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GameSir ha recentemente lanciato il suo ultimo prodotto: il controller per gaming mobile GameSir G8 Galileo. Questo dispositivo è progettato per offrire un’esperienza di gaming console, grazie a una serie di caratteristiche innovative. Può essere abbinato a qualsiasi smartphone che presenti una porta USB-C.

Caratteristiche del GameSir G8 Galileo

Il GameSir

GameSir G8 Galileo

Gadget Review: FIFINE Ampligame A8 USB-C Gaming Microphone

The good folks at Fifine have sent me this neat little microphone to review.


Sound Quality

Writing about microphones is like painting about flavour. So here's what it sounds like:


💾 Download this audio file.

No noticeable hiss. Captured my voice perfectly. It picked up a little clack from my keyboard as I typed. Colleagues could hear me clearly - even if they were somewhat distracted by the pulsing LEDs. I don't play any instruments, so I'm not sure how well it would do with your acoustic rendition of Wonderwall.


USB-C! This is the main reason I wanted to review this bit of kit. I've fully embraced the USB-C lifestyle. I have a single cable which does data and power for my phone, laptop, eReader, printer, electric screwdriver, battery pack - and now my microphone! I can be sure that wherever I go, I'll always have the right cable.

The RGB lights are... well, I think they're fun! If you're a serious business executive you might want to turn them off. But life's too short for boring conference calls, right?

The mute button on the top is handy. Of course, if you mute in hardware it doesn't necessarily show in software - so you'll look like you're unmuted on Teams.

The volume control on it works. I'm not quite sure why you'd ever want to fiddle with it, but it's there.

Finally, there's a monitor connection. This is also a clever addition. Plug a pair of analogue heaphones in there and you can hear your own voice - so you can check how loud it is. What's special is that this microphone is also an output device! You can hear your colleagues (or music) and get a latency-free monitor of your voice. Nice!

The base is sturdy and it comes with a few bits if you want to connect it to an existing microphone stand.


As normal for Linux, it was a plug and play experience. No weird drivers needed.

A quick lsusb shows it to be 3142:00a8 fifine Microphones fifine Microphone. My recording software showed it as either a digital (S/PDIF) or analogue stereo source.

It also acted as a USB audio output for the monitor connection. Stereo audio was delivered flawlessly.


There isn't really worth complaining about here. Perhaps it might be nice if the RGB acted as a visualiser and reacted to your voice? The volume knob and colour changer are at the other side of the pop-shield, so you'll need to reach around to fiddle with them.

The mic mute at the top is handy, but you have to tap precisely on the LED. I'd have preferred to have the whole top as a sensor.


For about £50 (depending on whether the algorithm likes you) it's a decent bit of kit. Sound quality is excellent. And, yes, if you don't like shocking pink it also comes in boring black or white.

#gadget #linux #review #usbC

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LED controller on a wall, AC coming in from the bottom, LED strip connected to the top via USB-C.
The LED strip is a normal 12V RGB strip.
Front view of the LED controller. It has three buttons.
Label of the LED controller.
It has an identity crisis and thinks is only a 12V barrel jack power supply, nothing more.
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Hey friends!
We have a special offer for you.
Winter is coming and it's the best time for drinking punch in Austria.
Get a free punch set with every order in December, only while stock lasts.

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realcaseyrollins ✝️
6 days ago

It’s so cool that #USBC to #Ethernet adapters work with #Android

1 week ago

I have learned so much about USB-C charging from this video. It’s 14 minutes long and doesn’t even cover any of the data aspects of the specs, only power. This stuff is too complicated, and I still don’t really trust the fact that they run at a bunch of different voltages now.

#USB #USBC #USBCPowerDelivery

The weekend has brought to me a wonderful device LC-M2-C-NVME-2X2

This thing is a case for a NVMe M.2 SSD. The reason I've bought it is to transfer data from a 500Gb card to a 1Tb one to upgrade my laptop's storage.



Chris Burton
1 week ago

I'm looking to upgrade my USB-C Plug Tester from #SAMD21 to #RP2040. The #USBC Plug #connector hasn't been that reliable so I'm looking at alternatives / asking for suggestions (preferably with a footprint I can create within JLCPCB capabilities). #Electronics

Two small PCB showing a USB-C plug which straddles the PCB edge.

ok fedi hit me up with somewhat good quality in-ear cabled headphones (USB-C), which still are on budget!



