Andrew Perfors
1 day ago

Whenever I'm tempted to overestimate the degree to which parents influence their #children, I just take a look at how much #vegemite my son slathers onto his sandwich and feel much better.

2 days ago

@LifeTimeCooking I just threw the toast in the bin tbh. I have problems with dairy and for some reason Lurpak is the only butter I can put up with. But I even quite like it. And it's necessary to get even coverage of Vegemite
#Vegemite #Toast #Lubrication

Phillip James Magee
6 days ago

I've only just realised that #Vegemite has a best before date on it. I've always assumed it was a food that could last thru a nuclear winter.
If Putin started WW3 I would pack a jar of Vegemite to see me through. Obviously I needed to find a baker after that for good bread....

1 week ago

Aahh that feeling when you put too much vegemite on your sandwich and wonder again why scientists haven't figured out a way to harness the nuclear-level saltiness therein to solve the energy crisis.
#vegemite #salty #energycrisis

2 weeks ago

I know no one reads anything I say, and I know I'm an Icelandic Albanian American, so what do I know about #marmite and #vegemite? BUT... I just want to reiterate my feelings about the superiority of New Zealand Marmite to Australian Vegemite.

2 weeks ago

Why does my #vegemite have a use-by date? How can it ever go bad?

Who would have thought you’d need a whole book for making toast.
#AustraliaKitsch #Vegemite #Breakfast #Cookbook

A photo of a cookbook, titled The Vegemite Cook Book, celebrating 100 years of the spreadable yeast extract; with a line also on the cover saying “favourite recipes that taste like Australia”.
1 month ago

Have allowed myself to run out of Vegemite. So that's today ruined before it's really even got started.
Hope you are having a better day.

It's a 150g jar of Vegemite on a white background.
A quick Google has the following description for it:
Vegemite is a thick, dark brown Australian food spread made from leftover brewers' yeast extract with various vegetable and spice additives. It was developed by Cyril Callister in Melbourne, Victoria, in 1922"

If you're familiar with the British Marmite, this is similar but less sharp, not as dark and has a different texture when spreading. More gloopy.
Mitzi Szereto
2 months ago

In that age-old question as to which is better - #Marmite or #Vegemite - I have to say without a doubt that the Aussies rule. Sorry, Britain!

2 months ago

I was so stressed earlier and so I did some stress eating - two pieces of toast with Vegemite. Now the world seems much better to me. #vegemite

So, where do you think I grew up? #vegemite

4 jars of Vegemite.
Tim Richards
3 months ago

Could there be such a thing as... too much Vegemite?
We taste-tested all the new Vegemite snacks, from Arnott’s Shapes to Pizza Pockets

#Vegemite #Australia

3 months ago

I prefer my 🇨🇮🇫🇷toast to 🇨🇮🇦🇺 #toast #StPatricksDay2023 #vegemite

Cj °・❀☆❀・°
4 months ago

Which #vegemite are you?

4 months ago

Tatsächlich ist #Vegemite nicht so fies, wie alle immer sagen. Würzig, mit einem unliebsamen Beigeschmack nach brennenden Mad-Max-Reifen.

Bis zu Nutella ist es noch ein weiter Weg, Mate.

4 months ago

Dschungelcamp@Home #Vegemite

Eine entrindete Scheibe Toast und ein Glas Vegemite.
5 months ago

@MarkCockram from the jar, Vegemite has been made in Australia since 1923, that’s 100 years! Is that why Coles brought out their Vegemite hot roast chickens?


Coles special edition Vegemite roast chicken packaging containing a cooked chook
Nancy Friedman
5 months ago

My tribute to #Vegemite, the pungent Australian yeast-extract paste that’s celebrating its centennial this year. Musical interlude by @amandapalmer!

Prof Felipe Gusmao
5 months ago

@jeffowup @timrichards I miss #Vegemite so much... It is impossible to find anything similar in Brazil! Try it with cream cheese, it is amazing!

6 months ago

Finally did a comparison test between AU #Vegemite & NZ #marmite. The winner is...

