Facility: #Vision Nursing Home
Operator: Vision '74 Inc
Type: #LTC Home
Unit(s): Facility-Wide
City: #Sarnia #Ontario
Public Health Unit: #Lambton

Type: #Respiratory
Causative Organism: #COVID19
Onset Date: 2023-09-20

Los deinópidos tienen mejor visión nocturna que gatos y búhos a pesar de no tener tapetum lucidum, la capa en la parte posterior del ojo que refleja la luz. Cada noche, la capa fotorreceptora es reconstruida, pues se destruye al alba. #spiders #arañas #amazing #increible #vision

Una araña de abdomen y patas alargadas que sostiene su red con seis de sus patas.
Charlie McHenry
13 hours ago

First Impressions with GPT-4V(ision) - Observations from a test run of new #AI image/vision tool. #ArtificialIntelligence #Vision

apfeltalk :verified:
1 day ago

Ming-Chi Kuo: “Apple Vision Pro hat schwierige Zeiten vor sich”
Branchenkenner Ming-Chi Kuo äußerte sich jüngst zu Apples Vision Pro. Er vertritt die Meinung, dass die Lieferungen des Apple Vision Pro aufgrund einiger Hauptlieferanten eingeschränkt se
#News #Vision #2024 #2025 #2027 #AppleVisionPro #HardwareUpdates #KostengnstigeresHeadset #Lieferungen #MingChiKuo #VisionPro2 #WWDC2023

Millie Rooney
1 day ago

Power to Persuade has republished my Alone Australian blog...

"Dr Millie Rooney, co-director of Australia Remade and long-time contributor here at Power to Persuade, has had some great ideas for new reality TV shows, following the success of ‘Alone Australia’. The question is - do we have contestants going it alone to survive, or a team effort to re-imagine a way for everyone to thrive?"

#AloneAustralia #vision #collaboration #australiaremade

Question for Mastodonia: I cannot actually see magic eye pictures, not because I can't make them change, but because the image pops *in* rather than out. Didn't even know it was weird until I saw a cheat pic of one.

Ever heard of this? Know why it happens?

Boosts appreciated!

#vision #optometry

The Coding Beard
2 days ago

"2022’s Mini 3 Pro could already see forwards, backwards, and down, but... we crashed it into a tree pretty fast. The #binocular #vision in every direction is a potentially huge upgrade if it works well, and the smaller wingspan compared to an Air could also help it fit between trees and/or branches."

#dji #drone #pro

Sara Joy ✨
3 days ago

Now I'm looking for a couple of images of how floaters look in peoples' vision.

Though I gather they can look very different to different people!

Anyone seen any images that are close to what they experience?

#vision #floaters

4 days ago

▸ Nästan hälften av de anställda på spelföretaget Mindark sparkas – och ersätts av AI-robotar.

Nästan hälften av de anställda på spelföretaget Mindark sparkas – och ersätts av AI-robotar. Är det framtiden för fler branscher? Aftonbladet har ställt frågan#artificiellintelligens #ifmetall #byggnads #vision #unionen #kommunal #seko #handelsanställdasförbund #sverigesingenjörer
Tio fackförbund: Så påverkar AI våra jobb

4 days ago

From an Equinox Triptych (pt. 2) (c) 2018 R. Frede Kenter.

#images #art #photobased #NewYear #vision #vispo #MastoArt #autumn #vision

A radiant orange-red wash of tree, sky, buildings, back yard.
Fabiano Cerqueira 🖖
5 days ago

The Avengers #80
Marvel, September 1970

The Coming of Red Wolf!
#RoyThomas (script), #JohnBuscema (art)

Red Wolf, a Native American, stalks Jason Birch, but The #Vision intervenes. Angered, Red Wolf attacks The Vision and is quickly defeated.

The Vision takes Red Wolf to the Avengers' mansion, where he tells the other #Avengers his story of revenge against Van Lunt.

The Avengers split up to help Red Wolf and chase the Zodiac.

