Harshal Suryawanshi 🇮🇳
2 hours ago

Job well done #Kerala in acting swiftly against #Nipah #virus. This is what #India should keep on doing consistently.

Black Cilantro
15 hours ago

#Ireul es el atacante más abstracto hasta ahora. Es como un #virus autoconsciente que busca a Adam, como todos los demás, pero esta vez NERV parece indefensa porque no puede usar ningún EVA para combatirlo.

PKPs Powerfromspace1
20 hours ago

By. @browncfm 1. As always, the best reporting on #Covid19 is to vbe found in the financial press.

'The last big finding was that in some people with long Covid, other latent viruses — things like Epstein Barr #virus that go dormant, but don’t disappear — were...

Tim Downing
1 day ago

Some really great talks and discussions today on advances in virus-livestock omics at the #Turing institute, who kindly supported the event. Talks include those by Ge Wu and Marie Di Placido (pictures) from the #Pirbright Institute.

Great to have input from the #BBSRC and #SFTC #Harttree Centre too.

Looking forward to new adventures in this area...

#livestock #virus #genomics #antibody #genome #mutation #pangenome #omics #transcriptomics #spatialtranscriptomics #fmdv

Lime Bar
1 day ago

Do you know about VirusTotal?

Upload a file, it will scan for viruses using dozens of scanners, and including running in a few VMs to test install, execution (behavior tab), networking (relations tab), and give a report.

Uses a hash to quickly lookup reports if anyone has done this before with your file (fast).

#security #virus #scan #virusTotal

Claude Trudel
1 day ago

La saison des virus respiratoires débute en force avec près de 100 000 Québécois infectés par jour, selon les estimations de l’Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ).
🔴 La propagation de la COVID-19, en hausse depuis les dernières semaines, se rapproche de celle observée l’hiver dernier.

#Québec #Montréal #santé #virus #covid #INSPQ

Nils Wilcke
1 day ago

Déjeuner familial sympa jusqu’à ce que l’un des convives, prof, annonce que l’une de ses collègues a chopé le covid avec un bon 40 de fièvre. Moi et mes … kilos avons fuit la tablée. Le manque d’empathie et de conscience des gens sur le virus et ses conséquences potentielles me laissent pantois… #Covid #Sante #Virus #SOS

Kleiner Kalender
2 days ago

28. Sep: Am heutigen Welt-Tollwuttag geht es um #Aufklärung sowie die Bekämpfung der #Tollwut! #Virus #WeltTollwuttag #event

Mya Breitbart
2 days ago

An exciting day as we set up our seagrass mesocosms! As part of an #NSFfunded project, we are looking at the ecology of viruses in turtlegrass. #USFCMS #seagrass #ocean #Florida #virus #plant #LetItGrow #aquarium #science

Photo inside a lab. Four people stand behind a row of tanks with seagrass in them.
Olhar Digital
2 days ago
2 days ago
Corentin Lamy
3 days ago

Je vous gâte en cette belle matinée avec la #bigbox d'un jeu, #Virus, qui était une sorte de #Descent très light dont la particularité était qu'il utilisait comme textures les images présentes sur votre disque dur. Le pitch, c'est qu'un virus avait attaqué votre PC et qu'il fallait l'en chasser. Quand bien même ce jeu aurait été bon il aurait probablement été sabordé par son nom (qui voudrait acheter un virus ? À part moi je veux dire) mais dieu merci il était assez mauvais. #retrogaming #jv

Recto de Virus
Verso et contenu de Virus
Martin Michaelis
3 days ago

A dashboard is only as good as the data that it is based on... #viruses #virus #RespiratoryIllness #COVID19

3 days ago

Always keep your system updated :V Or else a horny, hung and evil demonic looking shark virus will tear through your defenses and cum all over your most valuable files! 💦💦💦💻

Support me on

Find my art elsewhere on the web:

#nsfw #OC #shark #demon #virus #muscle #horny #big_dick #cumshot

4 days ago

#Scientists say the use of an antiviral may be fueling the evolution of new #Covid variants by causing mutations in the #virus.

#Molnupiravir, which is also sold under the brand name #Lagevrio, is designed to mutate coronavirus to destruction, but researchers found evidence that the virus can sometimes survive the treatment, leading to mutated versions that occasionally spread to other people.


