:anAmigaBall: Darth
3 hours ago

Someone murdered #Sonic! :ablobcatknitsweats:

#Gaming #VideoGames #SteamDeck #VisualNovel

Sonic dead on the floor, blood next to him
6 hours ago

🔴​#live in 20 minutes the almost all day long reading and rambling through Pesterquest will begin. Before that, you can hear some music by Robo Maestro as I fiddle with stuff live

#VTuber #ENVTuber #visualnovel #homestuck

8 hours ago

Well, it's a little less of a demo than originally planned, but our #Nanoreno2023 game is uploaded! If you have 20 minutes to spare and want to check out our little supernatural lofi ghost radio show, here it is:
#VisualNovel #IndieDev #GameDev

Promo art for our visual novel project, 11.02 The Shoreline. The art shows the main character, the host, talking into a microphone while reading off a script. On the side of the screen a ghost waits patiently. The logo for the game is in the bottom left. Art by Faun; logo by Maki.
quite adept
12 hours ago

concept background art for the visual novel I'm working on. you would control a cartographer hired by a dungeon explorer's guild to map out a new, mysterious dungeon. still in concept stage

#Art #PixelArt #Animation #MastoArt #VisualNovel #ConceptArt #DigitalArt


...No Seriously...

#smallstreamer #furry #pngtuber #cute #sonicthehedgehog#slarpg #visualnovel #stream

15 hours ago

Last day of #NaNoRenO2023! Seeing some of the submissions come in, and I'm so excited!

#NaNoRenO #GameDev #GameJam #VisualNovel

Screencap of NaNoReno's itchio submissions page, featuring a dozen thumbnails of various art styles and genres.

Bueno parece que el ibuprofeno me ha venido bien...

#otakubinary #umineko #visualnovel #Vtuber #VTuberUprising #VtuberES

21 hours ago

Happy Friday y'all! ⭐

If you are into #anime, #manga, #LightNovel, #VisualNovel, #otome games, J-music, and more, then check us out & give us a follow! 🌈

We have been publishing Japanese Pop Culture related content since May 2015.

We provide news, reviews, resources, guides, recommendations, fandom food recipes, and more!

Check out our pinned post on resources we provide:

🌻 Learn More About Yatta-Tachi:


Winter Wolves Games
21 hours ago

Naxar is also know as the real joker Goddess and only fools worship her #visualnovel #fantasy #indiegame

1 day ago

Just completed #ChaosHeadNoah!

Thanks to everyone involved in making the game, getting it released outside of Japan, getting it released on Steam, and finally in writing the CoZ fan translation!

The game was great (even though I had already played the original PC version a few years ago) and I can recommend it if you like #visualnovel-s or if you're a fan of the #SteinsGate series!

I have mixed opinions on the content added in NoaH; parts of it were quite good, others, though, not so much...

You've unlocked all achievements! 

34/34 achievements obtained (100%).
1 day ago

I love when the title screen of a game changes after finishing it!

Too bad it's not too common outside #VisualNovel-s...

I can only remember two other games doing it: #Portal2 and #HollowKnight...

Ian Eborn
2 days ago

#NaNoRenO2023 Update!

Well, I think that I have the concept (and maybe some writing) for one more route...

I'm looking at (likely) two more backgrounds, selecting ambient audio, and of course writing.

Can I complete it in... *checks* the next ~2 days...?

We'll see!

#NaNoRenO #VisualNovel #GameDev #IndieDev #IndieGame #Poem #Poetry #NarrativePoem

2 days ago

Another illustration I love from “May the Gods Be With You”.

#illustration #vn #visualnovel #mastoart

Winter Wolves Games
2 days ago

I'm currently writing the key scene of ToA: An Elven Marriage. It's Ren'Py label is called "godsbattle". I've said enough 😅#visualnovel #renpy #indiedev

Ian Eborn
3 days ago

#NaNoRenO2023 Update!

Well, depending on whether I come up with a better idea for the end-screen art, I think that I may have this draft of my game complete! 0_0

Further, I've drafted a page for it on Itch! ^_^

That said, I may yet revise the text a bit, and I would like to add one more route/ending if I have time...

#NaNoRenO #VisualNovel #GameDev #IndieDev #IndieGame #GameJam #Poetry #NarrativePoem

Winter Wolves Games
3 days ago

"No, it's a potion to prolong your performance in bed." said Myrth with a serious face (just kidding, Saren is the top lover!) #visualnovel #joke #romance

3 days ago

The 3DO is one of those retro systems that don't get enough attention or mostly negative attention.

