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1 hour ago

Last night, Gavin Newsom did an excellent job of highlighting the remarkable economic achievements of the Biden presidency.

For the next 11 months, as we fight to preserve our democracy, every Democrat needs to do the same.

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The Choice is Clear

Donald Trump is plotting to make himself a dictator and his only economic plan is to give more tax breaks to big corporations and wealthy lobbyists while repealing the Affordable Care Act and stripping healthcare from 40 million Americans. 

MAGA Republicans defend Trump’s assault on the Constitution and they have a radical plan to ban abortion, limit civil rights, and cut Social Security and Medicare.

Joe Biden has a very different plan. His focus is strengthening and expanding the middle class while defending freedom and democracy at home and abroad. Instead of giving more tax breaks to the rich, the Biden plan includes a new billionaires tax to fund investments in vital programs that help ordinary folks, like the expanded child tax credit. 

Biden doesn’t just talk about helping working Americans, he delivers. He started by providing $1,400 relief checks, reopening schools, and vaccinating the country with the American Rescue Plan, which ended the COVID recession and jumpstarted the economy.

Biden Democrats followed that up with historic investments in U.S. infrastructure and manufacturing, and they also delivered the Inflation Reduction Act, which has brought down prescription drug prices and made record investments in fighting climate change. Inflation and unemployment are both lower today than when Ronald Reagan bragged about “Morning in America” in 1984. Wages are rising faster than inflation, and the economy has added over 14 million jobs.

"In a trial that poses a threat to his real-estate empire, the former president has argued that Judge Engoron is "biased" and will likely rule against him in the end anyway."

Given that Trump has already been found against — in September 2023 — and this trial is about how much his guilt is going to cost him, this continued line of bullshit by Trump is obviously designed to make his small-dollar donors feel pity for him.

Every word out of his mouth has been, and remains, a lie.

I am looking forward to him finally spending time in jail through his other trials and his New York business "Empire" disappearing for good.

#Trump #USPolitics #Engoron

Every US election is "the most important election ever". Democrats say, with some justification, that if the GOP wins US democracy will be dead and therefore they must not win. So... what's the end game here? What are you Democrats doing about it? Is the plan just to win every single election from now until eternity? What actions are you taking to STOP this existential threat represented by the GOP?

Oh, nothing? Literally nothing at all?

All right then.

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Carl Cornell
10 hours ago

Amazing. Credit to Michael Gold and Grace Ashford of the NY Times for this half-sentence. 10/10 no notes. #USpolitics #USPol

Representative Clay Higgins, Republican of
Louisiana, said that expelling Mr. Santos
would override the will of voters.

"Are the American people to believe that the
opinions of congressmen is a higher standard
than the deliberate vote of the American
people?" asked Mr. Higgins, who voted to
overturn the results of the 2020 election.
The Democratic Difference
15 hours ago

Current Inflation Rates:

• Miami, under DeSantis: 7.4%
• Tampa, under DeSantis: 6.7%
• Entire U.S., under Biden: 3.2%
• Los Angeles, under Newsom: 2.4%

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17 hours ago

Anyone else having a hard time listening to Matt Gaetz defend George Santos (noted poet laureate and celebrated inventor of sock garters) by saying others have done things much worse and haven’t been expelled? Kind of like….Gaetz has? How does he keep a straight face when saying these things??

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Martin Nutty
17 hours ago

82) There is nothing much left of the man known as #DonaldTrump, just a shell dreaming of revenge and the opportunity to vent his anger.

There are reasons for the way he is, it is sad to see somebody so broken. There is no joy in his life he is a pitiable creature

His Thanksgiving message ⬇️ is just one example of how he can never miss an opportunity to rage

To build, joy is needed in the heart, to destroy utterly requires only rage

#USPolitics #Election2024

Screenshot of Donald Trump’s recent Thanksgiving message

“Happy Thanksgiving to ALL, including the Racist & Incompetent Attorney General of New York State, Letitia ‘Peekaboo’ James, who has let Murder & Violence Crime FLOURISH, & Businesses FLEE; the Radical Left Trump Hating Judge, a ‘Psycho,’ Arthur Engoron, who Criminally Defrauded the State of New York, & ME, by purposely Valuing my Assets at a ‘tiny’ Fraction of what they are really worth in order to convict me of Fraud before even a Trial, or seeing any PROOF, & used his Politically Biased & Corrupt Campaign Finance Violator, Chief Clerk Alison Greenfield, to sit by his side on the ‘Bench’ & tell him what to do,” Trump said on his social media site.
Rat Can't Read (she/her)
17 hours ago

From Salon: "All told, during his stint in government over the terms of two presidents, Kissinger supervised policies that took the lives of at least 3 million people."

