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I changed my mind at the last minute. I know, I am incorrigible.

I saw half a large eggplant in the fridge so whipped up this Kashmiri Brinjal in Gravy (Eggplant Curry). It came together in (almost) no time.

More in Alt-Text.

Feta and olives will be consumed while dinner cooks.

#Vegetarian #eggFree #FromTheKitchen #WhatIAmEating #IndianFood #KasmiriFood

Eggplant wedges, deep fried, then simmered in a spiced gravy for a few minutes. The eggplant is achingly soft and a great combo with the tamarind-based gravy. Devoured in no time.

Recipe is from The Classic Book of Vegetarian Curries by Vijai Mehra. I've made about 1/5th recipes in this book, and haven't been let down once.
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A friend recommended a vegetarian Indian #cookbook that my wife (a #vegetarian) might like. I bought it for her and she didn’t really find much that she thought the whole family would eat.

So I thought to give it to a friend who loves Indian food and is vegetarian… the very same friend who suggested it to me! 🤦

(It was “Fresh India” by Meera Sodha.)

2 days ago

Simple Feel Good Food/Love and Lemons food blogger Jeanine Donofrio

The last cookbook for this week of books. Another one published this year, this time by plant-based food blogger and cookbook club convenor at

Simple Feel Good Food is a wonderful "feel good" book chokkas with everyday food options made with a focus on flavour. It wins my vote as a #vegetarian cookbook ✅ 💃 There are 168 recipes for around $48AU, but always check around and consider the ebook options.

The book is organised by course, and each chapter is divided into two parts- one for recipes made with minimal prep and ingredients ("at the ready"), and the second for food prepared ahead of time ("in advance"). Loads of variations on each main recipe.

The recipes are laid out beautifully, each is easy to follow. There are no real different, innovative or wild recipes - you will recognise the general style in each of them. But she does pack flavour into them AND ISN'T AFRAID OF PROTEIN. Thank goodness, it is not just another book of vegetables pretending to be a vegetarian cookbook 💃 There is plentiful use of tofu, tempeh, grains and lentils.

Check out her blog if you haven't done so before, and if you love her style, then this book is recommended. It is modern in feel and layout and will fit well into any kitchen bookcase.The more I dive into this book the more I love the layout, the content and the thoughtfulness behind it.

#cookbookReviews #cookbooks #cookbookReview #LTCCookbookReviews #cooking #SimpleFeelGoodFood #JeanineDonofria #LoveAndLemons #Vegetarian

The bright, fresh cover - a white marbled background with halved lemons and a plate of delicious, herbed pasta.
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Grateful Dread
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Here's Why You Should Swap Out Your Eggs for Just Egg (Plus 5 Excellent Recipes) #vegan #vegetarian

Goldman Mill
2 days ago
Goldman Mill
2 days ago

Here's Why You Should Swap Out Your Eggs for Just Egg (Plus 5 Excellent Recipes) #vegan #vegetarian

I Care About The World
2 days ago

Pesto and asparagus pizza and vegan sheperd's pie. A couple of side salads and the cooking is done for the #weekend

#vegan #vegetarian #cooking #food

Closeup shot of whole spelt crust pizza topped with pesto, cut asparagus and sprinkles of feta cheese
Closeup shot of casserole mostly covered with mashed potatoes. A spoonful has been removed revealing the lentil and vegetable mixture underneath.
The European Network
2 days ago

How meat consumption in France has stagnated over the past ten years.

Since 2013, individual meat consumption has risen by 3%, with a noticeable increase for poultry. Yet, France has committed itself to a significant reduction in meat consumption through its carbon neutrality objective.

#France #Meat #PlantBased #Vegetarian #Vegan #Flexitarian

Oliver Schafeld
2 days ago

#Cooking today:
Miso Sesame Noodle Bowl with Avocado.

Light but tasty #vegetarian dish. Perfect for warm summer days.

Next time I'd probably dice the avocado (if it's still hard) and briefly blanch it with the other vegetables.

I don't sprinkle the peanuts across anymore but rather crush them to bits and fry them with the sauce.

Mandy May
2 days ago

On my quest for #meatless meatloaf, I came across this. May give it a try this weekend. #vegetarian #recipes

Really Good Vegetarian Meatloaf (Really!) Recipe -

team NotLeafy
2 days ago

Sure is a beautiful day & what better than a morning visit to Roath Market. Lahmacun were there doing cheese and zatar!. This one belonged to @skybearuk lovely to see you and @tnjh!
#cardiff #Wales #Cymru #food #vegetarian

Roath Market is set up on the car park of Mackintosh Sports Club, Keppoch Street, Cardiff. The Gate Arts & Community Centre is at the back on the right, it's a former Presbyterian church. Terraced houses are at the back on the left. The market stalls are arranged along the sides of the car park and a plant stall is in the middle, with tables and chairs under cover behind it. A number of shoppers are in the image too.
A paper plate containing a round halloumi and zatar flatbread. It's topped with red onions, cucumber pickle and coriander. There are two sauces to the right of the bread.
Mary-Anne Boermans
2 days ago

New Blog Post: Sweetcorn & Black Bean Hummus

We're off to South America-ish with his variation on the Middle Eastern classic.

She's not the prettiest dip at the picnic, but definitely the tastiest!

