⚠️⛈ #MetOffice have updated their warnings:

- New AMBER Warning for #Thunderstorms until 9pm Sat, covering parts of #Denbighshire, #Flintshire & #Wrexham. Very heavy showers could lead to disruptive surface water flooding within the catchment area.

- Yellow Warning for Thunderstorms, covering all of #Wales, until 10:30pm Sat and also 12pm-9pm Sun.


Thunderstorm warning graphic.
Mair Rigby
1 hour ago

The stunning new statue of Cranogwen, erected in Ceredigion, has finally been revealed as part of a long and successful campaign to commemorate women in Wales.

#Wales #cranogwen #monumentalwelshwomen

Rebecca Bryn
2 hours ago

Out now! - the Merthyr rising. Courage, sacrifice, hope, faith, and love in the Welsh valleys in 1831. A struggle for a living wage. 'Another Rebecca Bryn masterpiece' #Wales #socialhistory #weekendreads #historicalfiction

#TORRO have issued a Convective Discussion until 11pm tonight

#NorthWales #Wales #thunderstorm

TORRO warning graphic.
3 hours ago

@hywelm Ironically for a post on the proportion of welsh speakers. Welsh is not one of the 34 languages supported, by the DeepL translation plugin I use on my Mastodon instance #Wales #Cymru

5 hours ago

Sitting, waiting for the thunderstorms to start and giving my legs a rest from #wandering today, so here's a few #Photos from earlier in the week.

A "Thick Thighed #Beetle" sits on a #Dandelion while a "Marmalade #Hoverfly" hovers nearby

A view of #MynyddBrombil

A "Heath Spotted #orchid

A "Black Tailed Skimmer #dragonfly

#Nature #NaturePhotography #Cymru #Wales #InsectSaturday #Insects #Flowers

An emerald green beetle sits on a bright yellow dandelion flower . Next to it a hover fly, hovers. It has large brown composite eyes, a dark thorax and a yellow and black striped abdomen. Its two transparent, veined wings are stretched out to its sides
A bracken covered hillside rises behind a broom bush covered in bright yellow flowers . A few sparse trees rise from the hillside, bent to the left hand side showing the prevailing wind direction
A green stem leans diagonally to the left, green pointed leaves with dark black spots grow from it. At the top a spear shaped cluster of unopened flower buds sits on top of some fully open flowers. They are intricately shapes, white with delicate purple markings
A dragonfly sits on a sandy path. It has large green composite eyes, a mottled, dull, turquoise and green head and thorax and a grey abdomen with a black tip to its tail. Its four transparent veined wings are spread out to it's sides, each having one black spot on its upper edge

There is still no #rain in #Swansea, but the sky looks very dark and full of wet stuff.

The last time it rained in Swansea was on 8th May, so my #garden could certainly do with the sky opening up and allowing that rain to fall.

When was the last time it rained where you are?

#weather #wales #Cymru

6 hours ago

Thanks to our retired builder neighbour for this free “new” planter. The phlox plugs will love it…
#gardening #wales #frugal #cymru

An old wheelbarrow filled with compost with some small plug plants in it
BBC News Top Stories
6 hours ago

Welsh language: Driver wins case over English-only parking fine

A parking firm has lost a case against a driver after she requested the details of a fine in Welsh.

(c) #BBC #News #Wales

Linda Sgoluppi Artist
11 hours ago

Took this a short time ago. It's just so beautiful out there. #Eryri #Cymru #Wales #LindaSgoluppiArt

Field, sea and sky in Eryri.  #Lindasgoluppiart
BBC News Top Stories
17 hours ago

Yr Wyddfa: Can Wales' highest mountain really go plastic-free?

It's an uphill challenge, but there are plans to cut out all single-use plastics on Yr Wyddfa.

(c) #BBC #News #Wales

It was a hot day today
#Photography #wales #cymru

A lone tree in a scorched yellow field overlooking the Menai Straight (Afon Menai)  and Anglesey (Ynys Môn). The sky is clear and blue.
Standing close to a tree in a scorched yellow field overlooking the Menai Straight (Afon Menai)  and Anglesey (Ynys Môn). There is a bench to sit on in the shade under the tree. The sky is clear and blue. Portrait photo.
Standing close to a tree in a scorched yellow field overlooking the Menai Straight (Afon Menai)  and Anglesey (Ynys Môn). There is a bench to sit on in the shade under the tree. The sky is clear and blue. Landscape photo.
22 hours ago

The Bug Club - “Out In The Streets” (2023)

My current earworm.

