Fabian Schaar
5 hours ago

Ich habe einen Blogeintrag zu meinen freien Lieblingsprogrammen geschrieben, die mich täglich durch den Alltag begleiten. Welche Software nutzt ihr Tag ein, Tag aus?

#FOSS #FLOSS #Desktop #PC #Computer #Software #Linux #GNU #KDE #Gnome #LibreOffice #Matrix #Tipp10 #Terminal #Vim #Firefox #Thunderbird #Web #EMail

Lisp & Scheme Weekly
2 days ago

TimL: Clojure-like Lisp dialect that runs on and compiles down to Vimscript


#lisp #programming #vim

Curtis "Ovid" Poe
2 days ago

I love #vim I've been using it for decades.

I still can't figure out how to easily switch the background color.

Helmut Tammen
3 days ago

to all #Vim and #NeoVim lovers. #helix is another vim inspired editor. First impression is really great. Although there is no plugin system yet it's already quite usable. Many features, like lsp support, are baked in. It's developed from scratch with Rust.

Tomas Cornelles 🧔🏻
3 days ago

Feliz #ViernesDeEscritorio a toda la comunidad #linux, pocos cambios en mi #xfce, ha añadido un pequeño redondeado a los window borders y gaps a las ventanas para que se separen al hacer tiling. Me he pasado de xfce-terminal a #xterm, algunos plugins a #ulauncher y pequeñas mejoras a #vim.

Tiling windows
Ulauncher y thunar
Apostolos P. Tsompanopoulos
3 days ago

Why do you need to quit #vim?

3 days ago

@shupfel Was expecting to find a mention of "#VeryMagic" option.

One from StackOverflow:

In vim, is there a way to set "very magic" permanently and globally? <>

I tried a search (/) remap to search with "\v", ostensibly to avoid "\" for [()+] etc. Also tried in "s///". But that experiment turned out be the case of cure being worse than the disease (do not remember the exact issues now).
#vim #regex

Hello #vim people! I am an Emacs freak, but I decided to give Vim a try. I am using #bspwm with picom as my compositor (obviously :P). The problem is that I prefer gvim specifically. Here is a side by side comparison of how it looks normally (left is vim running in Alacritty, right is gvim) before and after attempting hi Normal guibg=NONE ctermbg=NONE. Why doesn’t gvim show me a transparent bg and instead it goes to the default white one? This really annoys me and I can’t find any real fix (at least using my Google/DDG-fu) besides “lol just use guibg=NONE and It’ll Just Work™). Is there something I’m missing?

Ferran Marlet :vim:
3 days ago

@pabuisson Hi! I recommend to give catppuccin theme a try. It comes in 4 flavors, going from lightest to darkest, and I think that the "latte" flavor will suit your needs.

It also lets you customize the colors. I've been using it for a while now.

#vim #neovim #nvim

3 days ago

I don't understand why people do things like that...

#VIM #linux #nano #unix

Thomas Frans 🇺🇦
3 days ago

I was thinking about my first experience with Vim and I remember it being so awful that I gave up after 5 minutes. Now it got me thinking what would be the worst type of thing to work on as a first Vim learning session. I think it could be an article about volume groups in LVM. You're prepared to learn, filled with excitement, you start typing. "The VG does..." and now your entire document is gone 😬 You can't even ragequit. Guess my first Vim experience wasn't that bad after all.

#Vim #Neovim

Rob Warner
4 days ago

Few things are as painful as watching someone edit a file in Vim using only 'i', arrow keys, delete, esc, and ":wq". #vim

4 days ago

dear #vim and #neovim users, do you have any good, contrasty, light theme? the only one I manage to use for a long time is the (slightly tweaked) light version of Everforest: But apart from this one, it's hard to find a good light color scheme 😞

everforest light, tweaked with a lighter background color
4 days ago

Dear #lazyverse,

if I need $people to edit #orgmode with either #gedit, #vim or #vscode, what would be the best plugin for the task?

Simple tables must be supported.

Extra points, if it is packaged in #Debian.

"While any text editor can save your files, only #Emacs can save your soul."