#FollowerPower #headphones #USBC

اندرو آبی
2 weeks ago

Freshening Up Google’s USB-C PD Sniffer

#peripheralshacks #sniffer #usbc #usbcpowerdelivery #hackaday

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IT News
2 weeks ago

Freshening Up Google’s USB-C PD Sniffer - USB-C Power Delivery has definitely made the big mess of wires a bit smaller but n... - #usbcpowerdelivery #peripheralshacks #sniffer #usbc

Martin Steiger 🗳️
2 weeks ago

Der «autonome Nachvollzug» lebt: Ab dem 1. Januar 2024 gilt auch in der Schweiz ein USB-C-Obligatorium für Smartphones und viele andere elektronische Geräte:

#USBC #Schweiz

2 weeks ago

"A quick Google search related to SanDisk Extreme Pro failures or fails throws up multiple posts, reports and threads related to the failure of this particular model. While plenty of people have been expecting to receive a firmware update that fixes this problem once and for all, a new report suggests that the problem could be related to the hardware itself and is a consequence of a design flaw and a manufacturing defect."


How-To Geek
2 weeks ago

Get This Anker 240W USB Type-C Charger for Just $110 Today

Check it out! 👇

#PhoneCharger #UsbC #Anker #Deals

New Episode: hpr3992 :: Test recording on a wireless mic

Hosted by Archer72 on 2023-11-21 is flagged as Clean and is released under a CC-BY-SA license.

Tags: #Recording, #Microphone, #Wireless, #USBC, #F-droid, #AndroidApp.

Luke T. Shumaker
2 weeks ago

TIL that just because a #USBC cable works well enough for a device to show up in `fastboot devices` and for `fastboot reboot` to work doesn't mean it works well enough for it `fastboot flash` to work at all. (The #Pine64 silicone cables really are just meant to be used for power, not for data) #GrapheneOS

2 weeks ago

Why am I completely unable to find any information anywhere on what voltages the various iPhones support when charging via USB-C PD?

#iphone #apple #iphone15 #usbc

OKAPHONE Elektronika
2 weeks ago

Eén lader voor je mobiel, laptop of zelfs je draagbare gameconsole? Een krachtige GaN lader met twee #USBC uitgangen is zeker een aanrader! #dagaanbieding #okaphone #Groningen

2 weeks ago

En el 2023, funciona más fácil un lector de CDs antiguo con un cable viejo en una Macintosh performa que el #Apple #SuperDrive en una #MacBookPro del 2019 con un adaptador #USBA a a #USBC que no sea “original” de la manzanita 🥸🤦🏽‍♂️

From: @LaurentFr

3 weeks ago

Di recente l’azienda cinese UGREEN ha annunciato il lancio globale del suo nuovo docking station per laptop UGREEN Revodok Pro 13-in-1. Questo accessorio espande notevolmente le potenzialità dei laptop moderni, consentendo di collegare fino a 3 monitor 4K esterni e varie porte aggiuntive in modo semplice tramite un’unica connessione USB-C.


Blake Patterson
3 weeks ago

Impressive (very) active hardware in Apple's $130 two meter Thunderbolt 4 USB -C cable. Price seems justified.

#Apple #Mac #thunderbolt #USBc #macOS #hardware #cables

Andreas Kilgus
3 weeks ago

Ich brauche einen USB-Hub mit Stromversorgung.

Will ich einen Hub, der für die Stromversorung einen USB-C-Anschluss aufweist, weil dann das Netzteil im Zweifelsfall universeller einsetzbar ist?
Oder einen Hub mit so einem typischen 5V-Hohlsteckeranschluss, weil das Netzteil dann einfacher aufgebaut sein kann und damit vielleicht einen geringeren Stromverbauch aufweist?

Ich hätte auch noch einen ganzen Schwung alter Steckernetzteile samt Hohlsteckerkabel in einer Schublade, da ließe sich bestimmt eines mit passenden Anschlussdaten finden. Aber ich habe keine Ahnung, wie es bei den alten Geräten dann jeweils um die Energieeffizienz bestellt sein wird …

#Hub #Stromversorgung #USB-C #Hohlstecker

Krzysztof Kołacz
3 weeks ago

Apple udostępniło pierwszą aktualizację oprogramowania układowego dla ołówka Apple Pencil z USB-C.

Nowe oprogramowanie układowe ma numer wersji 10M5164.

Nie wiadomo, jakie funkcje, poprawki lub aktualizacje mogą być zawarte w zaktualizowanym firmware, ponieważ Apple nie udostępnia takich informacji.

Nie ma też ustalonej procedury aktualizacji Apple Pencili, ale w przypadku Apple Pencil z USB-C, podłączenie go do iPada za pomocą przewodu USB-C i włączenie iPada powinno wystarczyć, aby pobrać nowe oprogramowanie

#aktualizacja #ApplePencil #firmware #uaktualnienie #Update #USBC

Hat jemand eine Lösung für dieses Problem, dass manche Dinge zwar einen USB-C-Port haben, aber nur per USB-A-auf-C Kabel an einem USB-A-Port geladen werden können?

