>actively distributed through malvertizing
>the file the victims download from it contains a VPN installer, but it’s trojanized with malware too
>Additionally, OpcJacker can establish persistence on the compromised system by performing the necessary registry modifications on Windows

Eh, windoze? Hahahahahaha.

💜 🐧

#malware #vpn #windoze #UseLinux

3 hours ago

It sounds as though the Tik Tok baan could take US's to the internet equivalent of Iran. What have others heard? Throw me news article links.


3 hours ago

Surfshark VPN Review,Offers,Speedtests,Plus How To Install & Use!
Privacy, no-logs VPN, perfect for torrenting and you can connect unlimited devices, like computers, smartphones & tablets. Get the 82% off + 2 months free offer, before it expires on March 31st,2023.
#vpn, #surfshark, #privacy, #security, #anonymity, #Linux,#LMDE5, #Debian, #Windows.
Read more here:

The RESTRICT act (S. 686 - The “TikTok ban”) is a hot mess and I cannot support it in any fashion. Trojan horse with a dramatic impact on privacy and freedom of speech. 100% not good. Go read it. #RESTRICTAct #privacy #FreeSpeech #surveillance #tiktok #vpn #crypto

5 hours ago

Call your representatives to oppose the RESTRICT Act. While it's described as a ban on #TikTok, the bill actually gives the U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security authority to execute blanket bans on software and hardware. And using a #VPN to circumvent the ban could bring a fine of $1 million or 20 years in prison.

David Parks :verified:
8 hours ago

If anyone wants a fantastic #vpn, look no further! Click this link to sign up for #nordvpn and both you and I will get 3 months free!

Danny Boling 🌈 ☮️
8 hours ago

#China isn't doing anything with #TikTok that the #US isn't doing with #Facebook and #Twitter. Why is nobody mentioning the levels of #surveillance the US conducts on their own citizens? This is #gaslighting, pure and simple. The #Democrats AND the #Republicans AND the #President are guilty of it.

#USPol #Politics #Congress #Biden #BothSides #Internet #Encryption #Privacy #Security
#VPN Users Could Face Decades in Jail Under New #RESTRICTAct |


S. 686, also known as the RESTRICT Act, is about WAY more than TikTok. It leaves WIDE authority for the U.S. government to monitor, control and force the handing over of private data.

Among many other issues, it mentions fines and prison time for things like using VPNs, which is insane.

There's a lot in it to unpack. Just please, stay informed, and call your congresspeople if you can.

RESIST this dangerous garbage.

#RESTRICTAct #NoToRESTRICTAct #TikTok #privacy #security #surveillance #VPN #VPNs #s686

s. 686, a screenshot of part of the RESTRICT Act, which gives the U.S. government WIDE, too-far reaching authority for freedoms- especially internet freedoms.
s. 686, a screenshot of part of the RESTRICT Act, which gives the U.S. government WIDE, too-far reaching authority for freedoms- especially internet freedoms.
s. 686, a screenshot of part of the RESTRICT Act, which gives the U.S. government WIDE, too-far reaching authority for freedoms- especially internet freedoms.
Hippy Steve
9 hours ago

The misguided push to ban #TikTok instead of establishing robust #Privacy protections has now resulted in a broadly written piece of legislation that threatens all foreign contributors to the internet including #VPN

“As written, the broad language in the #RESTRICT Act could criminalize the use of a VPN, significantly impacting access to security tools and other applications that vulnerable people rely on for privacy and security.”

Eka A.
11 hours ago

@Popehat The ban TicToc bill would effectively ban VPNs as well as other nasty side effects like the ability to squash opinions that are contrary to those in power. #VPN #CivilRights

That Crazy Warchief Guy
15 hours ago

While I get that having state actors (from ANY government) control and influence a social media platform, turning someone into an instant felon because they chose to use a VPN to access a social media site is ridiculously heavy handed.

Yet, that’s exactly what the Senate wants to do with #S686, the #RESTRICT act with a 20 year prison sentence, too, just for accessing #tiktok through a #VPN.

#VPN v USA v ohrožení pro použití k přístupu na zabanované stránky?
No uvidíme, co se v zemi svobody zase vymyslí...

