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Heals :heart_nb:
6 days ago

The #W3C really needs to learn to write #RFC-style documents.. their working drafts are really, really hard to read and have an extreme lack of examples.

1 week ago

Thanks to this lovely website, I accidentally learned that #webmention rocks! #indieweb #w3c

Miguel Afonso Caetano
2 weeks ago

#OpenWeb #Fediverse #Mastodon #ActivityPub #Decentralization #W3C: "In a couple days, I head to Philadelphia for the 2023 version of the Association of Internet Researchers conference. It’s my favorite conference. And to give AOIR even more credit, they were one of the first professional academic organizations to set up their own Mastodon instance (I participate in that project by helping run the instance).

While there, I will present a paper about the creation of ActivityPub, the protocol that allows the contemporary fediverse to run.

Titled “The Non-Standard Standard: A Critical Genealogy of ActivityPub,” I will argue that ActivityPub is a very unusual standard. While it was created by a W3C working group, the Social Web Working Group during a W3C standard process, there were many non-standard aspects to its creation.

In this post, I’ll sum up my findings, arguing that there are four ways in which ActivityPub is a non-standard standard. This work is informed by reading the Social Web Working Group (SocialWG) meeting minutes, interviews with SocialWG members, and a study of historical documents."

Want to help spread digital accessibility understanding in your native language?
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3 weeks ago

Le Symposium du @wai, c'est aujourd'hui !

Quelles conférences allez-vous suivre ?

Rappel du programme :

On vous recommande l'intervention de notre collègue Audrey Maniez (@audreyblabla) sur la formation à l'accessibilité.

#a11y #W3C #WCAG #formation #accessibilité

Aslak Raanes
3 weeks ago

I still think the @w3c Core Styles should be (subtle) upgraded with newer #CSS capabilities, downloadable from a git repo to be used offline in editors like @ia Writer.


#CoreStyles #W3C

In an introductory blog post, newly appointed W3C President and CEO Seth Dobbs shares background information and his ambition to ensure the durability and viability of W3C.

#blog #HelloWorld #introduction #w3c

Anil John 🇺🇸
3 weeks ago

@michaelruminer For sure.

While it provides a good overview of the various approaches, I personally don't agree with how they placed various items in their privacy/volume quad-chart for two reasons:

1) An approach where a revocation status AND a VC could be provided to the Holder and the Holder could provide them to the Verifier is possible without using an infrastructure like EBSI; it does have trade-offs one needs to be thoughtful about if seeking to implement that

2) When you have a hammer, many problems become nails :-) re: EBSI infrastructure exists, so ...

I currently tend to look at three "ingredients" to mitigate the #PhoneHome issues:

1) Using Bitstring Status List with its recommedation of a minimum bitstring length of 131,072 (16KB) to ensure an adequate amount of herd privacy in the average case; this can be made larger if needed.

2) The use of a content distribution network to distribute the status list to further deny visibility to the issuer

3) Ensuring that, even though it is supported by the #W3C VCDM standard, an issuer is implemented/deployed in a manner that it will not respond directly to a "direct or back-channel" query from the Verifier.

Even with all of this, we don't know what we don't know, so need some good, independent testing and evaluation of the implementations to verify that the privacy and security properties we are looking for here actually works as expected and can operate at scale.

There is still much work that needs to be done!

Anil John 🇺🇸
3 weeks ago

⟨ " The main one is being able to disclose our identity/claims without issuers knowing. It is a civil liberty; it is a right. As more of our life moves online, we should be able to express our identity like we do it offline.

Then, users having VCs in their wallet will be very powerful for verifiers. They don't have to deal with the issuance, revocation, and recovery of those credentials, and they get high assurance claims about subjects with relatively low friction for many use cases.

And finally, systems using VCs can more easily achieve the massive scale that is required as more interactions move online. From an architecture perspective, all users' wallets work as a distributed cache for the issuer. Unlike OpenID connect authorization servers, the issuer will not typically need to support high scale scenarios that might correlate to online events like ticket sales or streaming episodes premiers. Users will typically already have credentials in their wallets and verifiers will simply need to verify them, in a (mostly) stateless fashion. " ⟩

The final blog post by the late Vittorio Bertocci on Verifiable Credentials looks to be absolutely on-point regarding both the misconceptions and the value of the #3PartyIdentityModel of #W3C #VerifiableCredentials

While I use and support the narratives around #SelectiveDisclosure and Individual Agency, the non-negotiable core of my support of this technology is its ability to mitigate the #PhoneHome issue, and its support for open web vocabularies, without the need for a centrally controlled dictionary, to enable massive scalability.

