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It may be November now but a lycanthropy hyperfixation is forever.

My current hyperfixations:
Lycanthropy and wolves - since 2012, including the mythological history of lycanthropy (specifically Greek with the myth of Lycaon.)
Lingustics - since 2019, a lot of languages explored (not to fluency, dear God) including Old English, "Ænglisċ" with its script, futhorc, English's sister language, Frisian, Arabic, Welsh and Scottish Gaelic, various Romance languages including Latin itself, Greek, a few Slavic languages (Russian, Ukrainian and Polish specifically. I know how to read Russian-varient Cyrillic), Japanese, Korean, a few conlangs like toki pona and Esperanto. I got a 5 in both English and French language GCSE without studying. I also know how to read the IPA.
Poetry - since 2020, 120 poems have been written and counting, organised into ~45 subfolders.

My previous hyperfixations:
Biology - 2011-2015, especially
Astronomy - 2012-2016
Vexillology - 2019-2021, I can recognise most national flags.

#Lycanthropy #Wolves #GreekMythology #Linguistics #Languages #OldEnglish #Futhorc #Frisian #Arabic #Welsh #ScottishGaelic #RomanceLanguages #Latin #GreekLanguage #SlavicLanguages #RussianLanguage #UkrainianLanguage #PolishLanguage #CyrillicScript #JapaneseLanguage #KoreanLanguage #ConstructedLanguages #TokiPona #Esperanto #IPA #Poetry #Neuroscience #Astronomy #Vexillology #NationalFlags

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Are there any official flags that have third dimension features, such as pleats? #flags #vexillology

Why is #Minnesota redesigning its state flag? Among the several notable reasons is because it gets flown upside down. A lot. Here it is being flown upside down today at the #DetroitLakes police department.

#flags #funwithflags #vexillology

An upside down Minnesota flag flies next to US flag and a police flag against a #bluesky
c-x-b :verified: :verified:
3 months ago

#vexillology question: a flag design on a vehicle (specifically a subway car) should probably be reverse-field yeah?

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Cory Albrecht
4 months ago

On the dog walk tonight we saw a house flying the pre-1965 Royal Canadian Navy Jack #flag. That is, a British blue ensign defaced with the escutcheon of the Canadian Coat of Arms on the fly. I couldn't tell whether it was the one from 1922 to 1957 with the green maple leaves, or the one from 1957 to 1965 with the red maple leaves, because the light was low. Definitely a niche flag. #vexillology #Canada #history

hpkomic 👻
4 months ago

Here is the whole hour and twenty minute episode of #Flagged4Content I made a guest appearance on.

We talk about #vexillology and fictional #sciFi flags. And we also discuss flags I have made in my #webcomic @cosmicdash . Andy even critiques my flag designs.

All that, plus how I brutally murdered Andy, the host, in one of my short stories. It's okay. He loved it!

#podcast #youtube

Me (beardo) and Andy (not so beardo) talkin' about flags.
Art History Animalia
5 months ago

Asafo flag (frankka)
Ghana, c. 1957-1975
Appliqued plain-weave cotton fabric
GWU Textile Museum 2000.38.1

>This flag illustrates the proverb “An #elephant steps on a trap, no more trap" through the figures of an elephant and an Asafo officer. Comparing themselves to an elephant, a revered symbol of strength, this company establishes its immense strength that can combat any opposing force.<

#AfricanArt #vexillology

stitched photo of the flag and its label on display at museum: “Asafo flag (frankka) Ghana Third quarter 20th century (1957-1975) Appliqued plain-weave cotton fabric The Textile Museum Collection 2000.38.1, gift of Robert and Nancy Nooter Flags such as this, known as a frankka in Fante, are displays of the power and identity of the various Asafo companies among the Fante people of West Africa. Translating to "war (sa) people (fo)," Asafo companies not only protect the Fante state but also play a crucial role in selecting and advising chiefs in their communities. This flag illustrates the proverb "An elephant steps on a trap, no more trap" through the figures of an elephant and an Asafo officer. Comparing themselves to an elephant, a revered symbol of strength, this company establishes its immense strength that can combat any opposing force.”

In 2019, he designed this entry for the Seattle flag contest as a joke and submitted it under a pseudonym.

It began getting a lot of votes and someone programmed a bot to generate even more votes. That caused suspicion and the contest ended up disqualifying his joke entry and his real entry.