#MarvelComics #Marvel #ComicBooks #Comics

“My idea is to defend and further the #vision of a society build on the core principles of #individual freedom, human dignity and justice.“ Ben - Student of B. Sc. Management, Economics and Social Sciences.

Taking #responsibility is very important 👍. Ben makes that clear in his #statement 💚💪. Read more about this via the link 👉 🔍

1 week ago

From ‘Anarchist Affinity’ to ‘Collective Action’ – A brief history and future directions.
We want to be unified not just by an abstract set of ideals, but a day to day commitment to increasing our capacity to live and fight back against the blows of capitalism and other oppressive systems. To that end we wish to take part in and build projects that substantively address peoples’ real needs, showing the efficacy of anarchist politics in the process. We need a clear vision so that we aren’t just stuck trying to survive, but are able change the world so that we can live in it.
#Anarchism #LivingOurNewWorld #Inclusiveness #Solidarity #Effectiveness #Change #Vision

General Strike Now
1 week ago

Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis said they wanted to settle the strike and held back from directly criticizing the escalation threat. Mark Stewart ...

DETROIT, MI—The United Auto Workers union is putting pressure on Detroit’s Big Three by threatening to expand its strike unless it sees significant progress in contract negotiations by Friday.#Assembly #magazine #automation #screwdriving #fastener #fastening #torque #rivet #adhesive #bonding #dispensing #robot #welding #leanmanufacturing #conveyor #workstation #ergonomic #design #feeder #DFMA #leaktest #inspection #vision #press #wireharness
The UAW Union Strike Against Ford, Stellantis, and General Motors Continues

A friend lost some vision from #glaucoma and has had surgery for it. Glaucoma is an eye condition where there is progressive damage to the optic nerve in the back of the eye leading to permanent loss in #vision. Often this damage is caused by increased pressure of the eyeball pressing on the nerve. There are other possible causes too.
But during the process nobody sat down with my friend to discuss lifestyle tips that can have an impact (albeit sometimes very short term) on# intraocular pressure (#IOP).
A few things I've learned about helping keep pressure down (there are lots more in the link below along with explanations):
- Avoid lifting things that are heavy or cause strain. This can increase eye pressure.
- Get a wedge pillow for sleeping or use 2 or 3 pillows -- lying down can increase #eye pressure, but keeping your head elevated stops it going up as much.
- Did you know doing cardio exercise both lower pressure for maybe a few hours (but avoid swimming)?
- Swimming and some yoga positions increase eye pressure.
- Some foods, like caffeine, can lead to an increase in eye pressure.
- Healthy diet helps with nerve health. (And, related, may help your digestion so you can avoid straining in the bathroom --yes that can increase pressure too).
- Marijuana lowers pressure for maybe only 3 to 4 hours. Compounds in Tobacco contribute to nerve damage in other ways besides pressure.
- The evidence for the effects of alcohol are mixed.
- Many medications can increase eye pressure. Ask your #doctor or #pharmacist about anything you take -- whether it's a prescription, over-the-counter meds, or vitamins.
Oh, btw glaucoma is worryingly common. If you haven't had an eye exam in a while, go. You can't feel rising pressures.
Here are more details and a list of things you can do to help keep your eye pressure under control.

#ophthalmology #vision #medicine #health #neurology #medmastodon @medmastodon

@Eric.B ©️
1 week ago

Bon, l'#IA, le #cycliste 🚴‍♂️ de 2030 à #Orléans, elle le voit sur cet engin:
cc @velorutionorleans

#IA #futur #vision

image générée par une #IA
Scripting OS X
2 weeks ago

Personally, I can't wait to see ported to visionOS. #Apple #vision

A screenshot of a window of the Grapher app on macOS showing a toroidal 3D function and structure.
Keith J Chouinard :verified:
2 weeks ago

It's curious soon after I come home to #Massachusetts from #Scotland where I spent the #Time on a #Vision #Quest regarding #PastLives We have a hurricane come at us. Kinda of like what I feel in my own realm of consciousness going on. It's said it's not going to effect inland where I live. I oddly relate to that fact as well.