That is #Kissinger's chilling legacy and that is why so many people are gleefully mocking him and celebrating his death. The world is worse off for his life, and unfortunately, his hateful legacy and the consequences of his evil actions will live on long after him. It will take generations of work to try to foster a more compassionate, collaborative, and caring #internationalpolitics

More from the article, "Henry Kissinger Was the Definition of Elite Impunity" at

#HenryKissinger #USpol #GlobalPolitics #USPolitics #DingDong

18 hours ago

This was always such a weird angle of attack from a guy who’s been photographed being chummy with Epstein.


Flipboard News Desk
18 hours ago

A tortured and deadly legacy: Henry Kissinger and realpolitik in U.S. foreign policy.

@TheConversationUS reports: "When Kissinger entered government as Richard Nixon’s national security adviser, he espoused a narrow perspective of the national interest ... primarily centered on maximizing the economic and military power of the United States."

#Kissinger #HenryKissinger #USPolitics #Diplomacy #Politics

Robert M
18 hours ago

@w7voa I hope he was trained in doing this since he's not a real doctor. Did she manage to survive?

Rand Paul Not Really a Doctor Like in the Board-Certified Sense #GOP #usPolitics

18 hours ago

The eternal story with modern Tories, aka neocons. If only the Australian "Liberal Party" could be done for false labelling. They're anything but.

#UKPolitics #USPolitics #AusPol

Robert M
19 hours ago

@pbump The U.S. mainstream media's normalization of #Trump and the #GOP has lulled most Americans to sleep. They better wake up. #usPolitics

Before He Rose to Power, Adolf Hitler Staged a Coup and Went to Prison.
The Beer Hall Putsch was a spectacular failure. It also set the stage for Nazi Germany.

Robert M
19 hours ago

@politico The #GOP's wealthy donors don't want anyone getting help to afford healthcare. If they can't afford to pay for it themselves just let them die.
Trump will say or do anything to get elected in order to stay out of prison. #usPolitics #billionaires

A man dumps a senior out of her wheelchair off a cliff.
20 hours ago

Fascism Watch for 30 November 2023: Elon Thinks Not Giving Him Money is Censorship

The focus on reporting about this absolutely batshit bonkers interview is primarily about Elon telling advertisers not to advertise on Twitter and also to go fuck themselves, and secondarily, it’s like the Japan Times with their article, “Elon Musk says advertiser boycott may kill X.”

Neither are wrong. However, if you watch this interview, a couple […]

[link] #politics #sociality #USPol

Craig Froehle
1 day ago

How is such blatant partisanship legal? Clearly, it's not ethical, but why isn't this abuse of his elected office straight up illegal? #OhioPolitics #USPolitics

Martin Nutty
1 day ago

81) in a bizarre twist to the #Jan6 insurrection case, #DonaldTrump’s lawyers are now citing Russian election interference in 2016 as a reason for #Trump’s distrust of the 2020 election result

Trump has long denied, Russia’s efforts as a contributing factor in his 2016 election victory. Expecting factual consistency from the former president and his lawyers is not to be expected if a legal advantage is possible

#USPolitics #Election2024

1 day ago

The towering diplomat and Nobel prize winner shaped decades of US foreign policy but was seen by critics as a war criminal
#politics #uspolitics #politics #uspol #history #histodon

Oregon Animal Lover
1 day ago

Regarding who one should vote for in 2024:

If trump is elected, it probably won't affect me directly. I'm white, I'm comfortable.

If you're not that, especially if you are youngish, then your life likely will be directly affected by a president trump, and not in a good way.

I'm voting for Biden mostly because I care about what will happen to everyone else if trump is elected. Listen to trump, he's telling you how he's going to f*ck you up if he wins.

#uspol #uspolitics #biden #trump

1 day ago

Will hand it to the Rolling Stone, this provided a little context why Kissinger was so hated. #USPolitics #HenryKissinger

Mark Menger
1 day ago

One less empty seat in the ninth ring of hell.

For those who don't recall, the ninth circle of hell is reserved for traitors.