[edited for clarity]

Poetry News
4 days ago

Containment fragile
Race to stop outbreak
Viral, deadly, India

#india #virus #containment #outbreak #pandemic #cinquain #poetry

4 days ago

'Study finds evidence virus can survive treatment with molnupiravir, leading to mutated versions that sometimes spread'

'As well as spotting signature mutations in Covid viruses obtained from patients, the scientists found that these were more common in countries that used the most molnupiravir, such as the UK, Australia, the US and Japan. Further analyses found the hallmark mutations were more common in Covid virus taken from older patients who awere more likely to be treated with the drug.'

#Covid #CovidIsNotOver #Virus #AntiViral #Corona

4 days ago
Scientific Frontline
4 days ago

#Scientists have shown that in some cases, mutated forms of the #virus have been able to be transmitted from patients treated with #molnupiravir and spread within the community.
#Medical #Covid19 #sflorg

«An antiviral drug used to treat #COVID19 infections has been linked to #coronavirus mutations that are suspected of then being passed on to other people, researchers say.

Scientists mapped COVID-19 mutations over time to see how and when the #virus evolved, and they spotted unusual “mutational events” that were associated with patients who had taken the drug #Molnupiravir

4 days ago

When there is a #pandemic (even if it is no longer considered an #emergency) & the #virus is more dangerous than other #illnesses potentially caught in school surely parents would be irresponsible if they weren't cautious. When only one-side of an issue is presented it is potentially manipulation rather than just information. 2/2

5 days ago

Postdoctoral Fellow/Research Associate in Virus-like Intercellular Biology @jasonsynaptic

University of Utah

#postdoc opening investigating the biology of Gag #virus-like genes and #intercellular #signaling in the #brain at #UniversityofUtah

See the full job description on jobRxiv:

5 days ago

NASA brought back the space rocks. I'm re-watching The Andromeda Strain for pointers. :KEKW:

#Space #Virus #Movie #AndromedaStrain #Nasa

5 days ago

Am I the only one to be worried that a #virus could be an those asteroids parts that just landed on #earth ?


Tech news from Canada
5 days ago
IT News
5 days ago

Inside the race to stop a deadly viral outbreak in India - Enlarge / Road blockade due to Nipah affected areas at Chathamangalam p... - #viraloutbreak #syndication #quarantine #science #health #india #virus

„From #symbiosis to #parasitism is a short #step The #word is now a #virus — William S. #burroughs

Ricardo Harvin
6 days ago

"...while these #viruses mostly don't cause symptoms, when they do, it's generally in the form of painful blisters in the affected area."

When you stigmatize #herpes, you announce your literal ignorance (and perpetuate manufactured fear created by #JohnLeo and #MaureenDowd in #Time #magazine in the 80's).

#Humans have had herpes since long before #HomoSapiens existed.

Herpes is *typical* in humans, and you likely carry the #virus, including #ChickenPox and #shingles.

Ed Suominen
6 days ago

What’s with the #NoToBrainInfections hashtag? It’s just something I made up that you can follow to see what I’ve posted about a very good reason to avoid getting #Covid. I plan to dig through my archives soon for some truly terrifying academic papers I found while actively researching this a year ago. This #virus burrows into people’s brains and fuses neurons together. It causes actual brain damage. It really is a big deal.

Screenshot from a guilty lurking session on Twitter.

Dr. Sean Mullen quote-tweets the following: “Repeated SARS2 infection is leading to significant cognitive impairments among children and youth. 

Grade 7s: can’t write a sentence, can’t read, math achievement between grade 1-4, can’t identify own state.

We are destroying a generation of young minds. And for what?”

He adds: “Disturbing. Been saying this since the beginning. Most transmissible virus our generation has encountered / fuses brain cells / no precautions/ repeat infections / chronic absenteeism/ presenteeism / lower academic performance. We’ve destroyed the brains of a generation.”
Ed Suominen
6 days ago

#Spokane County #Washington #SARSCov2 #wastewater levels, showing that about as many people have #Covid as have for about half of the last 60 weeks or so.

No, #CovidIsNotOver and you should be saying #NoToBrainInfections by simply wearing an #N95 respirator.

I’m really tired of this #pandemic. It sucks. My social life is a smoldering ruin. But neither my preferences nor yours dictate what happens with a highly transmissible, immune-evasive airborne #virus.