#Vegan #Vegetarian

I've seen a lot recently about the amount of water it takes to make a hamburger. Anywhere from 660 - 1000 gallons, if you believe the anti-meat sites. The thing is, the water used to make that burger doesn't go away. The amount of water on earth is more or less constant. The water used to grow that alfalfa stays in the water cycle, eventually evaporating into the air and returning as rain. So, while this statistic sounds awful, it isn't a reason not to eat meat. #meat #vegetarian #water #burgers

2 days ago

I really like pea protein-based foods, and it sounds like a lot of work is going into breeding a suitable pea variety for expanding production in UK.

#GoodNews #Peas #Protein #Vegan #Vegetarian #MeatAlternatives

Mandy May
3 days ago

I crave meatloaf but meat grosses me out anymore. Let the #vegetarian meatloaf #recipes commence! I have got to get to that sort of Salisbury steak thing #umami going on... What is up with craving #meatless meatloaf...

3 days ago

The more I look through this list of salad ideas, the more things I want to make.

#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health

3 days ago

To tempt or inspire ...... Peach garden Salad.

Memories of Summer....

Summer means Peaches, the stone fruit loved above all others. The gentleness of the white peach and the juiciness of the yellow peach. The joy of eating them as they are!

They are suitable not only for sweet temptations but also for salads, salsas, chutneys and drinks.

#TemptOrInspire #vegetarian #eggfree #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen #FromTheGarden

A salad of leaves and flowers from the garden, laid on a dark coloured plate, with slices of white and yellow peaches. A  baby daikon sits amongst the leaves.
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Vegan Food News of the Week: Juneteenth Cookies, Peach Pride Shake, and More #vegan #vegetarian

Grateful Dread
3 days ago

Meet the Vegan Chef Who Claimed Victory on Food Network's ‘Beat Bobby Flay’ #vegan #vegetarian

3 days ago

Einkorn wheat is very tasty. I eat intact whole grain — — & I just made some einkorn.

Combine 1 cup einkorn & 3 cups water, then simmer covered until all water is absorbed (~ 1 hour). Then refrigerate it to make the starch resistant (not so quickly digested).

Einkorn grains are quite small (compared to, say, Khorasan whet — Kamut®, for example) and almost spherical. They have a nutty taste. Great stuff.

#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #grain

3 days ago

70 tempeh recipes

For those who make their own tempeh:

Though I suppose the recipes would also work with store-bought, but with homemade you can get so much more variety. (My next batch: black bean and einkorn.)

#food #recipe #WFPB #vegan #vegetarian #omnivore #health #tempeh

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CVUA Stuttgart
3 days ago

Sensorik und Beurteilung von veganen/vegetarischen Alternativen von Fleisch und Fisch
Ein Bericht aus unserem Laboralltag der Arbeitsgruppe „Vegane und vegetarische Lebensmittel”
#Lebensmittelüberwachung #Verbraucherschutz #veganfood #vegetarian

Brandon J. Brown
4 days ago

Vegetarian Lunch: Creamy Cauliflower & Zucchini soup.

10/10 for being so tasty - vegan if you’re careful with your bread choice.

#vegatablesoup #vegetarian #vegetarianlife #foodphotos #Foodie

4 days ago

It is baked feta with tomatoes and eggplant tonight, with some sourdough to mop up the juices and spread any melty feta on. There will be a scattering of herbs.

This one is more of a tray-bake than other baked fetas I make. In the others I put the feta into a small terracotta dish and fill the spaces tight with cherry tomatoes, olives, capsicum.

Both versions are drizzled with olive oil. Tonight's tray-bake also has some red wine vinegar mixed with the OO.

The idea for a tray bake comes from #DonnaHay's #OnePanPerfect

#WhatIAmCooking #WhatIAmEating #FromTheKitchen #vegetarian #eggFree

Tato Pece
4 days ago

All right everyone, #vegans, #vegetarian, non-vegan, people from all backgrounds and philosophies, what is your opinion of #PeTA?

I ask this as I know there is a lot of hate on them for their controversial ad campaigns, but I never really looked into it until I saw this video:

I welcome everyone to state their thoughts, or simply vote your opinion on this informal poll.

I have posted some thoughts on this, but I am keen to read people's opinion on this. I acknowledge that I am heavily biased (#AnnoyingVegan and all).

#Vegan #Veganism #GoVegan #VeganForTheAnimals #AnimalRights

5 days ago

🧵 3/From Gujarat with Love/Vina Patel ⬆️

This book will sit in your bookshelves alongside others in the same modern Indian genre - think Fresh India (Meera Sodha), and Chaat (Maneet Chauhan) and Chai, Chaat and Chutney (Chetna Makan)

Recommended with love for all lovers of Indian food.

#cookbookReviews #cookbooks #cookbookReview #LTCCookbookReviews #cooking #FromGujaratWithLove #VinaPatel #IndianFood #GujaratiFood #vegetarian

Kadhi, a thin spiced yoghurt dish, eaten with rice.
5 days ago

🧵 2/From Gujarat with Love/Vina Patel ⬆️

The paper in this gorgeous book is matt enough to scribble your notes on. The index is not extensive, and almost workable. It doesn't index the Indian names of the dishes, sadly.

The book begins with 20 pages of intro material - a lovely overview of Gujarat, conversions, and a glossary of essential ingredients. It puts its basic recipes right up front - pastes and powders - followed by chutneys and pickles (which are essential to Indian food, but usually appear at the back of books).

Then there are Salads and Raitas; Appetisers; Dals and "Soups" (!!); Curries; Breads; Rice and Khichdi; Drinks and Deserts. I love that there is a Cracked Wheat khichdi in the book - I make one but don't recall having ever seen a recipe published in a book before.

