@hkrn does this also apply to #VScodium?

Bart Nijbakker
4 days ago

I'm having a really annoying issue with #VSCodium, sometimes it will instant-scroll up or down by a lot, depending on whether I start to scroll up or down.

I am currently using a touchpad, and it seems to happen only after the last update (I use the #Debian package). Does anyone else have this issue as well?

Will check whether it happens with a mouse as well.

Naty :blobfoxcofeowo:
4 days ago

Some delays on posting to my new Hugo blog because I'm trying to get a clean working setup on my new Mac Mini! It's quite a task to manually move over from a 10y+ computer to a new one! Gonna try to install some #opensource alternatives while I'm at it; e.g. #Lulu instead of #LittleSnitch, #VScodium instead of #VScode, #Espanso instead of #Atext... Also looking into #foss versions of #spotlight, like #ueli or #quicksilver. And cheers to #homebrew, I can't imagine installing each by .dmg!

1 week ago
Porto in superficie e condivido con quanti più possibile la mia esperienza, consigliando le 10 milgiori applicazioni open-source che da sempre utilizzo con grande soddisfazione.
10 applicazioni Open-source per la produttività
Patrick Laimbock
2 weeks ago

@governa You can disable telemetry in #VSCode Does #VSCodium offer any other (#privacy) benefits?

ricardo :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

How to Install #VSCodium on Ubuntu Linux

Not happy with telemetry in #VSCode? Install VSCodium, a 100% open source clone of VS Code.

2 weeks ago

Whew. It took me way longer to figure out how to sync #VSCodium settings between machines than I'm willing to admit. My use case, I'm using VSCodium and want to sync settings between Linux and macOS.

The answer is use this plugin:

Then I couldn't make it work with a remote git so I synced it to a local folder, which is then synced with Dropbox.

for the #coders out there. I have been using #VSCodium for a few weeks now. It works very well and apparently has no surveillance kruft like VS (track your) Code. Two draw backs for me. Colour scheme for functions and dataclasses not working as desired. Occasionally Go To Definition doesn't. Extensions work well. Loving it.

#Python #IDE #surveillance #codium #opensource

Mark Crocker
2 weeks ago

@panigrc @johanbove yes, I've been using the #Dendron plugin with #VSCodium. The resulting graphs are pretty, but I don't find them very useful. Then again, I had less than 100 Notes. Notes can also be tagged and the graphs can show both links and tags.

I never really learned the hot-keys, but ctrl-shift-P allows searching, so it's not hard to explore the functions available

The documentation is good. Unfortunately their video demos are high rez, so have tiny, unreadable fonts on YouTube.


2 weeks ago

Is there a #vscode #vscodium extension that creates just the graph with the connections between the #markdown documents?

i recommend learning #neovim / #vim / #emacs if you want to, i find all of them satisfying to use. but don't listen to the purists saying you need to learn it immediately, get comfortable with whatever works for you. #vscodium is fine.

just saw a youtube tutorial refer to sublime text as a free editor 🙄

it is not free nor is it open source. #SublimeText is fully #proprietary paid software that allows you to evaluate it. costs $99 to purchase access to releases for three years, then you have to do it again. it's also aging super hard. i wouldn't recommend it to new developers. #vscode / #vscodium has so many more features and is actually free.

2 weeks ago

Hey #VSCodium folks, what's the best approach to sync settings between computers?

@refi64 cnsider using #PyCharm or #VScodium?

3 weeks ago

#Outils/Tools : "Dérivés" des renommés éditeurs de code #VSCode et #Atom, #VSCodium et @pulsaredit sont des excellentes alternatives #OpenSource et #TelemetryFree. À essayer !

LIX Linux
3 weeks ago

Code <&> Edit to your heart's satisfaction on LIX Linux.

#lixlinux #linux #kate #geany #vscodium

John U. Balis
4 weeks ago

If you are interested in using #codellama or #wizardcoder with #vscode, I have a foss #vscode / #vscodium extension which allows for fairly flexible code editing using these models.

Since it uses #text-generation-webui as a backend, it's compatible with machines with and without GPUs and doesn't require a Docker server like Fauxpilot.

This demo is local CPU inference only with a laptop i7, with the model WizardCoder python 13b.

A demo of the extendSelection feature of localpilot, generating a function to find the largest element in a list from its header.
Frantic Freddie
1 month ago

Closing #vscodium and re-opening it, gets rid of the tomato-effect and the errors but I'd like to know what causes it and if there is a better way of dealing with it.