This #windscribe #VPN GUI app OEM pkg continues to be good, in my test VM, + another day. Am now closer to being comfy enough with it to install in my real #Arch. Not just yet... but maybe soon.

Also, maybe i now understand my earlier observation that

>#NetworkManager keeps indicating limited connectivity

One of this app's several protocols is #WíreGuard, which seems to be default. Otoh #KDEPlasma's #NetworkManager afaik has no ootb WG support, so i suspect with this app, NM gets confused.

Rocke de la Ernska
23 hours ago

Auf der #daten #auto #bahn ins #Glück

#homeoffice und #vpn funzt nicht.

Keine*r anwesend in der #IT trotz #schichten

Super geil, dieses #ding genannt #homeoffice 🖕🏼

Bin am Ende meiner #geduld

🔓 RESTRICT ACT: Is This Purely A Tool To Ban Tiktok, Or Door To Create USA "Great Firewall?"

Reaction video with first impression interpretation.

Would love to know what others think about this legislation! 🤔

#Blog #tiktok #USA #privacy #News #Law #Legislation #RestrictAct #apps #surveillance #VPN

1 day ago

Due to privacy, I don't insert a SIM card in my throw away phone. My phone is more or less a brick without WiFi. To mitigate this I connect to free WiFi for non-sensitive communications with a VPN. Yes, I also understand IMEI catchers before someone asks.

Most WiFi spots will ask for an e-mail address. I've started using as my log-in e-mail. It works. I've stated to chronicle this, and I'm taking a certain level of joy in doing so.

#WiFi #VPN #IMEI #BloodFart

Exhibit I:

1 day ago

Under the new Restrict Act ("ban TikTok act") VPN users face 20 years in jail and a $1M fine if they evade US internet censorship.

Compared to this, the great firewall of #china looks like a picket fence 😨 E.g. VPN are largely tolerated (used one for 7 years with no issue).

#Politics #Censorship #restrict #TikTok #VPN
Ian Robinson
1 day ago

VPN and ZTNA Are No Match for Cloudbrink HAaaS When Hybrid Working - Cloudbrink

#VPN #HybridWorking #ZTNA

las empresas y sus #vpn todas culeras 🤦🏽‍♂️

@lastknight #repubblica hanno tagliato un pezzo della tua risposta, vero?
Faccio fatica a pensare tu non abbia parlato della possibilità di usare una #VPN per aggirare il blocco.

#security #streaming

“Esistono servizi di Dns alternativi: di Google, di Cloudflare. Li sostituisci una volta e invece di andare ai Dns dei provider vai a un’altro, che mai blocca le richieste”, spiega Flora. Il perché è faccenda complessa e si iscrive nelle grandi regole violate dai grandi fornitori di servizi che non sempre vogliono sottostare a leggi nazionali. Ma ora, il blocco a livello Ip cambia la partita. Perché si va a bloccare direttamente l’indirizzo del sito, senza passare dal Dns.
Josh :headdesk:
2 days ago

Proton Unlimited (mail, calendar, drive, and vpn) is it worth it?

For context, currently rocking ExpressVPN and Google Suite.

Boosts appreciated

2 days ago

VPN Connectivity and Routing Problem - Local Server to Internet via Cloud Hosted Server - wget/apt Oubound Connections #server #vpn #routing

Tech news from Canada
2 days ago

Benutzt ihr einen VPN-Dienst?

#Umfrage #VPN

Ihr könnt gerne in den Kommentaren schreiben welchen.

3 days ago

Really good summary what a VPN really does. I want to mention that u can hide your domain requests also by using a private DNS, but your ISP or Mobile Network Provider will still be able to see which IPs you're connecting to if you're not using a VPN or similar.

#privacy #vpn

James Havisham
3 days ago

When you have a 1000Mbps Internet connection at home, but the company #VPN is misconfigured and you feel like you are in 1996.

Alexandra :vinyl:
3 days ago

Some of you know that i own a couple of GL-AXT1800 for my home with a maximum vpn speed of 550 mbps (thanks network balancing) it can be more if done correctly on both of them (and your network support it), with a @mullvadnet subscription to be protected from my evil ISP.