They’re a Welsh trio based in Caldicot, South Wales, and their music is the fun, uplifting, and frenetic type of garage rock I tend to enjoy most often. I like being happy 😀

#GarageRock #rock #music #wales #uk

22 hours ago

Today's aimless wander took in #KenfigNationalNatureReserve, #KenfigPool and #SkerBeach ..... considering we've had no rain for about a month, it was still pretty soggy underfoot in places

#Cymru #Wales #Panorama #Lanscape #Seascape

A golden sandy path curves through green bracken. In the distance a sliver of blue see and above a blue sky with some thin wispy clouds
A narrow path leads away through bracken and bushes towards a still blue pool. Behind the pool, sand dunes covered in vegetation rise up. In the far distance, masked in a slight haze, the buildings and hills of Swansea can be seen over a strip of Swansea Bay
What looks like a large stream winds through sand dunes covered in green vegetation. The line of way markers, partially submerged along the "stream" hints that the water is not supposed to be there
A panoramic view of Sker beach, on the left hand side a blue sign tells us that we are in "Kenfig National Nature Reserve, gwarchodfa natur genedlaethol Cynfig".  Behind the sign, the datk rocks of Sker Point stretch out into a turquoise sea. To the left a sandy beach, backed by pebbles and dunes stretches into the distance
23 hours ago

Fond childhood memories of this place, Bracelet Bay #wales #cymru #photography #Gower

The ‘Big Apple’ kiosk in the shape of a large red and green apple, which has sold ice cream and drinks for decades
1 day ago

Bracelet/Limeslade Bays, the Gower (with Mumbles lighthouse in the distance) #photography #wales #Gower

The wide open sky, sea and a bay beneath, with three rocky headlands and a white lighthouse on the rocks overlooking the bay
1 day ago

#Shed at #Chirk

#BlackAndWhitePhotography #Darktable #Wales #PhotogSocial

I'm getting into Darktable and it is a cracking application. 👍 🙂

A black and white photograph of an old corrugated iron shed on the canal path at Chirk, Wales. The roof seems to have slipped opening a gap at the apex. Taken in bright morning sunlight.

⚠️⛈️ The #MetOffice have now issued two Yellow Warnings for Thunderstorms for #Wales:
- 2pm-9pm Sat
- 12pm-9pm Sun

While many places will stay dry, some will see thunderstorms, which have the potential to bring localised heavy downpours.

While likelihood of severe impacts is still thought to be low, the chance is still there. As such, #NaturalResourcesWales have also issued a Yellow “Be Aware” advisory for risk of flooding over the weekend.


Thunderstorm warning graphic.
Nick Hubble
1 day ago

At the Pontio in Bangor yesterday for the launch of Andrea's exhibition, Refugees from National Socialism in Wales #Bangor #Pontio #Wales #Cymru #RefugeesWelcomeHere

Display banner welcoming visitors to the exhibition 'Refugees from National Socialism in Wales'
Some of the display from the exhibition on the ground floor of the Pontio.
Dr Andrea Hammel speaking at the launch of the exhibition.
People listening to the speeches at the exhibition launch.
1 day ago

A short circular walk (about 2 miles )around my home village at the top of the Rhondda yesterday 😊

A stony path on the right, and on the left is a verge of tall grasses and reeds. There's a beautiful purple orchid and one yellow buttercup growing amongst the grass. There are a few trees visible against a blue sky in the background
A view across a shrub and fern covered hill which drops down to a village in the valley below. A few rows of terraced houses stretch from left to right in the centre of the photo. There's a low mountain range behind the houses which is green and covered in grass and trees. The sky above is blue and cloudless.
A stony, sandy coloured path runs through a field of of ferns, shrubs and foliage. It leads from the bottom centre of the shot and appears to lead to a flat topped mountain in the distance. The sky above is blue with a few wispy white clouds.
Linda Sgoluppi Artist
2 days ago

