Ænðr E. Feldstraw
21 hours ago

Interesting #userexperience concerning @Mastodon ios client message filters and notifications: the client will filter messages according to filters set using the web app (it has yet to gain the ability to do so itself), but still will send a notification to the ios notification system, displaying the message content that doesn't get displayed by the client. Hey, @Gargron , maybe something to have someone look at?

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
1 day ago

@nianticlabs disapproves of my name. They claim "something went wrong". Yea: it's their shitty programming. #UserExperience #Usability #Accessibility #SelfCentered

Screen shot of Niantic Labs' account profile creation tool claiming my name is wrong.
Dawan Stanford
2 days ago

Get feedback from users and makers even during emergencies. Seek input on your solution to improve it before taking action. #designthinking #innovation #userresearch #userexperience

Dawan Stanford
3 days ago

On Listening: Without good #listening, we won’t fully understand the problem we’re trying to solve as experienced by the people we serve. #designthinking #innovation #servicedesign #userexperience

3 days ago

ChatGPT hat wieder Zugriff auf´s Web (für Plus-User) - Dank Bing. Keine Limitierung mehr auf September 2021 :)

#OpenAI #ChatGPT #Sprachmodelle #Browsing #MicrosoftBing #UserExperience #GPT4 #KI #MaschinellesLernen #Ethik

3 days ago

#Mastodon #scrolling #userexperience

Uso #Fedilab e mi trovo bene.
Leggo tre timeline:
* LS
* lista personale che contiene utenti seguitə di LS
* la mia home che contiene tutti gli altri account extra-istanza

Mi sono accorto che non scrollo in giù, ma in su. L'app si ricorda fin dove ho letto, e quando la riapro si posiziona sul punto in cui l'ho lasciata. Da lì risalgo l'ordine cronologico verso il su.

Sembra una cavolata, ma apprezzo l'ordine cronologico e il dover scrollare in su.

TapTap 🎮
4 days ago
a ticket machine with an incredibly convoluted layout despite only having 3 steps. Stickers and signs and slots are all over the machine making a nightmare of a process out of 3 steps.
5 days ago

@thunderbird This is a useful tip, but dear $DIETY that is icon is a poor UX choice.

You're using an icon that has never been seen elsewhere (cloud with arrow pointing away from it) for an action (refreshing what's displayed) that already has another clear and near universally recognized icon (ie the circular arrow, or reload/refresh as in Firefox).

For examples of what I mean see the various email clients in the image below.

#Thunderbird #UX #Design #Usability #UserExperience

A screenshot montage of a wide variety of email clients. All use a similar icon for refreshing email, which is circled in red in each case. Includes screenshots from Gmail, YahooMail, Outlook, iCloud mail among others.
Ænðr E. Feldstraw
1 week ago

And it refuses to use the OS-native file open and save dialogs, replacing them with their own. Which offer none of the abilities users are used to using. And thanks. #usability #ux #userexperience

1 week ago

🔍 Searching made extraordinary! Discover how Kagi is transforming search experiences with unparalleled quality and personalized customization. 🌟
#searchengine #userexperience #technology #blogpost

Frozen Canuck
1 week ago

Here's another example of a post with more than three hashtags at the end of the post. Mastodon 4.2 should collapse them down.

#Mastodon #Hashtag #Hashtags #UX #UserExperience

Rabi'a Elizabeth
1 week ago

I am SOOOO weary of this UI fighting me with the autocorrect when I try to type an #Accessible #Hashtag.

I just submitted an issue to eliminate hashtag autocorrection over in the #mastodon repo. Please upvote!

And the UI just fought me again. Mind-blowing that this issue hasn't already been addressed.

@disability #Disability #ScreenReaders #UserExperience

Michael Marek
1 week ago

Für diejenigen, die am 27.09.2023 in und um Hamburg Zeit haben und an UX-Themen interessiert sind:

P.S.: Der #UXRoundtable HH ist so oder so empfehlenswert ;-)
Schaut euch z.B. mal die Einträge von @mprove an.

#UX #UXDesign #UserExperience #Sustainability

Dawan Stanford
1 week ago

How do we know whether our customer experience is achieving our outcomes? How do we measure success? #UX #UXdesign #UserExperience

Joey deVilla 🪗
1 week ago

Tonight in St. Pete: Tampa Bay UX Group will host an in-person panel discussion featuring 3 UX designers talking about their day-to-day work and their journeys in the field of user experience.