Frantic Freddie
1 month ago

Anyone know why #vscodium #vscode #kickassembler turned my code into a blood bath after pressing ctrl-shift-B ?
The code normally builds just fine but I am a noob to this environment and am guessing it's some king of setup issue I haven't done correctly.

Frantic Freddie
1 month ago

Just gone down a rabbit hole trying to get #vscodium running on #Arch #Linux.
Out of curiosity I've been looking at trying it out for #C64 #C128 coding on #Linux. Previously I was using #IDE65XX but after seeing a few YT videos using #vscode I thought I'd give it a go.

First of all... I know nothing about software development / IDEs etc so this was a bit of an adventure.

Kurt Battisti
1 month ago

@nikku It worked. Here a short summary:

1. search for the extension on
2. download extension in "Resources" section with "Download Extension".
3. install the `.vsix` file using the terminal command.
4. extension appears in the #VSCodium in section Extensions.

Command: `codium --install-extension ~/Downloads/bpmn-io.vs-code-bpmn-io-0.16.1.vsix `

Just switched to #vscodium from #vscode, (preserving the MS extension marketplace) using the well written migration guidance: #easypeasy

the performance impact (ie. amount of CPU cycles on idle) is enormous!

Should have done this years ago

Kurt Battisti
1 month ago

@nikku Very interesting. I tried to install it using #VSCodium. It didn't show up there. Should it be possible to use it there or is it #VSCode only? #BPMN

1 month ago

#vscode #vscodium
Comment/De-comment multiple lines with ctrl + /. Most useful keyboard shortcut for me at the moment... 😂

Taras Novak 🇺🇦
1 month ago

We've enabled GitHub discussions for our public #DataTools & new #ProDataTools 🛠️ users to ask questions, request new features, and share ideas on how to improve them for the data scientists and devs using #VSCode, #VSCodium and #AzureDataStudio.


Frantisek Nagy
2 months ago


Best RSS reader: #freshrss
Best desktop #Mastodon client: @IceCubesApp
Best audio service: #spotify
Best Browser: #firefox
Best VPN: #selfhosted
Best code editor: #vscodium
Best file transfer client: #ssh
Best gaming platform: #nintendoswitch

Yoav Lavi
2 months ago

Modified to add more color and definition in certain places (especially in Rust), enjoying the result so far

#VSCode #VSCodium

fn try_main() -> anyhow: : Result< ()> {
    let Args {
    } = Args:: parse ();

    if no_color_output {
        SHOULD_COLORIZE.set_override (false);

    if let Some (completions) = completions {
        generate_completions (&completions);
        return Ok(());
Paul Rimmer
2 months ago

@Akiko Here's a few for you:

#VSCodium - VSCode without the telemetry/tracking.
#Syncthing - Keeps things up to date on all my devices.
#Artisan - For coffee roasting with my #HGBM roaster.
#KeePassXC - Manages all my passwords.
#Obsidian - Note taking app using markdown files. Can sync with git.
#Tmux - Very powerful and extensible terminal multiplexer. Highly recommended for developers.
#Linux #opensource

I mention some more that have impressed me on my travel Pi:

Yoav Lavi
2 months ago

These two editors are using the same font (CommitMono), same size (13px) and same theme (Tokyo Night, albeit with differences in implementation), and yet text seems much less clear in #vscode / #vscodium than in #helix. VSCodium seems to be rendering the font as thicker and adding line height by default.

Any ideas why?

An image of Helix (an editor) and VSCodium (an editor) rendering the same Nix code snippet

Peter Squicciarini released #VSCodium version

Anand Philip
2 months ago

Recently switched from being a #jupyterlab user to notebooks in #VSCodium user. inline code suggestions are a bit weird. running a LSP and all that. still.

Peter Squicciarini released #VSCodium version

2 months ago

VSCodium is an open-source version of VS Code that removes telemetry and tracking, providing a privacy-focused alternative.
#TextEditors #VSCodium #Pop_OS #Linux #LinuxTips #Software #LinuxSoftware #OpenSource #Privacy #VSCode

2 months ago

Do folks do #introduction posts here? Here’s mine:

I’m a
#Neurodivergent #PossiblyAutistic web developer specializing in user interfaces and front end tech. #Husband, 3x #DogDad, #guitar player, recovering #Artist, and occasional #GrownUp.

I’ve been known to hoard
#fonts. I collect modest #watches. I miss my #friends and #SummerBreak. I thrive on #HeavyMetal, especially the #Scandinavian stuff. 🤘

I strive to fill my digital life with
#FLOSS / #OpenSource software. I’m a recent #Neovim convert from #VSCodium and hardly miss it. My battery sure as 🔥 doesn’t.