Spokane County SARS2 concentrations in wastewater since the lull of Spring 2022. Levels are rising from a 2-month long local minimum, though with considerable variance that makes the upward trend less statistically significant. It’s difficult to estimate from the plot what the levels would be even if the first derivative since June remained roughly the same, and there is no evident exponential growth.

Horizontal red line shows the current levels compared to what they’ve been for the past 14-15 months. Contrast with the zero-virus level shown with horizontal yellow line, and note area under the curve overall vs limited to the red line. If levels had been constant over plot interval at current level, we would have had most of the infections we did. Red line appears to be near the median now.
Alan Kotok
6 days ago

Nipah virus is a rare but deadly infectious disease affecting south and southeast Asia, and since August the Kerala state in India recorded six Nipah cases leading to two deaths.

#News #Press #Science #Medicine #Nipah #Virus #Zoonotic #InfectiousDisease #ClinicalTrials #Asia #India #Kerala #Vaccine #Map #Infographic

Albert Cardona
1 week ago

A virus found far down in the Mariana Trench:

"Identification and genomic analysis of temperate Halomonas bacteriophage vB_HmeY_H4907 from the surface sediment of the Mariana Trench at a depth of 8,900 m", Su et al. 2023

No corner of this planet without viruses – unsurprisingly.

#virus #bacteriophage #phage

Genome map of the genome sequence of Halomonas phage vB_HmeY_H4907. The gene map represents different categories of putative functional genes, represented by different colors. The number is a tetranucleotide correlation. The weaker correlations are circled by a red ellipse.
Alan Kotok
1 week ago

A start-up biotechnology company says it received the okay for its investigational new drug application of an anti-viral drug to treat a whole class of seasonal flu strains.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Biotechnology #Virus #InfluenzaA #FDA #SeasonalFlu #AntiViral #StartUp #Entrepreneurs #Preclinical #IND #ClinicalTrial #Regulations #Licensing

Nils Wilcke
1 week ago

Et paf, encore une personne de notre entourage qui chope le covid. Restaurant avec quatre personnes dans une salle bondée. Les quatre ont le virus et notre amie le traverse difficilement: diarrhées, difficultés à respirer et 39,5 de fièvre. Qui aurait pu prédire… J’enrage contre notre gouvernement #Sante #Covid #Epidemie #Virus

1 week ago

Jedes Jahr sterben tausende Kinder auf der ganzen Welt an RSV. Neu zugelassene Impfungen versprechen nun Schutz gegen das Virus. Wie sicher und effektiv sind die neuen Mittel? Antworten auf die wichtigsten Fragen von @buddepiept 

#RSV #Impfung #Virus #Medizin #Gesundheit

1 week ago

Das es "Virus" Software nicht nur auf Windows gibt sondern auch auf Linux etc. ist nichts neues. Was aber die Admins mehr auf deren OS spezialisieren sollte um es sicher zu betreiben und das ist auf Linux meiner Meinung nach "einfacher".

»Sprysocks: China-Hacker setzen neue Linux-Backdoor gegen Behörden ein«


#virus #backdoor #linux #china #it #hacker #sicherheit #datenspionage

1 week ago

Yikes.... "Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) is rare but is very serious due to the severity of symptoms. Approximately 50% of people who contract the virus die from it and those who survive often suffer permanent neurological problems." #virus

Flipboard News Desk
2 weeks ago

Another Nipah outbreak in India: What do we know about this virus and how to stop it?

NPR reports:

#Nipah #Virus #Disease #India

2 weeks ago

" #Vírus que rouba #Pix faz limpa em quase todo o saldo da conta sem você notar"

2 weeks ago

Note: no current treatments for #Nipah... death has occurred in 40%–70% of those infected in documented outbreaks between 1998 and 2018. #virus #outbreak

2 weeks ago

Wer den Softwaremanager von der Linux Distro selber nicht nutzt, muss sich evt. Gefahren sehr wohl bewust sein. Das lapidare Verhalten ist unsicher nicht das Linux System an sich.

»Free Download Manager: Offizielle Webseite hat 3 Jahre Linux-Malware ausgeliefert.
Wer zwischen 2020 und 2022 den Free Download Manager für Linux heruntergeladen hat, hat sich damit möglicherweise eine Malware eingefangen.«


#virus #linux #malware #download #sicherheit #verhalten #software

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

This also makes me wish, anti-virus developers would take Linux more seriously.

