10 hours ago

Antep Aci Dolma from the garden.
Good size peppers, like sweet peppers, but sweet and really hot! 🔥 🌶️
Good for stuffing.

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Two big red peppers lie on a deck railing
Calliss Clan
1 day ago

Rustic potato cake #AntonioCarluccio #Vegetables #mymenuplan…

1 day ago

We have a little raised bed for salads & veg. This is our second crop of carrots this year and I’m delighted with them. I reckon we will get several meals from these - sown as tapes rather than just seeds. We also have chard, which was looking very miserable. It’s suddenly improved and may be edible after all. I suspect the hot weather bothered it. The carrots are almost a foot long. #vegetables #carrots

Freshly picked carrots - with their green tops and some soil still clinging to them.
2 days ago

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What kind are they? We have grown some this year that look very much like this, sold to us as "Darkstar". They are not the greatest, but do have some good flavour.

3 days ago

Pretty vendor display at the Common Ground Country Fair in Unity Maine today. This is an Agricultural fair (No midway, games - though I saw a strength tester) Just food stalls, Animals, plants, and lots of demos. The fair is ran by Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA)
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Vendor both are Fair in Unity maine.  Green peppers  hot peppers, arranged on a 3 tiers shelf
3 days ago

Progress report from the avocados that were blown down during the week - yummy mm

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A cut open avocado on the chopping board next to a knife
A selection of avocados from our tree
3 days ago


In Netflix's "Live to 100," I liked the bit about how Okinawans love eating kamote, a vegetable much maligned by Filipinos.

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Jas Frank
4 days ago

Fighting inflation. #gardening #vegetables

James Stanford 🇭🇲 🛴 🖖
5 days ago

This evening's meal: curried #jasmine #rice #patties , #vegetables and mashed #potatoes / sweet potatoes.

The patties were leftovers from a rice #curry I cooked for yesterday's evening meal which had jasmine rice, chopped Sanitarium Foods Nutolene, chopped potatoes, chopped carrot, stock powder, Italian mixed herbs. This morning I noticed the curry was gluggy and binding together very well, so I thought I would try making patties from the leftovers. To make them all I had to do was form patties which were then covered lightly with #besan #flour , then #fried in a frypan.

#vegetarianfood #vegetarianmeals #jasminerice #ricecurry #sanitariumfoods

Denny Kozlov
5 days ago

I then took the roasted beets, carrots, onions, and garlic from the sheet pan, layered them in a little Dutch oven with the beet greens and stems, a can of whole peeled tomatoes, and shredded red cabbage, added a good shot of balsamic and some appropriate seasonings, and let it all cook together for a chunky borscht-adjacent stew.

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A compact Dutch oven containing a stew of mostly red-hued veggies.
Denny Kozlov
5 days ago

Cooler weather means it's cool enough to roast vegetables once again in my tiny-ass kitchen - huzzah!

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A well-blackened sheet pan containing roasted chunks of beets, carrot, red onion, and garlic.
Deborah Makarios
6 days ago

I've battled the mint roots in the vegetable garden for lo these many hours, and I am determined to sow this afternoon!
Seeds going in include:
Paris Market carrots (like a ping-pong ball, but a carrot),
Poona Kheera cucumbers (nice and plump with brownish skin),
Supersnip parsnips (they never grow, but my hopeless love drives me on),
Top Crop beans (bush),
Roma tomatoes (ditto),
and valerianella (aka lamb's lettuce and, weirdly, corn salad).
God willing, the seeds will not only survive the birds but hold their ground against the resurgent mint.
#gardening #vegetables #weeding #seeds

Mandy Watson
1 week ago

Harrogate Autumn Flower Show this weekend turned up a world-record-breaking onion! First up, here are the results of the Grand Floral Pavilion.

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Largest onion 2022
Maj 🇨🇦
1 week ago

Cooking with beets and kitchen looks like a murder scene. #redHanded #cooking #vegetables

1 week ago
Topinamburplanzen im Garten.
Scott Robeson
1 week ago

About five months separate these two photos of our one old (right) and two first-year (left) asparagus beds
#Garden #Vegetables

April photo of two new and one old asparagus beds (or trenches!)
September photo of two new and one old asparagus beds
Denny Kozlov
1 week ago

Went with a ginger/garlic/soy sauce dressing on the cuke salad this time around.

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A glass storage bowl containing sliced English cucumber and scallions in a brownish dressing.
Mat DJ 🐶 🐕🐕 :donor:
1 week ago

Aldi's "Wonky Carrots" living up to their name.

#aldi #carrot #vegetables

A photo of my very wonky carrot on a chopping board
William Robison
1 week ago

Went into my garden this morning after two weeks in Italy. This is just what I harvested off four Japanese Eggplant. There is actually a couple more of a better size. However it reminded me of the Michael Franks Song

BTW, is doesn't include the tomatoes or zucchini I harvested.

