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2 hours ago

#vaccines could offer fresh hope against #respiratorysyncytialvirus .If deployed effectively and equitably, this latest generation of vaccines could help to prevent countless deaths and hospitalizations among the young and old.

14 hours ago

“At a press conference Thursday, provincial health officer Dr. Bonnie Henry said #vaccines will start to arrive in B.C. in early #October.

Once they have arrived, Henry said, priority populations will be invited to book vaccine appointments.”

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20 hours ago

Anti-Vax Pet Parents Put Animals at Risk, Study Shows
The impact of anti-vaccine activists is spreading beyond humans. A recent study found many dog owners are skeptical of vaccinating their pets — even though that leaves animals and humans at risk.

The study, led by a researcher from Boston University's School of Public Health and published in the journal Vaccine, found a siza
#Animals #Vaccines

21 hours ago
Gregg Gonsalves
22 hours ago

The White House cannot ignore the rise of the anti-vaxx movement any longer. My latest for the @thenation . #epidemiology #COVID #vaccines

23 hours ago
2 days ago

AstraZeneca, BMS reluctantly agree to Medicare drug price negotiation program -- Consulting firm McKinsey to pay $230 million in latest US opioid settlements -- mRNA vaccine manufacturing comes to Africa -- See more on our front page news #astrazeneca #bristolmyerssquibb #drugpricing #inflationreductionact #medicare #mckinsey #legal #opioids #opioidcrisis #africa #vaccines #mrna #pharma #pharmanews #biotech #biopharma #biotechnology #cafepharma

2 days ago

2nd cancellation in a row! One day I'll get my booster. One day!

"Our delayed Moderna COVID vaccine shipment did not arrive today as promised by the distributor. Further, the distributor cannot confirm that it will arrive tomorrow.

As a precautionary measure, we are asking you to reschedule the appointment you have"

#vaccines #fubar #covid

2 days ago

Just was checking @tRAJectory 's awesome Tableau graphs and yikes, Pennsylvania...HV.1 is at the top here.

HV.1 is sooooooooo fast.

Also, nationally BA.2.86.1 is here now in multiple States (WA, OH, AZ, NY, MD) already.

I don't like this at all. HV.1 will be a force of nature if it gains FLip.

IMHO, winter is gonna be......something.

#SARS2PA #covid #Covid19 #CovidIsNotOver
#Pennsylvania #PA #Health #Vaccines #Booster!
#Vaccinessavelives #HV1 #HK3 #FLIPvariants #BA2861

A screenshhot from Raj Rajanrayana's Tableau COVID tracker.  HV.1 is at the top of the variant leaderboard.
A screenshot from the tableau site again.  

BA.2.86.1 is highlighted in yellow on the national leaderboard and at 0.32% of random sequencing. Already.
Rich Lord
2 days ago

The slipshod rollout of new #COVID #vaccines could affect the already-low vaccination rate in Allegheny County's Black community, say advocates and researchers. @publicsource has the story #Pittsburgh #AlleghenyCounty

Grant Jacobs BioinfoTools NZ
2 days ago

For those who "prefer natural immunity"–

Vaccination is your immune system at work.

A vaccine gives an object for your immune system to train against.

All of the developing of immunity is your immune system’s work.

Using a vaccine you don’t play roulette with a disease.


Mary Nelson
3 days ago

Vaccines this fall:
- RSV ✅
- Flu (upcoming)

Very into preventing unwanted outcomes, when possible.
IMHO: Prevention has never gotten quite enough attention.

#vaccines #health #healthcare #prevention

Lorenzo Lucchini
3 days ago

Are you interested in behavioural models?

Yes: Have a 👀 at the project. This is a super interesting post-doc position for you! Apply here 👉

No: Boost 🙏

(Spoiler: the team is great and new data are flowing in)

#modelling #CSS #behavior #Vaccines #ERC @Unibocconi @DondenaCentre

[Sponsored 😉]

3 days ago
Catriona Gold
3 days ago

Getting vaxed is an act of care for everyone around us, and should not be restricted to certain groups. Vaxing a fraction of the population makes no sense from a #PublicHealth perspective - only an electoral one.