He designed the Bellingham, WA city flag and has submitted a design for an update to the Washington state flag.
#Vexillology #Flags #GraphicDesign

Screen shot of Facebook post: Bradley James Lockhart, August 9, 2019. | came clean about being “"Chet Clapper" which | admit was a touch deceitful, but initially just in good fun. I bought over a month ago and have been toying with a few different ideas for what that webpage would be. When it looked like the Orca would be the clear winner, | started preparing some drop ship merch to get the whale into the hands of the people. But then the bots came in. The Emerald votes boosted high, then the Orca, then the Emerald. And back and forth as we all saw. I now understand that this looks REAL BAD since both were designed by me but | have no idea who did this. The Orca would have won this thing fair and square, but because of some dumbass out there, both flags were thrown out. Long story short: if you want an Orca fanny pack you can get one here. Let this smiling fool remind you of what could have been were it not for “Tomfoolery".
5 months ago

I mean, it *could* hav lookt like this. This is basically the stile of flag of many US states.
And it is terrible.

#FakeFlag #Northampton #vexillology

A flag in the stile of many US states, but in green:
Green field, the black-and-white seal of Northampton in the center
and the word
below it.
The seal contains the name NORTHAMPTON again, one person swearing an oath to another and the motto »CARITAS JUSTITIA EDUCATIO«

... Gadsden flag

don't #thread on me


David August
5 months ago

Vexillology is just so vexing. 😲😝

#flags #Pride #cringe #vexillology

Screenshot of a Facebook interaction on a post that shared a screenshot of a tweet by LeGate [Ukrainian flag emoji, the flag has a blue top half and a yellow bottom half] @williamlegate: 

BREAKING: Google has removed the vast majority of Twitter links from their search results... Elon's decision to block the Google "bot" from crawling their site is reportedly to blame. 
Twitter will now be invisible on the world's largest search engine 
3:38 AM • 7/4/23 from Earth 
[end of screenshot of the tweet] 

[Facebook comment section begins]
[name and profile picture redacted] mean who cares what someone will rocking the Democrats pride flag has to say???

David August
[their first name redacted], do you mean this flag [Ukrainian flag emoji], which is the Ukrainian flag?
Evan Hahn
6 months ago

“The 'bad' US state flags are good, actually”

#video #flags #US #vexillology

Pride flag made entirely out of RGB :_uwu:​

🏳️​: TorteApp


Progress Pride flag made out of RGB pixel grids.
6 months ago

Flag of Friesland, but it was invaded by fortune cookies.

While I am deleting reddit posts, here's one that reddit wont see anymore.

#Reddit #Vexillology #vexillologycirclejerk

Flag of Friesland but I put fortune cookies on it.
Puzzle Trail Paul
6 months ago

It's #CupOfTeaSocial #QuizQuestion time! Not sure if it's difficult or easy today, but let's give it a whirl. Looking at the flags of these nations, which one is the odd one out?

#quiz #trivia #flags #vexillology

bossito 🇪🇺
6 months ago

It's hard to keep track of all the #LGBTQIA+ flags. I'm old school, I think everyone was and should feel represented by the rainbow 🏳️‍🌈 :rainbow_heart: 🌈 . It's was never just "gay" like some people claim now.

PS: No copyright issues with the rainbow as well contrary to other for-profit alternatives :P

#pride #flags #vexillology

Picture published by the White House, we see Joe Biden outside and some LGBTQ+ flags with more horizontal lines and colors than usual.
Matt Bailey
7 months ago

#vexillology is just a gateway drug for #telegraphy -pilling yourself. Just over here snowcrashing myself reading about community operated fence-wire party lines and teletype vulns cc @krusynth

A T Beaune 唐博訥
7 months ago

這是我最近提交給競賽的設計。 提案是設計一面代表台灣的旗幟。

Here is a design I recently submitted to a competition. The proposal was to design a flag representing Taiwan.

