Bob Thomson
4 days ago

Left the bumblebees alone for 45 minutes, then returned when they had chilled out again and got a photo of the meter reading. #success #bees #utilities

Ryan Peters
4 days ago

I'm sure something exists, but I need a #windows tool that allows me to 1) target (and index) a folder and 2) allow for text searching for content in that folder.

I can't stand the built-in Windows search tools. GREP is fine, but slow. Ideally, I want to have a tool that manages its own index and allow for keyword searches. Thanks!

#search #index #windows #utilities #grep

🆘Bill Cole 🇺🇦
1 week ago

How is it that I didn’t know about until recently? They have a huge collection of little #macOS #utilities that do things I’ve always wanted to have tools for, but have never done anything except write ad hoc shell scripts for.
I recently discovered their “Time Machine Mechanic” and it is fabulous for looking at how TM is operating. It’s basically a very good log extractor: takes the unreadable hell that is Apple’s logging sub system and pulls out just what’s relevant. 📚
2 weeks ago

Available as a standalone app for #Windows10 and #Windows11 users, #Microsoft #PowerToys features a ton of nifty #utilities that are in place to help users to complete tasks with ease, thus enhancing their #productivity significantly.

Prof. Julia Leyda
2 weeks ago

So they'll pay me to run my dishwasher and heater (it's Norway 🇳🇴) at some point today. Couldn't we just even this out and have rates in winter that are not 200 times this rate or more? I don't understand finance.
#energy #utilities #norge

Screenshot showing today's electric rates for my home, including dipping into negative numbers at certain points.
2 weeks ago

Having trouble playing your #gas bill and live in Southern #California? $500 available from the Gas Assistance Fund. #utilities #help

Sometimes you just have to write a little linux-fu. This little scribble will tell you how much space is being saved through the use of hardlinking duplicate files.

find . -type f -links +1 -printf '%i %s\n' | sort | uniq -c | awk '{print ($1-1)*$3}' | awk '{n+=$1}; END{print n}' | numfmt --to=iec-i

Here's an annotated version explaining each utility being used along the way.

#linux #unix #commandline #utilities

Alameda Post
2 weeks ago

East Bay Municipal Utilities District celebrated their 100th birthday in style. Alameda Postcast host Scott Piehler shares details from the event, including a time capsule to be opened in another 100 years on the bicentennial.

#ebmud #water #alameda #EastBay #oakland #100Years #utilities #centennial #InnerHarborPipelineProject

3 weeks ago

Surviving a Shut Off: Explore how U.S. households at risk of utility disconnection cope.

#NICHDimpact #Utilities #SES

Derek Law
3 weeks ago
NationalWorld News
3 weeks ago

🚱 University research shows profits pocketed by your water company's owners

Water UK - the industry body that represents water companies - has denied its members paid almost £20bn to shareholders over the last decade

#UK #News #Utilities #WaterCompanies #Profits #SewageScandal

CelloMom On Cars
3 weeks ago

Three #Wisconsin #utilities want a rate hike for:
- #TransmissionLines
- more #wind and #solar generation
- new #NetMeters

"Content noted that #Alliant energy is trying to have more dollars flow through the side of the company that gets a 10 percent #profit rate, and that Xcel Energy is seeking to increase its profit rate from 10 percent to 10.25 percent through the #RateHikes."


CelloMom On Cars
3 weeks ago

Smart to make this investment come through the #USDA. Which is not generally perceived as "woke".

"The U.S. Department of Agriculture announced a nearly $11 billion investment on Tuesday to help bring affordable #CleanEnergy to #rural communities throughout the country.

Rural electric cooperatives, #RenewableEnergy companies and electric #utilities will be able to apply for funding through two programs."

3 weeks ago

Globally, the movement to electrify every building and transition the #grid to cleaner #energy is underway. But it is extremely unorganized, and disorganization is a bad fit for such a large infrastructure system -- the natural gas #pipeline network.

