10 hours ago

What happens when two sea monsters, 40 million years apart meet?


Rough Sketch for MiloMeow.

#furryart #aptophilia #ammysart #vore

A large prehistoric whale has consumed a relatively small marine reptile. The purple stomach walls have forced the reptile into a curled up ball. The whale is pleased.
16 hours ago

Vacuum bogleeches! An adaptation of the bogleech created by @Tacokurt where they have the power to suck out a target's energy from a distance, usually through their paws while they hang on.
#sugophilia #vore #vacuumvore

Two rabbits in jumpsuits, a blue and red jumpsuit, discover a fat leech in the woods that notices them and begins inhalling, starting to pull the red jumpsuited rabbit into the air
Both rabbits are now in a chain, the red suited one hanging onto the blue's paws, but the blue one finds he can't hang on and loses grip, now he's hanging onto the red one's
The rabbits are sucked into a giant puffy maw of the leech, but another approaches and kisses the other. One leech gets the blue suited rabbit while the other gets the red suited one, and a third leech frowns in the distance
Vulpes vulgaris
19 hours ago

Make sure you celebrate #snaketember the right way... inside a giant snake, as we see Sen doing here. Against his will. That's the spirit!

#vore #furry #furryart #art #nsfw

A male anthro fox is caught by a giant black snake, which is slithering between his legs as he looks on in surprise
A male anthro fox is seen from above, watching helplessly as a giant black snake begins to swallow his legs
A male anthro fox is seen from below, looking up a snake's throat as he slides all the way in, with the outside visible between the snake's jaws
A male anthro fox is struggling inside a giant black snake, soaked in saliva and ejaculating because of course he is
19 hours ago

You've been doomscrolling too long, either you climb in me and get your phone back, or go touch grass

Render by @Kiwi_Dox
#vore #vorepred #object_vore #objectvore

My purple stomach, an iphone sliding in fron the top sphincter, screen turned on
23 hours ago

Bastiel's beach bod, how do you rate it? Colored Sketch for BBastiel.

#vore #furryart #ammysart #aptophilia

A black anthropomorphic snake with a white belly has their back turned to the viewer. Their belly is swollen and making noises, while they wiggle their tail. They are saying to the viewer: "I like to think that my belly improves my beach bod, what do you think?"
1 day ago

A commission for Xander of his human dusting a magical box, which mysteriously closes on him, rattles around, then reveals Wolf Xander, however human Xander seems to have just been vored up inside his balls.

#vore #cockvore #pouchvore #balls #male #maleonly #maleprey #worlfpred #malepred #humanprey #magic #magicshow #funhouse #funhouse #funhouseoffrights #gay #sfw #mm

KazanNeko :vorified:
1 day ago

Y'all, we love preds who are able to hide us inside of their stomach without anyone noticing, even when we're at our maximum height.


:velvetahegao: Vorepone
1 day ago

#nsfw #mlp #pony #vore #art by CryoWolf9:

#busty_pinkie_pie #vore #earth_pony #intersex #cryowolf9 #pinkie_pred #futa_pinkie_pie #impossibly_large_penis #horsecock #thighs


Reach out to me via discord or twitter.

Discord: bluevoir

See more like this he...

Palki Xenno
2 days ago

How tempted are you to eat Palki Dragon, the dragon form #vore

Maven and Friends :vorified:
2 days ago

Dreams of Fire obeys all the rules. It's registered with an alcohol license, it has flawlessly honest tax returns, and it even signs all the death certificates! also operates as a legal exception, being a law in and of itself. Maybe because they know Tasha Progief, secretly "The Black One" of the Cult of Serra, would do it anyway if they didn't.

Here's a normal, everyday waiver. Wanna join?

#vore #furryart #bondage

A pantheress with a see-through top curls a finger temptingly, looking at the viewer. Behind her, a series of lewd displays play out with many nude participants. People in fully-encompassing bondage hang from a moving track on the ceiling. Cages contain remains and live folks. A bar with strategically placed openings for those sitting there to enjoy. Pole dancing platforms. Screens displaying identities of those being shipped into the backrooms and live feeds of those already there. Some publicly enjoying catches on the other couches. In front of the viewer is a Liability Release form and contract for participation as one of the many objectified here.
2 days ago

Have you considered...
Giant plants with thick puffy lips?

Giant green plant with big lips sucks in a pink wolf anthro between its lips with the impressions of hands and feet pushing out from its belly
Scarf The Plush Dragon
2 days ago

I love when I'm able to get the artist's character inside this belly of mine. Surely they can understand the merits of having a nice cozy spot to do their work in.

🎨 Grinda

#vore #plushvore #plush #dragon #voreart #endosoma

Blue plush dragon lounging and proping himself up with one arm while draping another over his belly. Belly is full with a few bulges.
Blue plush dragon lounging and proping himself up with one arm while draping another over his belly. Cutout of belly reveals an anthro goat and pillows inside the belly.
3 days ago

Some vorny posting from the other site!

#vore #fatfur #furryart

3 days ago

Okay this wasn't completely random, it's a variation on a dream I had while I was on my trip! Who knew having no privacy and being away from my tablet would result in MAXIMUM VORNY? #vore

3 days ago

Random vore thought:

A cleric that likes to live dangerously, slipping into the belly of a hungry party member and coasting along the edge of being fully digested with healing spells. The party might spend quite a bit on revive scrolls if they lose focus~


3 days ago

Help! It's very dark and smelly in here! >_<


🎨 by @Boroque

#fatfur #vore

Shadow Nightclaw
3 days ago

So, figured I'd do a quick poll for the heck of it. Should I be in my:

Pictures included below of each form~
#furry #vore #vorefurry

3 days ago

I think I deserve to eat some bunnies
You know
As a treat!
#vore #voreart #furry #furryart

3 days ago

Is donut-stuffed werewolf some kind of delicacy @Tolstoy? :3

🎨 by @Boroque

#fatfur #vore

Maven and Friends :vorified:
3 days ago

When you're in college for a business degree, sometimes you put off chores until the very last minute. Well, Deirdre's down to only one set of clothes, so it's Laundry Day!