This video by Amelie Doree shows the quirky, experimental side of the ill-fated console and I learned a lot from it. Please do check it out.

#Gaming #retrogaming #3DO #japanese #visualnovel #horror #indie #indiegame

Winter Wolves Games
3 days ago

Saren remembering the good old times (in case you forgot, check Myrth+Saren romance scene in Loren) #visualnovel #romance #fantasy

The Many Voices🎙️
4 days ago

🚨 #CASTING 🚨 - PAID - #Voiceover🎙️

‼️Paid #voiceacting roles available‼️

💫Casting one Male #voiceactor for an upcoming #webcomic & #visualnovel. This is a small but reccurring #role. Mortimer is a police officer who loves his family.

About this #CastingCall & #Audition:

Deadline: April 5th, 2023

More info: (Twitter) @hillsandmonster

#VO #VoiceActors #Voiceovers #Auditions

Liz K.
4 days ago

I'd love to meet some folks who are also writing/drawing/making visual novels/story-based games!

I unfortunately learned about #NaNoRenO way too late to make the deadline for the game jam, but it did kick me into gear on making my first game - a sort of short prologue to a longer story I'd eventually like to tell.

But it's kinda lonely to make something without being able to chat about the process with anyone, so I'd love some company! Lemme know!

#VisualNovel #RenPy #GameDev

4 days ago

Hello everyone! I'm excited to introduce the first screen of my upcoming novel "Hazy Mind"! I'll be using this platform to share updates and news about the novel's development. Thank you for your interest and support!

#visualnovel #vn #GameDev #MastoArt #indiedev #vndev

Mr. Crowbar
4 days ago

Dr. Mayhem, one of the bosses you can work under in Penny Larceny from @FictionFactoryGames ! He was the first character I completed for the game and first foray into making VN sprites. Looking back now I'm like, dang, I went hard on those gloves. His expressions were a lot of fun, a guy who's passionate but also barely functioning on caffeine.

[ #MastoArt #GameDev #VisualNovel #PennyLarceny ]

A lineup showing six poses and expressions of Doctor Mayhem, a man dressed in a classic doctor's outfit. He's slightly unkempt and tired. From left to right he is shown in neutral posture, thinking with a hand held to the air as if to hold the thought, flirty while suggestively tugging at an elbow-length glove, pouty with arms crossed, worried while fidgeting with his stethoscope, and enraged with his hands thrown in the air and lab coat billowing.
Jacen Sekai
4 days ago
5 days ago

I've released a short, free #BL #visualnovel for this year's #NaNoRenO2023 called What Happened the Night Before!

It's about a couple of childhood friends who drift apart, but who later reunite and fall in love!

It's a cute, straightforward romance story with a little bit of drama, with a lot of kissing and some NSFW scenes. I hope you enjoy it! ❤️


Winter Wolves Games
5 days ago

That's actually not a bad idea, it might work #fantasy #jokes #visualnovel #indiedev #indiegame

Winter Wolves Games
6 days ago

Saren is the top fantasy romantic knight indeed #indiedev #indiegame #visualnovel #fantasy

Velvet Cupcake Games
1 week ago

Come visit us at #TheStorytellersFestival on Steam! Lots of cool narrative focused games there to peruse. We'll be streaming there tomorrow (Sunday the 26th) at 4pm! #otomegame #visualnovel #indiegames

The Storyteller's Festival logo
1 week ago

they are kissing... how cute... ;a;
making more progress on my #bl #visualnovel for #NaNoRenO2023 and i'm liking how it looks so far! yay! \o/

#indiedev #indiegame

Velvet Cupcake Games
1 week ago

Made Marion's Enhanced Demo is live! Experience our many audiovisual improvements and a brand-new Sherwood Chapter 2! #OtomeGame #IndieGames #VisualNovel

Play on Steam:

Play on Itch:

Pre-orders available at:

Lucy Blundell
1 week ago

The first online demo of VIDEOVERSE is now available to download and play! It’s part of #TheStorytellersFestival and is available until April 9th.

Download here 👉

#visualnovel #indiegame #gamedev #steam #demo #indiedev

Mr. Crowbar
1 week ago

Its Penny Larceny, star I drew for Penny Larceny: Gig Economy Supervillain! She's got her trusty kitty sidekick Gibson and comes in a variety of skin tones to take over the crime world. Luckily that bank robber palette made it easier to have her outfit work with each choice, and that pop of green gives her a signature style~

Check out more about the game and wishlist it on Steam!

[ #MastoArt #gamedev #VisualNovel #PennyLarceny ]

Magz :ms_nonbinary_flag:
1 week ago

Haven't been posting much/checking in my socials in general, been very busy with studies and unfortunately 'I am not doing enough in terms of anything' depression, but I am glad to announce that I have finally finished Old Gay Cats Look at Old Photos! [Very Small Furry Visual Novel about Old Cats looking at old Photos.]

Its around 3162 words/10ish minutes [shorter than originally planned] but I'm glad I was able to get past the doubt and constant thoughts to just leave it unfinished!

What I say to myself is that it is my first visual novel, and it's something. [and I also learned a lot about renpy and even doing my own renpy troubleshooting to get the effects I wanted as well as rebuild in one version of renpy to another, so I'm happy!]

[has windows, linux, mac and a web ver]

#Furry #FurryArt #IndieDev #VisualNovel #Itchio

[Image ID: Shown is a screenshot from old gay cats look at old photos, a furry visual novel. It shows a open photo-album with multiple photos, two photos on the right side of the photo-album are highlighted. END ID]
[Image ID: Shown is a screenshot from old gay cats look at old photos, a furry visual novel. It shows Juliet and Romeo, who are two anthro cats, making excited faces at the photos shown behind them. END ID]
[Image ID: Shown is a screenshot from old gay cats look at old photos, a furry visual novel. It shows Juliet and Romeo, who are two anthro cats, sitting outside on their back porch. It is dark outside, and they are looking at eachother while each holding a mug. The text “Darling, I really enjoyed looking at these photos and chatting so nicely with you this afternoon-” is visible onscreen. END ID]
1 week ago

Gonna try the Coffee Talk Ep. 2 demo, really looking forward to it. #VisualNovel

Winter Wolves Games
1 week ago

in reality people look at her to count how many leaves she has over her body (answer: 17) #visualnovel #indiedev #joke #romance

1 week ago

Have a screenshot from my upcoming #BL #visualnovel What Happened the Night Before, which I’m working on for #NaNoRenO2023 ❤️ ✨

I'm making good progress on it, and I should be able to release it next week! Yay! \o/

#indiedev #indiegame

Faeven Project
1 week ago

Tonight at 9pm CST, we will be playing Doki Doki Literature Club!! Join us!

#visualnovel #DokiDokiLiteratureClub #vtuber #letsplay #livestream #twitch

1 week ago

Streaming Paranormasight, this game might be a hidden GOTY of 2023 #VisualNovel #Horror #NintendoSwitch #ParanormaSight #gaming #streaming #twitch
Now live at

chikorita157 🐰
1 week ago
Out of Print Archive
1 week ago

Been waiting for this one. 😊

Grisaia: Phantom Trigger 5.5 to 08 collection announced for Switch

Hopefully it'll include English like the first package.


picture of the Phantom Trigger 5.5 logo with a background of light green glass that shattering.
Next to the logo stands a female protagonist from the game.
2 weeks ago

Streaming PARANORMASIGHT, I heard this is the GOTY Visual Novel #Switch #VisualNovel #SquareEnix #Horror #gaming #streaming #twitch
Now live at

2 weeks ago

Steam Sale

Want a visual novel that's a bit different to the usual sex every five minutes and with no real plot?

Then try WTC : Relentless Protagonist - full of action and thrills.

Going cheap on Steam :

#vn #visualnovel #wtcrp #indiegames #talentlessnana #indiegames #indiegamedev #comedy #drama #thriller #vndev

2 weeks ago

The best trilogy around ?

#relord #vn #visualnovel #denpasoft #escude

2 weeks ago

It's Creator Day on Itchio, and my VNs are all 50% off: even the most recent ones!
Every VN come w/ a Steam key, so you can launch them through Steam if you'd rather!
& you can also buy them in a bundle to save even more money! 💕

#visualnovel #indiegame #yuri

2 weeks ago

The Steam Spring Sale is now live, and all of my VNs have been discounted for the occasion!
I've written at least one story with kissing lesbian maids, so you know you'll be in for a good time!

#visualnovel #indiegame #yuri

2 weeks ago

Les Visual Novels n’étaient pas légion au #ConFI2023, sans doute du fait de l’ajout d’une charge graphique à un exercice déjà laborieux. Dans ce paysage, Minigolf et trahisons (de @xapuyo) et tous ses personnages dansants détonnent, au moins autant qu’ils font rire. Mais je crois l’avoir moins aimé pour son insolence absurde que pour son autodérision discrète de récit se sachant peu ou prou interactif. #FictionInteractive #VisualNovel

2 weeks ago

I finished another character for our #nanoreno2023 game today! He has three poses in total, one of which I'll share here. Since you talk to John over the phone for the radio, his art is styled differently than the others.
#VisualNovel #IndieDev #GameDev

A looking older man name John, a character in our upcoming project. He is framed in a jagged box and smiling kindly with a weathered and wrinkled face. His hair is short and receding and he has large ears. His shirt has rubber duckies on it. The entire image is tinted blue, as John is a ghost.
3 weeks ago

Unluckily in Love has been released!
It's a #BL #visualnovel about a slowly blossoming relationship between a couple of cousins.
Join Yuel, our grumpy tsundere protagonist, and watch him fall for his flippant, irreverent older cousin, Tavi.
This VN contains an optional r18 patch for people who want to see some spicy stuff!
I hope you enjoy it! 💙 ✨
#indiedev #indiegame #gamedev


3 weeks ago

My gf showed me this funny game dev TikTok.

"Instead of asking who wears the pants in the relationship, ask who knows about computer coding and who talks to the Lyft driver," to paraphrase.

(I know a little bit about coding, my gf is excellent at masking and small talk w/ strangers)

Anyway, here's the game! It's really cute:


1 month ago

I'm working on a short #BL #visualnovel for #NaNoRenO2023 this year! 💕✨
Here are some sketches of the two main (and, uh, only) characters, Noah and Mikage, drawn by the talented Saitoki!
I hope you're looking forward to it! 🙏

#indiedev #indiegame #gamedev

1 month ago

Finished another character today. This is Sophie; she's a ghost.
#CharacterArt #Nanoreno2023 #VisualNovel #IndieDev

A ghostly blue woman with a chubby build wearing a winter jacket over a zipper up sweater and a fluffy skirt. She has messy blonde hair that's tucked into her scarf and a cute, friendly smile. On her jacket is a large broach of a deer.
1 month ago

I'll just make this a thread to document as I go. Because I like to share. Today I did the base pose for the game's main character. I also sketched the main secondary character, but I'll share when she's done.
#CharacterArt #Nanoreno2023 #VisualNovel #IndieDev

The base pose of the main character for our Nanorenmo project. They're a stocky person standing with one hand on their hip with messy, short brown hair and bright pink glasses. They're wearing a black turtleneck with a denin jacket overtop and dusty pink dress pants.
They're expression is a plain smile.
1 month ago

I was invited by some friends to help plan and do the art for a #nanoreno game this year. The jam starts tomorrow, so I finished designing the characters.
#GameDev #IndieDev #CharacterDesign #Nanoreno2023 #VisualNovel

4 sketchy drawings of the same character lined up as I test out various clothing styles on them. The core features of the character are short, messy brown hair and bright pink sunglasses. The first outfit is a denim jacket over a black turtle neck with dress pants, where as the second is a teal and yellow striped shirt with jeans. The headshot on the far right has the character wearing large headphones.
2 sketchy drawings of the same character. She's a chubby girl with big round eyebrows, bright eyes, and long blonde hair that is half tucked into a fluffy scarf she wears. She's wearing a winter jacket over a zipper-up sweater, jeans, and winter boots. She has a friendly expression and aura.
3 sketches of an older man while I fought with his face shape. The first two are very long, but I settled with and coloured the more square shaped one. He has large glasses, grey and white hair, and is wearing a blue shirt with rubber duckies on it. He is smiling warmly with his eyes wrinkled shut.
3 sketches of a young man with various degrees of messy brown hair and bags under his eyes. In the first drawing, his hair is tied back and he's wearing a red scarf and a tan jacket. The third drawing, he has the same tan jacket, and the red is moved to a hat he has his hair tucked into instead. He has large, square glasses - in the last drawing there are paint splatters on them.
1 month ago

My free #yandere #yuri #visualnovel It gets so lonely here has been released!
It's a spooky story with fairytale vibes featuring three cute(?) girls who all love you very much!
Don't you want to be adored to the point of insanity?

#indiedev #indiegame #gamedev


1 month ago

Feb 22, 2023 - Day 52 - NewPlay Review
Total NewPlays: 59

Game: Purrfect Date
Platform: Steam PC
Release Date: Dec 15, 2017
Library Date: Jan 30, 2019
Unplayed: 1484 days (4y23d)
Playtime: 17m

Oh my word, did the "don't read about the game beforehand" bite me today.

About 10 minutes into Purrfect Date, I was wondering when the scene-setting for the game would finish, and the game would start.

Yeah, turns out that Purrfect Date (which came in yet another Humble Bundle) is a visual novel (and, apparently dating sim?)

It's about cats, and it may turn out to be a wonderful visual novel slash dating sim, but as a game, for me?

Purrfect Date is a big old:

1: Nope

#PurrfectDate #VisualNovel #DatingSim #Gaming #Project365ONG #Project365 #NewPlay

1 month ago

We are fast approaching 150 joined already! Will you make a VN with us too?

#VisualNovel #IndieGame #IndieGameDev #GameJam #Itchio

Promo illustration: A teen with headphones and a digital pen smiles softly at the camera. The title reads NaNoRenO 2023.
2 months ago

It's coming! NaNoRenO 2023 starts in March. Make a visual novel from scratch in a single month!

Jam page is here:

#VisualNovel #VisualNovels #IndieGame #IndieGameDev #GameJam #GameJams #NaNoRenO #NaNoRenO2023

Illustration: A young teen with headphones and a digital pencil gives the camera a soft smile. The title beside them reads "NaNoRenO 2023."
2 months ago

I made 8 directional sprite last night using Design Doll as a base.
#vndev #visualnovel #gamedev #pixelart #madewithunity #lowpoly #PSX #PS1 #ノベルゲーム #ドット絵 #猫耳 #catgirl😀

Liana :verified:
2 months ago

Here's a screenshot of what scripting looks like

I want more people to try this engine so please try it or help people know it exists ❤️

You can also signal boost it on the Twitter thread (

Or the Tumblr post (

🚀 Get started using it on the website

#Narrat #gamedev #javascript #typescript #vue #programming #gaming #html #indiedev #rpg #project #tech #visualnovel #interactivefiction

Liana :verified:
2 months ago

Here's a little features list for it

🚀 Super easy to get started with a tool that will setup your project
✍️ Customisable characters, branching dialog and conditions
👩‍💻 Super easy scripting with a custom made language that focuses on letting you write dialog
🎧Audio support for music loops and sound effects
📘RPG features like skills with skill checks, inventory, quests
🎨 Accessible UI customisation with CSS
⚙️ Extremely configurable
💡Plugin system to add functionality to the engine, new bits of UI or even extend the scripting language with your own commands!
🖥️ Steam export setup by default
🎬 Support for GIFs or webp in images for easy animation
🖼️ Dynamic sprites and text to programmatically display custom elements on screen
🌍 Completely free and open source, and with a helpful Discord

#Narrat #gamedev #javascript #typescript #vue #programming #gaming #html #indiedev #rpg #project #tech #visualnovel #interactivefiction

Liana :verified:
2 months ago

🚀 If you just want to try it, , get on the website it’s very quick (

Here are some screenshots of games that have been made on it by people (Links to those games are on the website)

I don't really have a big network of followers so the only people can learn about this engine is if other people help spread info about it

#Narrat #gamedev #javascript #typescript #vue #programming #gaming #html #indiedev #rpg #project #tech #visualnovel #interactivefiction

Liana :verified:
2 months ago

Narrat 🐀 has been getting a bit of attention again so here's another intro of the engine. I think most people who might be interested in this don't actually know about it so I'm hoping to reach more people for once.

Narrat is a game engine I created to easily make interactive fiction games (narrative RPGs, visual novels etc) for desktop or browser.

I’ve worked on this game engine for some time, mostly to help friends make their games. It’s been used on a few small games, and some bigger ones in progress.

This Tumblr post has more details and could do with a signal boost as it's getting attention

There's also a Patreon:


#Narrat #gamedev #javascript #typescript #vue #programming #gaming #html #indiedev #rpg #project #tech #visualnovel #interactivefiction

2 months ago

If you're making #interactivefiction and #visualnovel , the talks from the VNConf 2023 just got released on Youtube!
A bunch of cool stuff there, on marketing, narrative design and even voice acting direction

#gamedev #vndev

Andrew Wooldridge
3 months ago

Happiness is a game with fonts that are not smaller than subatomic particles.

#accessibility #indiegame #visualnovel

pingudroid 🟢🐧🔴
3 months ago

My spoilery review of The Arcade Spirits: The New Challengers by @FictionFactoryGames is live!

TL:DR; the verdict is: I definitely recommend the game and I enjoyed it a lot, although it has some issues that you should consider in case they're deal-breakers. Hope this review can help!

(My site template is still broken and half-done, but I didn't want to wait any longer. I'll keep working on it ;P)


#VisualNovel #VisualNovels #VN #ArcadeSpirits #GameReview #Review

Visual novel screenshot showcasing the main character, talking to two men. One of them, Ben, says: "This is your first time visiting Good Clean Fun, isn't it? I never forget a face, and yours is a face I haven't forgotten because I haven't seen it before."
LadyIcepaw (Linda)
3 months ago

My new game is out! 🎉 When Trees Turn to Ice is a short Kinetic Novel about two boys being snowed in and having to survive a harsh winter together. A playthrough takes around 45 minutes, and there are builds for Windows, Linux and Android. ❄️

#WinterVNJam #visualNovel #gameDev #renpy #mastoArt #art #CreativeToots

A cover illustration of the game, including the title "When Trees Turn to Ice". The drawing shows a wintery forest landscape with a thick layer of snow, and a boy wearing cold weather gear and a backpack is leaping from one sturdy tree branch to another.
A screenshot showing Nord and Atlas looking out through a cottage window and seeing a thick layer of snow outside. The textbox says "The sun had just started to rise, its light crept though the overhung sky and reflected off perfectly white snow".
A screenshot showing Nord sitting up in bed, looking towards the ground and asking "Hey, where did she go?".
A screenshot of Nord and Atlas holding hands. The textbox says "The sensation of those rough and rustic, angular palms soothed him. Just like the bark of a willow tree was safest for him to clutch on to at any season, for how deep the furrows ran along its surface".
pingudroid 🟢🐧🔴
4 months ago

I'm happy to say that I have finally started replaying Arcade Spirits (an incredible queer-friendly arcade-loving visual novel by @FictionFactoryGames), in preparation for playing the sequel, and I remembered one of the myriad reasons why I like it: there's penguins hidden everywhere in the background art!

Why? Because penguins are the best, of course, and the devs know it.

(I don't know why, but as long as there's penguins, I'm happy)

#ArcadeSpirits #VN #VisualNovel #IndieGaming #Penguins

Visual novel screenshot. In the background, there's a realistic drawing of a small staff room with a vending machine, a table with tissue boxes on it, a coffee maker, some computer screens and a poster with a cute cartoon penguin that looks suspiciously like Gunther from Adventure Time. The penguin is seemingly hanging from a thread, or a crack on the ice, and there's the following text  in the poster: "Penguin there, baby!".
Visual novel screenshot. In the background, there's a realistic drawing of a cozy appartment with a kitchen, a dining table, a sofa, bookcases, and on top of the bookcases there's some kind of toy or decoration that looks like a penguin.
Visual novel screenshot. It showcases a gaming convention, with lost of people hanging around and talking, many stands, posters, advertisements, etc. At the backof the scene, one of the adverts showcases a penguin and some intelligible text.
4 months ago

Sweetest Monster Refrain has been released on!

It's a sequel to my previous #visualnovel, Sweetest Monster, and it features an exceedingly dysfunctional relationship between a depressed music teacher and a cute(?) catgirl who just wants to make him happy.

Her methods of making him happy, however, might be a bit unconventional...

#indiedev #indiegame


Tanya Kan
4 months ago

Testing out more Solace State, a game that I'm making with my team!

#SteamDeck has a resolution of 16:10, but our game with diegetic text in placed into the 3D world has complete level design for over 150,000+ words fitted for 16:9. So I'm seeing what sort of changes might need addressing!

The screenshot shows Chloe (left) meeting Torrent for the 1st time.

