rechner. Doch der Frust über die Technik scheint nicht abzunehmen (u.a. 20% vermeidbare techn. Probleme). #Usability-Forscher M. Hertzum weiß warum

Jonathan Schofield
1 week ago

I do wish Mastodon didn’t put image description text into both the `alt` and `title` attributes.

The option to read the image description text as disclosed content should be via a *button*.

#accessibility #usability

Mario Breskic
2 weeks ago

Improved my website’s #typography by adding real #typefaces for italic, bold, and bold italic. Currently looking into adding a typeface for captions but that will require looking into #webdesign #screendesign and #usability first.

My projects lean a certain way, it seems.

Die unteren 3 sind alle lila, folglich:

"Ey Kalle, gib' mal kleinen Lila"

"Ey Kalle, gib' mal mittleren Lila"

"Ey Kalle, gib' mal großen Lila"

Darüber die 3 blauen Schlüssel werden in gleicher Art gefordert 😉

#Bosch #usability

2 weeks ago

Ein Mikrofon-Symbol als Icon für die Sprachauswahl der Webseite zu nutzen ist auch … interessant. #Usability

Karin Fenz
2 weeks ago

An die Älteren: Erinnert ihr euch noch, dass eine Website in den 1990er Jahren als Homepage bezeichnet wurde - also als Startseite? Hintergrund war bekanntlich, dass, egal auf welchen Menüpunkt eins klickte, sich aufgrund der Frames die einzelnen Webseiten zwar öffneten, aber die URL unverändert blieb und mit der TLD endete.

Derartiges gibt es immer noch. 😬

#Webdesign #Wien #Frames #HTML ##Website #Webseite #Homepage #Internet #Birner #Augenkrebs #Usability

2 weeks ago

Bosch hat Schlüssel farbig kodiert.
An sich ja lobenswert.
Jetzt stell ich mal die Farbwahl in Frage .
Bei einem Tool das hauptsächlich von dem Geschlecht genutzt wird, das Pink nicht von Violett unterscheiden kann.

Ich hör schon die Diskussion...
"Eh Kalle, schmeiß ma den Ringschlüssel in Mauve rüber."
Kalle schmeißt.
"Man eh, det is doch nich Mauve Du Depp, det is Magenta. Der Mauve is da rechts der neben dem Flieder."


Grüner Halter mit horizontal eingeklemmten Maul-Ring-Schlüssel in Silber.
Die Seite der Maulschlüssel haben dünne farbige Ringe in verschiedenen Rot-Blau-Tönen.
2 weeks ago

Infinite scroll UI for longer lists such as years (and tens or hundreds of albums) is definitely abomination and sadistic decision of designers. So, don't be such a sad fucking sadist as people from #Spotify are!
(Add "load all" button and your users will thank you.)
#ui #gui #app #scroll #design #ux #fail #usability

amen zwa, esq.
2 weeks ago

The F-16A cockpit, designed in the early 1970s (in the era of slide rules), is still the epitome of an effective, efficient, ergonomic design. Its superiority is evident, when compared to the cockpits of its contemporaries, especially that of the F-15A. Another admirable UI design, albeit on a much smaller scale, is the Control Display Unit (CDU) of a typical Flight Management System (FMS). It, too, was designed in the 1970s. These interfaces were designed, through iterative usability testing, by a team of psychologists, industrial engineers, electronic engineers, mechanical engineers, and experienced pilots.

In-cockpit, real-time UIs like these aim to decrease the potential for human error and to increase the pilots' situational awareness. They use the smallest possible set of usage conventions, control types, display components, fonts, and colours. They allow pilots to focus their attention completely on the critical information needed for the task at hand.

The traditional philosophy of human-machine interaction design is "usability without visibility". But today, the #web #UI's primary role is not #usability, but #marketability. Users falsely equate flashy UIs with service quality. Coders want to showcase their superior abilities over those of their coworkers. Companies take pride in owning bling.

This expensive trend is profitable to marketeers and attractive to casual users. So, it is justifiable for social media platforms and other non-mission-critical software. But these excesses are unsuited to enterprise software, especially those designed for internal use. Such flashy antics diminish business users' #productivity and increase the company's #cost of ownership.

superior industrial UI design of aircraft cockpits
Jeff Fortin T.
2 weeks ago

If your app is giving me a big pile of #search results, it better mark up the matching parts of the strings for me, ideally with boldtype text markup. This is a #UX #usability enhancement request for exactly that in #LibreOffice Calc:

A screenshot of Libreoffice Calc's "Search Results" dialog that does not make it easy to spot the matching part of strings
Stefan Dumont
2 weeks ago

Das ist kein Einzelfall, sondern passiert mir beim Suchen und Surfen auf dem Handy regelmäßig. Insbesondere bei Seiten von (privaten) Medienhäusern und Zeitungen. Wer berät die eigentlich? Was denken die, wie oft ich da als Mobilnutzer rumwischen, tippen oder sogar was eingeben will (Stichwort Newsletter)?

