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Les « #écoutes » de Matignon: la #justice enquête sur des #soupçons d’ #irrégularités massives

Après le #signalement d’une #gendarme, le #parquet de Paris a ouvert une #enquête préliminaire, confiée à la #DGSI, à propos d’une #dérive au sein de #Matignon. Pas moins de 300 techniques de renseignement ont été pratiquées sans #validation du premier #ministre, comme l’impose pourtant la #loi.

josh ledgard
2 days ago

Got my first set of trial customer feedback on Content Spark! Fixed one bug and agreed with his many suggestions. #workingonit

If you post to #socialmedia for your business. Give it a try. I need more #saas #validation.

[🇬🇧] 2nd blog post of the year: "Using Symfony forms with PHP typed properties" Proofreading, comments, likes and retweets are welcome! 😉 Annual goal: 2/7 #symfony #php #form #validation

[🇫🇷] 2ᵉ article de l'année : "Utilisation des formulaires Symfony avec les propriétés typées PHP" Relectures, retours, likes et retweets sont les bienvenus ! 😉 Objectif annuel : 2 / 7 #symfony #php #form #validation

Kit Muse
1 week ago

How Journals And Planners Can Validate Lived Experiences

I admit that I'm not big on long journal entries. To me doing daily journaling is just one more thing to check off the to do list. What I prefer is tracking things that are important to me (such as daily word count goals), using my to do app to check off the things I com

#BulletJournals #LivedExperience #planners #recovery #validation

Oli Sturm
2 weeks ago

Always nice to see well-planned UI features like data #validation in commercial banking apps. #HSBC #PardonMySarcasm

Date entry field wrongly stating that the selected date is invalid
2 weeks ago


I'm having a serious "What am I fucking doing?" and "What is all this shit for?" moment with #socialmedia in general.

Do I do it just because I can, for some sort of magical ethereal Internet Points?

Do I do it out of my own #insecurities seeking peer #validation?

Do I do it out of #loneliness as a way to reach out into the void and fill that #emptyness inside?

Do I do it out of #boredom to entertain myself, scrolling and swiping?

I don't know.

I took a good hard look at my own social media, it's all selfies and #thirsttraps.

And it made me wonder, "Is this what I have become? Is this all I'm leaving behind?"

I feel like I've slowly been conditioned to keep churning out empty content, hollowing myself out and becoming a one trick pony in this grandiose cybernetic shit show.

All in search of the little #dopamine hits that receiving likes and comments from complete strangers give me.

I used to discuss concepts and ideas, I used to share things I found interesting or thought provoking. I used to strive to make the world a better place than the one I came into.

And I became just another random old guy with a shit ton of half nude selfies in a sea full of disconnected castaways, all begging for some attention and validation.

And I've done it again, as it doesn't escape me that this very post might be construed as a means to get that attention and validation from peers.

*sigh* Maybe it's all in my head.

Now, where the fuck did I leave my meds...

Asbjørn Ulsberg
3 weeks ago

Hey @medium, your domain validation logic is whack.

#mastodon #domain #validation

Medium's modal for connecting a Mastodon account:

Connect Mastodon.
Enter the domain name of the instance you want to link. Be sure you've entered the domain correctly before proceeding.

Instance domain:
Error message: Please enter a valid domain.
Aral Balkan
4 weeks ago

PS. Kitten uses HTML Validate to show you validation issues with your pages as you develop.


#SmallWeb #Kitten #web #dev #html #validation #js #NodeJS #htmlValidate #validator

Aral Balkan
4 weeks ago

If you’re using HTML Validate (you should; it’s ace), update to 7.15.2. It no longer flags multiple buttons with the same name used in forms as a validation error (this is a valid pattern that lets you interpret a form differently on the server based on which button it was submitted with).

#web #dev #html #validation #js #NodeJS #htmlValidate #validator

1 month ago

IBAN und BIC Validator (3)

Nachdem im vorherigen Beitrag zum Thema, die Prüfung der deutschen IBAN und BIC verbessert wurde, rundet dieser Beitrag die Validierung ab.