Astra Kernel :verified:
4 days ago

You can change your editor

You can change your theme

You can change your keybindings

That's just the way it goes

You can say goodbye and you can say hello world

But you'll always find your way back home - to vscode

#vscode #vim #programming #neovim

You will always find your way back home text with a photo of Miley Cyrus singing
\x1b orhun 👾
4 days ago

god fucking knows how I'm gonna keep up with these projects

at least I use #vim

Normal Mode
4 days ago

Tim Chase: Here's a useful :substitute command:

No one:

Me: Here's how to do it with macros!


4 days ago

Lazyman is an open source project that provides a command to easily install, initialize, and manage multiple Neovim configurations. Over 40 Neovim configs are supported.

Lazyman installs Neovim 0.9 and dependencies using the native package mgr. Many Linux distros and macOS are supported. All configs are in isolated folders, the default Neovim config folders are not touched.

Most popular Neovim distributions are supported plus many more.

#neovim #vim #opensource

Alex L.
5 days ago

#linux #vim 😆​

Ankur Sinha "FranciscoD"
5 days ago

How do I scroll two files open side by side in #vim together? Use `set scrollbind` in both windows!

David Runge
5 days ago
5 days ago

I tried nearly every available open source software for managing my tasks.
In the end i always come back to
Easy synchronizable with #Syncthing or #Nextcloud. Generally usable in any editor. In #Android i prefer #Markor. In #LinuxDesktop with #Gnome (Touchdevices) the Shell Extension and with #Sway an keyboardshortcut to open the file directly in #Vim. Its very reliable.

5 days ago

Convertir líneas en una Regex vs convertir una Regex en checkbox list

#Bash #Checkbox #Regex #Regexp #Terminal #Tools #Utils #Vim

lines2regex vs regex2-check
Frank Müller
5 days ago

@lwdupont It simply became my favorite one when I had to administer a larger number of different Unix servers with Linux, Solaris and AIX. And everywhere I had my #vim. 😄 Another very powerful editor on Mac is @bbedit , lightweight, and fast,

Lucien Dupont
5 days ago

@themue Thanks for the info.. probably too much in the opposite direction for me :) (I use #vim a lot for editing files terminal wise though).

Frank Müller
5 days ago

@lwdupont @panic Still happy to use #vim for #golang development. With a good mix of plugins and own customization one of the most powerful editors (and lightweight).

5 days ago

TIL that TECO had modal editing and was kind of similar to #Vim, despite being the precursor of #Emacs.

Normal Mode
5 days ago

Edit your iOS clipboard FAST in #iVim with iVimClippy:


6 days ago

This Week I Learned: 2023W19
TWIL about #Vim, #Distrobox and #PHPUnit

Cristian Rasch 🇦🇷 🇺🇾
6 days ago

I'm more than a little embarrassed to admit that, despite having been a loyal #gnulinux user for more than 15 years, it was only just this past weekend that I (finally) learned how to invoke my #editor (#vim) from my #shell (#bash) to edit more complex command/command chains
There's just so much to learn all the time, but this is definitely a nice trick to have up your sleeve!

6 days ago

Some Mondays I feel like a robot. Here is part of the toolkit that help me stay human:

#vim #linux

Thomas Frans 🇺🇦
1 week ago

Over the course of half a year, I went from not knowing #Vim keybindings to "Can't live without 'em". They are everywhere: GitHub, Evince PDF reader, GNOME through customization, Zellij, pagers, Zsh... I understand why people absolutely love Vim. The editor is great, but the experience extends far outside of the editor as well.

iturbides :mastodon:
1 week ago

Hoy #LunesDeSoftwareLibre quiero destacar al editor de textos #vim. Es una auténtica maravilla una vez que se supera la curva de aprendizaje!!

Vim editor

would love to play me a game of #vimgolf but it requires me to sign in via #twitter, which I am not quite eager to do... #vim

Woah! I've been using Vi for 20 years now, and have only just accidentally discovered that the `ci` and `di` (change inside) and (delete inside) commands work when the cursor isn't inside those things! It'll find the next occurrence. Even if it's on a different line. #vim #vi

1 week ago

The eternal fight between #emacs, #vim and #vi.

#linux #sysadmin #unix

@arialdo @otfrom call me weird but I like #editors to be #simple and not require any training to use.

