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Active and passive voice have distinct purposes and effects on writing tone and clarity.

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‘The Voice’ Singer Nini Iris Stuns With Dramatic Cover of The Cure’s ‘Lovesong’

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22 hours ago

On one of my last streams someone said I sound like the Chopped guy. I don't know what that person sounds like so I need confirmation from someone please! 😅

Here's where they mentioned it:

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Kathy Reid
5 days ago

This week I was delighted to present the paper "Right the docs: Characterising #voice #dataset #documentation practices" at the Australasian Language Technology Association 2023 Workshop #ALTA2023, joint work with my doctoral supervisor, Dr Elizabeth Williams.

The audience questions were insightful, and a big thank you to Dr Gabriela Ferraro for the lovely photo.

It was my first time at #ALTA2023, and it will be held in #Canberra at #ANU next year - a delightful and welcoming community. Thank you for the opportunity!

You can read the full proceedings on the conference website:

and I'll publish my notes from the conference as a blog post shortly.

#NLP #linguistics #BERT #LLMs #LLM #GPT #GPT4 #ChatGPT

Right the Docs - Kathy Reid
6 days ago

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1 week ago

‘The Voice’: ‘Special’ Kaylee Shimizu Sings Quincy Jones In the Playoffs

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1 week ago

‘The Voice’ Singer Tom Nitti Promises ‘This Isn’t the End of Me’ After Leaving Show Before Playoff Rounds

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Rachel Lawson
1 week ago

I lost my voice after thyroid surgery a few weeks ago and, whilst it is slowly getting better all the time now, it is super frustrating when trying to conduct meetings/interviews.

Never had a #disability before and it is a real eye-opener, even if only temporary in my case.

I’ve been using pre-prepared paragraphs of text that I can ask Siri to read out for me (loving the “generic northern” UK voice) but I’d love to hear any other ideas people might have for online calls?

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1 week ago

‘The Voice’: Ruby Leigh Delivers ‘Beautiful’ Linda Ronstadt Cover For Playoffs

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Jonathan Reus
1 week ago

Open Call - METAORGANISM ... a 3-day performance art and technology pressure cooker at DesignLab UTwente. Dec 11-13

In this three-day pressure cooker we will work intensely to create new performance artworks with AI voice and wearable robotics, together with a group of invited artists including singers, dancers and costume makers.

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1 week ago

#immigration #inflation and the stupidity of the #voice I called it

C. L. Nichols
1 week ago

* #StringBending *

Beyond the standard #fretboard maneuvers, string bending is an artful technique that infuses life into #music, adding depth, character, and a unique #voice to the #guitarist's #repertoire. From #blues to #rock and beyond, its ability to infuse music with emotion, depth, and individuality makes it an indispensable tool for #guitarists.

#MyGuitarTutor #hobby #guitar #guitarcommunity #substack #guitaristsofinstagram #hobbyist #guitars #guitarsolo

Michael Mrak
1 week ago

Ursprünglich auf Texteingaben beschränkt, ermöglicht #ChatGPT jetzt auch Spracheingaben mittels ChatGPT #Voice. Nutzer können ihre Anfragen nun aussprechen, und die Antworten werden ihnen vorgelesen, anstatt sie selbst vom Bildschirm ablesen zu müssen. Und das funktioniert richtig gut.

Ether Diver
2 weeks ago

Update: Still codes available!

Here (meaning in the following, threaded post) are a bunch o' codes for my #experimental #album The Alchemical Practice of Modular Synthesis. This one is W I L D! From the barely-harnessed chaos of the #benjolin to the #hypnotic murmurations of the human #voice filtered through the #Morphagene, these 4 tracks are weird, challenging and trrrrrippy!

Sound intriguing? Give it a listen, and if you like it, grab one of these codes! #FREE

2 weeks ago

Kara Tenae Makes Waves in ‘The Voice’ Playoffs With SWV ‘Rain’ Cover

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2 weeks ago

ChatGPT’s Voice Feature Now Available To All Users For Free #ai #ai&robotics #apps #chatgpt #mobile #openai #voice

2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago

Batya Levine is a young Israeli artist.
I love this song.