Gibt es „minderwertige“ USB-C-auf-C Kabel, bei denen ein USB-C Ladegerät eh nur 5V durchpeitscht oder so?

Es bringt mir irgendwie gar nichts, Geräte mit USB-C-Port zu kaufen, wenn ich zum Laden trotzdem noch ein spezielles Kabel _und_ einen altmodischen Port am Ladegerät brauche.

#usbc #scheiße

OKAPHONE Elektronika
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Werkt je #USBC kabel nog goed? Dat is gemakkelijk te controleren met deze doorsteek energiemeter! #dagaanbieding #okaphone #Groningen

💡 Nuove anticipazioni sulla linea iPhone SE 4
iPhone SE 4 sarà in uscita nel 2025 e avrà un design simile all'iPhone 14, una sola fotocamera, il tasto Action e FaceID

#Action #Apple #faceid #iphone #iphone14 #iphonese #iPhoneSE‌4 #mobile #notizie #novità #rumors #tech #tecnologia #usbc

3 weeks ago

Apple ha già iniziato a lavorare sui nuovi modelli di iPhone SE 4. Secondo quanto riportato da MacRumors, sembra sempre più probabile che Apple voglia rinnovare in modo radicale il design dell’iPhone SE con il prossimo modello della linea economica atteso per il 2025. Secondo diverse fonti affidabili, il nuovo SE 4 adotterà un design derivato direttamente da quello

3 weeks ago

Il tablet Galaxy Tab S9 FE appartenente alla linea “Fan Edition” di Samsung. Offre un’esperienza completa a un prezzo contenuto rispetto ai modelli top di gamma, senza rinunciare alle prestazioni. In vicinanza al Black Friday, la versione con 256 GB di storage di colore grigio è scontata del 25%.

Galaxy Tab S9 FE: design e costruzione

Dal punto di

OKAPHONE Elektronika
3 weeks ago

Herbruikbaar, duurzaam en gemakkelijk op te laden, dat zijn enkele begrippen die ons denken aan deze door #USBC op te laden batterijen voor verschillende toepassingen! #dagaanbieding #okaphone #Groningen

@pbx likely not at that price range...

With some luck you may find some Tindie project or sth but I've yet to see some #USBc tester that isn't a mini-PC and a Hub that vcost waaay more...

Krzysztof Kołacz
4 weeks ago

Apple wydało kolejną aktualizację firmware dla słuchawek AirPods Pro‌ 2 – dla obu wersji, zarówno ze złączem Lightning jak i nowej, ze złączem USB-C.

Nowe oprogramowanie to 6B32 (poprzednie to 6A303/6A305). Już tradycyjnie, nie podano co się zmieniło.

Sprawdź, jaką wersję firmware mają Twoje AirPods, wykonując następujące czynności:

  1. Upewnij się, że słuchawki są sparowane z urządzeniem iOS.
  2. Otwórz Ustawienia → AirPods Pro (dla systemu iOS 17).
    • Otwórz Ustawienia → Ogólne → To urządzenie → AirPods (dla wcześniejszych wersji systemu iOS).
  3. Sprawdź numer wersji firmware Twoich słuchawek.

Niestety nie ma mechanizmu wymuszającego aktualizację w słuchawkach. Najlepiej sprawdza się opcja podłączenia słuchawek do ładowania w bliskiej odległości od telefonu.

Obecnie nie ma żadnych aktualizacji dla pozostałych modeli AirPods.

#AirPodsPro2 #aktualizacja #Lightning #noweAirPodsPro2 #Update #USBC

USB-C is a mess. It's great that we have one connector that can do anything. Unfortunately, because it can do anything, it's quite hard to figure out what combination of identical-looking cable and port you need to do specific things: charge at full power, for instance, or transfer data fast. Elgato simply lists the important information on the connector itself. Now if only that could become part of the spec, so that every cable were forced to add this information! #USBC

This is SO in the weeds of techdom. Three guys nerding out over a USB-C (Thunderbolt 4) cable and its cheaper competition.

I am loving the non-desctructice imaging they're using to look at the cable too, incredible.

Why Is Apple's USB-C Cable $130?

#Apple #USBC

Blake Patterson
4 weeks ago

I see LG now sells a model of the superb 28-inch 16:18 aspect ( = 4:4.5 aspect ) 2560x2880 display lacking the desk-clamp arm in favor of a more traditional desk stand for $100 less.

Total price = $599

This is the best display I have ever used. It is the main display on my Mac Studio.