That's why i use #nano and not #vi, #vim or #neovim.

Going through a period of relearning #vim... Realising how many antipatterns I've developed, I need to slow down a bit and take some time to do things in a more ergonomic way. It helps, fx, to set relativenumber, so that I can go 10j instead of jjjjjjjjjj...

Using search strings instead of jumps help.

Also installed which-key.nvim. Yes.

@otfrom Also whilst I hate #emacs, I didn't have the time nor patience yet to get into #vim or rather #neovim and oftentimes #nano is one of the few tools that actually works.

I do try to replace wget with curl but sadly not everything works 1:1 ...

Gladly I don't have to deal with GCC cuz replacing that thing with LLVM doesn't work - at least not yet...

Steven Saus [he/him]
1 week ago

From 19 May: One more dead in horrific eye drop outbreak that now spans 18 states - EnlargeGetty UniversalImagesGroup Another person has died in an outbreak of e... #bacteria #blindness #cdc #death #delsam #drug-resistance #eye-drops #eye-infection #ezricare #fda #global-pharma #health #outbreak #pseudomonas-aeruginosa #science #vim-ges-crpa

@fuchsiii @nixCraft but if you think #vim, #nano, #emacs, #ed and co. are too easy, then see thoe people that solely do coding with #sed, #awk, #cat and #tail:

1 week ago

:OttGun: Sorry Vim, You Have to Go!
via @thelinuxcast

#Vim #Nano #Linux

Nat Bennett
1 week ago

Almost called this "Cope-ing with Quickfix"

What it really is, is a guide to using grep within Vim that also explains the underlying feature, so that you'll understand how it works when you encounter it elsewhere. In the future we'll talk about how to use it for other lists-of-locations.

#Vim #Neovim


could be #emacs is more well used in academia where as #vim is more seen in dev in business where you fous on one language - build system

blake shaw
1 week ago

Everytime I've heard a #Vim user say something to the effect of "can your emacs do THAT" the answer has always been yes of course thats a one-liner, but there's still no serious #noweb programming modes for vim that allow polyglot literate programming, while there are several for #emacs

Zhian N Kamvar :rstats:
1 week ago

Huh, I guess The Hotel California went through a rebranding

#vim #vi #unix #humor

An orange and yellow trapezoid sign against a blue sky that’s says “Village Inn” in large brown letters with a smaller “vi” in a yellow semicircle below
Curtis "Ovid" Poe
2 weeks ago

I've finally bit the bullet and installed #neovim. I followed the instructions for reusing my .vimrc[1] and gave it a shot. No differences discovered yet.

My #vim setup is decades old, it's crufty, uses hand-crafted plugins, and would make any vim purist weep. But it's powerful and it's mine. I am shocked that neovim appears, so far, to have handled it seamlessly.


Nat Bennett
2 weeks ago

Okay we have now somewhat more officially launched this sucker.

Later this week I'm going to write at least a bit about "quickfix mode" and how you can use it with search commands to navigate quickly in Vim. Sign up now to get that when it comes out.

#vim #neovim

Normal Mode
2 weeks ago

@YesIKnowIT The #Vim version is a bit lighter on punctuation!
vim +%right +wq file

The Linux Cast :arch: :i3:
2 weeks ago
This is gonna suck, banner for the linux cast, colors purple and orange. Video available on youtube.
2 weeks ago

on injecting personality into your apps. Context: kindaVim is an app that gives #macOS users vim-like interactivity in essentially any text field. I LOVE this so much. Only downside is that the time the dev has chosen for its "sleeping" time means I need to wait until 1PM to test the app which is weird and i'll likely forget all about it. I was thinking something like.. sleeps until 10AM.

#vim #indiedev

screenshot of unlimited trial text. it reads:  Unlimited trial.

The trial is full-featured and there's no expiry date, but without a subscription kindaVim gets lazy and sleeps in the mornings.