I'm not going to spend $100-2,000 just to have an antivirus on my home computer. I'm not using my home computer as a business server and would really like someone to develop a home version for us Linux users.

#AntiVirus #Virus #Security #Linux

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

If you used the download manager:

"Free Download Manager"

Between 2020 - 2022 (perhaps even early 2023), you may have unknowingly installed a TROJAN targeting Linux.

This is concerning to me, since I used the program myself, last month. -- All reports seem to suggest the issue was resolved, before I used the program, but it still gives me pause.

I wish there was a working download manager that integrated with Mozilla Firefox, that was still being actively developed.

#Linux #AntiVirus #Virus

Ed Suominen
3 weeks ago

Just posted under #NoToBrainInfections hashtag I’m offering as a way to follow some info about the clear and present danger that the #SARSCov2 virus poses to YOUR health and well-being. Plan is to post not just stories of those affected but also some of the academic papers I’ve come across on this topic. Also some musings about the brilliant way this #virus has evolved to ensure it has a population full of willing hosts.

But I won’t just shout into the void anymore. Boost if you want to see it.

Hannu Ikonen, MD
3 weeks ago


Game based on or similar to the #StarTrek #Voyager episode where a fraud Barclay hologram is trying to convince Doctor he's in a degradative simulation and needs to nuke the warp core, only for it to be revealed he actually has a computer #virus, which B'Elanna is racing to fix before he is gaslit into self destruction.

(So, basically what COVID19 does to the human brain.)

Would be a fun game...

3 weeks ago

Welche Maßnahmen müssen ergriffen werden, wenn ein Teammitglied der #Hochsicherheitslabore plötzlich Fieber bekommt und nicht sicher ist, ob ein #Virus aus dem Labor die Ursache sein könnte?

Zusammen mit den Kollegen von der Feuerwehr Greifswald, dem Landkreis Vorpommern-Greifswald und dem Landesamt für Gesundheit und Soziales übten wir für den Notfall:

Mitarbeiter:innen des Hochsicherheitslabor im Einsatz
Silke Jäger
3 weeks ago

Wie geht es im Herbst mit #Corona weiter? Ich habe mal aufgeschrieben, was 3 Expert:innen erwarten (Virologin Sandra Ciesek, Intensivmediziner Stefan Kluge und Infektiologe Leif Erik Sander).

Spoiler: Viel hängt von Verhalten und Immunstatus ab. Und: #Covid ist leider nicht das einzige Problem des #Gesundheitswesens

Frei für alle 👉🏾

#RiffReporter #Gesundheit #Medizin #Pandemie #Endemie #Virus #Infektion #Intensivstationen #LongCovid #PostCovid

3 weeks ago

So while experimenting with something else I discovered that the "AT&T ActiveArmor" antivirus actually scans individual files as they are accessed, or at least created, and not just "applications" that get installed on your system.

Just got this the moment I downloaded the EICAR test virus.

#Security #Android #Virus #MobileSecurity

A notice from the AT&T ActiveArmor antivirus informing me it detected the EICAR test file.
Mike Riversdale
3 weeks ago

Should we be more worried than usual? What do science / medical people think?

It feels scary and we all know how fast COVID spread.

#virus #poultry #bird #COVID #H3N8 #HereWeGoAgain

TrangAston :verified:
4 weeks ago

#IDMastodon Evidence showing that some #LongCovid patients may not fully clear the #SarsCoV2 #virus after acute infection. Instead, replicating virus and/or viral RNA - potentially capable of being translated to produce viral proteins - persist in tissue as a "reservoir" . This is the best review of #viralpersistence as the driver of #longCOVID to have appeared so far 🧵 by @microbeminded2

Johan :tux:
4 weeks ago

🎵 I'm malicious mean and scary
My script could shift binary
And hacking-wise, my hat is not the whitest
But despite my evil maid
And my virus, I'm afraid:
I've always yearned to be a hardware hacker

Can't you see me on the box preformin' exploits?
Fuzzing circuit inputs 'til I'm in?
Yep, I'd rather be called deadly
For my killer bitbang medley
'Cause silicon-based recon
Is my dream

#music #lyrics #parody #tangled #disney #binary #hardware #hacking #virus #electronics

4 weeks ago

@jwildeboer Verleser (oder doch nicht): "... hält an seinem #Virus #aiwanger fest."

