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If you're willing to work a long day once or twice a year and you care about #democracy, why not sign up to be a poll worker? It's as close to a front line as many of us will ever get, it's often a paid gig, and every so often you get to help a new citizen vote, which is amazing.

Also, the details of the job are fascinating.


Democracy Nerd
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New episode!

Sara Gifford, the co-founder and Chief Operating Officer of ActiVote, joins Democracy Nerd to discuss how the app offers a new way to engage people with the democratic process.

While there are valid concerns about the role of technology in elections and democracy, ActiVote serves as a promising example of how technology can be harnessed to have a positive impact and strengthen the foundations of democracy.

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Elections: how the Greeks and Romans did them and why lots can be better than votes. | Ancient and Modern Rhetoric

Even to talk about ‘ #voting’ in isolation is to underplay the importance of ‘sortition’ (also known as ‘allotment’) to the Greek and Roman electoral-governmental landscape.   So, rather than spend hours simplifying and thereby misrepresenting things in my own words, I’ve taken the liberty of reproducing the fine Oxford Classical Dictionary entries of Peter Rhodes (for Greece) and Jeremy James Paterson (for Rome). They are at the end of this post and are provided for those who might find some detail useful.

As a #Classicist, I am acutely aware of the dangers of idealizing Athenian democracy or the Roman Republic.  It is an oft-repeated point that the Athenians did not allow citizen women, #slaves or resident non-Athenians (‘metics’) to vote on policy or in elections for their ‘generals’ (i.e politicians like Pericles). 


"Politics isn’t a frivolous sport, despite the way mainstream #media often treat it. Politics is whether poor kids in your town get dinner. Politics is whether your former English teacher has to ration her insulin. #Politics is whether your mom is shot at the grocery store because society encourages ownership of #assaultweapons."

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Supreme Court rejects Alabama’s bid to use congressional map with just one majority-Black district

#SCOTUS #Alabama #Voting

If you need a little inspiration in the face of the never-ending barrage of #stupidity and #Republican malfeasance in the news, Chris Hayes highlighted some interesting #election stats on his #MSNBC show a few days ago (a story which also appeared in The Nation). It's worth a quick watch.

So far in 2023, in 24 of 30 special election races, #Democrats overperformed their baseline, in some cases by a considerable amount.

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#Voting platform sees 35K new voter registrations following #TaylorSwift's call to action

The same day Taylor Swift posted a message encouraging her followers to register to vote, over 35,000 people reportedly made a “Run (Taylor's Version)” to do so on Vote​.org.


Steve Maclellan
6 days ago

COMMENTARY: When a big lead in the polls isn’t quite what it seems

COMMENTARY: When a big lead in the polls isn’t quite what it seems
Sampath Pāṇini ®
1 week ago

“People who can vote but won’t because it’s boring, or takes a few hours every few years have bigger problems, that can’t be solved by #voting systems.”

Cville Dems
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STARTING TODAY: Early Voting! In-person (City Hall Annex, 120 7th Street NE, 8:30am-4:30pm Mon-Fri) or by mail. ID rules & other info:

Your vote is your voice; use your power, remind friends and family to use theirs (Albemarle County people too)!

#election #voting #vote #EarlyVoting #Charlottesville #cville #Dems #DemocraticParty

Fall 2023 sample ballot on yellow paper — Page 1 with candidates for Senate 11th District (Creigh Deeds), House 54th District (Katrina Callsen), Charlottesville City Council, and School Board.
Dave Rahardja
1 week ago

I occasionally encounter people who still think that voting 3rd party in the US is a good idea; that it’s a way for them to express support for a maverick candidate; or that it’s an effective way to express dissatisfaction with their preferred major party.

There’s one really big problem with that: the #voting system most widely used in the US is INCAPABLE OF CAPTURING THAT KIND OF NUANCE. You may think you’re sending a message when you vote 3rd party, but the system quantizes your vote and essentially turns it into a vote AGAINST THE MAJOR PARTY MOST ALIGNED WITH YOU.

Unless the voting system is changed to capture voter nuance (e.g. #RankedChoiceVoting), you should NEVER vote 3rd party. Hold your nose and vote for the lesser evil. Realize that 3rd party candidates are usually funded explicitly to siphon votes away from a major party. Don’t fall for it.

CGPGrey made a video that I find invaluable in explaining why this is the case. Please give it a watch.
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Are you an American living abroad and can't work out how to vote in your state? We've got your back.
Come to one of our Zoom Rooms, and we'll help you:
We will continue to add new dates and times throughout the election season.

#RegisterToVote #VoteFromAbroad #OverseasAmericans #UOCAVA #Voting #VotingRights

At the top, we see: Fall 2023: Voters in KY, LA, MS, NJ, OH, PA, RI, UT, VA have statewide elections. There is a graphic below it of a bearded man, with a zoom call headset, he is in front of a computer with a ballot box on it. It says" US citizens abroad, global voter help desk, live via Zoom. One-to-one assistance." a logo is at the bottom.
NNY Liberty
1 week ago

The NY DNC couldn't get a public referendum passed to amend the State Constitution to allow it so they just passed a Law If you oppose it, like the majority of voters, you get called a Fascist MAGA Insurrectionist Apologist cause she's fighting for Democracy

I really don’t get the Taylor Swift hype. I’ve heard her music multiple times but I still have no idea what she sounds like, she makes that little of an impression on me, but there’s no denying the effect she has. This is pretty awesome actually.
#USPol #Voting #TaylorSwift

#Sonnenbrille #Voting Finale:
Nr. 1 oder Nr. 6? 🙏 für 🚀.

Tucker Teague
1 week ago

I'm rather excited about this. There has been a push to get #Oregon to adopt #RankedChoiceVoting for some time now. Some cities have adopted it already, but now a bill is on the Nov 2024 ballot to hopefully make it statewide for future sate and federal races.
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‘The View’ Co-Host Claims Taylor Swift Is ‘Doing More for the Economy’ Than Joe Biden & Whoopi Goldberg Has Thoughts

Check it out! 👇

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No wonder #COP28 is heading for another damp squib... I had no idea (which is my fault, clearly) that the COPs have been running for some years under draft & informal voting protocols because they've never been able to agree a proper system for majority #voting.

So, decisions are by consensus & thus any COP-related decisions are held ransom by a minority of states (led by, but not limited to #OPEC) who have little real interest in active measures on the #climatecrisis

h/t Pilita Clark FT

Adrian Segar
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What's the right way to vote? Asking your audience to raise hands may seem straightforward, but presenters often do this incorrectly.

#meetings #events #EventDesign #voting #HandVoting #StandVoting #facilitation #eventprofs

right way to vote: photograph of conference attendees sitting in front of tables, raising their hands to vote

Welche? Siehe Nummer auf Bild unten links. Thanks 🙏 for voting 🗳️ und Boost 🚀. #Sonnenbrille #Brille #Voting #Abstimmung

Stefan Bohacek
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And hey, if making the world just a little bit less terrible is not enough of a motivation for you, how about free pizza?

#NationalVoterRegistrationDay #politics #USPol #voting #food #pizza #PizzaToThePolls

DAME Magazine
1 week ago

Legacy #medias new favorite beat is doomerism, driving outrage clicks on the defeatist idea that none of us can do anything to improve the state of the world.

Their narrative of despair actively helps the #rightwing #politicians responsible for the current state of affairs. It helps bad actors who are ruining things for money keep doing it. It helps keep them in power because people are convinced #voting them out won’t change anything.

Stefan Bohacek
1 week ago

Today is the #NationalVoterRegistrationDay here in the US. I know how some of you feel about voting, and I agree with those who see direct action and mutual aid as the best way to affect meaningful change.

Still, slowing down fascism and reducing its harms is something worth doing on top of those things.

#politics #USPol #voting #HarmReduction

a.d. 
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@marcelias fvck him .. fvck them! #Voting

Addendum 2

1/3 States Have an Election Denier Overseeing Elections
Movement to subvert American democracy far f. dead

*23 election deniers, 17 states serve as governor, attorney general, or secretary of state

Election Denier Landscape: Election Deniers weaken free & fair elections

#GOP #ElectoralFraud #GOPmenace #ElectionDenial #neofascism #democracy #voting #disinformation #Trumpism #Trump #DeSantis #LarryElder #democracy

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May theoretical idealists view #voting as giving your power to to people. The reality is we have very little power and voting helps dilute the power of those in power. It makes them actually have to listen to and react to direct action. Not voting allows the powerful to crush any dissent and ignore all direct action.
Kristian Harstad
2 weeks ago

Why does the #US keep trying #racist nonsense like this??

#Alabama... why am I not surprised...

By the way, this is a good example of one of the weaknesses of #democracy and democratic voting in action. So when people try to shut down criticism by telling you to use your vote, remind them active #democratic #citizenship requires open #discussion and #awareness, and point out that #voting can very much be #rigged. This is just one example - there are many others.

Federal Court again strikes down Alabama's Congressional map
Federal Court again strikes down Alabama's Congressional map
2 weeks ago

Voters who vote by mail in the 2023 NC municipal elections must include a photocopy of an acceptable ID.

Don't have a photocopier? No fear. We're hosting a photocopy-your-ID-a-thon outside of the Chapel Hill Public Library
on Sunday and Tuesday. You'll also be able to register to vote on-site. #ncpol #chapelhill #voting #vote #politics #northcarolina #voterid

2 weeks ago

@georgetakei Republicans want voters gerrymandered districts better, along with making voting harder and harder.
Republicans so, no water is allowed in election lines and now lines, cannot be longer then two people./s Republicans need to make democracy harder or make it disappear.
#Repulcians #GOP #democracy #election #voting

Kat ♾️
2 weeks ago

@RushGirl Wow! I hadn't even thought of the frozen embryos. And yes, that distinction in the law certainly does make abundantly clear who they are really controlling. We can guess as to why.

I hope #voting age women come out en force to show the #patriarchy who they're fucking with now. We own shit too this time, #GOP boys. We didn't when you kept us down before. Now we're CEOs, biz owners, home owners, stock traders, scientists, technologists, doctors, senators... and VOTERS! 💪 🇺🇸


Hannah Graham
3 weeks ago

Voter ID in England led to racial and disability discrimination, report finds.

“The current voter-ID system is, as it stands, a ‘poisoned cure’ in that it disenfranchises more electors than it protects.”
#UKPol #UKPolitics #ToryGovt #Elections #Voting #England #Discrimination #disenfranchisement

Its now clear that #VoterID requirements in local election caused impediments to #voting along #racial lines & also impeded voting by the #disabled.

The review suggests Voter ID is a 'poisoned cure' to a minor problem; but of course, this was not a bug, but a feature of the policy.

As I said, #RishiSunak is criticising #China for interfering with #democracy in the UK, mainly because that's the #Tories job!

If voting didn't matter, the Republicans wouldn't be trying so hard to keep you from doing it.

#USPol #Republicans #voting

Aha, the #Tories are exploring ways of cutting non-pension #benefits in the run up to the next #election to give #JeremyHunt the fiscal headroom to cut #taxes.

For anyone who has ever argued that #voting has little effect, the higher incidence of voting among pensioners seems to give them a degree of 'protection' unavailable to other classes of people in need of state support;

and don't forget, the #tripplelock will ensure state pension rises will nearly match #inflation, unlike most #wages

Prominent Donald Trump supporter and #MyPillow CEO Mike #Lindell repeatedly lost his temper, left the room and swore at opposing counsel during a series of #depositions earlier this year, according to newly released videos and transcripts.

The extraordinary interviews were conducted as part of a #defamation #lawsuit brought by Dr. Eric Coomer, former director of product strategy and security at #Dominion #Voting #Systems, who has accused Lindell of repeatedly defaming him in public and online following Trump’s loss in the 2020 presidential race.

“Don’t sit and scold me already, mister. I’ll do whatever I have to do,” Lindell said at the start of a March 8 deposition, addressing Coomer’s attorney. “You’re just a lawyer. You’re an ambulance chasing lawyer, so don’t start with me. I got all day. I’ll take as much time as you want, so let’s go. You’re not my boss. You’re just a lawyer, a frivolous lawyer. So go. Don’t start scolding me"

Heidi Li Feldman
3 weeks ago

For any #Australian struggling with #voting #yes on October 14, read this.

It's a long read but it will explain what we #invaders owe the #Blackfellas. Why we need #truth. Why we need #treaty.

Please #boost the shit out of this. We all need to have this under our belts before we even contemplate #voting #no. I realise that many old people and #conservatives will argue, but this hasn't been touched by #NewsCorpse.

“Half of Mexico’s Congress is #female. The cabinet is #gender-balanced. And now, #women have won the primaries of the two leading political blocs—making it likely that this traditionally macho nation will elect its first female president, ahead of the United States…

#Mexico ranks fourth in the world in female participation in national legislatures, according to the Inter-Parliamentary Union. The US ranks 71st—just below Iraq.”

#equality #WomensRights #voting #feminism

#Marc E. Elias @marceelias

Returning #voting rights, One state at a time

🚨BREAKING: Federal Court STRIKES DOWN #Alabama remedial congressional redistricting map that had defied prior court order. Court will have its own special master drawn new map with second Black opportunity district.

Close to three million Singaporeans will be voting for a new president on Friday.The role is mainly ceremonial and supposed to be non-political.But this elec...
Singapore to vote on new president amid rumblings of discontent

#GOP State Rep. Arrested On #VoterFraud Charge

"An #Alabama legislator was arrested Tuesday on felony voter fraud charges accusing him of voting in a district where he did not live.

#Republican Rep. David Cole of Huntsville was arrested on charges of #voting in an unauthorized location, according to Madison County Jail records."

Alabama state Rep. David Cole (R) arrested, charged with voter fraud for voting in a district where he didn't live.

It’s ALWAYS the thing they accuse others of.

#News #BreakingNews #Politics #USPolitics #Voting #Alabama #Republicans

Mugshot photo and arrest information of David Cole.

As follows:


Booking #:23J102721

Booking Date:08-29-2023 - 3:04 pm

Birth Date:08-09-1971


Case Number: WR2023-4806

Statute: 17-17-28


The packing of the Supreme Court by Republican presidents led that "august" body to knock down provisions of the 1965 Voting Rights Act, and in 2020, the Republican party under Trump tried to iinvalidate the votes of millions of Black and brown voters, treating those votes as invalid.

And here we are. Here we've brought ourselves as a nation under the impulse of gross racism and lies.

#Republicans #racism #voting #BigLie #Trump #crime #insurrection

On the eve of the March on Washington in 1963, Heather Cox Richardson rehearses the history that has gotten us to our current state of national peril.

As she notes, when the Democratic party began standing with Black Americans in their struggle to vote, white voters moved en masse to the Republican party and began spreading absurd lies about voter fraud, to justify curbing Black voting rights.

#Republicans #racism #voting

1 month ago

Tens of thousands expected for #MarchOnWashington's 60th anniversary demonstration

Organizers of this year’s commemoration hope to recapture the energy of the original March on Washington–especially in the face of eroded #voting rights nationwide, after the recent striking down of affirmative action in college admissions and #abortion rights by #SCOTUS, and amid growing threats of political violence and hatred against people of color, Jews and the #LGBTQ community.

1 month ago

#NorthCarolina governor vetoes election bill, sparking override showdown with GOP supermajority

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper vetoed a sweeping #Republican elections bill Thursday that would end a grace period for voting by mail and make new allowances for partisan poll observers.


Sharon Gibson Morgan
1 month ago

@marcelias Clearly, you're doing something right. Keep on doing what you're doing. And thank you.

#voting #votingrights

1 month ago

Thinking randomly this morning about online voting. I hate the idea because even if it's secure, you can't do a proper recount/audit without paper ballots checked by each voter before they're cast.

But what if someone could come up with a machine that would accept your choices online, print out the ballot for you to check on your screen via a camera, and then feed the ballot into the scanner/ballot box?

#Voting #VotingAccess #OnlineVoting #ShowerThoughtsSortOf

1 month ago

Misty Hampton, former Coffee County, GA, elections supervisor, was among those #indicted last night in the #Trump #election interference case.

Hampton (who also has used the last names of Martin and Hayes) played a role in blocking a local activist from helping people to vote, part of a long history of #voter suppression.

#Georgia #Indictments #Voting #Elections #News


Both things can be true:

  1. We need to fight voter suppression in the courtrooms.
  2. We need to be determined to overcome whatever obstacles remain.

In other words, we should vote no matter how hard they make it. It doesn’t matter if there’s just one box you can drop your ballot off into or if you have to wait for hours in line or if you have to keep checking to make sure your registration hasn’t been canceled; you have to vote. Bottom line: you have to vote.

None of these obstacles should exist, and you’re right to fight them, but many of them are hindrances rather than full blockers so we can overcome these with determination and organization.

#politics #voting

My friends and I did a thing. Really proud my friends are such pro-voters. I have to say, my friends and family have always inspired me to take voting seriously. Dad even reminded me last week to vote. Every General Election, we will go as a family to the voting centre. I have a feeling I will be spanked if I didn't vote 😂 Fortunately I have always been very obedient in this regard 😆

Ps: This is indelible ink

#Election #Voting #Malaysia #Politics #TOOTSEA #Malaysian

Inked fingers
2 months ago

Bullied By Her Own Party, a #Wisconsin Election Official's #GOP Roots Mean Nothing in Volatile New Climate

In the face of repeated calls to back Donald Trump's bogus claims that the 2020 #election was stolen, Marge Bostelmann of the Wisconsin #Elections Commission remains resolute: “I’m a #Republican who stands up for the truth and not for a lie.”

#Voting #Trump #Midwest #News

2 months ago

Early #voting in #Ohio is exceptionally heavy for a midsummer special election as voters decide a #Republican-pushed measure that would make it much harder to pass constitutional protections for #abortion rights.

2 months ago

#Michigan Governor #GretchenWhitmer has signed eight voting bills that carry out a constitutional amendment voters approved and require at least nine days of #EarlyVoting in future elections.

Supporters describe the legislation as the "biggest change in how we vote in a generation."

#Voting #Elections

Today (July 23) is voting day in Spain. Here is an interesting article with historic party voting patterns in each region. I've attached the graphs for Barcelona and my own València.
#elecciones #eleccionesgenerales #elecciones23j #spain #voting

Two line graphs one above the other showing voting patterns in Barcelona on top and Valencia on the bottom. Barcelona shows predominantly leftist PSOE in red whereas Valencia is more often blue PP except recently.