#AusdemLeben #Bibliotheken #Java #Web #BIC #BLZ #IBAN #Java #Kontonummer #SEPA #Validation

1 month ago

IBAN und BIC Validierung (2)

Im ersten Teil zu der IBAN und BIC Validierung wurden erste Implementierungen vorgestellt um die syntaktische Korrektheit von IBAN und BIC zu prüfen und bei der IBAN zusätzlich die Prüfsumme zu nutzen. In diesem Beitrag sollen zusätzliche landesspezifische Eigenschaften genutzt werden. Ins

#Algorithmen #AusdemLeben #Bibliotheken #Java #Web #Bankleitzahl #BIC #BLZ #Bundesbank #Java #SWIFT #Validation

Oliver D. Reithmaier
1 month ago

You're at #CHI23, a big fan of #SelfEfficacy, love a proper #validation and fear nothing more than #Adhocscales? I figured as much! Definitely visit Nele Borgert's talk in the "Metrics & Methods" session where she will be presenting our (with Larina Hillemann, Luisa Jansen, @maltoesermalte and @ianhussey) paper "Home is Where the Smart is: Development and Validation of the Cybersecurity Self-Efficacy in Smart Homes (CySESH) Scale". I am looking forward to it, so why shouldn't you?

1 month ago

IBAN und BIC Validierung

Nach den Beiträgen zu der eher unbekannten Leitweg-ID und den geläufigen Telefonnummern wird sich dieser Beitrag mit den beiden bekanntesten IDs aus dem Zahlungswesen beschäftigen, der IBAN und dem BIC.

#Algorithmen #AusdemLeben #Bibliotheken #Java #Web #Bankleitzahl #BIC #IBAN #ISO/IEC7064 #Java #Kontonummer #MOD97-10 #SWIFT #Validation

The new #efforts announced by DHS include implementing #enhanced #screening #technology, adopting #lessinvasive #screening #procedures, making #TSAPreCheck more #inclusive, expanding #airline #partnerships, streamlining #identity #validation, facilitating effective #communication at U.S. ports of entry and beyond, and updating #TrustedTravel #Programs to align with the #StateDepartment's #passport #options.

Reminder for anyone writing an email-validation routine (i.e., for signup forms or whatever):

Email addresses can contain - and + and also . in the local-part (before the @ sign)! Honestly, they can contain nearly anything there, but those are the ones most likely to be incorrectly blocked as "invalid".

TLDs (.com, .org, .uk, etc.) can now include things like .ninja, .museum, and .apartments.

Don't block valid email addresses!

#UI #UX #UXDesign #email #validation #coding #WebDev

Aral Balkan
2 months ago

So I went down a bit of a rabbit hole with Kitten’s HTML validation features today and… well… now you can click a link in your developer console and view all the validation errors in-place in your web page :)


#Kitten #SmallWeb #HTML #validation #accessibility #web #standards #dev

Aral Balkan
2 months ago

HTML validation issues in Kitten now show a brief summary in your terminal with the full details available in your browser’s developer console.

#Kitten #SmallWeb #HTML #validation #web #dev


Terminal on left, Developer Tools open on (https://localhost) on right.

Terminal content (abridged output):

Kitten v1.0.0
Domain version 1.0.0
HTML validation failed (1 error, 1 warning)
(See your browser’s developer console for full details.)


Navigated to https://localhost/

HTML Validation Warning: void-style
Element: #application > br 
Issue  : Expected omitted end tag <br> instead of self-closing element <br/>

HTML Validation Error: input-missing-label

Element: #application > input 
Issue  : <input> element does not have a <label>

😸 Kitten: connected to development-time hot reload socket.
2 months ago

Validieren von Telefonnummern

Im letzten Beitrag wurde für die Klasse InternationalTelephoneNumber aus dem Projekt Telephone ein Serialisierer und ein Deserialisierer für Jackson erstellt. Damit ist es möglich diese Klasse direkt in REST Request einzusetzen. Zusätzlich wäre eine Validierung der Telefonnummern wünschenswert. Auf diese Weise kö

#Java #Spring #Web #DIN5008 #Java #Rest #SpringBoot #Telefon #Telephone #Validation

Aral Balkan
3 months ago

Minimum¹ valid HTML file, did you say? Here you go:

<!doctype html><html lang><title>🤓</title>

(Tested with

I mean, needless to say, don’t do this. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should :)

¹ Minimum number of characters (not bytes) without errors or warnings, that is. If you don’t care about warnings, you can remove <html>. If you want the minimum number of bytes, replace the emoji with a dot or something ;)

#html #forgiving #parser #validation #web #dev

Alan Kotok
3 months ago

Panel: A.I. Regulation Needed, But Long Way Off

A panel of data scientists at a professional meeting says artificial intelligence needs more rigorous oversight, but many questions remain on who and how to do the regulating.