There are recipes I recognise in the book - Khandi, Dhokla, Okra Fries ( @Splodgenoodles ); Masoor Dal; Amritsari Chole, Butter Paneer, Pav Bhaji, the breads, and more...). But also new ones to me Panki (a rice and yoghurt based pancake), a chaat based on spinach, Green Goddess Chutney Pizza 😆 , Sago Khishdi with beetroot !! and much more.

And these Kachori (in the pic) - make them for breakfast on weekends.


#cookbookReviews #cookbooks #cookbookReview #LTCCookbookReviews #cooking #FromGujaratWithLove #VinaPatel #IndianFood #GujaratFood #vegetarian

Kachori - Spicy pea croquettes - round balls with a crsipy exterior and delicious spicy filling. Served with chutney.
5 days ago

🧵 1/From Gujarat with Love/Vina Patel

It gives me a lot of pleasure to bring you this gorgeous Indian cookbook, - food from the state of Gujarat. It is the first of 2 Indian food cookbooks this week. And I adore it.

From Gujarat with Love, by Vina Patel
Published: 2021
Publisher: Pavilion Books
Pages: 208
Price: Around $31, but always check around as prices vary. Ebooks can be cheaper.

There are 102 recipes in this book, ALL Vegetarian 💃 🎈

This book is one of the current genre within Indian cookbooks that present a modern approach to Indian food - eg, uses olive oil in some dishes instead of ghee, some modern names, modern plating. But this book balances that nicely with a few gorgeous pics of colourful India.

Mind you, I resist Rasam being called soup, and a couple of other clangers - you change a dish entirely when you create a perception in an audience that it is like a commonly known western dish. Rasam is not soup in that sense. (Like the trend some years ago to call some Indian rice dishes "risotto". *wince*) In this book, Kadhi is also called soup 😭 Oh my heart 💔

Nevertheless I love this book, and it is one that might stay on my bookshelves. 😍 Partly because it is a regional cookbook, and India does regional cooking like no Aussie truly understands.


#cookbookReviews #cookbooks #cookbookReview #LTCCookbookReviews #cooking #FromGujaratWithLove #VinaPatel #IndianFood #GujaratiFood #vegetarian

The cover, in the beautiful saffron colours of India in a diamond pattern interspersed with pics of India and Indian food.
5 days ago

To tempt or inspire...... Okra Pachadi

We are so blessed that we get good quality okra locally at a cheap price. Move closer to the city and it is rare and expensive. Our local shops stock it by the barrel load, a testament to the local Indian, Nepalese and Middle Eastern communities.

I had never cooked with Okra as much prior to shifting into this area. It shows just how much the stock in our shops influences our behaviour.

This is another Pachadi, a South Indian dish of yoghurt, okra and spices, a cooling and healthy dish. I have a few Okra pachadi dishes – each one is a little different.

Pachadi is the Sth Indian version of raita. And like raita, it can be made with almost any vegetable (not just cucumber).

#TemptOrInspire #vegetarian #eggfree #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen #IndianFood #SouthIndianFood

An eye-catching bowl of white yoghurt topped with bright green okra (that has been sauteed) and coriander leaves.
Grateful Dread
5 days ago
AutisticMumTo3 She/her 🌈
5 days ago

BBC News: Peas that don't taste like peas could help the planet BBC News - Peas that don't taste like peas could help the planet


Seed the Commons
6 days ago

European airlines are moving to use "sustainable aviation fuels" derived from the fats of slaughtered animals. Much of it is already used as biofuel.

#vegan #vegetarian #GreenWashing #ClimateJustice #climatechange

Doctor Popular
6 days ago

I spotted a meatless-SPAM alternative called “Unmeat” in the canned section of the grocery store.

I decided to make some Unmeat musubi snacks with it and was blown away by the results. My wife liked these better than the SPAM musubi I usually make. #cooking #vegetarian

An opened can of “Unmeat”, a meat-free SPAM substitute. Next to the can are 7 slices of unmeat. They are a light pink and look a little like slices of SPAM.
Cooked slices of Unmeat and some rice on a cutting board. The rice is in a musubi press, a device used for assembling musubi snacks. To the right of the press is a musubi that has been partially assembled. The bottom half is white rice with a cooked piece of Unmeat on top. It hasn’t been wrapped in nori yet.
An assembled Unmeat musubi. It is a flat snack that is easy to hold. It has a densely packed bottom of white rice and a cooked piece of “Unmeat” on top. The whole thing is wrapped in a strip of nori (seaweed) that helps keep it together.
A musubi snack with a big bite taken out of it. The rice and fake-meat  have stayed together nicely, similar to how real SPAM would look.
Tasha Sounart 🎮🏰
6 days ago

This week on #TopChef they had a trompe l'oeil challenge, which means food that pretends to be something it's not - so I made Charred Carrot "Hot Dogs" and they were super good! Imagine me as a kid eating a carrot hot dog...would not happen 😆 Recipe from The Chubby Vegetarian by Justin Fox Burks and Amy Lawrence
#cooking #vegetarian #vegan #CookBooks

"Hot Dogs" featuring a charred carrot as the "dog" topped with ketchup, onions, relish, tomatoes and pickle spears.

Memorial Day dinner.

I have a Beyond Burger, with sausage, and some spicy air fried fries, all in a new bowl I got on clearance. It was tasty.

I don't eat Beyond products much, but they're a nice meatless treat for me to have. I'm immensely glad it exists.

