A bit warmer tomorrow with low 70s across northern #Virginia and #Maryland, and mid 70s around #RVA and southern/southeastern Virginia. More peeks of sunshine as well. It'll be at least Saturday before we see less clouds and more sun. #vawx #mdwx

7 hours ago

Saturday, November 4th, 3pm at @resist_bks . #SavetheDate !

#DSALabor of #RVA and #PetersburgMutualAid are bringing that #UAW / #Teamsters / #SagAftra energy to the city of #PetersburgVA !

If you are interested in #organizing a #union in your workplace, the concept of #labororganizing in general, or want to use the model of union organizing in other projects (such as a #tenantsunion , #studentunion , etc) then THIS is the place to be!

Tell a friend!

#Virginia #PetersburgVA #WorkingClass

Democracy Matters :verified:
10 hours ago

#BobGood #Virginia #GOP

You chose him, Virginia!


Democracy Matters :verified:
10 hours ago

Rep. Bob Good (R-VA) is not only a dishonest broker and liar, he’s also an asshole. #GOP #Virginia #BobGood #VoteBlue

You're lying': Republican steamrolls MSNBC reporter's fact-checking of his Biden accusations

Lyle Solla-Yates
11 hours ago

“The whites-only restriction can’t be disentangled from the one-house restriction; they were meant to work together, with the purpose and effect of excluding people of color...It is profoundly disappointing to see restrictive covenants from the Jim Crow era being invoked to block new housing and exclude families today.” #segregation #racism #jimcrow #virginia #hate #arlington #zoning #zoningreform #housing

My wife and I did this trail with the kids a couple years ago in the fall and it was really nice. It's the Storybook Trail near Luray.

#Virginia #hiking


After dinner last night we stopped by #Winchester Brew Works for a pumpkin ale.

#Virginia #beer

After dinner we stopped by Winchester Brew Works for a pumpkin ale.

Pumpkin ale pictured here with the bar and beer menu in the background.

"This promises to be an enchanting fall evening with friends, food, a signature drink, an open bar, and lots of opportunities for fun.

Landfall Lodge is a beautiful location. There will be several staged photo backgrounds and Snap n' Share Photo Booths will be there taking photos that will be delivered digitally to you and included in the price of admission.

We want to thank the following farm markets for fall decorations and baskets that will be raffled that evening.

Marker-Miller Orchards Farm Market
Richard's Fruit Market
West Oaks Farm Market
Virginia Farm Market
Spring Valley Farm Market- Winchester
Shawnee Springs Market & Cannery
Woodbine Farm Market"

Tickets available:

#Winchester #Virginia #events

Harvest Hoedown in Winchester Virginia

Fall foliage in #Virginia.

Matthew Martin ☑ ✅📛
1 day ago

Shooter signs up for "get out of jail for shooting people insurance" and then shoots someone first chance he gets.

I've been accosted by people pushing religion, trying to take surveys, asking for directions, people with actual mental illness-- didn't need to shoot any of them.

This is at the mall closest to where I live.

#dmv #virginia #loudoun

Fly Boy
1 day ago

Got my #CoffeeClub welcome pack from #2530EspressoCafe :

  • Travel mug
  • Tasting spoon
  • Record notebook
  • Pen
  • Discount card

#Fredericksburg #Virginia #USA

Northwest Beer Guide
1 day ago

Paying #Bottleworks in #Seattle and enjoying this Deathless Festbier Lager by #TheVeil from #Richmond #Virginia. #Beer

Paying #Bottleworks in #Seattle and enjoying this Deathless Festbier Lager by #TheVeil from #Richmond #Virginia. #Beer #photography
1 day ago

"This saga goes back a century. At the #Virginia Constitutional Convention of 1901-1902, delegates shut down a proposal for elected #school boards after opponents made clear they believed that would give too much “negro” control over the schools...

“Appointed boards were part and parcel of the way the #JimCrow system operated in Virginia,” historian Peyton McCrary told me."

#History #Racism #Bigotry #Politics #USPol #USA #News

News headline and photo with caption.

Headline: Opinion
A nasty fight in a rural Virginia school district unearths dark truths
By Greg Sargent
September 27, 2023 at 6:45 a.m. EDT

Photo: A road sign in a rural area shows a red, white & blue pistol and reads, "Freedom has a nice ring to it and a bit of recoil."

Caption: A sign on a road near Beaverdam, Va., in Hanover County, where a battle is underway over a push for an elected school board. 
(Greg Sargent/The Washington Post)
1 day ago

Washington ranks 14th in pass protection rating based on three different sources, yet people think our offensive line is terrible. It’s way more of a Howell issue than people want to believe.