#News #Science #ArtificialIntelligence #Algorithms #MachineLearning #AAAS #AAASmtg #Regulation #Validation #Medical #CriminalJustice

Emma Pierson, Cornell Tech computer science professor at AAAS meeting, 3 Mar. 2023
Aral Balkan
3 months ago

html-validate¹ is an awesome offline HTML validator written in Node.js (with accessibility validation, etc.) I just started looking into it and whipped up a little example to test it out.

In case it helps someone else get started with it, here’s the code:



#html #validation #markup #web #dev #SmallWeb #accessibility

Krolowa ⚧️
3 months ago

I just had a porn actor I admire send me some love for something I wrote (as Tina Kolesnik.)

All I got say is this: You bottoms keep winning - this world, and all its dicks, are yours. 🖤

#writing #validation

Christian Aubry 🇺🇦
3 months ago

Il est facile d'ajouter un lien de profil Mastodon avec balise rel="me" dans l'en-tête de son site Web, mais pour les néophytes de WordPress, l'extension Simple Mastodon Verification est effectivement aussi simple qu'efficace: #validation #transparence #confiance #crédibilité

Stephanie Sutton
3 months ago

My teenage daughter just saw Marylin Monroe for the first time...and shouted "Mama it's you!" Then shimmied. I'll take it!
#Kids #Validation #MILF

Marylin Monroe Some Like it Hot popping out from a Curtain
David Maus
3 months ago

Started work on SchXslt2, the second iteration of a modern XSLT-based ISO Schematron processor. SchXslt2 will be XSLT 3.0 only. What I can tell so far: The Schematron to XSLT transpiler is less then 500 lines of XSLT.

#schematron #schxslt #dsdl #validation

Fabrice Neuman
4 months ago

🎙️ la quotidienne iWeek | 328 (chapitres illustrés)

1⃣ #Refurb
2⃣ #réparabilité
3⃣ #vocaux
4⃣ #validation
5⃣ #CarPlay



Abonnez-vous gratuitement:

#iweekLQI #podcast

Please, please, if you validate file size, tell me what the maximum file size is! #validation #errormessages

File is too big, please try to reduce file size or upload other file
Della Wren
4 months ago

Validation is a lie. It puts your power outside of you and makes how you feel about yourself somebody else's responsibility.

When you need to be seen by other people it means you're not seeing yourself.

When you need to be heard by other people it means you're not hearing yourself.

When you need to be loved by other people it means you're not loving yourself.

The simple truth is that for as long as you don't do these things for yourself first they will not show up in the people around you. The minute you give them to yourself you will find them out there in the world too.

Yes, humans want connection with other people. That is built in. It is the idea that you need it and that something is wrong with you if you don't have it that gets you into trouble.

The idea of validation is a wounded ego construct that gives you a reason to feel crappy about yourself. It's a perpetual loop because no matter how much visibility you have, you can still feel like crap. You can get 5 million shares of your viral Facebook post and still feel un-validated within yourself.

Social media validation is not going to make you feel better about yourself. If it does it's artificial and temporary. If you ever lost the external validation without fixing your internal world first, it would be a really hard landing back into the old wounds that were never healed.

The external world will not fix the internal struggle for you because it can't. You have to fix the internal struggle for yourself and it does not rely on what's happening around you.

When you have a conversation with somebody and you don't feel seen or heard, it makes you feel like crap.

What do you do with that in your head?

Can you recognize the other person can't give you that, probably because they can't do it for themselves yet?

Or do you blame them for not hearing you?

Do you take it out on your self-worth?

You went looking for something outside of yourself and you didn't find it. So now what?

Give it to yourself and stop blaming the world for what you don't have within yourself yet.

Stop the never ending loop of blame, shame, guilt, and victimization based on what other people can and cannot do for you.

Your power is within you.

Go find it.

Love to all.