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1 day ago
"All men have an emotion to kill; when they strongly dislike someone they involuntarily wish he was dead. I have never killed any one, but I have read some obituary notices with great satisfaction." -Clarence Darrow
Sadmé Amidala
1 day ago

Obligatory toot! #uspolitics

Gif of Wizard of Oz “Let the joyous news be spread, the wicked old witch at last is dead!”
Flipboard News Desk
1 day ago

Henry Kissinger, influential and controversial U.S. diplomat, has died at age 100.

CBS News reports:

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Robert Petersen :pacman:
1 day ago


Normally I’d express sympathy for any family or friends.


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2 days ago

Sen. Durbin: Gaza hospitals should be ‘protected’ from the conflict and run by a neutral party

#news #politics #uspolitics #MSNBC

2 days ago

Biden’s Labor Department has proposed a new rule that would guarantee more workers time-and-a-half pay | HuffPost #overtime #employment #uspolitics #statistics #history #work

2 days ago

Funeral service held for former first lady Rosalynn Carter

#news #politics #uspolitics #NBCnews

TapTap 🎮
2 days ago

alright everyone return to your seats polls are back to being 100% wrong all the time after the brief period where they were 100% for sure evidence boe jrandon was going to lose all 51 states forever and gen alpha was red pilled

#politics #uspol #uspolitics

2 days ago

Let's talk about Hunter Biden calling the GOP's bluff....

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Sampath Pāṇini ®
2 days ago

“Donald Trump is not running for president to make America great again. Donald Trump is not running for president to represent the people that voted for him in 2016 and 2020. Donald Trump is running to stay out of prison.”

- Former Rep. Will Hurd

#TFG #USpolitics #Trump

2 days ago
Flipboard News Desk
2 days ago

For years, U.S. immigration activists have signaled they’re willing to accept a compromise to unlock action on Capitol Hill: Republicans get tougher border policies and Democrats get progressive immigration measures — a path to citizenship for Dreamers, at the very least.

@politico reports: "That grand bargain is now in peril, thanks to a furious push to deliver tens of billions of dollars of aid to Ukraine."

#Immigration #Border #Migrants #USPolitics #Politics

Robert M
2 days ago

@atrupar Imagine this thing trying to ride a bicycle? #trump #Biden #usPolitics #mediaBias

Seventy seven year old Donald Trump looking old and confused.
Zach Everson
2 days ago

NEW: "Tape Of Trump Lying About Penthouse Undercuts His Court Testimony"

Listen for yourself

by Dan Alexander for @Forbes

#USPolitics #News #Trump

Flipboard News Desk
2 days ago

There's a dividing line between how President Joe Biden interacts with Israel vs. former President Barack Obama.

NBC News explores the different takes on U.S. policy:

#Biden #Obama #Israel #Gaza #Hamas #USPolitics

The Conversation U.S.
3 days ago

Do you pay close attention to political polls? Should you?

Even though polls are often wrong, a polling expert says they shouldn't be thrown out completely. They still provide valuable information about a country’s values at large and how they’re changing.
#election2024 #uspolitics

3 days ago

Which is exactly what an unrepentant rapist would say. #uspolitics

The Democratic Difference
4 days ago

Trump promised to rebuild America's infrastructure, but he did nothing.

Trump promised to revive American manufacturing, but he did nothing.

What did Trump actually deliver?

Tax breaks for the wealthy and justices who stripped away reproductive rights.

The choice is clear:

#USPol #USPolitics #BidenDeliversForAmerica

[Red Text] When Donald Trump left office, 3 years after he gave a huge tax break to big corporations and wealthy lobbyists, and 11 months after he recklessly downplayed COVID’s threat, the economy was down millions of jobs and 3,000 people were dying every day.

[Blue Text] Under Joe Biden:

•	Democrats passed the American Rescue Plan, which jumpstarted the economy, reopened schools, and vaccinated the country. Democrats followed that up with historic investments in U.S. infrastructure and manufacturing.

•	Democrats also passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which brought down prescription drug prices. Inflation is now significantly lower than when Ronald Reagan bragged about “Morning in America” during his 1984 reelection campaign. 

•	Wages are rising faster than inflation, a key part of Joe Biden’s plan to rebuild the economy from the bottom up and the middle out, not the top down. 

•	The economy has added 14 million jobs and unemployment has been below 4% for 21 straight months, the longest stretch of sub-4% unemployment in 50 years. 