#Ashburn #commanders #Football #NationalFootballConference #NationalFootballConferenceEastDivision #NationalFootballLeague #NFL #Virginia #Washington #WashingtonCommanders

Washington ranks 14th in pass protection rating based on three different sources, yet people think our offensive line is terrible. It’s way more of a Howell issue than people want to believe.
Democracy Labs
1 day ago

Campaigning on a Budget? Use free AI apps to stream your message Loud and Clear!
#virginia #ai #audiotechnology

Campaigning on a Budget? Use free AI apps to stream your message Loud and Clear!

Unintended benefit of #Republican shutdown - It will put the brakes on #RightWing politician Glenn Youngkin👍

“Some big-money #GOP donors are hoping that #Virginia Gov Youngkin will jump into the presidential race as a last-ditch #Trump alternative — but a #Shutdown of the federal government could complicate any such plans

Why it matters: #Youngkin hasn't ruled out a presidential run, but his first priority is leading Republicans to win control of Virginia's legislature”

2 days ago

Using the simple rating system, which adjusts margin of victory for strength of schedule, the Commanders are the second-worst team in the NFC after the Bears. WSH offense is 10 points per game WORSE than an average team. Eric Bieniemy has his work cut out for him.

#Ashburn #commanders #Football #NationalFootballConference #NationalFootballConferenceEastDivision #NationalFootballLeague #NFL #Virginia #Washington #WashingtonCommanders

Using the simple rating system, which adjusts margin of victory for strength of schedule, the Commanders are the second-worst team in the NFC after the Bears. WSH offense is 10 points per game WORSE than an average team. Eric Bieniemy has his work cut out for him.
Alice Marshall
2 days ago

How a Government Shutdown Could Upend Virginia’s Key Legislative Elections
No state is more directly tied to the federal government than #Virginia. Democrats see an opening

Erik Jensen
2 days ago

“The National Park Service has a new plan for updating the popular Mount Vernon Trail and the section of the George Washington Memorial Parkway… Where possible, the plan calls for widening the trail, to at least ten feet across”

One of the prettiest bike rides in all of the DC area, so excited for it to get a little more breathing room given how busy it gets!

#BikeDC #WashingtonDC #Virginia #BikeVA

jcrabapple :virginia_badge:
3 days ago

Norfolk & Western Class J No. 611 Is a Vintage Train With Virginia's Best Fall Foliage Views

#Virginia #ShenandoahValley

Joseph S Giacalone Photo Art
4 days ago

Entrance to the Ocean View fishing pier in Norfolk, Virginia. The original photograph has been processed in an oil pastel painting style:

#Virginia #Norfolk #coastal #art #Fediart #fediverse #wallart

fishing pier in virginia painterly style
The Eyewall
5 days ago

#Ophelia has found its way inland in NC, bringing heavy rain and flash flooding to inland NC & VA, along with one more significant high tide cycle this evening. TD 17 formed in the Atlantic, with no threat to land currently noted.


#ncwx #vawx #mdwx #dcwx #dewx #njwx #newjersey #delaware #maryland #virginia #northcarolina #delmarva #hamptonroads #tidewater #weather #storm

A map of flash flooding risk today, with moderate (level 3 of 4) in red from about Richmond, Virginia through northeastern North Carolina, and slight risk (level 2 of 4) in yellow around that for all of eastern North Carolina, eastern Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, and southern New Jersey.
Alan Kotok
6 days ago

Why I try to remember to take a camera wherever I go ... Shot on Thursday in Falls Church, Va. #Photography #StreetPhotography #Artist #Virginia

Artist drawing an old house from the front lawn
BlurangeNGold :FC_Cincinnati:
6 days ago

I’m not buying it!

#Virginia #CFB

Gravy Train to Oligarchy:

Historian Nancy MacLean explains that Virginia’s white elite and the pro-corporate president of the University of Virginia, Colgate #Darden, who had married into the #DuPont family, found James #Buchanan’s ideas to be spot on.

In nurturing a new intelligentsia to commit to his values, Buchanan stated that he needed a “#gravy #train,” and with backers like Charles #Koch and conservative foundations like the #Scaife Family Charitable Trusts, others hopped aboard.

#Money, Buchanan knew, can be a persuasive tool in academia. His circle of influence began to widen.

MacLean observes that the #Virginia #school, as Buchanan’s brand of economic and political thinking is known, is a kind of cousin to the better-known, market-oriented #Chicago and #Austrian schools — proponents of all three were members of the #Mont #Pelerin #Society, an international neoliberal organization which included Milton #Friedman and Friedrich #Hayek.