2 months ago

I’ve tried Zettlr. It wasn’t for me. In addition to my other hangups mention above, I’m desperate to eliminate #Electron-based apps from my life. That’s why I’ve dropped #VSCodium in favor of #NeoVim as my code editor. Sadly, that leaves me precious few choices for note/#pkm apps.
@alexl @nhan @kristinides

I just fully set up #VSCodium, the #Microsoft #tracking free version of #VSCode
It works flawlessly! It is able to sign with #GPG and sign-off my commits and is full of useful utilities!

#OpenSource #Workflow #Workstation #Flathub #Flatpak #FedoraKinoite

@arialdo @xenodium

That argument is invalid, because #emacs - like #VScodium - is still interpreting said #packages.

Unless they are standalone #shell #scripts but then why use #bloatware like #emacs for that?

@LilahTovMoon why don't you use #vscodium which is VS Code without MS branding/telemetry/licensing what is pretty cool and nice not being tracked by MS…!? 🤔

3 months ago

Also, be aware of using the #vscodium (vscodium-bin) package from the #archlinux #aur
Version does not work with the Open Remote - SSH plugin.
For now, stick to the version.

Haxxeron :blobcatbounce:
3 months ago

seems like python language server by microsoft now doesn't work on opensource alternative to VSCode, VSCodium. All features by language server just don't work and outputs this bullshit into it's output.
It's the latest version of lsp v2023.10.1

#microsoft #vscode #vscodium #programming #python #lsp #OpenSource

output log from python language server:
date [info] (Client) You may install and use any number of copies of the software only with Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio for Mac, Visual Studio Code, Azure DevOps, Team Foundation Server, and successor Microsoft products and services (collectively, the “Visual Studio Products and Services”) to develop and test your applications. The software is licensed, not sold. This agreement only gives you some rights to use the software. Microsoft reserves all other rights. You may not: work around any technical limitations in the software that only allow you to use it in certain ways; reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software, or otherwise attempt to derive the source code for the software, except and to the extent required by third party licensing terms governing use of certain open source components that may be included in the software; remove, minimize, block, or modify any notices of Microsoft or its suppliers in the software; use the software in any way that is against the law or to create or propagate malware; or share, publish, distribute, or lease the software (except for any distributable code, subject to the terms above), provide the software as a stand-alone offering for others to use, or transfer the software or this agreement to any third party.
Jordan (Damn Good Tech) 4hire
3 months ago

I recently installed the flatpak version of vscodium. Frustratingly, #python could not be detected, meaning code completion was not possible.

But I found a solution and posted it here:

I basically needed to allow permission to my home directory, I think because the virtualenv Python executable just links to the home python executable.

#programming #coding #vscodium #vscode #tech #technology

Simon Dalvai
3 months ago

Here my development setup on two screens with VSCodium and Godot 4. Currently I'm working on Futsal Manager ⚽
I really like the Godot Code Editor, but I use VSCodium also at work and it simply fits more code on the screen and lets me work better.

#screenshotsaturday #foss #vscodium #godotengine #futsalmanager

Working setup showing VSCodium with Godot 4 running Futsal Manager
Der Brüsseler 🇪🇺
3 months ago

Gibt es eine bessere Alternstive als #VSCodium für #VSCode?

@smish @bluedevil I know this will come up so I'll head it off:

B-b-but #VSCode is also partially proprietary! Microsoft is also for-profit and also has a sketchy EULA!

Well, at least VSCode is trying, and while Microsoft certainly has their issues, the core of VSCode being #FOSS and enabling things like #vscodium is still a net win for both the FOSS and development community.

Say what you want, but VSCode was undeniably a catalyst on the editor stage that brought about a major leap forward on many fronts. Its language server model was quickly adopted as a defacto standard across many other editors, its massive extensibility has been repeatedly modeled in other software, and its unrelenting release cadence adding QoL feature after feature so consistently is a bar I'd like to see any other projects achieve.

Peter Squicciarini released #VSCodium version

Cyril I. 🧮📐
3 months ago


Si tu savais comment je code ça... 🙈

Je suis à la main avec un bon vieux éditeur #VSCodium ! 🤓
J'ai appris tout seul en lisant un bouquin sur le #HTML5 et sur #w3school, il y a plus de 10ans ! Je fais avec mes restes...