#Validation #itsalie #yourpoweriswithinyou #spirituality #healing #consciousness #awareness #clarity #itsinyourhands

Urs Enzler 🐉
4 months ago

Today's random F# code from our app is about validating data passed to us over our public API (rerun):
#fsharp #dotnet #validation

Jo Qatana
4 months ago

Oh cool. Barry Webb, the photographer of that cute lil slime mold that’s going around, just hearted this photoset on Instagram. #validation

Configuration can be challenging in ASP.NET. There can be multiple sources and it may be a challenge to predict exactly what #configuration values your system works with. Especially when this system runs in a (#cloud) #production environment that cannot be accessed easily. Adding #validation to your configuration may help you get your system up and running in a healthy state, or at least provide you with some meaningful errors when your configuration contains errors.

Ada 🏳️‍⚧️
4 months ago

Republicans are helping me live the female experience by restricting what I’m allowed to do with my body! Now that’s #validation! Next, they’ll tell me I don’t belong in the workplace!
#trans #transgender #uspol

Don Cooley
5 months ago

I struggled with the rel=me for validation for a couple of weeks. I have my own hosted domain, several websites. No matter what I did with the html code on my sites nothing happened.
Someone pointed out i was omitting the "http://" in my links on profile since browsers nowadays don't need it to recognize a link; I had just used ""
The mastodon code was not checking it. Fixed the links in profile; both turned green immediately.

Please boost!

Sander Elias
5 months ago

Check this out. It will help you to keep your validations and forms maintainable.
RT @Jefiozie
Just wanted to share the good news - the new version of "@validointi/core", 1.1.0, is now available. We've added schematics so you can easily add the package to your @angular app. Happy coding! 🎉 #angular #validation #newrelease cc @esosanderelias

Dee Toher
5 months ago

It is such a pity that this superb (world leading) team has been broken up.

Pouria Hadjibagheri was rightly honoured in the New Year's list, so we need to start a campaign so that Claire Griffiths gets recognised (a Damehood would be fitting for the tunes).

Archived version of Spectator article:

The emphasis on creating an easy to use #API to enable others to use #openData to create dashboards. Concentrating on #dataCollection and #validation was key to transparency

Dr. B Learned Hand
5 months ago

Extraordinary article.
“.. people with #disabilities are expertly attuned to fielding #empowering affirmations..The wearying aphorisms, the sympathy-card condolences, the feel-good bromides about overcoming #adversity.

“Maybe things get worse.” “Maybe the cards aren’t in our favor.” “Maybe we live in a world that doesn’t always dole out #happy endings.”
“Being blind sucks,” my Eye2Eye counselor. This was the tao of #validation I’d been waiting for.”

Berlin Institute of Health
5 months ago

V for #validation. The SPARK-#BIH, a funding program of #Charité BIH Innovation, helps accelerate and validate outstanding applied medical #research. The SPARK-BIH program provided extensive support in the preparatory phase of the study and helped secure funding from the #BMBF. Click here for the press release:

5 months ago

Ways CSS :has() can make your HTML forms even better · “Forms offer some of my favorite use cases for CSS :has().”

#development #techniques
#webdevelopment #webdev #frontend #HTML #CSS #form #validation

6 months ago

📣 dry-schema 1.13.0 was just released which ships with upgraded dry-logic to 1.5.0 - it fixes compatibility with `eql?` and `respond_to?` predicates which previously were conflicting with the default implementation in Object.

See full changelog 👇

#ruby #dry_rb #rubygem #validation #oss #opensource #library

Carl Chenet
6 months ago

Je viens d'ajouter la validation de mon blog (Wordpress) avec mon compte Mastodon 🐘 Auparavant je n'avais que mon Pixelfed. Ça rend pas mal je trouve 😎 À voir si je peux faire quelque chose pour le Gitlab, ce serait cool 🤔

#mastodon #validation

6 months ago

Interesting watch - Validating JSON with TypeScript Interfaces; JSON Schema, TSDoc - Michigan TypeScript

#react #typescript #schema #validation

Airikr :endeavourOS:
1 year ago

How can validating geographical coordinates be so problematic? 😫

#php #serenum #validation

Samuel Roland
1 year ago

Hey #dev #devs !
Any or advice when you want to develop an app for a specific group, but there is a risk this group will never use your app ?

I'm talking about a side project, not a company funded one.

How can I validate the idea and minimize the risk ?

More generally, what makes people use or not an app their organization has decided to use?
(if they are not by default forced to use, as it's an association and the people are all volunteer).

#idea #validation #application #app #concept


Since everybody else on SBC is on a video kick today, how's this for some #validation

... this feeling when the teacher of your kid says "and this is for the other mother" <3 #trans #validation