3 weeks ago

WEBCAST DEC 5 – A11yNYC – W3C’s Accessible Platform Architectures – Janina Sajka

On Tuesday December 5, 2023 at 7:30pm-8:30pm EST (00:30-01:30 UTC Dec 6) the Accessibility NYC Meetup (A11yNYC) hosts a meetup ‘W3C's Accessible Platform Architectures: The Working Group you haven't heard of but probably should know more about‘. Janina Sajka, co-chair of the the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Accessible Platform Archi

#post #a11y #a11ynyc #a11ysig #w3c

Amy Lee
3 weeks ago
Amy Lee
3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago

RDV le 16 novembre autour de @wai pour l’évènement «Evaluating Accessibility: Meeting Key Challenges Online Research Symposium».

Audrey Maniez @audreyblabla (Access42 –France), Jade Matos Carew (The Open University – Royaume-Uni) et Sarah Lewthwaite (University of Southampton – Royaume-Uni) réfléchiront aux défis posés par la formation à l’accessibilité.

Inscrivez-vous avant le 13 novembre :
Programme :

#a11y #W3C #formation #accessibilité #WCAG

W3C, Web Accessibility Initiative (WAi). Accessibility: Essential for some, useful for all.
Anil John 🇺🇸
4 weeks ago

⟨ " This memo aims to improve global interoperability between different decentralized digital identity ecosystems by ensuring that public #DID owners (i.e. credential issuers and sometimes verifiers) have unique and accessible global identifiers.

The memo also aims to demonstrate how trust registries can enable global interoperability by providing a layer of digital trust in the use of digital credentials, demonstrating that trust registries can facilitate a more efficient and trustworthy credential verification process.

By leveraging the publicly resolvable and widely supported DNS/DNSSEC infrastructure, entities looking to make a trust decision can easily validate not only the integrity of the credential they are presented with, but also quickly associate the entity in question with a domain name and organization, as well as their authority and trustworthiness by confirming their membership in a trust registry.

We will explore how this implementation can present a more decentralized approach to making trust decisions, without having to integrate directly to all trust registries, but instead letting entities involved in private transactions leverage existing internet infrastructure to facilitate their own trust decisions. " ⟩

Authors include folks from #CIRA, which manages the .CA domain name registry.

#DecentralizedIdentity #W3C #DNS #DNSSEC

This weekend I will try to convert a React project into WebComponents (yes, the same project where I replaced Firebase with a custom Rust backend with WebSockets), I hope they have drastically improved since I last looked into them a few years ago 😌

#WebComponents #w3c #react #frontend #front

1 month ago

Today It's the #Inkscape birthday! 20 years have already passed. SVG is a standard thanks to #W3C for the open vector standard. #OpenSource #GPL #Linux #vector #graphic #FOSS

1 month ago

So my detail hunting #webdev students noticed that in #HTML and #CSS DarkGray is somehow lighter than Gray. 🫠

While that's a fun observation, has anyone ever noted that not very inclusive names like “NavajoWhite”, “Indian Red”, and “Moccasin” are also found in the named color space for CSS? "Peru” is also there? I get HTML with old-school presentation keeping them, but why CSS!?!

Source: Wikipedia shows them & the actual latest spec at the #W3C includes them - 🤔

Johan van der Knijff
1 month ago

Blast from the past - unveiling the story behind #Amaya, a pioneering web browser and editor by #W3C and Inria:

1 month ago

Grande nouvelle ! 🎊 Près d’un an après la publication par le W3C de la traduction en français des WCAG 2.1, coordonnée par Access42, nous allons maintenant traduire les WCAG 2.2 avec nos partenaires.

@w3c @wai

#a11y #WCAG #accessibilité #numérique #W3C

Logo du W3C entouré de 3 personnages. Le premier personnage est assis sur un tabouret, un ordinateur portable sur les genoux. Le personnage au centre porte le hijab et soutient le chiffre « 3 » présent dans l'acronyme « W3C ». Le troisième personnage se déplace en fauteuil roulant, et soutient la lettre « C ».
1 month ago

Given the recent UX conversations I've had, and the continuing #enshittification of the web/Internet, I think my article from 2018 deserves a showing:

Web principles
1. Create opportunities rather than obstacles
2. Protect systems as transparently as possible
3. Allow the individual to innovate and present
4. Keep the content accessible, to allow more users to access the web

#ux #webdev #w3c #content #openaccess #ui #www #accessibility

1 month ago


I really don't know how often we need to go down this path, but here we go again

#Activitypub is a #W3C specification

It is not an implementation, it is not code, it is not an "app"

#Mastodon, an Activitypub --> based <-- software implementation in executable code, current is run on some 12,040 Active Servers


How "decentralized" do you need to be?