If you don't need it in the mornings then you're good to go! Else you may consider subscribing for the price of one coffee a month (USD$3.28 excl. tax) to keep kindaVim awake 24/7.
screenshot of it telling you it's about to request accessibility privileges. The heading is "Accessibility Privileges. You know the drill!"
a screenshot from the license page showing that it "sleeps from 5am to 1pm every day. that lazy bastard." and going on to say "If you can't wait to torture kV 24/7 you can do it with one cup of coffee a month. Press below." The button below says "Yes please lemme torture kV 24/7 for its own benefit"
Paco Velobs
2 weeks ago

Salut les #francophones qui utilisent #vim, #nvim, #neovim

J'ai pondu ça si ça vous dit.

Ce sont de petites choses que j'aurais aimé savoir à mes débuts pour partager mes configurations et picorer dans celle des autres facilement.

En espérant que ça serve à d'autres.
Si vous trouvez ça bien, passez le à ceux qui en ont besoin.
Si nous trouvez ça mauvais, passez le à ceux que vous voulez embrouiller.


Astra Kernel :verified:
2 weeks ago

Hello developers, here is the cursed image for you 🤣


I did this for fun(for meme) but the idea seems to be growing like a virus inside 😲🫨 it looks seamless integration. Oh no, i think i invoked some daemon

#vscode #neovim #lazyvim #vim #programming #astronvim

Neovim inside vscode terminal

I got my new miniPC and installed #batocera #Linux

I can open games, but I can't close them.

It's like #vim but for #videogames

ESC key doesn't work. Other keys do. Mashed all the buttons, the controls work okay.

Someone said I can bind a hotkey on the controller to do shit like that.

Rowan Merewood
3 weeks ago

#Emoticon for when you know the quick way to save and exit #vim but don't want to tell anyone:

Aram 🌈♾️
3 weeks ago

More #webassembly plugin system updates for #zellij

Here we see a demonstration of plugin workers (our built-in workaround for threads). We see the Strider plugin searching the file system (both file names and their contents), rendering in real time and offloading the search itself to the background worker.

When we select a search result, Strider will open it for us in a new pane with our default editor (#vim in my case) to the correct line if relevant.

Coming next release.

Editor musings:

I mostly use IntelliJ at work (Java & TypeScript). The IDEAVim #Vim plugin is very good.

I will now try #helixEditor again as a replacement for the stuff that I'm still doing in (Neo)Vim.
I'm so fed up with having to keep up with my vim config.
We'll see how it goes.

Stu :att:
4 weeks ago

I am thinking about starting to learn #Vim !!!

4 weeks ago

Figured this out! My solution was to use a combo of #vim keybindings in the #tmux config and then switch to tmux scroll mode with `v` and `y` to select and grab the text. Got a full write up on #devto

Alcritty terminal with two tmux panes open with readme files. On the right pane some text is highlighted showing using the vim keybindings to grab specific text from only one pane.
4 weeks ago

#Linux users of the #Fediverse, your favorite text editors! Are you a #Vim user? Maybe #nano user? Are you really one of those #Emacs nerds? Let's hear it!

Yann Büchau :python:
4 weeks ago

:vim: #vim power user tip: g; (that is: g semicolon) jumps to the last-edited position. Ultra-helpful when editing text and probably my most used keystroke. ⌨️

behold, the git logs of a highly optimal system in which nothing goes wrongly ever

good thing nix saves time and neovim makes you more efficient as a person amirite

#nix #vim #neovim #dotfiles #iDoThisToMyself

❯ git log --oneline | rg -v 'flake.lock: Update'
sweet fvuk
optimize vim startup
doing me a normal one
see if pushing to cachix works conveniently
fix neovim
update to new named option
add xp pen driver. lmao sha mismatch
fix macos tree-sitter
update neovim lock file
hideous fuckin crimes to build tree-sitter because i am a slut for neovim-nightly
fix treesitter deprecations
v2 lspzero
update deps. fix copy/paste macos
update deps, add say command for linux
its a crime to not push your configs before a conference
updates n things
stable nix so nix-doc work
fix mac compat
clean up stuff again
remove large_file check
brain plz stop
fix nvim paste
fucked up neovim paste
make all modules cross platform
done for now
update vim plugins
concurrency for GHA
fix module type
fuk me thats ugly (add age for home-manager. fix inputs for real)
fix age for darwin
whew neovim sure saves time dunnit
git auth with gh
cross os is a fickle beast
power management
blEEEEEDin edge
secure boot for real v2
secure boot for real
when in doubt haxx it out
clean up commented out file
nixos stuff
make the lock file reflect reality
fix just grammar
add new stuff
add gke stuff
add bitwarden-cli
i dont like z4h-exit after all
use z4h-exit instead of z4h-eof
devenv substituter
add tree-sitter-just
fix nvim configs
fix ci
new nix lsp
updates n fix hostname
fix work filez
i am beyond hope
simplify things i guess
expose modules
simplify nvim
add gopls stuff
update the updater; fix fonts for macos13
Adrian Magdas
1 month ago
Image reading "And with that, the developer opens their .vimrc file.  By doing this, they're showing zero interest in doing any productive work that day."
1 month ago