So i've bough a GL-A1300 (with a maximum speed of 170Mbps) but with a lower consumption (and free wifi always slower than that anyway).

But it help me to use it on my powerbank, and the lower consumption that let me room to add a 5G router later.

But for now it will help me to remain behind my VPN everywhere (evil ISP are everywhere here you know), and increase my phone battery life by not using VPN on it anymore (nor trust the Phone OS to actually not bypass/leak data outside of the VPN).

Linked a screenshot of : "Do i really need a VPN" from @ivpn

IVPN and Mullvad are the only one i recommend since they do not bullshit with "military grade encryption".

#VPN #privacy #cellular #security

Do you really need a VPN? 

Despite what many VPN providers advertise VPN are useless (at best ineffective) at: 

1 Achieving anonymity.

2 Preventing Google or Facebook from collecting your private data.

3 Preventing unwanted profiling by social networks or search engines.

4 Providing better security when 'working from home'.

5 Protecting your passwords.

6 Hiding your mobile phone location (GPS).

7 Helping you avoid data breaches on services you use online.

8 Defending against "cyber threats" and identity theft.

Do not rely on a VPN to protect you in any of the above scenarios.

However, a trustworthy VPN can be very effective at:

1 Encrypting your data so your ISP or Mobile network provider cannot monitor or log your online activity. Without a VPN, HTTPS still exposes the domaine name or the IP your are visiting to the ISP.

2 Encrypting your DNS request so your ISP or mobile network provider cannot monitor or log the domains you visit.

3 Increasing your security on untrusted public networks by preventing MITM attacks.

4 Masking your IP address from websites and server you connect to.

5 Circumventing censorship or geographical blocks on websites and content.
3 days ago

Forticlient SSL VPN freezes Ubuntu 22.04 #vpn

3 days ago

“If they left us – Netflix and others – then we’ll just download all of this and use it for free. I would also just put it everywhere online to deliver the maximum damage. Maximum damage so that they go broke.” - Dmitry Medvedev, Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia

#Netflix #Russia #Ukraine #Sanctions #VPN #Download #Torrent #Usenet #tor

3 days ago

@fishbowler Sorry to hear that 💔

DerAutomation ッ
4 days ago

Popular apps with Chinese ties can gather more data than TikTok

„The parent company of Turbo VPN, Innovative Connecting, has a Singapore headquarters and a Cayman Islands registration. It has had multiple Chinese nationals as directors in the past few years, records show. As with many of the apps, there is no way to prove who or where the real owners are.“

#tiktok #vpn #datasecurity #datenschutz

Since i last posted into this thread, has anyone in the Masto-verse happened to have tried this #windscribe #VPN GUI app in #ArchLinux, perchance?

Asking coz tonight, on a whim i revisited their site, to see if their Arch pkg in the dropdown still only said "coming, maybe". Found that now they have actually released their official Arch version, `windscribe_2.5.18_x86_64.pkg.tar.zst`.

Keen to try it, but wary coz of the killswitch PITA b4. Anyone, pls?

Ars Technica
5 days ago

RT from Jigsaw (@Jigsaw)

.@vinifortuna, lead engineer for Outline VPN, recently spoke to @arstechnica about the evolving trends in internet #censorship and the cat-and-mouse game between governments and #VPN providers. Read the article here👉

Original tweet :

Expert Plus :verified:
6 days ago

I think, I should call all of you guys out.


- don't buy #vpn since it doesn't cares and aren't focused on your #privacy. You better checkout #spn by Safing ->

- don't use #protonmail or ANY other email service - I mean, you better selfhost your own one (as well as I do).

- don't use #CloudFlare since it against #privacy

That's it. Make sure to follow those requirements :-)

Talya (she/her)
1 week ago

A #VPN can let you access region-blocked content, can help you get better deals on flights, and if your ISP explicitly spies on you and logs your browsing activity, it hides it from them.
That's it.

📨 Latest issue of my curated #cybersecurity and #infosec list of resources for week #11/2023 is out!

