2 hours ago

I presented "Mentoring #VSCode-rs as an Emacsian" for #Emacs Conf 2023 ( I go through my approach (at my best self) and being curious about how folks are using their editors and the "bumps/hiccups" they encounter along the way.

@Iragersh @atthenius
I find using #VSCode makes using #JupyterNotebook really easy.

Weird thing happened to me while using VS Code. #JupyterNotebook stopped working and I had to delete and recreate my venv and then reinstall #ipykernel. Fortunately #VSCode makes this super easy. #Python

Erik L. Arneson :emacs:
4 hours ago

Now watching @takeonrules talking about converting #VSCode users to #Emacs users.

"I want people to think holistically about their generalized computing environment." YES!!


Paul Watts
18 hours ago

Setting up Vscode for C development

It seems pretty straight forward to setup vscode for zig development however can someone put me on the right path, pun intended lol, for using the Zig toolchain for pure C development in vscode.

In particular the correct setting for "C_Cpp.default.compilerPath":
on a windows installation of Zig and any other required settings to build, run and debug pure c programs.

#zig #vscode

Ross Light
18 hours ago

New blog post about using #SQLite with #VSCode / #Jupyter notebooks:

This was a lot of fun! And it's nice to write a new debugging and scripting tool that I use a lot.

#ICYMI Check out this week's #VSCode livestream featuring an OpenAI Function Calling demo and a deep dive discussion on safeguarding with #AI with @BurkeHolland and @dfinke and why as a developer, you should be using it! ▶️ #GPT #Copilot


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1 day ago

just noticed copilot ads in the #vscode settings, i am switching to #vscodium immediately lmao

1 day ago

Is... Is #VSCode automatically answering confirmation prompts in tasks with "s", therefore automatically rejecting them?


Confirm? (y/N) s
 *  Terminal will be reused by tasks, press any key to close it.
matt 🦕
1 day ago

So.. #clangd is a thing and I started using it and the #VSCode has come alive with argument annotations and way more feedback on the C-style #cpp that I'm writing.

Thomas Krause
1 day ago

still struggling with the optimal work mode when creating #markdown content.

#vscode still works better for me working **on** content.
@obsidian works better working **with** content.

yes, I do work with both in parallel and it still doesn't feel optimal.

no #copilot in obsidian, the @drawio is meeehhhh, the file navigator is mehhhh...

what's your mode for generating (and working with) #markdown content?

Tristan Partin
2 days ago

Decided to start a #VSCode extension for #Postgres development. Right now, I'm thinking of formatting support with pgindent. Haven't really come up with any other ideas yet.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 days ago

@randomgeek #VSCode: For #JavaScript kiddies, by JavaScript kiddies

⏲️ We're live in 10 minutes with #AI powered coding! Join us for a real-time weather data demo with @dfinke. See how #GPT Function Calling can transform external tools and database management and chat live with the team 🎬 #vscode


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Brandon Lipani
3 days ago
3 days ago

@1010is10 I personally just jumped on the #vscode and #docker train.

3 days ago

I just made #ide in my Linux with #neovim and #lua programming languages.
Any programmer can use this ide for any purposes like, low level programming, AI, ML, malware and etc.
It's #free and #opensource 😎
Check this out:
#code #programming #program #vscode #hack #hacker

lunya~ 💗
3 days ago

Does anyone know how to disable VSCode C/C++ from including the system /usr/include folder? I'm trying to work on a kernel, and it won't require my files, despite them being in the include path.

#vscode #c #cpp #troubleshooting

Joe Lanman
4 days ago

Have to change the previous/next tab keys in VS Code every time I set up. Is there a better way to store all your VS Code settings between installs?

Aks :aks_boomer:
4 days ago
4 days ago

Been having fun working with #GitHub Pages and got my personal website set up. #Hugo #Dart-Sass #NodeJS plus #Git and #VSCode were a big help. You can check out what I've got so far at Yep, that's a lot of social media links, as I want to be sure people can reach me on their preferred platform. Too bad #Signal doesn't have a way to share a profile link...

Sherri W (SyntaxSeed)
4 days ago

Started working on a little follow-along series of lessons for learning and practising #VSCode keybindings and keyboard navigation. 🙂

Lesson 1 is complete: Navigating Files, the Terminal, and Search

Been trying to cement some of these shortcuts into my memory and it's been slow going. Practise makes perfect!

#coding #programming #webdev #development

Steven Rosenberg
4 days ago

I'm trying to figure out GUI development workflows for #Fedora #Silverblue.

I went through a whole thing to connect the #VSCode #Flatpak to a #Toolbx, and while it worked, it was kind of underwhelming. Yeah, I can access the toolbox from the editor, but I can't compile/run from the VSCode menus.

If I'm not getting full integration in the IDE, why not just have a separate terminal with the Toolbox open?