I recall - Years ago when I had a massive past life #Regression in #Sedona #Arizona - my home in Massachusetts had a major #IceStorm going on while I broke freer from illusion and opened fully and had massive visions of my past lives.

They say butterfly wings have effects on the world. #Consciousness itself has powers many fail to grasp.

#Feel #Love

2 weeks ago

Has anyone opened a glasses store called Allen EYEverson? #Glasses #Vision #NBA

The vOICe vision
2 weeks ago

The problem of #artificial #qualia "Why a particular sense, such as vision, has to feel like #vision, but not like #audition, is totally puzzling."

Marcia Nelson Pedde
2 weeks ago

the health of these eyes reveal
the seen through her words

#amwriting #nature #observations #inspiration #vision #poetry #haiku #senryu #3lines

Baconbits :cannabis_leaf:
2 weeks ago

So to get the proper experience with upcoming #Apple #Vision Pro you need to buy:

New #AirPods: $250
New #iPhone 15 Pro Max: $1,199
New Apple Vision Pro: *starts at* $3500

Total hardware: $4,949
Tax: $329.70

TOTAL: $5,278.70

Don’t forget $120 for cases/screen protectors for the new phone as well.

🤣 they done lost their fucking minds y’all. #iPhone15 #AppleEvent

apfeltalk :verified:
2 weeks ago

Neue AirPods Pro 2: Nur mit USB-C gibt es Lossless Audio
Apple stellte kürzlich neben den iPhone 15 und iPhone 15 Pro Modellen eine neue Version der AirPods Pro 2 mit USB-C Ladegehäuse vor. Der Wechsel von Lightning zu USB-C ist das Hauptmerkmal d
#News #Vision #Zubehr #AirPodsPro2 #Apple #Audioqualitt #DrahtlosesAudioprotokoll #H2Chip #IPhone15 #Lightning #LosslessAudio #USBC #VisionProHeadset

Penn NeuroKnow
2 weeks ago

🐶 👁️ How does your dog's view of the world differ from your own? And how has studying dog vision helped scientists develop treatments for eye diseases?

Learn more about how man's best friend sees the world in this week's post, "A Dog's Eye View: Exploring the visual system from the kennel to the clinic", written by Kara McGaughey:

#sciComm #dogsofmastodon #dogs #vision #neuroscience

An image of a dog wearing glasses as well as the author, Kara McGaughey, with her dog. The title, "A dog's eye view: Exploring the visual system from the kennel to the clinic" is across the top.
Laurie Bayet
2 weeks ago

And.. I'm accepting a #PhD student this year!
We research #infant #vision & social/affective communication w/ #EEG, behavior, #ML, & soon #fNIRS
Learn more: 🧠👶🤖
Come study infant #brain & #cognition in DC! 🌸

➡️ Apply by 12/1 (GRE optional)


3 weeks ago

Ich hatte schon einmal von #Solarpunk gehört und auch ein paar Bilder gesehen, nun habe ich durch ein Video aber auch mal mehr dazu erfahren und muss echt sagen:
Das ist ein #Zukunftsbild, welches ich echt unterstütze.
Weg vom GDP als das Maß der Dinge und damit #Degrowth. Dadurch auch weg von all den Begleiterscheinungen, von Monokulturen, von Marktwirtschaft als Allheilmittel usw.

Wer auch noch nicht so viel davon kennt und Englisch kann:

#klimakrise #Vision #Hoffnung

Andrew Iwaniuk
3 weeks ago

New paper shows that binocular vision varies with foraging behaviour across 39 waterfowl species.
#birds #ornithology #vision #evolution #animalbehavior #animalbehaviour

This is a multilingual eye-test chart circa 1907. It was designed by optometrist George Mayerle. He said it was “the result of many years of theoretical study and practical experience.”

