The best description and summary of features yet.

From my math, it should have roughly the same resolution of something like a 1080p or 1440p monitor about 60cm/2ft from your face.

#Apple #WWDC2023 #AVP #XR #VR

Amini Allight
3 hours ago
Apple's Vision Pro headset, a sleek grey VR headset with glass front.
Matt Godden
3 hours ago

So watching the #VisionPro video... I’m seeing a lot of flats hovering in space, and almost no actual 3D. The game they showed, it’s just a 2D game screen mapped onto a 3D flat.

At this stage, I’m calling bullshit on this as being a real full-fat #VR / #AR / #XR capable device like a Vive / Varjo / UltraLeap etc. Show me a demo of #OpenBrush, or Half Life Alyx - show me this maintaining 90fps in a wholly 3D environment with 3D activities, cause I don’t think it can do it.

3 hours ago

Apple's New Headset Could Change the Way We Design the Metaverse - Apple on Monday announced its Vision Pro headset, which it says "seamlessly blends digita... - #news_analysis #metaverse #analysis #disney #apple #web3 #nfts #vr

when I just look at the VR headsets my neck already starts to hurt at the thought of the weight pulling down 😐
can't see myself trying them out any time soon.

#VR #Headset

Mike Riverso
4 hours ago

Seriously, how much new consumer tech in the past 15 years has made an impact beyond “neat, but no widely applicable use-case”?

There have been plenty of incremental improvements, but most new paradigms (especially the ones touted as world-changing) have amounted to nothing.

#VR? High-end gaming device. Crypto? Unfit for any real use. NFTs? Pointless from jump. Metaverse? Already dead. Generative #AI? I guess we’ll see, but my bet is the current approach plateaus faster than we expect.

Ewan :fediverse:
4 hours ago

Well, #Apple Vision Pro might be my first #VR / #AR experience. I am so here for it.

Finally a headset that you don't need controllers for!

Damon L. Wakes
4 hours ago

I see people are sharing their #VR takes again. Mine is:

All the comparisons between VR and 3D movies were pretty much spot on, and that's okay. I like 3D movies! Things are allowed to be fun in small doses without completely overturning the status quo.

5 hours ago

Apple's new VR headset is a super amazing piece of modern tech. However, it is also a great solution for a missing problem.

Really, what does it solve or improve?

#apple #vr #solutionism

Nick Christiny
5 hours ago

All I gotta say about #Apple #VR is we did it already in the 80s with Lawnmower Man.

Who asked for this? Where’s the Apple Car? 😭😭

5 hours ago

#WWDC Apple's newly introduced #AR and #VR Headset titled “Apple Vision Pro” seems to be the most technologically advanced, ultimately over engineered, solution in dire quest of a matching problem.

Did I miss something or did Apple not show any killer-application that catapults the want-factor to infinity and beyond imagination?

What is Apple's *vision* for this Pro priced device? If there is any, I certainly failed to recognize it in their presentation.


Dori Smith
5 hours ago

The same post, but as an image:

#WWDC #WWDC23 #Apple #VisionPro #MetaQuest #Oculus #VR #AR

Three circle Venn diagram, where circles one and three do not overlap. Circle 1 is the Vision Pro 1, circle 2 is the Meta Quest 2, and circle 3 is "Dori's use case".
James (
6 hours ago

Apple certainly know how to market a product and it looks very impressive the new Vision Pro... but, ignoring the expensive nature of the product for a moment...

There are some really bold claims made here and how that actually translates to real world use remains to be seen.

One thing though, just like 3D televisions, I don't want to wear anything to watch a film. Yes it could be very immersive, but no thank you.

#apple #visionpro #vr

Jim Parsons
6 hours ago
Patrick Curry (GameDev)
6 hours ago

And just so this thread is discoverable, here's hashtag soup: #Apple #WWDC #VR #AR #VirtualReality #VisionPro #VisionOS

Don Meyer
6 hours ago

And by “justify the expense”, I see at least two classes of customers.

* Those who need a lot of monitor real-estate.
If this can truly create a virtual array of big 4k monitors, the $3,500 price is a bargain. (Just two Studio Displays are $3,200.)

