Wikimedia UK
2 days ago

We had an extraordinary UK Community Meeting in late November, featuring talks from across our community of volunteers and partners. We had an opportunities fair so you can find out how to get involved, plus there were awards 🏆

Watch the recordings:

#wikipedia #community #volunteering #Wikidata #wikimedia

White text on a green background reading: 2023 Community Meeting videos and opportunity, overlaid on a collage of green toned Wikimedia Commons images, including a photo from the 2022 Community Festival of a group of people

#InternationalVolunteerDay 🤝

🗣️ If you feel you do not have time to volunteer, consider using your social media platform to raise awareness about a cause that interests you.

✅ Caring for our community takes a collective effort.

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Joe "Soulstice" Wynne
5 days ago

Our #volunteer team has completed this month's giveaway. Main focus today was on distributing winter clothes bought with a big corporate donation. Still had our usual toiletries, though.

We had brand new packs of thermal clothes, blankets and sleeping bags for the first time.

Most of us are introverts, but have a lot of fun when we are together. #Volunteering is a way to help keep #positivity in your life. It improves your #MentalHealth.


Volunteer posing comically behind the Atheists Helping the Homeless temporary street sign. In the background the last of our clients are getting toiletries, clothes and blankets.
Several volunteers help homeless select thermal underwear, clothes, thermal blankets and sleeping bags.
Joe "Soulstice" Wynne
5 days ago

Charlotte's Atheists Helping the Homeless team expects more than double the amount of clients than usual today. It’s been hard to get the word out, until we asked a nearby church to promote our giveaway of toiletries. They put our signs out in a hallway and that sent a huge number of clients to us.

A common objective binding that church and our group melted away differences. #Volunteer in your community to build bridges and solve problems.

#positivity #humanism

At storage unit loading up. Three volunteers and carts.
At the giveaway event. Urban street long line of people getting toiletries and winter clothes from a long line of tables. Volunteers on one side of table line helping.

Caring for our community takes a collective efforts.💫

🧤Tonight I am volunteering at the Malden Warming Ctr., a temporary night ctr for those that are homeless during the harshest winter months.

✔️Donate clothing + toiletries
✔️Meals + Fundraiser

Learn More/ Support 🔗

#homelessness #foodinsecurity #nonprofit #communitysupport #volunteer #mentalhealth #addiction #recovery #hope #volunteering

Kai Chang 張文愷
6 days ago

Here's the rough cut of the #VancouverFoodRunners video that I appeared in earlier this year, to try to help explain what the organization and volunteering with them is all about. #Vancouver #FoodInsecurity #FoodWaste #volunteering

6 days ago

I'm envious (even given the weather today) - it looks like a great place to be #volunteering

RT from FoBlythe Hill Fields (@blythe_hill)

Weather looking 🌞 for tomorrow's Meadow planting day!
Join us from 10am at #BlytheHill Fields to help plant some beautiful trees, shrubs and wildflowers. 🌺 Everyone welcome, but make sure to wrap up warm.
#SE4 #SE6 #SE23 #Lewisham #Volunteering ⁦@savebutterflies⁩

Original tweet:

Joe "Soulstice" Wynne
6 days ago

Good #volunteering news. The leader of Charlotte's Atheists Helping the Homeless group submitted a request for donation to his employer and got $5000! Our biggest donation ever.

As it was just before cold weather set in, we purchased a bunch of sleeping bags and thermal blankets. Our clients could not have been happier.

Do yourself a favor and #volunteer in your community. Leave the doom scroll and do good for people who really need it. You’ll get some hope back.

#positivity #humanism

Long line of white tables with toiletries displayed for a giveaway to unhoused. People on both sides of tables. One side has volunteers, the other, homeless.
Box full of rolled-up thermal blankets, blue, red and black.
1 week ago

‘A biodiversity catastrophe’: how the world could look in 2050 – unless we act now

Some days it is very difficult to remain optimistic, to suppress deep cynicism, to believe that change is possible. The scale of the task ahead is bewildering.

Today I went to Wiltshire Wildlife Trust’s annual volunteer celebration. Now that brings joy & hope. Truly inspiring stories of progress, powered by volunteers who care and act. One task at a time.

#WildlifeTrusts #volunteering

Otis White
1 week ago

#Volunteering is good for you and good for your community. But how do you get started? This article has some tips. Here’s another: Instead of looking at community needs and trying to figure out how you can help, do the opposite. Start with what you’re good at … and ask which community needs a person with these talents could best help with. #volunteers

#Volunteering at the food shelf in Burlington #Vermont I acquired some faulty cucumbers that couldn't be distributed, so I improvised some fridge pickles that turned out yummy. Cider vinegar, maple syrup, dry minced garlic, and smoked sea salt. You will not be disappointed. #Cooking

Maple syrup, smoked sea salt, dry minced garlic, cider vinegar, and a quart jar of pickles
Three broken English cucumbers
Shingo Mouse 🌳
1 week ago

#Volunteering #Volunteers #VirtualMeetings Volunteer Opportunities, Events, and Petitions Near Me · The Democratic National Committee on Mobilize

1 week ago

Today is #GivingTuesday

Are you searching for posts related to these topics?

#youthdevelopment, #workforcedevelopment #povertyreduction #education #volunteering #philanthropy #youthmentoring #servicelearning

I saw many on the Bird site.

Eugene McParland 🇺🇦
2 weeks ago

Volunteering Ukraine 💙💛

Volunteering Ukraine is an information portal about volunteering in Ukraine, which aims to ignite change, improve lives, and create a better tomorrow for Ukraine.

Visit Volunteering Ukraine for more information🔗

#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #SlavaUkraine #RussiaIsATerroristState
#СлаваУкраїні! #StandWithUkraine #SlavaUkraini #Volunteering

Fedi.Video 🎅
2 weeks ago

A new account has just joined PeerTube, it's a podcast series about community volunteers who use technology in their volunteering:

➡️ @genebean

As it's brand new you may not be able to see the uploads from your server yet, but you can browse them all at:


#Volunteering #Volunteers #Community #Communities #CommunityVolunteers #Tech #Technology #Podcasts

3 weeks ago

This morning was the monthly volunteer gathering to continue to remove invasive honeysuckle, buckthorn, and box elder from one of the few remaining fens in Illinois. My youngest and I had a wonderful time. It was 35° F and sunny when we started, so basically near perfect for cutting and hauling brush and trees. We had a number of new people join us which made for great progress in our work area. #conservation #Illinois #restoration #volunteering

3 weeks ago

The Journal of Citizen Science: Theory and Practice (CSTP) are looking for reviewers! And not just academics: 'If you dedicate time and energy to the participatory sciences, we need your perspective and expertise as a CSTP reviewer'

#CitizenScience #CitizenHistory #crowdsourcing #volunteering

Free software supporters in the New England area: Would you like to support the FSF's work, while meeting other free software supporters, chatting, laughing, and enjoying complimentary food together? If so, read on: #FreeSoftware #GNUPress #Volunteering

Katie Steckles
3 weeks ago

Finally found time to type up my list of favourite things from last weekend's #mathsjam @BigMathsJam:

- Everything running to time
- Andrew's joke:
- Scroggs' reaction when we called him over to see @virtuosew's kumihimo braiding setup:
- The sealed box
- @WoollyBenguin's amazing talk
- "A dalek is maths because it has domes", from @TeaKayB's talk about maths in museums
- Me and @andrewt collecting drawing hacks (post on @aperiodical soon), and characterizing one of them as "Draw a closed loop; draw the rest of the fucking owl" (see:
- Lovely physical demos from Hugh Hunt (π in collisions, live from the engineering lab at Cambridge) Jørn from (using a micro:bit to train an audio recognition model, live) and @supersciencegrl (physical models of molecules that shouldn't exist)
- How much people just joined in with things: taking part in table activities, baking stuff, and bringing stuff for the tables at the back
- Playing the world's worst game of darts with James Grime, which we eventually gave up as a draw
- People #volunteering and learning how to do stuff quickly, which made everything so much easier
- People asking me questions, many of which were "have you seen this cool thing?"
- The sheer unbridled joy of the #MathsJamJam
- Doing the local #ParkRun with a bunch of cool people, and it being such a lovely course with nice sculptures and a forest and a lake
- @gavan's great t-shirt that said "Rage Against The Machine Learning"
- Loads of people buying books off me and getting them signed 📚👍🏻🖊️
- Andrew's awesome sketch notes:

3 weeks ago

When I scroll through the 3 Mastodon sites where I have accounts, I look for posts that focus on these issues: #youthdevelopment, #workforcedevelopment #povertyreduction #education #volunteering #philanthropy #youthmentoring #servicelearning

I'm also looking for people who use visuals, like #maps & #conceptmaps to show where kids and families in high poverty areas need help, along w all the different types of help that are needed, over-and-over for many years.

I don't find much.

3 weeks ago

When I scroll through the 3 Mastodon sites where I have accounts, I look for posts that focus on these issues: #youthdevelopment, #workforcedevelopment #povertyreduction #education #volunteering #philanthropy #youthmentoring #servicelearning

I'm also looking for people who use visuals, like #maps & #conceptmaps to show where kids and families in high poverty areas need help, along w all the different types of help that are needed, over-and-over for many years.

I don't find much.

A beautiful haul of rejects from the Hinesburg food shelf today. Two mystery cans with no labels, a too-dented can of baked beans, a box of cereal with a small rip in the bag, two loaves of expired bread, half a box of penne pasta. I just hope the mystery cans aren't more Chef Boyardee Ravioli because that stuff is rubbish. I expected a miracle of food science like Doritos but it's just horrible pasta compost. If I don't eat this stuff, it goes to a pig farm. Sorry pigs! #Vermont #Volunteering

Two unlabelled food cans, a dented can of baked beans, a ripped-up box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.
1 month ago

If anyone knows someone interested in doing a bit of volunteering (about 5h/week) benefiting open source and humanitarian aid, please let them know about this and send them my way

Note: If you’re autistic/AuDHD and this seems interesting to you, I would like to especially encourage you to get in touch because I would probably love to work with someone who pays attention to detail and is well-organised. You should, of course, also be excited about open source and working with developers, designers, etc. and you should be good at communicating (both about the actual work and your needs).

Timezones near CET preferred!

Please feel free to boost this!

#OpenSource #OpenSourceExplorers #volunteering #volunteer #humanitarianAid #AuDHD #actuallyAutistic

1 month ago

Do you know of Mastodon sites where most of the posts focus on these issues? #youthdevelopment, #workforcedevelopment #povertyreduction #education #volunteering #philanthropy #capacitybuilding #servicelearning

On such a site people would be using visuals, like #maps & #conceptmaps to show where kids and families need help, along with all the different types of help that are needed, over-and-over for many years?

If you know people who focus on these issues please share my account w them.

1 month ago

Volunteers are key to a conference's success because they help make the attendees' experience much more memorable! Say hello to ALL of our fantastic 2023 #RubyConf Volunteers! We couldn't have done this without them.

Say 👋 hello!

#volunteering #rubyfriends

Joe "Soulstice" Wynne
1 month ago

Recently I learned the term "book desert", helping Promising Pages, an organization that brings free books to children who don't have access to them. The representative from the charity showed us a map illustrating the large area (red) where books are rare in homes. More in Alt text.

Our job was to clean/repair gently-used books. Simple!

Find a similar charity and share your love of books, making your #volunteering more fun. And you easily meet like-minded people!


Representative from Promising Pages charity shows large municipal area in red where books are rare in homes. This data was from a formal study completed by another specialized non-profit.

Web site is
Doktor Lond
1 month ago

Call for volunteers!
I'm in the tech team of a wonderful little dub and roots internet radio station:
We run self hosted on open source tech. And we really need some more people in the tech team. Please contact me if you are interested.
It's a very small community of enthusiasts. Spanning both dj's and regular listeners.
Skills we need is linux, apache, hosting, web techs and stuff like that. We have a video chatroom based on Jitsi. We run the radio stream on liquid soap.
Please spread!
#OpenSource #Linux #liquidsoap #Apache #Volunteering #Jitsi #JitsiMeet #css #RootsAndCulture #Reggae #Dub

David Wakeham
1 month ago

Caring for a fledgling orphaned crow today. Was making so much noise one of the other nurses complained.

What do you expect from an attempted murder though?

Which is a great segue to convince you to read my latest pinned thread on the Diffusion of Responsibility.


Solarpunk Presents Podcast
1 month ago

Our newest blog post, "Climate Change is a Menta lHealth Issue (and part of a solarpunk present....)" is live! Ariel writes about the imperative for journalists / essayist to acknowledge that published articles on climate change should include a list of resources (like articles on mental health) for readers to act on after reading.

It has been proven time and again that #action is what helps many humans mitigate climate despair and eco-anxiety, and Ariel argues that we have a duty of care to provide those tools to people.

What do you do to mitigate your own negative #climate emotions? Let us know in the comments.

@arielkroon #hopepunk #climateanxiety #activism #volunteering #duty #journalism #ClimateJournalism
#solarpunk #solarpunkPresents #climateChange climate #climateGrief #climateAnxietyv#ecoGrief #ecoAnxiety #mentalHealth #journalism #volunteering #activism

Green Shores
1 month ago

Regular volunteer Mike made it along to the volunteer session at the poly tunnel today, despite the driech weather. We got more grass plants potted on and some seeds sown to overwinter in the poly tunnel.
#Volunteering #HabitatRestoration #Saltmarsh #NatureRestorationFund

smiling person wearing a blue hat, blue jumper and gardening gloves holding a pot of newly planted grass. They are in a poly tunnel, with more grass plants behind them.

Justserve volunteer fair brings together various communities in Regina - Regina | Globalnews #VolunteerFair #Volunteering #Regina #Volunteer #skpoli @cdnpoli

2 months ago

A dedicated group of volunteers are picking fruit no longer economically viable to sell in Perthshire to be distributed to those in need. There are obviously problems in this article - farmers should be supported to make their food economically viable over cheap imports, for example. But still, food waste is a huge issue and this volunteer work makes a huge difference.

#GoodNews #Farming #Food #Waste #Fruit #Volunteering

2 months ago


If anyone is in the Ann Arbor area, Food Gatherers is a fantastic charity that will make the most of your cash or food donation.

They also have many opportunities to volunteer like in the warehouse or kitchen, so if you want to feel more connected to your charitable donation that's an option.

#Charity #FoodBanks #FoodDrives #Volunteering #FoodSecurity #Poverty

Flipboard Science Desk
2 months ago

Since the late 1990s, Friends of the Elephant Seal, a nonprofit based in Piedras Blancas, California, has been educating the public about how to coexist with these enormous marine mammals. Their work has been instrumental in bringing the seals back from near-extinction. Smithsonian Magazine talked to volunteers and experts about what they do and why they do it.

#Nature #Science #Ecology #ElephantSeals #Volunteering

2 months ago

A bit of a professional gripe, but if you're a business looking to find volunteering opportunities for your employees, expect to pay for it.

It seems counterintuitive to have to pay to volunteer, but you're paying for training, planning, preparation time, expert skills, resources, first aid cover, etc.

You'd pay for any other team building experience day, or marketing opportunity.

Don't kid yourself that you're doing a charity a favour just by showing up.


Joe "Soulstice" Wynne
2 months ago

Tiny tots. They are serious and get great support from the crowd.