NEW ZEALAND MARMITE! Congratulations.

Sorry, UK Marmite, you came in last.

#AUSTRALIA #NewZealand #kiwi

A toast is seen split in two resting on a white plate. Both sides have a spreading of butter mixed with some kind of dark paste that looks like it could have been born from within a black hole. Above the toast, resting near the plate, are two containers. On the left is a yellow container with "Vegemite" written on it. On the right, a reddish-colored container that says "Marm" on it, and is New Zealand Sanitarium Marmite.
Ipse Dixit
6 months ago

I just had vita weat with Vegemite and made worms squish out of the holes and now I'm 6 years old again.


Phillip James Magee
6 months ago

I don't know what they add to Squeezable #Vegemite to make it more liquid but it has a horrible chemical taste that almost ruins that most sophisticated of breakfast spreads.


6 months ago

ALRIGHT! I did a poll asking whether I should get the UK #Marmite or the AU #Vegemite or the NZ #Marmite. And after considering the votes, I got them all. The NZ Marmite won't be here until next week but my scientific taste tests has a winner in the MARMITE V VEGEMITE WAR!

And the winner is...


But UK Marmite is good too!

Michael 📯
6 months ago

"He just smiled and gave me a Vegemite sandwich." (Men at work - Down Under)

Ich werde das Glas #Vegemite nie leerbekommen. Dazu streiche ich es viel zu selten und zu dünn auf den Toast.

@wfryer isn't that just a really coarse liverwurst?

Now #Vegemite, that is something you never forget after having it.

And never again...

Mike 🏳️‍🌈
6 months ago

I’m not into coin collecting usually but I am very pro-#Vegemite. Look how cute it is!

Royal Australia Mint 2023 Vegemite Coin Collection
Close up of the coloured Vegemite $1 coin
6 months ago

Dear #fediverse, especially Brits, Aussies, and New Zees (aka Kiwis), which one should I buy? #marmite #vegemite

6 months ago

The breakfast of champions!! 👍

One day I will find out what vegemite is. I see it mentioned constantly & I have no idea what it is. #vegemite

6 months ago

The postman has bought this little #AussieExpat two jars of pure joy.


Two jars of delicious vegemite.

With all the posts of terrible American thanksgiving cuisine I thought its important to show off our aussie foods too. What is your preferred #Vegemite coverage.

7 months ago

#vegemite worms 😍

Australian supermarkets: all the major world cuisines represented.


7 months ago

I never did do an #introduction and it kinda feels weird to start now, but oh well.

I met my wife at speed dating. 16 years and 2 kids later, it seems like maybe it went okay.

I love cars but have never had the money to own anything interesting, I just like them 🤷‍♂️

I am much too shy and introverted to ever start a DM conversation with you, or say hi if I see you in person, but will happily stand on stage and talk to hundreds of people. Don't take it personally.

My hobbies include sitting and staring at my phone wishing I had hobbies.

I collect #lego, mainly cars, but I don't really call it a hobby, because I just like following the instructions and then putting them on a shelf.

I once jumped out of a plane, and pulled a ripcord to release a parachute. I survived.

I used to work for a band, and made a flash app for them that ran when you put their CD in your computer.

If you've stayed on-campus in a US University after 2007, my code probably processed your housing application.

I am a cat person. I am not a dog person. Sadly my wife is a dog person who is allergic to cats.

I like writing #csharp, compiling it, decompiling it, then going "hmmmm" and making up explanations for what I see.

I work at Microsoft on #dotnet sort of stuff and I'm pretty chuffed to be doing so.

#vegemite is ace.

Dick Smiths Fair Go Supporters
2 years ago

What you will get if you tax meat and dairy more is young families going crazy.

Young families feel they need to feed their child such for brain development, muscle/bone strength etc. We realise that there appears to be science mounting against this however.

There doesn't seem any real pesticide/herbicide free alternatives on shelves today for these people, apart from possibly #Vegemite/#Marmite/popping pills?
@strypey @clacke @wyatwerp