Last night's sky moments after sunset. Eryri, Wales #LindaSgoluppiArt #Eryrt #Wales #Sunset #Mastodon #Fediverse

The sky and sea moments after sunset.  Eryri, Wales #LindaSgoluppiArt
2 days ago

Lots of different greens and textures in a small part of the garden #gardening #photography #wales

Ornamental grass surrounded by other plants including euphorbia and gladioli leaves
BBC News Top Stories
2 days ago

Plaid Cymru: Rhun ap Iorwerth set to be new leader

A senior party source says no other members of the party's Senedd group will be standing.

(c) #BBC #News #Wales

🎧 Reading, commenting and writing, and editing pictures under the influence of "Dark & Long (Thing In A Book) #Underworld, 2014. #Remastered 2018.

20:12 of #electro / #techno mood.

My soundtrack for getting shit done on the computer. The music increases the speed of my thoughts (to 97 BPM), the speed and accuracy of my typing and helps me focus.

#EddieFM #Wales #UK #DanceMusic

2 days ago

Honeysuckle in full bloom in the garden - bees are loving it 🐝 #gardening #plants #photography #wales

A honeysuckle bush with blooming yellow and red flowers
2 days ago

Could this be at #Hillend Llangennith #Rhossili #Wales ?

BBC News Top Stories
2 days ago

Porthmadog: Police officer under criminal investigation after punch video

The officer was filmed seemingly hitting a man nine times in Porthmadog.

(c) #BBC #News #Wales

Alexander Corby
2 days ago

#WritingWonders 6/8: Mawwage is what bwings us togethah today...

This is a great prompt for me since book 2 hinges on Branwen's wedding to Matholwch.

Marriage in ancient Wales was mostly a simple contract between families. Dowries of cattle or other assets are given. One tradition I might use is the bride's fam kidnapping the bride on the day of the wedding to entice the groom to "rescue" his wife. I like this idea since it sets up an ironic turnaround later in the book.


2 days ago

@geerlingguy Very nicely done video
#Sony #Pencoed #Wales

John Hood
2 days ago

16 years ago, mum died in hospital following several years living in a nursing home in the wake of a life-changing injury. Precious years we may never have had with her without the excellent care she received. Here we are on a teenaged summer holiday in Wales, I was lucky to be her son... #ThrowbackThursday #Throwback #TBT #Wales

⚠️⛈️ The #MetOffice have issued a Yellow Warning for Thunderstorms across #Wales, 2pm-9pm Saturday. While many places will remain dry, thunderstorms with heavy rain and hail are likely to develop in some areas. For a warning issued this far out, confidence in the forecast is currently low, but this yellow “Be Aware” warning has been issued because there is still a chance of disruption. We’ll keep you posted. #NorthWales

Thunderstorm warning graphic.
Stuart Herbert
2 days ago

Seen on an evening walk on the main road up to #Glyncoch near #Pontypridd.

Taken with the 18-80mm f/4 lens.

#fujifilm #XH2 #photography #street #BlackAndWhite #Wales #Cymru

On the left of the photo is a flat wall. There are steps in front of the flat wall, leading up and left and out of frame.

On the flat wall, someone has stencilled the words 'ST MALO'. Some of the letters have started to fade.

On the right of the photo, pavement disappears into the far distance. The street to the left of the pavement is hidden by trees and bushes. ST MALO's Wall is the only part of a building in the shot.

On the far right of the photo, a single car is approaching. It's in the far distance, and is very indistinct.
Russell Sandberg
2 days ago

My new blog post looks at the Court of Appeal’s refusal of the permission to appeal in the challenge to Wales’ new Relationships and Sexuality Education. It also explores the implications for Religion, Values and Ethics which is similarly now mandatory:

#wales #curriculum #curriculumforwales #relationshipsandsexualityeeducation #rae #religiousstudies #religionvaluesandethics #rve #law #courtofappeal

2 days ago

This easy, circular explores the headland west of Marloes village in #Pembrokeshire. It takes in dramatic coastal scenery with views to a number of islands, the remains of an Iron Age fort and an old World War II airfield. For details, see


3 days ago

Fab view on today's walk 😊
#wales #photography #phonephotograhy #outdoors

A village nestled on the valley floor surrounded by green hills and fields. There are fox gloves growing on the field in the foreground. The sky above is blue and cloudless.
Pete Prodoehl 🍕
4 days ago

I wrote a long post about trying to use an EV for a road trip holiday across Wales. It was not easy (and it was not exactly by choice!)