[Bar chart showing job growth over the past 9 presidential terms, with Joe Biden's the highest at 13,954,000 and Donald Trump's the lowest at -2,670,000]

[Red Text] MAGA Republicans voted to protect tax breaks for the rich and now they focused on banning abortion, attacking civil rights, ignoring Trump’s authoritarian threats, and cutting Social Security and Medicare.
Matt Ferrel
4 days ago

Reality check and rant about people planning to vote 3rd party or not at all

#uspolitics #uspol #2024election

Colin Macleod
4 days ago

@aljazeera "Happily, Joe Biden is finished" - be careful what you wish for!
#israel #gaza #uspolitics

5 days ago

Do you know about the Mastodon Gift Article Gazette?

Find the most common gift articles being shared on Mastodon, updated and complied in one place for more accessible news. This is a great resource for trending news topics.

#MastodonTips #News #GiftArticles #uspol #uspolitics

The Democratic Difference
5 days ago

Suggestion for the DNC:

Billboards Across America

#USPol #USPolitics #BidenDeliversForAmerica

Bar chart entitled:

"Job Growth by Presidential Term: Democrats Deliver"

Jobs added/lost per term displayed by bars:

WH Bush: 2,633,000
Clinton 1st Term: 11,569,000
Clinton 2nd Term: 11,335,000
W Bush 1st Term: 80,000
W Bush 2nd Term: 1,291,000
Obama 1st Term: 1,196,000
Obama 2nd Term: 10,374,000
Trump: -2,670,000
Biden 1st Term So Far: 13,954,000

Source: United States Department of Labor
5 days ago

A Stunned Trump Booed As He Arrives At South Carolina Football Game

#news #politics #uspolitics #therationalnational

Martin Nutty
6 days ago


That captures the sorry state of much of #MSM when it comes to #DonaldTrump and #Election2024

Real #journalism requires practioners to ask every member of the #GOP to clarify whether they are in alignment with the #VerminSpeech

Real #journalists do not accept the usual evasive tactics utilized by pols in evading hard questions by attempting to run the clock down because of the tyranny of time slots

No moving on or spinning away without answering the question


Matt Ferrel
6 days ago

“Stepping back, if the Times and other major news outlets went through any critical self-reflection after the 2016 election, it doesn’t seem to have affected their coverage. Nor did the leadership of the Times publicly acknowledge any failings. Quite to the contrary…”

#uspol #uspolitics #msm #nyt #wapo

Richard Ważny
1 week ago

Excellent summary why we despair about the direction in which the land of the free is drifting towards 😥🥱😷
#uspol #uspolitics #fascism #monopolies #capitalism

Robert M
1 week ago

@stevesilberman #Racist, #homophobic creeps. Thank God these 💩stains lost in my school district.

Inside Moms for Liberty’s Close Relationship With the Proud Boys
Across the United States, Moms for Liberty chapters have forged close relationships with far-right extremist groups. #usPolitics

J de Brabander
1 week ago

Mission Statement
[but don't hold me to that]

After the devastating Dutch elections [22-11-'23] I decided to dedicate my toots back to the original goal.
I care about a lot of issues, most global some national; but I won't be 'tooting' about them all.

First and formost I WANT to 'toot' about:
* #ClimateSolutions
Because I trust that most people reading know about the dreadfull future of climate change, I want to spread the, possible, solutions to a problem rather than reiterate on the problem.
* #ClimateJustice
One of those solution might be sueing the polluters or governments on human rights, violations or #Ecoside
* #ClimateAction
Action is by all means a solution.
* #ClimateEmergency
* #Climate

As said I want to focus on the global issue. I don't want to nitpick on too much principles. Like: "What's worse: eating cows or driving diesel?" Both are devastating behaviors of intitled rich people!
On the otherhand therefore I truly respect ANY effort to make a change for the better.

Most of all... I want to add instead of preach. Bring some bits of the puzzle to the table.

I'm NOT a scientist of any kind. I'm just a disabled old white guy typing on a desk reading and searching a lot.

I tend to toot 2 - 3 times a day, but that's NOT a promise.
I tend to follow anyone who 'retoots' or 'favourites' my toots. Forget it, I'm vain.
I might be interested in: #StopCopCity #ClimateFinance #Capitalism #Energy #USpolitics #Ukraine #Europe #Bernie #XR #OceanCleanup #NextBlue #InductionCooking #TaxTheRich #Africa #FemaleSoccer #Ajax #MíTambién #BigOil #Greta #CityDesign #VanessaNakate #2030 #Wildfires #Floods #PussyRiot #IPCC #AOC and more.

If any of my 'followers' want to opt out... this is your chance, as always.