#LCD #display #monitor #desktop #desktoppc #mac #pc #usbc #LG #portrait #tech #technology

Krzysztof Kołacz
4 weeks ago

Najnowsze, 16-calowe modele MacBooków Pro z procesorem Apple M3 Pro i M3 Max są w stanie szybko ładować się z mocą 140 W przez USB-C, za pomocą przewodu USB-C o mocy 240 W, zgodnie z zaktualizowanym dziś dokumentem pomocy technicznej (polska wersja dokumentu nadal pozostaje niezaktualizowana).

16-calowe modele MacBook Pro z procesorami z serii M są ograniczone do szybszego ładowania 140 W za pomocą kabla USB-C do MagSafe 3, który Apple dodaje w pudełkach ze względu na ograniczenia USB-C, przy czym porty USB-C oferują tylko do 100 W.

Ale, nowy 16-calowy MacBook Pro 2023 może ładować się z pełną mocą 140 W przez MagSafe lub przez port USB-C, gdy posiadamy zasilacz 140 W + przewód  USB-C 240 W, który Apple zaczęło sprzedawać osobno we wrześniu.

Aktualizacja ta dotyczy tylko modeli 16-calowych.

Opcja szybkiego ładowania nowych, 16-calowych MacBooków Pro z mocą 140 W przez USB-C daje właścicielom MacBooków Pro więcej opcji, jeśli chodzi o ładowanie, choć warto zauważyć, że przewody 240 W są ograniczone do prędkości przesyłania danych USB 2.0.

Nadgryzieni 443: Czarny MacBook Pro z M3 / Pro / Max

#ładowarka #MacBookPro #USBC

A. Lee Bennett Jr.
1 month ago

Anyone picked up a #USBC to #Lightning #adapter they really like? Thinking of one with some sort of doohickey to keep it lashed to the end of the USB-C tip. Does *not* have to support fast charging.

Dave Mark
1 month ago

EVERY single USB-C cable should have the USB type and bandwidth printed on the cable.

Like this one (see pic).

I'd also vote for some sort of "raised dot" standard for visually impaired folks.

USB-C cable with transfer capability printed on cable end
OKAPHONE Elektronika
1 month ago

Soms hebben moderne laptops ouderwetse oplossingen nodig, Vooral als je nieuwe laptop alleen nog maar #USBC poorten heeft! #dagaanbieding #okaphone #Groningen

Danie van der Merwe
1 month ago
Elgato hasn’t just made an excellent teleprompter, it’s also made a great USB-C cable that ships with it. Professional audio engineer Matt “Spike” McWilliams spotted that Elgato’s latest USB-C cable has the bandwidth and USB type imprinted on the connector, and now I wish all manufacturers did this.

Once you've collected a drawer (or two) full of different USB cables, it is really useful to know which ones are what type. Using inferior spec cables, means that even with an expensive charger, your device may only trickle charge instead of fast charge, may not transfer data, etc. It is not always very obvious what the issue is, but it often comes down to the incorrect USB-C cable.

When it comes to USB-C cables, a cable is not just a cable.

See Please make more USB-C cables like this

Elgato has created a great USB-C cable

#technology #USBC
Danie van der Merwe
1 month ago

We need more USB-C cables with bandwidth and USB versions on them

Elgato hasn’t just made an excellent teleprompter, it’s also made a great USB-C cable that ships with it. Professional audio engineer Matt “Spike” McWilliams spotted that Elgato’s latest USB-C cable has the bandwidth and USB type imprinted on the connector, a ...continues


#technology #USBC

1 month ago

We need more USB-C cables with bandwidth and USB versions on them

One end of a USB-C cable showing it has engraved upon it 3.0 5 Gb/s. Elgato hasn’t just made an excellent teleprompter, it’s also made a great USB-C cable that ships with it. Professional audio engineer Matt “Spike” McWilliams spotted that Elgato’s latest USB-C cable has the bandwidth and USB […]

One end of a USB-C cable showing it has engraved upon it 3.0 5 Gb/s.
1 month ago

Hey friends!
The HDMI caberQU comes with an extensive manual explaining the HDMI connector and different possible modes. Knowledge is power!
Save the cables and order your HDMI caberQU on

#caberqu #electronics #electronic #usb #usbc #usba #usbcable #usbcables #cabletester #usbcharger #gadgets #gadget #elektronik #elektroniker #kickstarter #kickstartercampaign #games_communityy #cablesusb #cables #tech #hdmi #hdmicable #hdmicables #hdmiconnector
1 month ago

@n1xnx That’s why am wondering if this can’t be done by the devices I already own.
They are throwing the bones everytime something is plugged in, so why can’t they thoroughly explore the situation and tell me about it?
But I have to admit that I find SCSI in all of its variants vastly more logical and understandable than #USBC / #USB‎whatever and I have no idea if this is possible.
1 month ago

I have a snakes nest of #USBC-like cables of unknown spec by now.
What I’m wishing for is a piece of software that lets me plug in both ends of a cable into the same host and then shows me what the cable is pretendig to be able to do, and maybe even what it really is capable of.
Does anybody know if such #software exists - and if this is even possible, technically?