* People who have enough disposable income to just “pick one up” for watching movies on an airplane.

That level of sales is all Apple is expecting.

#Apple #VisionPro #AR #VR

Will people STOP calling #Apple #VisionPro #VR?

It's NOT VR. It's #AR.

Tim even said so!

None of this is meant to be anything other than a desktop projected in front of you to get a job done - or to watch a movie. There are no VR pieces to this [yet].


Don Meyer
6 hours ago

Two things about Apple’s Vision Pro headset.

1) It's not aimed at the Meta Quest market.
That $3,500 price tag means it's intended for uses that can justify the expense, and that it's the first step on a path to actual consumer Apple AR/VR headsets.

2) The original Mac sold for $2,500, which is around $7,000 in today’s dollars.
Those also were a high-end product with limited market.
(The market for Mac computers grew somewhat in the subsequent years.) :-)

#Apple #VisionPro #AR #VR

Apple Vision Pro Questions

* Still don't know if there is SteamVR support.
* WebXR?
* Hotswap battery?
* Wall/ USB-C connector for longer sessions?
* Fully Loaded Cost?
* Order Date?
* Full Technical Specs?
* #SteamVR?

#Apple #VisionPro #AVP #WWDC2023 #XR #VR #AR

Matt Godden
6 hours ago

@flargh Remember when the Apple media world got all hot & bothered over Apple hiring a guy whose #VR “achievement” was a painting app, where you painted on a flat canvas *in a 3D environment* - completely missing the point. Actual VR painting was about painting 3 dimensional forms. I get the impression what Apple is pushing is flat screen computing, but floating in space, not an actual 3D workspace of volumetric objects.

Keith Wilson
6 hours ago

Even with all of #Apple’s design prowess and effectively limitless budget, they haven’t figured out a way to make #VR goggles look non-clunky. 🤓 #AppleVisionPro #WWDC2013

6 hours ago

Summer is almost here. The chances I'll be wearing ski goggles inside is very small.
#apple #vr #ski-goggles

6 hours ago

After passing the exam from the previous post, I took a little bit of a break from things and found myself in VRChat with @BonesCollie. #furality was a lot of fun. For it being a fraction of the price of an actual IRL convention, I thoroughly enjoyed myself. The setlists were great, the people were fun, the art was nice to see. All good.
What I thought was cool is there's a section for "Other" in the vendor hall which is more like an IRL Dealer's Den area.

#furry #vr #vrchat #furalitysylva

BonesCollie in the the Rexouium avatar and Gam in the Buttercup goat monster avatar taking a picture inside of Furality's club world. They both seem very happy.
6 hours ago

It's disappointing that #DisneyPlus hasn't done an app for other #VR headsets. Being able to watch 3D versions of movies on a VR Disney+ app would keep me as a subscriber.

Hopefully the work #Disney puts into whatever they do for #VisionPro will materialize elsewhere.

6 hours ago

I understand Apple has released a new product, which, like many Apple products over the years, is ludicrously overpriced

here on tusker, 100s of people, heck, maybe 1000s, are making fun of this product

I bet every single one of the critics hurling jabs at Apple is a fan in a few years, when ver 3 or 4 comes out

#wwdc23 #Apple #VR #visionpro #glasshole2

[ edit ]
like this WaPo story; in 10 years WaPo will have a story along the lines of "The Apple Gen4 VR headset, a must have for everyone

Tao of Mac
6 hours ago

Apple Has a Vision, and it's Pro

I’m going to get the Vision Pro out of the way first, because besides being at least a year out, $3499 and requiring lens inserts (which will very likely not be available for my specific case), it’s not something that’s going to matter to me for a long while.(...)