#TampaBay #StPete #StPetersburg #StPetersburgFL #UX #UserExperience #meetup

2 weeks ago

And one more thing! Your home feed doesn't just have to be accounts that you already know about. You can follow the hashtag directly, and you will see posts with that hashtag regardless of whether you follow the user.

#FediTips #FediHelp #UserExperience

Screenshot of feed for #FediTips hashtag search.
2 weeks ago

While we're on the topic, if there are topics that you absolutely do *not* want to see (or would rather be warned first), please make good use of the filter feature.

#FediTips #Safety #Accessibility #UserExperience

Screenshot of Mastodon preferences feature Add new filter, features fields for title, expiration, contexts, filter action (i.e. warn or hid entirely), and keyword or phrase.
Stefano Marinelli
2 weeks ago

I'm still undecided. Holding both the iPhone and the Galaxy S23 Ultra, I can't determine which one I prefer. The iPhone feels smoother, while the Samsung is more customizable. I can't tell if it's just habit or if there's something else at play...

#TechDilemma #iPhoneVsSamsung #UserExperience #GadgetChoices #iPhonePixelGalaxy #Android #iOS

2 weeks ago

Web3 is about solving business problems, not token prices: Google Cloud exec - While TradFi is the main source of demand for blockchain tech, di... - #blockchainnodeengine #self-hostednode #smartcontracts #userexperience #businesslogic #jamestromans #googlecloud #token2049

Stefano Marinelli
2 weeks ago

Wait a second: the Galaxy S23 Ultra doesn't have adaptive charging but just a "simple" 85% limit? I can't believe it, it seems so basic... Both #Pixel and #iPhone have it.

#GalaxyS23Ultra #ChargingLimits #TechInsights #GalaxyS23Ultra #Pixel #DeviceComparison #UserExperience #iPhonePixelGalaxy #Apple #Google #Samsung #SamsungGalaxy

2 weeks ago

@muz4now iOS 16.6.1 on an iPhone 11 Pro Max in regular resolution. Safari and Firefox browsers. Directly from client (tooot) or visiting URL separately in browser. It is the swiping up that causes this. Tapping seems to work, somewhat: sometimes with white arrows showing, sometimes not. The whole navigation experience is quite under par with single pages with very little text and large images, popup showing when tapping each large image, non-aligned popup showing for external link (see attached image - why is the link not marked and to what is the popup aligned to?) This is confusing and add to this the swiping misses mentioned before. Not great #UX #userexperience

Stefano Marinelli
2 weeks ago

Day two with the Galaxy S23 Ultra. While its interface is feature-rich, I miss certain aspects from the Pixel. For instance, the ability to enable only specific notifications within an app (e.g., #PushOver - I can't choose to only allow high-priority notifications to bypass Do Not Disturb). I also miss the gesture for search automatically opening the keyboard (as on the iPhone and Pixel). I've even transferred my second SIM (eSIM) to resist the habitual temptation to use the #iPhone and/or Pixel.

#TechInsights #GalaxyS23Ultra #Pixel #DeviceComparison #UserExperience #iPhonePixelGalaxy #Apple #Google #Samsung #SamsungGalaxy

CHItaly 2023 Turin
2 weeks ago

#lastday Online registration for the physical event is only possible until September 15. Participants who have not registered by this deadline will still be able to register on-site in Turin during the conference days.
#italy #hci #ai #sigchi #sigchiitaly #chitaly #acmchi #crossinghciandai #turin #unito #polito #piedmont #torino #piemonte #interactiondesign #ux #userexperience #uxresearch #userinterface

Duncan Stephen
3 weeks ago

Looking for book recommendations. What are your favourite user experience / human-centred design / whatever / etc books from the past few years?

#UserExperience #UX

Yakari Van Dessel
3 weeks ago

Today I was reminded of this treasure on the web. The UXPA International has some fantastic and insightful webinars in their library! #UX #UserExperience #FreeWebinars

The #research tracks for the Open Search Symposium (4-6 October) are complete!
Find all research tracks, talks, workshops and keynotes at:

➡ Research and Updates from the EU Project groups and researchers

#HumanCentric Search / #UserExperience

#MachineLearning and #Retrieval

#OpenSearch Ecosystem

You can participate on location at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland) or ONLINE.
Participation is free of charge.