Text: graphic of a time line starting with 1979 Climate conference up to 2015 Paris Agreement while getting taller and redder.
The Conversation U.S.
1 week ago

Watching a woman character star in a fictional political TV drama can spark viewers, particularly women, to vote, campaign for a politician or find other ways to become involved in politics.

Chad Schultz
1 week ago

I'm #thankful for political activists working to keep democracy running, like Katie Fahey. Her #TED talk was featured into today's episode of TED Talks Daily. She started with nothing but a Facebook post and ended up leading a large group of volunteers to end gerrymandering in Michigan. We need more people like that, especially given the existential threats to democracy from Trump and the Republican party.

Matt Ferrel
1 week ago

"Murc’s Law is “the widespread assumption that only Democrats have any agency or causal influence over American politics”. In other words, Democrats are responsible for Republicans being the way they are and doing the things they do, either because Democrats provoked them or failed to control them."

#uspolitics #uspol

The Conversation U.S.
1 week ago

A belated happy 81st birthday to Joe Biden – but why won’t he, and other aging politicians, actually retire?!

One theory is that it’s denial. For others, it’s identity-driven after long careers in politics.

Robert M
1 week ago

@charlotteclymer It should be illegal for corporations or individuals to buy news outlets to spread propaganda for the sole purpose of enriching themselves.

It should be illegal for corporations and wealthy individuals to 'donate' to politicians in order to effectively own them.

It should be illegal for 'Supreme' Court Justices to accept bribes.

#uspolitics #Corruption #bribery

Chad Schultz
1 week ago

Republican politicians take millions of dollars in donations from people who didn't intend to contribute that money through "dark defaults" - donation forms having a pre-selected checkbox to force it to a recurring donation.
Vote Democrat!

I'm thinking this graph of the massive post-2020 rise in the US civilian labor force with disabilities might be a factor.

Rising disabilities? Not if you redefine "disability," and rework the chart, right?

#DisabilityJustice #Disability #LongCOVID #USPol #USPolitics #Healthcare #HumanRights

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) line graph titled Civilian Labor Force With a Disbility, 16 years and over. Source: US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The x-axis tracks from about 2009 to 2023. The y-axis scales from 4,800 to 8,800 thousands of persons. From 2009 to about 2021, the number of disabled persons stays in the range of 5,200 to 6,600. After 2021, the line rises precipitously to 8,400.
The Conversation U.S.
1 week ago

It’s true that many politicians lie to gain an advantage. So, what has made George #Santos’ lies so unusual – and so resented? There are multiple reasons, including that Santos’ lies were especially unnecessary and silly.

“If voters have made their peace with some degree of lying, in short, they are nonetheless still capable of resenting candidates who are unskilled at the craft of political deception,” writes a political philosopher.

#USPolitics #Politics #News

A bespectacled man, wearing a gray blazer, with a file in one hand, walking through a hallway, with another person right behind him.
Flipboard News Desk
1 week ago

JFK assassination remembered 60 years later by surviving witnesses to history.

AP reports on "the last surviving witnesses who are sharing their stories as the nation marks the 60th anniversary of the Nov. 22, 1963, assassination."

#JFK #JFK60 #Assassination #History #USPolitics #Dallas

The Conversation U.S.
1 week ago

An appeals court ruling in an Arkansas case could make it impossible for groups like the ACLU to file lawsuits to protect citizens’ right to vote – significantly changing how the #VotingRightsAct has been interpreted so far.

A constitutional law professor expects, since the ruling disagrees with other rulings, that the Supreme Court will hear the case.

#USPolitics #News

A Black middle-aged man speaks at a podium with the words, 'deliver for voting rights,' in a crowd of people who are wearing jackets. One person holds a sign that says 'voter suppression is un-American.'
Flipboard News Desk
1 week ago

U.S. teachers and students grapple with fears and confusion about new laws restricting pronoun use.

AP reports "at least 10 states ... have enacted laws prohibiting or restricting students from using pronouns or names that don’t match their sex assigned at birth, a restriction that opponents say further marginalizes transgender and nonbinary students."

#LGBTQ #LGBT #Trans #Pronouns #USPolitics #Politics

Martin Nutty
1 week ago

80) In November 1923, Adolph Hitler attempted to seize power in what is now referred to as the Beer Hall Putsch. There are eerie similarities playing out in #USPolitics right now with #DonaldTrump going full #Fascist. I’m reminded of the #MarkTwain quote

“History Doesn't Repeat Itself, but It Often Rhymes”

If you’re not familiar with Hitler’s 1923 abortive grab for power, here’s an excellent conversation with historian Mark Jones on the #DavidMcWilliams #podcast

Mike Johnson must have a serious porn problem.