#food #memorialday #vegetarian

Oliver Schafeld
1 week ago

#Cooking today:
Risotto with caramelized fennel, fried mushrooms and baby spinach.

Added chopped shallot for color.
Easy to make #vegetarian dish. Quite tasty and filling. I might add some more spinach to make it a little lighter next time.

1 week ago

From the Kitchen playtime this morning....

🍲 I was up early enough to put the soup on before other things got in the way. Today it is Butternut, Celeriac and (the rest of the) Jicama. The idea came from The French Market Cookbook, by Clotilde Dusoulier, but it is a fairly simple French soup so I had to up the ante with some warming spices and lots of herbs.

📚 I was a bit disappointed in this book when I got it quite a few years ago now. The recipes are overly simple. Dusoulier used to have a blog (, and this book was a spin-off from there. I bought it because I am attracted to Market cookbooks. Still, the book is perfect for inspiration.

🇮🇳 Later today I hope to have time to make Crunchy Chana Dal Patties with Coconut and Sesame Seeds (Masala Chana Bada) from The Art of Indian Vegetarian Cooking by Yamuna Devi. This book is huge, and a classic. Recipes never fail.

:pumpkin_tired: Yesterday I had a prep day. Brussels sprouts roasted with lots of lemon juice and almost the last of the home made cherry jam. Brussels are a little bitter, so they can take some tart sweetness (my jams are always on the tart side). They are delicious, and altho they are supposed to be used during the week, I couldn't help having a small bowl to myself.

:pumpkin_tired: The huge butternut from next door was cut yesterday. I roasted a pan full until caramelised for risotto later this week. Another 1/3 went into the soup. I have the base left. I can't help thinking I will clean it out, roast it and stuff it.

:pumpkin_tired: This is such a terrific pumpkin, I have savved the seeds, will clean them and plant next season.

:pumpkin_tired: Also, I pre-cooked some freekeh (also so delicious I snuck a couple of tablespoons) for a pilaf or salad, plus it makes great toppings for soups etc.

#FromTheKitchen #cookingAU #cooking #vegetarian #WhatIAmCooking #WhatIAmEating #WhatIAmCookingFrom

Some dinner I made yesterday, with some spicy Beyond sausage, and an air fried baked potato. Prepping a bit for my first Memorial Day as a vegetarian, and so far, so good.

I love making baked potatoes in the air fryer. They take a while, but come out super tasty and filling, especially when spread with olive oil.

#food #vegetarian #airfryer

1 week ago

To Tempt or Inspire .....

There are not many traditional cuisines in India that include soup, with an exception of shorba's in North India and Rasam's (not really a soup) in South India.

Indeed, many Indian people I have mentioned it to have averred there are no soups in India.

On one of my last trips, tho, we were served tiny cups of soup at the end of the meal - they were simple, unspiced morsels of deliciousness (and we'd often have 2 or more). A "shot" of soup, a bit like the tiny cups of chai on roadside stalls.

But the Goan Portuguese/ Catholic cuisine is another exception - there are simple, home-fare soups full of flavour. In fact you can say that the flavour goes beyond what you expect from the ingredients. These are cheap and every-day dishes, quickly and easily made, yet comforting and filling.

This #soup, Sopa de Legumes, is a vegetable soup that is pureed and then greens and dried legumes added – chickpeas or white beans or any dried pea or bean that you have on hand.

When I made this one, I used a stock that included mushrooms, so the dish is a little darker than normal. Usually it takes the colour from the vegetables you use – varying from white if only potatoes are used, to yellow-orange from carrots and pumpkin.

It is also probably meant to be eaten in small amounts, but I eat it Western style.

Honest, healthy, home-cooked deliciousness.

#TemptOrInspire #Vegetarian #FromTheArchives #FromTheKitchen #cookingAU #eggFree #cooking #IndianFood #GoanFood

A plate of Goan vegetable soup, from the Catholic-Portugese cuisine of Goa (one of several cuisines in Goa).
it's kat!
1 week ago

#art #history: i give you peter wilton cushing (born #otd in 1913), patron of the vegetarian society UK from 1987 until his death (not from vegetarianism) in 1994, therefore making him the coolest of the holy trinity of horror handsomes that included his frequent collaborators, vincent price & christopher lee. did you know that peter was into ornithology & was nyctophobic? what a dude.
#peterCushing #horror #cinema #birds #vegetarian #portrait #illustration

drawing i did of horror master, peter cushing, with digital ink & paint tools. nattily-attired peter regards you with a mischievous smile. he's in french blue & there's a pink parallelogram behind him.
drawing i did of horror master, peter cushing, with digital ink & paint tools. nattily-attired peter regards you with a mischievous smile. he's in grape jacket & scarf. there's an orange parallelogram behind him.
2 weeks ago

Dessert Tonight: Strawberries and and apple with a little almond butter.

It was inspired by my lack of fruit in my diet yesterday and today but it was satisfying.

#food #dessert #vegan #vegetarian #plantbased

Strawberries and and apple with a little almond butter
Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
2 weeks ago

Also, I found some almost languishing courgettes in the crisper and decided to slice them and roast them when the butter nut squash and apples were in the oven. I can eat these all day...

#InMyKitchen #Vegetarian #Vegan #Mastonom

If you're in the UK, #Regenesis is now out in paperback!

An incendiary page-turner, Regenesis argues farming is destroying the planet and explores lower-impact solutions.