5th international Open Search Symposium #ossym23
4-6 October 2023
CERN, Geneva, and ONLINE
4 weeks ago

GRASS GIS Project Receives Software Infrastructure Grant From NSF – “Growing GRASS OSE for Worldwide Access to Multidisciplinary Geospatial Analytics”
-- <-- shared details on funding
-- <-- GRASS GIS home page, open source spatial software
#GIS #spatial #mapping #GRASS #GRASSGIS #opensource #software #funding #opensourcecommunity #opensourcedevelopment #spatialdata #spatialanalysis #research #researchfunding #gischat #interdisciplinary #appliedscience #development #researchanddevelopment #usecase #userengagement #gischat #userexperience #userinterface #geoprocessing #NSF

Tom Resing
4 weeks ago

Who we, #ContentDesign, are, continued:
"Our skills and perspectives are unique in our teams, and uniquely enable us to ensure UX content is accurate, actionable, and inclusive for every person—wherever, however, and whenever they need it."
#UXDesign #UserExperience #UserExperienceDesign

Pavel A. Samsonov
4 weeks ago

When users go to your website, they want to browse it*. All features that compete with that goal (welcome tours, chatbot widgets, FAQ pages, content carousels) degrade the browsing experience.

Fix your website's navigation and content, rather than relying on poor bandaid solutions.

* yes, strictly speaking they have a *goal* in mind, but their mental model is that browsing the website will achieve that goal for them

#UXDesign #UserExperience #ProductManagement

CHItaly 2023 Turin
4 weeks ago
IT News
1 month ago

Why Connected CX is Essential for Building a Seamless Customer Journey - The interaction between customers and businesses has increased exponentially with ... - #improvecustomerexperience #improveuserexperience #customerservice #userexperience #readwrite

Guillermo Latorre
1 month ago

Ya tengo mi reserva para la UX Masterclass 2023 que organiza @torresburriel y su equipo (junto a UXalliance) en Zaragoza. Es el 28 de septiembre. Y gratis!

#ux #userexperience #masterclass

In unserer neuen Folge von Papperlapapp - Spaß mit Klammern reden wir über Event-Storming! 🌬️

Was ist Event-Storming? Wie funktioniert das? Wann kann das helfen?
Zusammen mit @AndreasEK erklären wir das und erzählen von unseren Erfahrungen mit dieser klasse Methode!

Habt ihr Event-Storming schonmal eingesetzt? Wie sind eure Erfahrungen? Schreibt es in die Kommentare! ✍️

#eventstorming #ux #userexperience #ddd #domaindrivendesign #papperlapapp #youtube #techfluencer

Thumbnail für unser neues Video: Event Storming: Jenseits von Domain Driven Design. 
Holger, Stefan und Andreas stehen in einem Raum, in dem eine Gruppe einen Event-Storming Workshop durchführt.
Dabei grinsen sie in die Kamera!
Minybol 🌷
1 month ago

Custom CSS pour Firefish
Modifications esthétiques
- Modification des ombres
- Cache la flèche dans les threads (celle pour aller au post du dessus)
- Cache les popups quand on hover un pseudo
- Cache les emojis des pseudos (dans les boosts)
- Cache l'image de fond sur les profils (qd le flou est activé)
- Notification : réglage du padding des icones (boosts, reply, favori, etc) et changement de la couleur des icones de boosts (pour coller avec celle des boosts)
- Changement des icônes de : URL, upload, plugin / extension, copie de lien, boost, reply, post public, non-listé, local et message privé
- Modification des contours des notes
- Modification du label des instances (sur les posts)
- Content warning : typo plus grande, majuscule + couleur et contour pour plus de visibilité
- Boosts : ajout de dégradé et grain pour plus de visibilité, cache la date et style du boost, déplace le texte de boost vers la gauche
- Cache partiellement le post parent d'une réponse
- Cacher les séparateurs de date (dans les feeds)

Modifications de fonctionnalités
- Cache nos propres boosts, réponses et posts dans les feeds
- Cache le bouton boost si une image n'a pas de description

Résolutions de bugs
- Possibilité de redimensionner une zone de texte verticalement