Details (in Chinese and English):


#flag #taiwan #formosa #design #art #vexillology
#taiwanflag #proposal #starofthesea #stellamaris #polaris #navigation #plum #sea-green #white #un #nationhood #democracy #humanrights #ideals #community #asia #asia-pacific #indo-pacific

A flag design showing an 8-pointed sea-green star in a central band of white with bands of plum on either side.
Alan McConchie
7 months ago

Happy #CascadiaDay! I have to confess something: I think the Cascadia Flag is kind of bad. Here's how I would fix it: #Cascadia #PNW #CascadiaFlag #DougFlag #Flags #vexillology #design

A modified version of the Cascadia Flag. The background of the flag is three horizontal stripes, blue on top, white in the middle, and green on the bottom. Overlain on the three stripes is the vertical silhouette of a Douglas Fir tree in black. The difference in this redesign is that the tree is outlined with a thin gold stroke, improving the contrast and readability of the flag.

Govt of #USA's #Utah state approved a change to the state flag 2 months ago, which will take effect in March 2024:

But new design is controversial, and could face vote to retract it:

#flags #vexillology #geography #geographyteacher @geography @politicalscience #flag

Chris Mayes
7 months ago

I must finally admit that my flag ID skills are weak. Giving this game a try:

#trivia #vexillology

BadCat 😼
8 months ago

Anyone know where I can buy reproduction Civil War flags for the Minnesota regiments?
I'm especially looking for the 1st Minnesota Volunteer Infantry Regiment.
#CivilWar #Minnesota #Vexillology #Flag #1stMinnesota #FirstMinnesota #MinnesotaRegiment #Gettysburg

painting of a civil war battle
Ned Raggett
8 months ago

I'm absolutely delighted by the preview of the minichallenge for next week's #DragRaceEspana because it combines four interests perfectly: #DragRace itself, #Eurovision, #geography and #vexillology. But sadly not all queens are as apt...

Drag Race España minichallenge title screen for Dragvision.
A Drag Race España contestant confusing Poland with Austria's flag.
Drag Race España contestant Pink Chadora laments her fellow queens lack of geographical knowledge.
Drag Race España's Pink Chadora concludes, given her fellow queens' lack of geographical/flag knowledge for Europe, "I don't think these people even know where they live."
Emmett O'Connell
8 months ago

I gave a spring break assignment to home based kids today based on a popular and hilarious YouTube video about state flags. They were to watch the video, research states and come up with new flags

I tried my hand at a new #NewYork state flag, based on what I know about the Empire State's gift giving culture and customs.


Brent Sleeper
8 months ago

I love spotting the parrots when they stop to gobble up the loquat fruit from the tree in front of my house. But Martin Gee’s tongue-in-cheek illustration seals the deal, and it gives the Fog & Gold flag a real run for its money for my favorite #SFFlag. #Vexillology

Illustration of a parody version of the San Francisco city flag that features a wild parrot in place of the official phoenix. The flag consists of white field with a yellow border, with a squawking parrot facing left, wings spread, arising from flames. A ribbon below reads “Oro en paz. Fierro en guerra.”  Several other parrots perch or  alight on the ribbon. “SAN FRANCISCO” appears in blue block letters below it all.

Credit: Martin Gee/San Francisco Chronicle
Promethea :flag_trans_anim:
8 months ago

Saw this on Reddit and loved it, so I had to share it over here.

Sadly I can't credit the creator, reverse image search took me to the birdsite but I can't view anything without being logged in, and I don't have an account.

It seems to be based on a redrawing of someone else's idea, several layers deep, and I can't track the provenance. If someone knows, please comment.

#vexillology #trans #TransRights #Queer #GadsdenFlag #DontTreadOnMe #DontStepOnSnek

A flag based on the Gadsden Flag. It has the same yellow background and the text uses the same typeface.
At the centre is a Mongoose walking towards the left side, looking very determined, dragging with its mouth a dead snake. Its fur is in the colours of the trans flag, mainly pink, with baby blue socks, white and baby blue stripes on its back, and pink, white and baby blue bands on its tail.
The text reads "I'll tread where I please".
Jacob Tender
8 months ago

We've waited for it and, finally, he obliges. #CGPGrey's official ranking of United States flags.

#flags #vexillology #design

Alan McConchie
9 months ago

Interesting article about a proposed redesign of the #WashingtonState #Flag by Bradley Lockhart (who designed the #BellinghamWA flag).

What do you think, does Washington need a new flag?