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1 week ago

We are still getting courgettes which makes me super pleased. Meanwhile our pumpkin plant is now invading our wall strawberries

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Bowel of courgettes on a kitchen counter
A cheeky pumpkin which is growing in a wall mounted tray of strawberry plants
Rob 📚
1 week ago

From my local free CSA.
#eastiefarms #csa #farms #vegetables

Sign describing what vegetables are available at the farm. Potatoes, mushrooms, broccoli, bell peppers, garlic, green beans, and eggs. 
Photo of food from a farm. Apples, potatoes, broccoli, corn, tomato, mushrooms, squash, garlic, red potatoes, green beans, and bell peppers. 
2 weeks ago

Harvested a few kilograms of Atomic Red carrots today. 🥕 🥕

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A garbage bin lid filled with red carrots.
Green grass in the background
The 300 liter plastic tub in which the carrots were grown.
The soil in the tub is now covered with the greens of the harvested carrots to dig it under in a few days.
In the background to the left you can see a Habanero plant with lots of ripe orange Habanero chilis.
Grapes can be seen to the right with pepper plants in the background.
The very large peppers are just beginning to ripen.
Metin Seven 🎨
2 weeks ago

I always make a fresh salad for lunch. Been eating bread seldomly for years now, and don't miss it. I eat oatmeal for breakfast to get my fibers. 💪

Bon appetit! 🥗

#salad #health #food #veggies #vegetables

Photo of a plate with a freshly made salad.
Alexander J. Stein
2 weeks ago

Raising the age of #marriage for females in #Ethiopia improves the #nutrition of their #children (more diverse #diets, esp. greater intake of fruit & #vegetables) by boosting #women's social status and decision-making power over sexual & marital relations:

2 weeks ago

My first cucuzza is ready to pick! This one is 27 inches long.

#gardening #plants #vegetables

A very long, thin green vegetable surrounded by green leaves and stems
Deborah League
3 weeks ago

Cabbage art print. The inspiration for this piece came from a cabbage patch at Longwood Gardens. They have a small section where they plant garden vegetables for people to observe gardening in action. I fell in love with the sage green and purple leaves of the plants.


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Cabbage Patch Art Print Gift Idea for Foodies and Gardners

A garden full of cabbage. Deeply veined leaves are painted in pastel shades of purple, blue and green. The inspiration for this piece came from a photograph I took at Longwood Gardens, Kennett Square, Pennsylvania in their vegetable garden.
3 weeks ago

One of the specialties from the garden.
Due to the hot summer, the P20 Blue tomatoes have an extremely high proportion of dark blue-black (high anthocyanin content) and sugar.

#tomatoes #garden #gardening #growyourown #vegetables

Predominantly dark blue-black tomatoes with some dark red, still ripening on the plant
Predominantly dark blue-black tomatoes with some dark red, still ripening on the plant
Tim Chapman-Wilson
3 weeks ago

Garden emitting a cornucopic early Septembery vibe this afternoon.

#pnw #gardening #vegetables #growyourown

A cardboard box destined for a favorite neighbor, filled with early September fruits and veggies, all from the garden, including bunches of champagne grapes, apples, a couple of Bartlett pears, some multicolored baby carrots, a few late season Triomfo Violetto beans, a plum or two, a gorgeous stubby cucumber and needless to say a multitude of tomatoes of varied sizes and colors.
1 month ago

I’m loving our pumpkin patch. As a Scot living in America I find watching these things grow just fascinating! Look it’s starting to look like a real orange pumpkin. Gasps and whispers, “does that mean Fall is nearly here?” #pumpkin #vegetables #gardening

Round pumpkin sitting in the middle of massive leaves.
Scott Robeson
1 month ago

A day or two of the tomato harvest at this time of year
#Garden #Gardening #Vegetables #Tomatoes

Four baskets of ripe tomatoes on a garage floor
Definitely Dr Dieterlen
1 month ago

POV: Inviting people over just so you can press cucumbers on them before they can leave

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El Perro Negro
1 month ago

Today's pepper harvest from the greenhouse (converted swimming pool 😀 ). Going to freeze this lot into bags ready for the winter

#growyourown #allotment #selfsufficiency #vegetables

Marvin Johanning
1 month ago

My mum gave me this and said it was a zucchini — can zucchinis really grow to be this gigantic? Or is it something else?

#zucchini #vegetable #vegetables #garden

A big, oval-shaped vegetable. It is yellow with a few white dots scattered across it. A small green stem can be seen at the top.
Deborah League
2 months ago
Colorful, realistic watercolor art print of many different peppers, artfully arranged to form a rainbow down the canvas. A feast for the eyes, you almost feel as though you can reach into the painting and pick up the peppers. Great for your kitchen wall or restaurant and available on items of home decor as well.
George Penney
2 months ago

*Gasp* Witness a rare hoard of mammoth rogue zucchinis emerging from their hatching patch in search of their Mediterranean homelands so far, far away.