#macos #ios #2023 #wwdc #ipados #watchos #ar #visionpro #vr

Apple Has a Vision, and it's Pro
Junk Muffler
6 hours ago
7 hours ago

#protip : always wear privacy enabling eye lenses when using latest #vr tech incl. eye sensors system ... you never know ...
#cyberpunk #lifeline

Setsune Wave
7 hours ago

"You... You could replace movie theaters! You could see concerts, or plays, and it'd be like sitting right there in your seat!" Ha ha, yes yes, you've absolutely cracked that nut no one has built entire businesses around before. Just keep that energy up. #VR #VisionPro #WWDC

Setsune Wave
7 hours ago

I'm glad this is getting some people's gears turning about #VR and #AR implementations, but it is funny to watch them propose ideas for software that... already exist for VR, and have for years. The only difference is on some headsets you can't see your living room while doing it. #VisionPro #WWDC

jbz :catjam:
7 hours ago

The only "productive" use for this crap is helping people with some form of impairment.

Not sure about PTSD therapy tho, that was tried after 911 and not much came from that research.


Ren 🐧
7 hours ago
Haptic Monkey
7 hours ago

We're in the open... #opensource #metaverse #virtualreality #VR #Desktop #overte

What does the Fox say?

Maddie ♾️
7 hours ago

#Apple just walked into the #VR market with the #VisionPro, acted like they invented VR and #AR, didn't actually CALL it VR, and then immediately folded and yielded to the #OculusQuest. This is hilarious.

7 hours ago

My #VisionPro thoughts that nobody asked for but that I am nonetheless compelled to shout into the void.

I got an HTC Vive in 2016 and an updated Vive XR Elite just this year. I've played with VR a bunch and have Thoughts.

In no particular order 🧵:

#AppleVisionPro #WWDC #VR #AR #XR

7 hours ago

@esdin This pricetag suprasses majority of pro segment of VR...
And advertisement was like, it was cheap and affordable piece of tech for daily use. And eye display? this one is the first thing that apple could cut off and do not lose any usability.
However, zucc look, at this presentation! many users would love to have more android 2d apps! Zucc, you know that to do! #vr

7 hours ago

#apple hat also auch keine Ahnung, was man mit #vr tolles anstellen kann. Auf der #wwdc wird die Dreifaltigkeit präsentiert: #pornos #excel #games

7 hours ago

I am definitely staying with a #MetaQuestVR Will upgrade to the #Quest3 though. For productivity #ImmersedVR is still the best out there, and for watching my movie collection #SkyBoxVR.

The Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and YouTube apps also work, but they definitely need an update.

Not moving towards the #Apple #VisionPro at all. The device looks cool, the 2D with AR portion looks great, but 3D content seems lacking, and the price is way up there as expected.
#VR #VirtualReality

Dori Smith
7 hours ago

Of course, this is a v1! There have been plenty of v1 Apple products that I found uninteresting, but couldn't live without once v2 or v3 came around.

I'll be keeping an eye out for the future of Vision Pro… but I'll also start thinking about upgrading to a Meta Quest 3.

#Apple #WWDC23 #WWDC #VisionPro #Oculus #MetaQuest #VR #AR


Dori Smith
7 hours ago

I just finished watching Apple's announcement of the new Vision Pro.

I’ve had my Meta Quest 2 (aka Oculus) for nearly a year now, and I use it nearly every day.

My takeaway: I am not the target audience for the Vision Pro. None of the things I like about the Meta Quest were included, and of all of the things that were included, none interested me at all.

#Apple #WWDC23 #WWDC #VisionPro #MetaQuest #Oculus #VR #AR


7 hours ago

I wasn’t too sure about Apple Vision Pro, until audio ray tracing. I truly believe this device will have uses for people who are totally blind. So many implementations for accessibility wizzing around in my head.

#Blind #Accessibility #AppleVisionPro #Apple #VR

Dave Pearson
7 hours ago

Carrying on with my play through Red Matter 2.


Jay Reding 🇺🇦
7 hours ago

Vision Pro is a cool concept, but $3499 basically makes it DOA for widespread consumer adoption. I could definitely see it establishing a niche with design/CAD that allows it to eventually drop to the $1999 price point where it has a prayer of catching on more widely.

#WWDC2023 #AR #VR #Apple #VisionPro

jbz :catjam:
8 hours ago

Fuck it, I'll install NixOS on every machine at this grammar school.