While it’s absolutely gorgeous, the chart was designed for usability, accessibility, and inclusivity.


#Design #Accessibility #Literacy #Usability #Inclusivity #Accommodations #EyeChart #GeorgeMayerle #Medical #Vision

7 columns of the same eye chart, each using a different alphabet except for one that uses silhouetted symbols such as animals. Each mini chart has a different colored rectangle at the bottom. At the top of the page there are circle shapes with lines through them at different angles to represent contrast. Aside from the colored rectangles, the entire chart is black on white.
7 columns of the same eye chart, each using a different alphabet except for one that uses silhouetted symbols such as animals. Each mini chart has a different colored rectangle at the bottom. At the top of the page there are circle shapes with lines through them at different angles to represent contrast. Aside from the colored rectangles, the entire chart is white on black.
Somosdisca :vf:
3 weeks ago

Hola Titánicos, cada 6 de septiembre se celebra el día de Concienciación sobre el Daltonismo, dando visibilidad a esta enfermedad visual que produce incapacidad de ver los colores de manera normal.

#daltonico #daltonismo #bajavision #discapacidadvisual #disability #discapacidad #salud #vision #ver #color #colore #gentetitanica #somosdisca

Sampath Pāṇini ®
3 weeks ago

myopia where there should be vision;

cluelessness where there should be discernment;

ineptitude where there should be competence;

cowardice where there should be courage;

shamelessness where there should be dignity;

totalistic selfishness where there should be empathy and altruism;

greed and grift where there should be sacrifice.

#vision #discernment #competence #courage #dignity #empathy #sacrifice #leadership

apfeltalk :verified:
3 weeks ago

iPhone- und iPad-Apps im Vision-Pro-Appstore
Apple hat offiziell mitgeteilt, dass alle iPhone- und iPad-App auch im Vision-Pro-Appstore verfügbar sein werden, wenn dieser zusammen mit der Brille Anfang 2024 erscheint.

Apple spricht von Hunderttausenden Apps die damit unmittelbar verfügbar sein werden und gut auf Apples Spatial Computer lau
#News #Vision #AppStore #AppleVisionPro #DeveloperLabs #visionOS

3 weeks ago

@rene @frankreiff

If #Apple sell a shit ton of #vision or subsequent devices (in the fullness of time), the ecosystem will respond appropriately.

It would help a lot if apple **actually** curated their platforms for good software and excised the bullshit.

Poetry News
4 weeks ago

Biden had a vision of care
For busy parents' child-filled lair
But soon he will see
Funding won't guarantee
A world with safe child care everywhere

#childcare #biden #funding #vision #limerick #poetry

4 weeks ago


Far too many #websites and #applications are designed and implemented by 20- or 30-somethings with no #vision issues, or any sort of #accessibility issue. Elements you need to click with nearly pixel-precision when you have fine motor control problems or alternative input devices, #dark modes with spider-thin light grey text on a black background, designers picking #fonts that render 3mm high on a screen, on and on.

Would it kill them to #test designs with actual #users?

André M Chagas
4 weeks ago

Mastodon hive, question about a project we built, thinking everyone would love but is not getting users: (which is built on top of the excellent kerko project) is an attempt to have a system where people on the #retina n #vision fields can add their papers, classify them with predefined tags/keywords. The system is searchable, and can be used to share ones publications with a single link. Another point of the project is that it generates a public @zotero database that everyone can use...
(Again a lot of these features are kerko - I am emphasizing 'cause it has been built by someone else and you should check it out).

Everyone can access the page, but to have your papers listed, you need to fill out a form (maybe 2min per paper entry).

So my question is: does this sounds like a useless waste of time? Or are we just not giving people the right context/incentives to add their papers there? Anyone has suggestions?

apfeltalk :verified:
1 month ago

Apple Vision Pro Optische Inserts: Einrichtungsdetails enthüllt
Ein Code-Experte hat frische Informationen darüber veröffentlicht, wie die Apple Vision Pro Optische Inserts eingerichtet und gekoppelt werden müssen. Der Prozess sche
#News #Vision #M1Astra #AppleVisionPro #CodeExperte #Einrichtung #magnetisch #OptischeInserts #SoftwareKopplungsprozess #SpatialPersona #visionOS #VRHeadset

Miro Collas
1 month ago

Strange Fish That Can See With Its Skin and Why It's Important - YouTube

#Biology #Fish #Vision

Renaud Lifchitz :verified:
1 month ago

VisionScript is an abstract #programming language for doing common computer #vision tasks, fast.

Marlene Breitenstein Art
1 month ago

I just sent my…
** Artist Newsletter #3 **
Win a print! My Artist's Vision. A celebrity and an artist inspiration. Becoming the artist I always wanted. A muse-poem. Three articles on pastel painting. Wallpaper freebies.

If you’re signed up, it’s in your inbox!
If you’re not, see it here:

(If you’re signed up and didn’t receive it today, let me know!)

#BreitensteinArt #newsletter #art #artist #photography #photographer #inspiration #vision #muse #technique #pastels

Leanne J
1 month ago

Wearing glasses and working on computers/ digital devices like me? Those blue light filtering lenses probably don’t work. #Vision #glasses #ScienceFocus #research

#computervision #vision peeps, if I want to segment out stuff I circle or put in a hand drawn box in a piece of paper, how would I do that?

Example (prob doesn’t need to handle that kind of mess, I can be a bit more attentive)

A messy sketchbook page with boxes around disparate ideas…

"Not only does Cassandra predict the Trojan war, but she also scoops everyone on the Trojan Horse. She tries to warn the city that a bunch of Greek soldiers are hiding inside it. Once again, nobody listens. They start calling her names. … A giant wooden horse full of our enemies? What nonsense!

You know the rest.

Many of us have been identifying strongly with Cassandra over the last few years."

Yup, yup.

#intuition #vision #truth #leadership

Paulo Morgado
2 months ago

Yesterday was my last day as a #Microsoft employee.

In about a month I'll be returning to #Vision-Box, this time, as a Technical Lead.

Fabio Romeo
2 months ago

#mastodon users, I need help about being more acessible for users with vision impairment. What are the most important guidelines to ensure people can access text put in sites and images, like flyers and newsletters? What's more important, color contrast or alt text? What are the dos and don'ts about accessibility?

#accessibility #vision #impairment #blind #daltonism

Monica Cellio
2 months ago

I like playing #RailwaysOfTheWorld but the map is a #vision challenge for me. Can anyone help me find or make a playing aid like I asked about in this question?

That's in our "community incubator"; we don't yet have a board-games community. But it's a real question looking for answers! Feel free to answer there, and if you're interested in tabletop games or any other current proposals, feel free to ask and answer there. Regardless, can you help me see the game better?

给大家安利一个苹果系统的效率类app #目标地图 #GoalMap

● 省流版
Goal map是一个上手超快(比Vision快多了)界面很简洁的待办事项进度条记录app,用起来很顺。

如果你尝试过关酱安利的#Vision,觉得概念挺好的但是操作太复杂,就试试Goal map吧!


● 解说版


后来也想找一些记录进度条的app,但是名为「进度条」的app图标实在不太好看。最后我发现了Goal map这个app,正好符合我的需求。

● 个人使用体验
- Goal map

- Vision


● 我欣赏Goal map的地方
- 可以不设置时间
救大命了,因为#ADHD 我本人的任务都是很随机在做的。之前尝试Vision发现因为必须有时间设置,我不得不把很多任务的deadline不断地向后延期……因为我本来就没有deadline,这样无限延期的行为让我很不舒服。正好Goal map满足我的使用需求。

- 可以用纯文字设置目标而不需要emoji

- 可以暂停任务而不必删除

- 界面简单大方

- 开发团队是两个女生



Mini-PCDH15 gene therapy rescues hearing in a mouse model of Usher syndrome type 1F

Usher Syndrome Type 1F is an inherited disease that causes profound #hearing #loss from birth and #impairs #vision from adolescence.