Reminder: there is no shortage of #covid #vaccines here. The govt just does not want to spend the £10pp it costs to vax all of us.

tl;dr: Go get that vax! 💉

@novid #CovidisAirborne #CovidIsNotOver #CovidCautious #CovidVaccine #PublicHealth #Vaccine #Vaccinated #VaccinesSaveLives

3 days ago

Oh yeah, this vaccine rollout is going REALLLLLLLLY GREAT!! 🙄 My appointment was for tomorrow. Fortunately, a local pharmacy just emailed that they have it available now, so I'll be seeing them on Wednesday.

#vaccines #sarcasm #booster #fail

Today 3:00 PM CVS Pharmacy: URGENT The updated COVID vaccine is not yet available and your appt must be rescheduled. Reschedule at
4 days ago

Good Timezone Fedi!



Lots of resources now available in the US for virus management/tesing.


Go to to look for places you can go to get an XBB shot.:

Make sure to call the pharmacy/office/etc. to confirm details of what you'll receive, lots of places only do virtual assistant scheduling.

#SARS2PA #covid #Covid19 #CovidIsNotOver
#Pennsylvania #PA #Health #Vaccines #Booster!
#Vaccinessavelives #HV1 #HK3 #FLIPvariants

4 days ago

Yay, I'm now freshly vaccinated against influenza and Covid 19...

I was going to ask for both in one arm, but there's a sensible reason why they do one in each. That way, if there's a reaction, they know which it was.

4 days ago

New #CovidTidbits from @drjudystone is available, and as always a timely read. So much information on #vaccines, #viruses and #politics.

If You’re Pregnant, These Vaccines Could Save You and Your Baby’s Life.

A really good article from @tarahaelle

“But the option of a pregnancy vaccine for RSV may be more convenient if one is already getting vaccinated against flu, COVID and pertussis during prenatal visits. And the new vaccine further solidifies the growing acceptance of using immunization during pregnancy”
#pregnancy #vaccination #vaccines #RSV #Flu #COVID19

It's #MastodonMonday! Mom staff is still coping with the last of her #COVID cough symptoms. We're very thankful for the #Vaccines that have kept her safe from this virus, without which she undoubtedly would have been hospitalized & might not have survived. #MaskUp & get your #Updated #Vaccine #DaisyDoo #SheltieGirl #DogsOfMastodon

Sweet Daisy Doo sitting pretty. She's been on guard through 2 bouts of COVID now.
GrrlScientist Ⓥ :verified:
4 days ago

More than half of US dog owners are skeptical of #canine vaccinations

proving once again that people view dogs as an extension of their bodies & their warped world view

#rabies #parvovirus #distemper #antiscience #Vaccines

5 days ago

The covid booster rollout in the US has been terrible, and it's making me think it's on purpose. I hope no one gets too discouraged. It's reminding me of the ways they discourage people to vote.

An example is the experience of a friend in southern New Hampshire. She and her husband tried to book appointments at CVS. They couldn't find any CVS pharmacies with any covid vaccine stocks at all in their town or surrounding towns, and had to travel a few towns over. And then they could only find Pfizer, no place had Moderna. Yesterday (Saturday Sept. 23rd) was the first appointment they could get, they had hoped for earlier in the week.

When they arrived, only her husband was in the system as having an appointment. He has Aetna insurance and she doesn't, and Aetna owns CVS, so maybe their system worked better for their own members. They took her too anyway. She said someone at the counter was needing to do manual work to get people's insurance coverage for the shots into their system, which brings the potential for typo's and resulting claim denials.

CVS is apparently booking multiple appointments for the same time slot. She said there were 4 people booked for her husband's appointed time, and the pharmacists told her that was corporate policy! She said the pharmacists were run ragged, no time for breaks, trying to get shots done for 4 people every 15 minutes, and of course not everyone arrives on time so there was a long queue and wait. This on top of the wait due to the manual insurance entry. The pharmacy was crowded with waiting people, most not masked.