#Books #BookReview #Bookstodon #Scicomm #Food #Agriculture #Farms #Farming #Livestock #Vegan #Veganism #Vegetarian #Vegetarianism @bookstodon

Tasha Sounart 🎮🏰
2 weeks ago

I'm so happy with how the Mattar Paneer turned out! My 1st time making Indian food and I think it's actually better than when I order it 😲 The warming spices (cinnamon & clove) are so nice in this. And my husband made naan for the 1st time too! Recipe here:
#Cooking #IndianFood #Vegetarian

A bowl of Mattar Paneer  - Indian curry with peas and cheese cubes, topped with cilantro. Next to the bowl is a piece of homemade garlic naan.
2 weeks ago

It is #MeatlessMonday so I am hyping up the protein with

⭐ Mashed Chickpeas with Turmeric, topped with olives, preserved lemon and eggplant Kasaundi. A Tunisian peasant dish, from Roden's Med, slightly twisted to what I have (Added the end of a jar of chipotle in adobo sauce, a couple of pieces of my dried tomatoes, and the eggplant Kasaundi is mine) ✅ ALL MADE AND DELICIOUS

⭐ My wonderful fennel, fava bean and red lentil soup, a wintery delight! Made with home grown/dried fava beans (aka broad beans) 🛒 Need to get some fennel.

⭐ Pasta (for a small amount of protein) with pesto from the freezer and chopped walnuts

⭐ Veggies include stuffed Okra, sauteed greens. Also probably picking up some Jerusalem artichokes from @collettell

🍽️ There will be leftovers for #LeftoversWednesday. 👯👯 One of the most exciting days of the week because it feels like a picnic. We often call it #GrazingDay.

🛒 Also need to get supplies for my home-made muesli. That'll be an afternoon or evening job to make.

#FromTheKitchen #WhatIAmCooking #vegetarian #MeatlessMondays #cookingAU #Cooking

Dr. Victoria Grinberg
2 weeks ago

One of my favorite lazy summer meals: pasta, roasted veggies, sour cream, lemon juice, garlic, salt, pepper.

Veggies can be made in a batch in advance. Green asparagus, bell peppers & onions is my favorite combo, but you can totally vary with what you like. I often use zucchini and aubergines. Best way to use up left over/slightly sad vegetables.

#foodie #recipe #summer #vegetarian

A pasta plate with linguine with some white sauce clinging to them with a lot of roasted vegetables (green asparagus, red bell peppers, purple onions).
2 weeks ago

Honestly, have you made these Vegan Sausage Rolls yet????? If not, even if you are not #vegan or #vegetarian, get onto it for healthy healthy food options. Make them for #MeatlessMondays.

This recipe has an international reputation. It is from the wonderful Melbourne-based Where's the Beef? couple who are NOT on Mastodon (leave them a message and tell them to get over here.)

Honestly, you can't tell them from the non-veg variety. This week I am making a batch for the freezer, for the times I just want take-away. A couple of sausage rolls and some good Aussie tomato sauce (or home made Kasaundi, or my tomato-chilli jam) - it is delicious heaven.

(They are even protein-heavy.)

#RecipeOfTheDay #MyRecipeOfTheDay

Tasha Sounart 🎮🏰
2 weeks ago

I'm a week behind on my #TopChef challenges cause I didn't want to cook on Mother's Day. 😊 Last week the show featured Indian food so today I'm making the Masala paste for Mattar Paneer tomorrow. #cooking #IndianFood #vegetarian

Ingredients for Masala paste in a blender, including tomatoes, onions, garlic, cashews, cilantro, cinnamon, coriander seeds.
Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
2 weeks ago

And a sneak peek at supper prep.

#InMyKitchen #vegetarian #HomeCooking #Mastonom

Spice-dusted blanched cauliflower florets.
Aabra Mastodon, PDX stereotype
2 weeks ago

While You Were Partying, I Studied the Moosewood Cookbook. #cooking #vegetarian

asparagus frittata yum

It's hard being a frog. #vegetarian #frog

Frog tries to catch a fly with his tongue, hits the fly right between the butt cheeks. next image the frog says this is why he's vegetarian
David Njoku
3 weeks ago

Was talking with an acquaintance who is starting a catering business, and we had a difference of opinion about what counts as #vegetarian. I think that if rice is cooked in meat stock it isn't vegetarian, she thinks it is as long as you're careful to remove all pieces of actual meat from the final product.

Who is right?


Mandy May
3 weeks ago

Hey Mastodon #cooking, what's your favorite #vegetarian substitute for ground beef in texmex style food? Craving a crunchy taco but enough with animal grease, the older I get the more it grosses me out. Anyone do tacos, burritos, etc. with seitan? Jackfruit? Or is it gonna be beans, beans, beans, lol...

Some cauliflower steak that I had at the Rodie's Place restaurant.

It's my first time having this dish, and I love it! With some hummus, veggies, and sauce, it was a delicious first impression.

#food #vegetarian

Tasha Sounart 🎮🏰
1 month ago

This week was root veggies on #TopChef Last Chance Kitchen so I was inspired to make this Root Vegetable Tarte Tatin - yum! Not much better than caramelized root veggies and a puff pastry. Recipe from One Pan, Two Plates: Vegetarian Suppers by Carla Snyder #cooking #CookBooks #vegetarian

Tart with potatoes, carrots, parsnips, turnips, onion, garlic, and goat cheese.
Dominik Dammer
1 month ago

"Root veggies, certain tree fruits and nuts were all more than 200 times more climate-efficient by weight than beef."

what a ridiculous high number. and this is ONLY the ecological argument. there is the antibiotic argument, the animal ethic, the human health, land usage.... etc. pp.

animal farming lobby is evil in every aspect. they are actively destroying the environment and lives of countless beings.