I learned a lot, and it was quite frustrating. But hey, we made it!

Mostly what I learned was the public charging infrastructure needs a lot of work.


#wales #ev #electricVehicle #cars #charging #holiday

G. Lawrence, Tudor Tooter
4 days ago

Here's a Grey Seal, just chilling in a dingy, to make your Tuesday better!

Spotted on the way to Skomer Island, #Wales

A male grey seal, lolling in a yellow dingy in the sun, on the sea. Seal is mostly asleep
Stephanie Burgis
5 days ago

...And to get a good idea of the novel's setting, here's where I first started writing it, in exactly the right area of Wales, almost 2 years ago! #wales

Rolling mountains criss cross in the distance
Another view of the mountains, with lush greenery in the foreground
A forest path with tall trees
6 days ago

New homemade herb garden created using free pallets and hinges, a little chicken wire and liner, and some left over wood stain from the sheds #gardening #recycling #wales

Three wood pallets stained blue and made into a three tier triangular her garden
6 days ago

Other work by the Ladybird artists
‘Welsh Hill Farm’
CF Tunnicliffe (1949)
#illustration #farming #wales

A small herd of black cows are being led steeply uphill back up a rocky path to the farm, which is settled at the foot of a craggy mountain
Nathan Williams
1 week ago

Exploring roads less travelled in West Wales.

#walking #dogs #forestry #wales #trees

Old road overgrown with grass.
Blue stream flowing into forestry.
Tree fallen across path.
Abandoned run in woods with dog in foreground.
team NotLeafy
1 week ago

Sure is a beautiful day & what better than a morning visit to Roath Market. Lahmacun were there doing cheese and zatar!. This one belonged to @skybearuk lovely to see you and @tnjh!
#cardiff #Wales #Cymru #food #vegetarian

Roath Market is set up on the car park of Mackintosh Sports Club, Keppoch Street, Cardiff. The Gate Arts & Community Centre is at the back on the right, it's a former Presbyterian church. Terraced houses are at the back on the left. The market stalls are arranged along the sides of the car park and a plant stall is in the middle, with tables and chairs under cover behind it. A number of shoppers are in the image too.
A paper plate containing a round halloumi and zatar flatbread. It's topped with red onions, cucumber pickle and coriander. There are two sauces to the right of the bread.
1 week ago

Would you like some #Puffin photos? No, look away!! Yes, here are some from the trip to #Skomer #Wales

#Birds #Birding #nature #wildlife #GoodTimes #ClownOfTheSea

@rhys You know that. ✊ :baner:
#Wales #CmyruAmByth

Devolution is just a bigger prison cell.

You have more room to pace about, you can choose to paint your walls and are allowed a view from the window. However, for Scotland and Wales, prison governor London holds all the keys.

#Scotland #Wales #Westminster #ScottishIndependence #YesCymru #ToryRule #politics #Greens #SNP #Plaid

Devolution is power retained by London. BBC Scotland interview.
the magnificent rhys
1 week ago

Professor Dame Elan Closs Stephens, a fantastically qualified and experienced Welsh person, has been appointed acting chair of the BBC after the previous Tory appointee was ousted due to sleaze.

Welsh people should be in charge of everything imho 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

#wales #Cymru #CymruAmByth #BBC

1 week ago

Mark Drakeford regarding glass being a part of the DRS. That wee pop you hear off camera is Glenn Campbell's head exploding.

#MarkDrakeford #ScotPol #Wales #DRS

Mark Drakeford walks alongside a wall then stops to talk to the BBC's correspondent Glenn Campbell. Campbell asks about the Deposit Return Scheme. Drakeford says the UK government is acting in "an English capacity".
Stephanie Jane
1 week ago

Can UK peeps give this #petition their signature please?

Devolve #immigration powers for #refugees to #Scotland, #Wales and #NorthernIreland

Devolve the power to accept migrants claiming to be refugees, to process claims for refugee status, and to grant to refugees with claims assessed as valid indefinite leave to remain within their respective territories, to Scotland, to Wales, and to Northern Ireland.

More details
Scotland has a long history of welcoming refugees and asylum seekers.

Scotland also needs immigration. Its economy has an unmet need for labour in many sectors.

Devolving immigration powers regarding refugees to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland could help the UK to fulfil its obligations under the 1951 Refugee Convention without putting pressure on communities in England that object to welcoming refugees.

#RefugeesWelcome #Devolution

🎧 Close your eyes and listen to "Baby Blue" by #Badfinger. Do you hear #TheBeatles? Not for no reason.

The #Welsh band were signed to #AppleRecords, and the first of their hits were produced by #GeorgeHarrison.

Not "Baby Blue" (1972). #ToddRundgren was in the studio with the band for this song.

#music #70s #Wales #British #UK #Sawnsea

I Like Books
2 weeks ago

"The Welsh Ballroom Community (WBC) is the first of its kind in the country – but waltzing has very little to do with it. In this context, ballroom refers to the queer movement that began in 1920s New York, when black and Latino drag queens began to organise their own pageants, rebelling against racism in the established circuits. Welcoming all races and sexualities, they became safe spaces where people could be themselves and compete for trophies and cash prizes.

There are now hundreds of long-established ballroom communities around the world, particularly in North America, but also London, Bristol and Edinburgh. Members commonly belong to ‘houses’ that function as extended families, with leading ‘mothers’ and ‘fathers’ who provide support and guidance to the house ‘children’, who may feel excluded from the rest of society due to their sexual or gender identity."

#GoodNews #Wales #LGBTQ+

Allysse Riordan
2 weeks ago

#Welsh artists that work with/are inspired by the Black Mountain (not the Black Mountains) and/or the Cambrian Mountains, I'm after some art.

Paintings, drawings, jewelry, pottery, etc... I'd like to buy some art to carry the memories of my times there in something physical.

I can't promise to buy everything, but I'll have a look at everything 😊

#Wales #WelshArt #WelshArtists

The European Network
3 weeks ago

While it’s become more cost-effective to launch satellites to orbit, bringing them back to Earth intact has proven much trickier.

A mini-manufacturing satellite that can return to Earth aboard an origami-like heat shield could revolutionise the manufacture of super-materials in space.

The Space Forge system consists of a nano-factory satellite equipped with a high-temperature alloy heat shield that also slows the descent upon re-entry.

#UK #Wales #Space #Satellites

3 weeks ago

It's been a glorious day for a hike. It was supposed to be 8 miles but turned into almost 12. The mountain in the last pic 8s the one we walked to the top of 😊

Two hills form a V shaped valley with the sides covered in green shrubs and bushes. The sky above is blue and the foreground is a pond of muddy brown water with a small patch of sky reflected in it.
The view from the top of a mountain looking down at a valley below, where a village stretches out into the distance. The hills either side are green and covered in grass and fir trees, and the sky above is blue.
A tall waterfall tumbles over a rocky cliff. The sky above is blue and there are large rocks in the foreground. There are lots of green shrubs growing through the rocks on the cliffs and foreground
A large green field covered with yellow buttercups. There are a few terraced houses in sight on the left of the photo, and the roof of a tall building just visible on the right. 
In the background is a mountain range, and one of them stands out,  stretching up to a blue sky. The lower half of the mountain is covered in fir trees.
3 weeks ago

Last #WyeValleyWalk for the week, and the penultimate section of the walk as a whole. From Llangurig to Pont Rhydgaled, the route heading westwards, the river at over 1000 ft OD. The valley here is broader than it has been for a while, the river shallower, running clear over stone. Finishing at the confluence with Afon Tarrenig, the first river to join Afon Gwy.

Looking forward to the walk up to the source on Pumlumon, whenever that might be.