Je ne sais même pas s'il y a plus simple aujourd'hui. 🙃

En tout cas, pour mes pages de correction d'exercices, j'irai sur mon petit outil #MD2HTML. 😁

4 months ago

I wrote a short guide for setting up #rust development environment with a few editors such as #vim #neovim, and #vscodium to help beginners get used to the language faster.

I haven't used #neovim before, so that part of the guide isn't perfect. but i know @mowgli you have a really nice & functional setup with #neovim ;)

Cyril I. 🧮📐
4 months ago

Un nouveau billet ! 📰

#Markdown pour l’#enseignant 🧑‍🏫 : présentation d’outils pour exploiter Markdown dans ses #supports #enseignements 🏫

#VSCode #VSCodium


Ce billet sera mis à jour au cours de la journée en mettant à disposition mes ressources personnelles dediées/issues de ces différents outils.

Capture d'écran d'une partie du billet, en particulier celle qui concerne "Vite Un Diapo".

@arialdo @otfrom Personally, I use #Codium / #VScodium often but not everytime can I SFTP / SSHFS a machine but have to do changes on the system itself, and I've yet to find some editor that is a good alternative to nano....

@hackernews or you,could just use #VSCodium instead.

Peter Squicciarini released #VSCodium version

Peter Squicciarini released #VSCodium version

Ross of Ottawa
5 months ago

Banished a handful of non-showstopper error messages that would pop up on #VSCodium, after having just closed and ignored them for a month or two.

Of course, that spawned some new error messages. But then I squashed those ones too.

So I can go for #lunch feeling like I accomplished something today.

@alexhall the issue seemed to not have happened with #VSCodium AFAICS...

Professor Code
5 months ago

For everyone who loves #VSCodium, the extensions marketplace OpenVSX needs people who can help with its funding and governance.

It will go out of commission at the end of this month if there isn't enough interest.

📶 Please boost to let more people know!

#FOSS #OpenSource #Governance #Sponsor

🦁 📷 Kazuky Akayashi :pawified:
5 months ago

Hmm c'est une putain de blague #VSCodium ne permet pas et n'intègre pas l'encodage #ANSI ​:derp_charmander:​ WTF

5 months ago

Hi world, I consider to switch from #vscode to #vscodium . Which negative consequences may I experience? Anything not expected to work anymore? Special focus is on #bash, #python, #ratatouille and #julialang .
Thanks in advance

Also #react mit #bootstrap und #typescript ist ja schon klasse fürs #Frontend, wenn man es denn mal so hinbekommt, dass es das macht was man will - mit dem #javascript wie ich es kenne, hat das aber überhaupt nichts mehr zu tun:
Allein den Editor #VScodium so zu trimmen, dass #prettier und #eslint mit den Konfigs in #react zusammenarbeiten war echt nervtötend.
Für das Backend mit #python #cgi wird das nicht so nervenaufreibend werden, hoffe ich...

@alexhall AFAICT this does not happen with #VSCodium.

At least not with Version: 1.77.3 (Release: 23102) un Ubuntu 22.04 LTS.

I'd recommend checking that as well...

Testing the CTRL+G shortcut if it works on VSCodium.
5 months ago

#vscode had a security update in version 1.77.2. In #flathub, the only up to date #flatpak package is #vscodium. Code - OSS is stuck at 1.74.3 since January, Visual Studio Code is at 1.76.2 since a month. Flathub should more aggressively remove unmaintained packages which lack quick security fixes. #security

6 months ago

Bei den #CLT2023 hörte ich von #VSCodium. Das ist ein Build von #VSCode. Während Visual Studio Code von #Microsoft ein binärer Blob mit Telemetrie und Tracking ist, wurde das bei VSCodium entfernt.

@esk I hope #VScodium will support the same...

Personally, I'd recommend to take some noice Keyboard with you...

I have my KU-1255 "ThinkPad Compact Keyboard with UltraNav (USB)" as my main 65% keyboard...

I spent the whole day (~13 hours) only in #KDE #Kate for a python project instead of #vscodium. I should say, it is such a clean and snappy editor with many customizable features. These are things that helped me a lot today:

Ctrl+Alt+i to the for "Function Actions" which is equivalent to Ctrl+Shift+p of vscoduim or M-x in #Emacs

Ctrl+Alt+, to show and edit keybindings

Everything else can be easily configured.

I should say the out of the box python workflow is much better than python.el

@colinkiama So right now I use #PyCharm & #VScodium [a debloated fork of #VisualStudio: Code w/o telemetry bs!] to do #TSV's & #MarkDown (using matching add-ons that show previews and color-highlight syntax).