#UiUx #UiDesign #Ui #Ux #CustomCSS #Firefish #UserExperience #CSS #Fediverse #Design

mon custom css pour firefish. on y voit 2 publications (une originale et un partage), en light et dark mode, sur un profil. Le partage est plus voyant : dégradé rose vers transparent, avec un bruit en grain
mon custom css pour Firefish. On y voit les nouvelles icones plus compréhensible
mon custom css pour firefish. on y voit une publication et sa réponse en light et dark mode. ici la réponse est partagé, donc elle a le dégradé rose vers transparent + la publication parent qui a une opacité réduite
mon custom css pour firefish. on y voit une publication et sa réponse en light et dark mode. la publication parent a une opacité plus faible et a une taille réduite pour plus de lisibilité
Minybol 🌷
1 month ago

Toutes mes customs sont sur cette page

Soucis et solutions pour Firefish
Vous y trouverez mes thèmes, codes CSS et les problèmes que je rencontre avec Firefish (expérience, bug, etc)

Si vous avez aussi des soucis ou des solutions, vous pouvez m'envoyer un MP ou répondre à ce post pour que je les ajoute


#UiUx #UiDesign #Ui #Ux #CustomCSS #Firefish #UserExperience #CSS #Fediverse #Design

1 month ago

Great to have some of the Contxtual team up here in Singapore for a big week of #AugmentedReality #SpatialComputing. Couple of days of #AppleVisionPro Dev Labs, a couple of Snap events, and then attending, with Yin and presenting “Design Considerations for HMD AR“ #UserExperience

View of a table at night with two lamps looking out to the Marina Bay lights.
IT News
1 month ago

Going to Extremes to Block YouTube Ads - Many users of YouTube feel that the quality of the service has been decreasing in ... - #man-in-the-middle #userexperience #networkhacks #adblock #network #pfsense #youtube #google #dns

Josh Humble
1 month ago

Innovative new features detract from your app if they diminish stability and quality. Keep lean, light, and user-friendly. You don't want those shiny new updates to chase your users away. #UX #UserExperience

Now let's talk about #UX! (#UserExperience)

For something like this to work, for people to want to use it and ditch #Google and #Facebook, it would need to provide excellent user experience.

For example: how do we make sure that people keep their profile up to date? This proposed system would be no better than our current #ContactBooks if they are always outdated! This is more than a technical or UI problem. It's a user experience problem!


1 month ago

Anyone who uses around? I want to know how good/terrible they are.

#email #privacy #mailbox_org #UserExperience

Ira F. Cummings
1 month ago

Just chatted with a friend about hiring right now. She said that there was a mid-level individual contributor UX researcher role at here company that had 700+ applicants.

#jobs #ux #userexperience

1 month ago

Chrome experiments with a bottom address bar on iOS, aiming to enhance user comfort, echoing a design shift Apple's Safari made two years prior.

Read more:

#ChromeUpdate #UserExperience #iOSDesignShift

Bernard Tyers
1 month ago

I'm not the kind of User-Centred Designer who sits in Figma/Sketch/design tool for 8 hours a day.

It is critical to understand people.

But so many UX designers are.

I am at a loss to understand why someone would do this.

I'm curious why. I'm sure it's complicated, and multi-faceted.

Before I go look for any prior research/explanation does anyone have more knowledge, explanation, than I?

Tagging this with #allthehashtags

#UXUI #UIUX #UXDesign #UIDesign #UserExperience #UI #UXDesigners

Madita 🙋‍♀️
1 month ago

#freelance #stories #reallife #joblife #ux #uxdesign #userexperience

I want to implement this feature to see how the target group reacts to it.

But why? What is the purpose (for the user) of this feature.

It's up to date technology.

#advice Never mix up your personal development with the users' needs.

Sumana Harihareswara
1 month ago

New blog post on user support frustration, its causes, and how we could build the "infrastructure of equanimity" in #opensource, including ideas for potential cross-project tools & practices.

Shout-outs to @davidism, Heidi Waterhouse, @offby1, @jacob, Nicole Harris, @bernard, + @georgia for work & conversations that I built on in this piece.

#maintainer #maintainership #FLOSS #UX #UserExperience #sustainability #ProjectManagement #Python #PythonPackaging #burnout

1 month ago

UX Healthcare Design (

User Experience Healthcare 2024 - Our Call for papers is open for 2024 London and Amsterdam. Come share your topics, case studies and ideas with us.
#ux #userexperience #digitalhealth #uxhealthcare

archon :rebelverified:
2 months ago

I posted this as a reply a few days ago, but it deserves a top-level post.