#meat #beef #animalWelfare #AnimalRights #vegan #vegetarian

Chema Hernández Gil
1 month ago

I am conflicted by @mozilla content policies announcement. I appreciate that a lot of thought went into it, but I think they could be used to eliminate a lot of necessary social tension.

An example is their violent content policy: “Users may not share content that depicts abuse of humans or animals, or that includes excessively gory or violent imagery that…can disturb other users.“

I am a lifelong #vegetarian and I’ve been #vegan for 20 years. Photos of meat/dead animals disturb me. Am I to assume then that sharing this content will be banned in that instance? And if not, why not?

Also, nothing on who will be #moderating content. Is it volunteers, #Mozilla staff, external contractors??

Jasmine Mangalaseril 🧁
1 month ago

My latest dispatch is out! Because of a conversation I had about AI-generated recipes, I wrote about trust we ascribe to recipes (and recipe writers). If that's not your thing, I've provided my recipe for Roasted Honey-Harissa Carrot Soup.

#Substack #FoodWriter #ShamelessSelfPromo #Recipes #Soups #Vegetarian #Mastonom

Michal Bryxí 🌱
1 month ago

I think it might be the right time to retire the term "#vegan". Purely for practical purposes: To end the ambiguity in (English) language. I've been in so many situations when:

1) Food has been marked as "vg" (or similar) and I did not know which one is it
2) I said "vegan" and it has been understood as "#vegetarian"

Is there a _good_ replacement term we could use?

Meal with a sticker saying "VGML"
1 month ago

🧵 4/Fresh India/Meera Sodha

There is no higher recommendation than this book sits on my own shelves 😉 If you love Indian food but are intimidated by traditional recipes, this is the book for you. Not traditional but a modern take on Indian flavours and fresh ingredients.

You will want to cook every recipe in this book.

#food #cookbookReviews #cookbooks #cookbookReview #LTCCookbookReviews #CookingAU #cooking #vegetarian #FreshIndia #MeeeraSodha #IndianCuisine

Goan Butternut Squash Cafreal - beautifully plated, with the recipe.
1 month ago

🧵 3/Fresh India/Meera Sodha

There is helpful information throughout the book, for example a few pages on key lentils and pulses, with a section that includes photos, descriptions, and treatment. It is not comprehensive - it would be good to see a book that does an extensive overview of Indian lentils, beans and grains - but it covers the ones used in this book.

There are some pages on Presentation Skills - such a good idea. I mean, how many of you know what to do when presented with a curry, dal, yoghurt, chutney/pickle, coconut flakes, fried shallots, and some crispy chickpeas to plate up? Now you know not only how to make them, but how to think about plating too.

Ditto for toppings such as crumbled dried rose petals, pomegranates, pistachios, cumin seeds, cashews and fried raisins.

Such a modern interpretation of wonderful, delicious, beautiful Indian techniques and cuisines.

#food #cookbookReviews #cookbooks #cookbookReview #LTCCookbookReviews #CookingAU #cooking #vegetarian #FreshIndia #MeeeraSodha

Mushroom and Walnut Samosas
1 month ago

🧵 2/Fresh India/Meera Sodha

The book is well put together but without an integrated bookmark - honestly a real "must" these days.

The paper is more glossy than not - not conducive to ink-pen notes as you cook. Best to use a standard biro. But the photos shine on this paper, looking fresh and inviting. And extremely tempting.

Each recipe indicates whether it is Gluten-free, Dairy-free and/or Vegan.

The book is divided up in several ways - the usual table of contents by ingredient/recipe type. But there are other Content pages. One, called Alternative Contents, has suggestions for first-timers, mid week meals, weekend cooking, lunches, from the pantry, for freezing and from the garden.

Another lists seasonal recipes.

The index seems sufficiently comprehensive including English recipe names, Indian names and key ingredients.

Sodha talks about her Gujarati heritage and its influence on her. Each recipe comes with a short story (a girl after my own heart - every recipe has a story associated with it).

#food #cookbookReviews #cookbooks #cookbookReview #LTCCookbookReviews #CookingAU #cooking #vegetarian #FreshIndia #MeeeraSodha #IndianFood

Potato patties with burnt lemon raita.
1 month ago


🧵 1/Fresh India/Meera Sodha

Meera Sodha has had a huge influence in modernising Indian food without putting too much of a BIR spin on it. (British Indian Restaurant style).

BIR is quite different from trad Indian food and heavily influenced by Nth Indian, Pakastani and Bangladeshi food. I've seen quite a few British writers of Indian background write as if BIR is authentic Indian cuisine.

Meera has taken that on, with her 3 main books and regular Guardian column. Her food is fresh and exciting. Moreover, 2 of her 3 main cookbooks are vegetarian! 😍 I have 2 of her cookbooks on my shelves. First up is:

Fresh India: 130 Quick, Easy and Delicious Vegetarian Reixpes for Every Day, by Meera Sodha
Published: 2016
Publisher: Fig Tree
Pages: 300
Price: $37AU but look around as prices vary. Cheaper for Kindle version

Recipes: 141 recipes, all vegetarian, and 134 are also egg-free :blobcatdance:

This is her second book, following on from Made in India. It is a fresh look at Indian food, with some surprising recipes - mushroom and walnut samosas, oven-baked onion bhajis and beetroot and paneer kebabs. There are familiar and classic Indian recipes like dals, curries and pickles, alongside less familiar ones using fresh seasonal ingredients, like Brussels sprout thoran, Gardeners' Question Time pilau and Green beans with cashew nuts and coconut.