There’s no other reason you would even consider using an app like #CovenantEyes

#porn #MikeJohnson #USPolitics #StupidApps

A text shot containing the following information:
Title: I tried Mike Johnson’s favorite anti-porn app. It didn’t go well
Author: Adam Gabbatt
Source: The Guardian
Highlight: The app works – when it does work – by taking screenshots of whatever you’re looking at on your phone a couple of times a minute, and feeding the results into its system. From there, AI technology decides what constitutes regular phone use and what it deems to be pornographic incursions. When the app thinks you’ve viewed porn, it sends an alert to your “accountability partner”, a trusted person you have designated to help you on your porn-free journey.
Struggling to quit watching porn?
Mike Johnson is right there with you.
Join over 1.5 million people who've used Covenant Eyes to experience victory over porn.
Not A Bird
2 weeks ago

@marcelias Stunning!! This is what #authoritarianism looks like! They believe they have won the battle of courts and ate shutting the door on being challenged. We desperately need to reform the courts. I don't know if democrats are even looking at court reform if they get trifecta.

#VotingRights #courts #uspolitics

Jimmy Carter lost reelection, but left office with dignity, and then built houses for poor people.

Donald Trump lost reelection, attempted a coup, and now wants to build concentration camps.
#USpol #USpolitics #politics

Zhi Zhu 🕸️
2 weeks ago


"When Moody’s Investors Service lowered its outlook last week on the US govt’s creditworthiness, it specifically cited Washington [ #GOP ] dysfunction"

Read all the details of the latest GOP insanity with this #GiftArticle #GiftLink:

Or read this #Mastodon thread with the high(low)lights:

#GOP #Republicans #Politics #USPol #USPolitics #USA #News #Thread

Screen shot of a Mastodon post with text and image.

Text: I have to post just a few samples of the #GOP insanity:

"Was it Sen. #MarkwayneMullin? At a hearing of the #Senate Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee, the #Oklahoma #Republican challenged one of the witnesses to “stand your butt up” and fight him then and there in the committee room. “In a fight, I’m gonna bite,” the senator said in a podcast after the incident. “And I don’t care where I bite, by the way.”
#GiftArticle #GiftLink: 

[Begin alt-text for image]
Text from article: Reasonable people can disagree about which member of Congress was most unreasonable this week. Was it Kevin McCarthy? After one of the eight Republican backbenchers who ousted the former speaker claimed McCarthy sucker-punched him in the kidneys, causing “a lot of pain,” the California Republican responded by saying that “if I kidney-punched someone, they would be on the ground.” Was it Sen. Markwayne Mullin? At a hearing of the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee, the Oklahoma Republican challenged one of the witnesses to “stand your butt up” and fight him then and there in the committee room. “In a fight, I’m gonna bite,” the senator said in a podcast after the incident. “And I don’t care where I bite, by the way.” 
[End alt-text ]
2 weeks ago

In 4 minutes, Thom Hartmann @ThomHartmann lays out 40 years of Republican strategy in a nutshell.

Run up deficits and cut taxes during Red administrations and then cry about "overspending" and high taxes during Blue administrations.

It requires no governance, no delivery of new programs, no solutions, just cut and complain, rinse and repeat.

#USPolitics #GOP #Democrats #Politics #ThomHartmann

Washington is an all-mail voting state.

Just before the 2020 US presidential election, we witnessed Trumper Postmaster General DeJoy's trucks loaded with postal collection boxes being taken out of service.

The new DeJoy voter suppression strategy seems to be decommissioning the mail drop boxes but leaving them in place as decoys.

"In a statement, the USPS said employees had placed 'out of service' signs on the mailbox multiple times, but they were removed, and unwitting customers continued to use the box."

Hey, we taped a flimsy paper sign to the box, but we can't be held responsible if the wind blew it away, and even though we knew about it we still didn't check the box until weeks after the ballot deadline.

#USPol #USPolitics #Elections #WashingtonState #DeJoy #USPS

2 weeks ago

Coming over the next few months: #OpenAccess to 40k hours of security video of the #Jan6 mob attack on the Capitol.

The OA video will exclude footage that "compromise[s] security" or "doxes, or harasses private individuals."

#Republicans made the decision. Dem #JoeMorelle objected on security grounds.

Recall that in Feb 2023, #KevinMcCarthy gave 41k hours of footage to #TuckerCarlson, but not to the public.

#Insurrection #USPolitics