I wouldn't mind overpaying for those landfilling airpods as long as they are from Apple.

I can't even wait to be trapped by its VR ecosystem. If I die inside that, I'll get resurrected as an AI union busting chatbot directed by Kojima himself.

#eWaste #vr #airpods #wwdc

Adams Immersive
8 hours ago

My credit card just leaped out of my wallet like a salmon swimming home to spawn
🍎 🥽 💸

#VisionPro #AppleVisionPro #visionOS #xrOS #SpatialComputing #VR #AR #XR #VirtualReality #AugmentedReality #WWDC #WWDC23 #Apple #Unity #GameDev #ButSalmonDieAfterSpawning

MacPaw 🇺🇦
8 hours ago

Lana i Lilly Wachowski kind of predicted Apple Vision Pro 👓 #WWDC23 #Matrix #VR

8 hours ago

Regardless of how successful or not #Apple's #AR stuff is, I imagine it'll totally obliterate what's left of #Meta's AR ambitions, which was the main reason Zuck wanted to get into #VR in the first place.

Michael Hainsworth
10 hours ago

60 seconds until the #WWDC23 launch of Apple's #AugmentedReality #VR Headset. Follow for updates and analysis on why this isn't the device for you. Not yet.

Elizabeth Tasker
12 hours ago

Designed a new avatar using #VRoidStudio for use on the #VR #Cluster platform! Contrary to my usual step of being bright blue, this one somewhat resembles me, largely as I may be teaching in this avatar over the summer and would like to look vaguely trustable 😂 Would you trust this face? How could you not?

Screenshot of an avatar wearing an orange hoodie and dark brown trousers. The hoodie says "MMX" vertically down the centre. The avatar as a loose, messy short cut of dark blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Happy #WWDC. Sneak peak of #xrOS #VR demo area.

#Apple #wwdc23

Comfortably Numb🦋
13 hours ago

Haven't worked out in a while, it feels good to be back in the game.

#VR #fitness #holofit #fitbit

You're in a crystal cave, all around you blue crystals, railroad track underneath you.
You're on a mysterious lake bathed in pink light. Ancient arch in front of you.
You're in the middle a large body of water, blue sky with some scattered clouds above you, bank covered in trees far ahead
Fitbit stats showing 575 calories burned,

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I sure hope #Apple isn’t releasing any device related to #gaming or virtual reality. We already spend TOO MUCH TIME on our devices. We don’t need new reasons to spend more.

There, I said it. #WWDC #VR

Brian LeRoux 💚
18 hours ago

Genuinely think the forbidden fruit company has the best shot at unlocking the AR/VR space the same way they did with other mobile/wearable devices.

Not a fanboy, not even close, but absolutely always in awe of Apple execution.

#apple #ar #vr

Joachim Bondo
21 hours ago

Enjoy the talk about #AR, #VR, #MR, #XR etc. for a few more hours. After Apple’s #WWDC23 keynote later today, they will have streamlined the terminology, and the whole industry will be using their carefully chosen words going forward.
Happy Dub-Dub Keynote Day! 🏳️‍🌈

1 day ago

That Royksopp travel agency song was playing in my head when I got on the monorail.

World: Aquatic Suspension Railway by totuka kaoru
#vrchat #vr #virtualphotography #virtualreality #vrchatphotography #vrcphotography #vrc #photography #VRChat_world紹介

Jason Pester (GameDev)
1 day ago

Will #Apple reveal the VR headset of the future or the next Apple III, Twiggy disk drive, iMac circular puck mouse, Newton*, iTunes Ping, Magic Mouse underside charging port, MacBook butterfly keyboard, MacBook TouchBar, etc? Only time will tell

#WWDC2023, Mon, Jun 5, 10am PST

*Be kind. I gave Apple this idea - check my personal Web site for details

#WWDC #xrOS #iOS #VRHeadset #AR #VR #MR #XR #Immersive #Immersion #Spatial #Hybrid #Remote #WorkFromHome #Gaming #GameDev