I don't want to catch covid while waiting in queue to get my booster! Low stocks and overbooked appointments sounds like maybe they didn't expect so many people to want one, but other aspects of the rollout should have been expected.

Personally, I am waiting on Novavax approval. My reasoning is the specific protection it provides for FLip variants, which the mRNA vaccines do not. But we are in a wave now, so it might not make sense for everyone to wait. I have no kids and work from home, so I have less daily risk of exposure. Maybe in a week or two, these hiccups with appointments and insurance will clear up as well.

#Covid #Vaccines #Boosters #CovidIsNotOver #Novavax @novid

Carolyn Barber, MD
5 days ago

Researchers hope to limit spread & transmission of #Covid with the use of nasal #vaccines that might offer local protection. 2 vaxs in China & India have regulatory approval

Thus study in hamsters “demonstrates successful immunogenicity & protection against resp viral infection by an intranasally administered mRNA vax.”

Ron Chusid :verified:
6 days ago

It looks like it could be another week or more before the FDA decides on approval of Novavax.

#COVID #vaccines #Novavax

Brian Pierce MD
6 days ago

Got the #moderna booster yesterday and feeling aches and chills today almost like the first round of #covidvaccine Nothing dangerous, just annoying on a nice Saturday at home

(Family event at the end of the month so opted to be an early adopter)

Will be curious to see how it ends up comparing to #pfizer and #novavax


Miguel Afonso Caetano
6 days ago

#Science #AntiScience #Vaccines #ConspiracyTheories #Disinformation: "People in the health sector don’t know what to do; scientific societies discuss it in bland, defeatist language and talk about meeting with social-media companies. But no one seems to be willing to say, as I do, that this is political. As scientists, we are trained to have neutrality, we’re not supposed to talk about Republicans and Democrats or liberals and conservatives. But what do we do when the attacks are partisan?

We’re not seeing vigorous pushback or response, and neutrality favours the tormentor or the aggressor. We’re not hearing from the leadership of scientific societies, from university presidents, to defend science. I think they don’t want to offend donors coming from that political side, or state legislatures or the federal government. But they need to speak out in a forthright way. That’s what you do when you have a vampire: if you don’t have a silver bullet or a stake, you shine a light on it."

Brian Vastag
6 days ago

Breaking: Our for-profit patchwork healthcare non-system is incapable of doing anything at all without it being a total clusterfuck.

#covid #vaccines

W T A F!!

Just got this text from #CVS about this evening's vaccine appointments for me and my son.

We've been waiting SIX MONTHS for these #vaccines to come out!! I scheduled as SOON as they hit shelves!!

It's lucky you can't hear me through the computer because I am swearing up a storm in the car.

"Unforeseen circumstances"!!

Screenshot of texts:

CVS Vaccine: We're confirming your vaccine appointment(s). Manage your appointment(s):

Bookmarked here for unread messages

7:50 PM


Friday, September 22, 2023

CVS Vaccine: Due to unforeseen circumstances, we've had to cancel your appointment(s). We apologize and encourage you to reschedule:

CVS Vaccine: Due to unforeseen circumstances, we've had to cancel your appointment(s). We apologize and encourage you to reschedule: get-vaccine

9:20 AM
1 week ago

1,143,192 Americans Dead From COVID 19

2023-September-22 Friday

1,410 Americans Dead Last Week

U.S. - 4.19% of the global population

Calculated 2023 Aug 07
U.S. - 16.38% of global pandemic deaths

#America #AmericanDeaths #Americans #Booster #Corona #CoronaVirus #Covid #COVID19 #CovidIsAirborn #CovidIsNotOver #Death #Deaths #Friday #LongCovid #Mask #Masks #Monday #News #Pandemic #PandemicIsNotOver #Politics #Saturday #Sunday #US #USA #USNews #USPolitics #Vaccine #Vaccines #WearAMask

Quinn Comendant
1 week ago

Updated Fall 2023 Vaccine Chart by Katelyn Jetelina from Your Local Epidemiologist newsletter fame.