I'm not sure why I can't just compile a C++ program from VS Code due to whatever Flatpak SDKs are already on the system.

I have trouble understanding how GNOME Builder "works" for non-GNOME/Flatpak development use cases. Just getting a binary out of there seems difficult.

For now I'm just falling back to the Geany Flatpak with Toolbox in a terminal. That's simple, and it works.

I'd like to be able to compile/run C++ and Ruby from an IDE, but I don't see it happening. What about Java and Python?

I get that everything is about containers, but I'm not finding a lot of documentation that "normal" people can follow, and it's very short on "Here's a GUI IDE workflow for atomic/immutable distros that is easy and works." Is this solved in #UniversalBlue?

4 days ago

I think VSCode is an awesome piece of open source software

#VSCode #opensource

Jay Miller
4 days ago

A New Multiwindow Productivity Feature is coming soon to #VSCode. Great video from Leonardo Montini

Mark Downie
5 days ago
Philip Newborough
5 days ago

Playing with the Codeium VS Code extension. The AI code suggestions seem pretty good, but it's not overly quick and I'm not sure how useful I'd find it for real world use. I've uninstalled it for now, but may take another look at some point in the future.

#ai #codeium #vscode

Taras Novak 🇺🇦
5 days ago

🥳 We just published new #SQLiteProTools 🛠️ for our Pro sponsors on GitHub:


#VSCode #SQLite #SQLitePro #SQLTools #PRODataTools 🧙 ...

Beko Pharm
5 days ago

Does anyone know if the #vscode side bar can be configured to only take space from the first tab group?

I've mine usually configured with 3 split columns (triple head setup) and it's annoying af that everything shifts when the side menu opens.

Mrcuve0 | #FreeAssange
5 days ago

Here to say that if you need a Neovim plugin to connect via SSH to a remote server (so you can finally ditch VSCode and its SSH extension, which are amazing BTW) you should definitely try

It just works!

Sadly my movements ctrl+HJKL to move between windows or LSP suggestions is suboptimal as it crashes the connection. Plus the cursor is not blinking. Anyway, nothing you cannot solve or adapt to.

#neovim #nvim #vim #ssh #server #VSCode

6 days ago

Je vais lancer ma série de mise en lumière hebdo d'outils opensource #dev / #devops peu connus (donc oublier les sempiternelles #vscode, #gitlab, etc) en français.

Pourquoi en français ?

Je n'ai aucun souci avec l'anglais, au contraire, mais je trouve le contenu francophone largement sous representé

Guilherme Dea
6 days ago

I was going crazy trying to understand why my code didn't import a excel file trough openpyxl on VS Code. Moved to Pycharm and it worked flawlessly (???) 🤷‍♂️

#python #vscode #dev #code

6 days ago

I am using #github #copilot the first time for my writing #latex slides. And I just love it: It provides really useful and time-saving suggestions.

Tiny example: copilot has learned that I create an extra slide showing the title of the new section using \LARGE letter. I just start typing and use tab-completion within #vscode

Marijke Luttekes
6 days ago

- As a macOS user;
- I want to map a commonly used extension's shortcut to Alt + Q;
- So that I can accidentally close my #VSCode multiple times a day.

Taras Novak 🇺🇦
6 days ago

Wrapping up new #SQLiteProTools #VSCode extension 📦 for the first private beta #ProDataTools release ...

#SQLite / #SQLitePro / #SQLTools 🛠️ ...

Andrea Grandi 🦕
1 week ago

I'm a bit confused by #Github #Copilot Chat extension for #VSCode.

Which one I'm supposed to use? I'm interested in the most stable one, but I can't understand which one is it: Release is labeled ad "preview", but "Pre-Release" is also labeled as "preview" 🤔

#development #programming

GitHub Copilot Chat screenshot showing pre release version
GitHub Copilot Chat screenshot showing release version but still preview
1 week ago

I found a lexer for #ImageJ Macros in #VSCode. Now I can use co-pilot for coding ijm.

Image showing syntax highlighting for ImageJ Macro language in VSCode
Rocky Lhotka 🍂 🤘🖖
1 week ago

@CriticalSilence I'd suggest using #vscode and bash to start with, and perhaps build some console apps.

The easiest way to build graphic UI apps for Linux is to use #blazor to build interactive web apps that you can install as a #pwa to get a "smart client" experience.

There used to be some .NET support for GTK, but I don't know if that has been maintained.

1 week ago

Had fun playing with #albert launcher for #linux

It's got a #python plugin model which I used to make it know about #vscode and #codespaces

If you're trying it out enable `widgetsboxmodel` and `Numix` theme for 🤩



Brett Kromkamp
1 week ago

I have been using Blender, on and off, since 2015 and only now am I starting to seriously delve into Python scripting in Blender. The "Hello, world!" of Python scripting in Blender is a building generator, so that is what I have started to develop. I will post updates as I make progress.