#vexillology #design #flags #pnw #cascadia #BradleyLockhart

10 months ago

Basically if your flag has a bunch of text on a white background you're guaranteed an F. Keep that in mind if you're ever in charge of flag design. #Flags #vexillology

@seb One of my favorite podcasts, 99 Percent Invisible, has done a few episodes about flags, all the way back to their 6th episode in 2010.

And the host, Roman Mars, did a TED Talk on the subject.

#vexillology #FlagDesign #flags #99PercentInvisible #99PI

Dan Glass
1 year ago

I'd like to interrupt your steam to present to you the flag of Seychelles which is, in my humble opinion, one of the best flags I've seen.

The bold use of color and the fact that you can take a crop of it our of the lower left corner and always end up with the same map just speaks to me.

#Vexillology #Flags #Africa

Map of the country of Seychelles.

Welcome to my Mastodon account, focused on the political geography topics that I cover for PolGeoNow and my work there!

PolGeoNow remains active on Twitter as well.

#geography #maps #politicalgeography #politicalscience #geopolitics #OSINT #cartography #conflictmapping #conflicttracking #vexillology #geographyteacher

Andrew Ross
1 year ago

Now that I’m somewhat-settled on my new instance, I’ll (re)introduce myself… If you know me from #RollerDerby I'm Hewlett Smackard or just Smacky. Otherwise I’m Andrew.

Interests include: #sports #AmericanFootball #baseball #AussieRules #AFL #MLB #NFL #Mets #Chargers

#macOS #AppleScript #Python #Atari #Atari2600 #AtariVCS

#NewYork #NYC #Brooklyn

#cats #caturday #pinball #vexillology

#Introduction time! I like breaking down the line between #communication and #education, especially when it relates to #ClimateAction. I'm currently doing #InstructionalDesign and #Production at #Harvard. I studied #journalism at #Mizzou and education at #HGSE.

I'm living in #Boston, but my heart is forever in #Antarctica and most of my spare time goes to polar advocacy projects like Antarktikos Magazine, True South (a flag for Antarctica), and #PolarPride.

Assorted interests and identifiers:
#LGBTQ #Queer #MobyDick #Vexillology #NaturalHistory #CliFi #HistoryOfScience #Geography #Flags #RemoteIslands #Indietronic #SciArt #T1D #Midwest

1 year ago

I wanted to identify a flag I saw today, and I noticed that there isn’t any go-to website for that. I found FlagId (cool, but scarse database) and Flag-Finder (more flags, but some inaccuracies), plus there are several Wikipedia lists that may help (they didn’t in my case).

But also none of these resources had flags from non-geographical entities (pride flags, international organizations, political movements, etc.; Flag-Finder has some maritime flags). It feels like there is a spot for a more comprehensive tool.

(How I identified the flag I saw: I looked up on Google Maps what building was in the same premises as the flag, and connected the dots.)

#vexillology #flags

Choose your fighter and press X to honk. #Vexillology

swan in a shield on a red background, flag of Huissen, NL
slightly angry swan on a red, white and blue wavy water line, flag of Mantgum, NL
very angry swan on a solid black background. flag of Molkwar, NL
pissed off swan holding a bundle of arrows on a red background, flag of Landsmeer, NL

"Heraldica Slovenica invites you to join us in Ljubljana, Slovenia, July 11–15, 2022 for the Twenty-Ninth International Congress of

Did some attempts today on making some mashups with the Norwegian flag and some selected LGBTQ ones. I think the NOR-variants turned out really nice :blobCatHappy:​

#vexillology #mastoarṭ #Norway #Norge #Flags


Djyp ⭐
4 years ago

J'ai eu une inspiration que j'ai publiée sur Reddit. #vexillology
Un drapeau pour ceux qui combattent le Covid-19.

Djyp ⭐
4 years ago

Hey experts in #vexillology ! 4 years ago I created a peace flag and now I'm wondering what you think about it. I posted it on Reddit but it seems my post is drowning in many posts and I still haven't received improvement insights. What do you think ?

Time for an obligatory #introductions toot!

Hi I am Roxie, a dorky 19 year old #queer #trans girl from Northern England. I come with a thicc accent and an even thiccer heart.

Love #programming, #vexillology, and girls :3

I can be found spending too much time playing games and coding my discord bot, roxbot.

You can find me elsewhere in these places:

Discord: Roxxers#7443

Look forward to my toots being degraded from this into pure shitposting :hrt_trans: