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Seconds, minutes, hours, days, months, years, decades, and even a century. As aging humans, we can experience this, imagine this, and to a certain extent, understand this. But how can we understand 1,000 years or one million years? What about 13.8 billion years of cosmic evolution?

Filmmakers Alex Gorosh and Wylie Overstreet ask that, and then try to visualize it on a dry lakebed in the #MojaveDesert.

#video #visualization #time #history #informationdesign #space #universe #thebigbang

Very cool article on the role #aphantasia plays when it comes to finding effective mental health care. #Visualization is often used in mental wellness and therapy, but what does this mean for those with aphantasia?

5 days ago

I need a job!

My PhD is drawing to a close.

I'm looking for post-doc research opportunities or web/software development roles, ideally a combination, as in digital humanities research.

My previous research experience is in heritage and higher education for the arts.
My PhD was about knowledge frameworks and the affordances of digital tools and representations in research, in relation to research reuse, transparency and inclusivity.

I would love to be able to contribute more to innovative work on research and knowledge representations.

I am open to new possibilities! In particular I am interested in the possibility of becoming involved in sustainability and biodiversity-related research.

I am a full-stack web developer, and have a good deal of front-end design experience. I am open to all opportunities, particularly remote working!

I am not great at this self-promotion thing...
I will be putting a portfolio site online soon, but am happy to share a CV with anyone who is interested in the meantime.

Thanks for any boosts!


2 weeks ago


dcanalitica Mastodon connections

dcanalitica Mastodon connections

Started this project with a neat little #visualization utility when I was first getting into #python. Project grew vastly over 5 years but the util has been mostly untouched

Went to use it yesterday and it was missing something I needed. Went to add it today and...ugh, what moron wrote this code? You aren't using #matplotlib right! Your strings are bad and you should feel bad!

I should add a LOT of features and modernity, but instead I just added enough to solve my problem #softwareengineering

2 weeks ago
Scatterplot that resembles a curve and as tallness and waviness paramaters are modified resembles a heart, including calculang formulae
2 weeks ago

Meet Sascha Patz at the #Microbiome Forum in Rotterdam! If you’re interested in interactive analysis and visualization of microbiome dynamics, feel free to get in touch 👉 🤗
#metagenomics #visualization #MORPHEUS

Jonatan Hildén
2 weeks ago

Mini book review:
Johnson’s The Ghost Map, 2006.
A terse and lively account of the cholera epidemic, London at the time, and John Snow’s work together with Henry Whitehead and others. The grander arc on city development is a bit more tenuous and feels like overplaying Snow’s legacy.

Apparently gets the historical details right (unlike e.g. Tufte). Good pointers to further reading. Minus for not including a good reproduction of the maps.

#history #epidemology #visualization #maps

Slightly worn library copy of Steven Johnson’s The Ghost Map: The story of London’s most terrifying epidemic – and how it changed science, cities, and the modern world. The cover image has a red dot on a black background, like a malevolent sun in a black sky over a dreary black-and-white woodcut cityscape at the lower edge of the book.
Sentient Mortal
2 weeks ago

What does it look like for a service to provide a #visualization?

For instance, if a #python function were to return a chart, what would that look like?

2 weeks ago

"The Titanic is the Marilyn Monroe of shipwrecks."

Fizz posted "Titanic: First ever full-sized scans reveal wreck as never seen before," the first full-sized digital scan of the Titanic, with visualizations pieced together from 700,000 images collected by remote controlled submersibles. (Title via pthomas745 in the comments!)

#titanic #ship #ocean #scan #photography #mapping #disaster #history #preservation #science #visualization

image via Visualization of the underwater wreck of the Titanic in its current state
Emory L.
2 weeks ago

this is the #graph view of my #Obsidian vault of bookmarks and articles and feeds. it's beautiful.

#pkm #readwiseReader #visualization

Christof Schöch
2 weeks ago

Very impressive that #Cytoscape 3.10 – the #network #visualization tool – still supports #Ubuntu 14.04 (from, you guessed it, Apil 2014). However, it does not yet support Ubuntu 22.04 LTS... which is really a pity.

2 weeks ago

Tried to go for a moody visual in the style of Blade Runner. Would have loved to spend more time on it and explore some other angles and lighting situations, but there‘s too much other stuff in the pipeline - so: finished, not perfect.

Once more Jan Urschel‘s tutorial‘s were instrumental for this piece. I‘m still trying to get that cinematic feel down, but his input and explanations have helped a lot.

#conceptart #visualization #scifiart #scifi #blender #artwork #3dvisualization #bladerunner

Overview over sci-fi looking room with rectangular pillars and ancient statues on blocky pedestals.

The room is large and cold while the city it overlooks is bathed in warm light.
Scene inspired by blade Runner. A large, dark room whose ceiling is supported by numerous blocky pillars. Lined between the pillars are ancient statues.

The room overlooks a bright city under a dark red sky. Within it are countless skyscrapers, enormous hologram advertisements and hovercars.
Person looking up to an ancient statue, standing in a dark room lined with other statues and pillars.
Person looking up to ancient statue in a dark room with pillars and more status.

We see a brightly lit, distopian sci-fi metropolis under a dark red sky in the background.
2 weeks ago

Just Meditate! - Visualize a magical summer
Here's the preview of our most recent live session.
My Patreon supporters can already enjoy the full recording here.
You can also watch the full interview with @jodyalbertmaas here:

#meditation #visualization #magicalsummer #positiveenergy #manifestation #VeroWellness #TMGcommunity

Alan McConchie
3 weeks ago

Interesting #visualization of the servers where my Mastodon connections have their accounts. Try out the tool here, by @stefan

The distribution is about what I'd expect given my interests: a ton of people on the generic server of course, but #2 and #3 show a huge proportion of #cartography and #dataviz people on and, respectively.

A Treemap visualization showing my connections' top 10 servers and the number of connections on each server: with 254 connections with 100 connections with 62 connections with 47 connections with 46 connections with 25 connections with 24 connections with 22 connections with 21 connections with 20 connections
Jonatan Hildén
3 weeks ago

These sparklines on maps are pretty interesting. I read the choropleth as the main message and the sparklines as additional contextualization. Works better than you’d expect, but some are a bit hard to connect to the correct country. A cartogram solution may have been clearer still.


Temporal change in bird abundance in Europe between 1996 and 2016 for countries participating in the PanEuropean Common Bird Monitoring Scheme (PECBMS) (n = 28, non-PECBMS countries in gray). For each country, the color represents the slope (red for decline, blue for increase) and the black line corresponds to the time series of the multispecies index (MSI) between 1996 and 2016 (species lists by country in SI Appendix, Appendix 5). (A) Change in abundance of farmland species (MSI by country on 19 species) showing an overall sharp while decelerating decline. (B) Change in abundance of woodland species (MSI by country on 25 species) showing an overall linear decline. (C) Change in abundance of urban dwellers (MSI by country on 22 species) showing an overall stable trajectory. (D) Change in abundance of cold dwellers (light gray, MSI by country on 35 species) showing an overall linear decline. Change in abundance of hot dwellers (dark gray, MSI by country on 35 species) showing an overall stable trajectory. Color for hot dweller trends on the southern part of countries and color for cold dwellers on the northern part of countries.
3 weeks ago

#Winamp #Milkdrop #Visualization I'm not certain how many people out there still like to play with Milkdrop, the visualization plug in for Winamp (it can be used in Foobar as well), but I can tell you for certain that the more powerful the graphics card you have, the more amazing it is. More an art form than a toy.

Rafagas Links
3 weeks ago

NFL Washington Commanders away game commutes for the 2023 season visualized in a subway line graphic with the usual colors and symbology #visualization

Programming Weekly
3 weeks ago

[OC] I made a map of GitHub. It lets you find related projects with ease


#programming #visualization

Discover the fascinating story of Florence Nightingale and her impact on data visualization 📊🌟

in this article from Scientific American.

Learn how this pioneering nurse and statistician used innovative charts and visualizations to communicate complex health data and influence public policy, paving the way for modern data visualization and changing the way we think about the power of data to drive social change.

My newsletter subscribers learned about this 9 months ago!

Check it out here:

#LateToTheParty #Visualization

Ben Waber
3 weeks ago

Next was a wide-ranging talk by @elm on #data #visualization in #VR environments at Stanford University (7/9) #HCI
3 weeks ago

fq: jq for binary formats - tool, language and decoders for working with binary and text formats #visualization

3 weeks ago

fq: jq for binary formats - tool, language and decoders for working with binary and text formats | #visualization

4 weeks ago

#Development #Guides
Memory allocation · An interactive introduction to memory allocation with visuals and a playground

#MemoryManagement #MemoryAllocation #Fragmentation #WebDevelopment #WebDev #Server #Visualization #Playground

Ben Waber
4 weeks ago

Next was an engaging talk by @timdwyer on the benefits of 3D and immersive data #visualization at the Alan Turing Institute. You absolutely have to watch for the Aliens callout, it's hilarious (7/10) #HCI

Helena Jambor
4 weeks ago

Who else is going? I'll be in #Vienna May 25-26 for the @IIID_infodesign conference #InformationDesign for #Healthcare, presenting our visual treatment plans, let's meet!

#Piktograms #healthcare #patientcommunication #CancerInformation #visualization

Harald Klinke
4 weeks ago

The open-source network analysis and visualization software Gephi is available in version 0.10.1.
With a user-friendly interface it allows for intuitive exploration and manipulation of graphs.
#datascience #visualization #networkanalysis #Gephi

MoMa data network with nodes between artists and credit line

WIP 24-cell tetracomb (displayed with planar slices)
It's derived from the hypercubic grid by splitting alternating tesseracts into cubic pyramids & merging them with the adjacent tesseracts
The 24 red tiles are adjacent to the central 24-cell
#4d #geometry #math #visualization

Metin Seven
1 month ago

Retro-futuristic interior design. I'm a stylized character modeler, not an architectural visualizer or interior designer, but it can be fun to explore other visual disciplines. 🙂

Modeled and rendered using MagicaCSG.

#3d #visualization #visualisation #visualizer #interior #design #retro #retrofuturistic #retrofuturism #illustration #art #magicacsg #mastoart #fediart

Retro-futuristic interior design, featuring hemispherical chairs, design speakers and a design table.
Amy Fountain
1 month ago

OK maybe it's that I'm less than one ☕ in but I'm trying to understand this (hilarious?) flow chart from the NYT and I think I get the orange loopies (that's like some kind of chaotic discussion?), but the blue semi-loopies make no sense to me what are they representing? They seem to all flow the same direction, rather than being true loopies?

#NYTimes #chartsAndGraphs #news #visualization

a NYT flow chart that starts with "congress can...", and goes to two choices: "pass a timely deal" or "fail to reach an agreement".  There's a label "we are here" at "fail to reach an agreement.

Under each option is one direct route to an outcome - 'raise the debt limit' if they pass a deal or 'default' if they don't.

Under "fail to reach an agreement" there are two very weird and circuitous paths - one back to 'raise the limit' and one to 'default'.  

all paths leading to 'raise the debt limit' are in teal, all those leading to 'default' are orange.  

the weird circuitous path to default looks like a weird and circuitous path.

but the one to 'raise the debt limit' doesn't really have roundabouts, it's just, kind of, weird.  So I put an arrow to it and asked 'what are these?'
1 month ago

Attending the #MicrobiomeForum? Hear from Sascha about #MORPHEUS, our local #Metagenomics Platform that drives Interactive Analysis and #Visualization of #Microbiome Dynamics on the web. Details 👉
Meet Sascha in Rotterdam! 🤗

1 month ago

Made in Blender. Tried to experiment with some lighting setups and materials with a few tweaks in Photoshop.

It’s crazy how much you can get out of a visual and set the mood by simply color grading it accordingly.

Again Jan Urschel’s tutorials were instrumental in creating this. He has great way of conveying how to make solid design choices and what to look out for in order to make an idea pop.

#conceptart #illustration #visualization #scifi #blender #art #artwork #mastoart

Astronaut walking through dark, corridor lit by alarm lights, that give of stark, red light.
Person walking throug sci-fi corridor, red, blue and purplish lights are reflected along the metallic surfaces of the area.
Top down view on an astronaut walking on a metal tiled floor. Bright light emits from the grates while stark red light, from lamps at the ceiling, defines the visual and is reflected on the metal tiles on the floor.
Neutrally lit sci fi corridor, with white and light-gray hues. The lights are white and the entire area has almost hospital-like, sterile feel to it.
Jon Awbrey
1 month ago

Systems of Interpretation • 1

Questions have arisen about the different styles of diagrams and figures used to represent triadic sign relations in Peircean semiotics. What do they mean? Which style is best? Among the most popular pictures some use geometric triangles while others use the three‑pronged graphs Peirce used in his logical graphs to represent triadic relations.

Diagrams and figures, like any signs, can serve to communicate the intended interpretants and thus to coordinate the conduct of interpreters toward the intended objects — but only in communities of interpretation where the conventions of interpretation are understood. Conventions of interpretation are by comparison far more difficult to communicate.

That brings us to the first question we have to ask about the possibility of communication in this area, namely, what conventions of interpretation are needed to make sense of these diagrams, figures, and graphs?

#Peirce #Logic #LogicalGraphs #RelationTheory #Semiotics #Semiosis
#DiagrammaticReasoning #InterpretiveFrameworks #ObjectiveFrameworks
#SystemsOfInterpretation #SignRelations #TriadicRelations #Visualization

Jane Adams
1 month ago

Ooh new open-access journal for #visualization #hci work 👀

"The Journal of Visualization and Interaction" (JoVI) with a boatload of familiar names in the organizers including @lonnibesancon @mjskay @jessicahullman @arvind @scheidegger @elm @lane @lace

#openaccess #academia #publishing #datavis #dataviz #datavisualization #openscience #fediscience #chi #vis #research #computerscience

Sam McClatchie
1 month ago

Just published this article today called "The trouble with fishing maps" in the Medium magazine @towardsdatascience

#fishing #fisheries #oceanograpy #maps #visualization

Fishing maps around New Zealand
Madison Python
1 month ago

Announcing our June meetup!

Join us for a workshop led by our colleagues at the UW Data Science Hub. Bring your laptop & dive in on #visualization, #plotly, and #streamlit in #python. We're meeting in the downtown #Madison library. Please join us! (Still working on identifying a sponsor for pizza. Reach out if you or your company are interested in helping us out.)

Tufte CSS: Elegant if slightly twee CSS from a visual designer
#visualization #design #tufte #css #web #+

Joshua Grochow
1 month ago

Anyone know of work on visualizing simplicial complexes in 3D? Laying out edges, triangles, and tetrahedra, etc. I'm thinking something along the lines of the work on graph layout and visualizing #networks, but doing it in 3D, and for simplicial complexes and hypergraphs/#HigherOrderNetworks.

(Asking for, but also for me. I know of a few works on visualizing higher-order networks, but haven't seen any that do it like this.)