Go valiantly on your mission you noble beasts! Fear not the ratatouille, Nor the roasting pan, for you are destined for greatness!

(After a day of doing admin stuff, I thought I'd do a bit of gardening... creative gardening... )

#gardening #cooking #vegetables #googlyeyes

Four massive rogue zucchinis who've obviously been lounging on the vine until they reach their true massive potential next to an upright cut-in-half zucchini who does not seem too disadvantaged by his lack of tail. The latter is standing upright, his stumpy bit against the grass in front of a zucchini patch. They all have pairs of googly eyes above their stems and their expressions are both curious and wary. The feeling is intrepid explorers   ready to adventure or rampage... the future will tell!

I was craving some #spaghettiSquash today, but none of mine were ripe... so I decided to do a little experiment.

Picked an unripe one (hadn't turned yellow yet but the rind was quite firm), scooped out the seeds and fried a bit of it up.

The flesh was green and extremely firm, but it tastes AMAZING. Once cooked, it does have the fibrous quality of ripe spaghetti squash, and it got tender quick.

Would recommend.

#gardening #vegetables

George Penney
2 months ago

A rare sighting of the endangered rogue zuchini leading its young from their hatching vines at our current #uk housesit...

(This is where I confess I travel with a pack of googly eyes at all times because they're an essential #writing aid, honest!)

#garden #vegetables #gardeningmastodon #gardening

A large zucchini, in fact it is massive leading its young from a vege garden. They're all wearing googly eyes as befits their marauding nature. Who knows what havoc they'll bring on the countryside surrounding this tiny Yorkshire village!
Chris Lagasse
2 months ago

I despise how click-bait this headline is.

The situation is nuanced (as usual), but (imo) clear: The unspoken part here is that the arable land consumed by #livestock (roaming, feed) is unavailable for 'healthier' foods. If we consumed less #meat, more land would be available for #vegetables. And the land requirements to feed humans via meat vs veggies is considerably different.

The costs of #healthy foods would decrease if we had more land to grow these foods.

Headshaker Kingbreaker
2 months ago

Also can somebody tell me what's going on with these? 🤔 they had these weird, firm spots of discoloration even before they were ripe... is it rot? Can I still eat them if I cut off the affected parts? Should I take unripe #tomatoes off the plant if this happens?

#tomato #garden #gardening #plants #vegetables #plantfail

Scott Robeson
2 months ago

Nearly six gallons of sauerkraut fermented while we were on a 2+ week vacation. Previously, I’ve only made sauerkraut in the fall, but we had a surplus of high quality cabbage this spring. It amazes me that just two ingredients (cabbage and salt) produces a food this complex.
#Food #Gardening #Vegetables #Sauerkraut

A very large bowl of sauerkraut being packed into jars and bags
Lydia Schoch
2 months ago

I love how many different types of fruit and vegetables are in season now.

In the winter, I sometimes have to think ahead to get 5+ servings of them a day.

Now it’s effortless. They are so fresh and delicious when they’re in season.

#GoodThingsGrowInOntario #Food #SeasonalFruits #SeasonalVegetables #Ontario #Fruit #Vegetables #Locavore

Wake Up Reaction GIF by Looney Tunes. Bugs Bunny has fallen asleep beneath dozens of large, orange carrots. He wakes up, displaces all of the carrots that had completely covered him, and looks around expectantly. He is holding a carrot in one hand and is ready to eat it when the gif ends.
Retro Librarian
3 months ago

Get the look!
Kraft salad dressing advertisement. 1957.
#Saladdressing #Kraft #Style #Fashion #Vegetables #Food #Advertisement #Retro #Vintage #Ephemera

A stylish woman wears a lettuce hat with three bottles of salad dressing. Earrings are carrots. 
3 months ago

Mr. Thomas sometimes helps with the harvesting.
#gardening #cats #vegetables

3 months ago

This evening's salad additions straight from the garden 🙂 .
Witchcraft, yes. Magic, no.
If I'd planted an iron rod and a Victorian lamppost had grown then that would be magic.
#gardening #vegetables #plants #food #Narnia

Peas straight from the pod.  This evening's salad addition.
Colin Purrington
3 months ago

Sunday's harvest. Amazed at how many pods the fava beans push out. And they're still at it. Borlotto beans (middle bag) might be on the menu tonight. #allotment #GrowYourOwn #garden #vegetables #VegetableGarden #gardening #CommunityGarden

Array of beans, peas, tomatoes, yellow squash, and fava beans arranged on bags.