#VisualNovel #SolaceState #VideoGame #Cyberpunk #CyberpunkGame #Hopepunk #SteamGame #XboxGame #InteractiveFiction #Unity3D #MadeInUnity

A screenshot of a video game on the handheld game device Steam Deck. Chloe on the left is a young woman with bleached hair and lavendar bodysuit, with a purple and orange jacket. Torrent on the right is in a blue long coat, white shirt, blue trousers, and blue hair. They are standing in front of an apartment gate. The apartment looks old and is considered middle-income. Right at Chloe's heels is a red wheeled luggage.

The text on the left is a narration that says: "He catches her staring and they both flick their gazes away. He's bringin up the proper protocols and forms to set Chloe up with a humble rental apartment, with the seasoned fluidity of a local."
4 months ago

I'm Jamie, I do #gameDev/#indieGames and #pixelArt.
I made a #bulletHell #detective #visualNovel game called Star Apprentice: Magical Murder Mystery and a #roguelite #platformer called Vain Ascendance, both on steam.
I like creating an over-the-top #anime vibe in my games.
Also a fan of #GodotEngine.
Some of my favourite games include #AceAttorney #Persona #Touhou
Uhh... that's all I can think of to cram in here.
Looking forward to trying out mastodon!

Minnie Star and Detective Lasnam from Star Apprentice
Valerie and Teri from Vain Ascendance sitting at a bar
Tanya Kan
4 months ago

I haven't posted my #IndieGame #SolaceState trailer here yet!

This #Trailer is 2 years old because we've been busy doubling the scope of the game. We've gotten level design in polish stages for 150,000+ words (so 3 novels' worth!). There's so much still to show!

@GaryJKings is working on a lovely new trailer with me! ✨

#IndieGames #VisualNovel #3DGame #MadeInUnity #GameDesign #GameArt #LGBTQGame #Hopepunk #Cyberpunk #WomenInSTEM #WomenInGames #ThrowbackThursday

bobcgames (he/him)
4 months ago

Hi! Here's an #Introduction post

I'm Bob, a #Queer cis man (he/him), and a #GameDev (#writing and #programming) who dabbles in fanfic from time to time

My games are mostly story-based games featuring #Gay men and queer relationships

My "flagship" game series is #YAGS, a #VisualNovel about coming out in college

All of my 🔗 :

🐘 @bobcgames (gamedev)
🐘 (personal)

4 months ago

#Introduction time! Hello, all! I'm Ayu and I write visual novels. (RE: Alistair++, Backstage Pass, Jisei, Ripples)

I also manage the itchio page for NaNoRenO, and run a Visual Novel Reading room at cons (pandemic-permitting).

My favorite thing in the world is giving money to artists in exchange for art. Am always looking for other gamedevs and artists to follow, so please say hi!

#GameDev #OtomeGame #IndieGameDev #IndieDev #VisualNovel #Art

Photo: Ayu, wearing glasses and a lolita-style dress, standing beside a banner that reads "Visual Novel Room."
Hoe Chin 🦋
4 months ago


I am:
- 28 years old fangirl from Poland.
- #AegoAroAce #AegoSexual #AegoRomantic
- #CasualGamer (mostly #visualnovel #otome #NintendoGames)
- #BookLover (#bl #danmei #yaoi)
- #anime lover (mostly seasonal stuff)
- #seiyuu fan
- #manga and #webtoon reader (mostly bl)
- proud owner of #SteamDeck and #NintendoSwitch
- #LinuxUser (#GarudaLinux #LinuxMint)

My most important fandoms for now: #tgcf #TianGuanCiFu #mdzs #MoDaoZuShi #svsss #mxtx #TheUntamed #LittleMushroom

Michael Coorlim
5 months ago

I would be down to using #Renpy despite my general dislike of #python but unfortunately have no good way to source the art assets I'd need for a #visualNovel project. I'm very slow when it comes to even low-res #pixelArt, don't have the budget to commission, and wouldn't really get consistent enough results with an #AIArt tool like #Midjourney

Tanya Kan
5 months ago

Oops some folks from twt don't recognize me w/ the lipstick display pic, so here's an added #introduction!

I'm creating the #videogame Solace State for #Steam and #Xbox w/ a small team! It's a political #Queer #Cyberpunk #VisualNovel about empowering friends amid a biotech crackdown.

Though that occupies most of my time, I also love #Dance #Writing #DigitalArt #MediaStudies #RhythmGames #IndieGames #MDZS #MXTX #Fitness #WLW #novels #film #Hopepunk #GayStoriesWithGoodEndings

Nice to meet you!

