3 days ago

#luakit users: cursed with 100% CPU when forced to browse github, too? Well, a #userscript to the rescue:

Just got a #userscript that redirects to the local #Mastodon server whenever you open a remote Mastodon page (or any page that has <link rel=alternate type=application/activity+json>):

Some caveats:

* The local Mastodon server is currently hardcoded to Fosstodon. Is there any way for a userscript to receive an installation parameter?
* You need to explicit approve the cross origin request at least once (if you are using TamperMonkey. Not sure what others do)

Maxi :coffeebeans:
1 week ago

It's been another two weeks, and I have a new version of my #Mastodon theming #userscript for you!

This release includes a lot of changes behind the scenes, a much improved focus detection for the expanding compose box feature and a bunch of smaller changes that slowly start feeling like polish:

🔴​ make the CORTEX IMPLANT logo colorful
🟠​ clean up the right side menu with tighter whitespace and a fitting trends heading
🟡 make filtered / hidden posts less intrusive
🟢 disabled buttons now have the matching cursor
🔵 improve styling for poll options
🟣 fav is now slightly more golden
⚫​ followers-only posts have a more visible yellow color
🟤​ public posts now have a more subtle color, to highlight non-public posts better
⚪ admin-only notifications (eg. reports) now have their own color

And there's probably a couple of minor changes here and there I forgot to mention.

As always, you can find the script here: - please let me know if you have ideas, feedback or questions!

Important note: If you've previously turned on some of the optional features (like the expanding compose-box), updating might reset that, and you'll have to turn that on again! Instructions are still at the top of the script! :)

A collage showing mastodon't privacy icons in their new colors. "Public" is represented by a white globe, "unlisted" by an opened green lock, "followers only" by a closed yellow lock and direct messages are represented with a red letter icon.
A gif showing the Cortex Implant logo cycling through the rainbow colors
Screenshot of the account, showing a poll. The options all have a slight outline, making them easier to distinguish.

For active polls the same outline will make the options look a bit more like buttons, highlighting that they're clickable.
David Blue ※
2 weeks ago

guys! I "made" my very first #Userscript! all it does is redirect Medium to but waaaaw. I'm a real hexor now!

So, the birbsite started advertising Blue on the main navigation, and as you might expect, here's a userscript from yours truly to yeet that shit right on out of there.

#twitter #UserScript #programming #hack

a portion of Twitter's main navigation bar showing a "Twitter Blue" item between Bookmarks and Profile
Portion of Twitter Blue's sign-up modal, advertising it's features and price:
Coming Soon! Rocket to the top of replies, mentions and search
Tweets from verified users will be prioritized — helping to fight scams and spam.

Coming Soon! See half the ads
See 50% fewer ads in the home timeline. 

New! Post longer videos [...]

Annual Plan SAVE12% - €7.00 / month
€84.00 per year billed annually
Monthly Plan - €8.00 / month
€96.00 per year billed monthly
Maxi :coffeebeans:
3 weeks ago

...has it really already been three weeks since I last released an update for my #userscript? Time flies :squirrelshocked:​

Today's release (v1.4.2) mostly builds on the previous one, but there's a lot of various stuff in it:

🍇​ Center and animate the "USER boosted" text above toots
🍉​ Improve the gradient on collapsed toots
🍋 visual polish around the "favorite" star animation
🍎 Some more fixes regarding our transition to glitch-fork a few weeks ago, e.g. for the coloring of notifications
🥝 give toots a slight glow effect based on their visibility (public, unlisted, etc)
🍓 and a couple more misc fixes here and there

Some more optional features, read the start of the script for more info:

🍑 option to show images in their full original size, no letterboxing or cropping to 16/9
​​​​​​​🍒​ add a red underline to media without alt-text, inspired by
🍈​ (off by default) option to make the compose-box larger when focused

You can grab it from my Github (, as always feel free to reach out if you find anything broken, or have any kinds of feedback / questions! :frogvibing:​

#CSS #Tampermonkey #Mastodon

A gif showing how the compose box expands after being focused
This screenshot shows a toot I made that has an image without alt-text attached.