But the Virginia school’s focus and career missions were distinct. In an interview with the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET), MacLean described Friedman and Buchanan as yin and yang:
“Friedman was this genial, personable character who loved to be in the limelight and made a sunny case for the free market and the freedom to choose and so forth.
"Buchanan was the dark side of this: he thought, ok, fine, they can make a case for the free market, but everybody knows that free markets have externalities and other problems. So he wanted to keep people from believing that government could be the alternative to those problems.”

The Virginia school also differs from other economic schools in a marked reliance on #abstract #theory rather than #mathematics or empirical #evidence.

That a Nobel Prize was awarded in 1986 to an economist who so determinedly bucked the academic trends of his day was nothing short of stunning, MacLean observes. But, then, it was the peak of the #Reagan era, an administration several Buchanan students joined.

Buchanan’s school focused on *public choice theory*, later adding constitutional economics and the new field of law and economics to its core research and advocacy.

The economist saw that his vision would never come to fruition by focusing on *who rules. It was much better to focus on the rules themselves, and that required a “#constitutional #revolution.”

Paco Hope #BLM
1 week ago

If you are in the #US and, in particular, you can #vote in #Virginia, today starts the 45-day period of early voting. Get out there and vote! And if you like Virginia-specific news, the Virginia Mercury is the best. Real, actual local news.

1 week ago

#DC approves #ebike #vouchers plan to get people out of their #cars. The D.C. Council approved an #incentives program to cut the cost of e-bikes for city #residents, primarily those with #lowerincomes What are you waiting for #Maryland #Virginia, etc

Our next storm system is coming within range now of the short-range high resolution forecast models that tend to do well with mesoscale systems. Rain starts to spread into #Virginia Friday afternoon, reaching #RVA around 6pm or so, then D.C., Charlottesville, Roanoke after midnight. Winds will become quite gusty at times by the early morning hours of Saturday and continuing through Saturday evening, with rain becoming heavy at times on Saturday. The rain totals forecast as trended wetter and further west over the last 24 hours. With over 2 to 3" likely for coastal VA and MD, and 1 to nearly 2" along the 95 corridor, and half an inch to an inch from Harrisonburg and Charlottesville to Winchester, Frederick, and Hagerstown. #vawx #mdwx

This Old Hiker
1 week ago

@MessagingMatters There are a whole string of ski resorts in the Southeastern and mid-Atlantic states of the US, from #newjersey south, that won't be far behind in closing. I suspect that the #skiing areas in #Virginia will be first. #climatechange #climate

2 weeks ago

🙁Democratic Rep. Jennifer Wexton of #Virginia announced Monday morning she will finish out her term in Congress but will not seek reelection, citing health concerns.

2 weeks ago

URGENT FOSTER NEEDED! Bungee is an adorable pup who is desperately seeking a foster home where he can receive the love and attention he deserves. This young and energetic boy is struggling to understand why he has to spend most of his time alone in his kennel. Let's join hands and help Bungee find a foster family that can provide him with the care and companionship he craves.
Email us at for more info.
#adoptdontshop #indigodogclub #fosteringsaveslives #rescuedismyfavoritebreed #dmv #virginia #maryland #washingtondc #saveashelteranimal

Bungee is a 1 yo male pitty mix (black and white). He is looking for a forever or foster home today! He is showing on the pic his kisses slills.

Most of the rain today (through late afternoon) will be over western and northern #Virginia, from Roanoke to Winchester to Hagerstown, MD and from Fredericksburg north to D.C. with rain arriving in #RVA and along/east of 95 this evening. #vawx #mdwx

2 weeks ago

#Virginia Happening right now- Park clean-up.
Leesylvania State Park Visitor Center
1225 Daniel K Ludwig Dr
Woodbridge, VA 22191

I'm very excited for this event on Saturday! 🥃🎻

Bluegrass, bourbon take center stage at Fiddles & Fifths on Saturday | #Winchester Star | #Virginia

Steve Herman
2 weeks ago

Biden, at a campaign fundraiser in #Virginia, says Republican House leaders, as best he can tell, want to impeach him because they desire to shut down the government, “but I’ve got a job to do,” according to a pool report.

Alice Marshall
2 weeks ago

Early voting gets underway in about a week across #Virginia for this year’s legislative elections, which will decide political control of the state’s currently divided General Assembly.

Steve Herman
2 weeks ago

President Biden this evening is attending a campaign reception in McLean, #Virginia at the home of lawyer/philanthropist David Frederick and Sophie Lynn.