It includes, but not only:

Alleged #BreachForums owner Pompompurin arrested on cybercrime charges
FakeCalls Vishing #Malware Targets South Korean Users via Popular Financial Apps
#RAT developer arrested for infecting 10,000 PCs with malware
Lookalike #Telegram and #WhatsApp Websites Distributing #Cryptocurrency Stealing Malware
#BianLian ransomware gang shifts focus to pure data extortion
Federal agency hacked by 2 groups thanks to flaw that went unpatched for 4 years
Convincing #Twitter 'quote tweet' phone scam targets bank customers
#Belgium and #UK ban #TikTok from federal government work phones
#NordVPN open sources its #Linux #VPN client and libraries
#ChipMixer platform seized for laundering #ransomware payments, drug sales
#CISA joins forces with #WiCyS to break up the boy's club
#Microsoft Warns of #Outlook Zero-Day Exploitation, Patches 80 Security Vulns
@shortridge 's Cyber Startup Buzzword Bingo: 2023 Edition
Microsoft Warns of Large-Scale Use of #Phishing Kits to Send Millions of Emails Daily
#FBI reveals that more money is lost to investment fraud than ransomware and business email compromise combined
#KaliLinux 2023.1 introduces 'Purple' distro for defensive security
Threat Actors Abuse #AIGenerated Youtube Videos to Spread Stealer Malware

Subscribe to the #newsletter to have it piping hot in your inbox every Sunday ⬇️

c't Magazin
1 week ago

heise+ | WireGuard-VPN: Wie Sie Fritzboxen und OpenWrt-Router miteinander verbinden

AVM rüstet derzeit immer mehr Fritzbox-Modelle mit dem WireGuard-VPN nach. Erstmals kann man so auch OpenWrt komplikationslos mit FritzOS verbinden – so gehts!

#Fritzbox #OpenWRT #Router #VPN #news

2 weeks ago

NordVPN’s Latest Move: Open Sourcing Linux Client Code

Want to safeguard your online activity? NordVPN’s Linux client and Libtelio and Libdrop libraries are now open-source. Learn more here!

#linux #opensource #foss #vpn #security

Cliff Wade
2 weeks ago

When browsing the internet, do you use a VPN of any kind?

If you do use a VPN, which one do you use and recommend?

Please BOOST for maximum exposure to the #Fediverse

#Poll #Polls #POTD #PollOfTheDay #VPN #AllThingsTech

c't Magazin
2 weeks ago

Vanilla OS, Betrugsmaschen, VPNs | c't uplink 47.5

In c't uplink sprechen wir über die ungewöhnliche Linux-Distribution Vanilla OS, neue Betrugsmaschen im Internet und Peer-to-Peer-VPNs.

#Verbraucherschutz #Kriminalität #ctuplink #Containerisierung #Gnome #LinuxundOpenSource #Ubuntu #VPN #news

2 weeks ago

@mkj Your choice - even the free option is fine, but if you want #vpn some subscription is on 😇

Stephen Radford :telly:
2 weeks ago

Users of my TunnelDeck plug-in: there’s a new version (1.0.2) available on #SteamDeck that fixes OpenVPN support and the UI issues caused by the new Steam Client update.

#Decky #VPN

2 weeks ago

If you care about privacy enough to leave the big-5 and anyone not serious, this could be worth a try

I am a happy user of #mail, #vpn and #filedrive - entering #calendar moving forward

I am not aware of having anything to hide but that sure does not mean not wanting #privacy - you never know what or who gets chased next 😎

It is not truly #fediverse but seems reliable 😇


c't Magazin
2 weeks ago

heise+ | VPN-Netz aufsetzen: Geräte und Heimnetze mit ZeroTier vernetzen

Mit der Software ZeroTier richten Sie Fernzugriffe für verschiedene Zwecke wie Wartungen und mehr überraschend einfach ein. Wir zeigen, wie Sie damit umgehen.

#RemoteAccess #SmartHome #Netzwerke #VPN #news

, Andreas Martini
heise online
2 weeks ago

heise+ | Smartphoneschutz: Wie PGPP Ihre Identität verschleiern kann

Pretty Good Phone Privacy ist ein Dienst, der die Kommunikation von Smartphonenutzern ähnlich einem VPN schützt und das Tracking trotz GPS drastisch erschwert.

#Datenschutz #Smartphone #Verschlüsselung #VPN #news

heise online
2 weeks ago

Anonymes Surfen: Brave-Browser integriert VPN- und Firewall-Dienst

Brave weitet die Verfügbarkeit des integrierten VPN- und Firewall-Dienstes auf die Desktop-Version aus. Datenschutz wird versprochen – dieser hat seinen Preis.

#Browser #Firewall #VPN #news


Article from December 2022:

Wireguard vs OpenVPN: which is better?

WireGuard and OpenVPN are names that any regular VPN user would recognise. Chances are, you yourself wake up everyday and choose whether you want your internet traffic to be encrypted by one VPN protocol or the other.

But what are the differences between OpenVPN and WireGuard?

#vpn #wireguard #openvpn

Ondine Bruch
2 weeks ago

NordVPN's Linux App is Now Totally Open Source

"One of the most popular VPN services, NordVPN, open-sourced its Linux client"

#VPN #nordvpn #opensource #foss #linux #security

TecnoTestering :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

Si disponéis de cualquier plan de pago de Google One...

Ya está disponible el servicio de #VPN que antes solo estaba disponible para las suscripciones de 2TB hacia arriba de almacenamiento

Podéis configurarlo desde la app de Google One en vuestros dispositivos de #Android #iOS

Captura de pantalla para habilitar la VPN en la app de Google One
Botón de habilitar VPN y texto con las características:
Con una VPN en tu dispositivo iOS, puedes hacer lo siguiente:
Reduce el seguimiento en línea ocultando tu dirección IP.
Protegerte contra hackers en redes no seguras (como redes Wi-Fi públicas)
Explora la Web con una conexión segura y privada.
heise Security
2 weeks ago

Kritisches Leck in SSL-VPN-Gateway von Array Networks

Die SSL-VPN-Gateways von Array Networks haben eine kritische Sicherheitslücke. Angreifer könnten aus dem Netz ohne Authentifizierung Code einschleusen.

#Security #Sicherheitslücken #VPN #news

Terence Eden
2 weeks ago

🆕 blog! “A quick guide to getting Mozilla VPN working on a headless Linux server”

The Mozilla VPN service is great, but it doesn't work using the CLI if you have a "headless" server. After a bit of faffing about, I got it working. I suffered so you don't have to. Get an account Sign up and use code MOZILLA20 for a cheeky 20% discou…

👀 Read more:

#cli #HowTo #linux #ubuntu #vpn

Mozilla VPN logo.
2 weeks ago

NordVPN stellt Produkte unter Open-Source-Lizenz

NordVPN veröffentlicht drei seiner Produkte unter einer Open-Source-Lizenz. Dadurch soll die Transparenz und Zusammenarbeit mit der Community gestärkt werden.

#NordVPN #VPN #Open_Source #Linux

2 weeks ago

One of the most popular VPN services, NordVPN, goes the open-source way!

#VPN #Linux

Nord Security (Nord) has released the source code of its Linux NordVPN client and associated networking libraries in the hopes of being more transparent and easing users’ security and privacy concerns.

"We're making these products open source as a sign of our commitment to transparency and accountability," reads Nord's announcement.

#cybersecurity #security #infosec #privacy #vpn - Internet-Service
2 weeks ago

Ob man mal im 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino (Hauptsitz von #apple) erklären sollte, was VPN eigentlich so tun sollte?
#apple #vpn #qsvpress @protonvpn

Mac & i
2 weeks ago

Apple räumt ein: iOS-Dienste können VPN-Tunnel umgehen

iOS schleust bestimmten Datenverkehr an einer aktiven VPN-Verbindung vorbei, warnen Sicherheitsforscher seit Längerem. Das ist laut Apple so gewollt.

#Apple #Betriebssystem #Datenschutz #iOS #iPad #iPhone #VPN #news

VPN auf dem iPhone
D2I 🕊
2 weeks ago

#Rosenpass is a formally verified, post-quantum #secure #VPN that uses #WireGuard to transport the actual data.

3 weeks ago

InfoSec: VPNs are bad
Me: So is gov & ISP surveillance. Nothing is perfect. It's a tool, and right now, it's useful.
InfoSec: The company could surveil you too.
Me: True, but end users still need a tool, for reasons.
Infosec: But...
Me: That's enough.

#vpn #InfoSec #OSINT #techie #safety #privacy

heise online
3 weeks ago

Google in Geberlaune: VPN für alle Google-One-Abos

Die Google-One-Tarife sollen künftig alle Googles VPN-Dienst als kostenlose Beigabe erhalten. Damit dürfte sich der Wettbewerb der Anbieter verstärken.

#Google #GoogleOne #VPN #news

stark@ubuntu:~$ :idle:
3 weeks ago

@protonvpn @therealasahi95 This is a good place to start with #privacy. They have #Email #CloudStorage #VPN and #Calendar.

Chris Pirillo
3 weeks ago

#Google adds its #VPN service to all Google One plans in 22 countries (plus "Dark Web" monitoring) ~ #tech #news #security

Danie van der Merwe
4 weeks ago

Proton VPN now has an official browser extension (Chromium and Firefox) without requiring desktop app installation

#protonvpn #security #technology #vpn

Words Proton VPN with triangular logo beneath it
Expert Plus :verified:
1 month ago

@protonvpn > using a #VPN at all times.

Nah, I prefer to use #SPN instead ->

Jay BⒶker
1 month ago

The last several weeks I've had to keep constantly switching #NordVPN servers to sustain significant activity on my phone, and I've just had enough of it now, so the last few days relied on my backup #RiseupVPN free option, with a single server over in Paris, France (lol) but it's *flying* and I've been using the web and apps loading without stalling interruptions. Only a temporary fix, of course. Will probably switch to #Surfshark when my #VPN renewal comes up. No idea why Nord deteriorated so much in recent months.

A few useful #foss software and services:

@fedora - best #linux distro if you want stability and new software at the same time

@keepassxc - best offline password manager

@librewolf - best browser for #privacy and usability. It is what Firefox should be.

@libreoffice - best FOSS office suite with the most functionality

@protonmail - most trustworthy email service with E2E and Zero-knowledge encryption

@protonvpn - best choice for freemium #vpn service

#FollowFriday #fosserytech

¯\_(ツ)_/¯ :mastodoncertified:
1 month ago

It looks like happens to know that we are using @protonvpn 🤔
A solution perhaps?

#ProtonVPN #VPN #Privacy #Spy #IP

heise online
1 month ago

VPN-Nutzung: Deutliche Zunahme in Russland im Jahr 2022

Der VPN-Anbieter AtlasVPN verzeichnet seit dem Beginn des Angriffskriegs auf die Ukraine eine deutliche Zunahme an Downloads und Nutzung aus Russland.

#Security #UkraineKrieg #VPN #news

Mitex Leo
1 month ago

Gonna use @protonvpn again. Windscribe servers latency becomes too high (200-500 ms) at night!

Let's see how the free servers goes ! They were very slow when I've tried last time.

#privacy #vpn #security

Anthony Collette :donor: / Loistava
1 month ago

Debunking Cybersecurity Myths

Cybersecurity expert Eva Galperin -- @evacide -- helps debunk some common myths about cybersecurity.

☑️​ Is the government watching you through your computer camera?

☑️​ Does Google read all your Gmail?

☑️​ Does a strong password protect you from hackers?

☑️​ Will encryption keep my data safe?

☑️​ Are all hackers bad people?

Eva answers all these questions and much more using clear language that's easy to understand.

Eva Galperin is the Director of Cybersecurity at the Electronic Frontier Foundation -- @eff

Rather read than listen? A helpful transcript is available.

#Infosec #Cybersecurity #BeCyberSmart
#MoreThanAPassword #InfosecTraining
#DiceWare #Encryption #Passwords
#PasswordManagers #PublicWiFi #VPN
#EFF #ElectronicFrontierFoundation

Photo of the incomparable Eva Galperin presenting at a security conference.