Tom Kindlon
4 weeks ago


“Hanson says before SARS-CoV-2 emerged, the ability of RNA viruses to persist in tissues for long periods "was largely ignored". But now, with the growing recognition of post-viral illnesses, researchers have looked anew at the link between viral infections and conditions such as ME/CFS.”

@mecfs #virus #viruses #MEcfs #CFS #MyalgicE #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #ChronicFatigueSyndrome #PwME

Ricardo Harvin
1 month ago

The SARS-CoV-2 #virus #mutates much faster than our #science and #medical #infrastructure can adapt and respond, especially with the strong—and criminally negligent—#government resistance to adopting and maintaining serious, ongoing risk mitigation policies against the #disease.

The next #vaccine should be available soon, but may only be very effective for those like me who are 65+ and/or have #medical conditions

cc @clayrivers


1 month ago

My #AntiMask relative got on another kick now that #N95 #masks are recommended for #wildfire #smoke. While trying to demonstrate how evil #COVID mask #mandates are, he accidentally showed me a video explaining what I've told him all along: #ClothMasks are effective at reducing COVID #transmission because the COVID #virus requires the protection of a saliva droplet to be effectively transmitted. Cloth masks catch most of these droplets. That left him speechless.

Ian M. Mackay, PhD (he/him)
1 month ago

#Masks matter for more than mandates.
-given the recent study, this post may help fill in some gaps about viral load and infectious #dose. And masks.
#virus #infectiousdose #viralload #SARSCoV2 #COVID19

Linux Is Best
1 month ago

The anti-virus I currently use is called, Clam Av (ClamAV). —It is free and can easily be installed.

I run a self-scan anytime I install or update Windows programs through Wine on Linux.

At the moment, I know of no continuously running anti-virus for a Linux Home User. There are some corporate and enterprise solutions, but they are costly (250+).

#AntiVirus #Virus #Linux #Security

Linux Is Best
1 month ago

I use Linux and I use an anti-virus program.


1) I use Wine that allows Window programs.

While I am confident the Linux side would be safe and secure, the emulated "windows" side of things is something I would still be cautious about.

2) I would rather have it and not need it, then need it, and not have it.

Sure, Linux is likely never to be infected, but anything is possible. I believe you should expect the unexpected. And if anything, peace of mind.

#AntiVirus #Linux #Security #Virus

Lukas VF Novak
1 month ago

Sentinels of the far south: Studying #Antarctic #Birds to Prevent Virus #Pandemics

#Scavengers as Prospective Sentinels of #ViralDiversity: the Snowy #Sheathbill Virome as a Potential Tool for Monitoring #Virus Circulation, Lessons from 2 #AntarcticExpeditions

"Research, tourism, fishing... bring human activity to #Antarctica; meanwhile, #MigratoryBirds cyclically travel to more populous areas. Could these species be vectors for disease?"

photo of the snowy sheathbill bird with pictures of various other organisms around it and conecting lines with descriptions of how they interact with the bird
1 month ago

I discovered why my #PC has been painfully slow for the last few weeks. After a LOT of troubleshooting, when I went to have a look at the fan speeds to see if there may be a cooling issue I spotted that it had somehow, magically, switched the power plan to "Low Power" instead of "High Performance".

So now my 64Gb Stupid fast PC is running like was built this century.

If I was ever going to write a virus just to piss people off, now I know what I'd make it do!

#Windows #Mischief #Virus

1 month ago

@stonehead Hi! I'm glad you asked because I'm sure there are many more people wondering about the same thing! :)

Yes, there is always a risk when you download something from open sources. However, you really cannot trust official sources as well. A good example is Sony's rootkit scandal. [1][2]

Doing basic internet "hygiene" will prevent you from most viruses, though. Having a decent virus scanner will do wonders [3], and the rest comes down to common sense. Be very careful with executables, keep your software (like PDF readers) up to date, look for settings to turn off scripts and perhaps consider sanitizing your PDFs before opening them. [4][5]

An interesting point on the aforementioned website is the following:

"With budgets getting tighter, we understand the appeal of free antivirus software. While there have been great changes in free subscriptions, the most notable being they now offer real-time malware protection, they are still minimal compared to a full antivirus security suite.