They are all easy, perfect for every day and made using easy to find ingredients.

#food #cookbookReviews #cookbooks #cookbookReview #LTCCookbookReviews #CookingAU #cooking #vegetarian #FreshIndia #MeeeraSodha #IndianFood

Cover of Fresh India - a muted orange border with green interior and drawing of a fruiting tree.
Steffani Cameron
2 months ago

Pizza night. I didn’t have much mozzarella but was making ricotta, so I strained some out for a dryer farmer’s type cheese. Pretty good! Red onions, pine nuts, rosemary, and olive oil. #food #vegetarian

Neapolitan crust with a farmer’s type white cheese, red onion slices, pine nuts, all cooked to a caramel colour.

I've learned a lot more about cooking in the past few years, not only because the pandemic (although the it gave me a push), but just from a logistical standpoint. I'm work from home, and wifey has to drive over an hour to Phoenix every day (🙄).

I think that she likes that I'm now able to cook better and more often. As soon as I'm off work here at home, I start thinking of/making dinner. That's another big advantage of wfh. I can't imagine her driving over an hour to get home then having to make dinner. It doesn't make sense. Even though she is a GREAT cook. She taught me a lot. Like what things go together, etc. She's vegetarian now and we try to eat semi healthy (cutting sugar and fat just when we can), so I try to work all that in. Using odd leftover ingredients sometimes, experimenting- it's pretty cool, actually. Sometimes you feel like a mad scientist. 🤣

The most important thing probably to all of it is figuring out what ingredients you always need to have around, finding them at the best prices, and making sure you use them fast enough before they go bad- which is always tricky, especially with fruits and veggies.

I used to hate cooking (all I did before was eggs or microwaved stuff, really) and I think I kinda still do hate the process and effort (I'm not one of those people who gets a lot of gratification from stuff I've cooked, I barely like food 🤣🤣) but I gather up the energy required, and I enjoy knowing that

Having an air fryer has really helped, and I can't stress this enough. If you're on the fence, just get one. I use it literally daily. You can air fry all KINDS of things-- veggies, meat, it's incredible. Probably best not to totally cheap out on it though, as we've been through a few. Ours is a Ninja.

I also set up a Trello board with a bunch of meal ideas, after people on here gave me great advice- if you want to see that, it's here!

We do a little meal planning, as I also make her breakfast and pack her a lunch, as she puts on makeup/does hair in the morning, and again, it just makes sense. I don't need to look any certain way, I rarely leave the house!

This one got a little long. Maybe I'll throw it on Substack eventually? I'm not super active there (yet).

#cooking #food #MealPlanning #Trello #WorkFromHome #WFH #WFHBenefits #AirFryers #marriage #LearningToCook #breakfast #lunch #dinner #Substack #pandemic #PandemicSkills #COVID #vegetarian #VegetarianCooking #veggies #FruitsAndVeggies #HealthyEating #HealthyMeals #vegetarians

A screenshot of my healthy eating meal and snack idea Trello board that is public and linked in this post.
Liam Jay
2 months ago

🍛 NEW RECIPE ALERT 🍛 Just added a delicious Cauliflower, Egg, and Potato Curry to my website! Perfect for vegetarians and packed with flavour. Check it out now and let me know what you think! #recipe #foodie #vegetarian

2 months ago

Normally I buy a new brand of vegan cheese, try it once, it's basically okay but not amazing, and I forget about it until someone throws it out. <womp womp>

I just finished my first pack of "cheez": it's the Field Roast CHAO Creamery Creamy Original Plant-Based Slices. Oh mahh gaaawwwd, so delicious. So amazing in a grilled cheese or cheese toast situation. Please try if you're into this stuff.

#vegancheese #vegan #DairyFree #vegetarian

Uli Kusterer
2 months ago

What was the #vegetarian restaurant in #SanFrancisco called again? Made food that looked like meat stuff but used vegetarian ingredients? Wasn't far from Moscone and the #WWDC Night of Tofu was held there a couple times?

Y’all. This is #tofu. Yuba, to be precise. Fried tofu skins. What a vegan delight that my wife made.

#Vegetarian #Vegan #Tofu #NotChicken

Golden fried tofu skins that looks like a plate of fried chicken
billy joe bowers (black heart)
2 months ago

So are there any good fake cheeses? I've got a blue cheese thing that's pretty OK.

I love cheese and so far my solution is "just do without" for the most part.

#Vegetarian #PeopleTryingToNotTortureSoManyAnimals

(accidentally typed "Vagan" which seems like it's probably something different)

Made a vegetarian version of 牛丼 (gyudon, beef bowl) tonight, with tofu instead of beef. Not vegan because I couldn't resist making the 温泉卵 (onsen tamago, hot spring egg) to go with it.

Originally these eggs were cooked in the water of hot springs, but with London sorely lacking in a good onsen, I had to make do with simmering it at 60 degrees for an hour. It results in a weird, fluffy, but quite nice soft egg.