Mobiles Web ist echt kaputt gegangen über die Jahre.

#zeitung #medien #internet #usability #fail

Bastian Greshake Tzovaras
2 weeks ago

So proud of Katharina – who I have the pleasure to co-supervise for her PhD. Not only did she hand in her thesis last week, she also got her package #cardsort accepted to @pyOpenSci! 📖 💻 🎉 🎈

If you're doing #UX testing work that involves cardsorting, her package can help you quickly get a look at the clustering results. Check it out at

#usability #HCI

Designers should always test their work. And that goes for both digital and physical products.

I just moved into a new place with a pretty, designer sink that’s almost completely flat on the bottom, so the drainage is awful. Water just pools around, things like toothpaste or soap just sit there and don’t wash away into the drain. It’s very frustrating.

There’s no way the designer(s) could have used this sink without experiencing issues.

#design #productdesign #usertesting #usability

A white, rectangular sink with a near-flat bottom
View from inside a white, rectangular sink showing the near-flatness of the sink’s bottom
Jeff Fortin T.
3 weeks ago

Since I have a gluttony for pain, I keep filing bugs in #LibreOffice regarding #UX #design problems. Two more filed this morning regarding the "Find and Replace" dialog (Ctrl+H). I know that dialog's #UI has a ton more #usability issues, but those particularly annoy me:


Screenshot of LibreOffice's "Find and Replace" dialog showing errors as regular labels sandwiched between other widgets 🤦
Jeff Fortin T.
3 weeks ago

In 20 years of using #LibreOffice (& ancestors) I keep having to "rediscover" how to actually move rows / columns in Calc without the whole "Copy, Insert row, Paste, Delete row" dance… by holding `Alt` & dragging cells (not rows/columns). Undiscoverable #UX until you read

My past self encountered this already in 2021, and I forgot. My #usability suggestion:

Jeff Fortin T.
3 weeks ago

A #design #UX #usability trick for images in "dark mode": lower brightness, higher contrast!

I'd love to see this in the #Mastodon #Android app (& web interface), and in #Tuba, to avoid blinding me while scrolling through the timelines at night: #MastoDev

Jeff Fortin T.
3 weeks ago

@probono @gugurumbe @topher
I can 100% attest double-click is weird for me, as someone who has been using computers for over 30 years, and for all my elderly family members (including parents, aunties, etc.). I see this problem over and over again. They DO NOT get double-click (and the inconsistency it brings across UIs), AND they usually have fine motor skills challenges that makes it nearly impossible to consistently and accurately double-click.

Double-click is a #usability abomination.

HRH ginsterbusch
3 weeks ago

If I were to #build something like Mastodon in the past, what would I do different?

a) if there was a need to hide things away, because it might trigger people, I certainly WOULD REFRAIN from calling that option "Content Warning".

b) my focus would be in easy of use, ie. #Accessibility and #Usability for the end user. The current version of Maston is still very much focused on DX, not UX.

Jim Spath
3 weeks ago

My one-on-one #usability test session did not occur today as the testing system had a glitch.
A "meta-usability fail", perhaps?

This is a multilingual eye-test chart circa 1907. It was designed by optometrist George Mayerle. He said it was “the result of many years of theoretical study and practical experience.”

While it’s absolutely gorgeous, the chart was designed for usability, accessibility, and inclusivity.


#Design #Accessibility #Literacy #Usability #Inclusivity #Accommodations #EyeChart #GeorgeMayerle #Medical #Vision

7 columns of the same eye chart, each using a different alphabet except for one that uses silhouetted symbols such as animals. Each mini chart has a different colored rectangle at the bottom. At the top of the page there are circle shapes with lines through them at different angles to represent contrast. Aside from the colored rectangles, the entire chart is black on white.
7 columns of the same eye chart, each using a different alphabet except for one that uses silhouetted symbols such as animals. Each mini chart has a different colored rectangle at the bottom. At the top of the page there are circle shapes with lines through them at different angles to represent contrast. Aside from the colored rectangles, the entire chart is white on black.
3 weeks ago

* '#Accessibility' isn't #usability.
* 'Equivalent experience' can mean 'equivalently bad' - & not necessarily bad in the same way.
[h/t @erikKroes |]

Jan D
4 weeks ago

How Windows 95 was created, including its UI and the usability tests for it:

"[the team] chose to take an iterative approach …They would come up with an idea, implement it, user test it, take the feedback, do it all again.…three to four users representing beginners and intermediate users were bought into the lab and completed tasks with each prototype"

#usability #history

Dave Mackey
4 weeks ago

I've created a #browser #extension that allows one to (1) select which browser extensions to disable and (2) which sites to disable the extensions on.

