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Libertarian paradise or libertarian utopia is sometimes used as a form of loaded language when it is used to refer to a political entity that libertarians themselves have not embraced. At most other times, it is used accurately to refer sarcastically to libertarian experiments in reality that have inevitably failed when political theory and fiction meet cold, hard real world.

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A photograph of Sealand, a former World War II British sea fortress. It is shows a large platform on two concrete pillars in a calm sea. There are two crnes and a building with a flagpole. Sealand was one attempt at a libertarian paradise.
Aurelio Sanabria
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«If resistance to action on climate change comes from fears of losing one’s standard of living, solarpunk demonstrates that these changes are worth it, from the perspectives of justice and well-being. Solarpunk’s commitments to justice, to love, and to beauty are empowering.»

Johnson, I. (2020). “Solarpunk” & the Pedagogical Value of Utopia « Journal of Sustainability Education.

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Venting a little frustration at how divided we are today, just when we need each other most. We wouldn't behave this way if an asteroid was coming. Somehow I feel like we'd bury a few hatchets until we took care of the situation.
#Commentary, #Thoughts. #communication, #future, #HardScienceFiction, #politics, #ScienceFiction, #society, #utopia

When I say I like I don't mean I say I believe. While is true that if I like, there is a part of believing in me. I call this "event" as "melody synchronism" that is part of each, who may "fall in love" within any subject. All subjects are at the first moment, pure subjective, which means that even to manipulate reality, with need a lot of theory, else we are only able to change reality, in the experimental way or using the final notes that theory "or maybe is pure philosophy", already define as possibility. That is how anyone in this world may archive any gold.
Abstraction: #dreams #illusions #possiblities #utopia is the source of "creation" of all theories [1]
Logic: #tools #reality #knowledge (knowledge here, is everything we need to be able to use "knowledge" in reality)... We may think that all "tools" are already applications that we use to do something, like a hammer or so, but like I said, we use those tools to do something else, above the self(hammer), even if is to build new versions of the same object... we may need some kind of hammer to build a hammer.. [1]
Application: The gold was archived. Is true and we cannot deny that all versions could be better, but the point is to remember that we could only archive the gold, by processing the information of what we "know" (yes, in quotes, because we can have the sense of knowledge when we learn the results, while we don't know the process to archive "that gold"), to build what ever it was in our imagination at the first moment of the "creation". [1] The expression of #Fantasy in #Reality
So, 1 + 1 = 1 OR 3 ( Tao / Dao )

Thank You all for being able to #dream, because that is the only way we are able to #love.
Naturally this is the #tricky point of "dreaming reality", because since the concept is "true" even if is a simplistic definition, it depends not only in the intention, but as well, it depends on the accessibility (most tools that were made to destroy anything at all, was not made by those who feel that desire, but by others who didn't wish that to happen)
#QiGong Mysteries... #Dragon is watching the #Show: #Monkey, #Tiger, #Bird, #Bear :D

Milla Havanka
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"Toisinaan minusta tuntuu siltä, että scifi kertoo enemmän nykytodellisuudesta kuin realistisuuteen tähtäävä proosa. Scifistä on mahdollista löytää perustavanlaatuisia, ikiaikaisia totuuksia."

Kansainvälisesti tunnetuimpiin korealaisiin nykytaiteilijoihin kuuluvan Lee Bulin taidenäyttely on avautunut Sara Hildénin taidemuseossa Tampereella

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이 노래가 2000년 곡이라는게 아직도 믿겨지지 않음. 뭐 내가 이 곡을 접한게 2010년 지나서 그런거일 수도 있지만, 진짜 시대를 앞서간 명곡 같음. 지금 들어도 전혀 20년 넘은 노래 같지 않음ㅋ

Goldfrapp 노래는 진짜 오밤중에 들으면 기분이 뭔가가 뭔가 해지는 뭔가가 있음 ㅇㅇ

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Utopia (2013-2014)

#bilimkurgu #aksiyon #dram #gizem

Yönetmen & Senarist: Raoul Ruiz

İnternette tanışan bir grup insan, şifreli cevaplar içerdiğine inandıkları tuhaf bir çizgi roman keşfettikten sonra, kısaca 'The Network' olarak bilinen acımasız bir örgüt tarafından avlanırlar.