If your #UI has a "yes" option, but no permanent "no" option, you have failed at both basic #UserExperience (#UX) and basic #consent. Either should be a release-blocking bug.

It's not enough to just have a "no" option either. There's a number of considerations here, and you need to pass all of them.

Is your "yes" a big button and "no" is a tiny link or in a different part of the UI? You still fail. And now you also have a #DarkPattern in your UI, so you've managed to make it worse. Your "no" option must always be at least as prominent as "yes" and they must be clearly visually (and accounting for visual processing differences, like colorblindness) distinct.

Can I revoke consent as easily as it was given? If not, you fail. If you're going to ask me to confirm revoking consent, you have to ask me to confirm giving consent.

Is "yes" the default option? Fail. If giving consent is worth it to your users, they will choose "yes". Assume privacy and user-friendliness, let the end user decide to give that up.

Do you have a "remind me later" option? Not "maybe later", "remind me later". Your users need to be able to say "yes I want to do this now", "I want to do this but can't right now", and "no, don't ask again". This MAY be less prominent than "yes" and "no", but probably should not be.

Do you provide clear and prominent options, not in legalese but in clear everyday language without relying on technicalities or obscure meanings, for users to make a fully informed decision? If it’s not #InformedConsent you don’t have proper consent and you still fail.

Does giving consent collect the bare minimum information, then send the bare minimum information, needed for functionality? Your app may need to collect specific information because that’s what’s available, but it should never collect more than is actually needed for the stated purpose. And everything must be processed client-side to remove as much extra information as possible before sending it along. If the data your app needs to collect, or the data your app sends out, ever changes, you have to assume you don’t have consent anymore and ask for consent again.

Does refusing or revoking consent limit functionality more than absolutely necessary? Here’s a hint: you probably don’t actually need a blanket worldwide royalty-free license to use, remix, modify, and distribute all your users’ content just to let them upload things you show to their followers. Even images and videos.

Does the terms of use limit your usage of what the user is consenting to? This comes back to informed consent, your user must consent to specific things. If you want to do fewer things later, go ahead. If you ever want to do more things, or start doing things you had consent for but stopped doing, you need fresh informed consent.

If all this seems hard, you’re probably doing things wrong already. This is all easy if you’ve been putting users first, and if your users come first you’ve already been doing these things anyway!

2 months ago


LibreWolf is a good browser. My only complaint is it's difficult to update on Windows. It is nearly impossible to do if you're a non-techie.

Updating the Mullvad browser is easier on Windows. I don't know how updating the Mullvad browser goes on Linux Mint because I still haven't figured out how to install it.

Privacy-oriented browsers are so hard to use for ordinary (non-techie) people.

#Browsers #LibreWolf #MullvadBrowser #UserExperience #Windows #LinuxMint #Updating

Paul @ cccamp: 5869
2 months ago

I want to bring together people who believe that improving #UX can be powerful for putting #FOSS into the hands of more people, so I'm founding a group called #FossUX!
Let's see where this goes; come be a founding member and share your thoughts at #cccamp23 or in the Matrix space!

#userexperience #uxdesign #uxresearch #uxfail #userresearch #userfriendly #freesoftware #opensource #oss #floss

Mark Headd
2 months ago

My latest piece, published in Government Technology: "Robotic process automation is increasingly popular as a way to speed up government work. But this isn't always the answer — and at times, it may cause an agency unforeseen headaches down the road." #RoboticProcessAutomation #DigitalServices #LegacySystems #UserExperience

2 months ago

#alttext #mastodon #userexperience

I am curious having just read someone's view on alt text use.

Is it nagging or education on here when this is encouraged or expected? Please comment, I am genuinely interested in your views.

§ Jason :mastodon:
2 months ago

We've opened another group for the The Experience Designers' Black Book meet up!

After filling all 12 spots for the first group, our waiting list was large enough to start a second group.

There are still a few of the spots left if you want to participate.

Sign up here →

Next discussion topic:

Dealing with difficult clients

#XD #UX #experiencedesign #userexperience #professionalgrowth #discussion

E.W. Doc Parris
2 months ago

The Apple VisionOS will be the first OS that can tell EXACTLY what features on a web page your eyes are drawn to, in what order, and for how long they linger. It is a user testing dream come true.