#vaccines #covid #flu #hsv

A chart of fall 2023 vaccines with column headings:
- what are the options?
- who is eligible?
- how well do they work?
- when should I get it?

With rows for these vaccines:
- influenza
- covid-19
- RSV (3 kinds)
Caroline Mala Corbin
1 week ago

EEOC Sues Over Refusal of Religious Accommodation to Christian from Vaccine Mandate

This seems like an odd use of the EEOC's limited resources.

The Supreme Court's decision in Groff v. DeJoy, which made it easier to seek religious accommodations at work under Title VII, invited lawsuits like this one.

I just didn't expect the EEOC to join in.

#law #lawfedi #fediLaw #TitleVII #religion #vaccines

Anthony Stevens 🇪🇺 🇯🇲 💙
1 week ago

#Vaccines #COVID #CONspiracyTheories

🚨The #AntiVax movement is on the rise across the globe. #Biden is at a loss over what to do about it in the #US🚨

Officials have felt handcuffed for the past 2 years by a #GOP lawsuit over Biden’s attempt to clamp down on anti-vaxxers.

They allege The Dems violated the 1st Amendment in encouraging Social Media companies to crack down on Anti-Vax posts.

This is where free speech meets disinformation, as millions died unnecessarily.

Anti Vaccine protest
Jeri Dansky
1 week ago

Maybe I *don't* have to get rid of all my CSN music, as I first feared? Stills supporting RFK Jr would be a deal-breaker, but I'm not sure about whether him supporting Clapton (whose music I've already deleted) at an RFK Jr fundraiser is a dealbreaker, too. Need to ponder this one.

#uspol #vaccines #music

Robert Petersen :pacman:
1 week ago

I am now immortal and have impeccable 5G. I think that’s how it works?

#Heath #CovidIsNotOver #Covid #Covid19 #Flu #Flushot #vaccine #vaccines #vaccinated

Image showing paperwork for flu and Covid booster.
Carrie Shanafelt
1 week ago

At a preview of Shot in the Arm, a documentary about vaccine hesitancy, opening in November. #covid #pandemic #vaccines

The theater space at Langone with a projection of a title card for SHOT IN THE ARM, showing an arm with a bandage holding a phone emerging from the O in SHOT
Jennifer Moore 😷
1 week ago

"All principled scientists understand that we remain in the beginning stages of the pandemic and that under existing policies COVID-19 will remain a dangerous pathogen for the foreseeable future.

"... a high likelihood that at a certain point a variant will evolve that causes existing vaccines to be unable to protect against severe disease and death, essentially putting mankind back at square one or even worse."

#covid #vaccines

1 week ago

When scheduling vaccines, BE AWARE - if you schedule a GROUP, it may tell you there are no appts. when if you did it individually, there are lots (even at the same time on the same day - so their system is wonky).

This happened with both Walgreens and CVS. We tried to get four people in at once, site says "no openings" for weeks. Went to 2 people: same thing. Went to 1 person: scheduled everyone for same day within 90 minutes of each other!

#PleaseBoost #vaccines #booster #Covid

Dr Joe Pajak
1 week ago

'It’s fair to wonder why. We are all high-income countries. We all have the same #vaccines. We are all looking at the same data. How could public health officials come to different conclusions across countries?'
💯@dr_kkjetelina @GYamey

"Anti-vaxxers: give us liberty or give us death. And thanks to the rabid right, it’s entirely possible to attain both. …

Anti-vaxxers are literally dying for their beliefs—and for the disinformation that’s being thrust upon them."

~ Bill Lueders

#vaccines #antivax #antivaxxers #Covid

Cory Doctorow
1 week ago

Hey look at this

* The #EdgarAllanPoe Library | The Nevermore

* Updated COVID-19 #Vaccines Available for Adults at No Cost (h/t Kottke)

* Trust Us: Inside the #JerseyOffshore Investigation


New COVID-19 vaccine arriving in Michigan. Here’s what to know.

Plus info about flu and RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus) vaccines.