(#boost‎s appreciated :-)

After Apple's #USBC, another demonstration of the power of the 🇪🇺 legislator: #Meta will offer people in the #EU (#EEA) an option for a monthly (12.99€) subscription for ad-free #Facebook and #Instagram.
Their press release clearly shows how unhappy they are with this, but won’t take the risk of noncompliance with #GDPR and #DMA.

1 month ago

@blog Do they have one that does the same for the data capabilities of the cable? Because most USBC power cables, including the high power fancy ones with braded sleeves and power displays and ID chips, are good for no more than USB2 480MB/s data transfer rate.

I just went through and threw out a bunch of USBC cables including pretty expensive ones from Apple that showed up with USB2 connections when I used them to connect a USB3 device.

#usbc #usb2 #cables #horrid #BadNoGoodCables

Schenkl 🏳️‍🌈
1 month ago

Wie kann man eigentlich einstellen, ob die #USBC #PowerBank das #Notebook #laden soll oder das Notebook die Power Bank?

Ever wondered how an Apple USB-C Thunderbolt 4 cable gets to be so expensive ?

#tested #adamsavage #usbc

Gadget Review: Plugable USB-C Voltage & Amperage Meter (240W)

All USB-C cables are equal. But some, as the saying goes, are more equal than others.

This little gadget from Plugable is a fantastic bit of kit. Plug your USB-C power supply into one end of the gadget, plug the gadget in to your laptop, phone, or any other USB-C device. Watch the screen to see how much power is flowing.

Action Shot


  • A black and white screen!
  • A button to flip the display over!
  • That's it!

There's no Bluetooth or WiFi to get the results out. There's no flash storage to record anything. There's no graphs. It shows you volts, amps, watts, and direction of power. That's all I need it for, and that's all it does.

As you can see, the screen reacts quickly. So you can get a good idea of what power load your various apps have.


This is great. My work Windows laptop was complaining that it wasn't receiving enough power from my USB-C docking station and, with this, I was able to see that it was getting about 40W.

I was able to test some USB-C cables to see how much power they could support.

Even better, this doesn't interfere with normal USB-C functions. It happily passed through video, audio, peripherals, etc.


It's about £20 - £35 online depending on whether The Algorithm favours you or not. You can find cheaper ones - but they tend not to go up to 240W.

This is an indispensable gadget - especially if you have dozens of cables of uncertain provenance. It'll tell you just how much they're capable of delivering.

Now I just need to find a USB-C plug which can actually deliver 240W via PD!

#gadgets #review #usbC

1 month ago


Je dirais que "ça faut partie" des solutions. Voir le prix /d'autres.

#smartphones #Gigaset #MadeInGermany #bluetooth #USBC

1 month ago

USB-C statt Kabelsalat: Einheitliches Ladekabel kommt bis Ende 2024

Das Laden von elektronischen Geräten soll künftig deutlich leichter werden. Bis Ende 2024 wird in Deutschland der einheitliche Ladestandard USB-C für Smartphones und andere Geräte vorgeschrieben.


#Elektronik #Technik #USBC #Handy #Smartphone

@krzyzanowskim I'd also not trust the #USB ports so maybe give them #FastCharging #USBc & or #DataBlocker plugs...

Cuz #JuiceJavking is real!

Also this is something for the #YesBut series...
@YesBut - Apple-Blog
1 month ago

Der neue #ApplePencil mit #USBC war eines der Themen der Woche bei uns im Blog: Er reiht sich zwischen dem #Apple Pencil mit #Lightning und dem Apple Pencil 2 ein. Die Neuerscheinung lässt sich magnetisch ans iPad heften, wird dort aber nicht geladen. Auch das neue smarte #Netatmo Türschloss, Cases von #Rhinoshield und die Preiserhöhung bei #Netflix waren Highlights der letzten sieben Tage.

Unsere Themen der Woche:

#appgefahren #AppleBlog #iPhone #iPad #Mac

Eine Person zeichnet mit einem Apple Pencil auf einem iPad Pro.
Sven Peter
2 months ago

Is there a simple USB C cable tester that figures out which of the 24 pins are connected correctly and can ideally also read the e-marker if present?