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1 week ago

#Utopia is probably my favorite soundtrack to a show I've never actually seen haha. I discovered it when the GM was playing it as background music during RPG night and been listening to it ever since.

It's beautifully strange and hypnotizing. I could probably post 20 tracks or so, it has been really difficult picking just a single one :cat_sip: .


Tut Willy 🔱
2 weeks ago

Trying to watch #Utopia but the levels of violence are just off the chart. Along with normalizing torture.

I'm used to seeing a chase scene or gun fight thrown in to a bad story to keep the audiences interest. But this is a really good story, that doesn't need that trick.

So I'm disappointed with it. And I need to keep fast forwarding through those scenes.

#Netflix #Series

2 weeks ago

Betty's story continues! Part four of Tomorrow, episode 326, is on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and #podcast #fictionpodcast #scifi #utopia #dystopia

The CryptoBiography logo, a close-up of an old-fashioned key
2 weeks ago

10 ans après je viens de terminer mon deuxième visionnage de la série #Utopia (version Channel 4, 12 épisodes de 50 minutes).
Les thèmes abordés tapent encore juste et la réalisation n'a pas vieilli.

Where is Jessica Hyde?

C'est toujours disponible gratuitement sur #Arte.

#Serie #WhereIsJessicaHyde

2 weeks ago

I finally read #Trekonomics by Manu Saadia. 4/5 stars IMO. It's readable even if you are not a #StarTrek geek. I enjoyed the anecdotes from history, #jewish culture, and the author's life. I would have wished for some more learnings about #economics. If you already know about the potential benefits of automation, the advantages of open access to knowledge and other freely available goods, and the arguments for universal basic income (UBI) there is not a lot more to learn. But still entertaining.

Some quotes:
"So the Federation does the only thing it can in the present: it hopes that by modeling good, science-based behavior, it will somehow sway the more selfish governments or shame them into doing the right thing." (on preserving the galactic commons)

"Star Trek's and science fiction's role in the world is certainly to entertain and amaze and inspire, but it might also very well be to corrupt and change us, the real-life Ferengis."

"Technological progress and economic growth cannot bring us to #utopia on their own. Inventions do not arise in a vacuum. They are artifacts of society, they respond to people's needs and, sometimes, demands. We cannot ask machines to distribute economic resources equally on our behalf."

"The mutualization of most goods and services is Star Trek's solution to the contradiction of workless overabundance."

From an #anarchist perspective, I'm a bit disappointed Star Trek just replaces the competition for material wealth with the competition for reputation, which results in power over others, and the author of #Trekonomics does not seem to be very critical of this. So while the book is promoting UBI, it is sadly also open to neoliberal meritocracy.

Hobson Lane
2 weeks ago

"Lobsters" #SciFi #ShortStory by Charles stross is an accelerated introduction to the brilliant #agalmic (#OpenSource #PostScarcity) world of the #SuperCooperator protagonist Manfred Macx. Manfred creates a force field of good will to protect him and his friends from sentient machines, augmented humans, computational moons, and corporations that enslave everything with a brain.

#Lobsters #Dystopia #Utopia #Hope

2010 Internet utopia: Linking for the commentson the final book, Clay Shirky's "Cognitive Surplus". A quick look back back on 2010 techno-optimism from a bleak view in 2023.
#internet #optimism #culture #utopia #-

tim d (he/him)
2 weeks ago

since lists are fun: The Boston area has:

- a Utopia dry cleaners
- a Utopia Festival (fancy locally-sourced food)
- an Islamic school called Utopia Boston (located 30 miles outside of Boston)

There is also:
- an expensive european handbag called Utopia Boston
- a line of shot glasses call Utopia Boston
- a beer from Boston's Sam Adams brewery called Utopia
- a band called Utopia has a live CD called Boston

#Utopia #Boston #UtopiaBoston

Tucker Teague
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I don't believe every #utopia eventually and necessarily becomes a #dystopia (though there are a lots of people who do), but I do believe every dystopia began as a utopia or #utopian ideal. And, we often have many little dystopias—small communities, churches, social media sites, workplaces, and even large economies, national governments, etc.—that we constantly mitigate, manage, and insulate ourselves from.

I'm thinking about this as I'm studying some #technology for future employment.

Juha Haataja
2 weeks ago

Miksi salasana on niin helppo muistaa ja miksi roskapostikansiossa on vain roskaposteja?