At Harvard Medical School and the Ohio State University, researchers have developed a “mini gene” approach that they believe could help to treat the disease. Their study, published in Nature Communications, focuses on protocadherin-15 (#PCDH15), a protein found in the inner ear receptor cells that, when mutated, gives rise to the unraveling of this syndrome.

Pratik Patel
3 months ago

According to Gurman, #Apple is planning an appointment-only retail launch of the #Vision Pro in the US in early 2024, starting with stores in major areas like NY and LA. This is not surprising news since the product is going to be limited based on what the reports are.

#visionOS #VisionPro #WWDC23

Flipboard Science Desk
3 months ago

Is there a way to reduce muscae volitantes, more commonly known as those annoying little translucent floaters you see? ScienceAlert looks into a claim that a natural supplement does the trick. If you're like us, you won't be able to stop noticing these floaters after reading this article from ScienceAlert:
#Vision #Health #Eyes #Science

Ricardo Harvin
3 months ago

I just finished enrolling in "regular" #Medicare and a #PartD #prescription plan.

Everyone touting #MedicareForAll as a cure for #healthcare #insurance problems here in the #US are small thinkers because #Medicare is a mess, incomplete, and a nightmare to navigate and decipher.

Do I need #Medigap? Does it make sense? Did I pick the right Part D plan?

It's literally all "pieces parts", and just as appealing.

#UniversalHealthcare or gtfo.

#Physical #Dental #Vision #Mental #Addiction etc.

Joseph Kohlmann
3 months ago

Just realized that some parts of the #Apple #Vision #Pro introduction reminded me of the sterile, near future tone / setting of the very first FaceTime video call demo video from the #iPhone 4 introduction.

The vOICe vision
3 months ago

(YouTube) Neuroscientist David Eagleman talks about sensory substitution including #The_vOICe in a new podcast at Listen to the full "Inner Cosmos" episode at #blindness #blind #a11y #vision

James E. Dobson
4 months ago

“The field of computer vision and its applications might be said to be haunted by prior visions and visionaries. It is not just the explicit design goals and project imperatives that served as conditions of possibility for developed technologies but also the prejudices, assumptions, and biases of the programmers and project managers that reside in the produced code and related discourse.” #cv #ai #ml #vision

JW prince of CPH
4 months ago

I think you can safely say that @markhurst & I agree on the only positive thing that can be said about Apples new stupid diving mask thingy: That it probably won't catch on, since nothing remotely resembling a use case for it exists...

#Apple #Vision #tech #business #marketing

Diana Thompson :wordpress:
4 months ago

Considering the accessibility of Vision Pro pricing, I would expect to see a standard, non-Pro, Vision in the future.

I would love to see a licensable operating system in this space to level out pricing. It won't be Apple, but I think whoever does that OS will do well.

#Accessibility #a11y #WWDC #WWDC2023 #Apple #XR #MR #VR #AugmentedReality #VirtualReality #Vision #VisionPro #AppleVisionPro

Guessing on the timeline for #appe #visionpro #vision:

If VisionPro will only be available early next year, they aren’t even remotely finished with engineering it right now. (So they don’t actually know right now what it will cost them to produce it either.)

Sales will slowly ramp starting Q1 next year, US only.

Which means the earliest possible time for a non-pro, consumer priced model is the holiday season 2024. That’s the optimistic case. Before that, no sales volume whatsoever.

Jim Parsons
4 months ago

The “doomed”  Vision Pro 1st impressions of click-thirsty tech bloggers rolling in right on time – and I’m lovin' it ;)

I've known exactly how my #HealthTech startup will integrate this device since 2019.

My expectations weren’t exceeded today, they were totally blown away.

Riffing off Frank Romano when he first saw 300 dpi type from an  LaswerWriter: “this shit, but it's good shit”

#WWDC #Apple

4 months ago

Two things I want to know after watching #Apple #vision ad was

A: what does a stand-alone typing experience look like?