I have a bunch of USB C cables and unfortunately not all of them are USB IF certified so I don't know their actual capabilities and I keep getting hit by weird issues. One cable I have e.g. only works in a single orientation because they messed some wiring up. I want to throw away anything obviously broken and label cables that are e.g. usb2-only.

#usb #usbc

adingbatponder :nixos:
2 months ago

Would it really kill #tuxedo computers to make a device with a #usbA port for Pete's sake? If I wanted a laptop with only #usbc I WOULD BUY AN APPLE
so #framework it is then?

A screenshot of the tuxedo computers web site showing the fitler to select the ports you want on the computer... and usbA is not listed.

And this my friends is the reason why the USB-C connector is the greatest tech invention of the past decade.

#Technology #USBC #Tech

Basically all the ports that were ever connected to a motherboard/pcb/computer... like seriously all of them
Sean Murthy
2 months ago

I've been lusting after this Anker charger + power strip but I'm a bit wary about their "1000 devices" claim. I particularly need it to work with my MSI laptop and I worry their testing is mostly with Apple devices. Still, I might pull the trigger based on these illustrations at the Anker site:

BTW a 140W version is just $77 today at Amazon:

Anker page:

#anker #usbC #usbCharging

Illustrations of USB ports and wattages on a charger. White lines and text

65W  65W                           120W    12W

          120W  12W                       15W
Illustrations of USB ports and wattages on a charger. White lines and text

65W  60W    12W                      65W   60W           12W

          120W  15W                     120W   15W

@stdevel @frameworkcomputer Yeah...

Sadly #Lenovo discontinued the last good product they had - the #KU1255 #ThinkPad Copact #Keyboard with #UltraNav [#USB] in lieu of a #enshittified version that only supports a proprietary #wireless #dongle and #Bluetoothm costs double the price of the previous #Bluetooth variant and triple the price of the #USB predecessor whilst not supporting #wired USB despite having a #USBc connector!!!

James Brown
2 months ago

Was back home and had a ton of non-techies (including my parents, various extended family members, and two different Uber drivers) complain about how #Apple "keeps changing the port on iPhones" and how they don't want USB-C. None of the family members are in the market for a new #iPhone (and would be unlikely to get the latest generation if they were). Apple has a huge uphill battle facing them as word of the #USBC transition trickles out to normies...

Dave Mark
2 months ago

Great read from @glennf on USB-C cables and chargers for iPhone 15 (link below).

Glenn suggests avoiding Apple's Lightning to USB-C adapter, cause it's expensive.

But also, Apple's adapter doesn't always work! Specifically, it causes at least one CarPlay install to crash. Repeatedly.
#Apple #USBC


No, #Lightning was a proprietary bullshit solution and #Apple's #licensing as well as poor quality of it's cables and the tendency for said contacts to corrode made it worse than if they had just chosen to make a miniature version of #MagSafe with USB 2.0 in it.

Also no, Apple didn't invent #USBc and with their bs connector actively stifled it's adoption.

Stop excusing a corporations bad choices because to them you are worth less then the revenue you make them.

Ben Hardill
2 months ago

Anybody started a list of USB-C PD supplies that support 5v 5A to drive the Raspberry Pi5 at full effect?

#RaspberryPi #Pi5 #usbc

It took six days but I finally was confused when a Lightning cable wouldn’t plugin into my iPhone 15. #UsbC

2 months ago

More than 5 years and Apple finally switched to usb c. Maybe compatibility with Android + RCS is next for their messaging?

#apple #usbc #android #rcs #messaging #compatibility #imessage #getthemessage

Alex Barredo 📉
2 months ago

This could be seen as fearmongering by the Times

The recommendation does not make sense, and to me it reads they're pushing to their guides to catch some affiliate money

#usbc #iphone #apple #journalism

New York Times article headline: How to Navigate Apple’s Shift From Lightning to USB-C

The dream of carrying one power cable for all your devices is becoming a reality. But things aren’t as simple as they sound.

Not all USB-C cables are created equal.

Be careful what you plug into.

Many USB-C cables lack chips to restrict the current powering your phone. So if you plug it into a source that charges at a higher voltage than your phone accepts, you could electrocute your phone, Ms. Jones said.

The lesson here is to be careful about what you plug your cord into. Those USB ports embedded into airplane back seats, hotel room walls or car consoles are a big no-no because it’s unclear what their charging rates are. It’s safest to plug your USB-C cable only into a high-quality charging brick that protects your phone. Wirecutter, our sister publication, recommends USB-C power bricks from Anker, RAVPower and Spigen that do a good job replenishing your phone quickly without damaging it.
Carolina Koehn
3 months ago

Und es ist sonnenklar dass es kein Hardwaredefekt ist, nicht am sauteuren Kabel für #DP via #USBC liegt sondern an der #Apple‘schen Softwaregrütze, die während des Setups brav beide Displays ansteuert und im Normalbetrieb die Arbeit verweigert. #WTF

@jennzycos @fuchsiii @Raspberry_Pi making it an upgrade to the current #Lenovo #ThinkPad #CompactKeyboard woth #UltraNav which doesn't eveb support #USB via it's #USBc port and only with a shitty wireless dongle...