#blender #b3d #python #vscode

The beginnings of a procedurally generated building, with the Python script open in Visual Studio Code on the left and the Blender application window open on the right, respectively.

Default lint errors as underlining is such a distracting way to implement that. I can't seem to find a way to have them marked in the gutter instead. #vscode

1 week ago

Excellent list of useful VSCode extensions for Laravel. I thought I had all the useful ones, but I missed 3 of them.

Thanks @sk138 for this!

#php #vscode

Kevin C. Tofel
1 week ago

It's taken a few weeks but I think I've finally turned the corner with #neovim. I've only opened up #VSCode once this week and that was just for a few minutes to format code with Prettier. I have Prettier and an LSP installed but formatting isn't quite working for me yet in Neovim.

I'm still not super fast with keyboard shortcuts and motions but I'm getting there! 🎉

#coding #JavaScript #WebDev #Linux

Screenshot from a Linux laptop showing a prototype content management system and related blog on the left. On the right are two Terminal windows. The top one is using Neovim to edit code while the bottom one is for running the content management system server.
Dan Schroeder
1 week ago

@tlockney @CptSuperlative Nice, I didn’t know about this one. I’ll be adding it to my #VSCode list 👍

Captain Superlative
1 week ago

All the cool kids say VSCode is the best.

But JFC VSCode is a royal pain in the ass.

Cannot even open a file and then keep it in an open tab. Doing any little normal thing requires tracking down howtos on SO and even then it doesn't usually work.

What the hell is in everyone's water that they love VSCode so much?

(It does do some things well. I'm just frustrated. I should be able to open as many tabs as I want without VSCode deciding for me that it's going to auto-close tabs as it sees fit.)

#vscode #flutter

Paolo Redaelli
1 week ago

#vscode is a #trojanhorse! It resemble "open source", while the binary you download is meant to break all the values that protect people's #freedom

Axel Rauschmayer
1 week ago

Piping stdout into a Visual Studio Code editor. In principle, this works:

curl <some-url> | code -

Alas, this command doesn’t finish until the VSCode tab is closed:

#vscode #VisualStudioCode

1 week ago

Dites les utilisateurs de #VSCode, j'essaye d'avoir le trim de white spaces actif sur tout fichier sauf du markdown.

Du coup j'ai fait ça mais ça marche pas… qu'est-ce que j'ai pas compris ?

"files.trimTrailingWhitespace": true,
    "[markdown]": {
        "files.trimTrailingWhitespace": false

while I'm at it, does anyone know if there is a way to tell VSCodium to use SCSS syntax highlighting for style blocks in astro/svelte/vue? I'm using PostCSS to enable nesting syntax and it's doing a very poor job of tokenizing it as vanilla CSS (which does support nesting now, but whatever)

#webdev #vscode #astro #css

Hylke 🍵
2 weeks ago

designing a #vscode feature.

A big and chaotic Figma design file overlayed onto the conspiracy guy meme.
Marco Ivaldi
2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

welp. Once I got this plugin

It was the last "hold out" feature of vscode that I was sorely missing while messing with neovim. This might be a turning point in my editor of choice... 😮

#neovim #indiedev #vscode

2 weeks ago

#BBEdit has been largely pushed out of favour by #VSCode but if you do have it installed (even the free version) then on #macOS you can highlight two text files in #Finder, right-click and go to the bottom of the menu where you can compare the files by selecting: Services... > Compare Using BBEdit

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 weeks ago

Do you want a #POSIX #shell script using #jq ( and to document your #VSCode workspace extension recommendations as a #Markdown list? Sure you do:

for extName in $( jq --raw-output '.recommendations[]' <.vscode/extensions.json )
vsce show --json "${extName}" |
jq --raw-output '
["* [", .displayName, "](",
@uri "\(
")"] | add'

Khalid ⚡
2 weeks ago

What’s interesting (but not surprising) is the release of #vscode #csharp tools, which has eaten into Visual Studio's market share. This is the first time Visual Studio has dropped below 50% of the #dotnet ecosystem.

Visual studio - 48%
JetBrains Rider - 32%
Visual Studio Code - 14%

Interesting. The #GitLab extension in #VSCode now includes an AI chat sidebar. Trying to keep up with #GitHub #Copilot I assume.

Epiphanic Synchronicity
2 weeks ago

@dhrystone For many people, desktop #Linux can do anything they need, whether they realize it or not. Linux users have benefited from cross-platform frameworks like #Electron that make it easy to create Linux versions of apps like #Obsidian and #VSCode. The two biggest gaps are MS Office—nothing else creates 100% compatible files—and Adobe CS. It’s more capable than #ChromeOS (you don’t have to hack it to run Linux apps) and ideal for anyone who doesn’t need Windows- or macOS-specific software.