Image of Tanya Kan smiling at the camera in a flower dress and flower crown. Tanya goes by pronouns she/her.
PMscenarios :astro:
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This is the problem with writing when tired - I put a lot of obscure hashtags and forget so much. Let's cont. #introductions now that I am awake..

Have been a #MovieBuff for a long time, especially #animation and #GenreFilms like sci-fi, #DisasterMovies, #Action and #Musicals. Brain fog means I can't watch much anymore, but ask me my list of #MovieClassics that truly hold up, or Niche Masterpieces, oh or fav #SoBadItsGood #Movies. I love talking film

I mostly play #IndieGames now; #VisualNovel, #Simulation, #FarmingSim, #FMV, #AdventureGame - I prefer things I can finish in 2-3 sittings, preferably on the #Switch or laptop, tho I have 100+ hours in #PlanetZoo

Guilty pleasure is competition reality - I enjoy seeing ppl be good at a thing - #DragRace, #Dragula, #PotteryThrowdown, #FaceOff - name a show and I've probably watched it (not bake off tho, for some reason I can't get into that one)

5 months ago

#Introduction (1/2)
Well hey people, let me tell you a little bit about me.

I'm a #Fullstack #SoftwareDeveloper who loves to play with new technology (Recently been playing with some #Rust and #Tauri)

In my off time I love to kick back at my local hackerspace (They don't have a mastodon account yet. But they will, soon enough.) or on my couch with my #SteamDeck to read my way through some #VisualNovel or whatever #Game #VideoGame has caught my attention that day.

Tanya Kan
5 months ago

Morning! I'm eating apples to start the day as I'm working on my #indiegame Solace State!

Here's a never-before seen screenshot of this 3D #cyberpunk #visualnovel on the Steam Deck.

What do you enjoy playing on your Steam Decks, or other handheld devices? I've been playing some Chicory lately!

#Steamdeck #gaming #gamedev #unity #gamedesign #hopepunk

The video game Solace State is shown on the handheld platform Steam Deck next to a bowl of apple chunks. The screenshot of the cyberpunk 3D visual novel Solace State shows Torrent (left) standing next to Chloe (right) in an old neoclassical archway. Part of the architecture is interrupted by Solace State's unique digital cutaway shader. Diegetic text appears on the left wall. It reads: "As they round an unseen corner before entering the community center, Torrent drops Aspen Wen's fake ID. Chloe bites back a grumble at removing the well-worn sheidl of ID illusion, but she understands it wont do to march around after the de-escalation as one of the NEXIR militia."
LadyIcepaw (Linda)
8 months ago

It's release day! 🎉
My new game Invisible Seams is now out on Itch! It's a cute fantasy story about two dressmakers taking a stand for their art. Feel free to check it out!

#art #mastoArt #game #gamedev #CreativeToots #furry #renpy #visualNovel #anthro #InvisibleSeams

The cover image for Invisible Seams, a closeup of Moth hugging Caesar. They look very at peace and affectionate. The game's logo is in the bottom left.
A screenshot of Moth and Caesar working on a dress together, with great focus.
A screenshot of Caesar talking to Moth at night.
A screenshot of Jasper snarkily saying "After all, that spot you're taking up right now could have been filled by a more talented tailor than yourself." to Moth.
Sariel Snowings
11 months ago

Whoops. Should've hashtagged some extra things in there👆 sorry. I come from twitter where every hashtag is a sin.
Anyway! Some interests:


LadyIcepaw (Linda)
2 years ago

My game jam project is out now! 🥳

Frightwood is a Halloween-themed visual novel about a group of fairy teens in search of a mysterious treasure.
You can pick it up for free and there are builds for Windows, Linux and Android. Enjoy!
🎃 :boost_ok: 🎃

#gameDev #visualNovel #game #freeware #halloween #renpy #creativeToots #indieDev #indieGame #frightwood

The illustration shows the four fairy teens backlit by the full moon at night. Mini Linda is also doodled in there and the text above says "Frightwood is out on!"
LadyIcepaw (Linda)
2 years ago

Lovewood is now available for free on! There are versions for Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. Maybe give it a try and tell me what you think?

#art #game #gameDev #visualNovel #creativeToots #freeware #indieDev #lovewood #renpy #indieGame

The image of the six potential love interests grouped around the protagonist, except that I'm also in the background in a beautifully mismatched style and tooting a party whistle. The text says "Lovewood has released on".