B: what the experience feels like together? Do two or more people get to watch movies together in sync? Does the #AR side of things allow people to transform a hall into a game arena?


Michael Bester
4 months ago


I can't imagine why they didn't go with that name. It's nearly as dorky as someone looks wearing them.

#apple #VisionPro #vision

Jim Parsons
4 months ago
4 months ago

Now looking for a study volunteers for a color vision study.
We are particularly interested in individuals with color vision deficiency, however all vision types are welcome, ages 20 and up.

If you are interested, or you know someone that could be, please email:

Optionally, include answers to this prescreen:

#a11y #accessibility #cvd #colorblind #colourblind #colour #color #vision #WCAG #WebDesign

An image of sample color swatches with instructions as part of an initial pre-screening for a color vision study.

If you are interested in participating in this color vision study, please email 

OPTIONAL: include answers as outlined on this pre-screening, and optionally include your demographic information (age, noes regarding any visual impairments you are aware of—all vision types encouraged to participate.)
Dr. jonny phd
4 months ago

I'd love to chat with a #vision scientist about why they think some things have a "right side up" and not others. writing is strongly orientation sensitive, but brain doesn't seem to care when recognizing and processing lots of other complex objects. seems like a weird gap in my understanding and a really basic question. #neuroscience #neuro @neuro @neuroscience

Michael Bach
5 months ago

The Freiburg Vision Test FrACT₁₀ has learned something new: Assessment of grating contrast thresholds. You select spatial frequency and patch diameter (in Settings>Contrast), and it will hone in on the threshold. An approximate Gaussian window smoothes the grating edge. Error diffusion allows for accurate threshold in spite of 8 bit limits. Downloadable as WebApp. For giggles try 'Autorun to target contrast'.
#vision #visionscience #acuity #psychophysics #visualacuity

4 circular grating patches with differing spatial frequency and contrast.
Alan Kotok
5 months ago

Light-Activated Therapy Improves Vision in Inherited Disease Trial

A clinical trial shows a light-activated #protein from an injected #gene improves visual abilities in people with advanced retinitis pigmentosa, an #inherited #eye disorder.

#News #Science #Business #Biotechnology #GeneTherapy #RP #Vision #Genetic #LightActivated #Chemistry #ClinicalTrial #Retina #RareDisease

Gene therapy for eye diseases illustration
The vOICe vision
6 months ago

The role of the visual field size in #artificial #vision by Diego Ghezzi; #blind users of The vOICe sensory substitution device tend to prefer a 90° #FOV or even more.

R. Natale Fine Art
6 months ago

"Remember that seeking has finding as its correlative." T. Troward Have a wonderful Friday everyone.

#inspiration #Photography #peace #ayearforart #art #Artist #MastoArt #sunset #seek #find #faith #vision #LandscapePhotography

color photo of the lake on Labor Day at sunset. calm and serene
6 months ago
Nona Rose
7 months ago

I love choreographing routines for my gymnastics teams. The only problem is I tend to get carried away and forget that my kids only train 2-4 hours a week, and are not able to do the skills the same way I see them in my brain. The routines will still be awesome for their ability level and amount of training they do, and I am always super proud of them - especially when I throw a change at them to see if it will work and they have a go based purely on my belief that they can do it.

And today, one of my teams finally realised my vision for their routine (after thinking it was too “easy” for them) and it sparked renewed excitement because they understood the expectation - it’s not the individual elements but how the skills come together, and new ways of doing old skills.

An “easy” routine put together well can be more entertaining and score higher than a “hard” routine the kids struggle with.

#kids #sport #gymnastics #teams #choreography #vision #expectation #ability #change #proud

Nick Bax
7 months ago

I was commented on a City of #Seattle feedback form on #Vision Zero. This was my comment:

I would like to see the Mayor use more of their executive authority to lower speeds. Every city owned vehicle should have speed monitoring on it matched to the speed limit of the road. (Yes, this would require significant IT investments.) When an employee exceeds the speed, they should be subject to a progressive discipline plan, upto and including termination.