There's a bright red line underneath the attached image, highlighting the lack of alt-text.

The image is shown in its original very flat aspect ratio, instead of being cropped to 16/9.

Additionally, there's a slight red glow at the bottom of the toot matching the red of the status icon showing this was a private toot.
This gif shows a toot from @Revengeday, tooting about coffee, which I boosted.

The "Maxi boosted" indicator is centered, and the arrows-in-a-circle icon for the boost is animating every few seconds.
Stefan Bohacek
4 weeks ago

Here's a quick and easy tool for making "open this post on my instance" bookmarklets.

Hope someone finds this useful!

Also, I'd love to hear recommendations for good browser extensions for Mastodon that work well with multiple accounts across different instances.

#mastodon #bookmarklet #UserScript #webdev

1 month ago

"This is a #browser #UserScript that tries to detect comments on #HackerNews that are #GPT/ #OpenAI generated #ChatGPT.
It is based on #GPTOutputDetector."

"It puts every comment into the GPT output detector and colors and writes a short comment on the HN comment based on its assessment"

"[...]most AI generated text will almost always be identified with 99.97% probability , while human text ranges somewhere between 70-98."


Screenshot of several comments on Hacker News, framed with coloured borders and accompanied by short ratings below.
From green 'Definitely human', yellow 'Possibly AI', red 'Definitely AI' and their respective probability.

Den #ZDF #Videoplayer mit der Tastatur bedienen?

Ich habe jetzt nochmal das #UserScript für #Greasemonkey aktualisiert auf Version 0.2:

Cursortasten vor und zurück, f = fullscreen, p = play/pause


#Addon #Tampermonkey #Böhmermann #ZDFMagazin

Maxi :coffeebeans:
1 month ago

Do you also feel like Mastodon's default compose box is kinda small and limiting?

Would you like some more space to express your thoughts?

Coming soon(tm) to a #userscript near you!

A gif showing mastodon's compose box.

As is's focused, the text input expands and takes up considerably more space, then I type in "soo much space", in all-caps, with newlines between each word.

I then delete the words, and as soon as the text input looses focus, it shrinks down to its original size in the sidebar.

Древовидные комментарии в #Mastodon

Нашел няшный #userscript, который реализует дерево комментариев. Лежит здесь: (в скрипте нужно поменять URL вашего сервера в ДВУХ местах в начале файла).

На 4-й версии Mastodon работает вроде корректно; на ввиду сильных модификаций — нет.

Поскольку я не погромист, коряво подкорректировал в меру познаний. Версия для

Ну и кто в js разбирается — можете подсказать, на что можно повесить обработчик, если TITLE на этом сервере не меняется, а onclick по посту прикрыт через stopPropagation()

@russian_mastodon @ru @rf

FIrefox for Android 110 版本起,将可安装 Userscript 管理器插件 Tampermonkey。

#Firefox #Android #Userscript #Tampermonkey

Telegram 原文

Maxi :coffeebeans:
1 month ago

Something something, "glitch", and "fixes". I'm sure someone more clever than me could'a put a great pun here. :blobcatfingerguns:​

I think I fixed the biggest issues my theme had with the #glitchFork update we installed a few days ago!

Some noteworthy changes:

:coffeebean:​ The new user badges for admins / instance supporters are now shiny!
:coffeecup:​ Added the CORTEX IMPLANT logo at the top of the nav-menu
:coffeegrinder:​ adjusted profile page's styling to the new layout

Also, it's now possible to (somewhat) conveniently turn parts of my userscript on/off, I'd recommend reading the start of the #userscript.

As always, if you find something broken or have any other questions/ideas/wanna say hi please reach out!


#CSS #Tampermonkey #Mastodon

Gif showing the avatar on my user profile, with a "moderator" badge beneath. There's a shimmering effect on the badge, as if someone shined a light on it from left to right.
Screenshot of the link-table in my profile. It has some padding to the left and right and looks less "squished in", and the with of the columns has been adjusted to make more space for the labels.