With Climate and Community Project i propose that we think about nationalizing the gas system when the #utilities begin to sell their pipelines, and use ownership to implement a managed transition.

The Japan Times
4 weeks ago

The government will allow power companies to raise electricity prices by between 14% and 42% from June, Chief Cabinet Secretary Hirokazu Matsuno said in a news conference Tuesday morning. #news #economy #energy #inflation #tepco #utilities

Anthony Goubard
1 month ago

📣Just released Japplis Toolbox (Pro) 5.5.
50 tools in one software.
What's new: Signed and notarized dmg, new Homebrew and winget install, bug fixes and small improvements.
#text #freeware #toolbox #utilities #software #java

JSON Formatter, one of the 50 tools of Japplis Toolbox
1 month ago

Our company was dispatched to secure and hold a utility pole supporting an existing fiber optics line, while another company excavated a 14 ft trench to place new drainage pipes.
(You can get a sense of how big that excavator bucket is in relation to the worker on the left.)
#Utilities #Safety #Construction #FiberOptics
Make sure to thank utility workers for all they do, AND drive safe in construction zones. Thanks.

A very large excavator digs a 14ft trench for new drainage pipes. It is a clear, sunny, day.
There is a construction worker standing nearby, which shows how big the digger's bucket is. You could easily stand 4+ men in the bucket.
Blake Patterson
1 month ago

Handy tool: Mastodon video download web app. It works well.

#Mastodon #utilities #video #downloader

CelloMom On Cars
1 month ago

"New York state has passed legislation that will scale up the state’s #RenewableEnergy production and signals a major step toward moving #utilities out of private hands to become publicly owned."

"The legislation will require #NYPA to offer low-to-moderate income customers a lower utility rate for renewable energy."

It makes so much sense for essential services to be publicly owned. Let's do it for water and internet next.

1 month ago

After years of grassroots campaigning by local climate and environmental organisers, the New York state has passed a climate bill that would scale up wind and solar energy projects.

It signals a major step towards moving utilities out of private hands to become publicly owned.

#ClimateChange #energytransition #utilities

Nicolas Delsaux
1 month ago

Ca a l'air absolument génial comme outil (surtout avec mon prochain bras inutilisable), mais je ne connais pas le mode de facturation #windows #productivité #utilities #software

Alameda Post
1 month ago

Now that the Inner Harbor Pipeline Crossing is in place, EBMUD crews are hard at work installing 24-inch steel pipelines in Alameda to connect the new crossing to existing transmission mains. Alamedans should expect traffic impacts for the next eight months until the project is complete.

#ebmud #alameda #TheBigOne #utilities #earthquakes #LincolnAvenue #ShermanStreet #OaklandInnerHarborPipeline

The Japan Times
1 month ago

Three Japanese utilities reported a combined annual loss of ¥134 billion, citing high fuel prices, while Kansai Electric turned a profit due in part to its use of nuclear power. #news #business #energy #nuclearpower #utilities #emissions

Nico Rikken
3 months ago

#LFEnergySummit, June 1-2 in Paris, will gather foundation members, developers, end users and #Energy industry stakeholders to learn about #LFEnergy and its projects, collaborate, and share best practices. This year's theme is Deep #Decarbonization Register to attend in-person or virtually at Reduced prices until March 17 #utilities #OpenSource

LFEnergy social media image: LF Energy Summit 2023 - Deep Decarbonization. June 1-2, 2023 -- Paris, France. Agenda Now Live! Register by March 17 to lock in best pricing.
3 months ago

Just got my #PGE bill for this month. We have had solar for over two years now. Just saw “generation charges” of $109!!! WTAF is that and why is it not called extortion or daylight robbery???

Oh also, fuckin gas charges are virtually through the roof. Never seen such high charges. WTF is going on????

#solar #utilities #extortion

4 months ago

For fun & loss, let's chart the evolution of $/kiloWatt-hour rates from OUC since 2019 since I love saving invoices PDFs while utilities love disappearing usage & billing data after 1 year..