#visualization #graphics #topology

Steven P. Sanderson II, MPH
1 month ago

Looking for a powerful yet user-friendly tool to visualize probability distributions in R? Look no further than the TidyDensity app! With its simple user interface and customizable options, it's easy to create probability density plots and data tables based on your own data. Here are some of the app's key features:


#R #RStats #OpenSource #OpenSourceSoftware #Distributions #Visualization

1 month ago

For Music and Movie aficionados, here are two interesting tools to find similar artists and films #music #movies #mindmap #visualization

Rafagas Links
2 months ago

Peripleo is a browser-based mapping tool that allows you to visualize information that has a geographic component and can be applied to collections of digital objects as in this LaNC example #visualization

Ben Waber
2 months ago

First was an interesting talk by @arvind on interactive #data #visualization at @hcil_umd. A variety of applications are examined here, and the section focusing on using screen readers for data visualization was particularly compelling (2/7) #HCI

2 months ago

LabPlot can now import BLF (Binary Log File) files, and here's a video that shows you how to do that:

#BLF #BinaryLogFile #Visualization #Plot

Import and visualize BLF (Binary Log File) files.
2 months ago
Peter Kaminski
2 months ago

#Graphviz or #Mermaid #Diagrams for #systems #visualization with #ChatGPT - ask it to create "Mermaid diagram source" or "Graphviz source" for outlines of bullets, paragraphs, etc. GPT-4 works better than 3.5

Render diagrams with or - ymmv with complicated diagrams.

Here's someone using Neo4j instead:

Image shows an example system diagram created by GPT-4 in Graphviz format from human-created bullets describing a system:

This is a system diagram or a flowchart with 17 boxes connected by one-way arrows. The boxes are various shapes and colors, and are labeled with text. Some of the arrows are labeled. Based on the variety of boxes and the way they are interconnected, it is not a simple system, but rather, moderately complex. All of the text is generic lorem ipsum, so the diagram is reasonably attractive and tantalizing, but ultimately meaningless.
Jonatan Hildén
2 months ago

The Baltic Sea Science Center at #Skansen is nice, but this map is misguided in a popular exhibition. Actually, to be honest it would not work in a scientific publication either. That is visually just three reliably distinguished categories. #visualization

Map of population around the Baltic Sea using raster data and a total of 9 categories plus white for unpopulated. Dark violet for denser population and pink for low population. Only two grades of violet can be easily discriminated.
Dimitri Lozeve
2 months ago

Just made a quick tool to visualize the network of Mastodon instances:

Inspired by this post by @judell:

#fediverse #visualization #networks

Part of a network of Mastodon instances, as seen from my home timeline. Each node is an instance, and each edge represents a boost. (The full network is in the GitHub repo, where you can also build your own.)
Jon Udell
2 months ago

This relationship graph maps the servers in my recent home timeline. The arrows mean that someone on the origin server boosted someone on the target server.

I think it's a good way to answer the question: "Is it really possible to interact effectively across a network of diverse Mastodon servers?"

#fediverse #visualization

Boost relationships among Mastodon servers.
Karsten Schmidt
2 months ago

One of the things I'll be talking about in the stream tomorrow: Understanding that constructs are essentially defining a #dataflow #graph much like you'd know from a node-graph based editor (a la Blender/Houdini etc.), only obviously with the difference of actually creating such a graph programmatically rather than manually via visual editing. Personally I find this programmatic approach much more powerful, but a visual representation makes it of course much easier to debug & analyze such graph topologies, also to explain & illustrate to others how data and state changes are flowing through the app/system and/or where to attach new features/nodes or optimize/restructure the topology...

Another massive benefit: This approach makes it much easier to build features such that only the most minimal amount of work needs to be done, helping to achieve better performance...

The attached diagram was generated with #Graphviz via and shows the dataflow graph for the image vectorization tool mentioned in previous toots.

Full size version:

The tool itself:

The second image shows the minimal code required to generate the #visualization source file...