Devin Prater :blind:
7 months ago

So as I was reading the #AppleVis #Vision #accessibility progress report for #Apple devices, I caught a few mentions of how Google has their user testing group and gathers feedback, and how some users are eagerly watching Android now. And I hope it delivers a good kick in the pants to the leadership at Apple. Apple is constantly saying that "Accessibility is a part of our DNA." "Music is a part of our DNA." Well, that DNA is degrading fast, and I'm so, so glad I'm not the only one that's experiencing a buggy, unoptomized experience on just about all of my Apple devices. Granted, Mac is still great for email, writing, and editing audio. Not because of VoiceOver, but because of the apps available on the Mac. iOS is still a great accessible OS, mainly because of the amount of options Apple gives developers in showing info, and the amount of apps for the blind that has been made for Apple devices over the years. Apple Watch is basically the only good smart watch out there for the blind. But if Android can get to this point, while *preserving* the clean, bug-free experience that it has now, well I could see quite a few blind people switching to Google. I mean I doubt ChromeOS is going anywhere great soon, and Windows is already what blind people grit their teeth and deal with already. So a phone that lets them text from the web browser, transfer files from File Explorer? It wouldn't be a hard choice if accessibility is improved. Also I'm not blaming the accessibility team. I'm sure they bring up that they need more resources any chance they get. But if something better comes along, that allows me, personally, to do my job better, or to be happier when using it, or that works faster? I'm jumping on it.

Ilyaz Nasrullah
7 months ago

I was interviewed on the subject of "Technology and the Future" for the annual report of Ordina, one of the major IT services providers in the Netherlands.

I didn't know what to expect from the interview, but it ended up being hands down the best conversation I had on technology. This piece captures the essence of the 2 hour long discussion with my interviewer well.

Please enjoy the text and let me know what you think.

#tech #digital #future #society #vision

Cover photo of my interview for the annual report of Ordina. It shows me along with the quote "We need to look more critically at how - and why - we use technology in our societies"
Page 1 of the interview with me for the Annual report of Ordina. 

It says:

llyaz Nasrullah is a digital strategist with a background in software engineering. At his consultancy firm, Rumified, he specializes in the strategy, management, and implementation of | innovation within established corporations. 

In the early 2000s, there was great optimism about the benefits that digital tools and social media would deliver,  with many people expecting they would advance democracy and social progress around the world. A few decades later however, we're increasingly aware of the ways in which digital technology seems to erode democratic values and trust in society. Instead of assuming that technological innovation and social progress are one and the same, we need to look more critically at how — and why - we use technology in our societies. 

This is where artists, writers, and other creatives can make a vital contribution. Take science fiction: the more media we consume about technological dystopias in which machines end up controlling our lives, the more likely this dystopian
The second page of my interview for the annual report of Ordina. The text unfortunately doesn't fit here. 

It says: 

future becomes! On the other hand, stories about social, not to a societal need, and that only 1% discuss the negative as these industries develop: the region has a highly trained technological, advancement offer new inspiration; stories potential of the project. Instead, values like performance, workforce, a good digital infrastructure, and strong creative like Dune, for instance, which features a civilization that efficiency, generalization, and quantitative evidence were industries all going in its favor. But any involvement in rejected artificial intelligence in the distant past. We should much more frequently cited as justification for the research immersive technology should focus on the six themes of never rule out technological development, but first we need being undertaken. the EU's declaration: people at the center, solidarity and to understand the social vision our technology is meant to inclusion, freedom of choice, participation, safety and support. A new type of science fiction could certainly help us It's worth asking whether values like these truly advance security, and sustainability. For companies like Ordina, a imagine a different technological future. innovation - or, indeed, stifle it. By moving quickly, we create unique value proposition could be to take a more measured

[text goes further for some 1500 characters]