The three links I chose to add to my profile are to my Google+ profile (which hasn't existed for years, but I still miss the platform every now and then), my account because I like music a lot, and my github account, because, as the label says, "I do code".
Screenshot of the navigation menu. It looks futuristic and has the Instance's logo at the top.

Ich habe mit Hilfe von #ChatGPT ein #UserScript für das #Firefox #Addon Greasemonkey geschrieben, das für die Podcasts bei eine einfach bedienbare Oberfläche erzeugt.

Dadurch kann mit großen Buttons z.B. zurückgesprungen oder die Abspielgeschwindigkeit erhöht werden. 👂

#Greasemonkey für Firefox:

Beispiel-Seite von fyyd:

#Tampermonkey #GreasyFork #HakenDran #Podcast #FYYD

Neue Oberfläche des Userscripts für auf einem Smartphone

Наконец-то дошли руки, пошёл и выпилил все старые посты из помойки под названием VK.

Естественно, удобного способа для этого нет.

Поэтому костылил JavaScript:

За пару советов по JS спасибо @CursorDriver.

#vk #log #shit #censorship #Russia #JavaScript #JS #code #log #UserScript #lifehack #workaround #dev #костыли

Mike Gerdts
2 months ago

Help me webdev, you're my only hope!

I'd really like to fix some UI issues for me in #Gerrit using a #javascript #userScript via #tamperMonkey, but Gerrit seems quite resistant to this.

When I go to and pop open a console:


gives back an empty collection. The devtools inspector disagrees (see pic). What is preventing me from finding these elements?

Screenshot of taken of a Firefox window with developer tools showing an element with label class="selectionLabel".
Maxi :coffeebeans:
2 months ago

New #styling #userscript!

I think I'm getting close to being done. This release includes:

✨ No more sharp corners on announcements, search results and explore-items, and some rarely-seen UI
✨ Improved styling around fields in account's detail view
✨ Improve Glow effect on e.g., Youtube videos' thumbnails or images with transparency
✨ Better bounding boxes for buttons, e.g.:
- the interactions on a toot (try it and like this one :P )
- the "tabs" on the notifications/explore views


Screenshot of the "links" section of my account.

The first three items are my joining date, and two unverified links.

The last item is a verified link to my GitHub account, and as such a verified link it has a green background and border-color instead of the default blue/grey colors.

The corner radius of the "verified link" element follows its container: rounded corners on the two bottom "outside" corners, and much sharper corners on the two top corners, adjacent to the previous link element.
Gif of mastodon's search results, showing how matched profiles, hashtags and a toot matching the search query now look with my theme.

They now share the same rounded borders and whitespace between elements as the rest of my theme.

The "load more" button below matching profiles changes between its neutral state and being hovered with the mouse cursor. The default state only has a slight outline to indicate a button, but when hovered the background and font color get brighter, and it gets a "neon" glow effect to indicate it can be interacted with.
A screenshot highlighting two places where I tweaked the clickable area of buttons.

The top shows the header of my notifications page, and the cursor hovers over the "favorites" tab which has a clearly visible lighter background.

The bottom shows the action buttons below a toot, such as "boost" and "favorite". The buttons are about twice as wide/high as in mastodon's default theme, making them much easier to click.

Updated my #bookmarklet for easier following across #mastodon instances:

The old one caused profiles to load indefinitely, so this one now redirects to the authorize_interaction screen, which also provides a follow button :)

#userscript #javascript

˗ˏˋ wakest ˎˊ˗
2 months ago

installed the macOS Elk #Userscript for @elk, its quite slick!

Maxi :coffeebeans:
2 months ago

I just updated my #styling #userscript for #Mastodon ( - the list of changes is actually quite extensive.

I think I've styled everything except for the settings and the "advanced view" (which actually looks quite broken with the theme at the moment, but that's a problem for future-me).

Some Highlights include a much better clickable area on toots to open the detail view, the styling of the compose panel, and the about- and profile directory pages.

It's still pure #CSS!

A screenshot of the top of my "home" feed. The header bar extends a bit over the sides of the feed, and has a semitransparent background. It shows a glowing neon-effect because my mouse cursor is currently hovering above it. 