3 months ago

tech people, why on earth is it seemingly impossible to buy a USB-C to USB-C hub? LOADS of options for USB-C to USB 3.0 etc. Basically none for extra USB-C ports... what gives?
#usbc #tech #wtf

Wesley Fryer (he/him)
3 months ago

Check out Episode 303 of the EdTech Situation Room: “Happy Birthday Google!” (our show from 30 August 2023)

Jason and I discussed #AI #AppleEvent #USBC #iPhone #Chromebook #SocialMedia #Facebook #IoT #military #robots #drones #MediaLit #edtech #disinfo & more!

Google birthday cupcakes
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
3 months ago

Due to Apple's #iPhone #connector change, we have decided to review our collection of #wires, small peripherals, and other items surrounding our #electronics.

Much pictured here is being organized. We determined that we have enough:
* Apple extension cables
* USB-C to #USBC cables
* USB-A/USB-C to lightning
* #cable management velcro

Not pictured: my CAT-5 cables, HDMI, coax, etc.

I’ll be consulting our city’s #eWaste department.

#cables #networking #iPhone15 #iPhone15Pro #USB

Different computer cables and other items on a grey carpeted floor. Many of the cables are white. Some pictured are USB-C to USB-C, USB-C to USB-A, various Apple power bricks, USB-C to lightning, USB-A to lightning, USB-A extension cables, proprietary Apple USB-A extension cables, velcro ties, external hard drives, small network switches, two old laptops, USB-A to micro-USB, Thunderbolt 2 cables, Thunderbolt 3 cables, USB-A to USB-B, USB-A hubs, blank CD and DVDs, a variety of lighting to A/V adapters, and more.
David Chartier
3 months ago

There were #Apple rumors that a USB-C iPhone might have restrictions on what kind of cables it could use, or requiring MFi certification for charge and data transfer speeds.

The rumors were false. It's a standard port (yes, as much as USB-C can be considered a 'standard’) and you can knock yourself out with cables. #iPhone15 #USBC

Dave Mark
3 months ago

Apple announces new "USB-C to Lightning Adapter".

$29. Available Monday.

For all those Lightning accessories you want to attach to your brand new iPhone!
#Apple #iPhone #USBC #Lightning

USB-C to Lightning adapter
Daniel Bruce
3 months ago


#apple #usbc

Apple Magic Mouse with charging cable and the text ”Smarter. Faster. Same. Apple mouse now with USB-C”.
Stephen Shankland
3 months ago

I've been trying the Satechi 200W, 6-port USB-C charger for people like me who have no more need for old rectangular USB-A charging ports. They're on sale right now, 20% off. Thumbs up.
#USBC #charger

A Satechi 6-port, 200W USB-C charger on a wooden table, held up vertically by its optional stand some of my thoughts about the #apple event because I have them like everyone else...

Reply here or directly to

#iphone #USBC

bossito 🇪🇺
3 months ago

#AppleEvent summed up:

🇪🇺 1 - 🍏 0


There it is #usbc

Cassidy James :gnome: :eos:
3 months ago

Remember this when you praise Apple for interoperating with other companies—and remember the only reason iPhone will use USB-C is because *Apple was forced to by European legislation.*

#Apple #iPhone #USBC

3 months ago

Will you be pre-ordering any of the new iPhone 15's that will be announced today?

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse

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Jeff Sikes
3 months ago

Don't usually recommend hardware, but this usb-c hub has been really handy. It kind of just disappears under the iMac stand.

And the best feature is you can install an SSD in it. So it works great as a little hidden Time Machine backup drive.

#Hardware #UsbC #iMac

Cassidy James :gnome: :eos:
3 months ago

How is Apple going to spin putting USB-C on iPhone in 2023?

#Apple #iPhone #EU #USBC

My latest blog post: Radxa Rock 5B as a Raspberry Pi replacement?

Or really, howTF are you supposed to power this board?!