1 month ago


I follow some 14 different projects on #Github, one of which is #W3C #Activitypub, here:

But Activitypub is a specification, not an implementation in code

So Activitypub is not in active "development" in the sense that any operable software is

This may be why you're having a hard time finding what you seem to be looking for

You need to start your own implementation (in code) yourself from zero, or hitch onto an existing code base

2 months ago

@quad9dns Hello quad9, I am writing this to inquire whether your public DNS server supports encryptedclienthello for both the DNS over HTTPS protocol and the requirements for the protocol from the domain name system. If not I would appreciate it if you launched support for encryptedclienthello for your dns over https servers and on your DNS servers itself. Doing so is the right thing to do and should have been done by now. Encryptedclienthello should be considered standard best practice and you can help it get there. #encryptedclienthello #demandencryptedclienthello #ech #cybersecurity #netsec #security #privacy #e2ee #anonymity #freedom #righttoread #freespeech #encryption #tls #ssl #abolishmasssurveilence #internet #anticensorship #bypasscensorship #shouldhavebeendonebynow #bestpractices #standards #ietf #w3c #ieee #iso #ecma

I am tempted to start using the @Vivaldi browser but then I looked* at the diversity in the underlying technology and I think it is better to promote and start using @firefox :firefox: more.

Or should we leave it to #Google :omya_google: and #Apple :apple_inc: only❓

I'm curious 😅 @Vivaldi why not use SpiderMonkey and Gecko❓

*Table was created with the help of #Bard

#OpenSource #browser #w3c #codinglife

Table listing 11 browsers with their respective engines and market share


I advocate for current activity to organize the Standards Process as something of a 3-stage rocket.

Not only the #ActivityPub tech is decentralized, but development is too, evolving in a grassroots and open ecosystem. That is important.

Ecosystem is 3rd outer stage where best-practices give some interop guarantees.

Further standardization can happen in the #FEP, discussed at #SocialHub. 2nd stage.

1st stage is then formal #W3C deliverables for key concepts, providing resilience.

2 months ago

第3回 APCAを活用して文字の視認性を確保したデザインを実践する
#gihyo #技術評論社 #gihyo_jp #W3C #WCAG #APCA #HTML

2 months ago

第2回 WCAG3のコントラスト基準APCAの考え方と実例
#gihyo #技術評論社 #gihyo_jp #W3C #WCAG #APCA #HTML

2 months ago

第1回 デジタルコンテンツの視認性とWCAG2のコントラスト比の課題
#gihyo #技術評論社 #gihyo_jp #W3C #WCAG #APCA #HTML

Any #W3C standards nerds out there? I have a question: how many CRs does a typical working group produce in its lifespan?

Is seven recommendations above average, below average, about average?

Boosts appreciated -- I imagine this is a niche question...

1414 Code Forge 🇮🇹
2 months ago

La #W3C ha pubblicato le linee guida aggiornate per l'accessibilità dei contenuti web (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG). È pieno di user story, WCAG è uno strumento pratico per gli sviluppatori, che aiuta a migliorare l'accessibilità dello spazio digitale per le persone disabili ma in fondo agevola l'esperienza di qualsiasi utente del #Web.

Forse, val la pena cominciare con il promemoria di aggiungere l'alt-text per le immagini? 😉

#Programming #WebDev

2 months ago

Hello les mastodevs, je cherche un add-on Firefox pour vérifier la validation HTML de mon code en local et j’hallucine un peu de rien trouver. Jusqu’à maintenant j’avais ça mais c’est pas fiable du tout et ça me gonfle :

Et vous ?

#w3c #a11y #html

We really need a W3C standard for specifying what cookies we’re willing to allow, so that my browser can automatically deny all cookies and I can believe received of the burden of slogging through hundreds of different cookie permission interfaces.

#W3C #Cookies

Mikołaj Rotnicki
2 months ago

WCAG 2.2 oficjalnie opulikowany jako standard sieciowy!

#WCAG #W3C #a11y #accessibility #dostepnosc


Yupp, E-Mail in der heutigen Form ist gut vierzig Jahre alt... trotz Attacken von einigen US-Anbietern, die mal wieder gegen den internationalen Standard arbeiten... seufz.

Und ja, ich hoffe, #ActivityPub hält sich ähnlich lange... immerhin schon gut fünf Jahre alt (seit #W3C-Empfehlung).