"We Rise"
(Batya Levine. 2020)

#MMRPlaylist #PouetRadio #BatyaLevine #Gospel #PeaceSong #Voice

Günter Exel
2 weeks ago

Hey AIDA - gibt es etwas Neues? Ja: #ChatGPT #Voice ist jetzt für alle Benutzer*innen verfügbar – und das gilt auch für diejenigen, die die kostenlose Basisversion nutzen. Egal, ob ihr iOS oder Android verwendet: Wenn ihr in der ChatGPT-App das Kopfhörer-Symbol antippt, könnt ihr natürliche Gespräche mit dem KI-Chatbot führen.
Noch ein Tipp: Die Stimme „Juniper“ ist jetzt für Deutsch optimiert und ermöglicht akzentfreie Gespräche.

ℹ️ Info:
🌑 #artificialintelligence

2 weeks ago

‘You’re Already a Star’: Huntley Delivers Again on ‘The Voice’

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PKPs Powerfromspace1
2 weeks ago #chatgptv ( #voice) #ChatGPT with voice is now available to all free users. Download the app on your phone and tap the headphones icon to start a conversation.

Sound on 🔊 #ai #llm #openai

2 weeks ago

FTC offers up $25K prize for ideas to "encourage the development of multidisciplinary approaches—from products to policies to procedures—aimed at protecting consumers from AI-enabled voice cloning harms, such as fraud and the broader misuse of biometric data and creative content. The goal of the Challenge is to foster breakthrough ideas on preventing, monitoring, and evaluating malicious voice cloning." #AI #voice #cloning #scam #contest #AIpocalypse

Jeannie Novak
3 weeks ago

It isn’t always easy, but sometimes you have to say #GoodbyeMyFriend 💔

I wrote this #song in about 5 minutes in a rush of emotion; it's dedicated to all the friends who are no longer in my life. I've valued each relationship – even if it was necessary for it to end.

Alt-pop #piano #vocal song from the SHELTER collection – released by Novy Music (a division of Novy Unlimited).

#acoustic #indie #indiemusic #singersongwriter #voice #music
#vocalist #keyboard #singer

3 weeks ago

What’s the alt to google #voice ?


Мне нужны АБСОЛЮТНО ВСЕ банки с голосами для Google Speech Services!

(Гугл, чёрт знает, зачем удалил несколько из них после одного из прошлых обновлений. Это была моя личная боль: там был голос девушки-пацанки, мне из-за его отсутствия пришлось тональность у мужского банка под +10 задирать)


Мне нужен НОРМАЛЬНЫЙ костыль для гугловских голосов под Windows 8-10-11!

(какое-нибудь отдельное приложение, локальное или вэб'ное, чтоб семплировать было удобно, как в Balabolka или TextAloud \ MiniSpeech)

Кто что посоветует? Может, ссылку какую дадите, где всё это взять? Реально, гугловские голоса очень живые и даже "певучие", я с ними и дубляж, и вокал (с автотюном) писать люблю! Особенно мне доставляет, как естественно они гласные тянут (оч.прям реалистично тянут они их!)

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News18 India
3 weeks ago

The inaugural and concluding sessions are being hosted at the level of head of state and government and are being presided over by Prime Minister Narendra Modi
#Voice #Time #PMModi #InauguralSession #GlobalSouthSummit

David August
3 weeks ago

Worked with an #acting #coaching client on a piece of #corporate material for #voice acting, exploring various ways to shift tone, authority and more. Great to hear their read transform and find new versions that were so different and still work.

#ActingCoach #ActingCoaching

3 weeks ago

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3 weeks ago

‘The Voice’ Contestant Alexa Wildish Puts a Country Spin on Cher’s ‘Believe’ for Knockout Rounds: Watch

Check it out! 👇

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What a #voice :blobaww:

Digimon Tamers 디지몬 테이머즈|The Biggest Dreamer [Vocal cover by Studio aLf]

3 weeks ago

Anyone keen to tinker with the beta of @matrix video rooms?

Hit me up with your Matrix address for an invite, or join in here:

VIDEO (VIDEO Interaction Delivery Exploration and Observation) is a sister project to VOICE (VOICE Organised Investigation of Chat Engines)

#chat #conferencing #Matrix #VideoChat

3 weeks ago

Teen Sensation Ruby Leigh Punches Through ‘The Voice’ Knockout Round With Killer LeAnn Rimes Cover

Check it out! 👇

#TV #Voice #MusicNews #Country #TVFilm #Culture

A new tool to help the fight against AI. much as tools have introduced "poisoned" pixels to make it difficult for AI to use images for a source.

This new research suggests a similar method for Audio. That will help prevent unscrupulous users of AI from stealing a celebrities voice without their permission.

#AI #AudioProcessing #AntiFake #DeepFake #Voice

4 weeks ago

@Dangerous_beans I was pretty disappointed to find that my colleagues voted no in the voice referendum, not because of any informed statement, but because they don't read any news, don't watch any news, and knew absolutely nothing about the issue. You have a vote, it is valuable, at least vaguely know something about what you're voting for! #voice #thevoice #referendum #auspol

Dave Holland
4 weeks ago

On the backs of slaves…. It is beyond time we faced up to our history #Australia.
It’s beyond time that #JacintaPrice did too.
How in the hell did we not #VoteYes to give our first nation’s people a #Voice?

4 weeks ago

Der neue "Team-Fight" Modus bei The #Voice ist bescheiden. Das Publikum wählt immer das Talent, welches als letztes gesungen hat, weil die Darbietung des anderen Talents schon zu lange her und nicht mehr im Gedächtnis ist. #TVOG

1 month ago

Hi there, fedi,

Did you know you can use your fedi account to #voice #chat with followers or other fedizens? The software is called #audon (for #audio on #mastodon I guess) and works pretty well.

And if you're the sort of fedi person who likes DIY and self-hosting, the project is free software so you can do that, too. Give it a shot, if voice is something that interests you at all.

Try it on

1 month ago

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video thumbnail reads 'free preview. audio porn: big-dicked bull fucks your girlfriend right in front of your (British accent)

An illustrated post about Bad Art - we've all made some - or have we? And who decides?

#Art #MastoArt #FediArt #Drawing #Creativity #Design #Bad #BadArt #Censorship #Speech #Voice #YesYes

A drawing of an image in a frame of the words "BAD ART" with people looking at it saying, "what the..." and "garbage" and "terrible" and "ridiculous" and the last person says, "I kind of like it"
1 month ago

Apparently, #Christofascist women are "trained" to speak in a high-pitched, childlike #voice to perpetuate the belief that their minds are childlike, sweet, always joyful, and that they never disobey their husbands. I didn't think I could be anymore repulsed and horrified by #Christianity. I was wrong.

#ChristianNationalism #ChristianLies #religionOfHate #UnderHisEye

Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 month ago

@miriamrobern Here's my recording on the topic of dreams for #TransVoiceFriday :TransHeart:

#trans #transgender #transition #voice #TransVoice #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

Hey folks. This is Evie, aka SleepyCatten, coming to you pre-recorded on this lovely trans voice Friday! Today's suggested topic by Miriam is dreams, so I guess I'm going to talk about those.

I used to think that I didn't dream much when I was younger, but I later realised that I often just didn't remember my dreams.

About the age of 14 or 15, I had a fever dream that felt very much like the description of an epiphany. However, it was just a chemical imbalance when I was ill. Still felt great though. It gave me the illusion temporarily of being able to understand the universe, & made me feel rubbish when it went away.

At university, I learnt that excessive amounts of alcohol, particularly vodka, could make me lucid dream. It's very interesting to realise how realistic my dreams can be, but also how your brain cheats with rendering.

I rarely lucid dream now, but occasionally I'll realise I'm in a dream, try to take control of the dream, & rapidly wake up. My mind goes like "Oh shit! She knows she's dreaming! Wake her up! Wake her up!"

My dreams these days are vivid (thanks to progesterone) & weird (due to Venlafaxine).

Just to clarify too, although I have aphantasia (zero visual imagination when awake), my dreams are fully visual. To my knowledge, I can't smell, taste or feel the sensation of breathing in them though. I'm actually not sure if I've ever heard or felt sensations in my dreams either.

Anyway, I'll stop prattling on now. Wishing you all a lovely day!
Evie (SleepyCatten)
1 month ago

Hey folks 👋

It's Friday, so that means it's #TransVoiceFriday :TransHeart:

Today's suggested prompt from the lovely @miriamrobern is Dreams.

#trans #transgender #transition #voice #TransVoice #queer #LGBTQ+ #LGBTQIA+

David August
1 month ago

"Attempting to prevent accents from changing is like sweeping back an incoming tide with a broom – fruitless and defying nature. Instead, we should embrace linguistic diversity, work to combat accentism (discrimination based on a person’s accent), and accept that accents will always continue to change."

#accents #dialects #English #speaking #voice #acting #VoiceActing

Peter Relph
1 month ago


Supported by a deliberately weak "faint praise" from the Government Yes campaign.

Never really stood much chance did it?

#auspol #Voice

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 month ago

The calls are coming from inside the app!

Because it wasn't bad enough, Twitter adds voice and video calls - Desk Chair Analysts

#App #Calls #DirectMessages #Enshitification #MuskyMuskk #Twitter #Voice

An Android phone loading the Twitter app.
John Quiggin
1 month ago

Having campaigned against the #Voice on the basis that it would have been unnecessarily divisive, the #No side is taking their win as a mandate to renew the #CultureWar on every front. Not surprising but depressing #auspol

Alex Zenla
1 month ago

on my discord we have
#general - text chat
#wide-general - a locked channel with the attached photo
#marks-pizzeria - memes that you can view at work but are still devastating
#gayngerous-sin-zone - devastatingly heartbreaking lewdish memes
#voice-text - among text from voice chat, mostly cursed YouTube searches that generally result in pornography

it's wide Putin but a general
Peter Relph
1 month ago

One assumption that was made throughout the #VoiceToParliament debate & in the analysis of the overwhelming racist result is that all those apparently supporting a "Yes" vote actually desired a "Yes" outcome.

I believe that to be a naive idea, one can destroy an idea with faint praise possibly better than with outright opposition.

There is never going to be a Treaty, there was never ever going to be a Treaty, the Neoliberals & other racists decided that long ago.

This recent debacle was just them making sure of that by setting up a straightforward moral decision of a simple black & white issue as though there was something to be debated, then confusing the issue to the best of their ability.

This result will enable them to deny any possibility of anything even vaguely resembling a Treaty, because, you know ... "the will of the people".

Machiavelli lives.

#auspol #Voice #bipartisan #bastardry

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 month ago

The calls are coming from inside the app!

Because it wasn't bad enough, Twitter adds voice and video calls - Desk Chair Analysts

#App #Calls #DirectMessages #Enshitification #MuskyMusk #Twitter #Voice #TechNews

An Android app loading the Twitter app.
1 month ago

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Daniel AJ Sokolov
1 month ago

Next up: Have an #AI generate an #audiobook in your own #voice so you can reduce interactions with your younglings.
#children #family #reading

S. K. Riley
1 month ago

Statement by Central Australian Aboriginal Congress on the result of the Referendum to alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

“…We would also like to express our appreciation and respect for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates who met at Uluru in 2017 and drafted the Uluru Statement from the Heart which first called for the Voice.

Their invitation to the Australian people to recognise our First Nations in the Constitution and give us a Voice was both wise and generous.

Initially that invitation was well-received: a year ago, two-thirds of Australians were in favour of the Voice.
However, the deliberate strategy of deception and misinformation adopted by prominent ‘No’ campaigners turned many previously good-willed people against us…

#Voice #Australia

Prof Felipe Gusmao
1 month ago

#Australia Map showing the #Voice #Referendum Results by Polling Place, with red indicating more "No" votes, and blue indicating more "Yes" votes. Point size indicates % #Indigenous population.

An amazing contribution of Jesse Reilly to understand the results of the Referendum.

Access to the interactive map:

Original source:

#aboriginalpeople #ulurustatement

Map showing the Voice Referendum Results by Polling Place 

Voice Referendum Results, with red indicating more "No" votes, and blue indicating more "Yes" votes. Point size indicates % Indigenous population

2 months ago

By reneging on their previous support for truth-telling, the Queensland #LNP are also showing they don't really respect the voters they claim to be acting on behalf of.

The #referendum wasn't about #Truth-telling or #Treaty (despite the No campaign's various fear-mongering attempts to hypothesize all kinds of treaty outcomes). It was about #Voice.

Qld LNP have decided that when voters said "No" to Voice, what they really meant was no to Voice+Truth+Treaty.

(Imagine the bemusement at LNP HQ if #QldLabor had responded to the resounding 'Yes' in the 2018 postal survey on #MarriageEquality by saying "what voters have really said here is that they think marriage has been too restrictive, so we're going to introduce legislation for #polycule marriages"...)

Constitutional legal theory typically embraces the argument that constitutional (rather than merely legislative) protections are necessary to prevent a vulnerable minority from having their rights and basic wellbeing undermined by the desires of the majority. This decision by Qld LNP is an excellent illustration of that very phenomenon (the preferences of the majority trumping the plight of the minority), and so a confirmation of why Indigenous peoples were asking for a constitutional Voice in the first place.


#Auspol #Qldpol #irony

2 months ago

In response, #Labor Premier #AnnastaciaPalaszczuk has said that the process of truth-telling and treaty negotiation won't be pursued without #bipartisan support.

So, what lessons might be drawn from this development?

1. If voters say they don't want their government to listen to the voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, then voters are probably also saying they don't want to hear the truth themselves.

2. Supporters of the Statement from the Heart who advocated for #Voice before #Truth or #Treaty often did so explicitly on the assumption that Treaty would be the hardest, and so it is better to start with the 'easier' ask of a #VoiceToParliament in order to build momentum. Yet in Queensland, the failure of this 'easier' step at a federal level now means the process of truth-telling (which had been moving forward and could have helped build lasting community consensus) has been thoroughly derailed.

3. Ironically, the Voice referendum was defeated via the noise created by the various 'voices to parliament' that have been long established for rich corporate colonisers (Murdoch press, Minerals Council, Macquarie Bank, etc.). So now that its been confirmed that these old voices remain supreme, #DavidCrisafulli is just tidying up leftover mess.


#Auspol #Qldpol #plutocracy

2 months ago

In May, the #Queensland Liberal-National opposition provided bipartisan support for legislation establishing a 3-4 year #TruthTelling process, as a necessary precursor to the (extremely belated) negotiation of a treaty or #treaties with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander peoples. And they did so in response to the #UluruStatementFromTheHeart (that had called for #Voice, #Treaty and #Truth).

At the time, opposition leader #DavidCrisafulli had personally encouraged people in his state to "embrace this [truth-telling] wholeheartedly". On the day the legislation passed, he said: "I believe in truth-telling and to me that means telling it like it is. […] We cannot shy away from the real experiences of #Indigenous Australians throughout history. We must tell the truth about the real challenges they are facing today."

But now, five months later yet before any of the formal processes of truth-telling have begun, he's withdrawn #LNP support for the legislation, promising to tear it up should his party be voted into government at the next election.

He claims he is doing so because he *is* listening—to the voices of the 'No' voters, who outnumbered the 'Yes' voters at last Saturday's #referendum.


#Auspol #Qldpol #Coalition

Shane Howard of "Solid Rock" fame is returning his OAM in response to the #Voice affirmation by racist Australia that there is no place in this cuntry for a fair go for Blackfellas.

Mojo ♻️
2 months ago

#NewZealand is looking across the ditch to #Australia and I think many at least Pakeha New Zealanders [New Zealanders of European descent] are probably puzzled that what is in their eyes such a modest proposal is struggling to win sufficient votes.
From 1867, #maori people were granted seats in parliament and electorates where only Māori people could contest and vote.
#voice #VoicetoParliament #racism#boganNation #penalcolony

Australian Men's #Cricket is now at the bottom of the #CricketWorldCup table. Can't help but feel that a country that votes against ensuring its indigenous people have a #Voice in Parliament deserves some kind of international censure, even if the two are probably unrelated.

Liam :fnord:
2 months ago

A week of ‘shut the fuck up’ is a necessary, indeed heroic, request, and should be the base line of good manners



A Week of Silence for the Voice

This statement comes from Rachel Perkins, respected Arrernte & Kalkadoon woman, and co-chair of Yes23.

#AusPol #VoiceToParliament #Yes23 #VoteYes #Referendum2023 #IndigenousVoiceToParliament #FirstNations #Voice #VoteYesAustralia


A Week of Silence for the Voice

Recognition in the constitution of the descendants of the original and continuing owners of Australia would have been a great advance for Australians. Alas, the majority have rejected it.

This is a bitter irony. That people who have only been on this continent for 235 years would refuse to recognise those whose home this land has been for 60,000 and more years is beyond reason. It was never in the gift of these newcomers to refuse recognition to the true owners of Australia. The referendum was a chance for newcomers to show a long-refused grace and gratitude and to acknowledge that the brutal dispossession of our people underwrote their every advantage in this country.

For more than six years, we have explained to our nation why the Voice was our great hope to achieve real change for our families and communities.
To the Australians who supported us in this vote - we thank you sincerely. You comprise many millions of Australians of love and goodwill. We know you wanted a better future for Australia, and to put the colonial past behind us by choosing belated recognition and justice.

We thank the Prime Minister and his government for having the conviction to take this referendum to the Australian people at our request. We thank him for his advocacy and all parliamentarians who did the same, including members of the Teals, Greens, Nationals and independents who stood by us. We pay particular respect to the Liberal parliamentarians who bravely advocated for the voice.

We also thank our fellow Australians from all sectors of the community, including multicultural, faith, professional, business, creative and sporting organisations. To the hundreds of thousands who took to the streets, knocked on doors and made over a million phone calls, thank you for your love and support.
Our deep chagrin at this result does not in any way diminish our pride and gratefulness for the stand they had the moral courage to take in this cause now lost. We know we have them by our side in the ongoing cause for justice and fairness in our own land.

Now is not the time to dissect the reasons for this tragic outcome. This will be done in the weeks, years and decades to come. Now is the time for silence, to mourn and deeply consider the consequence of this outcome.

Much will be asked about the role of racism and prejudice against Indigenous people in this result. The only thing we ask is that each and every Australian who voted in this election reflect hard on this question.

To our people we say: do not shed tears. This rejection was never for others to issue. The truth is that rejection was always ours to determine. The truth is that we offered this recognition and it has been refused. We now know where we stand in this our own country. Always was. Always will be.
We will not rest long. Pack up the Uluru Statement from the Heart. Fly our flags low. Talk not of recognition and reconciliation. Only of justice and the rights of our people in our own country. Things that no one else can gift us, but to which we are entitled by fact that this is the country of our birth and inheritance.

Re-gather our strength and resolve, and when we determine a new direction for justice and our rights, let us once again unite. Let us convene in due course to carefully consider our path forward.

We are calling A Week of Silence from tonight (Saturday 14th October) to grieve this outcome and reflect on its meaning and significance. We will not be commenting further on the result at this time.

We will be lowering our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander flags to half-mast for the week of silence to acknowledge this result. We ask others to do the same.

14 October 2023
2 months ago


There's been a lot of hard news in recent days. Sometimes it can seem like our community, and our world, isn't a safe or respectful place. That can take a toll on your mental wellbeing.

Self-care is important during challenging times. Eating well, getting enough sleep, and being physically active - especially out in our beautiful natural environment - are all helpful.

#MentalHealth #auspol #Voice #yes23

Kriszta Satori
2 months ago

A majority of Australians have rejected the #Voice referendum, with a majority of people in all of the six states voting No

The Voice sought to establish an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander body to advise the government on the issues affecting their communities. As well as creating an advisory body, the amendment sought to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as Australia’s First Peoples in its constitution.

2 months ago

Sometimes it feels really good to be out of Australia #Voice

BBC News
2 months ago

Good afternoon. It's 12PM, Saturday, 14th October. The headlines: The UN states it's impossible for Palestinians to comply with #Israel's evacuation order, leading to a mass exodus in #Gaza. Continued Israeli air strikes have resulted in significant casualties, including a senior Hamas military commander. Antisemitic incidents are on the #rise in the #UK. Australians have rejected the historic Indigenous #Voice #referendum. The US and Qatar are collaborating to release hostages. #BBC #News

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2 months ago

Marcia Langton: ‘Whatever the outcome, reconciliation is dead’

"As the late Patrick Wolfe phrased it, “settler colonizers come to stay: invasion is a structure not an event.” Settler colonialism as a “structure not an event” captures the idea that settler colonial invasion of Indigenous lands should not be contained as a phenomenon of the past, but rather is continually reproduced throughout the history and present of settler societies..."

Australians reject Indigenous recognition via Voice to Parliament, referendum set for defeat

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non-indigenous #Australia, a plea:

We have the opportunity to make a very small step towards reckoning with our murderous, thieving past that has caused so many wrongs, so much misery. It's a tiny step in the right direction.

If, instead, we pull the rug out and say we can't even make this tiny step, I really don't know that there is a way forward. It makes me so sad that it looks like the hand of friendship and reconcilliation that is being proffered looks like being slapped away.

If you don't know, there are easy solutions. Ask me. Search the Internet. Do "your own research". The Uluru Statement isn't even a whole A4 page of text: please read it!

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Yes or No, history won’t go away

In August, Henry Reynolds described the much used teaching text, Australia: A Social & Political History.

It contained nothing about First Nations peoples.

Of this "great Australian silence", W.E.H. Stanner said: “Inattention on such a scale cannot possibly be explained by absent-mindedness” but must be structural, like “a view from a window which has been carefully placed to exclude a whole quadrant of the landscape".

#AusPol #Voice

Using my one small voice in the hope that it gives power to the Voice.

#AusPol #VoiceToParliament
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A voting ballot paper.
In the top left corner of the paper is the Commonwealth Coat of Arms, a shield held by a kangaroo and an emu. In the top right corner a a circle that says "OFFICIAL USE ONLY" and it's been initialled by an AEC official. At the bottom of the paper is the AEC logo.
Next to the yes/no question is a rectangle, and the word "YES" is written in pencil.

The ballot paper reads:

Commonwealth of Australia

Referendum on proposed Constitution alteration

Write “YES” or “NO” in the space provided opposite the question set out below.

To alter the Constitution to recognise the First Peoples of Australia by establishing an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice.

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2 months ago

Translate voice audio, including YouTube videos, to AI-generated voice audio in a different language.

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2 months ago

Did the thing #yes #voice #referendum

My ballot paper and my YES vote in the box

With just a week to go before #Australia can be given a score for our national racism quotient, which cannot be denied by the millions who use the expression "I'm not #racist but...", the Saturday Paper have opened their paywall on all #voice related issues.. Enjoy finding out about some of the business elites funding the #no campaign.

Garth Coghlan
2 months ago

1/2 The last time I got totally shit-faced was when Kevin Rudd's Labor won the 2007 election. The totality of my politically aware life had been in the shadow of John Howard's interminable and cruelly conservative reign. Kevin '07 promised a new dawn so I got very (vewy) drunk. But my hopes were immediately dashed. Before he'd even finished his acceptance speech I'd written him off. Australia needed to re-find its heart but I couldn't see this emotionless robotic man showing the way. I leaped (lurched) onto my bike and cruised (wobbled) my way through Canberra's urban bushland to another election party, muttering all the way "Where is it? Where is the love? There is no love!"

I was right. Before his term was out, Rudd had lost his prime ministership because he was a heartless egomaniac who didn't follow through on his righteous moral proclamations. There was one exception though: the Apology to the Stolen Generations. What a humbling and vulnerable moment of contrition, of historic importance. Does Australia regret that act of love?

A great constitutional lawyer once said "It's the vibe."Though glib, there's some truth to that: the constitution is where our principles are laid out, not where the persnickitty detail is specified. That is left to legislation which Parliament can wrangle and refine over the years to come. So what vibe do you want our constitution to have? This foundational document that underlies our society? When I ask "Where is the love?", I want to find some of it in our constitution, because I want to live in a community based on love, generosity and acceptance.

#Yes #Yes23 #AusPol #Voice #Referendum #Referendum2023

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For that day that's in it .. my vocal cover of Five Finger Death Punch's Little Bit Off! #cover #song #singing #voice #EroticAdventuresOfHercules (May contain some swearing)

The Saturday paper's piece by Rick Morton on No voters in the #Voice referendum is pretty damn revealing. This quote, in particular, reveals the absolute fucking white fragility of it all:

“It’s particularly objectionable to white men, who already feel like they are not getting a say,” a person familiar with the research says. “There is this separate piece of work which shows that there is the same percentage, a group, largely men, largely white, old and young, who is like, ‘Oh you can’t say what you think anymore.’ So they are already feeling ‘Where is my voice?’ There is a lot of that.”

Like, are you *fucking* kidding me!?

Axel Bruns
2 months ago

Important reporting from ABC News, with @timothyjgraham and @yoyoel, about the abundant #Voice disinformation on Xitter.

Matthew Rimmer
2 months ago

With two weeks to go until the Voice referendum, Justice Dixon made his views clear during his farewell ceremony at the Supreme Court in Melbourne.

He said Indigenous people in Australia should be entitled to "constitutional recognition, to the truth, and to treaties".

"I think it is shameful that there is conflict and doubt over whether this will be achieved," he said on Wednesday evening.

"We ought to work together to resolve any uncertainty or disagreement on specifics, as our brothers and sisters across the ditch have done," he said, referring to New Zealand which provides recognition for the Indigenous Māori people.

"In truth, there is a root of collective shame in our racist past and the perpetuation and encouragement of racist attitudes by the empty vessels making the most noise.

"I want to believe that over the next few weeks, Australia will find the empathy, the grace and the fair go that ought to define our national character." #auslaw #auspol #voice #IndigenousIP #Yes23

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@carnage4life Looking forward to buying a batch of leaked #voice #IDs, enabling me to impersonate people.

Just kidding. Spotify's servers are the most secure in the world, and they'll never be hacked.

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Good morning everyone! Here's my latest #Connections #Introduction #Introductions #TwitterMigration post, where I curate interesting accounts for you to follow from across the #Fediverse :fediverse:

@maryrobinette is a #writer #author, and I am listening to her incredible #LadyAstronaut series at the moment. If you love #SciFi (esp hard scifi) you should read it, too! 🇺🇸

@sayashk is a #ComputerScience #PhD candidate at #Princeton, who is researching failures in #ML (he's also co-running a workshop on open #FoundationModels in about 15 hours, see my previous posts for more info) 🇺🇸

@michcampbell is Dr Micha Campbell and she is a #PalaeoClimate #PostDoc living on #Dharawal country 🇦🇺

@mthv is a #Research #Engineer who works in #GIS at #CNRS 🇫🇷

@astrolori is Lori and she is into #OpenSource, #fashion, #space and #tech #WomenInSTEM 🇨🇦

@pandas_dev is the official account for #pandas, the #Python #DataAnalysis tool 🐍 📊

@jessie is a lover of #languages and helps run #CommonVoice, @mozilla 's open #voice #data set, which now supports over 100 languages. She also teaches #WebDev and loves #hiking. She's awesome you should follow her 🇬🇧

That's all for now, please do share your own lists so we can create deeper connections, and a tightly-connected community here

I'm reminded here of @maryrobinette's short story - "Red Rockets" - "She built something better than fireworks. She built community."

#adhd takes on #voice #ux #design

** input works great! **

I like saying "set a 10 minute timer", "remind me at noon on Tuesday" or "play Song X" because I can do it NOW without have to fumble through my phone or clean my hands if I'm cooking

** output does not work well **

Alexa, what's the weather?

Today's forecast is *already stopped listening*

Ugh. ALEXA. What's the weather?

Today's fore*gone*

A L E X A what is the high temperature today?


That's all I need!