And I got the most delicious (and expensive) あきたこまち akitakomachi rice from Akita prefecture, although you can't really see it here 😁

#gyudon #牛丼 #vegetarian #ベジタリアン #onsentamago #温泉卵 #あきたこまち #和食 #日本の料理

A vegetarian version of gyudon
Oliver Schafeld
2 months ago

I think I've read a book or two by #Murakami that starts with the protagonist #cooking noodles and listening to music. So the soundtrack for today's dish – creamy Thai pasta, fresh noodles in coconut sauce with Kampott crunch, broccoli and bell peppers – is inspired by the author.

Very tasty #vegetarian dish. If I hadn't had to use butter instead of margarine this would have been #vegan even.

Clever extra: Pan-fried bread crumbs as topping for noodles in creamy sauce.

Oliver Schafeld
3 months ago

#Vegetarian #Cooking today:

Breaded camembert with fried apple.

Recipe slightly improved: I cut the apple slices thinner and also breaded some of them. Yummy.

3 months ago


I love to cook, esp with good products. I grow my own vegies in a garden full of bees and butterflies. I rarely cook a recipe twice (some exceptions allowed). I read cookbooks like others read novels. I love kitchens, especially country kitchens. It'll be the first room I ask to see when I come to visit. I have fond memories of the kitchens of both grandmothers.

I am a bit of a thinker and sometimes I write - including long posts here. In my spare time I think about food in terms of culture, change, connections. I am nervous about food security.

You will find my posts are often #FromTheGarden , #FromTheKitchen , and #LTCCookBookReviews.

I love the beauty and absurdness of our lives, and the gorgeous tapestry of humans.

#introductions #cookingAU #food #gardeningAU #vegetarian #cookbookReviews #gardening #cooking

Kelly's Shenanigans
3 months ago

So I tried making vegan hot dogs out of carrots. It involved simmering in soy sauce and spices, marinating overnight, then frying. They taste like carrots, and everyone has requested I never do this again. #vegetarian #food

A dinner plate with a carrot "hot dog"friedbrown, topped with redonion, grainy mustard, and BBQ sauce on a whole wheat homemade bun, with a side of ripple chips
Stephanie Burgis
3 months ago

Hey, Mastodon, I have a cooking question. Do any of you have favorite vegetarian baked ziti recipes WITHOUT any visible vegetables? (To be clear, vegetables that can be blended invisibly into a sauce are *fabulous*. I'm just aiming to find food that my kids will eat...)

#cooking #Vegetarian

Kaitlin (she/her)
3 months ago

Hi! #introduction I'm primarily a parent #unschooling kids.

I help organize #neurodivergent communities online and in person.

I'm a recovering #academic trying to figure out what all the #FeministTheory I loved means to me now, and an #activist for #decolonizing, #climate #DisabilityJustice #TransRights and #immigrationjustice.

And finally when I give myself a chance to #play I haphazardly bake, cook #vegetarian one-pot meals with whatever vegetable is in season, garden, and sing in #choir.

Anders Borch
3 months ago

I think I have some German people in my network.

Can anyone recommend a great vegetarian/vegan place in Berlin?

#Berlin #Food #Foodie #Vegan #Vegetarian

From: @KM

team NotLeafy
3 months ago

Fava bean panisse, beetroot, and pumpkin seeds eaten last night from the snack menu at The Black Bear, Usk, and panelle today from Pasta a Casa at Roath Market. Our cups runneth over.
#food #vegetarian #Wales #Cymru #Cardiff #Caerdydd

Two slices of fava bean panisse with a topping of smoky beetroot and pumpkin seeds on a side plate at the Black Bear, Usk.
Several pieces of panelle from Pasta a Casa at Roath Market, plated with a wedge of lemon included.
Oliver Schafeld
3 months ago

#Vegetarian #cooking today:

Georgian eggplant rolls, served with tomatoey lentil & spinach salad & pomegranate seeds.

Instead of the pomegranate seeds that were not delivered, I used pickled wild cranberries as topping, reduced the sweetness a bit with a splash of balsamic vinegar. Tasted good.
The walnut pesto filling of the eggplant rolls would make a fine dip for roasted bread or so, too.

Recipe (DE, didn't find EN version):

Dish. Quickfix for missing pomegranate seeds: Cranberries.
Steffani Cameron
3 months ago

#Vegetarian pizza — pistachios, red onion, rosemary, lotsa flake salt, olive oil, and two kinds of mozzarella on homemade #sourdough crust. #food #cooking

A sourdough Neapolitan style pizza with toppings as described, with the cheese baked until it’s caramelizing on top.
Aral Balkan
3 months ago

And the result :) (Spicy mushroom ramen with charred garlic pak choi.)

Mind you, my presentation could use some work :)


#food #ramen #vegetarian

A bowl on a rustic-looking rusty red/white gingham table cloth with a ramen soup presented with half a pak choi, a lime wedge, and chopped chilli peppers on top.
Børge A. Roum
3 months ago

Do you want to find a #vegetarian or #vegan friendly place to eat at your location?

#OpenVegeMap is the best tool for the job!

The UI is not perfect, but it takes the data straight from #OpenStreetMap, so it's always updated and easy to update if you find something wrong.

I had a look at some restaurants already in OSM and checked the menu on their website. If they have veggie main course(s) I added that to OSM, and instantly they where available on OpenVegeMap.

OpenVegeMap of Grünerløkka in Oslo, Norway before my update of OSM. There are 11 markers of two shades of green, identifying vegetarian or vegan friendly places to eat.
OpenVegeMap showing the same part of Grünerløkka, after my update of OSM. There are now 20 markers of two shades of green.