#AfonGwy #FingerpostFriday #Wales #Cymru

Looking across and upstream a calm river from a low riverbank. The land on each side is green and fertile in early summer. Steeper hills rise beyond. The sky is blue with plentiful grey-white cloud, mirrored in the water.
Looking down on a broad green valley, with a silver-blue river curving through it. Below to the right is a bridge carrying a single lane unmetalled track over the river. The track wends its way towards the centre of the image. Higher wooded and scrubby hills rise on the right, a mountain (Pumlumon) can be seen in shadow in the V of the valley, far left horizon.
The meeting of two rivers. Afon Tarrenig flows underneath the viewer into the blue waters of Afon Gwy. Trees partially overhang on the right, steep hills rise on the left beyond. The blue sky is mirrored in the waters at the confluence.
Portrait of a woodenfingerpost. Arrows point left and right. The left arm says "Maes Parcio Hafren 
Hafren Car Park 5 3/4 m" 

The right arm says "Llangurig 6 1/2 m" 

Both arms carry the circular leaping salmon logo of the Wye Valley Walk. The post itself has "Wye Valley Walk" carved into it vertically. The post is next to a tarmac'd main road.
Fedi.Garden 🌱
3 weeks ago / Tŵt Cymru is a server for Wales and the Welsh, at home and abroad! Y rhwydwaith cymdeithasol annibynnol i Gymru, wedi’i bweru gan Mastodon!


For more info see their About page at or contact their admin at @jaz

#FeaturedServer #Wales #Welsh #Cymru #Cymraeg #Fediverse

Dyfrig Williams
4 weeks ago

The new @HiraethPod podcast on Prosiect pawb is both thoroughly depressing and excellent. The analysis of the role of power in the toxic culture in political parties is especially insightful #UKPol #ukpolitics #Wales #politics

Ian Cylkowski Photography
1 month ago

Ynys Gybi, or "Holy Island", is located off the northwestern shore of Anglesey, North Wales.

It features epic sea stacks and sheer cliffs of fabulous geology.

An on a cloudy and dark day, the area was even more moody.

Lots more photos from this day are available for you here -> 👍

#landscape #seascape #spring #nature #travel #uk #britain #wales #northwales #anglesey #photography #photo #photographie

A peek between two rocks shows a stunning view of a sheer cliff face and its folding, twisting rock formations, with the crashing sea below.
A view looking straight down to the sea along the vertical cliffs towards the sea stack of South Stack and its lighthouse.
A close up of folded and twisted rock formations that give way to a vertical and dark cliff face, with endless sea views.
Looking down a boulder field towards a white sea arch and the distant civilisation of Holy Island in the distance.
Kate :verigold:
1 month ago

Adult female sperm whale found washed up on North #Wales shore 🐳 #Whales #Cetacean #MarineMammals #MarineScience

Corgis on the beach - Swansea Bay, to be exact.

#dogsofmastodon #Wales #Swansea #SwanseaBay #dogs

Photo of tow Cardigan Corgis on the beach.
1 month ago


No-one in #Scotland with vote labour? 32% - 39% more like - assuming #snp don't soil their own nest any more

#Wales? 44% - 51%

No lib Dems of course - by definition (yr vote defined you). But some who may have voted #libDem in the past will do so - some who voted #labour will vote lib Dem

There is way more anger at #toriesOut for what they've done than disappointment at labour for not promising a red dawn they cannot in any case deliver

Grateful Dread
1 month ago
Sign hanging on a bridge over a stretch of road in Wales:



Drizzly & blustery but still nice to get away from civilisation for a few hours this morning. Only the Robin for company whilst I drank my coffee

Porth Wen brickworks Anglesey

#WelshPhotography #Nikon #Z50 #Wales #NorthWales #history #industry #landscape #coast

A European robin on wet grass looking up at the photographer. Remains of an old campfire in the background
Bright yellow gorse in front of the top of two old Victorian chimney stacks, grey sea behind
Porth Wen brickworks, two domed kilns and two high square chimneys. Photographer’s position makes the chimney appear to be rising from the kilns (they aren’t really) and mirroring each other. Sky is totally featureless grey
1 month ago

Māori-language punk band Half/Time will appear on the same bill as the Welsh-language post-punk band Adwaith this week at the Focus #Wales festival in Wrexham.