Warten wir einfach ab, wie sich das #Fediverse ohne gezieltes Marketing eines fetten Unternehmens so entwickelt... gewissermaßen organisch... ;-)

Steve Faulkner
2 months ago

👁️WCAG 2.2 will be published this Thursday! (5th October)

#wcag #w3c #webStandards #accessibility

2 months ago

@evanprodromou Arguably, one of the biggest threats to the spirit of the #Fediverse is a concentration of more and more people on fewer and fewer servers.

So far, most #W3C working groups are, in the long run, dominated by large players that have, in their business operations, shown a strong interest in establishing and maintaining an #oligopoly.

How is a WG going to prevent such an oligopoly? It rather looks like a means to foster that, being a walled garden for the big guys.

The Open Voice Network #OVON and the work that I am supporting in the #W3C voice interaction community group has some overlap.

In the next meeting on Wednesday we will try to learn how to identify synergies.

2 months ago

Mise à jour #WCAG 2.2 :

Le critère WCAG 4.1.1 sur la validité du type de document et du code est supprimé après avoir été déclaré obsolète.

Revenons sur la raison de sa disparition et l'impact sur les audits #RGAA.

À lire ici :

#a11y #accessibilité #W3C

2 months ago

"Changing Governance at W3C
W3C needs to be truly representative
Standard-setting must be community-led and inclusive
There is much work to be done, by the new W3C Inc. and by the wider community, to make standard-setting inclusive and to fulfill the potential of the web."
- @npdoty


2 months ago > "Group Dynamics"
It's easier to work outside the group

We'll just bring stuff for the group to rubber-stamp, OK?

This risks failing the basic test of whether the process is fair - for some members that is an important protection prosecution for anti-competitive behaviour, or cartel activity. It also makes it harder to track IPR contributions, which weakens the strength of the RF license given by the members.

2 months ago

I'm working on a project that is using ActivityPub and verification of a distributed identity is going to be a key thing. I'm really wondering why more people aren't using DID with ActivityPub. Too new? Some heavy heavy downsides that are well known?

#activitypub #w3c

Anil John 🇺🇸
2 months ago

Federated Identity to 3 Party (Issuer-Holder-Verifier) Multiverse of Identity

❖ There exists SOAP, SAML and OIDC for standardized federated identity exchanges.

❖ In Nov 2019, the W3C Verifiable Credentials Data Model (VCDM) 1.0 introduced the 3 party identity model with significant privacy enhancements and individual control.

❖ In the latter half of 2020, with the success and global traction for W3C VCDM, the OpenID community starts working on approaches (DID-SIOP) that implement the 3 party identity model.

❖ Between early 2021 - late 2022, there was both desire and good-faith work by many community members to ensure interoperability between the W3C work and the OpenID/IETF work on the 3 party identity model.

❖ At this time (late 2023), interoperability is no longer a priority (regrettably) and the future looks similar to what currently exists with SAML and OIDC; co-existence and not interoperability.

#VerifiableCredentials #OpenID4VC #W3C #DigitalWallet #EUDIWallet

Diagram showing the evolution of the 3 Party Identity Model and where the work is being done.
Coding with Jesse
3 months ago

"The digital industry is responsible for 2-5% of global emissions, more than the aviation industry. If the Internet were a country it would be one of the top five polluters. This guideline provides best practices and recommendations for reducing the environmental impact of web development and design, such as minimizing data transfer, optimizing images, using green hosting, and more."

#w3c #webdev

At the Réal Alcazar #Seville #TPAC #w3c

Dark doorway filled with sunlight looking onto a small garden
Yours truly in front of a building with blue sky
A peacock, picking
Brick archway on the side of the wall

Seville is so beautiful #W3C #TPAC

Jacaranda tree
Details at the Plaza de España
Guadalquivir river. I saw big fish jumping. Surprising for a big city!
Backside of the España buildings

Confession: I like #WordSmithing

Quick exchange from a #w3c meeting to progress on drafting an aspirational document:

> koalie: I wanted to propose [to replace "ensure" by] "foster"
> several: I like that
> document editor: I like it. I wonder how that rings to non-native English speakers?
> koalie: You mean people like me? :)

Coralie Mercier
3 months ago

Tonight in "Coralie puts random things in perspective", I wanted to point out that #OpenAI losing US$ 540M last year is roughly equivalent to what it would cost to run #W3C for 60 years.

@w3c is the World Wide Web Consortium —which is responsible for creating the open standards that make the Web work across platforms and devices— and was created 29 years ago by Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee.

Yes, the same Web that is scraped for generative AI training.

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