#debian #firmware #hardware #linux #opensource #power #radxa #raspberrypi #usbc

Travis Newton :node:
3 months ago

Apple's fall event is coming up and it's expected that the iPhone 15 will adopt USB-C. Let's clear a few things up:
▶︎ Apple designed Lightning as a modern connector for "the next decade" (that was in September 2012).
▶︎ Apple needed a reversible, universal adapter (well, "universal" to Apple at least) in 2012 - USB-C spec was still two years away from being published.
▶︎ Apple "isn't mad" about changing to USB-C. If anything, Apple must have a crystal ball because they hit the "decade" nail on the head! If it wasn't for COVID, I bet the transition would have completed MUCH sooner.
▶︎ Apple has already been transitioning to USB-C since 2016. Remember the redesigned MacBooks? Every model since has been USB-C and it's been nothing but complaining about "dongle hell" ignoring the fact that maybe it's the peripheral manufacturers refusing to give up USB-A?
▶︎ Proprietary ports, open standard ports. Nothing seems to make anyone happy. While USB-C is far from perfect, it FINALLY embraces the "Universal" part of Universal Serial Bus.
▶︎ BTW, Apple sits on the Board of Directors for the USB Implementers Forum... so... yeah, they're kinda into this whole USB thing and know proprietary connectors are so 2012.
#Apple #iPhone #iPhone15 #LightningConnector #USBC #AppleFallEvent #AppleSpecialEvent #AppleEvent

Stephen Shankland
3 months ago

Plugable, one of the cable makers I like (they include durable labels so you know max power, data speed, USB-C vs Thunderbolt) has some new options. My fave: a 240W USB-C extension cord with built-in power gauge.

Also a $20 very compact 30W USB-C charger:

And a $20 30W USB-C charger with pass-through power plug:

#USBC #cable #charging

Terence Eden
3 months ago

Very strange. Taken delivery of some new USB-C cables. But they don't work with HDMI.

My USB-C port supports HDMI.
My USB-C dock supports HDMI.
A different brand of cable carries video from laptop->dock->monitor.

These new cables carry data, they max out my broadband (330MBps), they do PowerDelivery.

But not video!

Is this a problem with the cable itself, or something else? Any way to test them?

(Not here for your hot takes on #USBC, #HDMI, or #Linux. Actually looking for advice.)

4 months ago

Behold the fruits of hours of labour, the #USB iceberg meme. I spent way more time on this than I’m proud to admit :cowboy_lesbian:

#technology #usbc #thunderbolt

An iceberg meme, containing 10 tiers, listed starting at the top. 
Tier 0 (Picture: a standard USB-A plug): Type-A, “Blue ports are faster”, Type-C, USB Drives, USB 2.0, Mini-B, Micro-B. 
Tier 1 (Picture: Two type-a ports next to each other with a SuperSpeed symbol beneath them): “Universal Serial Bus”, “USB ‘3.0’”, Fast Charging, USB-C everything, Type-B, Micro-B connector wears out, USB-C Docks. 
Tier 2 (Picture: A thunderbolt plug in a USB-C form factor): Thunderbolt 3/4, DisplayPort Alt Mode, Power Delivery, Mini/Micro OTG, Different USB Speeds, EU USB-C Mandate, USB-C is a shape, eGPUs. 
Tier 3 (Picture: A USB 3.0 Micro-B plug, which is like an extended micro-usb plug), Micro Type-B 3.0, USB 40 Gbps, C-to-C charging requires pull-down resistors, USB 240W, Proprietary Quick Charge Standards, Type-B 3.0, USB Killers. 
Tier 4 (Picture: Four blue USB 3.0 ports, which have printed under them “USB 3.1 Gen 1”): “USB Superspeed, 3.1, and 3.2 naming cover up”, Nintendo Switch Charging Issues, Intel Gatekeeps Thunderbolt, USB Integrators’ Forum, Hidden USB ports in your desktop, DisplayLink, Parking Lot USB Drives
IT News
5 months ago

An ESP32 Dev Board As A Framework Laptop Module - The Framework laptop will no doubt already have caught the eye of more than one Ha... - #peripheralshacks #expansion #framework #esp32-s3 #portable #laptop #usbc

Blake Leonard
6 months ago

When all these revelations (or wider reveals) of anti-consumer practices come out, there's still a pretty significant group that will keep buying and using these products, despite the disadvantages, and then (in some cases) blame everyone else, just because they don't care enough about that service to switch away. Even though good alternatives exist.

Like #Apple, with iMessage/#RCS and soon #USBC.
Like #Reddit, with their API changes and following actions.
Like #Twitter, with Mr. Hate Enforcer.

7 months ago

EU murahti huhuista, joiden mukaan Apple aikoo kikkailla tulevan USB-C -pakon kanssa.

Huhujen mukaan Apple vaatisi täydellä vauhdilla lataavilta USB-johdoilta maksullisen Apple-hyväksynnän.

EU kertoi, että jos näin käy, iPhonejen myynti kielletään Euroopassa kokonaan.

#usbc #apple #iphone #uutiset #eu #teknologia