Sharp increase from roughly 3 cents per kiloWatt-hour in May 2019 to 7 cents in January 2023. Strong & sustained uptick after May 2022.

Also, the so-called non-fuel charges have been pretty steady but the "service charge" (not graphed) went from $10 to $15.

#energy #utilities

Chart showing the increase in dollar per kiloWatt-hour between May 2019 and January 2023 showing a sharp increase since early 2021 from around 3 cents per kiloWatt to almost 7 today.

London: Pavement Oddities: Fun list of strange things embedded in the pavement
#infrastructure #via:hackernews #utilities #pavement #london #+

Hey everyone! For me, the most frustrating thing about #Mastodon is not being able to view the following list of a user on another server, and use that to follow other accounts.

As a workaround until this issue is fixed, I created a little #Python #CLI / #API that can export a following or followers list to CSV, including the account address, display name, bio, and avatar URL directly from the target user's server. After that, you just remove the CSV rows for the accounts you don't want to follow, and then feed the list to back to the CLI, or upload it in the Mastodon import web UI.

It can export and import lists too, so you can share them with others until we get an option to make public lists.

Feedback and PRs are appreciated!

Please boost this if you think it would help your followers.

#automation #utilities #sysadmin #opensource #foss #floss #mastodontips #infosec #cybersecurity #developer #development

Andy F
6 months ago

Recently discovered @neil and his #FreeSoftwareAdvent

It's a great idea where he - and others - recommend a piece of free / open source #software which they use often.

I've found one or two great new utilities in there which I'll be tinkering with over the next few days 😃

#FOSS #Utilities

This is a legitimate concern and issue. A 230kV #substation is probably a #transmission substation which is why it took out so many customers (40k approx).

This was a huge concern for us when I was at Southern Company.

Transformers that are the size and capacity to handle transmission voltages are usually manufactured in Europe and there could be a year or more lead time on getting a new one from when you order one.

Most #electric #utilities don't have spare transformers of these sizes just sitting around in their supply lots. That's a LOT of capital just sitting around doing nothing (and deteriorating).

There are mutual assistance #agreements in-place at most utilities. This is why you'll see a caravan of trucks heading north from utilities in the South after there's been a huge blizzard and a lot of power has been knocked out, and that mutual assistance agreement extends to "loaning" any compatible hardware and infrastructure if there's any available.

I'm sure #Duke has already been in contact with #GeorgiaPower, #TVA, and other nearby electric utilities to see if anyone has a spare (if Duke doesn't). Then, when Duke orders a replacement, they'll just have the transformer shipped directly to the #utility that loaned them the original replacement substation.

#Physical #threats to our electric #infrastructure are much more scary than any #cyber #threat from some #NationState.

Those transformers are filled with mineral oil and when that oil drains out the transformer overheats and fails.

I hope they catch the fuckers!
Emily Hopkins
6 months ago

Published during my pre-Mastodon life: Michigan's largest utility aimed for a rate hike as it continued to disconnect a large number of customers for nonpayment. In the end, it did get a rate hike -- but for less than 10% what it asked for. My latest for @ProPublica with Sarah Alvarez from Outlier Media.

#DTE #Detroit #utilities #debtcollection

7 months ago

pppixelate · A simple tool to draw pixel art in the browser and render it as an SVG pattern

by the way:
pppixelate is part of fffuel, a wonderful collection of color tools and SVG generators

#webdesign #releases
#utilities #pattern #svg

Jeff Bryner
7 months ago

If you haven't done this recently, highly recommend using to search through your birbsite followers and extract their mastodon handles.

It creates a nice .csv file that you can import into your 'following' list as a merge to add anyone you've missed!

1 year ago

I'm unfunk. I play #guitar in a band called Desmodus. No, not the Russian group. Not the Italian one either. Or that other one. We're pretty much inactive at the moment thanks to #covid being a jerk, but whatevs.

I work in #utilities, I like cool #cars, and have opinions on things.

#introduction #introductions