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference 2023

Watch tomorrow, Mon, Jun 5, at 10:00 a.m. PT. View online at or on the Apple TV app.
1 day ago

TIL : so one "social media" in the trend rn with teens around here is
the #metaverse is far from dead actually, and if ... some conditions ... #thirdroom could work adequately - as I see teens starting to use #element #matrix with ease too ... or even #minetest

(I have ideas about missing pieces ... ) #vr #ar

jbz :catjam:
1 day ago

🥸 Meta Employees Are Selling the Metaverse, But Not Working In it
➥ Bloomberg

"Employees across the organization generally aren't using the headsets -- especially not for work meetings, according to 11 current and former employees. Even those in the VR part of the organization don't use it regularly for work"

#Metaverse #VR #Zuckerberg

1 day ago

AR/VR/XR folks are so desperate for some success to validate all of their work that they are pinning their hopes on Apple's upcoming device.

At any point has anyone come up with a valid general-purpose use-case for this type of gear?

#Apple #VR #AR

Rumors for Apple’s #VR are that #RealityOS will interplay nicely with IPad OS which then might (optimistic layman speaking) mean that stuff like the “phone” version of #VRChat could slot into Reality OS using the power or the headset’s rumored M2 chips.

So long as they don’t leverage that to do something stupidly capitalist like blocking themselves out of SteamVR for those who have a nice PC setup already, this could be really cool!

Geeking out about #VR again: The Quest 3 got revealed a few days ago and it’s looking pretty good!

But due to how a lot of it had been leaked already and Apple’s thing being just around the corner that’s genuinely where most of my (and a lot of nerd’s) hype is at. I’m relatively deep into their ecosystem and if they come out swinging into the space by using M2 chips to deliver PCVR level performance on a headset‪…‬ Honestly I might just save up for that.

2 days ago

Started working on the edit mode tools. Been playing around with stuff for the last few hours, hoping to get a properties inspector in tomorrow so that you can click on an object and edit it's properties. This is just placeholder stuff to get some progress on the idea that we're shooting for with the tools.
#godot #vr #godot4 #indiegames #indie

2 days ago

@frameworkcomputer congrats everyone (sp. keeping calm around that * person ... )
this MB+case is crazy, should be investigated for wearable computing with #VR / #AR imho ... (some usb-c battery option to look at probably ... )

Boiling Steam
2 days ago
Brian Dear
3 days ago

Whether the AR/VR goggles/headset winds up being $2499 or $24.99, I don’t care.

No interest. Ape could pay me a million dollars to get one and still no interest.

Hoping the headset fails. Hoping the 3D holographic projections depicted in so many scifi movies prevails instead.

Holographs: open, social, visible to anyone nearby, freedom, happiness.

Goggles: closed, private, tyrrany, slavery, doom, destruction.

#apple #headset #vr #ar

Pratik Patel
3 days ago

Congratulations on the PR.

Current and ex-employees: #Meta staff generally aren't using the #Quest 3, especially for meetings, and even those in the #VR unit don't use it regularly for work.


Stephen Shankland
5 days ago

Neal Stephenson, whose 1992 novel Snow Crash brought the term metaverse to the world, is optimistic about XR thanks to better tooling. But even with Apple getting involved, it's a hard sell.

#XR #AR #VR #MR #metaverse #SciFi #AWE2023

Sci-fi author Neal Stephenson speaking at AWE 2023 conference
Stephen Shankland
5 days ago

Real and 4/5-scale virtual Ori Inbar giving an opening keynote at Augmented Reality Expo, arguing hard that the metaverse and its AR, VR, and XR foundation still is alive. "We won't rest until everyone uses XR, everywhere, all the time."

#AWE2023 #AR #VR #MR #XR

XR advocate Ori Inbar on stage at AWE 2023 next to a virtual version of himself shown on a big screen in a box
Dave Mark
6 days ago

Monday, we'll see Apple's take on a classic problem:

How do you sell something that people watching can't themselves experience directly?

Like selling new TV technology to people watching commercials on old TV technology, it requires a leap of faith.

How will Apple bring VR to life for us? How will they convey the cool? 🤔

We'll see on Monday!

#Apple #VR #WWDC #WWDC23

Firmament by Cyan Worlds

As a fan of Myst and Obduction, I've been looking forward to playing this since I backed it on Kickstarter in 2019. The environments really look amazing in VR!

#Firmament #gaming #VR

Looking around a greenhouse in the game Firmament
Jim Parsons
1 week ago


Not hard to imagine #Health
#XR #MR #VR apps in service of guided therapy for #OSI #PTSD #Addiction #Anxiety #Depression #MoralInjury etc. (now)

• yes, #Apple Dev focus on broad revenue & income is important

• positive health outcomes for individuals, patients, families = priceless

• as for niche verticals?
– warehouses full of $10K LaserWriters before Desktop Publishing (PageMaker & Quark)


Oct 2019 (90 sec)

2 weeks ago

#Design #Outlooks
Decoding the Future: the evolution of intelligent interfaces · How we interact with technology is about to change significantly

#IntelligentInterface #ProductDesign #UxDesign #IxDesign #UiDesign #DigitalDesign #WebDesign #AI #AR #VR #Ubiquity #ContextAwareness #Multimodality #Collaboration

2 weeks ago

Give us a share and come join the chat! The show is GO!
#SGGQA 300: Meta Fined $1 Billion, DoorDash Charges iPhone Users More, Adults Don't Use Twitter, Right to Repair in France

#tech #android #geek #news #podcast #livestream #meta #facebook #vr #apple #iphone #technology #righttorepair #twitter #journalism

Andrew Schmidt
2 weeks ago

It’s fun to be wrong! And with that mantra running on repeat in my brain, here’s something, uh, fun:

All my best guesses about the new #Apple headset — what it’s for, how they’ll pitch it, and whether or not you’ll be able to watch the historically-bad LA Galaxy in #VR.

3 weeks ago

@Edent @adrianhon this was absolutely my problem... Huge Vive supporter, and loved some of the #vr experiences I had on it (Alyx is absolutely seminal) but the friction to use it around my flat is just *such a faff* that it barely comes out. Though still hoping for a light, high res headset with full pass through to get me excited again.

3 weeks ago

Hello! I'm a soon-to-be former program manager with a large technology company in the Puget Sound region and I am looking for opportunities for remote work or hybrid options in the Seattle region. I'm new to the fediverse, but have a connection to a strong presence here. Trying out the #fediHired tag was recommended so I'm grateful for you reading this and boosting if possible. I'm learning and thank you!

My qualifications:
1. Native fluency in
#Japanese and #English
2. Program Management experience 2+ years with large tech company
3. Excellent commendations and awards from previous management at current employer
4. Strong work ethic
5. Excellent organizational skills
6. Very comfortable around technology and learning new skills
7. Enjoy gaming and VR technologies
8. Very comfortable with all office and related programs.
9. Some familiarity with coding and game-related technologies like
#Unity and #Blender.

#programManagement #fediHired #bilingual #strongWorkEthic #jobs #gettingHired #fediverse #cv #resume #jobSeeking #introduction

Some of my interests as hashtags:
#gaming #streaming #twitch #vr #beatSaber #japanese #日本語

Pratik Patel
3 weeks ago

Looks like a lot of inside sources. This seems very much like an expectation management post. There's also historical context missing. Apple has done this with the Lisa.

#Apple Is Breaking Its Own Rules With a New Headset

Apple’s soon-to-be-revealed mixed-reality device will likely cost $3,000, requires a separate battery pack and is still experimental

#RealityPro #XR #AR #VR #MixedReality

Dylan R. Fox
3 weeks ago

Tickets still available for the
@xrAccess Symposium on June 15-16 y'all! Whether in New York or online, you're going to want to check it out if you care about making an inclusive metaverse.

#VR #AR #MR #metaverse #XR #accessibility #a11y #conference

Ben Waber
4 weeks ago

Next was a wide-ranging talk by @elm on #data #visualization in #VR environments at Stanford University (7/9) #HCI

4 weeks ago

@EDPS check our streams last winter about it ...