Below the header bar is a post showing the photo of an adorable red panda, framed in a way that the animal's eyes are just behind the header bar, peeking through the transparency effect.
Screenhot of this server's "about" page. At the top is a new tech-y looking header element with geometric shapes, below it the server's banner that has the same neon glow as other media with this theme.

The Admin- and About-Sections below follow the usual style of rounder borders, and they follow the same layout as the feeds do.
Short gif of the new Compose UI in action. I focus the textarea and type "Hi there 👋".

Then I click the "Content Warning" button, which causes the CW input to slide in smoothly. I enter "Shhh, Spoilers!" as warning, then delete both texts, hide the CW input and remove focus from the main text area so that the gif can loop smoothly.

In the meantime, the Emoji button in the main text input has been replaced with a "blob fox bongo" emote, a cute fox continuously slamming his paws on a table infront of him, similar to the bongo cat meme.
D. Rench
3 months ago

A update calls for an update of my #Ruby doc browser extension*

The headline feature remains the Ruby version switcher, similar to the version switcher in the #RSpec docs, allowing you to quickly bounce from Ruby 3.2.0 docs to 2.7.7 if that's what you need.

There are a few other light UI tweaks I like, and you might too.

Tested on Firefox and Chrome on MacOS. PRs welcome.

* It's actually a #userscript or #greasemonkey script; I recommend #tampermonkey

A screenshot of showing the Ruby version switcher extension in action
Jonas Reich
3 months ago

@atomicpoet @taylorlorenz There's also the middle way of augmenting Mastodon via browser extensions. It's not ideal for laypeople, but tech savvy power users (like journalists?) might find this userscript useful:
It replaces all links to other mastodon posts with preview panels (it's hardcoded to only work on my instance, but that's fixable).
#userscript #quotetoot

With the userscript enabled: The link inside Chris' post that points to Taylor's original post is replaced with a quote panel. Her whole post is readable in-line.
Without the userscript: The link inside Chris' post that points to Taylor's original post is rendered as clickable text with a very basic link preview. Only a few words are readable.
adlerweb // BitBastelei
3 months ago

Apropos: Hat schon jemand irgendwo #Userscript/#Greasemonkey/#Tampermonkey-Zeugs für Mastodon entdeckt? Würde gerne mehr Funktionen bei Reply/Boost/Fav/... ergänzen, aber durch dieses dynamische Nachladen ist das wohl etwas komplizierter. Sicher, man könnte auch den Source anfassen, aber so wäre das für mich portabler.

Musk keeps fucking up Twitter and I keep making userscripts to unfuck it, I guess 🤷‍♀️

Anyway here's unfuck-tweet-actions.user.js (for /(Grease|Tamper|Violent)Monkey/) - it adds a simple CSS rule that hides the stats button and viewcount from tweets.

I _might_ make a version that moves the button to the right end of the actionbar and just hides the viewcount, but I like this as-is so don't hold your breath.

#programming #UserScript #twitter

Oh wow, it's real lol 😂
(lol && lmao) is definitely resolving to True right now.

Anyway, here's good-for-health_bad-for-business.user.js - a #UserScript
(for GreaseMonkey, TamperMonkey, ViolentMonkey, etc.) to hide tweets from #BlueForBusiness subs:
• Works on MY Machine™ certified
• No guarantees/warranties

thx @TwitterBusiness!

#twitter #programming #project

Tweet from @TwitterBusiness showing a special square profile picture for Blue for Business subscribers .
3 months ago

I've fleshed out my #HackerNews #UserScript and made it a bit more 'real'. Now it has a repo *and unit tests!!*.

I'm not too hot on the new tech dot lgbt logo/icon (it's very saturated and... angular 😅), no hate to the person(s) who made it, it's cool and clever, just not my cup of tea, as it were.