If someone isn't making that app, it won't take long.

#UserExperience #UXResearch

A man wearing the Apple VisionPro headset.

Say you are on a site with a large paginated list. When you scroll all the way to the bottom there is a link to get the "next/older" page.
At the top is a link to get the "previous/newer" page.

If you click "previous/newer" link would it be weird if the page that loads is automatically scrolled to it's bottom?

I feel weird about monkeying with scroll position, but given that timelines are chonological I think it makes sense?


#UX #WebDev #UserExperience

Tom Resing
2 months ago

Explore a new feature area with a role-playing exercise.

I created this FigJam template as a tool for leading a group workshop on what we called conversational sketching. Now you can use it, too!

Let me know what you think. I’d like to improve it through your comments.

#Design #Sketching #Figma #ContentDesign #UserExperience

Google Meet screen sharing is made by Aliens for Predators.

When somebody shares their entire screen or even a large window I would really appreciate the possibility to actually see what they share with 1:1 scale.

#UX #UserExperience #GoogleMeet #ScreenSharing

§ Jason :mastodon:
2 months ago

Only 2 spots left!

If you can't get into thee meetup, join the waiting list. If I get enough people, we'll open another session.

#UX #UI #XD #userexperience #userinterface #ExperienceDesign

§ Jason :mastodon:
2 months ago

Talk to other experience design professionals about our industry.

This is not a place to learn "how to", but a place to share your stories and adventures in the interactive trade with others.

This weeks discussion:
Dealing with difficult clients

Only 12 spots are open so register now (it's free!) →

Future discussions:
• Being a "UX Team of One"
• Handling developers and PMs
• Technology and design

#UX #XD #UI #userexperience #community #discussion #professional

3 months ago

👋​ I'm excited to finally say hello to all you amazing folks of the #Fediverse 🌐 with my #Introduction post! Calling the southeastern U.S. home, my life is a vibrant mix of #graphicdesign, #3dprinting, #3Dmodeling, and delving into the fascinating intricacies of technology. I'm in the thick of my graduate studies in #cybersecurity leadership, focusing on integrating cybersecurity with product management processes for more resilient software and services.
I passionately believe that breaking down the cybersecurity silo in organizations means leveraging #userexperience concepts, making cybersecurity practical and understandable for every role.
I'm a sponge for knowledge, and I'm building my tech understanding in #python, #networking, cloud, and machine learning concepts. I'll be the first to admit I have much to learn.
Reading is my haven 📖 - you'll find me lost in the spellbinding worlds of #NealStephenson, #WilliamGibson, the Dune series, and The Expanse 🚀. I also have a soft spot for #InfoSec books like 'The Cuckoo's Egg,' 'Spam Nation,' and 'Sandworm.' I'm always on the lookout for new recommendations! 📚
As an out #nonbinary individual, I'm committed to building inclusion around gender and feminist issues. I aim to help dismantle "male defaults" and foster more equitable work and community environments for a better future for everyone.
The camaraderie and shared learning in the #Fediverse echo the Linux User Groups and Hackerspaces culture I cherish. It's an absolute joy to be a part of a community that upholds these principles.
If you love dissecting the latest in #tech, exploring #opensource software, or immersing yourself in a gripping #scifi or #cybersecurity book, let's connect! Follow me and drop a comment about your favorite tech trend, current read, fediverse tip, or your efforts toward a more inclusive tech community. Can't wait to hear from you!

I'm eager to learn, share, and grow with you all.

Cassidy James :eos: :gnome:
3 months ago

A massive company like Microsoft has no excuse for still using Medium.

Medium’s actions demonstrate that they do not care about the author’s OR reader’s experience, and care solely about creating a closed-off platform.

This is embarrassing for your corporate blog.

#Microsoft #Medium #UserExperience #UX

Screenshot of a Microsoft Design blog post on Medium, titled “A change of typeface: Micr[obscured] new default font has arrive[obscured].” Overlaid are a prompt to subscribe to Medium taking half of the page (obscuring the entire article contents) plus a pop-up to sign into a Google Account.

I wonder if this just a #userExperience ( #UX ) problem with #blogging software.

From :

"Posting on four different apps [Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Threads] is still less work than maintaining a blog"
From :

"I still get little email reminders from WordPress"