While the two cultures developed on opposite sides of the world, both are subject to colonial rule and have felt the pain of having their languages suppressed. The festival arrives amidst a surge of interest in both countries in learning their languages.

h/t @nijhuism

#Indigenous #Māori #Welsh #Punk #Music

Peacemakers Trust
1 month ago

A forgotten peace petition started after WWI has resurfaced and is stirring hope. “…as the women of Wales were recovering from World War I, they demanded #peace in droves. Still grieving the husbands, sons, & loved ones who fought in the war, in 1923 the Welsh League of Nations United (WLNU) drafted a petition… calling for a warless world. The #petition was signed by roughly three quarters of all the #women in #Wales & was said to be seven miles long.” | Megan Lim, NPR

Linda Sgoluppi Artist
1 month ago

Cloud from a cloudbank kissing the sea. Taken a few minutes ago. #lindasgoluppiart #Eryri #Cymru #Wales #sea

A pink tinged bank of cloud over the sea with one bit of the cloudbank closer than the rest to the sea. #lindasgoluppiart
1 month ago

#streetart #swansea #wales #discharge @AmiW

Visiting Swansea to see Discharge tonight, snapped a bit of street art along the way...

Steve Herman
1 month ago

Drivers warned to 'remove their dentures', 'adjust their bra straps' and 'secure their nuts' before using a rural road in #Wales full of potholes.

Last night, a dream came true - I saw and captured the Aurora Borealis (aka Northern Lights) over Rhossili Bay. I've had this location in mind for years if the conditions were right. And last night it happened!

You can buy this photo here:

#photography #rhossili #rhossilibay #gower #wales #cymru #epic #northernlights #auroraborealis #pink #green #astro #night #nighttimephotography #nighttime #astrophotography

Northern Lights over Rhossili Bay, Gower, Wales
Mark Kielty 🇮🇪
2 months ago

Congratulations to #Wrexham on winning the #NationalLeague today. Fantastic achievement for all involved.

#football #soccer #EFL #Wales #WelshFootball #WelshMastodon #WrexhamAFC

Montage of players and manager of the Wrexham Football Club all wearing red.
2 months ago

Cé chomh hálainn is atá an Bhreatain Bheag? / How beautiful is Wales?

#Language shouldn't frighten you. It is a beautiful expression of who you are and where you came from. It speaks to your past! The Video in this article is moving. It speaks to your soul.

#AnBhreatainBheag #Wales #Cymru

Bannau Brycheiniog: is this Welsh national park where Tory culture warriors will meet their Waterloo? | Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett | The Guardian

WelshPixie, ShadowFigure
2 months ago

Anyone familiar with Space Colony Studios, in Cardiff, game dev? Friend is trying to contact them and they've got some SM presence but nothing he can use to get in touch.

#GameDev #Wales

Barney Harris
2 months ago

My first ever #Mosstodon! Check out this beautiful Oak covered in moss in #Wales. It's called the 'Castle Oak' est. 800-850 years old and within some of western Britain's awesome temperate rain forest. More info:

A mighty oak erupting into the blue Spring sky. A fissure in the trunk is blanketed with a waterfall of vibrant green moss.
A close up of the moss streaming down the lower section of the oak's trunk.
Evie (SleepyCatten)
2 months ago

FAO all #queer folks & #allies within the #UK

If you haven't done so already, please sign & boost this UK #Government petition seeking to make #NonBinary a legally-recognised #GenderIdentity alongside male & female :NonBinaryHeart:

#England #Wales #NorthernIreland #TransRightsAreHumanRights #NonBinaryIsValid #pride #LGBTQ #petition

Stuart Herbert
2 months ago

I need your help.

We've have a #solar PV and battery install done at our home.

Unfortunately, whenever the Solis inverter is connected to the house electricity supply, I can't use my #guitar amps (nor my digital modellers).

The problem? A lot of electrical noise. So loud it defeats my noise gates, and clearly audible even when playing.

Today, my solar installer has said 'not my problem, guv'.

I need to find someone in the #UK (preferably #Wales) who can hope me solve this.

Plz boost!