Anyway, if you're like me, here's a #userscript (for GreaseMonkey, TamperMonkey, ViolentMonkey et al) that hacks the old icon and logo back in:

Disclaimer: I made this in 10 minutes and it has approx 0 error resilience - Works On *MY* Machine™ Certified Software

#programming #project

4 months ago

My #Mastodon threading #userscript now lets you minimize subthreads. ☺️

A video illustrating how the userscript allows you to minimize subthreads on Mastodon with a single click.
Jonas Reich
4 months ago

I wrote a little #userscript for tampermonkey that hides/disables buttons on foreign mastodon instances: Instead of the usual signin popups, I now have a "go home" button that takes me to the same page in my home instance.

Maybe it helps some other people with #discoverability

Screenshot of Eugen Rochkos profile on with highlighted buttons that are added/changed by the plugin.
4 months ago

was just on stack overflow wondering why the code was being cut off in that skinny middle content section... then i remembered I'd disabled The Tampermonkey extension.

re-enabled that and suddenly code examples on Stack Overflow were so much more readable.

Here's the entire script (not counting standard #UserScript comments for matching urls and such)

#mainbar, .mainbar { width: 100% }
#sidebar, .sidebar { display: none}


before image. Central column is cramped with the right hand sidebar. Long lines in the code example are cut off.
after image. right sidebar is gone code example is fully readable. Things don't feel visually cramped.
Christopher Parker
4 months ago

Is anyone aware of a browser #extension or #userscript that integrates feed views for a #Diaspora feed, a #Zot feed, a #GNUsocial feed, an #RSS/#Atom feed, a #Twitter timeline, a #Facebook newsfeed, a #TikTok feed, a #YouTube feed, a #LinkedIn feed, etc. into the Web interface of one's @Mastodon instance of choice?

˗ˏˋ wakest ˎˊ˗
4 months ago

I wish someone would update this #userscript mastodon theme by @impiaaa to work with 4.0.2, cause its gorgeous

4 months ago

Anyone got a #javascript #userscript snippet I can use to stop #Mastodon from scrolling all the way to the right automatically when I expand a toot or when the winow is refreshed?

4 months ago

@ottaross it's not ideal, and it's not extensively tested, but the following #UserScript should help reduce their impact on browsers that can load userscripts:

#animatedEmoji #ReduceMotion


D. Rench
4 months ago

#findagrave made a minor change to its HTML so I've updated the FindAGrave Extras browser extension to accommodate:

#genealogy #userscript

4 months ago

Habe ein #Userscript gebastelt, mit dem man den #Button zum #Veröffentlichen umbenennen kann.

Ist "trööt!" gewünscht, oder was war es nochmal genau?

Publish-Button kann mit meinem Userscript umbenannt werden in z.B. "trööt!"
Ciourte Piaille
5 months ago

I cleaned up and improved the #userscript, then published it on #GreasyFork (under AGPLv3+ licence) so you can easily install it using one of the extension available for your web browser, such as #Greasemonkey, #Tampermonkey, #Violentmonkey or #Usescripts.
It either put the languages of your choosing on top of the list in the order you decide, remove all the other languages, or both.

#Piaille #Mastodon #improvement #JavaScript

Language selection menu with only English and French (configurable) rather than all available languages.
Ciourte Piaille
5 months ago

J'ai écrit un #userscript et l'ai publié sur #GreasyFork (sous licence AGPLv3+) pour que vous puissiez l'installer simplement en utilisant une des extensions disponibles pour votre navigateur web, comme #Greasemonkey, #Tampermonkey, #Violentmonkey ou #Usescripts.

Il place les langues de votre choix en première dans le menu de l'éditeur de #Mastodon dans l'ordre que vous voulez, retire toutes les autres langues, ou les deux.

#Piaille #amélioration #JavaScript

Menu de sélection de la langue du message contenant seulement Français et Anglais (configurable) plutôt que toutes les langues disponibles.
Ciourte Piaille
5 months ago

I made a quick&dirty #userscript to put my favorite languages at the top of the drop-down list in #mastodon web editor.

// ==UserScript==
// @name Favorite languages first -
// @namespace Violentmonkey Scripts
// @match*
// @run-at document-idle
// @grant none
// @version 1.0
// @author Ciourte Piaille
// @description 05/11/2022 23:34:47
// ==/UserScript==


CK's Technology News
5 months ago

I cleaned up the code a bit. I also added a blue border around frozen GIFs.