Eva Knoet
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I'm looking for utopian films. Input is much appreciated!

#film #cinema #screenwriting #utopia #utopian

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Betty's story continues! Part three of Tomorrow, episode 325, is on Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and #podcast #shortfiction #scifi #fictionpodcast #utopia #dystopia

The CryptoBiography logo, a close-up of an old-fashioned key

An unwavering rule:

When billionaires build utopia, it will always — always, always — be dystopia.

Utopia is utopia only when it's built for all.

Billionaires always — always, always — build only for themselves and their cronies. See: Elon Musk.

#California #TechBros #SiliconValley #utopia #dystopia

Ingo Schramm
3 weeks ago

Someone who believes in a better future appears more and more as a relict of the past. The average modern person of today is satisfied if the #future will be different. This is why #populism and #fascism has such a success. Society will be different, and nobody even asks for something better.

This is our problem. It needs courage or even madness to demand it better.


3 weeks ago


And yes, it's not uncommon for someone to #wait many months even for #treatments that are obviously #urgent. People #die of cancers and other conditions that may have been treatable if they had seen a specialist sooner, and got into treatment sooner.

Even when life's not at stake, the delays can impact lives. You need a new knee or shoulder so you can work and live again? In many places, you'll wait at least a year, and probably two.

#SinglePayer #healthcare is not a #utopia.

Sidoine B.
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Lecture du matin dans mon RER quotidien
L'utopie concrète pour rêver et construire un avenir meilleur :-)

Prof Kemi FG
3 weeks ago

I cannot express how much I wish Democrats were actually communists. Imagine if we had 8 years of communist policymaking under Clinton, then another 8 under Obama. Then 4 under Biden. Instead of the neoliberal capitalist pro-corporate, pro-bank, pro-fossil fuel, pro-policing hellscape all three are/were determined to implement. That would be amazing.

(Please note: above all, fuck all Republicans, and definitely vote for Democrats over the GOP. At least the Dems can be bullied into doing the right thing on occasion).

#utopia #communism #uspol #politics #capitalism

Nobody's figured out #utopia yet, but some #existential narratives have already proven better than others at scaling a #society


Allen Shull :metroid:
3 weeks ago

Getting within sight of the end. In the last month, I read sixteen books. I need to read only 30 more by December. I may indeed finish early. No counting chickens though.
#PhD #CompExams #Literature #SciFi #Utopia #Scotland

Days left: 97
Works read: 107
Works left: 30
Days ahead: 67

4 weeks ago


It's out: How to use with #figma and #tailwindcss.

Feedback highly appreciated!

Tiago F
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"A imaginação tem que ser coletiva porque a criatividade é social. Para construir o futuro, temos que desbloquear o conceito criativo no proletariado, o que lhe permita sair do fetichismo da mercadoria, e criar plataformas que favoreçam a ação conjunta."

Ekaitz Cancela.


woodrat :successKid:
4 weeks ago

@mekkaokereke Hershey, Pennsylvania .... the absolute number of people will increase in the region at the cost of the working poor who don't know any better but to get a "good" job short-term ... hard to change #Karma'll be billed as #utopia until it is obvious that it is exactly opposite

Telmo 🦕
4 weeks ago

In my #solarpunk #utopia, every building will be energy self-sufficient and it’s the surplus that will feed factories. This way the people control big capital and not the other way around.

Another company town is being built near a major city, echoing historical patterns of agrarian communities. If realized, this development will strengthen the #BayArea economy rather than harm it. While it won't be a #utopia, it will benefit the city, even if there is disagreement between both sides.

The Guardian: Plan for 55,000-acre utopia dreamed by Silicon Valley elites unveiled

Damien Scully
1 month ago

Would you like to live in a Tech Bro #Utopia?
If so, and you have the money and patience, your dreams could be about to come true!
Afterall I imagine there is almost nothing that could go wrong with this...
Plan for 55,000-acre utopia dreamed by Silicon Valley elites unveiled | Silicon Valley | The Guardian

Jaime Soriano
1 month ago

Las élites del Silicon Valley se quieren hacer una ciudad utópica llamada "California Forever" (podría ser el título de un Black Mirror). Y los renders parecen un mix de pueblos de Europa, con sus calles para personas, terrazas, campos con setos y cipreses, incluso se ve algo como una ermita en un cerro. Para el Silicon Valley, Utopía es un pueblo de Europa.

Y como siempre, creen que es algo que se puede comprar con dinero.

#Utopia #SiliconValley #Especulacion

Bob Jamieson
1 month ago

Plan for 55,000-acre utopia dreamed by Silicon Valley elites unveiled

Flannery Associates, the California group behind the $800m effort, launched a website showcasing renderings
The Silicon Valley elites who have been quietly buying up northern California farmland for several years have gone public with their vision for the utopian city they hope to build from scratch on 55,000 acres in Solano county.

#billionaire #utopia #California #hubris

reziplikativ 🟥🟩🟦🟨
1 month ago

Der Architekt Claude-Nicolas Ledoux war seiner Zeit weit voraus und hat utopische Projekte entworfen die teilweise in einen Science-Fiction-Film der 30er Jahre passen würden.

#Architektur #Architecture #Ledoux #Frankreich #France #Utopia

Entwurf der utopischen Salinenstadt Chaux / Arc-et-Senans
Utopisches Hausplanungen
Utopisches Haus
Utopisches Haus ( Haus des Quellen-Wächters )
Redfern Jon Barrett
1 month ago

If you haven't seen it yet, check out my Vector article on #ambitopia!

"I need optimism like a drowning person needs driftwood – it might not fix all my problems, but it keeps me from going under. Yet singular optimism feels hollow ... I want – need – hope for a better world, but for many of us the current world contains plenty of #dystopia and waving it away does us no good. Speculation needs darkness to be relatable."

#scifi #writing #utopia #books

Nissa Tolton
1 month ago

Silicon Valley execs seem to be following Ayn Rand's playbook by buying up farmland in order to found a new, shining — and privately-held — city.

Except that the "men of the mind" in Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" also went on strike to protest governmental heavy-handedness.

Dear mental men: Don't forget the most important part of your #utopia: the strike. Abandon your brilliant companies and make us suffer.

#FlanneryAssociates #AtlasShrugged

1 month ago
Usufruct Collective
1 month ago

Our new police abolition essay "Kick the Cops off Your Block" is now available on substack. This essay gives an analysis of the police, many alternatives to the police, and ways to get to a world without hierarchical security forces and what they enforce

#anarchism #police #policeabolition #anarchy #socialism #communism #prison #prisonabolition #abolition #abolitionism #acab #cops #communal #utopia #praxis
#directaction #mutualaid #mediation
#restorativejustice #selfdefense #mediation #freeassociation #hierarchy #equality #statecraft #capitalism

1 month ago

"What's that thing we did last year with the terrorists and the paedophiles."

[Tony] "Dogwhistle."

"Encryption. Anyway [rest of sentence]".

Oh, Tony. Lol. Your marvellous man. #Utopia

#AfricanArt #Utopia #landscape #acrylicpainting or #artprint
Painting of the Day. Village
> >
*African villagers return to their tranquil village at sunset. It's a beautiful depiction of a traditional African village with thatched roof huts.

RTL Nieuws
1 month ago

𝗛𝗼𝗲 𝗴𝗮𝗮𝘁 𝗵𝗲𝘁 𝗻𝘂 𝗺𝗲𝘁 𝗱𝗲 𝗸𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗶𝗱𝗮𝘁𝗲𝗻 𝘂𝗶𝘁 𝗨𝘁𝗼𝗽𝗶𝗮?

Op 31 december 2013 gingen de poorten van 'Utopia' open voor de vijftien deelnemers. Hoewel het oorspronkelijke plan was om in één jaar tijd de ideale samenleving te creëren op een verlaten terrein bij Laren, duurde het programma maar liefst zeven jaar. Hoe gaat het nu met de kandidaten? Hieronder een aantal op een rijtje!

#HoeGaatHetNu #kandidatenUtopia #Utopia

Petra van Cronenburg
1 month ago

@arstechnica "... about solidarity, peace, and love for the motherland" ... your author has "nice" way to spell #ideology and #propaganda.😉
Maybe I didn't read closely enough, but I find it a bit strange to deny the West #utopia and positives in #SciFi. First, there is also European scifi, not only US. If Soviet why not the famous system critics Strugatsky? And there was once #Solarpunk, wasn't it? 😎

The style of these drawings remind very much of the Cold War pulp.

Allen Shull :metroid:
1 month ago

The more I read through critical texts on #utopia and #SciFi from the 80s-90s, the more it just seems like everyone talked about the same 4-6 works. Is the corpus really that startlingly limited? Can we not find anything else? Also note: primarily these texts are novels rather than short stories (though Tiptree is often named there)

#AmWriting my 1st work of fiction as a grown up. I am writing a #SciFi #Solarpunk #Utopia for 2 main reasons: (1) I'm a 30+ years visual artist already committed to a life of creating & sharing without regard to financial rewards. (2) I dislike my society. I'm a committed voter, committed to democracy, but I have little hope that Good (naive, authentic, uncoordinated & individual) can prevail against Evil (financially incentivized, organized, relentless). Writing offers a constructive outlet.

Simpsons meme: Old Man Yells At Cloud headline on newspaper featuring photo of Abe Simpson (Homer's elderly father) shaking his fist staring at a nice, fluffy white cloud. His mouth is open, his wrinkled turnip-looking head and face contorted in an angry scowl. I desire to write positive science fiction as a channel for my own generalized anger.
2 months ago

2015 course on Computer Utopias - RISD
Some really good readings and videos here for computer literacy, history, philosophy, futures.

#Computers #utopia #history #philosopy

Week 3: Computerthinking (Abridged History)

    Personal Dynamic Media - Alan Kay & Adele Goldberg
    A Few Words on Doug Engelbart - Bret Victor
    Tribute to Ted Nelson at "Intertwingled" Fest - Alan Kay
    Doing with Images Makes Symbols - Alan Kay
    The Forgotten Female Programmers Who Created Modern Tech - Laura Sydell

From Class Discussion + Bonus Links:
Mother of All Demos, As We May Think, Augmenting Human Intellect, A Few Words on Doug Engelbart, Tools for Thought, Garden Of Forking Paths, Computer Lib / Dream Machines, Xanadu Space, Transpointing Windows, Xanalogical Structures, It All Went Wrong at Xerox PARC, Google's Privatized Bidirectional Links,, The (Second Phase of the) Revolution Has Begun, The Computer Revolution Hasn't Happened Yet, The Future Doesn't Have to be Incremental, New Media Reader, Adele Goldberg, Pixel Art, Women in Computing, Sketchpad, Dynabook, Xerox Aalto, Smalltalk 80 "Browsing", Design Principles Behind Smalltalk, Why is Smalltalk Dead?, Apple Lisa, Susan Kare, Susan Kare's Mac Icons, MacPaint, Photoshop 1.0, The Adobe Illustrator Story
Texas Observer Lives!
2 months ago

Armed with ideals from French utopian socialists, die Vierziger, or “the Fortyers,” sought to build a “communistic society” free of the hierarchies, political oppression, and economic #inequality in the #Texas hill country.

In the Postcard from our magazine, @josephinelee investigates what remains of their dreams:

(📸 #Photography by Christopher Lee)
#History #communism #utopia #Germany #HillCountry

Small pink wildflowers grow in the foreground, while in the background a large chapel, with peeling white paint, rests under a cloudy sky in Castell.
A historical marker among bushes in the Texas Hill Country is all that remains of the Utopian community of Bettina, Texas, but neighboring Castell remains.
Redfern Jon Barrett
2 months ago

My article on breaking down the binary between #utopia and #dystopia has been published in Vector!

"Ambitopias form a careful balancing act, forming a cohesive and believable society that cannot be categorised as either good or bad, yet one which is still dramatically speculative.

In short, an ambitopia presents a world both distinctly better and worse than our own."

#scifi #books #sciencefiction #lgbtq

Anna Nicholson
2 months ago

This is an excellent piece by @xriskology, incorporating an interview with Monika Bielskyte on the exclusionary dangers of utopianism – whether the traditional, religious kind, or the transhumanist, longtermist fantasies of Silicon Valley billionaires:

Where do currently marginalised people fit into these utopian dreams?

We don’t 🙄

#utopia #utopianism #longtermism #transhumanism #billionaires
#dystopia #marginalisation #disability #racialisation #eugenics

Cindy Weinstein
2 months ago

@futurebird. #GregAbbott's #utopia = #dystopia.Turning #libraries into discipline centers is venal.

I've just burned through the first season of #StrangeNewWorlds so I'm all here for the "Dangerous lives in Outer Space" discourse.
I sometimes wonder if cadets truly understand what they're getting into and if #Utopia pushes some into extreme death sports?