Tonight/tomorrow morning's low temperatures! Even cooler for Friday and Saturday mornings. Rain chances will be slim other than a few scattered showers/storms on Sunday, mostly around Richmond and south into North Carolina. #vawx #rva #virginia

Alt text: forecast overnight low temperature maps for Virginia and D.C. for the next three nights/mornings showing lows in the mid to upper 50s near the Shenandoah Valley on Thursday, mid 60s central/eastern VA, then dropping into the upper 40s in/near the valley Friday and Saturday mornings, mid 50s for central/eastern Virginia and Maryland.

Alice Marshall
2 weeks ago
Robin DeRosa
2 weeks ago

If you teach or work at a #Virginia college or university, check out this October hybrid event on #OER, college affordability, and student belonging. I will be keynoting and attending remotely!

#HIgherEd #OER #collegeaffordability

3 weeks ago

Virginia’s Public Universities Have a Long History of Displacing Black Residents

Schools including Old Dominion and the flagship University of Virginia have expanded by dislodging #Black #families, sometimes by the threat or use of #EminentDomain.

#Education #Schools #College #University #Virginia #UVA #Gentrification #History #News

🙂 Artist: #SethLubaton - in City: #Virginia 19th St Virginia Beach, VA USA 🇺🇸 -
Title: "You are not alone! "
- #988Helpline 🇺🇸
Don't listen to the monsters in your head. We all have our struggles and it's okay to talk about it. 🍂
🇩🇪 Germany:
🌎 International:
#Streetart #Mastoart #Art #Help
#Hilfe #Mentalhealth #Helplines #Telefonseelsorge
#YouAreNotAlone ! 🙂

Streetartwall. On a long exterior wall above the entrance of a commercial building is sprayed/painted a mural with the words "You are not alone!". The message is written in large white letters on a band of yellow flowers.
A project of many artists as information and reference to the American helpline for people with mental health problems.
Conspiracy of Cartographers
3 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Just walked to the mailbox and that's enough outside time for me today. #rva #virginia

3 weeks ago

A Black Neighborhood and a #College Both Wanted to Expand. Now One of Them Is Gone.

Sixty-plus years ago, the white leaders of Newport News, #Virginia, seized the core of a thriving Black community to build a college.

The #school has been gobbling up the remaining #houses ever since.

1 month ago

Sheriff's Department Lets Armed #Boogaloos Waltz Onto #School Grounds

Residents of the #Virginia town want to know why no one was arrested over the alarming stunt.

Steve Herman
1 month ago

Five environmental groups sue to stop #Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin from withdrawing the state from a regional carbon market, They argue state lawmakers voted to join it, thus executive action cannot reverse participation. (

Steve Herman
1 month ago

Smoke from a police motor vehicle inside Dulles Airport main terminal prompts evacuation. #aviation #Virginia

Steve Herman
1 month ago

Washington Post: Rupert Murdoch has personally encouraged #Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin to enter the #Election2024 Republican presidential race.

1 month ago

An Experiment to Fight Pandemic-Era Learning Loss Launches in #Richmond

After intense opposition and skepticism, two elementary #schools opened 20 days early to help #students make up for what they missed during the time of #RemoteLearning.

The first question: Would kids show up in the middle of #summer for extra schooling?

#School #Kids #Teachers #Education #Virginia #Pandemic #COVID #LearningLoss #Parents

Steve Herman
1 month ago

#Coal companies owned by the family of #WestVirginia Gov. Jim Justice could face $1.2 billion in fines in #Virginia for violating a cleanup deal over oil spills at eight mining sites.

Steve Herman
1 month ago

The mother of a 6-year-old who shot his teacher in #Virginia enters guilty plea to a charge of felony child neglect.

Steve Herman
1 month ago

Update: #VRE trains are “back on the move but are likely to encounter additional delays due to weather-related speed restrictions.” #Virginia

Steve Herman
1 month ago

#VRE trains are holding south of Alexandria due to flooding on the Fredericksburg and Manassas lines. #Virginia

Steve Herman
2 months ago

In “Rich Men North of Richmond,” a singing farmer here in #Virginia goes viral with his blast against high taxes and obese people on welfare.

Raymond Scott Pert
2 months ago

A Republican Renaissance in Virginia?

>If no alternative to Mr. Trump breaks through, nervous #Republican donors and voters will start looking for a lifeboat, and Glenn Youngkin just may prove seaworthy. [..] A poll this month from #Virginia Commonwealth University suggested Mr. Youngkin would beat Mr. Biden in the Old Dominion, which the #GOP hasn’t carried in a presidential election since 2004 #DonaldTrump

Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin speaks in Richmond, Va., June 21, 2022.
2 months ago

@skinnylatte they really need more much more staff to track and counter all the racism spreaders especially in local #elections online too. #naacp
Ex the whole bs #CRT mania that spread lies and fears before the Gov race in #virginia to #GOTV.