You can download the user script here:

It needs to be imported into a #UserScript manager, e.g. #Greasemonkey on Firefox:

A screen recording that demonstrates my UserScript, HoverGIF. I'm on a Wikipedia page and look at a GIF of the Earth. The GIF image is frozen and has a blue border around it. When I hover over the image, the spinning animation is shown. As soon as the mouse leaves the image, the image is frozen again, and the border appears.

OK, I implemented a prototype of "HoverGIF" as a #UserScript. Maybe I'll polish this later and make this into a Firefox addon. But I'm going to sleep and bake bread first :)

A video within Firefox that demonstrates the prototype UserScript. There's a GIF, but it is halted. However, when I hover the mouse over it, it loops. After the mouse leaves the GIF again, the GIF freezes again.

Bilibili 站点近期的修改使得 Neat URL 等工具无法简单地移除追踪参数。原文提供了一种结合 uBlock Origin 等脚本屏蔽插件与 userscript 的方法解决此问题。

#Bilibili #Privacy #UserScript

Telegram 原文

Camila Brun
8 months ago

✨ Profile Card:

I also put a Tumblr-inspired profile card together to a sense of people's content without having to leave the current page. It's very handy in finding people to follow.

It works in the home feed and notifications tabs... and pretty much everywhere else in /web.


#mastoModding #mastoDev #coding #userscript

Gif animation showing profile card userscript in use, with a mouse hovering an avatar prompting a popover with name, bio excerpt and thumbnails of last three posts to appear
Camila Brun
8 months ago

✨ Automatic Post Privacy:

I sorely miss the ability to draft and preview toots. The closest we got is posting them as mentioned people-only then redrafting.

Meanwhile, I'd also love to control the default privacy of replies... thus this thing was born.

It just auto-clicks your way to the desired privacy. It has a smart mode for replies to not replace stricter modes like mention with more public ones.


#mastoModding #mastoDev #coding #userscript

Gif animation showing auto privacy userscript in use, auto-selecting mentioned people only for regular toots and unlisted for replies

I really like that in Mastodon's #web interface, animations are only played when you hover the mouse over the picture. Is there any #Firefox addOn or userScript that enables something like this on regular web pages?

I once write a #userScript that hides #gifs under an HTML "description" (, so you have to click a button in order to show/hide the image. However, this solution was not optimal, since it often changes the layout of the web page, and not every #gif is animated. What I would like is that the addon/userscript takes a screenshot of the first frame of the gif, and replaces the gif with the first frame, unless the mouse hovers over it.

#animations #addOns #javascript

1 year ago

Still really enjoing #Semantle, enough that I polished up my little #userscript I've been toying with and threw it up on GreasyFork:

So far it adds a cute little chart of your guesses for the day, and starts keeping history for your guesses in case you want to look back in the future.

We'll see how long it keeps my attention, but it does useful things now, so check it out if you're also playing. If you're not familiar with Userscripts, they're worth knowing about! I use TamperMonkey in Firefox to manage them, there are a few options out there, the homepage of GreasyFork (which is a place to share UserScripts) will point you in the right direction:

As an example, here's the chart of my 51 guesses for today. Higher is closer, blue dots are guesses, green dotted line is the closest guess up to that point.

A series of scattered blue dots, spread somewhat randomly, but clustered towards the bottom of the chart on the left side, and then gradually expanding upwards to about halfway up the image on the right side, and then a single dot in the upper-right corner.