S°15: Traffic in #utrecht. This is what moving people looks like.

Next time you hear "But not everyone can cycle!", this is the silent "distopia" they are trying really hard to prevent.

#biketoot #cycling #bikeporn #cycling #mobility #betterbybike #traffic #commuting #utopia

Solarpunk Presents Podcast
2 months ago

Calling #solarpunks and #academics interested in #coding and #utopia - this call for papers crossed my feed and I am very sure that this community would be interested!

@academicchatter @sciencefiction @solarpunk

2 months ago

Utopia, now!
Keijo Lakkala asks in his dissertation
"what functions of utopia have become emphasized in the history of utopian thought?”

#Utopia is within the present since it exists in the here-and-now. It is against since it orients itself according to a logic of practice that challenges and relativizes the practices of the existing society. It is outside of the present since it prefigures new and better forms of being in its very existence.

#philosophy #history

2 months ago

#Voima-lehden kesäteatteriarviosta (Slutopia !!) sunnuntaipohdittavaa:

Perinteisten utopioiden tulevaisuuteen sijoittuvien jättirakennelmien sijaan nykyutopioissa tunnustetaan paikallisuuden tarve.

Utopian voi löytää arkisista ja jokapäiväisistä käytänteistä, joiden avulla haastetaan totuttu ja tavoitellaan jotain parempaa, uudenlaista tapaa olla. 

Halkeamia, disruptiota ja ruoho tunkee kyllä läpi asfaltin!

Keijo Lakkalan engl. väikkäri

#filosofia #utopia #aatteet

Daily Dose of Kitty :Kitty:
2 months ago

Kitty and Stormy cuddling whilst watching one of my favorite TV Show #Utopia

#Kitty #Cat #CatsOfMastodon

A video of two cats cuddling on a blanket below which are my legs. Conversation from a nearby TV show can be heard in the background.
Dan Caseley
2 months ago

@nocontexttrek Hated this line. It was one senior officer being outright offensive about another. It was a slur Tom picked up nearly 400 years in the past, and decided it was okay to bring it back. #utopia

#AfricanArt #utopia #paintingoftheday #acrylicpainting
Painting of the Day. In the Village
> >
*This calming 4-foot painting is so big you could just let it swallow you up. Escape to a whole other simpler life.

It's a tranquil African village.
Tucker Teague
2 months ago

An important figure in the Liberation Theology movement was Franz Hinkelammert, who recently passed away on July 16th. May he rest in peace.

Below is a film on the man where he lays out some of his ideas and relates them to world events. I found it compelling.
#Chile #Argentina #USA #Reagan #CIA #LiberationTheology #Marxism #utopia #LatinAmerica #economics #politics #Nixon #Allende #socialism #communism

“A map of the world that does not include Utopia is not worth even glancing at, for it leaves out the one country at which Humanity is always landing. And when Humanity lands there, it looks out, and, seeing a better country, sets sail. Progress is the realisation of Utopias.”

- Oscar Wilde

#Utopia #Utopie #Utopien

zenlan :coffefied:
2 months ago

Tonight's DVD is "The Mosquito Coast" starring Harrison Ford, Helen Mirren and River Phoenix.
"I’m not surprised this superbly performed, gorgeously shot film didn’t do well at the time of its release because its target is America’s fragility as a nation." #America #Capitalism #Utopia #Dystopia #Tech #Arrogance #Prescience

3 months ago

Hi fellow book nerds! I'm trying to put together a Utopian Book Club (focused on novels and novellas). I want to include LeGuin's The Dispossessed and @pluralistic 's Walkaway, but from there I've got an endless list of mostly white dudes.

What cool utopian fiction by BIPOC writers have I missed out on?

#BookWorm #books #utopia #BIPOCLit #literature #UtopianFiction #utopian #solarpunk #novels #novella #BIPOCwriters #fiction #ImagineUtopia #eutopia #SpeculativeFiction #scifi #fantasy #BookWyrm

🇵🇹 Trombalazana
3 months ago

Estética, Propaganda e Utopia no Portugal do 25 de Abril

A estética da arte ao serviço da propaganda de produção rápida e na maioria das vezes de baixo orçamento como o caso dos murais políticos que preencheram as paredes de todo o Portugal.