There are some exceptions, but most free antivirus programs don't offer web protections. This means they won't stop malware from downloading if you accidentally click on a malicious link. They will snatch it before it has a chance to infract your computer, but we feel better than a threatening file doesn't get that far into the process."

I hope this helped you on your way, and if not, do let me know! :)


[3] (go to the product's websites manually to avoid tracking through links)


#pdf #security #virus #script #macro #worm #epub #software #antivirus #rootkit #sanitize

Ed Suominen
1 month ago

The plots show the concentrations of the #SARS2 #virus in #wastewater for #Spokane, which is the most populated area here in the eastern half of my state. I’ve added a red horizontal line showing where we are at with the numbers released today.

And where we are at is not good at all.

Go take another look at the plots. Note how much area is under the curve below that line. That area represents virus particles—how many and for how long. It represents damaged bodies and ruined lives. 3/

Ed Suominen
1 month ago

I’m going to ask you to boost the parent post to this because the information in it and in this thread is not being seen by 90% of our fellow citizens. These numbers are horrifying, as is the mass delusion that has taken over our entire society now about a dangerous airborne #virus that will infect you–vaccinated or not—in a matter of minutes just by being in the same room as someone who has it. And there are a lot of people who do.

Before proceeding, get those plots open or saved somewhere. 2/

2 months ago
By Roman Sharkov San

Downloaded a virus for Linux lately and
unpacked it.
Tried to run it as root, didn't work.
Googled for 2 hours, found out that
instead of /usr/local/bin the virus
unpacked to /usr/bin for which the
user malware doesn't have any write
permissions, therefore the virus couldn't
create a process file.
Found patched . configure and .make
files on some Chinese forum, recompiled
Tem Cee
The virus said it needs the library
cmalw-lib-2.0. Turns out
cmalw-lib-2.0 is shipped with CentOS
but not with Ubuntu. Googled for hours
again and found an instruction to build
a .deb package from source.
The virus finally started, wrote some
logs, made a core dump and crashed.
After 1 hour of going through the logs
| discovered the virus assumed it was
running on ext4 and called into its disk
encryption API. Under btrfs this API
is deprecated. The kernel noticed and
made this partition read-only.
Opened the sources, grep'ed the Bitcoin
wallet and sent $5 out of pity.
Mya Breitbart
2 months ago

Check out episode #2 of Mark Martin’s “Matters Microbial” podcast on microbe tv featuring examples of shock-and-awe microbiology for grabbing students’ attention and an interview with me :)
#USFCMS #microbiology #micro #virology #phage #virus

Hanna Esmeralda
2 months ago

Tautien kanssa ollut ja tulossa pärjäiltävää, kun ihmiseläinkunta kieltäytyy sulkemasta #eläintehtaat ja #zoonoosi toisen perään leviää.

Sitten saadaan vielä kaikki se, mitä #ikirouta sisältää, kun #ilmastonmuutos sitä sulattaa.

"Ikiroutaan sopeutuneiden mikro-organismien vuosituhansien mittainen hiljaiselo on järkkymässä ilmastonmuutoksen vuoksi. Tulokset voivat olla ihmiselle arvaamattomia."

#lmastokriisi #sairaudet #sairaus #virus #virukset

Alan Kotok
2 months ago

Initial findings from a large clinical trial testing a vaccine against the chikungunya virus show the vaccine generates protective antibodies in the vast majority of recipients.

#News #Press #Science #Business #Biotechnology #Chikungunya #Virus #Mosquitoes #Fever #ClinicalTrial #Antibodies #Placebo #AdverseEffects #Efficacy #Denmark

"in most cases the symptoms are flu-like aches and pains so most people would not think to trouble their doctors if they felt unwell. But the disease is not always mild. The worst outbreak so far in #Europe was in Romania, when 800 suspected cases resulted in 17 deaths."