There is also a green dotted line that steps progressively but sporadically higher from left to right, with all the blue dots falling under or on the green dots.
CK's Technology News
1 year ago

Apparently the popular #uBlacklist extension is stolen from an #Userscript called - Google Hit Hider by Domain (Search Filter / Block Sites)

1 year ago

This is what I currently use as a #TamperMonkey #UserScript to tweak the UI of the #Mastodon #GlitchSoc instance I currently use:

// ==UserScript==
// @name TootCat Mastodon UI tweaks
// @namespace
// @version 1.0
// @description Styling tweaks for the Mastodon instance I use.
// @author FiXato
// @match*
// @grant none
// ==/UserScript==

(function() {
'use strict';
// Increase the width of the first and last column so there's more space for the text and media of your home timeline, and the expanded posts.
document.styleSheets[document.styleSheets.length - 1].insertRule('.column[data-column="home"], .column:last-child {min-width: 600px!important}', 0);
// Increase size of emoji / emotes when you hover over them, making it easier to see what they are supposed to represent.
document.styleSheets[document.styleSheets.length - 1].insertRule('.status__content .emojione:hover {width: auto!important; height: 50px!important;}', 0);
// Change the font to Optima Nova LT Pro, Atkinson Hyperlegible, Verdana, or a sans-serif font.
document.styleSheets[document.styleSheets.length - 1].insertRule('.status__content__text, .status__content p {font-family: "Optima Nova LT Pro", "Atkinson Hyperlegible", Verdana, sans-serif;}', 0);
// Add a small purple bar above images that come without status content text, so you have some easy-to-click-on area to expand the post.
document.styleSheets[document.styleSheets.length - 1].insertRule(`.status__content__text:empty + .media-gallery:before
height: 1em;
display: block;
content: ' ';
background-color: purple;

// Your code here...

utzer [Friendica]
2 years ago
Welches #Greasmoney #Userscript nimmt man denn für #YouTube Downloads?
FiXato (fallback)
2 years ago

Did some more #coding on my #Oglaf #userScript, since I wanted to add a sort of #KioskMode as well, that showed just the current image as well as the image alt/title.

Ended up adding the page title as well to the list of image descriptions, and a history of the last 2 comic's descriptions, as I noticed I sometimes didn't realise I forgot to actually read them till I was one or two comics further along.

Should perhaps add a thumbnail next to each of them too.

Cw image: (body) horror, cursed

FiXato (fallback)
3 years ago

okay, modified an example #chromeExtension #browserExtension to get access to the headers, and modified the #Mastodon #ContentSecurityPolicy to allow unsafe-inline styles as well for now.
Once I get a bit more time, I'll either use a nonce instead, or dump the #userScript into this extension and hash the entire style so I can add the hash to the #styleSrc #CSP instead.

FiXato (fallback)
3 years ago

Is there a #UserScript that allows you to open up #Mastodon threads in an overlay, rather than in a column all the way to the right that needs to be scrolled to, as well as scrolled back away from?

FiXato (fallback)
3 years ago

@karlicoss should be fairly simple to achieve with some #UserScript loaded via #TamperMonkey or similar?
I can try to write you a proof of concept script after I finish baking some soda bread biscuits?

FiXato (fallback)
3 years ago

Right, pushed the last update (at least for tonight) to my #workInProgress #notes #userScript for #Mastodon to and

Should fix a stupid bug where timelines would stop loading after editing/adding a note to a user.

It's not pretty, but it does the job for me at least. :)

#coding #mastodev #userJS #TamperMonkey

FiXato (fallback)
3 years ago

@thegibson okay, I've updated the #Mastodon #Notes #userscript quite a bit, and added support for new content being loaded (at least on; I don't have an account on a Glitch instance, so I can't test that atm).

New version at #GreasyFork:

Same, but at #Github:

Please let me know if it works for you, and what you think. :)

If it doesn't work on Glitch, I don't mind setting up an alt on HT for testing. :)

FiXato (fallback)
3 years ago

I guess I'm too used to reading with the mobile client I use, #Fedilab, where I can just tap on the image to show the alt text.
I suspect that on a desktop browser with mouse, you can just hover over the image to have it show up as a tooltip? I guess the nicest might be to have an option in Friendica/Mastodon to have the image description always available underneath the image.

It's probably something I could script as a #UserScript extension too?

But I see why you used OCRBot. :)

Fedilab마냥 트위터나 유튜브를 추적기 없는 대체 사이트로 바꿔주는 #userscript

Has anyone made a #userscript to render real gifs posted from pleroma instances as inline images on mastodon?