#Covid #RSV #vaccines

The Flight Attendant
1 week ago

I'm getting ready to head to Walgreens for my updated 2023 COVID-19 Pfizer BioNtech (COMIRNATY) booster shot. My husband got his earlier today and says his arm doesn't hurt. I'm scheduling our annual flu shots for October. Encouraging everyone to schedule your boosters! 👍🥰 #CovidIsNotOver #COVIDbooster #covidvaccine #booster #vaccines #vaccinesSaveLives

Im pretty sure I would be feeling way worse if I hadn’t gotten my #vaccines and #boosters.

Jeff Byrnes
2 weeks ago

#Covid showed up in our home again (my wife tested positive Thursday, still positive, symptomatic starting Friday).

New boosters are available, CVS is definitely scheduling them (I’ve got an appt. in Davis Sq tomorrow).

☑️ Test regularly
😷 mask up indoors in public
💉 get your shot!

#COVID19US #vaccines

2 weeks ago

the same people who concern troll me over my heavy use of bug spray are the same people who caused why I need to use it so heavily

anti-vaxxers got human Lyme vaccines pulled from the market because they "felt" a part of it was making them ill despite no evidence of it in double blind studies

it was such a nightmare in publicity for the vaccine manufacturers that we have been trying to make a vaccine for twenty years without that ingredient that we couldn't find any evidence of doing what they claimed it was doing and in fact proved that this mechanism was NOT a possible cause - nor was anything related to the vaccine

twenty years of preventable lyme disease cases

twenty years

#vaccines #antiVaxxers #lyme

Warner Crocker
2 weeks ago

Demand for new iPhones was apparently high and caused some chaos when the store opened for orders early this morning. Not unexpected.

What was unexpected was the chaos at my pharmacy.. On my visit, the staff was slammed. The reason? Pharmacies have just opened up to schedule for the latest COVID vaccine.

My pharmacist told me that the online systems were not prepared for the high demand and thus they were getting tons of calls at all local stores.

#COVID #Vaccines #Apple #iPhone

Jennifer Moore 😷
2 weeks ago


Yeah, I've been saying that vaccine appointments would be a great opportunity to give out good respirator-style masks, one each, to take away - so that each person had at least one on hand in case someone in their household got infected.

Not seen anyone in power actually take up that idea yet, though!

#covid #vaccines #masks

2 weeks ago

1,141,782 Americans Dead From COVID 19

2023-September-15 Friday

1,504 Americans Dead Last Week

U.S. - 4.19% of the global population

Calculated 2023 Aug 07
U.S. - 16.38% of global pandemic deaths

#US #USA #America #Americans #COVID19 #Covid #Corona #CoronaVirus #CovidIsNotOver #CovidIsAirborn #Pandemic #PandemicIsNotOver #Mask #Masks #WearAMask #Death #Deaths #AmericanDeaths #Vaccine #Vaccines #montag #Friday #Saturday #Sunday #Monday #LongCovid #news #USNews #politics #USPolitics

Flipboard News Desk
2 weeks ago

The CDC is urging all Americans to get a dose of the new COVID-19 booster vaccine before the fall and winter virus season.

CBS News has curated a collection of stories about the guidance and the latest news on the disease:

#COVID19 #COVID #Vaccines #CDC #Health #PublicHealth

Poetry News
2 weeks ago

The US CDC is averse
To risk in these times so perverse
Their experts will meet
To consider vaccines' feet
And ponder the best recommendations to serve

#cdc #vaccines #covid19 #recommendations #limerick #poetry

2 weeks ago

CDC advisers recommend updated #Covid-19 #vaccines for all Americans 6 months of age and older.

The committee heard in its meeting Tuesday that the new vaccines will be available in pharmacies within 48 hours of her signoff.

2 weeks ago

#PublicHealth picks of the day:

➡️ @nisreen - #Epidemiologist & Prof of Public #Health at Univ of Southampton

➡️ @hildabast - Scientist & writer, #metascience updates on latest #Covid19 #vaccines

➡️ @chrischirp - Prof at Univ College London, uses maths tools to support delivery of health services

➡️ @EdMHill - Researcher in mathematical #epidemiology & modelling of infectious disease

➡️ @RMCarpiano - Prof of Public Policy at Univ. of Calif Riverside, public health scientist & sociologist


Robson Fletcher
2 weeks ago

“Health Canada has approved Moderna's updated COVID-19 vaccine for all Canadians who are six months of age and older.”