#ClimateChange #GlobalWarming #virus #mosquitoes #FossilFuelsKill #JustStopOil

Nonia Pariente
2 months ago

It was a pleasure to work with Jason Ladner and Jason Sahl on this insightful look at how pathogen genomics can be leveraged post #COVID19 to understand and track other pathogen and emerging #epidemics

#pandemic #genomics #pathogen #virus #bacteria #sequencing #GlobalHealth

From: @PLOSBiology

Eric Pyrrhus
2 months ago

In case you missed it:

A brief, readable review of the evidence for viral persistence in Long Covid, from the Lancet:

"Association of SARS-CoV-2 infection and persistence with long COVID"

#virus #virology @virology #ViralPersistence #LongCovid

Figure: Possible pathogenic mechanisms of persistent virus that might lead to chronic inflammation, immune dysfunction, microvascular endothelial damage, and microthrombosis seen in long COVID.
Ele Willoughby, PhD
2 months ago

Happy birthday Rosalind Franklin (1920 – 1958), #chemist & x-ray #crystallographer whose x-ray diffraction images were instrumental to discovering double-helix structure of #DNA, made important contributions to #carbon & #virus research, was 1 of the great scientists of the 20th century.⁠

There's a joke amongst scientists that goes, "What did Watson and Crick discover?" "Rosalind Franklin's notes." But there’s more to the story.


#linocut #printmaking #WomenInSTEM #histstm #sciart

My linocut portrait of Rosalind Franklin (1920 – 1958), in a gradient of magenta from her shoulders up through dark blue to her hair. Her necklace is a double helix of DNA. Her brooch is the Tobacco Mosaic Virus. The pattern on her jacket is based on her publication of the structure of non-graphitizing carbon.
Behind her in shades of robin’s egg blue is an image of the famous X-ray crystallographic Photo 51, produced by her grad student Gosling and important to deducing the structure of DNA.
MOULE :RainbowLogo:
2 months ago

Do you still #WearAMask? 😷 Boosts encouraged to increase sample size! #COVID #COVID19 #LongCOVID #Pandemic #Virus #Coronavirus #Mask #FaceMask #Survey #Poll

Ed Suominen
3 months ago

@QasimRashid That supporter may well have gotten the stroke as a result of #SARS2 infection. Strokes are unfortunately a common outcome of #covid.

Which makes me ask—were you wearing a mask while speaking with that person? If not, why not? There’s about 1/3 as much virus circulating here in Eastern Washington as there’s been for most of the #pandemic. The #virus hasn’t gotten any less dangerous.

IT News
3 months ago

A third of US deer have had COVID—and they infected humans at least 3 times - Enlarge (credit: Raymond Gehman / Getty Images)

People in the ... - #geneticsequencing #infectiousdisease #white-taileddeer #publichealth #sars-cov-2 #evolution #onehealth #reservior #covid-19 #pandemic #variants #science #health #virus #deer #usda

3 months ago

Changing Australia’s approach to managing COVID-19 pandemic may help reduce burden on health system – Croakey Health Media “Many layers can be applied to drive down #transmission and minimise the impact of the #virus, including a comprehensive #COVID19 education campaign, improving data collection and focusing on #ventilation and indoor #AirQuality.” Via @jvipondmd

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Hierzulande erkranken jeden Sommer Vögel, Pferde und Menschen am West-Nil-Virus, das von unserer heimischen Stechmücke übertragen wird. Durch den Klimawandel wird die Übertragung leichter. Katja Trippel mit einer virologischen Spurensuche (€):

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OMG, I just had a run in with Google Assistant. I called a customer and the automated Assistant asks what I'm calling about. (Oy vey, I hate talking to computers!) Then it tries to ring the person. They don't answer. Then it switches me to voice mail. How. Annoying. And. What. A. Waste. Of. Time. Google has become a societal virus. #Google #Virus #GoogleVirus #DoNoHarm #LOL! #Right? #BringBackRotaryDialPhonesAndPartyLines!

A screen capture from the 1960's comedy TV show Laugh-in's switchboard operator Ernestine portrayed by Lily Tomlin. Ernestine "was a brash, tough and uncompromising telephone operator who generally treated customers with little sympathy. Ernestine often snorted when she let loose a barbed response or heard something salacious; she also wore her hair in a 1940s hairstyle with a hairnet, although the character was contemporary. Her opening lines were often the comical "one ringy dingy... two ringy dingy", and, "Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?""

New this year are the first shots to protect older adults from #respiratory #syncytial #virus, a lesser-known threat whose toll in hospitalizations and deaths may rival that of flu.

Federal health officials are hoping that widespread use of these three vaccines will head off another “#tripledemic” of respiratory illnesses, like the one seen last winter.

For people with insurance, all of the vaccines should be available for free.

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