Unfortunately, it's clothes her mother got her for one birthday. And her mom might be a tad bit...prey-brained.

Just one more example of the somewhat self-degrading upbringing Deirdre had. x3

#furryart #vore #furry

A pudgy cow girl stands awkwardly behind a washing machine. She bashfully tries to tug a too-small shirt down over her udder while covering the shirt's message. The front of the tee reads "I'm what's for dinner". Visible in a mirror behind her, the back reads "Don't worry, my Mom can make more". Her booty shorts have "BEEF" on the back and "A+" on the sides.
3 days ago

Biturth enjoying a good meaty lunch, with an extra nano-ingredient.

For @Equilius

#voreart #vore #mawshot

Outside, Biturth the Alligator happy while taking a swallow.

Inside, an inner view of Biturth's maw, chewing on a meaty meal and with a tiny panda bouncing off a tastebud, trapped in all the chaos.
4 days ago

The first part of the YCH with my Goodra, Peaches!

#vore #furryart #ammysart #aptophilia

A light pinkish-orangish Goodra called Peaches is indulging in a green otter. They swallow them head-first, then look at the viewer and ask: "Who's next?"
Mink of the End
4 days ago

Having fun sprawling across the quivering cosmos as it spirals into the oblivion of your fractal existence, altogether just a shimmering blip in a crease of a single vein somewhere in the overencompassing expanse.


#minkart #furry #furryart #hyperfur #hyper #astronomicalhyper #multi #multicock #shortstack #monster #shark #cockvore #vore #musk

Lewd cartoon drawing of a short, anthropomorphic shark monster creature sitting at the base of their innumerable spiked, teethed and veined endowments, grinning. Several zooms show the cosmos getting torn apart and devoured by them, with more fractal versions of themselves present.
aisu art @ MP 39
4 days ago

since my ANIMAL CANNIBAL shirts sold out at megaplex, i'm putting together a reorder -- and bringing back an old, fan-favorite design too! now you can preorder both my vore-themed ANIMAL CANNIBAL and DOWN THE RABBIT HOLE tees on soft, black bella+canvas tees! both designs are stunningly UV-REACTIVE with neon pink and white ink!


#vore #furry #furryfandom #preorder

Red Mage
4 days ago

Moving into what appeared to be a small cave entrance, Red's able to make sure the wyvern can't follow him. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like it was deep enough to get out of range of the perusing jaws.

With it's dinner stuck, said wyvern is quite happy to play with it's food until his arms get tired. At which point he'll find himself in a much smaller, hot, acidic "cave".

#Vore #Voreart

Red lying on the ground in a cave entrance, attempting to keep a wyvern's jaws parted which are prepared to clamp down on him. The wyvern can't fit his head fully in the cave entrance.
4 days ago

I dreamt about a dragon recently, and had to make him a reality c:

This is Ymera, he's a big boy...

#vore #mawshot

Grim da borc
4 days ago

Recently finished up a multi pic commission for a certain snake-loving bun, Jericho! He wanted a do-over of the climactic scene from Anaconda, minus Jon Voigt & any chance of escaping ;3
#vore #voreart #willing_prey #anaconda

4 days ago

Devourer's stomach rippled all around you, slathering you in a mix of acids and enzymes.

And it seems like you weren't enough as he decided to eat some food alongside you, filling up the purple sack you were in more and more~

#vore #stomach #internal #vorepred #voretease

A POV of Dev's stomach, showing his purple walls and orange fluids, some partially digested food is visible
4 days ago
Scarf The Plush Dragon
4 days ago

Nothing like stuffing your belly full of friends and lots of soft things. <3

🎨 shushplush

#plushvore #plush #vore #voreart #dragon

Blue plush dragon laying down with a big stuffed belly
Quasi Stripes
4 days ago

Natalie doing some chores after a big lunch.

#vore #voreart #vorebelly #big_belly #belly

5 days ago

Jazzy Speedpaint. Full throat pouch snugs.

#Vore #Dragon #Taur #Art #FurryArt #DigitalArt #Speedpaint

Portrait of a chubby red and white dragon taur.  They have their head leaning angled downwards squishing into their full throat pouch.  The occupant slightly struggleing after being squished.
5 days ago

The goo dragon leaned back, feeling his gut squirm as his three ass toys had gone a bit too far, having become ass meals.

They could do nothing but squirm inside of the tight and slimy bowels as they saw the bones in the tunnel, making it clear what was about to become of them~

Art by Mike, featuring Windmaster, spacepotatoegg, and Wiebekzan

#vore #vorepred #vore_sequence #anal_vore #analVore #sizedifference #intestines #internal

On the left, my goo dragon leaning back with a squirming belly, his tailhole and backsack visible.
On the right, the intestines, showing three people inside of it in ifferent parts, bones and slimes scattered around
Hexadec 0x
5 days ago

Little quicky sketchy/paiting !
Happy lugia day!

#vore #lugia #lugiaday

5 days ago
:velvetahegao: Vorepone
6 days ago

#nsfw #mlp #pony #vore #art by CryoWolf9:

#hyper_balls #busty_pinkie_pie #insertion #nipples #triality #anthro #explicit #trio #pinkie_pred #hyper


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Discord: bluevoir

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:velvetahegao: Vorepone
1 week ago

#nsfw #mlp #pony #vore #art by Moncatto:

#belly #monycaalot #snake #oc #bone_belly #lamia #bone #vore #abdominal_bulge #triksa

For [Triksa](/profiles/Triksa)'s bday! Commissioned by ScarletSound!

Thank you so much Scarlet for commissioning me! ^^
[All the WIPs and skethes of this pic here!](
My links here!

[Twitter (NSF...

Hexadec 0x
1 week ago

Hello everyone!

Some time ago, I suggested a day of the week to do sketches or other art about vore.

How about Friday? Let's give it a try!
How does #FridayVoreParty sound?

Don't hesitate to participate! The level of drawing doesn't matter, it's all about fun and sharing!

As soon as I get home, I'll fire up the drawing tablet! Ah ah!
Can't wait to see your work!


1 week ago

Let your king consume you, let him make you apart of something greater, a more powerful being~ Squirm and squirm until you are nothing more than excess fatty goo making his thighs bigger and more round~

made by my unbelievably talented queen &

#furry #furryart #vore #belly

A large black goo dragon sitting on his knees with a big belly bulging out from his prey. He has purple accent stripes on his shoulders, thighs, and tail, and gradients of purple on his belly and tail. His tongue is dripping out of his mouth as he is in pleasure by all the squirming his prey is doing~
1 week ago

Better get cozy in here~

A commission for @BearicTheCleric

#fatfur #vore

A large, fat dragon stuffing a tiny, fat bear in his navel
1 week ago
A gryphon opens its cavernous mouth wide to the camera

#Foxyfluffs are pieces of bread.


1 week ago

Cygnus considers their body a canvas with a captive audience

A rubber sheep paints their belly, wearing a gas mask, with someone squirming in their vacuum tight wool
1 week ago

When it comes to meals, he prefers the lion's share.

Sketch for victni

#FurryArt #Vore #Belly #TummyTuesday

An anthro lion licking his fingers while holding his large, bulging belly, implying he's eaten someone
1 week ago

Hey, let's be direct

I saw you were looking at it, come have a feel around my maw~
Put your hands in my slimy maw and touch everywhere, maybe even boop my uvula, who knows what might happen :3

Made by Thorin
#vore #mawshot #vorepred

My goo dragon with his maw open and ready eyes. His tongue is partially out and his uvula is flopping
2 weeks ago

Dragon tongues, am I right?

Base Maw YCH! US$30
Opening Maws YCH: $50 USD
✨ Paypal only.
✨ Any species with maws
✨ Includes drool
✨ Alt versions and extras available

Dm to claim a slot❤️taking custom too!

#MastoArt #FediArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #Art #Illustration #FurryArtist #furry #pixelart #drawing #meme #YCH #maw #vore

2 weeks ago

Do not worry, Glacier is a friendly dragoness. She is just showing that lovely shade of blue hidden within her jaws.

Glacier belongs to Sense!

#Mawshot #Vore #Voreart

Dragoness named Glacier showing off her mouth, including her throat, while smiling.
Hypno Katsiika
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

Unable to free herself from the swamp of grease and gooey cheese, there is nothing that Undyne can do to escape from Alphys' seemingly endless hunger, just a small speck in her stomach as she continues to greedily gulp down pizza to seemingly seal her fate...

🎨 -

#macro #micro #vore

Alphys greedily eating a slice of pizza, unaware of Undyne as a nano on the slice. An insert panel shows Undyne trapped in the gurgling stomach.
2 weeks ago

Have a creature type called the Vacuous. They are sort of null goop critters that solidify and come with a bunch of customization options. Here is one of Sheeptastic's characters volunteering! #vore #tf

Goat in a jumpsuit gets sucked into a green rubber orb
Goat is absorbed by green orb and is squished around in cartoony ways, being stretched, twisted, flattened
An eyeless, featureless, green rubber humanoid emerges completely from the orb, the orb transforming in a blank creature known as a Vacuous
The vacuous adds features to its body like horns, head dangling things, fans, and tail, and gets a jumpsuit before being eaten by an alien plant
2 weeks ago

What are you looking at? Found something? >;3

Amazing YCH done by Inkturon on Instagram

#vore #cat #furry #belly

2 weeks ago

You never know what would you find inside, but a peek couldn't hurt, right?

Base Maw YCH! US$30 Paypal only.
✨ Any species with maws
✨ Includes drool
✨ Alt versions and extras available

Dm to claim a slot❤️taking custom too!

#MastoArt #FediArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #Art #Illustration #FurryArtist #furry #pixelart #drawing #meme #YCH #maw #vore

2 weeks ago

"Hold on, don't swallow yet!" 📸

"...Are you serious." 🤨

Sketch for @Henkou

#FurryArt #FurrySketch #Vore #MacroMicro #MawPlay

Vern, a macro wyvern, looking unamused with Henkou, lying down on his open maw, excitedly snapping a selfie
2 weeks ago

Watch out! You might end up just like me 🧡

#macro #vore #furrymacro #furrynsfw #furryart

2 weeks ago

Smaller dragons go inside the bigger dragon

#mawshot #vore #vorefurry #voretease #vorepred

My goo dragon's open maw, the scared head of a smaller dragon inside of it
2 weeks ago

Did you know. Stream Commission for Vixivus. #vore #nasalvore #nano #macromicro

3 weeks ago

Cain should had followed the signs, now Connell will remind him that there ARE consequences~

Pic for Stroh and Connell!

#mastoart #furry #vore #paw

Illustration of a night scene illuminated by a campire. A wolfdeer character is licking off a micro from his paw. The micro is scared but flustered. In the background, a sign says "Do not feed the wildlife"
3 weeks ago

Yesterday, during my never-ending quest to discover cartoon equines, I found Doctor Unicorn. It's about five minutes long, has a manly unicorn doctor, dinosaur vore and a fairy tale parody setting. What else could you want in a cartoon?

#DoctorUnicorn #vore #WorseVids

I see you joined relatively recently, and it looks like no one has welcomed you, so...

#Welcome to Furry Fedi! Always glad to see another #vore content creator!

Just a few tips...

There's no algorithm on here: feeds are self-curated by following accounts and hashtags, and posts spread through those and boosts. I suggest you follow your favorite creators and hashtags to build your feed, and be sure to liberally hashtag your own posts, especially using the "vore" hashtags.

I also suggest you make a post where you talk about yourself, hashtagging things people should follow you for (like "furryart"), attach some images, maybe link your galleries, and include the hashtag "introduction", then pin it to your profile. This will tell people you're new, tell them who you are, and help you get more early followers if you're looking to spread new content.

Hope that's helpful. See you around the network!

David's Alias
4 weeks ago

Suppose I should make an #Introduction while I'm at it.

Hi, I'm David! I'm a cat, a magic cat at that. Tend to do a lot of #vore and #macro / #micro shenanigans, sometimes I'm cuddly or outright evil ❤

#demiromantic and #asexual, #bi :flag_bisexual:. Not looking for any relationships at the moment, and my boundaries for lewd stuff can get complex. Vore winds up being separate from NSFW for me (most of the time).

I tend to game but don't talk about it much here, mostly a whatever enjoyer so long as it's not an unfun slog.

4 weeks ago

They try to fuck my chars a LOT for ppl who say such things.

Fun follow-up fact: if you view this submission on FA you will get to see the whole circus!

#FurryNSFWArt #FurryNSFW #NSFWFurry #NSFWFurryArt #Furry #FurryArt #Vore #SoftVore #ImpliedDigestion #ImpliedScat #Chubby

Hello! #furryart #vore #microfur #macrofur #macro #micro

Im going to draw a couple of free sketches for anyone who follows me and boosts this toot!

This is mastodon exclusive!

Please comment with a reference below and share!

Drawing will be on Sunday September 3rd 4pm eastern.


Otter holding a sketchbook and a pen.
1 month ago

#macrofur #macrofurry #macrofurryart #vore #voreart #macrovore #macrovoreart #seibuleo

I guess I gotta post something. Here is some lovely artwork @Javierowo made for me featuring that one baseball mascot.

An anthro purple cat daydreams with a giant version of the Saitama Seibu Lions mascot playing with him, either by smooshing him between his giant pecs, swallowing him whole, or letting him chill on top of his bulge or butt.

Turns out the purple cat is daydreaming, and the mascot is concerned for his spacing out.
1 month ago

#macrofur #macrofurry #macrofurryart #vore #voreart #macrovore #macrovoreart #seibuleo

I guess I gotta post something. Here is some lovely artwork made for me featuring that one baseball mascot.

1 month ago

Really wanted to draw @AfterMoles 's rubber skunk form having a nom on a certain otter.~

#art #furry #mastoart #furryart #vore #skunk #oc #otter #pooltoy #animate_inanimate

Mole's rubber skunk form is having a sit, one hand on it's leg while the other is helping shove the last remaining footpaw of a certain otter down it's mouth. At the same time part of that otter's head and hands are stretching the skunk's belly. It's overal look is that of being a bit distracted, looking sideways.
1 month ago

Gayle thought the twister would be "too full" before getting too close. Comm by Sharpt00th.
#vore #vacuumperil

Fat purple tornado attempts to suck in Gayle, a green rabbit in a jumpsuit, who hangs onto a tree.

I hope y'all #furry #porn / #yiff enthusiasts enjoyed this #vore #fetish #erotica!

I'm reopening my donation stuff, through Subscribestar, if y'all want to throw me some money for writing things like this. I'll put up a proofread version of this in a single post on there, and maybe I'll even put a little followup-scene for the next morning!

Hope all you #vorny #furries enjoyed!

  • Nuki Raccoon, professional pervert

Edit: my Subscribestar will be at

Another OC from the same comic as Monty and Lazare. He's Edison. He's a witch. And a ogre. He will eat you!

#pinecolade #ogre #vore #oc

Hey, are you crackers? ('Cuz I wanna eat you in bed.)

#suggestive #nsfw #vore #oralsex #cunnilingus #joke

1 month ago


comm for @kurrikage and Coulias

#FurryArt #Vore #Pooltoy #PooltoyVore

Xander, a pooltoy bat, floating water on his back, licking his fingers with the other hand on his full belly. In the transparent belly, a gryphon, coulias, looks helplessly and blushing while pressing against the vinyl walls

Wow learning really is magic #vore

Tumblr post with two photos. First is a sign in a zoo that says "What 'vore' are you?" Surrounded by a word cloud including saprovore, palynivore, detritivore, frugivore, avivore, fungivore, carnivore, omnivore, gumivore, florivore, nectarivore, one obscured by flash, xylovore, molluscivore, blurry, exudativore, insectivore, pescivore, granivore, blurry, bacterivore, herbivore, flash obscured, and folivore.

The next photo asks "can you think of more 'vores'?"

Post is captioned as follows: Took our son to the zoo today and saw these signs. I think it's a great that they're getting people interested in vore! Be sure to Google "types of vore" for more info on which one you might be!
1 month ago

Such an innocent goober, he's definitely adorable and isn't going to eat you up the second you get too close to give him pets and scritches

Art by wrenhyena on Twitter!
#vore #vorepred #chibi #voretease #blep

A chibi drawing of Dev. He has his tongue out his closed snout, a squirming belly, and you can see under one of his paws
Matthias The Bard
1 month ago

NEW art - Spaghetti & Micros
( YCH Commission 🎨 by )

@Oric the wolf decided to have something a little more exoctic than the classic spaghetti and meatballs dish. Why have plain old meatballs when you can have live squirming meat that wriggles all the way down your throat and into your stomach instead? Far more enjoyable~

@SiliconMage got to take the one-way trip first, with @JetLaudir not far behind... Matthias may be infatuated now, but will he feel the same way once he's stewing inside with the others?

#vore #oralvore #macromicro #furry #furryart #voreart

A large wolf with a white abdomen, white styled hair and red fur on his head, ears and sides is sitting down at a restaurant table. The wolf is wearing a black jacket with red stripes, a gold circular necklace, black trousers and bright red underwear revealing a tight bulge. The wolf has a toothy smirk on his face as he holds a small struggling deer, about the size of his hand, with a fearful look on his face. The deer is wearing a tan t-shirt and black trousers and is struggling. Below the deer, on the table surface, is a plate of spaghetti, with a small human sat on the edge, with ginger hair, a brown sleeveless tunic and a blushing look of infatuation on his face as he looks up at the big wolf. On the right side of the image, the wolf's stomach internals and intestines can be seen. Inside the wolf's stomach is a large portion of spaghetti, along with a second small human trapped inside, with a blue Mage's robe and a terrified expression
Chuck Draug of Murnoe
1 month ago

The Diminatrix's Candy [Fake YCH]

[ES] Hay veces que tienes que llamar la atención de cierto sector... No es un YCH (Tu Personaje Aquí) real, es una parodia de uno que hice hace un par de años, así que no se admiten propuestas, lo siento.

[EN] Some times you just gotta get a certain audience's attention... This isn't a real YCH (Your Character Here), I'm parodying one I made two years ago, so I'm sorry, no requests.

#MastoArt #murnoensfw #nsfw #macromicro #vore

Una imagen de un falso YCH (Tu personaje aquí) en el que se ve a Maggie Cid en su traje de Diminatrix con alguien aún más diminuto que ella (una figura gris con las letras YCH en el pecho) entre sus labios. Se ve el detalle ampliado de la figurita.
Por encima hay un texto que dice en inglés "¡Sé el caramelo de la Diminatrx!" y debajo "¿Quieres estar entre esos labios?" Primero, manda una referencia tuya o de tu personaje. Luego, ¿cómo reaccionarías (tú o tu personaje) en esta situación? Y por último, es gratis. ¡TOTALMENTE GRATIS!"
Debajo de todo, se ve a Chuck (el artista) y Maggie (en su tamaño real) mirando la pantalla y discutiendo:
Chuck: Ya te digo que esto no va a colar, Maggie.
Maggie: Ay, querido, no conoces a tu público.

A drawing of a fake YCH (Your Character Here) with Maggie Cid in her Diminatrix costume with someone even smaller than her (a gray figure with the letters YCH on their chest) between her lips. There's a zoom of such figure.
There's a text above saying "Become The Diminatrix's Candy!" and below it reads "Want to be in between those lips? First, send a reference or either yourself or your character. Then, how would you (or your OC) react in this stiaution? Finally, it's free. TOTALLY FREE!"
Under all this, Chuck (the artist) and Maggie (in her actual size) looking at a screen and arguing:
Chuck: I'm telling you, no one is gonna fall for it, Maggie.
Maggie: Oh, hun, you don't know your audience...
1 month ago

Perfectly Innocent Oven Cleaning!
Don't worry, this gullible bun will most definitely live to fall for more ridiculous traps another day!
#furry #vore

That upper left corner is pre-#vore isn't it


#vore #pooltoy #furryart

Art by jacfox

Pachy is an inflatable toy. You can see Otter inside of her through her transparent belly
1 month ago

Of course I love drawing other wolvers, and big bully pred wolvers especially~ Struggling to get this boy down, or just playing with him?

Comm for @StrohWolverine & @JinouKai on Twitter!


wolverine anthro swallowing wolf anthro who is struggling against his tongue. monochrome.
1 month ago

More info here: 

My friend Kim is gathering funds for her transition! I'm asking for help, and offering a few incentives for those who donate. Come pad out this chee's curves! ♥

You can find ways to donate and contribute at the link above! Please boost if you can, thank you in advance. ♥


More info here:

#vore #trans

Kim, a cheetah girl, is sitting and looking at the viewer, showing off her curves that she'd like everyone to donate to. There's a list of the goal tiers on the left, and an animated "Your Character Here?" text caption floating next to her hip.
1 month ago

Playing with pooltoys can be fun, until you realise you're the one being played with (and about to get very familiar with how they look on the inside!). Pic for @kurrikage and @Knewfy

#furryart #mastoart #vore #sizedifference #pooltoy

Picture of a room-sized pooltoy version of Xander with his mouth wide open, dangling a gryphon character over his mouth and teasing about eating them.
2 months ago

A pwyw commission for @Sheeptastic

His Kobold, Mochi is glomped by and pulled inside a slime monster.

#furry #transfur #vore

A toonish reptilian Kobold is pulled into a balloon like slime.
The snout of the Kobold is sticking out of the slime's mouth as it's squished inside.
The slime takes on a dopey oversized draconic shape. The silhouette of the Kobold is seen floating inside.
The dopey dragon slime is bouncing along. A vague outline resembling a squished down form of the Kobold it ate works as the core.
Scarf The Plush Dragon
2 months ago

More #plushvore. No one would have known you were down there under all this polyfil and padding if you didn't wiggle around so much.

🎨 @ammyfatxolotl

#vore #dragonplush #plush #endosoma #voreday #voreart

Big pear-shaped dragon looking flustered at his wiggling belly

remember to #vore some more #water to stay hydrated


2 months ago

Time to celebrate Vore Day with gut full of friends. Care to join in the fun?

#vore #voreday #voreday2023 #furryart #furry #AroogiArt

A hyena resting in bed, looking directly at the viewer with his gut filled with people

2023-08-08 koodie vore
A quick doodle for Vore Day, involving Kooda and Koodie, my otter and puppo characters.

Not really happy with it, but I least I did something for 8/8!

#MastoArt #FurryArt #KoodaArt #vore #voreday #bordercollie #otter

A border collie with its maw open, about to gulp down an otter down his throat
2 months ago

I wasn't much inspired to draw today, but I still wanted to at least sketch something for voreday. :D
It's more dumb than horny. ^^'

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #Krita #Toony #Furry #Lewd #dumb

#krita #toony #voreday #vore #allthewaythrough #fox #bunny #sketch #wolf #ridiculousfit #sizedifference #paw #bellybulge

Two extreme vore sketch in black and white, first one on the left is an anthro fox, holding an anthro rabbit in the air by the ears, he have his other arm fully inside the rabbit maw and his hand come out of the rabbit ass. You can read the text : "Like a glove!". The second one on the right is a small anthro wolf with a way bigger other anthro character, you can only see the lower half of the big character. The small wolf have the leg of the big one in his mouth, filling his whole body, like his a sock. They all look happy.
2 months ago

I couldn't draw much for voreday, so I found some old mawshot tests I've never post online. :3 (Yes I'm cheating ^^')

#MastoArt #ArtWithOpenSource #Krita #Toony #Furry #voreday #mawshot #maw

#krita #toony #maw #maws #voreday #vore #tongue #teeth #wolf #dragon #ridley

4 black and white drawings of characters headshot with the maw wide open, and drooling tongue out. First one is Riley from metroid prime game, second one is some kind of stylized dragon with ears, 3rd one is DragonHead's dragon character, last one is some toony wolf.

happy #vore day; i'm gonna uhhh vore some breakfast real quick

(am i doing it right)

Happy #VoreDay! A small thing I did for @Reptifur some time ago. :3 #vore #FurryArt

Cartoony Reptifur (caiman-otter hybrid) lying down with his belly full, looking fullfilled.
A paw imprint is showing on said belly, some droplets are escaping his bleching maw. An arrow with the text “Friends Storage” is pointing at the belly.

Pachy made Otter a latte

Pachy is @Caudlewag

#realitybending #aptophilia #vore #transfur #transformation

I feel veey bad I don't remember the artist that made this please let me know if you recognize!

Pachy a pink elegator looking over Otter who's been turned into a latte
2 months ago

When you've got such a big prey, there isn't much you can do other than wait it out~ He's a real fighter too! Too much for that table looks like.

Comm for FynntheOtter on Twitter!

#vore #furryart

A striped hyena lays on the floor after breaking a table because he ate the slightly-bigger otter now struggling in his stomach. Sequence shows his belly becoming smooth.
2 months ago

They laid down to watch a movie together, and when a small raccoon dozed off, well... he ended up getting gulped down by his friend. Now he's found himself in a pretty flustering situation~

Comm for procyon on FA~

#vore #furryart

A fox on a couch with an empty bowl of popcorn and a full belly, which is filled with his friend, a flustered raccoon surrounded by popcorn and drool.

[david attenborough voice] as you can see, the #vore community expresses their affection for other creatures by making a distinct mating ritual sound that alerts the dominant predator of its interest

"i want it to eat me"

2 months ago

One surefire way to teach a brat


Internal shot of a poor little fennec digesting in pleasant goopyness for trash talking the MUCH larger dust doggy in the past
Big coyote full of prey after a tiring hunt, just look at that idiot panting
:velvetahegao: Vorepone
2 months ago

#nsfw #mlp #pony #vore #art by Christian69229:

#p #rear_view #oc #size_difference #striped_socks #fizark_catto #willing_vore #penis #digital_art #clothes

Catto wanted to try something out, so I wanted to help him with that!~
Now he's stuck in a tight place, at least for a little while until he is teleported out!

Art by @MonyCaalot. Thanks a lot for making this amazing comic~

2 months ago

Painting noms of some sort. I dunno art block today :dragon_cookie:


I hit 1000 followers

I said I'd eat so all of you have now migrated to otter.tummy

Thank you for your - urp- support! And thank you @SusieBlackSheep for helping me with the mouth shape. You rule!

#vore #furryart

Otter cartoonishly showing the entire server rack into their mouth in one bite. Their mouth is cartoonishly stretched over the structure.
2 months ago

Beware of the yeen hunting at night, you might end up being part of their gut.
#vore #hypnofur #furry #furryart #AroogiArt

A hyena  under a sary night, looking at the viewer, pushing him with the gut as hands and bulges stretch the belly from the inside. The mouth of the hyena glows in a swirly hypno patter as it speaks to you one word. “In.”

For those who are just now joining us, this is #consensual #furry #vore #scifi #erotica about an #interspecies couple, a rat named Mara and a snake named Zeke, living in the Rawring 2120s, a post-scarcity free-love utopian future. This is one of a few standalone #yiff scenes I've written on here.

It started on my old account, so I can't pin the first post to my profile, but if you click on this post, you should be able to scroll up to read from the very beginning, which starts with Zeke fucking Mara's brains out with his snake hemi penis, before they get down to the voreplay, which is typically done in this setting by the pred eating a "vore strength antacid" and the prey putting on a rope to be pulled back out with. I've had fun with it, and I hope you enjoy!

Now, back to the story...

I am going to finish writing this #voreplay #porn scene from my old account with my new one.

**If you are seeing this post on its own, go ahead and click it so you will see the rest of the scene I put it in the middle of.**

Reminder that Mara and Zeke were characters from an #AIDungeon playthrough, so you can read a bunch more #furry #vore #yiff #erotica with them at...

Scarf The Plush Dragon
3 months ago

Here I am in my plush dragon glory. Like any proper dragon I hoard treasures. This means plushies and often friends. What better place to keep a dragon's hoard that is close at hand and protected than within my own belly.

Art by @/DragooZee over on twitter

#vore #plush #refsheet #referencesheet #dragon #pearshaped #endo

Reference sheet featuring Scarf the Plush dragon. Dragon is light blue with a cream colored belly and snout. Body is pear shape with fabric prints on the paws, ears and wings. Also features an x-ray showing off 3 internal chambers, 2 in the belly and 1 in the tail.
3 months ago

...I also now realize that adding in the #vore hashtag to my introduction post and then asking people to block the tag means they'd no longer see that post. XD Lemme fix that, lol.

Princess Cadance :bh_s_u:
3 months ago

Comic by Lightning Bolty of their slim, beautiful alicorn digesting an entire city without gaining even the tiniest smidge of weight. Their metabolism is so fierce, the whole city is just *gone*~

One of my favorite art pieces. Thin predators, especially pony predators, deserve more love. 🧡

Source 1:
Source 2:

#vore #objectvore #massvore #objectstuffing #digestion #noweightgain #mlp #ponies #pony #mylittlepony #furry #furryart #ponyart #mlpart #comic #alicorn #slim #thin #thinpred #feral @vore @furry

4-panel comic of a male pony named Lightning Bolty, who is a tall, slim pegasus with a cybernetic horn, digesting an entire city in his belly without gaining any weight. He start with an enormous belly that loses definition as it digests and its contents are absorbed into his body. In the final frame, he's thin again.

Derpibooru tags: questionable, artist:lightning bolty, oc, oc only, oc:lightning bolty, alicorn, pony, abdominal bulge, absurd resolution, artificial alicorn, artificial horn, belly, belly bed, belly bumps, big belly, black insides, brick, cheek fluff, chest fluff, coat markings, colored, colored wings, comic, concave belly, depth of field, destruction, digestion, digestion without weight gain, ear fluff, face imprint, folded wings, grammar error, hill, hoof fluff, hooves, horn, huge belly, hungry, implied death, impossibly large belly, leg fluff, lighting, long horn, long legs, long mane, long mane male, long tail, looking at self, male, mass vore, multicolored wings, object vore, open mouth, open smile, plank, post-digestion, post-vore, predator, raised hoof, red eyes, road, rubble, ruined city, satisfied, sequence, shading, shadow, sidewalk, signature, slim, smiling, socks (coat markings), solo, spread wings, stallion, sternocleidomastoid, stomach noise, striped mane, striped tail, stuffed, tail, talking, talking to self, tall, teeth, thin, tight belly, two toned wings, unshorn fetlocks, vore, vore sequence, wall of tags, wiggle, wiggling, wing fluff, wings
3 months ago

Welcome to my page! For any information related to my work or online presence, please visit my Carrd website:

#furry #furryart #vore #aptophilia

3 months ago

Helloha! I'm Ammy, your local positively pink prancing pal!

#furry #furryart #vore #aptophilia #ammysart

Hello everyone!

We're KazanNeko, and we're a sizeshifting kitty who LOVES to be eaten by other people! We mainly stream on Twitch, and we sometimes draw too!

As far as #vore preferences go, we are fine with any size scale from micro/macro to same-size vore. We're also fine with being eaten by pretty much any species if they want to eat us.

However, we are ENDO only (with reformation ONLY for good friends if they want it).

Happy to meet y'all!

Arilin Thorferra :macrofur:
3 months ago

As a new-ish #Introduction post, stuffed with hashtags because Mastodon’s search function only searches on those: I’m a (very) longtime #furry #writer known for #macro and #vore—although as I joke occasionally, character development is my real secret fetish. I do a lot of sci-fi and fantasy themes, and have written a couple dozen short stories and a few novels over the years, most available for free and/or on my Patreon. Hi!

When people follow me, I always skim their feeds to see what they post about, like some posts, maybe even follow them back. Today someone followed me and all I saw on theirs was #vore, so here's some #furry #yiff #voreplay #erotica, with a rat and snake, for all of you horny #pred and #prey #furries out there...

Mara gasped as she fell against Zeke's coils, her lover's twin penises still twitching inside her, his cold reptile semen leaking out the sides of her hot mamalian pussy. Her eyes closed, she ran her rodent-hands lovingly against his scales, enjoying the sound of his heartbeat and he pulled his coils closer again, giving her another squeeze, much more gentle than the mating-grip he'd used while they were making love.

It wasn't common for reptiles and mammals to be lovers, even in the free-love era of the 2120s, especially not a snake and a rat, but the little brown rodent and her handsome king snake had been deeply in love for some time...



I'm Zakail, or Zak, or sometimes Zara. Arctic Wolf (with some snek bits)

He/Him or She/Her depending on mood, but either work on any given day depending on how ya perceive a wuff!

I play a lot of video games in my spare time, and used to stream for a few years but not anymore. I also play TTRPGs like PF2e on a regular basis with friends.

I'm into my fair share of lewd/kinky stuff too so you have been warned!

#Furry #vore #genderfluid #nsfw #gamer #ttrpg #kink #wolf #introduction

white male arctic wolf in a black t-shirt, pants, and a black fatigue cap with a skull and crossbones while holding the brim.
white female arctic wolf. wearing pink and black striped arm warmers, bikini top, thigh high socks, and a black skirt. They are holding a black hat off to the side, and sticking their forked tongue out.

(( Because this is what I feel like writing right now ))

Nuki grinned as she pushed back at the scaly white underbelly, spreading her boyfriend's slit as she ground her crotch against his thick tail. Sure enough, his cock popped out, ready to go, pointy and slick, over a foot long. She grinned up at him, "I love it when it does that."

The albino crocodile gave a grunt and a nod, smirking down at her, the edge of his lip pulling back to reveal his snaggly teeth.

Nuki crawled forward, straddling the his hips, reaching down to fiddle with that big rod as she lined it up, his lower pair of clawed hands moving to grip at her sides, his upper hands reaching up to run along the soft fur her shoulders and chest. Her body was so small compared to his, his hands nearly wrapping entirely around her waist as he adjusted herself.

(Contd. in Thread...)
#yiff #vore #voreplay #erotica

All the #prey look up and be like, "#vore us!" And all the #pred s be like, "No."

Adara Astin
8 months ago

THE CAULDRON by Amber Collins is a fun little story about a frisky witch who throws herself a party where the refreshment are the guests! Light, fun, sexy, campy & never too serious.

Available in Audiobook, Ebook & Kindle Unlimited.

Get it now on Audible, Amazon & Apple Books.

#SelfPromo #NSFW #Audiobook #Audiobooks #Erotica #SizeErotica #SizeFantasy #SizeKink #SizeFetish #Vore #SoftVore #MindControl #KindleUnlimited
@smutstodon @sizestodon

10 months ago

Heckin' foxes!
Boop the snoot at your own risk.

#MastoArt #Vore

A digital painting of a fox looking hungrily at the viewer with mouth wide open.
Karie "3 of 12" Kolibri
10 months ago

I've built a #Patreon as a central home for all of my artwork. My SFW pieces are always available for free! You can also pledge to see NSFW art, as well as sign up for recurring commission slots!
Check out my work at to see for yourself! #vore #sizekink

10 months ago

New pinned 🧵 since I moved instance!

Hello! I'm Levi and am a gay internet furry weirdo. I do my best to CW my posts but please do not interact with my account if you're a minor as this account is NSFW.

I'm an illustrator, beginner coder, graphic/motion/web designer.

If you follow me, be prepared for kink posts/art on #fatfur #weightgain #inflation #vore #transformation #goo

Here's a handy link of other places to find me:

🎨: @MouseNoises

A drawing of my fursona, he's a dragon of the fluffy variety. He is depicted standing on his tail. He has a friendly look to him and is waving hello.
Gerias Bee
11 months ago

I very much like #vore #macro size differences in general and #hypno and #dom dynamics. I also like #transformation and every #were creature you can shake a stick at and also blended species like centaurs, minotaurs, satyrs, etc.

3 years ago

Again continuing from the prior posts, I'm averse to the sexual side of #mouth / #maw and #vore, but this #asexual #autistic fox does find it appealing for other reasons.

Recall what the previous post said about weighted blankets?

Weighted blankets kind of feel closer to a giant tongue than a foot/paw, anyways. Regardless of analogy, there's a similar appeal in deep touch pressure, and likewise it bypasses a lot of the social pressure around how to handle normal hugs.

More reading on pressure:

However, mouthiness goes beyond mere positive pressure.

* Complete isolation from the world outside, safeguarded, difficult for nefarious folks/things to reach past one's jaws to this small data-fox
* Demonstrates basic physical appeal, that this fox isn't off-putting to one's senses

On physical appeal: given my sensory system is easily negatively overwhelmed, I often fret that my mere existence is physically off-putting to others. Not just that I might smell bad, but that I /feel/ repulsive.

Natural reactions to something savory (salivating, etc) are an easy way to assert I'm not off-putting. It's at an instinctive level too, bypassing etiquette where someone will say they're not uncomfortable just to be polite.

Mircea Kitsune
3 years ago

I was watching this alone yet kept going "oh my god look what he managed to do" every step of the way! I knew to expect detail but this was yet again more detailed than I thought it could get... it's officially reaching AAA quality films at this point, which isn't something I suspect we may ever see elsewhere in this fandom. Understandably it took a while, but was definitely worth the wait 😊

#CakeInferno #Zoe #anthro #furry #vore #softvore #3d #animation

#Introduction #Introductions
I'm a larger #wolftaur, friendly and warm! I work as a #sysadmin and run the Gulp Cafe, where we like #vore and to eat/be eaten. Online I identify as #altersex, male in form, with both sets of plumbing.
When it comes to my anatomy (some folks get very well acquainted) I have dexterous fore paws, and two stomachs, both in my #taur half.
I enjoy aspects of #aptophillia with being a taur, and more generally a world covered in fur.
I look forward to meeting you!