#covid #covid19 #canada #cdnpoli #vaccines #vaccine #vaccination

2 weeks ago

To share with friends who moved from #Twitter to #Threads:

"#Meta acknowledged…to The Washington Post that Threads is intentionally blocking the search terms ["covid" and "long covid"] and said that other terms are being blocked, but the company declined to provide a list of them. A search by The Post discovered that the words…“coronavirus,” “vaccines” and “vaccination” are also among blocked words."

#Covid #Pandemic #Vaccines

Mikko Lehtovirta
2 weeks ago

Seuraamalla 325000 hongkongilaista tutkijat osoittivat:
- #koronarokotus ei lisännyt #diabetes'riskiä
- #koronainfektio sen sijaan lisäsi

#COVID19 #vaccines #vaccinate


3 weeks ago
Headline: Threads blocks searches related to covid and vaccines amid uptick
Monica Di, PhD :verified:
3 weeks ago

The latest from the #FDA about mRNA COVID-19 #vaccines

-5y+ regardless of previous 💉 are eligible to receive a single dose of an updated #mRNA #COVID #vaccine at least 2mo since last dose
-6mo to 4y prev vaccinated can receive 1-2 updated 💉
-Unvaxxed 6m-4y can get 3 doses of updated 💉

VM (Vicky) Brasseur
3 weeks ago

FDA approves new #COVID #vaccines

Today, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration took action approving and authorizing for emergency use updated COVID-19 vaccines formulated to more closely target currently circulating variants and to provide better protection against serious consequences of COVID-19, including hospitalization and death.

Ricardo Harvin
3 weeks ago

Come and get it! If you can afford it 🤬

The #COVID #XBB #variant family #booster approved in the #US for everyone older than 5 and will start being available by the end of this week. Price will be an obscene $100 per dose.

#Health "#insurance" *should* cover the cost, in-network, but we know how insurance finds ways to not ensure our health.

Good news is "It is likely that the XBB.1.5 #monovalent #vaccines will raise #antibodies against all the circulating variants"

Richard Rathe
3 weeks ago

This is a good summary of where we are with the new #COVID #BoosterVaccine...

>> Anyone at High Risk should get it if they can! <<

(The age criteria for "high risk" is 75+ BTW.)

This is based on the important (but limited) criteria of preventing severe disease, #hospitalization, & #death.

The reasons for others to get the new vax are softer due to lack good research data. But there is some evidence that #vaccination in general may help *prevent* infection and #LongCovid. Non-trivial that!!

It is also important to point out that #vaccines are a tertiary intervention after common sense measures like staying home when you are sick, #testing & #isolation, and wearing a good quality #mask around strangers.

I will gladly get the new vaccine if/when it is offered!

The younger and healthier you are the less you need it, but don't forget the basics!

The Swiss Cheese Respiratory Pandemic Defense (COVID)
Jeff Gilchrist
3 weeks ago

Novavax vs mRNA vaccine

This thread explains how #Novavax is different from the #Moderna and #Pfizer #mRNA #vaccines and describes some of the benefits such as broadened #variant recognition, more durable #immunity, and fewer side effects. 🧵 1/

The one page easier to share version of this thread can be found at:

Image of COVID-19 virus, mRNA strand, Novavax vaccine spike nanoparticles and a syringe. Image made from content at : and
3 weeks ago

George Takei’s substack The Big Picture, is documenting how #Republicans are attacking #Biden for things tht happened while #Trump was president. “Joe Biden & party shuttered schools, forced masks, & put #vaccines in their arms, all to hold our children bk w/ long-lasting impacts on their educational future. The #Democrats put power over our kids.” Only problem is all of those things happened in 2020 by Trump. The RNC has gone so far as to use pictures & video from 2020 to attack Biden.