Graph visualization of the different dataflow processing nodes in the example app mentioned. The nodes on the LHS are main user controllable inputs/params, connected to reactive UI components and later stream combinators (red nodes) executing the main work of the tool (image vectorizations, geometry generation, canvas rendering, SVG/JSON exports etc.)
TypeScript source code to traverse the entire data flow graph starting from a set of "root" nodes. The result is a GraphViz DOT file which can then be visualized as shown in the previous image...

Source code link:
2 months ago

New LabPlot tutorial! Multi-Axes Made Easy: Discover how to easily create meaningful graphs when you have several different sets of values, with different ranges and different orders of magnitude.

#Visualization #Plot #MultipleScales #MultipleAxes

How To Make Multi-Axes and Multi-Range Plots

Bartosz Ciechanowski creates the best content and visualizations on the internet, period. He just published a new article entitled, Bicycle. It's absolutely worth your time to read, as is everything else he's published on his site.

#Visualization #Science #Writing #Content #Learning

2 months ago

What are people's favorite JavaScript library for drawing dynamic network node graphs? Cytoscape? D3? paper.js? p5.js? Or something else (comment below)?
#javascript #visualization #cytoscape #d3 #paperjs #p5js

2 months ago

This visualization is of the 1st convolutional layer (evolution of its weights) in a CNN trained on classification of handwritten digits.
#machinelearning #deeplearning #visualization #creativecoding

3 months ago

These visualizations are made in the same way, but visualize two layers (evolution of their weights) of a CNN trained on classification of handwritten digits.

First convolutional layer (left img) and last fully connected layer (right img).
#machinelearning #deeplearning #visualization

first convolutional layer
last fully connected layer
3 months ago

In 2018, I created visualizations of neural network weight evolution during training. Some of the results are pretty, so I'll share them here once in a while.

This visualization is of Word2Vec's 50th neuron (evolution of its weights).
#machinelearning #deeplearning #visualization

Alex Verbeek
3 months ago


Nasa has updated its well-known climate spiral visualization by adding 2022; the spiral keeps growing and getting dark red, indicating a warming planet. It made me wonder how I experienced climate change in my lifetime. And you may ask yourself that question too.


#climatechange #visualization #history #climatecrisis #environment #nature #science #sustainability #innovation #water #news #climate

Stamen Design
3 months ago

New post: "Data Hierarchy Best Practices to Elevate Your Data Visualizations" by Stamen visual designer Caroline Carter.

"Information hierarchy determines how data is grouped and aggregated. In design, and especially in data visualization, all aspects of a dataset cannot be equally emphasized. In order for any element to stand out, others must fade into the background."

#dataviz #visualization #design #interactivity

An image of a succulent plant creating a spiral pattern
Screenshot of Stamen's data visualization design for the Berggruen Institute
“I have long understood the magic of fun, usable data tools. What has changed is my perception of how hard it is to build an interactive site. | had the misperception that it is hard, but it really wasn’t. That was fast and painless thanks to Stamen.”

— Dawn Nakagawa, Executive VP, Bergguen Institute
Screenshot of Stamen's data visualization interactive map for Mapping Historical New York
3 months ago

Not sure how to correctly ask this question. So let me start with this.

Imagine you have a bunch of collected log files in slightly different formats, and you want to analyze them to figure out things like what happened, when it happened, and for how long it was happening. Good visualization would also be helpful.

(No need to have a live monitoring, just an analysis part)

What tools would be an adequate choice for that kind of stuff?

#Logfile #analytics #visualization

Jonatan Hildén
3 months ago

In #visualization there is a fairly clear consensus that color scales should be scaled perceptually, but compensating scaling of symbols when using area to represent number values is much more debated. Should we consider compensating for area perception as well?

Flannery’s experimentally derived exponent to scale areas is 0.5716. From experience I would say that compensated areas is quite rare in visualization nowadays.

two sets of four superimposed circles representing values 100, 300, 600, 1200:
left, absolute scaling by area, right apparent scaling with Flannery’s compensation