For diagrams, I can recommend which also has an excellent offline-capable #Desktop #App and can export not only it's own file format but #XML, #SVG, #HTML & #PDF.

@helge just tried to install the extension in #VSCodium, but it is not showing up. So I think this may be one that is only available to #VSCode.. ah, well 🤷

@helge @teleclimber @ignis

Yes, I feel there's an uptick in interest to implement #C2S, which is nice.

Btw, Helge, I found this #VSCode plugin for #LinkedData you may find interesting (even though it is by Elsevier 😬 hope it works in #VSCodium too) ..

Haven't tried it yet, but looks useful wrt features.

@heisedeveloper Damit sind diese auch in der ohne #Microsoft-#Bloatware - gebauten #FLOSS version #VSCodium verfügbar!

This could be an unpopular opinion (sorry not sorry! XD), but no matter what some people say, I find #PHP code, specially when done with #Laravel... Beautiful! Today I discovered Pint for formatting, and I think I have found a fine collection of plugins for #VSCodium that really work well with Laravel, Blade templates, PHPUnit... The fun is overcoming the initial frustration (it's been my first framework!), and things are slowly getting done, what's not to love? :D

@jlapoutre maybe there is, but this behavior exist for many years now. I am using #VSCodium myself, which has the same issue.

@anildash *nodds in agreement*

#Microsoft doesn't like #FLOSS unless they can exploit it for revenue.

Personally I use #VScodium sometimes but only since it's a #Fork of #VScode without shitty #BinaryBlobs.

But otherwise my #TechStack is #MicrosoftFree for obvious reasons:

I value my mental health more than my exploitability for #wagework!

9 months ago

@peterrowlett I've been using #emacs for 23 years (random choice originally). I frequently tried other editors, just for curiosity, but something was always missing.

Most recently spacemacs was the choice, which is a fusion with #vi.

Then I tried #lean and they seem to like #VScode. And it could do everything I needed with less setup, which is crucial for me, and I switched despite the corporate worries.

So, I'm happy to hear about #VSCodium. Thanks!

Pete Prodoehl 🍕
9 months ago

Even though I dumped Atom for VSCodium (which I was not too jazzed about) I think I'm going to dump VSCodium to go to Pulsar which is still early but the best fork of Atom I've seen so far so hooray. 🥳


#text #editor #textEditor #pulsar #atom #vscode #vscodium #software #openSource

Jons Mostovojs
9 months ago

#Workaround for #VSCode / #VSCodium error "Error calling StartServiceByName for org.freedesktop.secrets: Timeout was reached" is to run `gnome-keyring-daemon -f` (the actual binary that implements secret management functionality) in a terminal in foreground

I know it's a pain in the rear, but nothing else helped.

This problem has started for me the last week, likely because of some update somewhere and because I don't run #Gnome, but rather I run #XMonad.

Jons Mostovojs
9 months ago

#TIL you can do relnumber in #VSCode and #VSCodium

Wendy DLN
9 months ago

@gallaugher I haven't used #Pybricks with the kids yet. We have an FLL (First Lego League) Challenge team and two Exploro teams. The team has a Spike Prime kit, and I got one for home use (and for my kids).

Last year the kids used the Lego app and Scratch to code their robot, this year we are using #VSCodium and #python on the stock firmware.

With the updates that have come to Pybricks, I plan to use it for the team next year. I'd love to know what you doing with the Pis!

Rodion Borisov
10 months ago

@rasterweb Illegal only for their weird Microsoft shit, AFAIK. Live Share is one example.

Rest of the extensions are provided by extension authors and you can just grab VSIX and install in #VSCodium. In case VSIX is not available, grab source code of the extension and build it (haha <insert "#npm install" joke here>). 😎

10 months ago

3️⃣ which is an open-source alternative to the #VSCode Marketplace for use in editors like #codeserver or #VSCodium

10 months ago

3️⃣ which is an open-source alternative to the #VSCode Marketplace for use in editors like #codeserver or #VSCodium
11 months ago

I have been thinking of using a version control system to keep track of my tex files. I want to escape the curse that is "project_final_v2_FINAL (copy).tex"

I found this [1] tutorial to be useful.

But I use #VSCode / #VSCodium as my text editor, so I'm using a couple of extensions to implement #LaTeX and #git viz.,

- LaTeX Workshop
- GitLens
- Git Graph

It's pretty fun, tbh.

[1] A git quickstart guide for LaTeX users

#physics #academictools #math #phdlife