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Fawcett Amateur Astronomy Handbook, 1960.

At the start of 1960 only 5 man-made satellites had successful missions. Now, it's likely that more than that are launched in a day! Get this & see the stars yourself before too much space junk blocks the view!

7/11/23 Open 6-9p. No open containers, please.

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A photo of a vintage magazine.

Wide yellow serif title reads "Fawcett Amateur Astronomy Handbook" with a smaller bold sans serif credit, "By Lloyd Mallan." All further text is bold, white, sans.

Main cover photo features a large professional observatory, circular, made of brick with a large silvery dome - it's top opened to reveal the giant telescope inside, all atop a tree-lined hill at dusk.

Left of this photo is a list of 8 featured articles, as follows:
Build a 6" reflecting telescope.
Build a 3" refracting telescope.
Photographing the heavens.
Back yard observatory.
Build a spectroscope.
Telescope eyepieces.
Observing the sun.
Clock-driven mounts.

Two inset photos, each bordered with a narrow white frame with bright red backdrops, are as follows: 
1. A father and son align a rather large home telescope. A caption reads "Telescope Adjustments."
2. A sheet of plans rests on a table. Numerous tubular and circular parts are scattered throughout the scene. A man's hands can be seen assembling some of the parts. Off to the left, and below the caption for inset 1, is a long thin yellow arrow pointing to inset 2, captioned, "Instrument Assembly."
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6 months ago

Amusingly, the magazine this comes from was titled Gay Life In Paris: How Life is Enjoyed by the People of that Great Metropolis.

Unfortunately, they are using #gay in the old-fashioned "exciting and slightly risque" sense, which may disappoint readers of more modern sensibilities.

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@casey I wanted to make sure it wouldn't glitch on the adult-content clickthrough the Archive sometimes uses. Good news, it's no problem! A few moments later, as the kids on TikTok love to say so ominously, my blog has a "Random Vintage Porn Magazine" link:
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I'm still new to the fediverse. Here's a sliver of introduction I hope will help build some new connections.

Who likes old comics? We do!

The "Guy's Back-Issue" stamp on Sure-Fire Comics β„– 3 (Sep 1940) is from our paternal great-grandparents business, when #BonnettsBooks was a year old.

Collectors may find they have a "BONNETT'S" stamped #vintagemagazine already. I'd love to see it!

3/31/23 Open 6-9p Mask recommended. No open containers, plz.

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Gay Old Time
9 months ago

There's technically nothing gay here. It's just a magazine for men who enjoy rugged features πŸ’¦
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Cover of Male magazine. An illustration shows a bearded soldier drinking from a canteen as water drips down his chin. The tagline promises "25 rugged features".

Theda Bara. Motion Picture Magazine. October 1915

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Old magazine cover with tinted photo of Theda Bara on front