#PowWow Intertribal Dance

Kids up to age 5 in colorful native costumes or street dress dance seriously but flamboyantly.
Joe "Soulstice" Wynne
2 months ago

Still here.

#PowWow Intertribal Dance

I don't have the words to do this justice and have to type fast. A group of local natives in an "intertribal dance". Age range from toddler to grandma holding grandchild. Color range is wide. Bright to earth tones. Drummers under tent in background. Actively dancing.

🙏🏽Thinking of all of my Ukrainian friends, volunteers I met from around the world, and soldiers on the front lines🇺🇦

🌎The World Stands In Solidarity With Ukraine🕊️

#ukraine #kherson #Poland #kyiv #lviv #Ukrainian #UkraineWillWin #cats #photography #volunteering #Boston

Joe "Soulstice" Wynne
2 months ago

The big circle is coming together. This Pow Wow is by the Metrolina Native American Association. Volunteers for two global rival companies based in CLT, one of which is mine, coordinate happily here. All good #SaturdayVibes.

But there will be competition! Thousands of dollars up for grabs in drumming and dance competitions.

Pow Wows happen all over and you can attend. It's as simple as going to Not even kidding.


A green field with a bench in the foreground and others in the distance forming a large circle. There are also portable stands for viewers to sit. Beyond the circle are vendor tents.
Joe "Soulstice" Wynne
2 months ago

Live tooting from a Native American Pow Wow this morning. A band of showers and wind from a trop storm or hurricane is delaying our setting up but we will not be denied.

BTW when I post about my various volunteer activities, please don't think it is self-promotion. I am promoting volunteering to you as a means of being more happy and an active advocate for those to whom you are an ally.


Old guy selfie with vendor tents being set up in background in a field. Sky is grey.
3 months ago

I'm on a bus somewhere in the #Lviv Oblast, heading for the polish border. It's been one hell of a week. 13 cars were delivered to the army this time. Tomorrow my desk job is waiting for me. Feels unreal right now.

#ukraine #volunteering #SlavaUkraini

L'viv train station
Bus heading to the Ukranian/Polish border

Another influx is coming, and this one could dwarf every other #TwitterMigration influx before it, if #Twitter / #X actually starts charging money to post.

This could be an all hands on deck situation, where server admins need to make difficult decisions to keep the network stable.

If you are planning on giving money to your server fund, don't wait: your admins may need to make decisions about expanding infrastructure before the influx hits.

If you are planning on #volunteering, put your application in now: your admins may be in a scramble very soon, or may want to bring people on right now to have extra staff ready when they need it.

If you are planning on making your own #Mastodon / #Fediverse server, figure that situation out now so you're not in a scramble when the influx hits, especially if you can get it up and established before then.

Remember, Fedi is a community and a movement: you can get involved!

3 months ago

#ColmanDomingo 's #TIFF acceptance #speech

He begins by saying he started out as a #clown, and was "taught to keep the heart of a clown, and to always lead with the heart of a clown - which is vulnerable, open, willing to make mistakes, willing to try & fail & try again", he talks about #volunteering and ends with "I hope we can remember to be in #service to one another."

Have you ever wanted to contribute to open-source but haven't known where to start? We're always looking for new volunteers across all disciplines - software engineering, web development, accessibility, QA, product design, UX and technical writing, user research, marketing, social media... or any other role interested in helping our non-profit!

#opensource #nonprofit #volunteering #foss #design #ux #research #engineering #webdev #accessibility

3 months ago

The Prison Library Support Network is in need of volunteers for their Referency by Mail program. Consider attending a training and helping out.

"an organizing experiment fumbling towards an understanding of how to organize mutual aid projects focused on sharing information resources in solidarity with people inside the abolitionist movement."

#justice #reference #volunteering

About the project:
How to volunteer information:

Auschwitz Memorial
3 months ago

Volunteer Academy 2023 - online project of the Auschwitz Memorial - call for participants

🗓️ 13 Oct - 23 Nov

We invite everyone interested in the history of Auschwitz & volunteering at our Archives. All meetings will be conducted online & in English.

Registration & details:,1639.html

#Auschwitz #education #volunteering #memory #CfP

A prisoner personal card of Jeno Hoffmann from Buchenwald camp.

🗣️Dyakuyu (Thank you in Ukrainian) for your support💙💛

✈️ I am on my way to volunteer in Kherson, Ukraine🇺🇦 and met some Dorchester natives at the airport!🍔💪🏾

I am joining a group of charitable organizations/team of volunteers that survived the occupation⛑️ and combined their efforts to help the population of Kherson and Kherson region🕊️

📣Their name is “Spravzhni Ukraine”.

📦 Unlike my previous trips …

#Ukraine #kherson #Kyiv #volunteering #photography #democracy #SlavaUkraïni #Boston

Joe "Soulstice" Wynne
5 months ago

It was hot this morning at our Atheists Helping the Homeless giveaway of toiletries and clothes.

We are able to talk to most of our clients and they explain how much what we do helps. We all left with a feeling that we did something useful for people who needed it.

We could have helped more people, but current policies force them to scatter and hide. We are looking for ways to cover a larger area.

More detail in alt text.

#volunteering #CharityWorker

Gray-bearded guy with line of white tables directly behind him with boxes and bins of various toiletries and related items: for example, 3 in 1 shower products, toothbrush/toothpaste, anti-perspirant, masks, toilet paper, shaving products, feminine products, bug repellent, water, food bars. 

Beyond the tables are boxes of clothes. On the left are homeless clients with bags taking what they need. On the right are members of Atheists Helping the Homeless making sure everyone gets what they need.

# How to Advocate for Trans Rights in Your Community

#Transgender people face #discrimination in many areas of life, including #healthcare, #employment, and #housing.
* There are many ways to
#advocate for #trans #rights, including #donating to organizations that support transgender people, #writing to your elected officials, and #volunteering your time.
* It is important to
#educate yourself about transgender #issues and to #challenge #transphobia when you see it.
* You can also support transgender people by using their
#correct #pronouns and #names, and by being an #ally in their #fight for #equality.
* The article provides a list of
#organizations that #support transgender people, including the National Center for Transgender Equality, the Human Rights Campaign, and the Trans Lifeline.
* The article also provides tips on how to write to your elected officials, including providing them with information about transgender issues and urging them to support transgender rights.
The article concludes by saying that "the most important thing you can do is to be an ally to transgender people. This means being willing to listen to their experiences, to challenge transphobia, and to support them in their fight for equality."*

5 months ago

Hi Inkscapers!

The organizers of International Software Freedom Day (September 17 this year) are looking for someone to help with creating some assets for this year's event, using their logo & other graphics.

It's also their 20th anniversary!

It's not a difficult job, suitable for anyone (or multiple persons) with basic design skills & some enthusiasm for Software Freedom, Privacy, Inkscape, looking for a chance to build up their portfolio.


#volunteering #job

Valerie Norton
6 months ago
Snowy mountains topping a lot of tree covered slopes with a gash down the middle where a waterfall flows.
California groundcone closeup. A round lump of purple bracts and purple flowers in brown forest duff.
Two people hold either side of a long saw cutting through a 3+ foot log. Two others look on, one about to drive in the three colorful wedges that stick out of the top of the cut.
Distant mountains. Lower ones, so no snow on top. Down low, through a break in the trees, the small community of Grasshopper Flat is seen.
Sumana Harihareswara
7 months ago

At #PyConUS2023, @davidism facilitated an open space discussion of "maintainer #burnout, how to survive it, and maybe how to prevent it." Our notes, my analysis, and useful links in a new blog post:

#PyCon #PyConUS #PyCon2023 #FLOSS #opensource #freesoftware #sustainability #maintainer #maintainers #leadership #volunteering

Purple card pinned to a board.