(not sur many have followed ;) )

#vr #gdpr #privacy #dataprotection

Tara Skywalker
4 weeks ago

Hello! This is long overdue but it's here now ✨

I'm Tara! Nice to meet you 👋 I'm in my 20s, go by any/all pronouns, and I've got a lot of adjectives in my bio ^^;

I live on Terf Island, and spend most of my days researching ways to make computers take actions to behave in measurably cool ways, without human data 🤖 Computers are cool. Stats is cool. Put them together and it's like magic!

In my spare time I like to indulge in lots of fiction in media & games and such - especially #SciFi! Some of my favourite things include #StarWars, #StarCitizen, #Hololive, #Poetry, and #Music. Also #VR is great when I make the time.

Let's talk values: I care a lot about people, community, and life of all kinds. I hold that a basic love is held for all, regardless of their actions or character 💚 I want a better life for all of us, and I refuse to exclude anyone from this sentiment 🏴🚩

If you have read this far it's clear
I owe you gratitude:
You cared to read all of this through!
I care about you too 💛 :P

4 weeks ago

Y'all I need help.

I keep getting feedback on my #design #portfolio that I am "underselling" myself. I have no clue how to fix it.

Advice welcome!

#AI #VR #BioTech #Designer #Help #Job #jobsearch #Freelance #Boost

A screenshot of a portfolio featuring AI, Spatial and Wearable, and Biomedical categories
Dave Mark
4 weeks ago

Imagine Logic Pro on a headset:

- Potential for a HUGE display, much bigger than the biggest iPad, not limited by hardware
- Swipe to quickly move through your timeline/access specific tracks
- Gestures galore, like Minority Report in real life!

(@craiggrannell prompted this thought)

#Apple #LogicPro #VR #AR

Elizabeth Tasker
1 month ago

I interviewed Jim Green, who has recently retired as Chief Scientist at #NASA after 42 years for our blog at ISAS #JAXA.

When I asked Jim how space science had changed over his career, I expected him to talk about Mars. Instead, he told me about the “disruptive technology” from the internet to #VR that revolutionised the way people worked together to change absolutely everything.

It was an amazing story, and I'm super proud of the piece!

Link here 🔗:

Little trailer video made to advertise the article. Text begins with a quote from Jim Green saying "It's been 42 years. I had to make sure it was 42, because that's the answer!" (and yes, he's quoting Hitchhikers Guide!). Text then reads, "After 42 years at NASA, Jim Green describes how disruptive technology drove the phenomenal progress in space science."
Terence Eden
1 month ago

🆕 blog! “Let's (not) share our VR headsets”

It is hard to get people excited about VR. Even at its best, it is an isolating experience - that's why Zuck is pushing the social features of The Metaverse so hard. But, worse still, it's hard to show people what the VR experience is like. If your friend buys a 4K laser projector, you […]

👀 Read more:

#games #metaverse #vr

Tall retail unit with a CRT TV on top - it has Sega Dreamcast branding.
1 month ago

@Mina I've been waiting for #cgi #porn to come along as a concept since the 90s, and I'm surprised that it hasn't happened more quickly. I think that the current 5 movies a day with 2 or 3 cheap cameras shooting schedule is much cheaper. The consumers don't care about writing, sadly.

Where it should change is with #VR immersive "write the non player characters on the fly" porn which is probably on the verge of happening at the high end of the market now. But the mass market is still cheap crap.

Daryl Baxter
1 month ago

Following on from yesterday - I have budget for many #Features at iMore this week.
They can be 'out there' as much as possible, it just has to be fun.

From #iOS to the #Watch, #Accessibility, #VR, #AI, #iPod Hi-Fi and more, feel free to #pitch me, even if you haven't written about #Apple before.
#freelance #journorequest

I want new voices.

1 month ago

New portfolio check! All my design/tech work the last few years.

Feedback and boosts welcome.

#design #portfolio #jobsearch #tech #biotech #ai #laidoff #VR #feedback #boost

A screenshot of a website reading M Eifler design portfolio with 3 images labeled artificial intelligence, spatial and wearable, and biomedical