Joe Lanman
2 weeks ago

Did you know you can pin tabs in VS Code?

#dev #vsCode

Sonny Bonds
3 weeks ago

Actually I'm a bit surprised there doesn't seem to be a generic file browser panel extension for vscode. Or well there may be one, but none I can find.


It's just dawning on me that #Monaspace isn't actually saying this font feature is available in #VSCode; it's playing "Tomorrowland World's Fair" over here in the middle of a product launch.

wobweger :verified:
3 weeks ago

switching to #GitLab and #vscode was an excellent decision

Frozen Canuck
3 weeks ago

Oh, neat, there's a #VSCode extension called #TypeScript Explorer that allows you to fully explore type information. It's a beta preview but seems to work


Frozen Canuck
3 weeks ago

It's 2023 and the #VSCode team only has a #Twitter account. It would be really nice if they could setup an official #Mastodon account. Feel the same way? Help by giving a 👍 here

#microsoft #dev

Frozen Canuck
3 weeks ago

It's also unfortunate that #VSCode still doesn't have the ability to quickly preview an expanded view of a defined #TypeScript enum. You have to take the extra step of going to the source definition.

Olivier Forget
3 weeks ago

@yojimbo @lightweight Note that there already is at least one open extension registry for #VSCode (MIT) projects:

It's created / supported by Eclipse foundation:

They also have their own vendor-neutral #IDE derivative of VSCode: Theia

Olivier Forget
3 weeks ago

This post on #vscode #github and #microsoft is pretty harrowing. I have adopted VSCode after bouncing around a number of others editors / IDEs. I see how this is going to haunt me in the future. Boo. Yet another thing to have to worry about in my tech world.

edit: via @yojimbo and @lightweight

Emacs: print-buffer

VSCode: ... uhm, what is a printer?

#Emacs #vscode

Frozen Canuck
3 weeks ago

I find it hard to believe that VS Code IDE still does not have built in support to get an expanded view of types defined in #TypeScript. You'd think #VSCode and TS engineers would've worked together to solve this by now. Thankfully there is a hack that works reasonably well but it is a hack.

Rodion Borisov
3 weeks ago

@jerryD I would go entirely framework-less for little stuff and #WebComponent libraries - it's a great future-proof solution. Add the recent #CustomElements #LSP made for #Neovim, #Intellij or #VSCode into the mix - a cherry on top!

But for everything beyond that, like #MPA, #WebComponents make a good neighborhood with #Astro or #HTMX for me.

Keith J Grant
3 weeks ago

Kinda bummed that this image, right near the top of the new Monaspace font page, isn’t actually achievable in VS Code, as far as I can tell.

I don't think there's a way to use different fonts for various parts of syntax highlighting.


A chunk of code, where an inline comment is in a handwritten-type font, a docstring is in a formal serifed font, and the actual code is in a standard typewriter-like font
3 weeks ago

7 years: #VSCode is adding every feature under the sun, and still hasn't fixed the crappy drag & drop.

@itsfoss Ubuntu LTS works great for everything I do. I’m mostly running #freecad, #inkscape, #prusaslicer, #vscode, and #firefox.

Do it Your Web :mastodon:
4 weeks ago

ora ditemi il perché nessuno mi ha detto che esiste una versione di #vscode senza la #microsoft tra i piedi !!!

Has anyone spent some time being fond of code syntax highlighting themes and can point me anywhere I could read stuff about it, like maybe how color combinations work best, accessibility concerns, or maybe some science about how light/dark mode affects productivity and whatnot 😄

#coding #theme #color #vscode #webdev #software #askmastodon #fedihelp

Jason Garber
4 weeks ago

I really don’t care for #VSCode, but I really do like the Dev Containers feature.

Andre Polykanine
4 weeks ago

If you need to use #Atlassian #Confluence at work and you struggle like me because its editor is not accessible for #blind #screenReader users (and they removed the source code editor and don’t want to bring it back), but you still want to create fancy wiki pages without bothering your colleagues and begging them for help, I have a lifehacky solution:
1. Open your favorite editor, mine is #VSCode.
2. Write your wiki page in plain HTML. I mean, with tags and everything.
3. Save it as an HTML file.
4. Open it in a browser.
5. Select all and copy the whole thing. Note to fellow #JAWS users: Make sure you have "Copy full content" set in Quick Settings (JAWSKey+V).
6. Paste your page in the Confluence editor. You may check that the formatting is there by skimming through, it should read headings, lists and so on, akin to how it does it in Microsoft Word.
7. Enjoy and make your colleagues enjoy too!
P.S. Atlassian products are still a piece of brown substance accessibility-wise, and it’s not chocolate, as far from that as you can imagine.