Purpose is two-fold:

(use at your own risk please)

1. #Security: You can visit banking sites, etc. without needing to manually disable browser extensions.

2. #Usability: On some sites certain functionality isn't helpful, for example, I don't want highlighting extensions to operate on #Perlego pages, Perlego has built-in highlighting.


Markus Werle
1 month ago

@mike no. Bad #usability and netiquette headhunters also play a significant role. #BlackMastodon has a hard time here, for example. And I can only shake my head how arbitrary the delete decisions are. The danger to be deplatformed without any chance to get a fair trial has a chilling effect and that keeps people away.

Web developers: If you can't stop your stakeholders from making you put a "live help" or "May I help you?" chat(bot) widget on your site, see if you can at least get them to agree that if the user has already dismissed it X times (like say 3), you should stop showing it anymore.

Or, try suggesting X be 1 time, and let them talk you down to 3.

#usability #UXDesign #BadUX #BadUXDesign #WebDev #WebDevelopment

Uli Kusterer
1 month ago

Oooo… sample code for switching the system font to using letters more obviously distinct (e.g. when entering serial numbers or other codes):

“The system font has a stylistic alternative set of characters under kStylisticAltSixOnSelector”

#swiftlang #ios #typography #usability #accessibility

1 month ago

Wordpress block editor sucks ass. Random mixing of content (copy/paste different content, yet it merges it stupidly), putting barriers in way of user (just try to move between blocks) etc. Gutenberg would be sad they named this nuisance after him.
Back to Classic editor.

Update: 5+ million installations of Classic editor tell you something.
#wordpress #ux #ui #blog #blogging #cms #blogs #web #usability

Stefan Evertz
1 month ago

Beim Zusammensuchen von Accounts für die Timeline liegt #Bluesky jedenfalls spürbar vor #mastodon, danach aber nicht mehr. #usability

Is there a way to prevent this from popping everytime i start word?

#darkpatterns #ui #privacy #usability

1 month ago

It's interesting how I noticed the "13 and above" and then continued to look for the Adults field. Adults are not "13 and above".

Also, to nitpick, the question "Any pets?" implies a boolean not numeric response, but I'll let that go.

#HipCamp #Usability

Screenshot of Hipcamp campsite booking website with the Guests filter open and three increment decrement fields for Adults ages 13 or above, Children ages 12 or below, and Any pets?

Keyboard navigation would be nice to have on web mail client.
#accessibility #usability #ux

Terence Eden
1 month ago

🆕 blog! “The Digital Covid Test That Nearly Was”

These are notes that I wrote during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic. I've published them a few years later. By now, you're probably sick and tired of shoving a swab up your nose and / or down your throat. You've grown blasé about the little medical marvel as it reacts to whatever antibodies are […]

👀 Read more:

#covid19 #nhsx #usability #ux

Photo of a lateral flow test.

Swedish UX designer Amin Amini is curating a deep accessibility repository. He calls it “A11y Cat.” Clever, eh? And useful! There’s so much stuff in there!

#Accessibility #A11y #UX #UI #Design #Development #Usability #A11yCat #AminAmini

Aral Balkan
1 month ago

For anyone following this thread, if you use #GNOME and want the name of the app you’re currently in to be shown to you, you can use the Just Perfection GNOME extension (thank goodness for extensions) to do so.

It makes absolutely no sense to me that there is no way to look at your screen and know which app you’re in in GNOME. The ‘you are here’ landmark is so foundational that you’d fail Interaction Design 101 were you to forget it.

#design #interactionDesign #landmarks #usability #youAreHere

Screenshot of the visibility preferences in the Just Perfection GNOME extension, showing switches for toggling the visibility of the Activities Button, App Menu, App Menu Label, as well as other items in the system toolbar.
2 months ago

#Design #Introductions
Immersing in innovation · A thorough introduction to XR user experience design

#AR #XR #3D #Usability #ProductDesign #UxDesign #IxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign #VisionPro

2 months ago

#Design #Checklists
Your never-fail usability testing checklist · Things to do before, during, and after a usability test

#Usability #UsabilityTest #UserResearch #UxResearch #UxDesign #UiDesign #WebDesign

Future Sprog
2 months ago


Can we still answer this question if the answer is from before the creation of the first “web log”?

It would have been Jakob Nielsen or another #usability expert or even the W3C XHTML spec that impressed the importance of ALT attributes on every image and including meaningful explanations. Making that change for one group improves the site for all users. Affordances for #disability benefit everyone.