I /just/ found out about :x instead of :wq. I've been using #vim for years.

Zacky Ma :favicon:
1 month ago

After about a year spent in VS Code and then Nova, I think I’m getting ready to going back to #tmux + #vim. It’s hard to beat an environment that doesn’t require you to move your hands away from the keyboard.

Taha Mokhtary :vim:
1 month ago

I love Vi IMproved !❤ :vim:

Elijah Manor
1 month ago

🎥 LazyVim: Linters & Formatters

🎤 In this video I…

1️⃣ Introduce a few default linters
2️⃣ Add a few LazyVim plugin linters and formatters
3️⃣ Navigate diagnostics across a project
4️⃣ Show how to fix problems
5️⃣ Add your own custom linters

#vim #neovim #terminal #commandline

YouTube thumbnail for LazyVim Linting & Formatting with logos of Neovim, ESLint, and Prettier
Elijah Manor
1 month ago

🏠 Life happened last night so I didn't make much progress on the next video, but…

🐶 Our dog woke up barking at 3:30am so I got up & worked for a few hours before I started work

🎥 I made good progress & I'll work on it more tonight with a tentative launch tomorrow

#vi #vim #nvim #neovim #commandline #terminal

Elijah Manor
1 month ago

$ escape room

#vim #neovim #commandline #terminal

classic joke, but hadn't seen this take before

Person walks into an Escape Room to find a terminal running vim and chaos ensues
Nat Bennett
1 month ago

Today's Vim tip: Buffers

Vim keeps an in-memory version of every file you've opened in a session, and has a bunch of commands to switch quickly between them.

Use ":buffers :ls" to view all your open buffers.

:bp to go to the previous buffer
:bn to go to the next buffer

:help :buffers for more detailed info and more commands


does anyone have any suggestions for cool vim plugins to install that I might not already have?
I already have a lot of common plugins, like syntax highlighting and LSP, etc...
:vim: #vim

dubst3pp4 🎧️
1 month ago

`alias bim=vim` 🙃
#Vim #typo

Nat Bennett
1 month ago

I'm making a list of (Neo) Vim topics to research/write about.

I've got
- a guide to commonly configured settings
- how to write a plugin
- codebase navigation / changing files quickly (thanks @jtigger )
- using the LSP
- using Vim for simple refactors like extract method & inline method
- composing commands
- why I use Vim (probably a personal essay)
- color schemes
- automatically running unit tests

What else would you like to know about Vim and Neovim?

#Vim #Neovim

Shane Celis
1 month ago

Editor joke port. #emacs #vim

“How the heck do you exit emacs?!”

M-x package-install evil
M-x evil-mode

Andrew Tropin
1 month ago

Watched a stream on modal editing options in #emacs by @daviwil and my thoughts are that meow is interesting HCI project and quite good in terms of UX: It visually shows the object you will operate on first and let you make some modification second.

I had around a decade of #vim experience, I could do some operations very efficiently, but it never tasted right. I think verb+object approach is just suboptimal, also it can't be accompanied by a nice UI feedback.

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
1 month ago

OMG how do I get #vim to stop indenting my code? With every return key it indents more!

Kushal Das :python: :tor:
1 month ago

Using #sshfs & also remote session in #VSCode & sometimes #vim directly in that same remote machine to develop a #python project.

#ICYMI check out this week's livestream with @chantastic! Michael takes us on a deep dive on using #Vim in VS Code! 🎥


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