#documentário #25Abril #Propaganda #arte #utopia #trombalazana #Δ #rtp #rtpplay

3 months ago

This evening's viewing.
#DoctorWho #Utopia #TheMaster #IClaudius

3 months ago

Kudos to last week's episode of #startrek #strangenewworlds, for finally saying out loud, canonically, on television, that Earth is a #socialist #utopia in the time of the Federation.

Alex Fink
3 months ago

Do yourself a kindness and read or listen to @annaleen The Terraformers (on audiobook too!). It's beautiful!

One of the best books I've read in a long time. A utopian eco dream within a dystopian capitalist future. So many wild and wonderful images and ideas and one of my favorite and most robust post human world buildings I can remember. Its got activism, communal living, and post human romance all in one. I loved every minute of it and cannot recommend it highly enough! The audiobook is even better - the reader's character voices, produced bits of noise and sound, and so on all brought the world to life.

Listen here (or your library):

#solarpunk #climatecrisis #clifi #scifi #utopia #dystopia #environmentalism #posthuman

Cover of the Terraformers by Annalee Newitz.
Joel at Seldon Crisis
3 months ago

The Long Now Foundation just posted a beautiful talk by Sci-Fi futurists Becky Chambers and Annalee Newitz on Resisting Dystopia - a topic dear to my heart. Couldn't resist jumping on making an Active Transcript for it. I encourage everyone to listen to or read this one! #LongNow #Utopia #Dystopia #Protopia #Accessibility #Transcripts

🤘 The Metal Dog 🤘
3 months ago

Progressive Death Metal Project ANGEL RISING To Release Third Album In September; Teaser For First Single "Utopia" Streaming
Progressive death metal project Angel Rising has officially signed a deal with renowned international label, Wormholedeath, for the release of their highly anticipated third album, titled Afterlife. Drawing...

#AngelRising #ProgressiveDeathMetal #Utopia #ThirdAlbum #SeptemberRelease #NewMusic #Metalheads

Linux ☑️
4 months ago

::: R E T R O W A V E Linux :apartyblob: 📼 :cdrr:

🌴 :hacker_r: :hacker_w: :hacker_l: 🌴

::: Elive Retrowave :::

A trip back to the 80s neon utopia for your computer - a complete special release from Elive Linux - featuring synthwave inspired look & feel! :blobcatadorablepink:

Both 63 & 32 bit - so revive also that not-so-flying DeLorean :thinkergunsunglasses:


#Linux #synthwave #Elive #special #utopia #distro #Debian #retrowave #80s #neon #retro #desktop

Steve Frenzel
4 months ago

Been grinding to get my #WebDev portfolio #website done after creating a rough design in #figma.

Making great progress after spending all day to make the contact form #accessible. Huge inspiration from this article by #SandrinaPereira

Building it with @astro which is such an amazing dev experience! 🤩

Also utilizing the #utopia philosophy (?) by applying fluid font sizes and spacing and it's bananas how much time and code you save by doing this

5 months ago

It's publication day for Red Enlightenment!

An exploration of how to approach spirituality in a way that engages with both science and social justice

Go grab a copy, link is in my bio!

#socialism #socialist #spirituality #spiritual #science #complexsystems #systemsthinking #environmentalism #marx #religion #theology #liberationtheology #christianity #buddhism #judaism #hindu #daoism #confucianism #activist #activism #communism #communist #commons #utopia #history #philosophy #socialjustice

Picture of book Red Enlightenment: On Socialism, Science and Spirituality, cover is purple sky and yellow clouds with red and white writing. Book is held by a smiling man with glasses and a beard
Alan Rycroft 🇨🇦
5 months ago

Will Artificial Intelligence Become the New McKinsey?

As it’s currently imagined, AI technology promises to concentrate wealth and disempower workers. Is an alternative possible?

#AI #wealth #capitalism #poverty #equality #philosophy #utopia

5 months ago

"Ecotopías: Utopías atravesadas por la cuestión ecológica y social donde se describen escenarios de sociedades sostenibles poscapitalistas y vidas deseables.

El mundo del mañana depende de las acciones que tomemos hoy y las acciones que llevemos a cabo hoy dependerán del mundo que queramos para mañana. Por lo tanto, debemos hacernos la pregunta ¿Qué mundo deseamos? sin olvidar su contraparte ¿Qué mundo es posible?.

Con este certamen de relatos ecotópicos pretendemos contribuir a esta cuestión.

Queremos eliminar esa frase hecha de «es más fácil imaginar el fin del mundo que el fin del capitalismo» de nuestros imaginarios y contribuir desde el mundo de la cultura y el relato a promover esos otros escenarios de vida posibles, deseables y necesarios para una vida humana en libertad e igualdad."

#solarpunk #literaverso #concurso #relatos #fantasía #utopia

Luke Martell
5 months ago

There's a revised and updated version of this blog. Just a few small additions and changes. 'Building Utopia From the Bottom Up Mark II!' #socialism #pluralism #democracy #alternatives #utopia

5 months ago

I didn't realise that most people considered the prospect of being ruled by intelligent machines as a bad thing. Why is that? They'd at least be logical about it all.

The current system where a bunch of #white #Billionaires rule us all is hardly the future #Utopia we dreamed of.

Nope, I for one welcome our #Robot #Overlords - They can't do a worse job than the #GOP, the #British #Conservatives, the #Canadian #Liberals or anyone else in power, plus any of their opposition.

#OpenAI #ChatGPT #AI

dancing in dystopia
5 months ago

Wrzutka! Tekst, który bardzo mi się spodobał i chcę go spopularyzować ^_^

#utopia #SolarpunkVibes #solarpunk

🌸 Utopia teraz: dlaczego potrzebujemy marzyć ze śmiałością🌸

🌷 Laurie Penny
🌷 Ludwig Bodmer

Tekst pierwotnie ukazał się na stronie magazynu „The New Statesman” w 2015 roku.


Opowiadamy dzieciom wiele zwyczajowych i okrutnych kłamstw, ale chyba najbardziej znaczące jest to: życzenie wypowiedziane na głos się nie spełni. Masz urodziny? Właśnie zobaczył_ś spadającą gwiazdę? Nie możesz wyrazić swoich pragnień, bo jeśli to zrobisz, zgasną jak świeczki na torcie. Te mądrości zostały pewnie wymyślone przez rodziców, którzy chcieli uniknąć traumy związanej z niemożnością spełnienia dziecięcych pragnień. To kłamstwo niesiemy ze sobą w dorosłość, gdzie powtarzają je nam rządzący. Nie mów, jakiego świata sobie życzysz, bo w najlepszym wypadku spotka cię rozczarowanie, a w najgorszym aresztowanie.


Dziś pilniej niż kiedykolwiek musimy tworzyć utopijne idee, właśnie dlatego, że koncepcja lepszego świata nigdy nie wydawała się bardziej odległa. Właśnie teraz władcy świata decydują, ile miast zatonie, zanim zrobimy coś, żeby zredukować emisję dwutlenku węgla. Spotykają się w Paryżu, który niedawno stał się scenerią kolejnego sezonu naszego najmniej ulubionego serialu Wojna na Bliskim Wschodzie. Świat wydaje się zmierzać w stronę kolejnego kryzysu ekonomicznego; roboty są gotowe do zautomatyzowania tych nielicznych prac, które nie znajdą się pod wodą. Jakbyśmy żyli w dystopijnej trylogii napisanej przez sadystycznego autora powieści Young Adult; mam ogromną nadzieję, że dzielni młodzi bohaterowie przybędą na ratunek szybko, nawet jeśli ma się to wiązać z niezręcznym trójkątem miłosnym.


Inspirującej lektury!

Sarena Ulibarri
6 months ago

“Not Your Papi’s Utopia: Latinx Visions of Radical Hope”

Stories up to 12k words, also considering poetry, plays, and graphic arts

Deadline August 1, 2023

(I’m not associated with this project, but wanted to make sure more writers see it!)

#solarpunk #lunarpunk #hopepunk #ecofiction #sciencefiction #scifi #utopia #latinx #LatinxLit #IndigenousFuturism #cyberpunk #steampunk

Full Guidelines:

Joel at Seldon Crisis
7 months ago

Latest #SeldonCrisis focuses on #KimStanleyRobinson's novel Aurora, including reading an excerpt from my favorite part of the book.

There's also a rumination on #utopia vs #dystopia and what it really means to hope. Several notable #utopian thinkers are called out including #DavidGrinspoon, #RebeccaSolnit and #JohannaHoffman.