Maintainer burnout
Strategies for surviving and preventing
David Lord @davidism

I think Shanelle Webb, of the Soul Shack, a Black & youth-led social enterprise in Lambeth, speaks for many of us:

“The fact the coronation is costing so much money is an issue: that makes its call for volunteers to work for free to help people struggling with the cost of living look like it’s not really about people: it’s just about making the coronation look good.”

Meanwhile #volunteering is in crisis.. the #costoflivingcrisis & precarious #work are taking their toll

8 months ago

(Chicago!) Come to the iNaturalist Identification/Social at Metropolitan Brewing on May 2nd at 6PM, hosted by Illinois Science Council for the #CityNatureChallenge

No expertise required - if you know "plant" vs "bird" you can be helpful! Laptop recommended.


#CommunityScience #CitizenScience #iNaturalist #Biodiversity #Nature #Chicago #Chicagoland #Illinois #Volunteering #Beer

iNaturalist Identification/Social at Metropolitan Brewing
Tuesday, May 2nd from 6PM-8PM - bring a laptop/device

if you know "plant" vs. "bird", you can be helpful!

City Nature Challenge Chicagoland Region
Hosted by Illinosi Science Council, powered by iNaturalist

Image of a magnifying glass looking at the logo, a stylized green bird. Purple background of map pinpoints, iNaturalist observations in Chicago.
Thomas Wouters
8 months ago

I can't believe #PyConUS 2023 is *next week*! I have a packed agenda (as usual) and I'll be so glad when it's Monday and I can just hang out at the sprints... but before then, I'll be volunteering.

My favourite part of PyCon US is always the green room. It's relatively calm and quiet and you end up helping stressed out speakers give their best possible performance!

#Python #conference #volunteering

Geoff Hing
9 months ago

I report on the #CriminalLegalSystem, but before I was a journalist, much of what I learned about #incarceration was through #volunteering at a #prison #book program. A lot of the barriers getting books to incarcerated people that volunteers saw are reflected in this reporting:

Karen E. Lund 💙💛
10 months ago

Another photo from yesterday's volunteering. This is one of the projects we were working on, separating clumps of Sedge and putting individual plants into flats.

#WildflowerHourNYC #Volunteering #NYCparks

Karen E. Lund 💙💛
10 months ago

I spent my Valentine's Day volunteering with the New York City Parks Department at their Native Plant Center. We did some wild seed cleaning and separated clumps of Sedge into small plants in flats for planting in Spring.

#PlantLove 💚

#ValentinesDay #NYCparks #Volunteering

A dark gray plastic flat mostly filled with small Sedge plants ready for planting.
Dried brown plant matter, flowers and leaves, about to be crushed, sifted, and have the seeds separated out for storage or distribution to local parks.

If you are #studying #news #journalism, or are just interested in taking part, a zero cost way of getting a bit of hands-on experience is by #volunteering with #BroadcastingScotland

I would also like to encourage those who find themselves under-represented / minorities to consider bringing your perspectives here. You make Scotland too. (official) (bot) #Scotland

10 months ago

If you have a mental condition that makes you unfit to have a job, I can really recommend taking on volunteering work.
If you are fit enough to do that ofcourse!

Duw to my mental condition I have not had a proper job since 2019.

I now voluntarily vist clients that are hospitalized due to their mental condition. Often they are very isolated and very happy to just chat for a bit.

For me its is very rewarding and fulfilling.

#mentalhealth #depression #bipolar #volunteering

Kurt Wagner
10 months ago

I volunteer at the library as a Digital Helper for 2 hours every week. A lady came by yesterday looking for me. I did a simple job for her setting up her iPad for eBooks, audiobooks, emagazines & newspapers 6 months ago. Apparent that was her first trip out of the house after a major brain surgery. She said our setup encouraged her to reengage with life again! It goes to say how our every little act often affect some lives profoundly. It didn't hit me til now. #libraries #volunteering